Fake Money Stocks - ETFs 2018 | Cryptocurrency vs Stock Portfolio 2018

Fake Money Stocks - ETFs 2018 | Cryptocurrency vs Stock Portfolio 2018

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Live from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the dose of Bitcoin, the crystal, of crypto. Is your, boy BK, and if, you know like me you must not like money thank, you for joining me everybody, I appreciate. The support I appreciate this opportunity to, speak, with you and what. We'll be discussing today are, the. Fang stocks, this, is an ETF, an electronic, traded fund on Wall Street. The CJ B's the fake money slave. Labor debt paper that they value so much should. You buy it that's, what we'll be talking about if this is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as the crypto, trader and I am the boats these, charts, as you, will soon find out every, day I graced this microphone, with my voices another day you can, profit as a result, and today, is no exception so with that being said let's. Go ahead and get into today's, featured. Discussion. And. First. Things first if you haven't done it already go. Ahead and smash. That, like button I, appreciate, every, single one that we get on these videos, all. We need to do if everybody, on this channel likes. This video right, now then, one of you is guaranteed. To win, some, free BTC, out of my pocket, it's 50 people we need 50, likes just, give me a thumbs up on this video and before, we end today I will pick somebody live, on the air in. The Facebook group so, Google. You. Know one, of the companies, in the fame stocks if you don't know what it is just. Type it in to, big brother see, what he tells you. Didn't. Really help because. See this is like the Nasdaq symbol so, Fang stocks ETF, you don't want to do that one this, is what it is right here, in-depth. Research, Amazon, Netflix Facebook. Alphabet. Which is Google. Right. And. Basically it's a. Index. Of those. Companies. All. Right so. Basically a portfolio. That consists. Of those companies right. And. Again. There. Are different ETFs. That they put together that have exposure, to these big boys the big horses the, qs is one, of them i think that's the top 100. Companies. This. One this one this one you guys can look that up I don't really want to waste too much time but essentially what it is is. ETF. Electronic. Traded, fund just think of it as like an index fund if you're familiar with that or you, know a pre-selected. Portfolio. A lot of people you know have become lazy they, don't want to do their own research they, just want somebody, to put their money somewhere, and give them back more money than what they gave them and so, this is the latest. Rendition of, that fallacy. That Wall Street invented, called this ETF. Electronic. Traded fund you, don't want to research your own companies you're too stupid that's, why you lose money 90%, of a time give, it to us we've, created this, fake, virtual. Account. Portfolio. Of. Facebook. Amazon Netflix, and, Google we call them the things see. We're creative, on Wall Street right that's why they pay us the big bucks the. Fangs. Simply. Put. Are. The vampires they. Literally suck, up all the energy. In the, market all the life force, they. Will bite, it suck. It run. It dry and. Disregard, the carcass when they're done. What. They do what. They do this is kakastico. Capitalism. At its finest. Right in, a multi trillion dollar fashion. So. Back to the lesson at hand, we, know that, energy. Cannot. Be created or. Destroyed it merely transforms, from one facet, to another and we, also know, that these vampires, are very, good at. All that energy. So. Let's. Throw them all together on, one, chart and let's. Evaluate. The. Opportunity. To. Buy. This, index, fund should you purchase. Equity. Into. This fake. Money slave labor debt paper, portfolio. Called, the, fangs right, and that's what we'll be discussing, on, today's. Video, again. If this is your first time, rocking. Out with us thank. You very much, for, your support and, just, know that we do have some resources for you number one subscribe, right now 350. Videos I let, you boy number, two click that link in the description, it will take you to trading. View once you get on trading view you type my name in BT Kelly 12:03, and then number, three you go to the website watch, those videos watch, that playlist chart, like a boss I just made another 20, minute tutorial for. Trading view like, two days ago and. That will teach you how to get set up in the market so do them three things subscribe, click. The link go to trading view set, up the chart boss, method, playlist. Right bam bam bam it's just that easy to, get paid right so two method that we're gonna be using is called the boss method, this is something that's a boy designed, it's of the people for the people by the people intellectual.

Property. Owned exclusively, for the rights and replications, of Brandon Kelly LLC. Got. A little bit of money now got a little bit of lawyers you know so don't make me some math do you if you're a profit-seeking entity you, do not have my express written consent to use it but if you a person, I'll give it to you for free it's, quite effective works, quite well, seven. And seventy seven simple, harmonics, and you. Know what, we see here, is that, this. Thing has been running now for. About. Four months, this, is the fangs again, look behind you, see the symbols Facebook. Apple. Amazon. Netflix, Google. Take. All of those divided. By five on a 343. And this, is the chart that you, will see right. Double-click. It make it wide bring. It down pan it right and you can see this is brand new like this is this is this is something they literally just invented, at the beginning of this year to keep this Ponzi scheme going another 18 months right. So. That's their hope that's their intention that's their plan but it still works, even fake, money funds, still, have to follow the laws of the universe to which they, operate, within so, what we're gonna do is we. Will first, try. To figure, out where. This, is. Coming. From what does the first cycle look, like right them because this is a 343. We know that that area right there is gonna be a major. Consideration. Point. Right, and in also we're just gonna start at the very beginning I believe they said that didn't sound the music it's a very good place to start right, so, let's just do that let's freestyle, on Fibonacci one time let's just go from you know the smallest point to the biggest to the first breakout BAM, what, do we get we have. Just, topped, out you guys they're. Not gonna tell you that on CNBC, I ain't squawking about it on the street and there ain't no Mad Money updates. About it this is the end of the road for, the. Vampires, right. That's. Called freestyling, Otto Fibonacci you, could type that into Google too and you can watch that playlist if you want to learn but all we did was we went from the beginning, of all, that energy to. The. Ending. Of that cycle, right there and we, peaked out right, there I'll say this all the time one. Plus. Two equals. Three. Right. And so. Now. We. Can just draw a simple. Sine. Line. Right. There you, can't I can't make this stuff up like, it's literally, right. There on, top, of it at, the peak at the maximum, part, this, is the end for, the. Fangs. They. Need to come, down we. Throw a sign. And behind it watch this from. The, smallest point, boom. To. That high. To. That cycle right there boom what. Do we get. This. Was all our positive energy that's, our negative, energy we, had a cross right there. Limbo. Land. Back. To positive, what, comes next, negative. Right. When. Do we expect negative. Energy. Right. There. And. Right. There right. But. That's not it that's not it this is just one. View. Right. Understand. That, when we draw these charts, we want multiple. Views imagine, you know on a Rubik's Cube right if you're trying to solve a Rubik's Cube it's impossible, to solve if you're just looking at one side of it in fact you could get one side of it and still have all other five sides completely, wrong right so we have to take a step backwards, in order to take a step forwards, now let what this backwards, look like on this, thing well it looks like going up to the, daily, right, so, let's walk up to a daily let's leave our little metrics, there for now and now, what.

Do We see let's, do this let's, go now you see we get a little bit more data this daily, gives us a seven that goes down there we still have the top right there but, guess what we can do from that let's draw another sine. Wave from the bottom, to, the top right, there boom boom right now. Look, at that look at that look at that this is just falling in so beautifully, look at that it just fills in that void right there just like it was supposed to happen when it breaks it feels, in that right there like it was supposed to happen what do we expect. This is gonna be limbo, land right here, you, know it'll do something crazy. But. Right here right. There. Can't. Get around that one. That. Is going, to be a, very. Bad time for mr. Dow Jones. Mark. My words. March. 2019. That's. Not a bit that's not a good setup. Right. You. Will have two negatives, one macro one micro, and to. Be honest they haven't had two negatives, on this fund since it was created and you. Can see when it's positive it goes up. Hasn't. Seen a negative, yet, right. And so. I will just tell everybody to be very very very. Cognizant. Of this. Time frame right here between December, 18, and March. 19, as the. Chart has identified. That, that area. Will. Not have positive energy associated. With it given. All of this, positive, energy we've, just experienced, right, you can't have it both ways like, I just told you one, and. I'm. Sorry one and two. Gave. Us three. Well. Now I'm telling you, one. And. Two. Will. Give us that three. And. You. Can't have one without the other, that. Means if that first little micro setup, works. Then, that second, macro, setup, will. Work as well, I say. All that to say this this. Is an opportunity. Do. Not let. Jimbo. To clown tell you that. A Nvidia, you. Know he's named his dog after he likes it so much all. These technology. Companies are a buy, in. August. Of 2019. 2018. At all-time highs. They. Will take your, money they. Will cash it out convert. It over to something else probably did a black J and. Then they will laugh at you. All. The way down there. So don't don't do that don't give them that power understand. That, this is the greatest, transfer. Of wealth in the history of, humanity. That's. A lot of money that's a lot of energy that's a lot of currency. Right, what's a current, a. Measurement. Of energy just. Forms from. One side to the other one, positive one, negative and, a. Current runs in between right. And, so as we take, these steps forward. To educate. Ourselves I think it's also important. To understand. The. Process, that's happening behind, the scenes the motivations, the intentions, and wherewithal. That these are entities and. Organizations have. Misled. Us to. Falsely. Believe, right, this, is just simple, understanding. This is very very simple that's why I get on here and speak, very very calmly I don't need to confuse me with all these 18 letter words and you know these double calculus, organizations, that the CJ B's don't even understand themselves I understand. Them but. I can make it simple for you so, now you understand. It too and this. Is the. Opportunity at, hand right.

Let's See let's see 57. People let, me see if we got, enough. Likes yet let me see Bob, won't air right now cuz, I'm done that's all I got you know I'm saying. What. We got 58. People I. See. That 28. Likes. It's. Not gonna get it done come back tomorrow what we'll do is I'll run it back. I'll. Make it a hundred by. The time we start tomorrow's, video, 58, people watching it right now leave. A comment, below if we, get 100 likes before I start tomorrow's, video imma jump on this video just, randomly pick a comment, and that person will win so, now you got two chances, young-sam I'm trying to get money away I don't value the money I hate the money it creeps me out. Spider webs and dead, dudes on it with bow ties that that ain't me not even for me no I'm sad I need, for me so you know so. If you an attack shout your country out let's, jump on over to, our. Website. Still, in development some of the resources we got for you number, one Bitcoin group in the world twenty, thousand. Of my best friends come together seven, days a week keeping, each other empowered, and in profit, in the marketplace this is 100%, free, just people helping. People, come on in the, doors are always open, and, then when you're ready to put down to and pick up six like a boss, jump, on over to, boats, of Bitcoin. Calm, you go see my man you know I'm saying gene up from the feet up just, trying to help the people make some money so they can buy back their freedom with, what we call the boss method, check it out it works and then when you make a little bit of money and you want to put down, 150. So you could pick up 650. I don't even know if that worked set up an appointment with. Diana. Rodriguez, not any crypto or myself and we do have the products available I think the most. Popular that we've had so far with the new people has been the profit package this hundred dollars a month top, seven coins every seven days it's literally, impossible, to lose, money on the long term using, my method, with my coins and if you do it let me know so, I can pay you back cuz it just doesn't, work it's a mathematical, improbability. Your boys got one, two, three almost, three different degrees now in mathematics. I understand how this stuff works, right, you, can't lose money with me I don't.

Let It happen the math don't let it happen the energy, doesn't, let it happen that's, why I'm here to help help you make money I don't even know you but I want to help you say, oh I'm saying we don't need no vampires, yeah I'm saying we got fresh blood fresh, blood pure. Young-sam. Keep. The silver room keep the vampires, away gotta keep the seal throw me. That's. Real. No. I'm saying vampires, can't mess with silver it's. A reason for that keep. Around you at all times right. Then. We got the buffalo messages man you know saying we have a good time over here I like P I like helping people I'm a teacher and I used to wake up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning just go teach high school to kids you, know math try, to help him pass the AC T so I can get in there get in school you know I'm saying better their lives better themselves empower, each other and power yourself empower your mind keep your body pure get, some bank account right not just bank account bunch of blockchain you know I'm saying anything instead of having cash now we have currency now we have energy now we have essence. We've. Manifested, and yielded, our, intentions. Right. Then. We get the boss alert messages this one you got direct, access to me 24 hours a day seven days a week we got our own private platform, I'm, building the own private, software, you, know is literally. Gonna change the game right, while, date what I still trying to get you to run over to Wall Street and buy some fame stocks, I'm. Working on that working, on that working. On that one hitter quitter that's. What we call it in Cleveland that one hit acquitted week BAM. Go sleep. Wake. Up next week that's, what happened, that's. What we got coming. So. Let's see who we got rocking out with us right, now. Poland. Melon from Poland was going on good to see you always, good see these familiar, faces lot. Diva glad. You in the build and thank you for joining us let's move that up a little bit Texas, everything bigger in Texas, Alaskan.

Warrior, Hold, it down for the five you. Know I'm saying holy trinity right there appreciate. The support. Mark. From Derby, England shout, out to my people across, the pond you know I'm saying we got a global community man is my favorite part they just seeing new comers new energy, new, essence. Effervescence. Like it's really beautiful man lift, away Nia in the building. Thank, you for the analysis Seattle. In the building, died Chamblee what's going on Zack T what's, up I know I said I was gonna mail you like three days ago I ain't do it yet I got document, right there so it's like I'm telling you we're working on some stuff out here man you know I'm saying. Let's. Do a couple more a couple more right. Pile. And you know I'm saying spliff star boss, walking, on the west coast holding it down for, San Diego I might be out there actually in a couple, weeks you know I'm saying I'll let you guys know if I'm being Kelly again going, back to Cali right. Ronda. Oregon. Tampa, Florida. Somebody. Said are we at the bottom and are we going higher yes and yes. There. You go that, being said it's, that time to date signing, out this is the boats, your boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil, to Bay California, all. The way back out through jerk, Monday, good night good more than a good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time if you appreciate, this content, two, things mum's up the video so you try to get paid leave a comment down below and then copy and paste this URL Texas, somebody you care about each, one reach one reach one teach, one do, that for me if you appreciate mine till, we meet again stay, cryptic y'all, bees. Like. A box.

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