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Few. Friends thanks, for checking out another motivating, video, this. Video is sure, to give you some major cleaning, motivation, and I'm so glad you're here, I hope, you will be inspired and, clean your house along with me. The. Girls had just gone to bed so it was time for me to get moving and get cleaning, I was, pretty, tired and, I'm gonna tell you and be honest, I was the, least motivated. Ever. This night at the end of the night I'm just tired. I don't want to do anything but. I knew, it that I would feel so much better when I was done cleaning, so, if you're watching this and you need some motivation you're, going to get it here I know you can do it I promise you'll feel so much better when it's all done and let, me know if you clean along with me tag, me on instagram, because, it absolutely makes my day when I know we are cleaning it together and if you want to see some cute clips of my girls before bedtime stick, around because I will be showing those, to you after I get some cleaning, done the, little smiles in their cribs before, bedtime has become one of my absolute, favorites. Thanks. For coming back to my channel and thanks for watching if you are new, here and, just finding my channel I'm glad, you've stopped by and I would love to have you subscribe. I make cleaning, videos every, single week along with other inspiring, and motivating, type videos so. Be sure to, hit the red subscribe button and, the notification bellow, so you don't miss any of my upcoming videos. And if, you do, choose to subscribe, let, me know in the comment section who you are where, you're from so I can get to know you a little bit better to, me you guys aren't just subscribers. Or people watching my videos I truly look at you as friends, and I want to get to know you. So. I got started in the kitchen because as you can see it was a complete. Disaster. We, had a lot that needed to be cleaned up so, I just started out by putting things away and wiping, things down and so, my plan for the night was to clean the kitchen living. Room and then move on upstairs, and clean, the kids bathroom, the master, bathroom, master, bedroom, and hallway, upstairs this. Is kind of my nightly, cleaning, routine, when, I'm cleaning at night and I would love to sit here and tell you that I clean every single night like this but I'm not gonna lie to you I definitely don't. Clean like this every night sometimes, it's more than this sometimes, it's a very abbreviated, version. Of this and I will admit that most nights I will, just do the basics. There's personally. Nothing, worse than a messy house in the morning and it, just sets. Me off and, puts me in a bad mood when I wake up and my house is, messy. So I like to at least have everything, picked up before I go to bed and if, I have more time I will wipe things down I'll mop you, know wipe the bathrooms down things, like that but I definitely don't, do that every night don't beat yourself up over it you're, a rock star you are getting a lot done during the day and if that's one thing that doesn't get accomplished, during your day your, busy day give yourself a break it's totally, okay but. If I could give you one piece of advice is, just. Try to do at least one, thing every, single night even. If it's just picking things up wiping. Things down wiping, down one bathroom, just, pick one thing to focus on start, small and I promise, it will get easier. Where. You wanna be. By. The way. Way, too full you leave. I. Just, got these new high chairs from Ikea, and they are perfect. For my twins because. They're easy to clean up there's no padding in there food. Doesn't get stuck in the crevices, and they wipe up very very easily. I love, these high chairs so, much already. It's. Mom. Jozy. If. You're, new here and you want to get to know me a little, bit better more about my personal, life I'm gonna put a playlist right here you can check out it's, kind of a get to know me playlist, some, of my special, videos, my favorite videos where you can get to know me like. I have my birth. Blog of my twins my, husband and I went through IVF, to get pregnant with our twins and we also have a four-year-old daughter so. We have a really cool story go, check that out and I will also have it linked down below if, you want to check it out after this video. This, is something, new a new cleaner, that I just picked up from Grove collaborative.

It's A vinegar, gel cleaner, and I'm really really liking it you. Guys if you watch my videos all of the time you know I love them mrs. Myers baking, soda cream cleanser, I like, using it on my sink and my stove and a, lot of people were suggesting, the vinegar, gel cleaner and so, when I put another order into Grove I added, it to my cart and I just used it on my sink and I really liked it I will have the link to that down, below if you want to check it out. Sometimes. When I need to scrub, my glass cooktop stove but I don't want to actually take, the time to really scrub it I will, use the mr., Clean Magic Eraser, sheets. These are a new product and I've really been liking them I have, to put in a little bit more effort when I'm cleaning the glass cooktop but. It still works does a really good job and then to shine in I just used a cleaner I mix up myself it's 1/4, cup of rubbing alcohol Dawn. Dish, soap a teaspoon, and the rest water in a spray bottle and it's one of my go-to cleaners, a lot, of you have been telling me that you started, making this cleaner it's cheap it's a. Disinfectant. You can use it literally on so many surfaces, in your house and it's, just it's a good cleaner if you're looking for something to whip up definitely. Try this. You, were like me, wanna be free like. Uh. I'm. Feeling, down. What. Keep. Watching for some sweet baby, smiles, they are growing so, quickly and, a lot of you have been around since before I even got pregnant I just, can't believe they're already, seven, months old and, they. Are at that sweet, age where, they're not, moving yet and they are just smiling and. They will just sit on your lap and smile, it's just I'm really enjoying, this, age. I'm. Also. Going to be putting a cleaning, playlist, right here at the top that you can check out as well, as down below in the video's description I, put, together some of my latest cleaning, videos and a lot of them are whole house cleaning videos so, you can save it to your, YouTube account and I've, had a lot of you tell me that you like to put me on your TV when you're cleaning so it's kind of like we're cleaning together, it's, like two friends, are cleaning together. Which. I love. That makes me so happy and I personally, love putting cleaning, videos up on my TV when I'm cleaning so. If you want to check that playlist out it's down below. We. Don't need to go on a fast, I mean, this night. So. I know I've shared this before, but. Something, that I drink every single night is called natural calm it's a magnesium, supplement and, so, I just went ahead and made that I was getting ready to mop, I've. Been loving this I drink it while I was pregnant there's a whole host, of benefits to taking magnesium. And making sure your magnesium levels, are good so, definitely check this out I've had a lot of you message me tell me that you've tried it and it's helped with insomnia. Restless. Leg syndrome, cramping. In your legs so, many different things but definitely, go check it out I love my. Natural calm at night. Everything. Is alright. Do. You like these nighttime cleans, better, than the daytime cleaning, let, me know down below which, you would prefer or, if you don't really care at, all when I clean. There's. Just something so relaxing, about mopping, in a quiet dark house am I crazy for thinking that do. You find that when you're mopping or maybe cleaning, at, night is it relaxing, I I never used to be a nighttime cleaner, just. Because I like going to bed early, and I still do need my sleep don't get me wrong I need my sleep but. I feel like if, I can sleep I can conquer the world and I'm ready to take on the deck next day but. Lately with, three, kids you know I had one kid and then I went to three kids I have so many distractions and, I, don't want to call my kids a distraction, but, you guys know what I mean I mean I just have so many responsibilities.

When My kids are around and I get pulled away throughout, the day so it's really hard for me to clean without, distractions. And so at night I don't, have distractions things, are quiet and I've just come. To find it very therapeutic to. Clean at night and, I've. Been enjoying it lately. With, you. Here's. A quick clip of the girls before bedtime. Avery. Loves coming in here and helping put her sisters to bed she loves playing with them and as, you can see they love her so much and, that. Is Emery and the white and Addison is in the pink they just get so excited when, we lay them down I, don't know why it's, so cute they kick their little legs and, smile, and it. Makes it a little bit hard to put them to sleep but. This. Was truly a super, quick wipe-down, of the downstairs, of bathroom, the one that a lot of people use when they come over so I like to make for sure it's at least wiped down every. Other day. We know driz. Enough, is firefighters. You, can't, leave knit sit in your stubborn. Looking, like a breeze, but really. So. The girls bathroom, I was pretty much just picking things up decluttering. Wiping, things down emptying, the garbage and, I, also wanted, to vacuum in there kind of do the basics, and nothing, too crazy. Yeah. If, you want to chat with me go, ahead and follow me over on Instagram, it's jamie-lynns. With, an S dot, journey I will also have it linked down below I try, to my, I try, my absolute best to answer every question and message I get over there I love chatting with you and you, can also see more pictures of me and my family and, so. Come check me out come, say hi let's be friends. Everyone. Always. You. Present. You. To, wipe my mirrors in this bathroom, and then for our master, bathroom here in a little bit I use an e cloth it's a cloth that you just need to use water and it cleans and I know that. Doesn't sound real and it I there's, probably a lot of skeptics, because, you guys have messaged me but, I promise, you these are great and they actually clean, with just water, there's a whole science behind it and how these cloths work, and how they actually clean, without using an actual. Chemical cleaner, and I love using them all over my house so, if you want to check them out and what they're all about the website will tell you everything I will have them linked, down below but. They are, great, for all over my house they, have cloths for stainless steel one. For mirrors, and windows, and a general purpose cloth. And so, many more. Let, me know what cleaning videos you would like to see me do or. What, type of cleaning videos you want in the upcoming future I have a lot of fun new type videos, planned but, I want to know what you guys want to see as far as cleaning, what. Do you want to see me clean let me know. I. Then. Came in my master bedroom to get that all cleaned up and I wasn't planning on making a full bed since. We were going to be getting in it soon and I just kind of wanted to make, it look pull together and, just. Not add the comforter. Or anything just the basic blankets. This. Is a lavender spray, that I've been spraying on my bed before I lay down and relax for the night and I. Got it from Amazon and I also have, essential, oils going and I. Just feel like it kind of helps me relax and, shut off my mind at the end of the night even though that's so hard but, if you guys are curious and you want to check these out I will have the lavender spray, that again that's from Amazon. Link, down below. And, the last thing that I had to do which you probably can guess it was a laundry. Because. There's, obviously always laundry, to be done at my house so, I flipped on some of my reality TV, shows because when I fold laundry or clean that's about the only time I can watch TV anymore, but.

You Guys know that's one of my favorite ways to wind down at the end of the night is to put on my TV shows and fold laundry and I said this recently in another video, but. A lot of people have, been asking what I'm throwing things on the ground when I'm folding laundry and. They. Are clothes. That don't need to be folded like underwear, or some of my workout, bras, or, my sports bras or my workout, shirts I could, sit there and perfectly, fold them but it doesn't matter they don't get, wrinkled in my drawer so I can throw them there and then I can put them in the drawer because they don't need to be folded anyway, so that is what I'm tossing, when. I'm folding laundry. I think. I. Thought. The thing said, said, to me to me it seems I. Can. Take it, so. Folding, all of these clothes but I'm gonna go put, them away because I. Have. To if I don't put them away they're. Probably just gonna sit here for a while so I want to make sure I get them put away at least mine put. Mine away I'll put the girls away in the morning but I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did give me a thumbs up, let, me know if you're motivated, and if you're gonna clean with me I just. Love when you guys message, me and tell me that you guys felt motivated and, inspired and, you guys wanted. To go and clean after you watch my videos or you cleaned with me head, on over to Instagram, jamie-lynns. Journey. That'll be linked down below find. Me in there tag me if you're cleaning with me, message. Me say, hi I love, saying hi you guys over, there but. Again, I hope you enjoyed this video I'm really, enjoying these at night time clean so if you enjoy them let. Me know because I will do more if you guys do a lot of your nighttime cleaning, let me know I think that's gonna be it, I am ready, for bed, but. I guess I will see you guys next, time bye.

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