Fanshawe's Business & Information System Architecture Program

Fanshawe's Business & Information System Architecture Program

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Thank. You so much everyone. For. Coming. Over and these. These times of, job. Is, charring is very very challenging. Topics, that were facing. May, be unprecedented, in, the world and. It. Is, but. We haven't stopped, I hope, that you guys are all safe we. Are. Making. Sure that here. For. Those of you who are not in Canada I'm sure, that your, government, is making sure that. You. Maintain like. Physical. Distance, and and. That. You. Who are well and healthy, at this time in. Canada all our students, and our, staff, faculty. Everyone. Seems to be ok. We. Have moved we have transitioned. From the. In-person. Class, to. Distance, education or. To, online, classrooms. And in, our in our case because, it's 90 program, it's, usually. Easier. To, do that. As. A, coordinator. I have. And. I'm the coordinator of the program I'm gonna introduce myself in a minute but, as a coordinator, I also, have, tried my best so, the. The, faculty and, all the team is. Delivering. Classes, the best they can and. Always. With, a student's, outcome, and with, students. Students. Results. And, expectations. In mind. And, I. Myself, am. Specialized. In, distance, education and. Online education and, also in traditional. Education so. We've been trying to have lots of trainings. In this area so, I. Think, that, you can, rest assured, that at, least, in our college, which. We say is the angry. Of the, ontario college system. Because. We we. Really. Try. To do. Everything. We can, and, even. At times what we can't to. Excel. In to. Exceed. Your. Expectations. Well. The. Very first. Okay. I'd. Like to do is, during, the presentation. During that we're gonna have this presentation. From. This. This, morning part, from 10 to. 12 and then. We have another one from 2:30. To. 4:30. So. Let. Me I'm, gonna try to introduce. Everyone. To what, the, business, and information systems. Architecture program. At Fanshawe, College is, all, about. Basically. I'm. Going. To try to share, my, screen with you. It's. Already shared on disability, the. Presentation. Mode. There. So. Everybody can see my my, screen, now, everybody. Can no no problem to that can I can we get started, ok you. Feel free to interact, through the chat area or talk on the microphone, I'll be. I'll. Be thrilled. To actually, hear your voice as well yeah, great okay so. I'll. Have a few of these presentations. During. The day and. I'll. Be here to, ask questions, to you we, have a student, here of the program, a, level. Two students, which, is Abin. It's, a bean put. It is to be. You so. Ivan is the. Is. One of the students of the program, so you can ask questions, directly. To Abaddon. If you, want, okay. Let, me talk a little bit about the programs. The. Business and information system. Architecture. Is a, very. Very. Indirect. Program. That, and very broad, in, what it covers. It's a it's. Said to be a unique, program. In. The. Canadian, market, why, we're, gonna discuss why but basically it has to do with, these two words here business. And. Information. System, so, you, can see that just from that, there, is a program that. Brings together, the. Best of. Both worlds, IT, and, business. We, are program. Developed, so we can serve. Through. IT. Basically. It's a problem mostly, for IP people. Understand. The. Business. The. Beef how, business, is actually, done, in, the, Canadian, market so. And. The. Program coordinator. The. BIA we, call the program BIA, is. An information. Systems, architecture. You. Have any problem, or any question. Even, after, the presentation. Or anytime you. Have my LinkedIn, here and my name is Marc bueno. Bueno. Like, a chocolate bar and you. Can actually find, me on LinkedIn, which, is. I am, his last marked, wig. Well. To. Talk to focus, on the program, so we have here the program overview, and. What. Is actually the, BIA. Definition. That. We. Have inside, the BIA program. That. Tells, it all about what, we are and what, we, are they for what are the foundation. Of our, course so. Basically. If. You see. The. Business and, information technology. Actually. Is the business and information systems. Architecture. Program. Or the BIA is. Actually. A two-year program. Postgraduate. Program, so you have to have a. Undergrad. Already. In, IT or, in, business. Mostly. In. Both. Of them are okay, but, if you did business at least business. With some IT background. And. This program is carefully. Carefully. And uniquely. Designed to. Bring the best of, what. We have nowadays in, terms of computer, science, and what, companies, need, into. Into. The course into, the program, based, on the. Needs of the industry so if you see here let's, start it over the business and information, systems. Architecture program. Is a two-year, graduate. Program. Carefully. And uniquely. Designed to. Bring the best of, four. Important. Areas. Networking. And cyber security. Cloud. Computing. Data. And data, science. All, together. For, what in, solving. Real-world. Business. Problems, so the course is based, on learning. And, deepen, deepening.

Aa. In those. Areas. Cyber security, and networking, cloud, computing. Data. Science and big data. So. We can solve real. World problems so, in class they're gonna have. We're. Gonna have lots of real-world. Scenarios. Where. We. Gonna. Be applying what, we learn from, the technology, side in the business side well. In short the, BIA is the, only program. That. We are aware of in Canada, that. Puts together. The. Meets that computer, science, meets. Business. IT, demands. In, an unprecedented way, so. Because. We we, try to. Use. And learn. And deepen. Our knowledge in, computer, science you know all those four pillars that I mentioned, in, order to solve business problems, this. Is what we don't have all there. It's. Gonna be clear in a minute. If. You have any question, please ask, that in time, the. Beast, is an information, system marked academia eight is a two-year, postgraduate. Certificate, the first, year, we. Call it foundations. In business. An IT. Architecture. Because the first year is, gonna give you the foundation, of what, has to be done and, much, more in-depth in the second, year of the, course. So. The first year the foundations very well laid out the, second, year we apply, the idea, texture. To business, scenarios. So. Let's take a look now in. A. Little. Animation. Here what. We're talking about so. You can understand, exactly what. The BIA is, all about and why, it. Has been so successful. So. I. Create. Like a short story for you there so, says, once upon, a time. We, could choose only from. Either. Business. And, operations. His. Courses out there and. We. Would learn about HR. Finances. Purchase. Production. Marketing all the, departments. Of a. Business. In. Order to proper, operate. A business that's the business, programs, business, management Business. Administration. They focus, on business for, me our program. Once. Upon a time we have the business and we have IT here. In the bottom well. As you, can see there. Was the IT, programs, and the business, programs, but, there was a gap, a, gap between. The, IT, part this, IT part, you, can see networking. Cloud computing, data science, cybersecurity. Web and mobile development, that, we have in the program as well ERP. Such, as SAP, sa P o that, is part, of the tools that we need to solve. Business problems. But there has always been this. Gap, because. IT people, has. And and, business, people they, always need, someone to talk, to make, the middle, field to, make the liaison between the, two areas so, this gap. Is. Now we. Have a new option in, the. Market which, is called the, business and information, systems. Architecture program, to solve that gap that I just described, so, now we, still have we, have the business needs here. And. We have. What. The business is still the same with HR, with finances. With everything, we. Have the IT part. Here. Same. Thing but. Now. We, have, so. There, was no, know. That, we, don't have the gap anymore. Why, you don't have to get because, now. There, is a smooth. Solutions. That the business, will, provide, to. IT so. Now we, don't have that, big. Let. Me go back here remember. That in here we have this gap, that. Would, prevent, us from. Discussing. IT, and, providing, solution, to business properly, now, we. Don't have that. That. Gap. Anymore. We, are just we have the business needs, we need the BIA people. And the. BIA people, will, understand. Business. So. Because, in the past we had a problem and that's why companies may.

Actually When, they hire us they're gonna ask about biz the business part and we wouldn't know maybe, in a different country now how is business, done, in Canada, in an insurance company, in. In. Banks, in. Manufacturing. How. Do we do like financials. HR. Marketing. We. Need to know a little bit about how it is done, and we, learn in depth this, technology. Network in cybersecurity. Cloud. Computing, and data, centers, to. Solve. Their problems, so. That's. Why when actually, employers see that we have both backgrounds. A top, of water we already have because remember it's a post battery of course it, brings the best of both, sides. The. Course is based on in, terms of what are going to do to prepare you, in addition, to classes. And. In. Addition to actually attending classes we, have guest, speakers. We, have people from all over the world from the United States from. And leaders. In the industry the other day we had someone. Later on Aven can talk more about it we have someone, from Verizon. Networks, which, is the, visa did the vice president, of varietal networks, which, is, nothing. Less than the major, eye. Telecom. Company, in the United States and he was here at Fanshawe, College, delivering. A presentation, and talking to, us in a very informal way about jobs about. The. Area, the. Field that we are in about. How things happen, inside their company so, that, still gas, speakers. We. Have in. The second. Part. Of the course we, have will have field trips we're, gonna go and learn in. Their companies, let's go and see, what. They have to offer what. They do, how they do things, in a daily basis, in Canada, so we are prepared, after, the course -. We. Know what, are gonna be facing and we will have time to prepare, we. Have internal, jobs and internships. So, there, are many jobs that are offered, internally. Such as you, can become, a peer tutor a lab technician a beam with, here, is a. Lab. Technician and, a peer tutor a tutor, as well so. You, can talk a little bit more later about what. What. It is about to. Help, students. In - at the same time work. With the cutting-edge. Technologies. That we have in our labs we. Prepare, you guys to. Get. Certified, so, our. Courses, or. The, great majority, of our courses, are based. On certification, so, we offer a strong foundation and. That. Strong, foundation. Will. Prepare. You to become for, example in the networking. Area a CCNA. A Cisco, network. Associate. For, a ccnp, or. In the cloud computer. To, work with, towards, sick to. Pursue, certifications. In. Amazon. AWS or. Microsoft. Azure. Which. Is the, area that I'm. One. Of the areas that I specialized. Or, in business these, two guys. Here, the, CAPM. The, cap em and, the PMI, are certifications. For. Businesses.

Together. With. Project. Management, so, basically, the. Cap em is, a certification, that, is the level 1 in. In. The PMI, in the program. Management. Institute. So, you can become a PNP, or you can become a cap em you start usually a cap em and one, of our courses, or more, courses but at least one of our courses will, already, give, you the number, of hours, that you need to prove to. PDMP. The. Organization. That branch. Those, those. Certifications. You have already the number of hours that because. It took in the course. Specific. Areas. Like project, management that will give you enough hours. To, apply for certifications. And last. But not least we, have the career services career, services, we'll be preparing. You to, the Canadian, also, to the Canadian, market in. Terms of. Resumes. How do we do a resumes, like I have had, a bit of experience in, another. Countries, like India. For example and. I've. Been there I've, been in in a few times and what, I see, is that the. The way that we do like resumes. Cover, letter in India, many, resumes, is a little bit different, than the model. That, we use in Canada and then, the career services will, adjust, that for you so, an app, respecting. Prospective. Employer can. I get it and say oh I, I. Know. I know. That this guy or this girl or this student, actually has, spent time, on. Preparing. Nothing, according, to our standards. So. Because, this is what you're going to be working here, okay. But. Not least where. We can work and as what the, program. The business, and information systems, architecture. Will, prepare, us to, do what well. Remember. That we have like those. Pillars. The. The. Program, that. Is based on cloud computing networking. Cybersecurity. And, Big, Data mainly, and, development. In, web. Development, and. Mobile. Development. All of them are. Areas. That we can work so. You, can become a business. A BA which is a business, analyst, a business. Systems. Analyst, which is the guy that is more to be a more, of a business, part he sa more, of the middle part between. Business. And.

The, IT. Part. You, can work, as a data scientist. In data science you, can work as a web or mobile, developer. You. Can work, as a scrum, master you, can work as a network, administrator, a. Cloud, architect. And system. Engineer, or. Software. Engineer, depending, on our system engineer more if you're more geared towards the. Networking. Part. Infrastructure. Part and a software, engineer, if you dedicate more, time. Developing. This software during, the program, that, solves company's, needs so you may solve company's, needs sometimes, using. Architecture. Like oh I want to solve that specific, problem through. Implementing. A hybrid, cloud, computing. I can. Solve that business, problem, using. A. Problem. An algorithm, or a mobile. An app, that, will develop. For. Apple, for, angrily. Using. Tools, that you know, about. Organizations. Telecom. Companies, we have important, telecom, companies, in Canada. Bell. Rogers. Just so you can use to some of them. Banks. We. Have big. Banks, like Bank, Scotia, Bank Bank, of Montreal, TD. Some, of and all the smaller banks, all of them need, us. Insurance, companies, mortgage, brokers. Manufacturing. Companies, Toyota. Any. Any, component. Manufacturing. Or. The audio is breaking. You. Okay. Okay. Okay. So. So. I was here telling, us, where. Our. Areas. Where we can work it's, IT, guys so. If it's IT, you, can imagine that we can work everywhere. Everywhere. Has to use IT, but. In our case it's more than that, it's IT, and knowing. Business. Knowing. How business, work or. How many, different businesses, in, Canada and you can start. Your, own company, as, well as, you, can have a start, up we, are in an area in Canada where you. Have many. Many. Startup, companies, and many. Incentives. For. Us to work. On our own well. The. Program you're gonna what can you expect from, the program. We. Use. Professors. That, have large, industry. Experience. You're. Not gonna find anyone, that has just. Academic. Experience, or just practical. Experience, they, need to have both, they, need to be expert. In the industry in. Business, and also, with. Many. Parents. In teaching, the, students. Everyone. Is graduate, from colleges. Or from universities. Around the world. Many. Of you are up students, have well I have already an academic, background and, many. Students, have work experience, so they can actually. Leverage. That, work experience. Our. Students, usually have a passion. For solving. Business problem, is in an IT. The. Profile, of professors. And students, and in terms of labs and. Infrastructure. You. Can ask, like a beam that is, here after us. The presentation. We. Have exclusive. Labs, for, the business. And information systems, architecture the. Labs are cutting. Edge with, brand new equipment, equipments. They're gonna find, out they're in the company, nothing outdated. Nothing. We. Try to actually keep our. Labs. All. Of them very well, equipped. Than. What says state-of-the-art, equipment.

Whenever. You this is something that distinguishes us a lot from other. Programs. If. You have a problem, installing. A software or. If you have question. On your assignments. We, have. Tutors. They. Have, already. Have. Already. Gone. Through that problem either in the course or. In. Their life experience. As. Practitioners. As. Engineers. And they, help. You with your assignments, with your lab they're not going to solve the lab with you they're, not going to solve the assignment but they're gonna be able to. Explain. And help, you, on. What, your. Guiding. You in addition, to what, you have in classroom, so, we have the, problems. Solving. Support. And the lab technicians. That are there also to help we help you with, equipments. Basically. There, are many opportunities for you to learn outside. Plants. We, have implants, products, we, have. Here. You can. Have. A life clients, projects, case, studies. And you, can also engage in research, with, many of our professors. So. Basically, that's, it. Every. Graduate, of the Fanshawe, bi, a program. Every, gram. Is. An information, systems, architecture will. Receive, an Ontario. College graduate. Certificate. Plus. Three. Years of, work, permit, to. Work. To. Have a chance to work in Canada as long as you are in good standing and you, finish, the course properly. This. Is what I had to talk. To you about, the. Program. I. Hope. You enjoyed the presentation I. Hope I covered, most of your. Questions. Or what, do you want to neat about it what you wanted to know about the program and I'm now ready for, any. Questions that you may have. I'll. Take my water here, while you guys, prepare. For any question, anything that you would. Like to talk. About the program. Question. And I ask a question sure. Absolutely. Let's. Begin with Chico Bucca I'm Holly, from Canada, but I, have my. Brother is once to apply from Nigeria, and couldn't, make it so, he told me to connect. Is. Can. I apply, for, admission. Now for, September, for. Fall. I'm. Set, entering, and then also I. I. Tried we tried connecting. With someone and they, said that we have to go through an agent, or something, like that but it was not really very clear, so, that's why we, wanted to attend, this open, house so I can get information about, an, application. And, - from night for Nigerians. Sure. In. Order to, you. Always. Have. To. You usually have, to go through an agent we, I have, here, we, have here. Server. Surabhi. We. Can actually even, answer, your question, in a more. Precise. Way surround. He's from. From. The, international. Students, and he. Can actually. Get. Back to you on that truck, can you give us a hand, can, you give me first and can, you answer the. Question. Yes. Mark I can hear you if, you can confirm that you can hear me I'm, happy to answer this question. -. Good. Great. Presentation, by the way thank you so much. So. The, question about, the student so, the. Students. Don't generally, have to apply through agents we, understand many of them do however, in. Many countries there are separate rules around based, around visa applications, and you're, right and Nigeria students have to apply through one of our approved agents only. So what. I'm gonna do is in the chat box I'm gonna give you the. International. Email, actually, I'm gonna give you an email for our. Representative. Who is. Responsible. For all our students, from Africa her name is isin on our what. I would request you to do is if your student so I've just posted on the chat box a on our at Fanshawe C dossier if, your brother could, contact could, connect with I should I should will guide him through the process and tell.

Him Who those approved, agents are and help, them through the process as, well. Okay. And thank. You so much Rob and I put the email. Which. Is a Oh an AR. At Fanshawe, seed, of ca and it's. Right here I put, like this is just for, F for. Africa. So. I just Ottomans. Africa, and Middle East. Africa. And Middle East. So. Anyone, from Africa, Middle East if, you need for. The questions, please. Send. An email to a, Oh an AR, at Fanshawe. See. The Sheikh thank you so much Rob. Question. Fully answered. Thank. You yeah I'm, good, so, much. Any. Other questions. I'd love to answer questions. Or would you like to ask any questions, to having. One, of our students, has been here, or pretty. Much a year so, he can talk to you better, than me you may say oh this, guy is selling, the course, she's the coordinator okay. So you may talk to one. Of our students, if you want so, we, have like a group. Of people a team of people here, within to answer your questions. You. You. You. Don't mind I have a question for urban because I didn't hear any other questions do, you mind if I ask that question Robin. My, question is as, an, international, student what. Was. What. Were a few things that you, found to be very different, around academics, as, compared, to any education, you had out of country so, basically, what sure international, students be prepared for in, terms of academics, which is different from what, they've done in their home country. So. What. I was just. There's. A lot of echo in here. Please. If you have your microphone, on, please turn it off so I've, been won't have the back, myself. Okay. Hold on. Hello. I, can. Hear you open okay. Sure sure sure, so, the. First thing when I was thinking. About taking this course BA was like. The, pure, motivational. Factor, I got was the the content of the courses as Mark, said that was a pure, blend of all this business concepts. And I T. Like. They put it together very well and, very finally, they have put it together so you get exposed to both, business, and IIT, together, so that was the coals I was actually looking for and I, that's. How I entered up in be a core so after. Coming to Canada, I got to know that like right. Now in IT industry in Canada and all over the world the, business, concepts. Like the skills in said business is very much lacking in the IT people and, and. We, need the, skills which many. Many, on the business perspective like, team management time, management liked. Like. Working. As a team player like public, speaking skills presentation, skills, so, while. Going through the first semester I, got. More, exposed, to this business skills like presentations. Like making, a team-building, team so that, was one of the great, experience, I have in course, and, the. Message which I wanted. To tell the students who wanted to come here is like if. You're if you are purely looking for an IIT like, Olli IT, course maybe. This, course is not for you but if you are looking for both business. And IT like, if you want to if you want to get exposed, to like, all the concepts, related to business and IT this is the best goals that you, can take when. You're looking when you're comparing with all over the other colleges, in Canada also the courses they prove it that's what that's what my opinion, about the a course. Thank. You so much having, it so. You've. Heard from. From. From it student yeah, it's true I mean if. You want to deepen, your knowledge in, IT. You. Can. Also use the course however, you're. Gonna be one among you're. Gonna be one more, in, Canada. So with the difference, that I see is exactly what Abbott said you're gonna deepen, your knowledge in, IT and. You're, gonna have. You're, gonna learn the glue through, real, case, studies. With. Business and this is I've heard so much about how. Companies. Actually, this, is what they want they want a glue the one they, want us who, come from other. Places. Other, countries. To know more about how. Business, is done here and instead of taking like five years ten years until, you get there in the company you start earning this glue and the, college's thank you so much Abby I have some questions, here so. From. M. She's. He. Or she says mark. Can you brief us about how the virtual, classes were, perfect. There's no classes works. Yeah. That's, an. Excellent question and I I happen. To be. I. Have. One. Of my monsters is exactly, in. Virtual. Classes or, online. Classes. Or distance education so.

I Feel, very good talking. About it. Was. Initially, created. Designed. To be an in-person class, face-to-face. And. Has been. Amazing. In that way last. A. Few, weeks, a, few months ago we, had to move because, of the kovat we have to move to the virtual, class virtual. Classes were, how how. Do they work well. Basically. We. Use. Same software, that we, use. In person. When you are in person taking our classes you're, gonna use a software, called f o l Fanshawe. Online. Software. In class def, software, is where you keep track of all assignments. Of readings. Of. Quizzes. And everything. That you need so that is there and the professor, will be teaching the class online. In. Person, and you're. Gonna have the fol, for you to. Complete. Your your. Students, the virtual, class what. What, happened, is instead. Of having. This. Professor, that is in front of you passing. On all the information. And discussing, with you in class, we. Have all of that. Through. A software. Called Bongo, and Bongo. Is a software, that is integrated. Integrated. With fol, so. Basically. You're gonna receive, it if you may I, I can adjust so I can properly explain. Also. I'll show that in a minute but, you're, gonna receive, at. That specific, time and, date, they're, gonna be sitting in front of your computer and, you're, gonna interact, with, the instructor. The same way that I am interacting, now and. We, can ask questions, we can discuss we, can have group work and. After. That you're gonna do your lab work or your assignments. With the help of, having. Or any other tutor. Or. You're gonna be able to come to me and ask questions. Or, you have access. To all, the. Resources, that we have online as, well everything. Is done, in. A. Very organized, fashion if, I'm am, I'm gonna add open. Here my a. Current, course for example let's, see here. Do. It life were, not afraid. So. He my Fanshawe. So. If you can, see my screen look I'm gonna log on to my fan shop and, I'll show you exactly. What. It is because, we can. Students. Would use this. Software here. That you're seeing in front of you and this. Software, is called, fol. The, student, will say oh I'm taking, this course. Operating. Systems. The. Very. First, thing that they stood at is going to find there is Oh April. 13. Monday. Updates today. I'm. On section, 30, what, do I have to do this week oh this. Week here's the plan for this week we're, gonna have I, put, that for, students we're gonna have a hybrid, class meaning. That part, online, part. Self-study. And we. Have this what I'd like you to do oh I'd like you to reveal, your schedule. For, quizzes, for practical, exercise, the, video presentations. I'd like you to take, your final exam, which, is taken, online. The, exams, are taken from home, of course. With all the kill all. The. Protection. So there's no cheating and plagiarism. Then. This, is part of what they have to do this week and then, they're gonna start. Working. Right now from, 11:00, a.m. so. Actually. From 11:00 a.m. to 12:00, p.m., they're. Gonna be reading, this chapter. They. Have the link here and then at 12:30. From. 2:30. We're. Gonna have they just click here, on this April. 13, virtual. Classroom, when, they click here they, they gonna be, sent. To, the online, live. Classroom, where, I'll be there discussing. With them, kanae, configuring. Network connectivity. We're, going to be doing some connectivity. Troubleshooting, shooting. And you're, gonna go on practical. Exercise, number seven so, if. I student, needed so students, at, 12:30. They're gonna click here let's see what happens we, do it life. There. We go, the student, is moved to is, sent, to the. An. Area, where, he, or she can enter, the room at. That time we're gonna be in a session like this where. I'll be discussing, PowerPoint. We're going to be interacting. It's. It's. A mix of what, we do live. So. You can organize. Your time know that the meeting is going to start in an hour and 39. Minutes. The, same software, is, the, software, where you can have all. The, comforts of the course. In. Person, or online it, doesn't matter, you, have week one I. Take. Pictures, of whiteboards. The pictures, are there so you have week one week two all, the way all.

The Way up to week 14. Everything. Very, well described. Here, and you. Have also. If you, go to the. Classrooms. For, example, classroom. Let's. Say nine, here, or. Or. Let. Me go to eight, I, don't, remember which one eight, look we, have March. 23rd. V class it, is fast, but. The class is there and is recorded, to UM the, course is there and students can click here, and review. The, class of course they have to attend, the class but. These we have the in. In the BIA because. Of this background that we have also, in. Distance. Education we. Can provide, an experience, that is exactly. The same as in. Person both, are, going. To give you perfect outcome, people. Ask what about labs how do we do it lives, well, labs, when. We have labs, we, either do, that in class, like, later on if we have like an a, limited. Time to be in the college we can use that limited, time to do labs on equipments. Or as. Ivan, can tell you we, have software's. That, simulate. Exactly, what, you have in the lab everywhere. Everything with Cisco, equipments. Everything. With lab. With what we have in. Classroom. So you can do it virtually as well, if. I answered your question then. Okay. If you have any other. We. Have some other questions coming, up okay, so. Okay. Suck I was thinking. A nice rap and rap, and having, then we have I have applied for fall, 2020. Can, I know how much time will it take to, get a response. In. Terms of a. Reject. Or, approved. Due, to the pandemic how much delay can we expect, Soraka. Is still there you can, answer that question. Yes. More come here so. I. Answered, a couple of questions privately on chart for a few students but, it, really, depends on the country you're applying from every country or admission process is a little different overall, our admission, process has absolutely, not been impacted, because of cover 19 our, admissions, are on track for September. And. For. January wherever it's open now, it depends on what country you are applying, from one of the zones future I was shouting with he. Or she had applied from India so I gave her the email address for India. Admissions person I'm gonna. Write. It down in the chart and, you, can, mark. Maybe you can put it up. There. As well yeah through will confirm. That he is of length from India so that. Impacted. It should absolutely be on track. If you've not heard back in a long time that means there is something, something. Is an issue in the transcript. Like there is there is an issue for sure but. You can contact our admissions person, if. You're applying to an agent your, agents absolutely, have an application, number. When. You are communicating with, us if you providers, that application, number just makes it easier for us to check your application status and. Everything. Vil so, I put on the front as well on our screen, so there's, the, first one is how to apply from Africa, the second one how, to apply from India, so it's, see. Here. At Fanshawe. See, dossiers, that corrects from. Yes. Perfect. Thank you so much. We. Have. Four. Students, opting. For own plans, for the making take. Approximately. By web could. You be able to reach. Turning. Off your microphone a, little. Bit of background. Thank. You so much. So. The. Question, here is. For. A students often for online classes from, the main intake, approximately.

By When, we. Will be able to resume, our classes, from, college, well. This. Is a great this, is a, great option. That, the government. Is given to to students, and to us so. It's. A privilege to be able to. Be. With you inmates, and online classes. The. Idea, is, that. You. Know everything, regarding. Opted. For the, online classes. According. To it's very hard to predict, this but. Things. Going. The way they are going everybody. Following. The social distance, the physical. Distance in. Canada. Has been. Very. We. Expect. That. We should. Like. To. See. Now they did. So many different colleges. And I, think, that. Supported. Rather, than why according personal. Things. I. Cannot. Speak. And. Let. You know that I have to leave but my colleague, Jew Kyung Yoon Jake, joking, Eunice hair any. More international questions in the future. That. Will go to Jake thank, you, have. A good have. A good day and giraffe, is very busy today with the open but, virtual open house. Okay. So the, question about the. The question. Is answer. About. International. Students. And when I international, from. Elsewhere. From. Else. World. You. Can actually. Drop. So, if you are anywhere in the world. You. Can go to into internet, you can email international. At Fanshawe, dot. CA. Some. Other questions, here. This. One I didn't get any response. From. From. The Canada. Refugee. And, citizenship. You. Can. Actually. Drop. Them, try. To contact, them by mail to check the status of your application. I don't. Know how quickly they are responding. To that but, for sure they respond, to everyone, but you, may actually try, to. Alternative. Ways alternate, ways to contact, that. Which. Includes, email includes. Phone. Calls and try, again. It's a very child, very challenging, times, but. It's if, you could my, opinion if you could enroll in May you, would actually be saving some time for you because, you can take it from home get ready, get, prepared. To. Four to. Come to Canada when things are calm, and you, can even start, looking for, anything, there for for. Anything here like housing, and everything you can have, much more time while, taking class mark. Which, would be better to live for. To defer classes, to September, or virtual, classes. It's. Totally, and it's totally up to you. As. I, and, in order to answer this question I. Personally. Believe that it, would be better to, start, with, your online classes. And. I'll show you. Go. To the BOE, page. Where. We have. Of. The business, and information. Systems. Architecture. Well. That's. The page I'm, gonna even copy and paste for you but you should have it no. If I go to courses. Here. Note. That you, have a level 1 and, courses, on that one arm we. Have some. Courses, that are more practical, and so the, great majority, look, essential. Skills, for management, professional. End, user, operation. Graduate. Success. Strategies. Career, planning. All. Those courses, you have. Eight. Courses. 50%. Or 60% for. Those courses, are or. Can be take online, without. Any. Difference. From online, or in. Person because, they are. Reading. And. Discussing. For, example, about resumes. Cover letter. How. The mark the Canadian, market, is all about so, there's lots that you can do online, in. This query. When it comes to net to operating. System, one. What. I, usually, teach, and I'm. Teaching right now this portion of virtual, students. Are very happy. Most. Of them are very very happy and those who have some, issues, that can solve. Our. Tutors there are online pretty. Much 24/7. They are always they, love what they do and they are always helping. So if. There is a it, would be the best one for you to take online, it, would be the first one then, look what happened. The. Second, semester it. Comes, like more complex.

Subjects. Like, database. To, network. Operating. System to data. Management. Cloud. Services. Unapplied. Project. Management. So in that case although you can't take online and we're prepared, for that many. People may actually prefer. To have these courses, in, person, so, no. Problem, that's what I'm gonna be doing. Hopefully. In, September, and it turns into more and more complex, or. Level 3. Program. Programming. To IT architectures. Toward ceaseless. Software. Design and level. 4 the same thing you can take a look at that and in the end you have that capstone. Which, is the product where. You're gonna bring. We're. Going to be developing something, for, the industry, so answering, your question, I like to be very thorough, when I asked when I answer the questions again. Level. One is a level, that you can, without. Major. Issues. Whether you write your own life or not is an easy one for you to take in life and. Most. Likely in September, we'll go back to that so, which. Would be better if. It was me I would, I. Would gotta make classes. I will, take. My time is, still from home to, get, familiar. With what Fanshawe, College offers. It may not be the, best of what you want but. It's gonna be familiar, with it so when you come here. That's. My any, would be it would be. Gaining. Once, a master. Otherwise, you would have to to, wait em without, many. Differences, on on the, outcome, so, what. Would. My. Opinion, I am with taking me this, first semester, and. Get. Rid of it. Next. Question. Okay. Of. Course it's totally up to you. Remember. That we are in. This, case our online. Is just not. It's. Just not only like, being. At home we. Have all the qualifications, and. All the we. Are using all these strategies to make it the. Best experience as, possible given. The situation that we have Mike, well so now from a meet, Patel, Michael, what. Are the chances, of getting jobs, through, college placements. Okay, so. The college. That. Depends, a lot the, college has. Many. Different. We. Offer, there's. A Career Services. Which, you can connect, and, see all the jobs that are available. You. Yo. Yo. And. Tell, you. They, get this back.

We'll. Look at your face. Can you hear me now yes. Great. I'm, back. Sorry. About it I don't know what happened, the thing is that I lost the chat so. If. You could. Please put your hand. There I. Was. Answer, I was talking, about, what. Was the last thing that you heard from me. The. Career opportunities. I. Was. They were saying that. Let. Me just a little, bit okay the, career opportunities. They. Are, we. Can work. Twenty. Hours. As. International. Students, we can work 20, hours per week. Except. During, breaks, on, breaks, you can work 40, hours per week. And. Find, a. Placement. So. That for. Placements. No. College, you will tell you if the college says oh I'm gonna find a job for you I. Would. Be very careful, about when. They say something about, that what. We, do is, we, prepare you, so. You can. We prepare you we. Give all the tools through, career services we, contact, companies. So, those companies, can actually, so and you do your part during. The course and if, you do your part during, the course if, you are well prepared at. The end of the course those, come or or during break time those, companies, will be prepared, we'll, be expecting. That. Knowledge, from you as well because we. Forehand. So. In terms of placement. We have. We. Are in touch with so. Many companies. In. London, area. That. Is. More medium, large companies. That. Good. Chances, gonna. Be finding, a placement. For, you in the IT field, other other than the IT usually. During those 20. Hours. Students. Try to find, something very, for, them so, they can maintain. Themselves. Until. They can have the 40 hours because as, I, was saying that, 40, or 20 hours, not, every, company wants, to hire asked. For. 20 hours a week hopefully, this is going to change now because now. After co, feed they, realize, that we can do things from home hopefully. And. Replacement. We, have. One. Of the highest rated, in, Canada, in terms of I'll let you finish off college but. We cannot promise, oh you're gonna have the job of your dream, or you're gonna have a job after the second. Third. Level. It depends, there are people that have those people that don't have. People. That have temporary, jobs and. Difensa. Will, always, be there to help you just. So you know like, companies. That we have, we. Have 3m. We. Have. We. Have. All. Can. Just, bring to you just. A few, of them so you can take a look at. Just. Quickly share. In. Our page, all, those, companies, are companies that we have. Hello. Can. You hear me yes. I can hear you. To. Get back to who in. Terms of the question of, companies. And everything I'll have to send the proper. Website. For you is in, the career opportunities here. We. Have lots, of different. Companies here, that you can work. On. It's. Not maybe, more, info, when you see. Now. I'll have to actually, bring to you but the major companies, in London, they, are they, have Fanshawe. College is the main college in an, entire area, here so you should be okay. With. That it's, a joint it's a joint work, know. Ecology. The ecology tells, you oh we're, gonna give you a job we're gonna find a job for you no, they will not they, will most likely, help. You to, find. To. Find their job and that's what we do actually. You. Know in a very well. Well. Done fashion. We. Can actually help you I'm sure. Any. Application. At the Pentagon, they. Know. About know. More about net. But. Still. No response has it's. Been like one, is one, in half month I guess. My. Attention. Since. No update has came my, friend also of life of the same and he, got the offer letter but there is no response for my application. That. We have we have Juke here we, have anyone, from my, international. Answer. It's. Jake here from international, T's I just, wonder if you could have send me the email, with.

Your Personal, information so that I can. Look into our system, and then, I'll get back to you. So. I can give you my. Application. ID if you want right now. Okay. I'll send you. Email. Of, application. Number and I have also made the college, many. Times but since then also there is no response, from, venture. Ok, I will send you the email, can. You tell me the email. Address. Yes. I'm just sending you my email address so that you can send me. Thank. You. Ok. Ok. Ok. So for the past insisted, we had we. Had to take care of this situation so, probably. People, were busy not, able to open their mailbox, so, but. I'll definitely. Check the history, and I'll get back to you. Yes. Can. You give. Me your email address so that I can name my application, about you, was. It. Yes. 98p. At Yes. I just, started. Maybe, it would be good to talk in the chat area. Okay. You can see my emeritus. Attacking. Box huh. Chatting. Okay. Although. This mail is in. The presentation. You can also see it here. And. Thank. Shall see God silly, that's, the BIE a. Ordinator. Mark. Usually. I cannot, solve usually. Oh that's. A good ear that's, the same that's the coordinate. So. You, can, for. The. National you can direct. You but, you can of, course any. Questions, that you may have sent. To me and I will force you to have an answer for you or redirect. You to the right person. Okay. Let's. See what's going on with your application, why it's actually. One. Heard, from Fanshawe yet right so. I, just need. Mail. The, application. Number to the signal right. Yes. Please. Okay. Just a minute I will just send you in just a minute, thank. You so much. Thanks. Josh well. As. For. Me and I postponed, to Amber. Is it possible, to start in May. You, and, you. I think that is also, with you there one hey. Sorry. I missed your question so, what was your question yeah. Lera. And. I'm not pronouncing your name correctly yes. You, are. So. Lair is, asking, is saying that she had, initially, applied. For, me but. Into. September. Is it possible, to go back and start, in May. Yes. But I need to double check whether, there is. Available. Leaky. Or not because. The since covering my 19th, situation, we moved all the student to September. And then, now some students are trying. To move back to May, so, we just, wonder, we. Need to find out if there is a sid available, for the student now, coming back to me so, once, you send me email whether your application number, I'll double-check where, they were is it the status and also, I'll check the availability, of the program and then I can answer your question. Solaire. Could. You. JK. Why oh oh and. They. Shall see that see a, CC. B if you want I mean I'm not necessary not needed but if you want it's. Ok also I'll make sure that they mail get to the to them but you can do that also, so, I try. To do that as my, spot right are you so just. So see because. The the courses actually fill up pretty quickly right, yes. Does. Anybody else I have. A question, here. Hello. Yes. Sir I just made, my, application, number to the, email. Id that was provided, in the check. Yes. I said a good. Time back. Yes. I'm looking at your, email. And then. I'll check on the system, and how, Accio. Polymerase. Okay. Girl a break me by email okay. So. You. Should should. Receive a response RP. Response. Because it's been a very. Long. Time since I have not received any update. For. From. Up shotgun, he. Is, asking. Me. Any. Options for. Dia, course, Wofford, come help, us, absolutely. Fanshawe will, help you to, find their internship. Fanshawe. Will help you to, find a job we'll do everything. We. Can, through, the Career Services. Department. In. It's, very, important, and we're gonna have guest speakers we're. Gonna have trip. To companies, we're. Gonna it's but it's very it's a two-way, thing, it's, our part, and it's your, part, so. You have to do the course very, well you have to make sure that it participates. The. Internship. If you notice, that. BIA, does, not have, a co-op option, and, I'll, explain, why co-op, is when we when. We go for a co-op it, would go for an a manotaur. Internship. And we come back I'll. Explain, you why we don't have it right now, many. We realized, that many colleges. Out there. Were. Not. Being. Able to.

Provide. A co-op, or, students. Could not find the coop the other. Cities, like Toronto or. Well, if anywhere so. The, college. Because. Of that the. Person, would not stock, would, be, able to, wait because. The person would not get the coop so. Only those who got the court would graduate, then. They change, this. Onalaska, they, say okay, so you, know, if you don't get the coop you can get like a. Thesis. A. Project. And then. The project can, be done instead. Of the coop. This. Is already carefully. Planned you, are going to have the capstone, course which is, a project, that, will be developed, with, companies. So. It's the very first course and that, is done with, the companies, the companies, have, brought. Many, problems, business, problems, to us that, are going to be using that course, and everyone. Takes that course so everyone. Will have a capstone. Project, in. Addition to, that if you, have your own job that's, great, but, we're not going to stop. You from, graduating. Because, you didn't find an internship in, this area, or in that area and we're not gonna give you just any, project so you can pass everything, is organized, in the BIA in, a way that you will really have the the. Course and. All. The career services, and and, and. The ecology, structure. We, have a website full. Of jobs, there for you to. Search. As well but. Again I will. Never mind, to students, never ever so. What, I tell you is it's. At each. Of. The. Four for us to get a good job part. Is the, college's, responsibility. Part, is our, responsibility. We cannot just take the course likely. End. Up not. End. Up, actually at. Ranked and then try to get the best job I will ask happen, to tell something, about it I mean do you have anything to say about this. Then. You tell a little bit about how, the. Importance, of actually the students. And and that there are students, that take, the course more serious than others and. How. That plays, out. Is. Not there right now when, it comes back we can he can actually give this testimonial. About it and I've been mark. Yes. Can. You give me right now yeah. I can hear you. Tell. Us about the opportunities.

The Opportunities that, you had also, and, your. Colleagues. You. Microphone. Is muted. Okay. So. Is it if I find, right no ma. Okay. Fine so, so what, re personally. Belief and what, I was just going to continue, from Sarah's point of view is like there, are a lot of people, coming from India who have experience, back in India two es three years so, so. This course I was, just going to say this course is well suited, for them like they. Can still, continue. On that track of IT and, gain more knowledge in management's, perspective so. If they're walking back. In India or any other country, if they're walking ID for a long time and if. They feel that I T is too much for them or if they're feeling like they want a shift in their career when they're where they have to move on to that management level, this. Course is well suited, for them to gain much. Knowledge about business, concepts, and still, keeping. Track on that IT, concept. So when, coming to job personally I believe, that lot. Of internships, are happening in London right now lot of job opportunities in IT field and and when. I came to Fanshawe, I had a lot of anxiety. About what to find how to find. Jobs and also in. Fanshawe, also we have lot of open shootings, in our south campus right now where the business and information core, course. Is happening, right now we have, opportunities. To to. Be hired as a peer tutor we have opportunities, to to. Have to be hired as, lab technician so, all this all this build-up to your carrier and when. You put this in your resume out there in the industry you have a lot of value, and the. City of London right, now a functional, city of situated, you you, get more exposed, to the IT, IT. Industry. We have lot of internships, happening we have lot of lot. Of care carrier, fairs going on we have lot of IT industry snoo, I clean streets coming in right now in London so in. All these ways I believe that. Lot. Of opportunities. Are there for students coming in right now and and then. Based, on management perks perspective, also like after, Toronto and after, kishna we have project, and Institute, the the chapter is London, the next chapter. Is, London, for the project management institute so, people, would get connected to the. Land city is growing a lot and people will get connected to all these industries and get more exposed, to to. All this outside. Business. And IT industry so, I believe like. This, is one of the best, this. Is one of the best plays as furniture I can be as a student. It's. Actually, also, I would, top, of it that. Sad. Initially. Is that if you, are if, it if you want just something like just. IT for. Example just cybersecurity. Just. Database. Just. Data, science. There, are many. Many, colleges. Out there that. Will offer you that. We. Offer more than that we, try. To put, those things together in. Order to solve, a business problem, so. That's. The biggest difference, of the BIA so. There. Will. Be will, give you unique. Unique. Skills, that, others, don't have because, others, will be either oh I, know cybersecurity, okay, so you. Can find jobs just, in cybersecurity, or just, in data, science while. The. BIA follows, a trend, in North America, of being, a little bit more of a generalist. Mainly. Because you guys have, already taken, your, undergrad. And the undergrad, gave, you already a good, idea. Of IT, as well so now we're, putting together those, idea, we're going much deeper and. In. Those ideas and we're. Gonna okay. But how is this applied in the, Canadian, workplace. So. We've, heard from many companies, that that's. What they've been waiting for a long time that's why the course was created. Viji. Has a question, I have a query about my. Offer. Letter, yes. In. G. VG. It was still. There. Okay. Any. Other question, that you would like to ask. Me, or or abon, or. You. You. Hear. From. The international, office so. U is from, international. Office is what you see in your screen as Y J, up. In is the a B, or. Me. If you have any question, the. Good opportunity. The, main website for. The. BIA is. Always. Gonna put it here. Back. There. The. Chat area, I put the BIA. Main. Site. This. One. Okay. I didn't, know oh yeah that's, true Sokka you didn't answer my question concerning. Information. Systems, analysts. Or computer. Network. Attack. Okay. That's. I didn't answer your question because when I got back on. The. The whole, chat, was. Gone. Well. Systems, Analyst. Versus computer, network. I. Tend. To think that nowadays. Both. Are very good career the systems, analyst, and the computer network. And it, depends, on. What. What. You, feel more comfortable with I would, say that computer, networks, nowadays. Is. A few, that is. That. Has, lots. Of opportunities. And, every. Company usually computer. Network, is related. Is also. Also. Very. Tightly, connected. To. Security. And nowadays, the. Cybersecurity part, which, is part of the networking, and part of the BIA also. Is. An area that I, would.

Strongly He. III, would. Think that both, both of them but the computer network, is an, area that you. Can actually, go on so, many sub. Areas, there and you're. Not gonna do, not going to be out of the market because, of the. Field that, is a very good field however. However. The. Computer, networks, very, important. In. The, BIA. We, have, among. Other courses, we have computer, networks, and security, one and networks. And security, too both. Of them are. Drawn, by Cisco. Material. And you, have the. Cisco. Curriculum. It's, very, very, important, those courses, Ivan can tell you are not easy. Courses. Not, easy courses, at all but. Try. During, the course to, get familiar, with. To. Get certified, in, the basic, level, of Cisco. Could, be even, the entry, level or now the CCNA. During. The course you have two years you can use your break you can use some time off to. Prepare for, this certification. Because. When, we come from another country I've, been here for 21, years, when, we come from another country what. People here want from us they, want that we are good technically. They want us to have what, they say Canadian. Experience, that, is exactly, what we are providing now knowing. Their, computer. Knowing. That the Canadian, business. And. The. Certification, can. Be the cherry at the top you're, gonna have your background, home in. Your, other undergrad. You're gonna have your post-grad. Here, in Canada, and, you're gonna have a certification. On top of it so you're proofing, that you're good, also. The. BIA as I've been able. Just put it there will give you an it will give you exposure to both systems. And balances, and. Networking. So, in terms of systems, analysis, because systems of knowledge is, what nothing. Else that being. The middleman, between. Business. Needs and what, the IT provides. And you're, going to be able to provide, if you like to if, you like more network, you can dig deeper on the network, part if, you like more. Of programming. You can dig. Deeper on the web, and mobile. Division. Development. Cybersecurity. Etc. So, answer. Your question, quickly both, of them are. Very. Good fields. The BIA, prepares. You for both, of them one, is more technical. Than the other the, network, is a little bit more technical. Than the systems, analysis, and the. Systems analysis, it leans. Towards. I would, suggest you, that if you do systems, analysis. You, could go for. Certifications. Such, as the. PMP, or the, cap, M. Or. A. Scrum, in.

Agile. Methodologies. That will give you a good idea, what. If you already have, the certifications. Yes, if you have the certifications. We. Have many people in our courses, that they already have. Certifications. Including, CCNA. Including. The CCNA, in. Networking, and I can tell you that those students. Big. Day. It's. Not here anymore but I've been actually knows, pretty. Short for example, he has a CCNA. Certification and, he's already employed. So. It is he's continuing. His broadening. His knowledge but, he's already even employed. With. The collagen, with the and. And been. People. Have asked. About those students, that already have this certification it's just gonna make it easier for you. Oh. Yeah. So they are just just, complementing. What you said, the certification. Proves. That you have a, good, knowledge. In, that area, worldwide. But. The certification. Does, not give one important, thing which, is the knowledge of the Canadian, piece this area and that's. One thing that the, BIA will, be providing. You the BIA will give you the technical, and, non-technical. The. Business, part of it the certification if you have you, can, be. More involved. In other, areas, other than getting, certified, so. Thank. You so much. Yeah. So I've been said, network, level 2 is pretty, much it goes into the ccnp. So, this is CMP, is the, second, level is one level above, sure. Sucker. If. I'm going too deep in the answer, let me know I like to explain very well and I like to be very transparent on. What we do and what. I don't, want you guys to fall into things, that oh I thought it was like that and then it is not now let's say, I cannot, guarantee that everyone, is but I get, I can, guarantee that Fanshawe. Has the highest, placement, rate, in, the terrier, Community, College and that's online you can google it and see. Be. A system, analyst, we have included, courses, yeah a b2b, system, analyst we have included, costs like item applied, project, management, business, solution, architecture, enterprise. Resource planning. Web. Development. Mobile, development, that we have also in the course. Thank. You. So. Hopefully we, answered your. Question. So far. For. Those of you willing to come and eat I. Think. That. It. Is. This. Encouraged, by the, co vid actually. It's an opportunity. For us, to, speed. Up our our. Our. Graduation. From. Your own country because. You. Can make. The transition, a little bit. You. Can make the transition, a little bit a smooth, for. You for, example I can, see well, is that I can see that there's a kid there is then your your kid if I may ask so. Well, has a kid there right so she has a child. Can, you imagine I mean come, to Canada. Is, a big, a big decision, in your life in, everyone's, life so. I'm, just, trying to see the positive. Among. All these, things that are living right now so layer for example will, be able to take the course more, at her own pace if. She started, made to, prepare at, the. Same time that she would be taking, the course level, one will be gone after. Me, so she's done with that and then, but during that period of time she, could prepare, she, could she's safe from. She, could can stay at home with. Her killer, with, her. Loved. Ones and. Not. Been exposed, to, something that is. Tough to be in a different, country, right. Now, I mean maybe September is, great but right now is, tough because, you don't know anything you don't know anyone I try, to help everyone, as much as I can but. Then. It's. A it's, a tough question, it's a tough you. See, then you can have you, can have a little bit more, paste. If, you take a few minutes to take the main thing, you. Pass get, used to the college don't expect, the best out of the best don't expect, that but put, everything, together. Your time, your safety. And then in the fall you're gonna be here. Maybe. Probably, even, with the house that you could actually, reign, to remotely many, people do that so, it's. There's, many many options there.

Any. Other question, are so this so. This considered, an actual, orientation oh, thank. You so much Lee I think that I hope, I think that's a compliment, thank you. That. I can help we have like about five more minutes I'll have to go, to teach. In. About, AXA. To start a trip up so I'd like to stay. Here until like. I have. To I want to be in class five minutes before class. So. Everybody, when we were talking about dogs and care adoption fees I believe that networking, and getting in connections, in, industries, is a very, big factor in that getting, connected. To people out there in the industry, so. As for, I've seen from my first semester we have lot, of from. From F a semester I've seen we have lot of meetings, with clout. The industry, as we. Can see we have we. Had Andrew from PMP, Institute, we had. Then. We have. That. From the rise media, the vice president, of various and media we have talked, with them so. Then. We are going through this goals in two, to three semesters. So we get a lot of exposure, to meet with, people. Out there, industry connect with people out there in this industry, so. I believe in that way also we can make use of the canvass the area and. All the all the all the resources, we have in canvas, so I just wanted to add this point to to. Make sure that people are very well connected with people, out there in the industry when we are when we are taking a course in fashion. I'm. Sorry I was yeah. I was just saying that I was just saying that in order to just, want to add it to our up and said is that the BIA in, the BIA we have this idea, this it's. Almost like a almost. Like a religion, to us everyone. Is hands-on you're, not gonna see me by, sitting down on my desk, all. Day. Maybe. The other coordinators, other places other colleagues, but I'm there I'm, with a students, on with the I'm, in the lab because, of a very technical, person as well and. I'm. Always there with students, and students. Can really count on me I, think. I, mean, can testify, that but, I think that I try, to be there with students, and everyone. At the same level there's no such a thing like I'm not I mean. We're, not the, professor, is, not your. Proof what, I tell my when, I tell our faculty, our professors, we're, not supposed, to be. We're. Not supposed, to be. The. Sage on stage, we. Want to be the guide on the side a, beat, with. Students, helping them to, learn to get a job to. Discuss. To get their experience everything. We. Trot, research. You, will succeed in everything usually, for those who are interested in that yes. At. Times. If. They. Student is not interested, it's very little that we can do. It's. Right we try to motivate. I'll. Have to go. Yeah. Yeah yeah that's the I can put the motor here I say that. At. The BIA I. Like. That too we're. Not. Sage. On, the stage. But. More, of, God. On. This, side. Thank. You and I truly believe that. Ladies. Are capable thank you so much I'll have to prepare, it for my class and. Online. Class, thankfully. Are full now people, are coming with close. To a hundred percent attendance, and we're very happy and I hope to see you actually here, either in May Leia if, you manage. To do that or, in September, I'll. Be here to receive you please when you when you come come, and see me come and talk to me my, I'm, always there. To talk to everyone. Thank. You so much mark, I'm. Gonna put my mail once again, here if you wanna send. Any. Soon, or any feedback, it's, there in, window. At Fanshawe. CDOT, city if you want to send any sort, of. Feedback. About the orientation, what. Or more questions, that we have I'm here for. You I live my life for my family and for my students, that's, what that's, my, life and. I'm. Very proud of it and I, take it very seriously, thank, you so much I. Hope. To to. See, you soon. Bye. Stay safe eight.

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