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In this video I'm gonna give you 27 rapid-fire. Tips, to, help you master any Facebook, groups you're using for business how to grow it how to increase engagement and even how to use your business groups for well doing, business, that means making more money. Serious. So, some of my groups have tens of thousands of members but, even groups that I have that just have hundreds of members are still getting way more activity. And engagement than, my Facebook page that. Has over a hundred and fifty, thousand people. Now. Make sure you stick around because I'm gonna show you a lot of things here like how to get people to automatically, want to join your group how to grow your email list with your group and actually how to get your group members to tell you what, they would want to pay for to ready to get started alright here we go. First. Let's talk about growing, that Facebook group. Tip. Number one make, it as easy as one two three meaning make it a part of a step-by-step process for example one of the first things I want people to do when they come to my website is go to my start here page and when you get to my start here page a little, bit of an introduction and then right here it says before anything, why, not join the SPI community, on Facebook, a group of thirty thousand plus friendly entrepreneurs, who are all there to help each other succeed click, here to request to join maybe, it's after a person subscribes to your email list step two could be joining, this group maybe you're doing some sort of promotion and step one is to share it on Twitter step two is to share it on LinkedIn step, three is to join the group you get the idea tip, number two insert, it at the end of your emails this, can be done automatically, through the signature, sections, in most email, service clients such as you can see here my, name my website and then down here I want to connect with thirty thousand plus other motivated, SPI, community, members click, here and now whenever I compose, a new email or, reply to one that, call to action to join the group is there tip number three create a short link so it's easy for people to get there for example if I just type in smartpassiveincome.com. Slash. Community, and, I click enter it automatically, takes me to my Facebook group and so, will anybody else who uses that same link so it's easy for you to remember easy for other people to remember to especially if you're mentioning it on a podcast or video just like this tip, number four is to mention that short link organically, through the stuff that you're already creating so, for example just like I did in the YouTube video in tip number three I mentioned, will smart passive income, slash community, if I'm on a podcast episode and, I'm talking about my community I'll just drop in that same link to wherever you're creating content and you're talking about your community you can always easily, drop in that link tip number five link multiple Facebook groups that you own together to, do this all you have to do is go to a different, group than the one you want to promote go, to more click on link existing, group then. What I'm going to do is actually just type in the main one here smart. Passive income community, I'm gonna hit link and then, what this does I'm, gonna skip the writing the post and you'll. See that now recommended, by the admins, now my community, is here so this is what people will see when they come into this group and they, can come and join my main one number. Six feature, an inside, community, member on the outside, of that community for example on your podcast blog, or even a video what this does is it gets people to know that a there's a community and be that you're actually featuring, people there and listening to them so they'll be more likely to want to join alright so that's about growing, your group now let's talk about how to increase engagement within, it. Tip. Number seven I love this one shoot a personal message to the top contributors. In the group to do this all you have to do is go to your page hit Group insights, and then from here click on the members, or more members details area here and you'll see a list of the top contributors, and how many posts they've created and comments saved made to by thanking them personally, they're gonna feel real special and want to continue to contribute over time number, eight promote, some of those top contributors, or some friends that you know in the group to, admin.

Or Moderator, now this is really smart because it allows you to build a bigger almost kind of policing group, that. Controls, the spam and the haters and the trolls inside, of your group these people can remove and delete post and they can also let people in the group if they request and they have to wait for approval but the second part about this is it rewards, your top contributors, and people, in your group it allows them to feel special like they're a part of something and they're gonna want to help you out even more which puts more out of your hands so you can do more of what you need to do as a business owner number nine you want people to engage with your page show, them stuff behind the scenes behind. The scenes stuff works really really well for having people feel like they're a part of something because not everybody, gets to see those things as being a part of a group and seeing the stuff that people in the outside don't get to see they're gonna feel special about it and even maybe share it too and actually invite other people in so, how do you do this well there's a lot of ways you can show pictures of stuff your hang on you can write posts, being honest and upfront about what it is that you're dealing with right now you can also go live and just show kind of the process of what you do with your business another. Great thing to share our first, looks, maybe there's, a first production run of something or a prototype, that you're not sharing to the public well you can share it in the group if it's okay and they're, gonna feel real special for, example when I was writing my book will it fly I shared, with people how I came up with an early design concept, for the cover the, other cool part of this is that people were actually very interested, in the process and we're keeping up to see actually what the actual book cover would look like which it looked like this. Much.

Different Number 10 propose a choice, for, your group members to select, if you're, ever working on something and you have multiple, options share, those options with your group members it's going to take them behind the scenes yes but you're gonna get a load of people who are gonna speak up to tell you what they think about your choice for, example here this was a logo, that was being designed for a security. Guard training website that I had way back in the day and you can see here there are actually. I think there's over a thousand, comments on this, aibee aibee vaa. And, mostly bees and not, only does this tell you which options might be better but also just get people involved, and talking number, 11 share an actionable quick win for, example last year my group I posted this actionable, forum, funnel, formula, which is an eight step process, to help you grow thanks, to the help of other existing groups in your market and niche out there and people were going crazy for. It now I'm not gonna get into the detail of how that works now you just might need to join the Facebook group and yes links are below but point being I mean it's super quick and easy for people to do something and get results and that makes people happy and this is a great way to start building raving fans to number, 12 run, a poll I'd recommend running a poll maybe once a month you don't want to run a bunch of them but every once in a while putting, them up there is great because people love to select, their favorite answer, or answers to questions that you have I just created a poll about 12 hours ago here in this group and as you can see people are clicking, what. It is that they're interested in actually in this question, which I'll bring up again later but. This is a great way for me to understand a little bit more about who they are so I can serve them better to create a poll quite simply under the status, area here click pull then, ask something and then you can add different options.

Then You hit post then you're good to go number 13 start. A debate the reason why groups are way better than pages is because of the discussions, that happen and when you start a discussion that has a heated topic or some controversy, behind it you, can get a lot of people talking now there is a line obviously and everybody's line is different in terms of okay well how big do I want this to go or how controversial, do I want it to be but if I had a fitness site for example and a group to go along with it I'd say something like hey which, one's better and more healthy for you kale or spinach you'll. Get a lot of people talking short actually, like both but you get the idea number, 14 quiz, your group members now how a quiz differs than a poll is a quiz you're, looking for a specific answer, and you probably already know the answer actually you should already know the answer but you're not telling people the answer you're giving a scenario, maybe it's through a video or a post of some kind and then you're asking hey what do you all think the correct answer. Is because, when you ask for the answer people, will want to give you their, best version of what, the answer actually is it's, kind of like when you're watching a game show and the host asks, a question that you actually know the answer to you blurt it out you shout it out even if nobody's there why, because we love to know that we know, the answer so let your audience speak up and have them prove that they know the answer to number 15, go live for your group members and if possible make it consistent so you're regularly, showing, up it doesn't have to be every day but even once a week or even a couple times a month can, do wonders for increasing, your authority with your members you can come in with a specific topic in mind or just go on to say thank you and hello to people that, interaction, is key for increasing, your authority and your leadership in that space and going live is not very hard either all you have to do is go into your group and click live video and then. It's, gonna access your camera hey guys I could see this. Is really meta and weird but just make sure you say something you can tag it you can put emojis, or whatever you want to do make sure you select the right microphone.

And The right camera too then you hit go live and then you go and interact and it doesn't have to be very long either and go a very long way and I would start every live video with hey, replay viewers thanks for watching this welcome, because the first few seconds you're people aren't gonna see it right away unless, they watch the replay so address your replay viewers are gonna feel very welcomed and stick around number, 16 control. The spam in the group by letting it all happen, in one spot, one of the best things I've done for my group is allow, people to post, links to things and spam, essentially, but only on Fridays, in a Euler pinned post this isn't something we in the group call free, speech Friday as you can see here this was posted very recently and, it says welcome, to free speech Friday means in the comments you have complete, permission to promote the heck out of whatever it is you're up to and there, are hundreds, and hundreds, of comments here which, is great because it works in my favor in, a number of different ways first it gets people to talk and communicate and the more engagement they have in the group no matter how it's done the more likely it is they're gonna see these posts in their newsfeed secondly, it gives it the place to promote things that they're working on where it's okay to do that also it allows for when spam is outside, of this particular post we can really quickly just give them a warning and say hey don't do that but we allow you to share these kinds of things on Friday, in this post obviously, there's going to be some kind of spam that you just want out of there and removed even if it's in this post those kinds of things just don't belong in your group so you can get rid of them right away but, by training, this audience to, promote their own stuff only in a specific place, it, makes it really easy to clean up the rest of the group number, 17 you can automate some of this stuff in your Facebook, group I use, a tool called meet Edgar to post automatically.

On Facebook. And even Twitter in other places too for, example on Facebook every Friday that post where I give permission people, to spam that's. Where I have, it be sent out that way I don't have to worry about it it takes that job out of my hands and into, a tool like meet Edgar there's a lot of other tools similar, to it like buffer, and so forth now quick warning if you're gonna automate social media that's totally fine if you do in the right way now social media is supposed to be social, so you're supposed to have conversations, with people obviously, but, to, do it for things like this make complete sense number. Eighteen show people how they can get notified when new posts, are up in the group on the page you can simply just maybe create a video or show a screenshot with an arrow pointing to this or something where, people can click on the notifications. Box that's right under the cover art and then click on highlights, or if they want all posts all posts or, just ones from friends and they, can even click off too if they wanted to this allows it so that the posts that they want that are from this group are actually shown in their newsfeed and they get notified now it works a little bit differently on a mobile device there's a couple of places to do this the blue check mark to the left underneath the cover art you, get the box, here where you can select edit notification, settings and, then you can select the same options there going, back you, can also click on the information bar. Or I, at the top right click on that and then hit notification, settings from there and you can do the same thing number 19 and this is something that's always great to do and that is to always be open to, always be honest and authentic and, to, even be vulnerable with your group members now, I think it's obvious that we all love to connect with other people especially in the online space but, more than that I think people like to connect with people who are real and so don't be afraid to within your group be open talk about the tough times just be honest, and authentic and it's, gonna take you a very long way when it comes to them seeing you as a leader don't, use that group to speak down to them speak on the same level and even ask them for help if needed they're gonna respect you a lot more for that alright in the last segment here we're going to talk about using your Facebook, group specifically.

For Things that you may do in your business. And. That takes us to tip number 20 which is group. Insights, now Facebook collects a ton of data on our members, and luckily they share a little bit of that with us. To. Get access to this data all you have to do is go to your group and hit group insights, here on the left-hand side now, it's gonna tell you a few things like how many new members you've had and how many posts and comments and reactions but, the most important thing here is the member, details, on the right-hand side click on that and you'll see a list of the top contributors, which you may recognize, from earlier but if you scroll down you're gonna get some good demographic data such as age and gender and also geographical. Data such, as top countries and top cities this, kind of stuff is really useful especially if you're doing Facebook, ads or any kind of targeting at all it's gonna give you some insight on who it is it's actually interested, and as a part of these groups number 21 create. A poll but unlike, the other poll we talked about which can be for kind of any random topic, this, is not a random poll you're doing but a purposeful, one that's going to help you understand, more about what your audience needs and wants are take, this poll for example this is not a random question but a very specific one because I wanted to know what, this audience wanted to learn more about so, it says hey, SPI which of the following topics, would you like me to do a live training about in the near future pick one or two as you can see most of them want to, learn more about growing a social media following I'll click here for more options you. Can see content, creation is big up there too as well as converting traffic into, sales now, this tells me a few things maybe. A product, about those things is something. I can potentially test in this script which I'll talk about in a sec me, it's a lead magnet that I can create to help get more email subscribers this, gives me some insight so again it takes the guesswork out of this whole process number, 20 to utilize. Your Facebook group to crowdsource buy, crowdsource, I mean collect information from, them that you can utilize elsewhere. For example testimonials. Or perhaps case studies or maybe you're looking for an incredible success story to share on your podcast your group is a great place to source all that kind of stuff number 23 create.

Events, For launches that are coming up in your calendar so let's say you have a book coming out for example or a product get. Your people to know that that, date is coming by, having them say yes I want to join you for this event and I'm gonna help support it the more people that you can get supporting it the more people who will want to come along for the ride I don't know why I did this with my hands to create an event very simply, all you have to do is go to events, on the left hand side of your group and then click on create event, and then, you're good to go just fill out the information include, a nice image again, it reminds people that this thing is coming it helps create buzz and it also makes, sure there's a notification at. The time at which this event is, about to happen, tip number 24, now let's say you're putting on a live event and yes you should create an event here on the page for that too but, more importantly what if you needed volunteers, for that event where, do you think you might get some well, in your group obviously there, are going to be some people in this group who adore, you who become fans of yours as a result, of being in this group and they're gonna want to volunteer because it's for the group and for the brand all you have to do is really, ask who. Wants to volunteer. Hey. Katniss, thank you so much I appreciate that number 25 you can utilize this group of yours to validate, upcoming, business ideas, meaning. You can test them out with these people first before, you even create them now on one level you can just literally say hey guys I'm thinking about creating this product would anybody be interested that. Would give you some insight just up front so for example here you can see in one, of my podcasting, groups just, throwing this out there as a feeler, with a list building course step by step similar to powerup podcasting, be something you're interested in what would be your primary goal after taking a class like this 30. Replies, from, I would be 110. Percent into this what, a great idea I can see a ton of value in it just. All those kinds of things so as you can see this gives me okay some insight yes. A green light to move on to the next step which would be what I would and this is what I teach in my book will it fly and that is to actually pre. Sell this thing now, because you mentioned it up front and because you were pre selling it and because you're being honest and saying hey guys I'm gonna see if I can get twenty people or however, many you want to try and get before you build this thing it, gets and rally as your troop if this is something that they need and if you combine it with that poll you did earlier because you know it's something that they want well, then it's gonna be more likely that they're gonna actually purchase ahead, of time and they're gonna be a great, member of your, beta group for the launch of your next thing number, twenty six you can utilize your, Facebook, group to, grow your email list now why is this important, yes the group is great there's activity communication. Its thriving that's fantastic, but you still want the email for a couple reasons one it's a great personal, one-to-one way to communicate with somebody especially if you're promoting something or sharing something important, it goes directly into their inbox yes that's important groups are great but what happens if Facebook changes, the rules for the groups what if they throttle, how often those people see our messages just like they did with our pages, what if Facebook, goes away altogether at least if you have your email list you have a list of people who are interested, in what, it is that you're doing and you could set up shop somewhere else this, is why growing your email list is one of the most important things that you can do and why I'm gonna link in the description, below to, some of my favorite and my top email, marketing tutorials, for you I'm also going to put it in the card up here if, you're watching on YouTube number. Twenty seven set, up questions, ahead of time so you can collect answers from people even before they get access to the group once. You get here in your group click on more and then hit edit group, settings, then, scroll down until, you see membership. Or quests, you can ask questions to members, before you, let them in so, these are the questions that I ask the people who are coming in how, did you find this group what's, your biggest struggle when it comes to building your online business which of the following letter, best describes, you hey I have, no online business B I'm struggling to get it going but, I have one and then C I have it it's great but I just want to grow so, those are the questions I ask now, where.

Are These coming in and why, are they important so, as you can see here on the discussion, page there's a hundred and six people who want to join this group which is great because it's a lot of insight that I'm going to show you right now so I'm gonna click on this and you'll see a number of member requests. Within, each members, member, Qwest there are there answers to those questions how. Did you find this group my husband told me that's kind of cool what's your biggest struggle time-consuming. Lack of ideas lack of knowledge which, of the following letter a how, did you find this it was mentioned in a freelancing. Group I mean that's kind of cool so now this gives me insight I can go to this person and say hey which freelancing, group work did, you meant did you hear this from with, your biggest struggle finding clients letter, a this. One is mentioned, from a friend I want, to start only business the hardest point is how to start right now letter. A so, as you can see here I mean the list goes on and on and on but this gives me direct insight, into the heads of the people who are coming into this group without me having to manually, ask them it happens automatically, which is fantastic and, that, middle question, what are you struggling with the most is the most important, one because that's how you understand, how, you couldn't help them sooner, so imagine this especially if you are just starting out with these groups and you just have a few members coming in a person, posts what they're struggling with and you, go ahead and actually you create a resource or you, figure out a way to solve that or you provide a tip an actionable. One that helps them solve that problem in a very short time period what, are the chances are that they're gonna understand, that they are in the right place and this is a great first, impression way. For them to start growing into that raving fan status, pretty. Cool huh so there, you go 27. Tips and hacks to help you grow manage. And scale and get more engagement, and also use it for business I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please do, me a quick favor if, you liked this video hook me up with a like and really quick make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven't already just, click on the subscribe button below if you want to take it one step further click on that Bell icon too next with so you can get notified when new videos go live, because, if you comment within an hour after a new video goes live you get eligible for an SPI, pin now before you go I do have a quick question I want to ask you I'd love to see your answer below and this is the same question that you should be asking your people too and that is what.

Are You struggling with right now I'd. Love to know your answer below because that's where I'm gonna be creating a lot of my videos from directly. From you, because I'm here to help you solve your problems again my name is Pat Flynn I'm here to help you make more money save, more time and help more people too so just let me know below what, are you struggling with most right now because, I'd love to help thank, you so much I appreciate you for taking the time to watch this video and I. Look forward to seeing in the next one, who, wants to volunteer. Ah. Katniss, everdeen cool. Ah. Katniss. Katniss. Okay Katniss, yes sir Katniss. Everdeen everybody. Katniss. Everdeen Oh. Katniss what's up hey. Katniss, thank you hey. Katniss, thank you so much I appreciate that.

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Biggest struggle right now : My day time teaching job

This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing Pat.

Hey Pat/Team Flynn! Awesome stuff as always! I have a question/situation for you and I'm wondering if anyone has noticed what my client and I have been experiencing in her FB group. For example, every week (sometimes 2x a week) my client and I "Welcome" new members into her FB group with a personalized post and tag all new members. On average, we welcome approximately 30-60 new members per week. On each post, we have anywhere from 10-40 members opting into my client's email list. 33-66% opt-in rate is pretty good in my opinion. The problem is over the last 3 weeks (since FB Zero algorithm change), we've had practically zero comments or subscribers (1-5 members) opting in... OUCH! All the gurus are claiming that only the FB Pages are being impacted, but I'm seeing "something" happening in groups as well and I don't know what. Perhaps they aren't getting notifications, maybe FB changed the way they see "tagging" from groups. I'm not sure, but engagement on these posts have dropped significantly. Do you have any insight or theories as to what could be happening here? Curious to know if I'm the only one seeing it in groups...Thanks for all your help. — Maggie

Pat Flynn no. I’m posting original content from within FB for that very reason. I’m going to test a few things and see if I can figure this out. If I find a solution I’ll let you know. Thanks for the reply.

Not exactly sure, Maggie. Are these posts getting pushed out from another tool? Sometimes third party tools take hits as well since Facebook only wants, well, Facebook originated content.

Maggie M Rowe--I can't speak on FB groups because I haven't started mine yet, but I can tell you that when I reviewed my Insights Page on my Happy Wives and Girlfriends FB Page, it was as if my post clicks and engagements fell off a cliff! This week, however, I've noticed the numbers are getting a little better. Still not the pre-algorithm numbers, but better than when the change first took place. I'm hoping FB adjusted the algorithm where the change is not so severe. Hopefully, you'll see that same adjustment in your client's FB group. Continuing to build my email list makes more sense than ever. It's the only thing that's algorithm-proof.

Great video. I will be implementing some of these right away! My biggest struggle right now is just carving out the time to write blog content.

Focus. The Shining Object Syndrom

Great video Pat - nice nice nice - great content as always!

One thing I'm struggling with right now is forming a mastermind group so I can have accountability for the goals I'm making in my business.

Great video Pat! Very practical tips and tricks!

Great information - thanks Pat

As usual your information is a goldmine for me, cheers Pat

Great tips, +PatFlynn!

Salute Pat! You bout that life. Lots of value and you'd probably save a few people from unnecessary debt if they started following you and the trail you've left first

YouTube suggested this video and you really dished out the tips! Thanks Pat!! Sidenote: I joined Power Up Podcasting about 4 months ago and I’m thrilled to have launched my podcast! Thank you so much for making that course!! Back to this video... As a Community Strategist I loved the tactics that you shared to help create a positive experience for your members on FB. And I love how you showed screenshots as well. Not to mention your bloopers...Hilarious! One thing that not many people seem to talk about though is when and IF a free Facebook group is actually a good fit for your business in the first place. I’d love to know your perspective on this Pat. Pulling the trigger on a community can seem like a simple decision but many people don’t fully understand the amount of time and energy they require on a weekly and even daily basis. For many entrepreneurs (especially those starting their business on the side) their limited time and energy is better spent growing their email list with stackable traffic sources (like guest posts, podcast interviews etc). I discussed this in a recent guest post I wrote for GrowthLab.com and the #1 response in the comments was relief at having permission NOT to create a free group (at least yet). Apparently a lot of new entrepreneurs worry about this. If anyone is on the fence for creating a free group, you can check out the article here: https://growthlab.com/a-free-facebook-group-isnt-the-magic-bullet-you-think-it-is/ Not only do I use a Jurassic Park metaphor to make my point (Jeff Goldbloom in da’house)...I made my own GIFs for the occasion. True story. ;) Looking forward to seeing more of your videos Pat! I hit the bell!!! Ding!

The outtakes. Love it!

Thanks for all you do, Pat!

Holy cow, Pat! So much information! I'm going to have to come back to this video a few more times. I hadn't even considered starting a FB group until you went through this list. I seriously SOL (snorted out loud) when Katniss volunteered. My biggest struggle right now is choosing which idea, which social media, etc to focus on right now. There are so many things I could be doing, that I get overwhelmed with information and feel like I'm trying to run in a million directions. Thanks for all you do!

I'm struggling to get subscribers for my youtube channel. With the plan being to get them onto my email list from there. And thanks for making your video fast and going straight to the main points. I don't know have time for videos where people just talk forever before getting to the valuable content.

What's nice about an exhaustive list like this one is that you're almost guaranteed to find actionable tactics you haven't tried along with a confidence boost when you hear strategies you're already executing. Thanks again, Pat!

Great stuff, but the best part is the T-Shirt! I think I'm living that dream

Oh my... I usually watch videos at speed 2, or at least 1.5.... (cause you know... so much to do, so little time)... but no need for that with this jam-packed information video! I will have to come back and watch a few times to get it all.... please don't take the video down Pat!!

Please! speak more slowly i did't catch all your valuable advices and information.

Oh, how kind of you Pat!! Thank you! I have been struggling with my blog... it just does not earn any money, so I am beginning to ignore it. Too much work for little reward. But I do have shops on Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy selling my patterns for knitting and crochet designs . And you don't talk too fast,,, you just pack so much information in your video!!

Hehe thanks! And I know I speak kind of fast too

Great timing for this! Thanks!

Thank you once again! I'm in the process of starting a new business and all those tips will save me a lot of time. You're great as always!

Pat, will Meet Edgar automatically "pin" your Free Speech Friday post, or do you have to manually remember to do that?

Thanks for the reply :)

You have to remember, although that would be a cool feature idea. You could set a weekly reminder to make it easy for yourself, or if you have an admin that you've promoted, allow them to take that responsibility!

This is terrific! Thanks Pat!

Nice, thank you!

WOW so many actionable tips. Thanks so much Pat. This is exactly what I currently needed to help many of my client's Facebook groups. You are #TotallyAwesome.

Wonderful Dade, that's great to hear!

Awesome ..... Thx Pat!!

I feel that I’m already doing strong things in my group but I definitely look forward to making it even MORE in 2018, Thank you Pat.

This is great. Growing my Facebook community is a big goal for me for 2018. I have found it a great way to have real interactions with the people following my work and has been a great source of ideas and inspiration. I look forward to integrating a bunch of these ideas that I had not thought of yet. Cheers & Thanks Pat & the whole SPI team!

This is well-timed. I've received requests to start a closed or private Facebook group to talk about subjects topical to my business in a "safe" space. I'm not entirely sold on the idea yet, mostly because I want it to be of service and create value and I'm not 100% certain I'm able to fulfill my own expectations on that front. That said, this video gave me some insight into ways it could be of service and create value through actually asking members for their input. (Some might see that as obvious, even me, some days.

At 3:26 I'm number three! YAY!

The Creativist thank you so much for your participation Pramod!

Love your Content Pat!

Had to pause while I go make myself a bowl of chili. I know this is going to be good.

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Pat, this was an incredibly valuable video, thank you! I do have a couple of questions for you: How do you differentiate your Facebook SPI page strategy from your SPI group strategy? Is it that groups offer different engagement vehicles like polls? I know one advantage to pages is that FB started rolling out automated captioning for video uploads, but only in Pages, which is super useful for increasing engagement. I'm struggling with deciding how to approach each one without being duplicative. Thank you!

Hey Pat! I LOVE that you’re seeing the value in FB Groups. THANK YOU! My main Groups all are fairly tight niche with 5,000 - 20,000 members each and all have grown organically without advertising. FB promotes my Groups for me now and I turn away apx ⅓ of my applicants to maintain the niche focus. Some folks might be afraid to do this when they’re looking for numbers, numbers, numbers but it’s quality over quantity with Facebook groups just like anything else. What do they say about 1000 true fans? I put my heart and soul into my groups, Pat! My members are awesome and on a daily basis, I am blown away by their personal stories of connecting together, overcoming challenges and sharing triumphs! So grateful for the ability to create space where this magic can happen! Still ... all the good feels in the world can’t pay the bills. I would love to have a conversation with you around monetizing groups. Would that be a possibility? Thanks again for another terrific video! You always knock it out of the park!

And then 10 minutes after posting my reply to your video, I got your email about the giveaway! Yep… Hoping to win this!

Good tips, thank you very much. You need to leave that closed 3D printing group since you said in a previous video that you are not actually using your 3D printer.

Reason approved :) I do the same. In regards to your question at the end: I struggle with getting more customers (brick & mortar business with online booking system). The economy is currently really bad here and companies are sizing down or closing completely. I know several people who are being retrenched. I am busy working on an online app for starting a slightly different income source, but it is far from working.

I still like to see what people make though! :)

I love how you spent a majority of the video about building a genuine group first and then going to serve them after.

Thanks Jimmy, I appreciate that!

Finding the right target market

using Random movie clips for punchline is outdated. But nice tips, though.

I personally loved the video clips, Pat. I think they add some extra personality and flair. Way to go! And ignore the haters. Just like you did! :)

lol. Burn. I love all your videos and Podcasts Pat. I listen and watch each one as it's amazing the value u drop.

Being an online jerk is outdated, RandomVideoDude.


Thanks! I appreciate it! Maybe one day you'll have videos on your channel, too. Best of luck!

My biggest struggle is finding my audience. Still working on nailing down the 3 P's!

Pat, Great video. I'm going to have to watch this one about 27 more times to take it all in. I guess I never knew about the bell next to the subscribe button, so thanks for mentioning that so now I'll get notified about all of your new videos.

Thanks Cheryl! Thanks for subscribing and choosing to get notified. It means a lot!

My biggest challenge right now is rapidly building my email list

Pat, which do you recommend for a blogger regarding Facebook business growth? A personal page, a group or a fan page?

The only thing is, in order to have a business Instagram account, you need a Facebook page - and it's the only reason I have one. I share IG posts to it, and otherwise don't do anything with it. All the "action" takes place on my personal FB and on IG.

Definitely not a Fan Page, since those are getting throttled. I'd say a group if I had to choose one, but I know people who are utilizing their personal profile well for business too, although some would rather keep business off of their personal page.

To answer your question at the end, I'm struggling with how to reach my audience. I want to use more live video than blog posts because I'm more confortable with that and it's so quick. But I feel like my audience, home bakers, respond better to written word than videos.

My biggest struggle is to foster intra-community sentiment. I'd love for my participants to add and contribute to the conversation even without me prompting them.

Great as always. How do you address a delayed community site launch with a FB group that you may have started too soon?

Hi Pat. Great advice as always. I'm just starting my Facebook Group to go along with my new Podcast. My group currently has 26 members and has been up for a month. I will be using your strategies to build up my FB Community. I am struggling with keeping things organized in my business. There are a lot of moving parts to this machine and I am trying to figure out the best way to stay organized using online utilities. I've been looking at Trello, Asana, and Airtable. I need to figure out how to wear a Project Manager's hat properly. Notes on paper (sticky notes) only go so far before they are an unorganized mess. Thanks again, Pat! Phil

The question I see fairly frequently is whether to build a Facebook group around a business, or around the personality / person? What would you say are the benefits and potential challenges for either kind of group?

Mike Lasswell he actually goes into this in his Byob free course about the pros and cons of a personal brand or a company brand.

This is great Pat! I'm going to take some of these tips with me to Instagram :)

Pat, super super super valuable quick fire tips! Thanks and keep this format going. We're struggling to home in on our 'true fan' avatar so we can really get traction online.

Ryan Soper-Powell Hey thanks for this comment Ryan! You were randomly selected and won the SPI pin for this video! Please email pat@smartpassiveincome.com and we’ll hook you up!

Editing is amazing! I love it

Nice job. Your communities are some of the best places, to include your Book writing community as well.

That sounds great. yeah, Pat is one of the best and his communities are well run. I've been a part of his Book community every since it was created - way too many years ago...haha.

Dave, good to see you here responding to a Pat Flynn video. I'm loving the online community that I've labeled in my files as "Business Builders" all connecting and supporting each other, a model of abundance vs. competition. So cool and inspiring.

Amazing description, it's everything I've ever wanted from a video description. I'm almost tearing up :')

Wow! Great tips as always Pat! Thanks for spending so much time explaining all these things so clearly. Probably the biggest struggle for me lately is really blocking out all the distractions and getting things done that will move me forward. There's so many shiny objects that catch my attention it's hard to stick to one thing and finish it.

Definitely right in saying it's tough to just stick with one thing. I think that's what differentiates those who win and those who don't.

Love this! Thanks for all your hard work Pat!

Thanks Haley, all the best to you!

Pat! Super excited about starting this week off right with a Pat Flyn Video! Great "List Building Webinar" last week BTW! Sent the link to it to several clients!

Woo! Thanks Mike for joining us live last week, was totally fun!

Your background keeps getting better and better. Love the wood look. Ive been thinking about starting a Facebook group. This video came at a good time. Thanks Pat!

Nice, I love to hear that Nick (about you creating a group) - Thanks for the compliment on the background, too!

Hoping this video helps you on your journey to build a thriving Facebook Group for your online business. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you like this style of video?

I like the style of the video a lot. It was energetic and fun.

Loved the style. Fast-paced, and yet easy to follow, and the insertion of the "break" videos was well-timed and entertaining. I especially liked the one from The Circle (still mulling over that movie). :-)

Yes, love this style video - so many actionable tips ~ gets right to the point. Perfect!

Pat Flynn I really liked the style of the video. And the tip 6 about featuring an inside person was great. Never heard that before and seems super helpful.

Hey Pat, Thanks for this bro, exactly what I was looking for!

I loved your video. Actually, I always love hearing you. You asked about our struggles.... I am walking the plank of shame. I started over 10 years ago and gave up about two years ago. Now I am starting over. I have this incredible amount of head knowledge in the IM niche, made a little money for awhile, but have been scatterbrained and, I must admit I am a recovering SOS addict. My struggle, having a single plan and sticking to it entirely. I am in the middle of one, but I want to do something different, yet again. But I am sticking to it. I am starting small and building on it. Maybe having feedback on what I am doing would be most helpful. Not having anyone who is moving in the same direction to talk to and bounce things off is what is so discouraging. Can I be honest? I don't know what I want. LOL

Okey, so much struggle! 1. What do you think about adding your friends to your group without asking them? I personally hate when someone else is doing it to me, but there is no better way of how to let people know that it exist. 2. I run my page and social media in two languages. I wanted to run it in English only but it turns out that I get more engagement and readers from my native language version. Then again my English Instagram grows much faster than my English fb and Polish insta. I'm building a global mobile app so I wanted to have as much reach as possible, but it's a lot off hassle with translating the content, posting it to all social accounts, it's like a full time job. What would you advise? Drop one language? Keep it up, don't give up? :) 3. Social schedulers - I'm looking for one that I can use for free as I'm already paying a lot for other services. 5. One of those services is ConvertKit. I'm literary sending one email a month to my 45 people group. I'm still scared of it. :> 4. And then there is this switch that I'm planing - to start monetize my blog in the middle of the summer with affiliate programs I hope. I'm so afraid to do it, worrying that my readers will turn their back on me.

No20 - I'm featured as one of your group top contributors! Martyna Tomaszewska, that's me! ;) I had no idea :D

Thank you so much for this! I liked the movieclips within this video! :)

Thanks Pat! With all the moving parts to running an online business, the thing I'm struggling with most is keeping everything organized.

How to create engaging content. So everyone participate & comment on it.

Thanks Pat! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything :) I thought your email signature was fantastic!

Woohoo! Thanks Pat - made my day ;-) (it's the little things)

I have 2 Facebook groups with 1500 members. Tried to set up a WordPress site with a theme and all hell broke loose. Couldn't even remotely get it together so I pulled the plug and figured I'd just really ramp up my Facebook groups. Do some create an Affiliate Marketing business solely with Facebook as a platform? Just implemented some of your 27 things and have an idea to really increase membership big time; and started with Affiliate Marketing today (in my groups). THANKS.

Hola Pat, great video! I’m straggling because I can’t use the tools the same way you do it. People are different on the other side of the world and so I have to adapt you tips to South America. It’s a log story, but, unfortunately this strategies only applies to some countries or cultures. It takes time to understand other cultures or even your own culture. Cheers Pat, I’m with you since 2008 and I know is not just for the money but the get the best of this communications tools so we can crear a better community. Alejandro from the end of the world (Ushuaia)

Pat thanks for reminding people that social media is there to be social. Posting only ads for your business is not giving value to your audience and the fastest way to watch your numbers go down. In answer to your question, love this style of video!

Awesome Pat great tips, actually I have been pruning my Facebook group list that I had joined down to minimal and now I notice I am seeing your group come up a lot more in the notification by doing that.

Pat, 1st love your shirt. 2 - love the tips! Totally implementing them! 3 - can you give a specific example of how to ask for their email address within the group??

Good stuff!

As always, this was so terrific! Your videos are amazing. I am just struggling with getting traffic to my website/blog. My budget is almost zero when it comes to advertising, so I need organic traffic.

Hey Pat. How do you get the url . com / community to point to FB. How is that set up?

If you're on wordpress, you can use a plugin called Pretty Link to make it happen real easily. If not, there are some other options to create redirects that may be a little more developer heavy, but possible.

Great video. Have no idea what a catness is lol

Hey Pat, I'm getting an error on your "Hey Edgar" affiliate link: https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/meetedgar/

Thanks for the tips, Pat! Always love learning from you. congrats on the YouTube page, too! I run a 365 Mile Challenge and will use your tips to grow our community.

Biggest Struggle: Organization/Time Management running a marketing consulting business

This is an incredible video, thank you for the insight!

Thank you for the information, not only are ACTIVE FACEBOOK GROUPS useful for your business but you build a client base within the group...The views, money and relationships start forming and you have yourself a success. Just subscribed and gave you a thumbs up, make sure to swing by my channel sometime. I show how to make money from your online business, SEO tips and tricks, WordPress training, Split Testing websites and MORE! Have a wonderful Friday Pat.

Thanks Pat: I think, honestly, I'll keep building FB, take your course and take baby-steps forward. My next step is to email my Group to 3000 very well qualified targets and just keep going with it. Only because you asked, it's "Running Photography" on FB (which I just started) and then I have a 1400+ member community photography group. Thanks again.

Hey Cory, you COULD run a business solely from a FB group that you create, however it's a bit dangerous because you don't have full control over that group because FB, at any time, could change the rules on us. They've done this before. At least start to build an email list, although I'd definitely recommend having a website of some kind that becomes your own personal real estate on the web you can bring people back to and serve even more.

1. Thanks! 2. Thanks again! 3. Thanks! Er, I mean, a message such as this: "Hey everyone! I'm working on a new guide to help people find more time in their day. I haven't shared this with anyone yet except those who are on my email list. If you haven't gotten this yet, you can sign up to get it immediately using this link below..." (I share what it is and how it can help them, but also make 'em see 1. there's value on being on my list, and 2. FOMO

#FSF :)

This was so great! Thank you Pat :)

Great video. I'm struggling to get back into growing my business after other priorities have taken the time I previously devoted to that. This video has helped me refocus with some actionable tips, and inspired me to put some time on the calendar to get back to work. Thanks Pat! You're an inspiration and a great motivator.

Thanks so much Pat. Installed and working perfectly.

Awesome video, shared with my cousin who started a Facebook group which took off. I was just talking with him and recorded a video about ways he could build a business around a Facebook group.

How do you create the short link for your facebook group?

The struggle is how to start an online business while working and caregiving!!

You got my attention Pat! Thanks!

Love the Shirt man!

I use AUTHENTICITY in my business.. Might sound a little cliche, but it’s been a long term strategy that will ensure I survive every twist and turn the market throws... Pat #reload

So many great tips. Thanks, Pat!

Thanks Sue! I appreciate you!

I just started social media marketing training and I'm pretty technologically illiterate so they're talking about things I have no idea what they are speaking of. I have a lot to learn.

Amazing stuff, better than an online course I have hahah

Great mindset and approach, Troy!

Hi Pat, first, great video, thanks a lot!I'm starting my whole project with blogging, I would say I struggle with a few things, or quite a few question marks. Like should I split a website where I sell handmade soaps with a blog where I want to write about natural health (to be very specific), how can I monetize another blog which will be about traveling in a different way and promoting wildlife protection through volunteering. More or less these are my questions so far.

Good stuff, Pat. I'll probably come back to this several times when I feel like I'm low on ideas for my group. I have a podcast where I answer mental health questions and I decided to make a facebook exclusive episode, where I take questions specifically from the group rather than the podcast audience in general. I've gotten a lot of responses so far!

Love, love, love your video. I'm new to all this and a lot went over my head, but snippets really made sense. Grateful I can review when ready for that step. Thanks again, you are amazing!

I love your shirt! Gotta love the OG (original gaming) systems!

You are awesome - thank you so much Pat, I found so much useful info here :)

Any updates Merritt? Just checking to make sure you're being taken care of.

hello je viens de visionner de ta publication c'est sympa et intéressant merci je transfère à mes amis je te convie sur ma chaine aussi.

Merci de votre attention, et j'espère que vous vous abonner à mes vidéos !

This is wonderful stuff, Pat. I've been thinking about doing this and now I can follow your tutorial. My problems are almost always inner stuff like being consistent, staying focused, and being courageous about increasing visibility. And of course, frustration with technology!

That's most of our problems, but it's those who conquer them who find success on the other side. You can do it!

Excellent Info!!! This answered so many questions I had for a group I want to start. thanks!

Avec plaisir :-)

Awesome! Thank you! I’m struggling with a number of things so I’m not sure exactly how to put it into words. There’s so much info out there and I get bogged down trying to keep up with it all. My inbox is inundated with emails full of advice and it would take years to read it all. Paralysis by analysis. I feel like I’m chasing tennis balls all the time instead of making forward progress. I’m struggling with staying on the path and making progress in a direction to monetize within my narrow niche.

What if you don't have 30 members in your group, never mind 30,000?

I have ideas, but don't have the time and finances to start. I'm also overwhelmed with all the things to consider. For example, let's take a seed kw I'd like to try and build a page around. For this single word I have to find different long tail keywords,for what I need a good tool, that start at ~30-50 $/mo, then I have toanalyze the page rank and backlinks for the existing content out there, create content (how many articles should exist there before launching the site?), figure out how to get traffic and just a bunch of all the other small and big things that completely stops me from taking action. I don't want to miss a thing but not doing anything also is kind of depressing. I know you mentioned long time ago about the habit for many newbies to overcomplicate everything with continuous learning rather than simply acting on something. Well,hello there,Pat, add me to the list of those people,haha!

Loved. This. Not only do I love your laid-back style, the tips are just simple and easy to understand. Good stuff. Oh, BTW, your "meet Edgar" affiliate link seems to be broken. Best dude!

Hi Pat, I don't know why I am banned from group. Can you please invite me again?

It seems to be working for people still - had you potentially once posted something that an admin banned you for? That would be a reason why it may not work for you. Let me know and if you remember why, I can see if we can reinstate you.

OMG, I laughed out loud when that "Fight" popped out. I can just imagine people fighting over kale or spinach. (I'm rooting for kale)

Greg Robson Then you have even more of an opportunity to get to know those people personally and turn them into raving fans.

Great video, Pat! Love the tone of them ,super fun! May I ask, how do you download the videos from other scenes/shows(like the Seinfeld video for instance). Do you use an app? Thanks Pat!

also, how do you get those little shots from movies, and drawings/ideas?

very quick, intelligent and succinct. Wish I could think and talk as quickly as you Pat!

what am I struggling with? how to get good subscribers, members in a group I have yet to form "Tersh Ronalds artwork" facebook group, and control / prevent negative feedback- like spam, haters, flamers, trolls

Trying to figure if and how Facebook (page?/group?/community?/a mix of all of them) can work for advertising events on a sailing ship. For example, we want to give people in this Arctic location an opportunity to freight something from a number of ports we travel to on our way up. This we prefer to do in a way that is easy to stay organised and on top of what is going on, and also easy for the people wanting to interact. We also want to connect people and connect with people who travel with our ship, and we would like to connect with prospecting clients who might travel with us in the future. Thanks for the ideas for an engaging group!

Thanks so much for checking in with me Pat. That's impressive! No, I haven't heard anything back from Facebook and nothing has changed in my group, even though my numbers continue to grow (so I'm guessing that's not the problem). Any suggestions for next steps?

Thank you Pat, this was very helpful!

So glad!

PAT, in creating a group on Facebook what are the benefits or draw backs from having a regular group or social learning?

these are really unique and interesting tips! will apply them!

Best way I've found is Socialek, a tool that let's you monetize Facebook Fan Pages, Groups and Twitter Accounts. You just need to connect your accounts, choose dates, time and thematics of the posts, and the app would do the rest, so you just need to see money coming! They also have a very profitable affiliate plan. It really deserves a try!

Not sure if Pat Flynn or Clark Kent.

Yo, Pat, you from Smallville?

Lots of great tips about Facebook Groups. But what really caught my eye was the video description - which I think is brilliant. It's so good, I made a video called "How to Write an Awesome YouTube Description" where I analyse your description for this video: https://youtu.be/4fer5rsFNWk Hope that's ok.

Thank you very much for this video! I have a FB group but I would like to have more engagement. I will definitely be using some of your tips.

Loving the editing on this one!

Awesome video as always Pat! I'm hooked on you and your brand ! You are the most helpful creator I have ever come across . Again thanks!

LOL!!! i love your sense of humour in your vids - awesome vid!!


Hello.......anybody any ideas?????? i have been blocked by i think the FB administrators on every single group that i am a member of. Not only that but also blocked on groups that i have not even posted on?? I produce luxury hand painted porcelain wash basins and only post to about 6 groups per day with different photos and text. This is total bollocks and i want to know why i have been blocked by these asshole administrators? When i try to appeal .....none of the appeal buttons work. Has anyone any ideas as i am very pissed off...thanks for reading.

Great video! Facebook group is now very effective for online marketing. To keep yourself more engage with the Facebook group, Group Plugin is awesome for presenting Facebook Groups content on your website or blog. Visit here- https://www.groupplugin.com/

Great Input, just fell across your video while working on a project and I was just letting videos run in the back ground and heard you speaking.

I have 1500 engagements a day on my FB groups. About 70,000 members on several groups. I want to convert it into a business. They are all involved is a general field. I need direction on focusing it into one direction.

wow implemented right away thanks!!

Great information Pat! I don't have a group yet, I was just looking around for information... I'm so glad I found you, I'll be creating my group ASAP after your training, thanks!

Really useful advice, and u have a great sense of humor

Struggling with growing my Buisness in my VIP page

Great video thanks, quick question in a Facebook group does every member see my content I share? As we all know a business page gets very little organic reach to the people who have liked the page. In a group will everyone see the material I want to show?

Best group training I've seen by a mile! Thank you Pat!

Thanks Kenneth!

Struggle: trying to decide if it’s time for an online business manager.

Learned a lot.  A+ video.  Thank you.

Hi, could you please let me know how many administrators and moderators allowed in one facebook group? I've been searching for a long time but it seems no body had the information in the whole internet, or no body is curious about that.


can i ask where did you find these funny clips? Like the " are you serious, unbelievable", seems like you have an easy way..

Wow! Too much information. I had to stop at #17 because my brain exploded. I saved to watch later, Im not kidding let me digest this first. I will come back later. WoW! Thanks

whatever searches i am making ur video is showing in the top 5 ..even i dont want to watch ur videos bcoz ur videos are long..but still finally saw..!!:X

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Pat needs to break these videos down into 4-minute segments...20-minutes is way too long and it deters the people with limited data plans to take in his valuable information, I'm sure it's something he hasn't thought about.

Pat's great, however, he rambles on way too long and should make his videos under 4-minutes so that they can qualify as "Short Videos" under the Youtube filter section.

Awesome tips! Do you use www.groupfunnels.com to capture the Ask Questions?

my group hacked how to recover ??

Great video Starting MLM business, struggling for members. Thanks

Hello Pat :) Come to Poland!!! :) All right, I am struggling - wondering about the group name. Have you produced any video about this subject? Best Regards!

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Hi Pat. Thanks for this helpful video. I have a WordPress Facebook group with more than 14k subscribers and sometimes it’s harder to manage and generate new ideas to keep the engagement. Those tips was pure gold.

How to get the business started

This video is gold for me right now! Thanks again Pat for sharing :)

In the. Trading post it's says post are. Auto. Flagged.Why

I'm getting ready to form a "group" in my city that participate in a nationwide volunteer project (which I lead in my city) I'd like to know how to create a statement of agreement...or terms of conduct sort of that people see before they join. Something I can refer people back to if their comments are negative or shaming of other peoples' ideas. My purpose of my group of course is to unite people in my area to see what others are doing locally for this project. Share ideas and announce events and announce results. Have you done a podcast that shows how to create a prejoining rules list?

Great video. Now all I need is to start a Facebook Group.

Love your style! Great video production & great tips! We'll see you in Austin at LTD next month :)

Riveting information! Very well done and (which is highly unusual for me) I watched the entire video

Great video. Very captivating.I have a HUB based consulting business. My 2 main struggles are finding clients and building my network of referrals (who in turn should provide clients).

Pat you are my Hero!!!

great video! thanks for sharing with the world!

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