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hey loves it's brianna welcome back to the channel  i hope you subscribe if you're new today we're   doing a konmari declutter of our closets all the  kids have outgrown their sizes since six months   ago so i have got a lot of decluttering  to do today so i hope that this gives you   tons of organizing motivation and tons of  decluttering motivation so let's get started   i've got my little set up here of what's going  to be kept my donation bin and then my trash pile   so that i have a method to my madness so right  now i know that all of this for her closet   can like stay for now but i have to go through all  these because i think they're all a size too small   all these bins and drawers need to be gone through   everything up there needs to be gone through and  then i need to do all of these drawers as well   so besides decluttering with me what are your  plans for this weekend are you doing anything   for father's day it's just always a bit of a  bittersweet day for me since i lost my daddy on   father's day two years ago but i'm so grateful  to have had a dad like him in my life he was   not very good at decluttering though he was quite  the opposite he saved everything from t-shirts to   mail he would save stacks of napkins and straws  from restaurants he was like a total packrat   but he was one of the best listeners and i miss  just getting to call him on the phone and hearing   his voice and i miss hearing his laugh every  single day so just know if you are missing someone   this father's day weekend you are not alone and i  think it'd be really fun if you have a fun memory   of who you're missing maybe your dad or a father  figure that you want to share in the comments   please share with us because i think it is so  nice to keep their memories alive and as always   if you need a prayer you just let me know that  in the comments too and just decluttering and   cleaning have always been like therapy for me so  it just feels so much better when all the physical   clutter is taken care of so i hope that as you're  decluttering with me today and organizing things   that it helps you feel a bit better too and  i'm doing all three of the kids closets in   today's video so i hope that it gives you a ton of  decluttering motivation and if we get over 5 000   likes i will do a massive konmari declutter of my  master closet and all of my clothes like i will do   the best konmari declutter i have ever done  if we get 5 000 likes so make sure you're   subscribed click that thumbs up and have all your  notifications turned on because my summer clean   and decorate with me video is coming up next on  my channel you don't want to miss that one too if you're looking for an amazing last minute  father's day gift i have the perfect one for   you if you have not heard of story worth it is  the best gift for your dad or any other father   figure in your life thank you to story worth  for sponsoring today's video but this is a story   worth keepsake book it's a collection of all their  stories so he'll get email prompts each week with   questions like what's one of the most beautiful  places you've ever been and then he can write   all of his memories and even include pictures  it's so easy and then when the year is over   all the stories and pictures will be  printed in this beautiful hardcover book   so it is just an incredible sentimental gift that  the entire family can cherish forever i wish i   had been able to have my dad make a story worth  before he passed away and i just i know it's been   a really hard year and i just think this book is  such an amazing way to connect and get closer as   a family and it's just such a great way to keep  those memories alive and pass down in the family   story worth is truly the most meaningful  sentimental gift for any dad or father figure   in your life and you can get started right away no  need for shipping plus you'll get an extra 10 off   if you head to storyworth.com brianna k and also  this linked in my description box below for you i wanna give you a million things cause isn't  love what it's all about and how to make you out there how old are your kids and do they  get along because i think now that the kids   are out of school and have a lot more  time together than they've been used to   we have been getting along as well in  our house um and i'm wondering if that's   happening to anyone else now that it's summer  break so if you have any advice can you please   let me know in the comments and i will say we  have been trying to keep them busy um i don't   know if your kids playing like any summer sports  or doing any summer activities or summer camps   we have landon and presley signed up for tennis  lessons they just started those they have been   wanting to play tennis since their baby or sitter  in hawaii plays tennis and they just think she's   so cool and she is she's awesome but they want to  do everything she does so taking tennis lessons   and then landon is playing t-ball and then both of  them are also going to be doing this ninja warrior   class this summer it's sort of like an obstacle  course thing from what i understand about it um   they haven't done it yet the first class class is  going to be starting next week and then prezi is   going to be taking a summer dance class she's  in this dance so much so it's just so nice to   get them back into activities they're seriously  so happy getting to be back in sports and pretty   so excited for dance and i'm just i'm so happy for  them but let me know what your kids are up to this   summer or if there's like any activities  that you used to love to do when you are little cause all you need is someone made some good progress on the closet there's a  huge pile here then that i'm going to be giving   a close to my friends little girl and some  that are going to go back to presley's cousin   that belonged to her and not much trash but  i am just going to be keeping a couple of   like the sports stuff and some pajamas for hey hey  but all of the drawers at least for now are nice   and tidy so it gives me so much peace of mind but  seriously all of those hangers are now empty too   so let's say this was a successful declutter i  almost shut the new lovemag multi-surface cleaner   in the closet thank you so much for sending this  to me meg i'm like so excited to be using this   to clean some of you if you've been falling  for a really long time i don't even think i   had a thousand subs yet but meg was actually my  very first collab with anybody we like collabed   on a day in the life way back when so it is so  cool meg just to know like how far you've come   i'm so proud of you truly congratulations  on this and just in case you're wondering   what love meg's moldy surface cleaner  smells like it was a cucumber melon mint   and the smell oh my gosh it made the kids  rooms smell so good after i used it it was like   an extra clean cool minty scent so again  meg congratulations i'm so excited for you   and since we're going through all of the kids  closets today again we'll do mine if we get to 5   000 likes i promise but where are your favorite  places to shop for your kids like what are the   stores that you like the best are there any  websites that you really like or any etsy shops   i feel like i get most of the kids stuff from  target target all day um also old navy and i love   the lauren kids or the lauren conrad kids line  excuse me that's at kohl's and then usually if   i see other stuff maybe like if there is an etsy  shop or like something on instagram that i say i   really like i'll pick up stuff here and there but  let me know in the comments where you find cute   kids clothes i'm not trying to get too much stuff  because again i really really really i want to   be more minimal guys like i'm trying so hard i'm  really really trying i'm going to keep taking you   on the journey with me um but landon and presley  have already outgrown their sizes so i know i'm   just gonna need to be getting them a couple of  things so if you can share where you find like   the really cute stuff i would appreciate it and  keep giving me tips for like going minimal i know   i get a lot from my girlfriend natalie but if  there's like any other really great tips or like   things you've done to be more minimal let me know  in the comments because i'm trying my darndest   i do however you have a lot of decluttering  tips for you that i have picked up over the   last couple of years um and and i was thinking  about this today as i was going through all of   these kids clothes because it can be really  sentimental for me and that's why i like the   konmari method because of how you think everything  that you're getting rid of for serving its purpose   and i do this with my pregnancy clothes too  because i think i just like love being pregnant   so much and those like pregnancy clothes just mean  so much to me because it's like that's where my   baby started when i was wearing those clothes i  don't know is that silly it just also like time   is so fleeting and kids grow so fast it just it  does it just feels nice to thank these clothes   for keeping my babies warm and cozy while  we're here in ohio during cold months or   thank you clothes for being fun for  letting my kids be able to play outside   during the nice weather when we were in hawaii  and you know maybe that seems silly but it does   it just it puts me at peace to know that i've  thanked everything as i'm decluttering it for   i guess being a part of our family  right and you know that's too woo for   you i don't know but it makes me happy it  makes decluttering go a lot easier for me hey landon's closet is looking so much  better and neater have a huge donation pile   and his drawers i'll kind of show  you they're all nice and neat tidy i put all his swimsuits in one drawer  there we go and this is his shorts drawer   i still have a couple things in the laundry that i  know the shorts will fill this up um pajama drawer   i think we emptied yeah this drawer is completely  empty now too and i just have another pile of some   stuff that i'm going to keep for when hayden's  bigger also you do not have to do huge declutters   like this if that feels too overwhelming for you  you can do a declutter every time you do laundry   so maybe as you're folding clothes check the sizes  and put anything your kids have outgrown into a   donation bin you can also just do like five to  ten minutes of decluttering a day so just do one   drawer or one section of your closet and that way  it becomes more manageable and not as overwhelming   and then it also becomes more of a habit that  really really then helps your mental health   because a decluttered home does so much for your  mindset the physical clutter is related to mental   clutter so also another thing that can like just  give you that instant like mood boost taking a   before and after picture or um kind of doing it  on videos it's so rewarding to see the before and   then the after so if you're decluttering and  you're taking those before and after pictures   tag me over and on instagram on your stories  i'm at bits of brie i'd love to see and share   your pictures and get to celebrate you for the  hard work that you're doing around your home and sometimes i know it can be really overwhelming  just to get started whether it's cleaning or   organizing or decluttering so that's where i say  put on one of my videos you can put on a playlist   find a good decluttering video and get that extra  motivation and just start whether it's a drawer   or a closet and once you see a space become neat  and tidy you just want to do it over and over and   over again so that can be really really helpful um  to just get started put on a video make it happen   and another thing you can do to just  give yourself even more motivation   tackle the place that is causing you the most  stress first whether it's your closet whether   it's your kitchen or maybe some shelf stuff  because every time you sit down and you see   those shelves because they're an eyesight it  like makes you feel mentally overwhelmed start   there because then that way whatever is mentally  driving you crazy is taken care of and you will   feel so much better afterwards you'll feel so  much lighter then you'll want to keep up with   the decluttering or you want to keep up with the  cleaning even more it just will make a world of   difference but if you have any decluttering tips  or anything else that helps you let us know in the   the things i comments the things i  love the things i love the things and i don't know if you notice at the  beginning of this video but hayden's   cheeks were looking a little rosy adam  thinks it's from eating solids and his   teeth and crackers because you know the salads  are on his cheeks and the teething crackers are   sort of sticky and they stick to his cheeks  so we're like wiping off his face a lot more   but did anyone else ever notice  that with your babies and is there   like something else that it could be besides  that or like anything i should do i feel like   breast milk is usually a great you know cure for  pretty much anything so i could try rubbing some   breast milk on his cheeks but like let me know if  there's something else you think would work too the things i love to think   i got this feeling like it's starting now  starting now i feel adventurous with you   and there is nothing that can hold us back  hold us back we can do what we want to do here's everything i was able to get rid of i  have one big pile of stuff that i'm gonna take to   my sister-in-law who's having a baby  girl at the end of august and then i   have some like gender-neutral stuff for my other  girlfriend who doesn't know what she's having yet and i had a load of the kids laundry  that i needed to put away so i'm gonna   fold all of that put it away in their  newly decluttered and organized closets   and oh my gosh guys it feels so amazing i'm  so at peace now when i get their clothes out   because i can just look in these  way less messy closets and drawers   and see less stuff and it's nice and tidy and  it feels so good so i hope you do this too it doesn't matter if you make mistakes  make mistakes which i can promise   we should stay together forever anywhere we'll go we'll and i hope this video motivated you to  tackle your clutter and organize your home   i'm so glad that you're here i  appreciate you so much for watching   you are amazing and i'm sending you all the love  in the world today and i will be praying for you   and i hope to see you in  my next video thanks loves

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