Expert Claims Bitcoin (BTC) Will Be Bigger Than Tesla & Skype

Expert Claims Bitcoin (BTC) Will Be Bigger Than Tesla & Skype

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What is going on snipers, naive a little baby here I hope you're all enjoying your, date today let's go to just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency content, and analysis, for today Tim, Draper an early investor in Skype hotmail. And Tesla. Announced. Saying that he believes bitcoin, is gonna be bigger than all of those investments, combined, and we'd also take a look at bitcoins technical analysis other articles, and why, a lot of these experts are bullish, about the future of Bitcoin and the crypto market and we're gonna take some questions from the live audience if you're looking at bitcoins technical analysis, first and foremost let's go ahead and just zoom right into this one-hour chart and take a look at this ascending, triangle that's forming here if you don't know what an ascending triangle is we have a free resource and link is in description, below it's called our discord, if you go to trading patterns, here you can see what an ascending, triangle looks, like we haven't used this for, a while now but you can see here this triangle usually appears during an upward trend and is regarded as a continuation, pattern it is a bullish, pattern, ascending, trials are always bullish patterns whenever they occur and it's typically, when you see some, sort of horizontal resistance. Levels with an ascending, support, level that's indicative of a descending a triangle it's exactly what we're seeing here and that's why we've been extremely bullish, about Bitcoin over the past couple of days and, if we pull up the 1-day chart you can see here the RSI, finding, support, right, at what we were talking about at 60 being that bullish zone in regards, to the relative strength index which is a momentum, oscillator that measures the speed and the direction of things, by the way if you, are new here on snipers tube and you're wondering what all these terms how does he know all this I am, a big reader and I am gonna go ahead and for the next week I'm gonna be giving away books every single day on our Twitter, and Instagram so if you follow us on snipers tube twitter, or instagram at, snipers, tube we, are gonna be giving away daily, books including, principles, here by Ray Dalio, mastering. Bitcoin for some of you that are more advanced and even, books like Internet of money here you can see this is one of the most basic books, about Bitcoin, and blockchain technology. It's gonna be exciting to see that another, thing to understand, here with the Bitcoin technical analysis on the 4-hour chart is you can see how we're now bouncing, on this 200-day, moving average. And not, only that the, 50 the 100, and the toner day moving average are starting to convert, along, this level, what's interesting about that is as you guys know. From our previous video, a couple days ago a very, very, prominent, expert, talked about how an asset, that's depreciated. 65%, and is under the 200-day moving average, is a steal, and a discount, and anything. Under the 200 a moving average is a discount so knowing, that we're now finally above. The 200-day moving average, it coincides. With that analysis, that that 200 a moving average under it was a great, time to get Bitcoin, and now we've finally, come up and have found support, along that tunity moving average and what I'm gonna tell you right now is that is, extremely. Bullish. Why, is that bullish, well as long. As we know that 200-day moving average, can act as a support for Bitcoin, that is now a known, level, that we can play off of and technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. They, work in conjunction with each other but understanding, the technical aspect, of the chart and knowing that this asset class is above the Trinity moving average down is finding support along it is a big deal here so that's, extremely, exciting. I'm also going to talk about another, possible, route that Bitcoin can take and I don't think many analysts are talking about this but, it is this potential cup and handle that could form now you can see here what a company handle looks like you've got this top here you've got the cup forming, right over here and this. Is probably a 40%. Chance that, this is a pattern that's gonna occur but, you can see how there is a pencil potential, cup and handle forming if we, don't see, that breakout from that ascending. Triangle I am going to predict that we're gonna bounce off of this moving average here and in my opinion if we bounce off of this moving average as you can see it's, the 50-day moving average, it's, gonna form the handle, in order to see a more significant, breakout but here's the point regardless. Of what happens, they're both breakout. Patterns. Right look, at the cup and handle here another, breakout, pattern so no matter what it's, just showing signs, of being extremely, bullish.

Regardless. Of which pattern, it forms, so that's, the exciting thing here another possible. Scenario could be a double top but I don't expect that knowing that we're above the 200-day moving average, and we're finding support alongside that with the sending triangle forming extremely. Bullish here you can see this article here by Tim Draper, Bitcoin, will be bigger than Tesla Skype and hotmail combined, I'm not gonna go through the whole thing but you can see Draper said that compared, to his early investments, in Skype Tesla and hotmail the number one digital currency would be bigger than all of combined, this, is bigger than the internet it is bigger than the Iron Age the Renaissance, it's bigger than the Industrial, Revolution this, affects the entire world and it's going to be affected, in a faster, and more prevalent way, than you ever imagined. Why is he using all of these extremely. Strong, words it's because of the fact that this, is the technology. That we're talking about here it's crypto currencies, in five, years you're gonna try to buy a copy with fiat currency, and they're gonna laugh at you because you're not using crypto, sorry. About that I apologize, that was. I should, have shut that off regardless, I believe, that there will be a point at which you will no longer really want any of the fiat currency, and it makes sense right back, in the day people had, to send mail, to individuals. And there wasn't extinct called the email right but now there's email barely. Anyone uses mail right you should still use now in my opinion if you're gonna say happy birthday did someone send them a nice card write it down don't just send them an email but I'm just saying the majority of communication. Has transitioned. From traditional. I'm sorry traditional. Mail. To email, so big, deal here Patrick Bain CEO. Of overstock the calm was equally in favor of Bitcoin so very, exciting, here let's take some questions from our audience here we're gonna be doing some, user, technical, analysis, here from all of the requests, from y'all so that's.

Gonna Be exciting let's see what we have here we've got Gabriel, M Lyon. Here, it says refresh, whole YouTube worked for me night. Boss says let's hit 500, likes everyone yes come on we. Do this every day the. Least, you can do is hit that like, des. MK, once this beard guy is best, ta on the planet, trying to us I was, not a beard guy a couple days ago but now I'm the beard guy right cuz you guys always bet with likes and you make me do these crazy things but I'm fine with that you know why because education is, best mixed, with entertainment, so somebody. Says hello Nayeem what's up RF dusty get to have you Hasan Shah, said B&B, why don't we go ahead and pull the b-and-b technical, analysis by, the way yesterday we. Talked about coins that I expected, to have a breakout and they all broke out I'm gonna leave all of these highlights here from yesterday so the green is all stuff that we highlighted yesterday and they were under 10 percent in the last seven days and you can see they've all went over 10%, Bitcoin at 11 now neo. 15%, up 11%. By Nance coin 20. I'm sorry verge was one of the ones that did not see a gain but it, is what it is verge is still seeing a little bit of her tracer I'll be honest I was quite a surprise because, we did see a, double. Bottom form, on the RSI and I expected, that to be the bottom but you know we're, not always right one, chain you can see 15% now SIA, coin 18%. Waves, 16%. So how, did we predict all of these comodo 14%. Well, understand, when liquidity, flows into the market knowing that the market went from let's, say 200, billion to 400, billion in such a short amount of time that liquidity is going to be dupatta, divided upon a ton of different coins so right, now what, I'm watching is a Misco and, ontology. Because, they have not yet seen the division. Of liquidity come, towards them yet and it's typically because people oversight, or they oversee, these coins when they're focused on all of these other coins that are in the news and then the press like AOS for example is the new competitor, to aetherium apparently and everybody's focused on that so that's, kind of what we're seeing here with this and with. That being said let's go ahead and pull up this BnB technical analysis because BnB, is one of the most intrinsically, valuable coins, in the market in my opinion knowing. That by Nance is going to be a very prominent exchange, we talked about this seeing some lower lows however. Is starting, to show that it's bouncing, off of this RSI. Coming, right off of 40, which as we, know we've talked about 40 being a support. Level on RSI, so in my opinion we can go ahead and raise this up here and I think that, we've seen enough, of being be retracing. And in my opinion this 50-day, moving average is acting a strong support, so at this point I would consider this a good, time to, start dollar cost averaging a position in and I, just don't yet see the confirmations, in the trend to go ahead and call a alert. On it just yet however I think it would be smart to start dollar-cost averaging, what, I would want to see is for this to start going above, this, 100. This. 100, average and schooling the 1-day to chart really quick to show you well, we are above the 108 average in. My opinion, knowing. The MACD you can see it's showing signs. Of sellers, more than by we have not yet seen the histogram, gain, in buyers that's, what I'm watching so I'm looking to see a little bit more of an uptrend a little bit more of some confidence, and confirmation.

In This trend to go ahead and be confident enough to say that this is going, to start heading back up so as soon as I start to see some, red here on the buyer side of the histogram that's, what I'm gonna start initiating a potential, position, in B&B and I'm just waiting for that to occur because you never know this could be a bull trap right like we talked about yesterday there's a big possibility that we could retrace. Back down to this 100 a moving average and not see support at this 50-day knowing, that this, RSI, did not go down to 36, but, 40, is also a known support, for RSI so if it bounces off of 40 and goes back up that's completely feasible in my opinion so. Aussie. Grip does this forget B&B talk about TRX. That. Is awesome, Diego. Our diocese, your bqx, calls almost at the take profit zone thank you I'm waiting for it to hit three fifty cents yes we, had some awesome trade, alerts yesterday if you guys are not getting trade alerts, slash, snipers. And you guys can get our trade signals, and know exactly when. To enter exit, and set those stop losses Jake says hey name can you talk about ETP, USD. Metaverse, and also, misko I believe in me so I was gonna break out right now I have, we just talked about amico possibly, breaking out so if we pull up amis goes technical, analysis, we, can see that it has been pretty, interesting it's already breaking out we're, very bullish on our side finding, support right along that 60 so that is a very bullish sign here looking like it's starting to go right back up this does look like a break and already an RSI volume. Is starting to increase you're seeing it the negative divergence here, which is actually, pretty bullish, in this case now, you can see here with the MACD though it's not looking too good we're starting to cover a little bit but, we had this huge exuberance, of buyers so, in my opinion there. Isn't as much upside. To downside and, risk and reward for me to call swing on this just yet because there is a lot of downside, still however, if you want to ride this wave up you're more than welcome to go ahead and challenge yourself here you can see another ascending, triangle forming, here as well, we've got this ascending triangle right over here so, that is very bullish the, fact that we have this ascending triangle and that, in my opinion is a, very good sign here so yeah we actually might see a breakout here no we found support here looks like there was some strong support right, around it, looks to be. 165. - and now. We're right along one, 767. I would say a good target for this in terms of the next known resistance, it's, gonna be right up here at one 937. So, pretty, much following this channel here, so, if we were to break out we'd most likely find some resistance up here around 1, 9 4 so this, is actually a pretty good position so we were to set up a long position here this is kind of your risk and reward here right so you've got a certain amount of risk and a certain amount of reward, looks like you've got a little bit more reward, than risk but there's still quite a bit of risk right because prices are quite high but, knowing that you've got an ascending triangle forming, here you've got your risk and reward profit, and loss, ratio, set up this. Could be a potential trade for some of you trying to swing trade am usko but, we know that this is an all-time high right here so be careful, knowing that we're at these higher highs, actually. You can see we actually had some higher highs previously, as we drop so, if we're actually pulling another graph you can probably get more information on a bit tricks graph yeah, you can see here we are not at all-time highs but we're at very strong resistance levels, which, it looks like we've actually broken, which would be extremely bullish, yeah. It looks like we've broken these resistance levels but it's still seeing some resistance, I mean resistance, is always going to be exact, but, mu Scott was looking pretty good like I said we've got that ascending triangle for me if we were to go back to this chart, here so there could be a potential swing there men, I might need to put an alert out for that Andrei. Kljestan says etn, will rise soon, etn.

Was Completely, oversold, electrum in my opinion i'm still bullish on I've still got my etn and tons, of people were mining it there's tons of distribution, along the marketplace in my opinion that's very good, goo, 3 Matt Gomez, says maybe a head and shoulders on BTC. Um, I. Wouldn't, say that there would be a head and shoulders because what is it gonna do reverse down and find, new lows, it, could potentially be but I think this would not be considered a if. Anything, it could be an inverse head and shoulder but hadn't. Sure that you'd want to see more significant. You want you don't want to see this type of horizontal, movement I mean we, went it looks like we went almost what it was this 14, days of horizontal, movement, yeah 14 days 13, days and 4 hours of horizontal movement I wouldn't, consider that ahead yet you know looking at a head and shoulder pattern you, want to see these these really strong, violent. Heads. And shoulders form you don't want to see something that has a horizontal trend, because that turns into a whole new pattern and the, pattern that is just a viable here is this ascending. Triangle that's forming here which we don't see much ascending, triangles, in. The market I mean we've seen a lot of Penance form but, I think we've seen quite a bit of cupping handles but ascending triangles are a little bit rare there, Igor. Says credits, yes. We talked about credits, yesterday, - credits, killed it I think credits has already shot up past 60, cents and we, talked about that yesterday at, a rubian, above night owl look at that 16 percent up, so, if, you all are sleeping on these coins then you're sleeping, by the hype sell then use. DSS. Please talk about etn they're doing great stuff right now I haven't looked much of what they're doing I just know they just had a recent partnership like over a hundred thousand users but, I haven't necessarily went, and dug deep into it because I got in at the ICO level so I'm not as worried. About my position, who have etn it'd be quite frank Jake, says name can you use crypto slash USD, instead of crypto Cespedes, BTC. Because I believe. Better. Gains will be made against USD and also you didn't talk about ETP Metaverse, yeah. I'm didn't talk about UTP I don't know much about it sorry. And in. Terms of talking about USD, we can definitely do that let's do an ethereal, chart here why don't we do a theory and take a look at this, market player here people are saying that look, at this trade alert I'm, telling you guys are sleeping on these trade alerts man check this out we set that buy zone up here you got all this profit here, this was quite, a bit ago so we're gonna use a different graph here so that we don't interfere. With the trade alert graph that we have set up but, if we pull up ETH knowing, that it's seeing, a lot of competition, lately we've got AOS coming to the table ion coming all these gen3 blockchains. We, know that aetherium is the most prominent, use case of blockchain, application platforms but they're all these competitors coming to the market like EA West for example that centralizes, the notes to Tony OneNote that enables, it to be a lot more scalable and faster, vs., theorem. That has thousands and thousands of nodes and it's extremely slow so you've got all these icos that are using a theorem and they're like man this is so slow, those, icos.

Are Most likely in a transition, to, gos, or some of these other blockchain, application platforms, right that's just the truth of the nature but understand a fam is more, so used in its use case as a fundraising token. Right you fundraising, aetherium typically when you're buying, into an ICO so. I don't think that's gonna go anytime soon I think aetherium still, has an edge it's like that Microsoft, Apple scenario, right a theorem in my opinion, has a leader of Italian, and that is extremely smart in the blockchain world and he knows what he's doing and he's trying to pave. A path for, his project and in my opinion that's not going, to be you. Know easily, competed, with now, it doesn't mean yo s isn't gonna catch up once, again I'm expecting, this to form a beautiful, rounding bottom right now and. It's actually going exactly how, we predicted, here with the rounding bottom for me if you don't know what a rounding bottom is another, breakout pattern very similar to the cup and handle except you're coming from this downtrend, so, what's cool about there if we were to do a little bit more of a deeper, analysis, here let's go on the one day chart take, a look at this RSI, so our size starting, to go into these overbought, levels right so anything over 60, I would stay away from buying, less here a type of person that wants to buy the breakout every trader is different right you. Want to buy the breakout, breakouts. Already occurred we talked about this passing, 60 being the exact, point that you would want to break out and purchase in so, that's already, occurred in my opinion we're gonna see a some, sort of a retracement, soon, but, not until Bitcoin breaks out of the 9000, level in my opinion I think this MACD you'll still have some time to go up a little bit higher you're, gonna see this volume here with. All, these buyers starting, to increase in my opinion and as, that occurs we're gonna start to see these price levels approach. The top of this Phibbs zone right here most likely see resistance, at the point 38 right once, it finds resistance, if it forms a little bit of a retracement and forms that handle, I think that would be extremely bullish, for aetherium and at that point my entry position would most likely be right here because you can see there's gonna be a lot more upside, if we allow that to retrace, a little bit remember you never want to just always trade.

Your Fiat sometimes it's good to have fee on the side save it for the right times right like let's say you were to trade this right here look at the amount of upside you have here, versus. The downside, on this trade if it, were to go, ahead and consolidate, this handle right but, if you were to purchase here and let it go up and then let it drop back down I think, that's a little bit more of a. Weird, way to play this because you can use that fee on other trades while the handle is actually forming you're expecting that to form so there's, a lot of ways you can trade right but at the end of the day it's about finding trades, that have more reward than risk and that's kind of the point of that and here's another article that I found here, former. JP Morgan, banker, says, cryptocurrency market, will get much bigger masters, who now manages, over 800, million in assets including. Crypto assets explain how the cryptocurrency market, will get much bigger I'm gonna leave the link, to all these articles in the description, but we're. Seeing all of these bullish, articles, come out look at this Bitcoin, lightning, Network matures, with record, 2000. Nose 150,000, capacity. And this doubled, in two weeks right we're, seeing Bitcoin cash come out of the Woodworks and everybody's like well Bitcoin cash is more, of a merchants use case for the Bitcoin blockchain and it's a better faster. Scalable, type of locking well guess what the Lightning Network is making moves see, the market right now is so much more mature than it was in December right wouldn't you all agree with that Stephen I Jen Ryan, Ross Tommy G Jose. Saldana, all of you live viewers do you agree with that or not yes, or no is the market, more mature is Bitcoin more mature or institutions. More knowledgeable, right, I was listening to a podcast today, and it, was an individual that goes out and he pretty much talks about institutional. Investments, in the blockchain verse, and he says a lot of these institutions, are not, necessarily, asking for the blockchain, bitcoin. One on what 101 anymore they understand, the technology, to understand what it is they understand is scarcity they understand a digital gold aspect, of it right so, mr. 4/20, moment says yep RF. Dusty says yes Ryan Ross is absolutely. More mature I'm glad you agree meat port says yes, Rafael, Bianco says yo Matthew. Kapoor, says yup, that's, a funny name Brett McKelvey. My. Name is mr. McKelvey how, may I assist you today hen. Y ste urbanist. Uh says absolutely, I, love it gary Kermit says def oh I like. It Zak, Dam says time is money alright I just keep going on the live stream look, at this lightning Network has almost doubled the amount of its, cassadee in two weeks this. Month as more and more users expand, the protocol, public, notes can confirm almost instantly, for a fee of less than one satoshi per byte the. Main net lightning Network has existed, less than five months but in that time has grown to beat the much touted Bitcoin, cache network, remember we talked about Forks I'm not so fond of Forks if you don't do it the right way you have to do it the right way and when you have a fourth you must have consensus. Within amongst, the majority of the community look, at this time to get back into crypto, declares, social, like gambler, dan Bilzerian, if. You don't know a guy has over 100 million dollar, net. Worth dan Bilzerian has told his millions of fans it is time to get back into cryptocurrency so when. You see a deal you, see it that's the, end of the game this guy's a gambler right he knows how to gamble he knows a deal when he sees a deal and in my opinion this is all good news for, the blockchain and cryptocurrency world check this out trod has a hundred, I'm sorry. 1440. Commits from 41 contributors, the second most active, on github, somebody. In the comments yesterday was trolling me, saying, why, are you talking about Virgin Tron to your followers you know you're a great guy you do good ta and thank you for that but he then followed, and said you, know why are you shilling these pumping up coins and like dude it's not a pump, and dump coin anymore verges being used by, one of the largest entertainment companies. In the world that's, not a pump and dump anymore now it has some sort of use case intrinsic value Tron, if you, don't know just, recently, talked about its project, Genesis, giving over 2 billion dollars to its developer, fund this, is a big deal right two billion dollars for developers, you know how big that is let's.

See If we can even get this. Is 2 billion let's see if we can get. 200, million, in a different, blockchain application, platform, like Tron, is doing right this is a big deal in my opinion and I think we're gonna see a lot more of, this, intrinsic value build upon itself and you, know at the end of the day you can't just you, know downplay. Something just because maybe it was pumped, and dumped by John McAfee at one point you. Know it, is what it is but at the end of the day you have to evolve you have to be able to I was reading principles, yesterday, and you. Know I love reading this book every time I reread this book it is insane but it's about being radically, open-minded. By the way we're, gonna be givin away books, every. Single day for the next seven days if you, are following us on Twitter at sniper soup or instagram, at snipers, to remember, just get on your phone just type, in sniper soup we post daily content, we have our whole team there. Waiting for y'all so we're gonna be giving away these books but you can see here in the book it talks about how. You have, to have that, sort of mindset. Of flexibility. Right and flexible, mindset if you don't know Ray Dalio by the way he predicted 208 crises he manages over a hundred and seventy-five billion dollars in assets with, his hedge fund which is called Bridgewater associates, so I highly. Recommend this book if you want to see all of our recommended books there's, a link in the description to our Amazon store, link and I have all of my favorite, books there that, I have personally, read and I'm extremely, excited about so looking. At that let's take a couple requests, from the audience here we'll, do some tea a somebody, says, TRX. Is not the same as four months ago they have progressed, yes ah secret though I do agree. Nightbot. Again says let's sit 500, likes everyone I, like, how the nightbot has like three different color thumbs up it's. Kind of like spreads. Equality, zeebee. Zeebee says common check, - iota iota. Interesting, they got the tango blockchain right Black, Sun says it's not a soft g4 jet hub but a hard G, Vincent. Says. Those guys that are calling TRX and Virg a pump and dump coin want it to crash so they can buy in because they missed out lol I agree. If you guys like Virgin Tron hit, the like button on the video let's see we can pump, the likes just, like everybody. Claims that Virgin Tron was pump, let's. Take a couple requests, before we wrap this baby up any coins that any of you want to see some technical analysis, for anything, that might be out of your mind as we see this market kind of continuous, horizontal, trend continue, this ascending. Triangle that bitcoin is actually forming right now to potentially go ahead and break out any sort of ta that you guys want to see by, the way we're heading towards at 9,000 again by, the way the resistance, we're looking at is around nine thousand sixty that's, kind of what we're looking at let's see the Whistler says q SP Sammy, says nebulae, oh let's. See, somebody. Says substratum. Let's see which one wins here Hassan, says neo. The, firework, God says nabli oh and if you're watching this after it's published you can even leave a coin in the comments, right and then we can always look at that later if there's one that gets a lot of up boats somebody. Says TRX, a lot of TRX I'm seeing a lot of TRX, okay, Chardin, says TRX, Aussie says TRX. Okay. Chart on set it again somebody says XRP why. Don't we do, Neb.

Leo XRP. Somebody, says silica, we called silica 4/20. Somebody. Says I, joined, patreon, yesterday made a trade premier alert and made money back good, job man, awesome. I'm glad yes and we, are gonna be somebody asked yesterday about the prices that rising we're, changing platforms, are gonna be adding more analysts, so we're gonna have more overhead that's why we are going to be increasing, that but if you do get in now that, will be grandfathered. For you so you will never have to pay higher prices when we increase the prices for all of our subscriptions, so. Just. So you guys know that you're not gonna get increased prices as long as you get in now somebody, says look at Tron please let's. Do TRX, we've got enough calls. For tariffs will do the BTC analysis, here just so we can see whether or not it's better to get in by the way here's another trading call that we had recently with the entry zone man. I'm telling you sleeping, on these calls look at that seeing resistance right at the top of the take profit zone we plan everything out let's, go ahead and just look at a free. Chart here for TRX here and we'll. Do a TRX, analysis, here. Let's. See this is the USD, chart let's do the BTC, chart on Finance, and see what's happening here. Beautiful. Look, at that very. Classic cup, and handle formed. So, if we were to look at this you can see nice. Cup and handle here got, a breakout very sharp breakout you've got the cup formed, handle. And now breakout, so tell, any of these patterns man you, guys are sleeping on these patterns - look, at this cup, and handle man you. Know these patterns were created, in the early 1900s, and the markets were extremely volatile, and they're best used in volatile markets and what more volatile, market you have than the cryptocurrency market, that we have today right so let's poke the one day chart here let's look at RSI so, our side bouncing, bullish, which is good not yet seeing it look 60 anything over 60 on the RSI which is the relative strength index that's. Showing bullish if you guys want to use these charts by the way it's, cool tradingview there's another link in the description for that I put all the programs, I use now in my description so you guys can get an idea of that but, you can see we bounced right off of that very bullish so I am gonna be expecting this RSI to start heading higher so, that's definitely one, bullish sign there MACD, looking. Really good we're seeing more and more buyers we saw this quick shift which, is very, bullish here MACD, crossover, the, crossover, is where you see this fast length which is here in blue cross over that slow length which is in orange and that's, the fast and slow length this is my settings if you walk, your settings to be like mine and that's. A very bullish sign there so knowing. That the MACD is a little bit of a lagged, indicator, by the way compared, to the RSI the RSI is more of a momentum oscillator so, it's faster, it's one of the most instantaneous. Indicators, you can see a small. Increase. In volume it's followed by a little bit of a decrease here but, knowing that we are approaching these, levels, of known resistance. Here you can see the, previous wicks topped out at right around this, to be 907. Satoshi's if I'm not mistaken or is that 702. Sorry, I got my secondary, screen here let me make, that a little bit clearer yeah, that looks like 702. Right. So knowing. That we topped out right around 702. Were approaching, those known resistance levels, we saw this act as resistance previously. As well ah man. This is gonna be a hard one knowing that there is resistance here you. Could see in my opinion let's, go ahead and go, into this for our let's, insert a couple more indicators this is a little bit more of a complex, graph knowing that the handle is already broken out well, out so you had some Bollinger, Bands on there take.

A Look at this okay. So we're pretty high up here as well so, that's that's, a little bit. Bearish. But let's. Go ahead and insert, some other indicators, here why, don't we just go ahead and. Check. The moving averages, I know. We had this huge consolidation. Let's say we've got the 50 so he bounced off of the 50-day, which is good. But now we're way and above that 50-day, so I mean at this point I just honestly, don't see more, upside, than downside that's. Just the truth remember when we're trading we're looking for a more upside than downside I just don't see I see more downside than upside it's a little bit riskier, you, know our size quite high I would rather save, my Fiat for another trade and we'll. Finalize, with one more technical, analysis, I think we got a lot of people asking about Neb. Leo let's do Nebel EO n. Eb. L BTC, let's see if we can find another potential break up okay this is looking a little bit different so, you can see we broke out of this pattern here now. We're right back to, these higher levels this. Is gonna be a fast one I mean once, again we. Broke bullish into RSI we're seeing higher RSI levels we're most likely gonna see a little bit more upside it's just I still see more downside than upside on this as well I don't typically like behind these breakouts, like especially. When you're heading, towards these resistance levels I just don't I don't feel, comfortable doing that I'd rather trade, something with more confidence right because your money can be used in different ways you, can see all of these resistance. Levels that but we're gonna have to face with. This trade right you got a resistance, here you've got a resistance, here you've, got a resistance, here I mean these are a whole lot of resistance levels, and I, would rather put my money elsewhere so, hopefully. You guys enjoyed this livestream, like, always we, do this every single day for the most part and I. Will catch some of you guys on Twitter and Instagram as, we start giving away books every single day for the next 7 days until. The end of this week hopefully. You all enjoyed this and. With. That being said like, always, snipers. Out.

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Tim Draper (an early investor in Tesla, Skype, & Hotmail) has made the bold claim that Bitcoin (BTC) will become bigger than all of the companies he’s invested in combined. He goes as far to claim ‘this is bigger than the internet’ and as a very successful investor with foresight, many are taking his statement to heart. Let’s see what the current market is like and if it is in accordance with this statement. Subscribe for more knowledge! Like if you enjoyed! ►Become a Patron! (Trade Alerts & Masterminds) Got any questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below! Also connect with us on any platform you prefer for non-stop action! Video Timestamps: 00:01 - Intro 00:28 - Bitcoin Technical Analysis 04:14 - Article - Tim Draper - Bitcoin will be bigger..... 05:41 - Q&A 06:27 - BNB Technical Analysis 10:13 - OmiseGo Technical Analysis 14:48 - Ethereum Technical Analysis 18:09 - Article: Former JP Morgan Banker Says..... 18:28 - Article: Bitcoin lightning network matures..... 20:30 - Article: Dan Bilzerian Says..... 20:57 - Article: Tron has 1440 commits..... 23:10 - Q&A 25:49 - TRX Technical Analysis 29:04 - Neblio Technical Analysis

Mike Cerisano dark theme chart settings plus dark chrome theme

how do you change to night mode on trading view

how to get highlighted coinmarketcap? TIA

No xrp...I got stuck holding and I'm up side this a buy and hold or should I dump and get back in the game...also can you talk more about dollar cost averaging. Thanks

It will be going up from $47 soon, it has not yet went up.

SnipersTube did patreon already go up I went Mia for a couple months with family stuff and it looks like it went way I wrong?????

Hi Naeem, have you covered HPB?

Litecoin broke out yesterday and was not high lighted...Go LITECOIN!

Bro another banger with wancoin and OMG. you are a monster in the game

Thank you for your support brother!

What about VIBE?

Look at sureremit $RMT this month will launch their app undervalued token

BABB. Decentralised banking. Take a look!

Keep the beard my man it looks you take the crypto world like a pirate.

LOL! Thank you for watching Rex!

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What are your thought on covesting?

Thanks for the vids, I'd like to see your opinion on ontology for a short term trade cheers

Hello Steven! Thank you for your support! Will definitely consider making a video like that!

Your awesome bro!

You are awesome too, Kevin! I am glad you are here!

Dear Naeem Why you have blocked my subscription?? I have paid for month April and it is still 24/4/2018... Also i am a '' grandfather'' so i should maintain the old price Please fix this issue and recover my sub. Thank you


Please message me on Patreon or Twitter or Discord ASAP to handle this.

Dear Naeem, thank you for your engagement. I have a question bothering me. I really do not get it, this time the ascending triangle breaks out to the top though it is often documented that these triangles break down. You are doing a grate work. Thx

No it is clearly a breakout pattern as we described in the video?

We have moved a fair way from december

How about BAT ?

Just broke out! Lamborgini production better increase!



Hi Naeem. Thanks for all the hard work. Can you please talk about DGD next time? I really appreciate it.

Hello Rooshanak! Will definitely consider making a video like that! Thank you for your support.

Great video like always

Thank you so much Bruce, that means a lot. I am glad you are here!

Thanks... will join in may

Glad to have you here brother! Thank you!

DNT Coin Plrase

Hey big guy, another great video, enjoy your energy as always! I've picked up a book and I'm into chapter 6 now. The Bitcoin Standard - by Saifedean Ammous... You should pick it up and share your thoughts! I'm finding it extremely interesting so far. Cheers have a good one eh!

Interesting, I’ll have to check that out! Thank you so much man!

one of the top unknown youtube crypto channels. Hey can you give an updated opinion of what you think of Verge XVG? It seems to find support 775 satoshi, do you think it'll go lower? the rsi is around 38

Your absolutely right, crypto is such a huge deal. It's the next huge world changing revolution

Nice comments


Bigger than Tesla? Gee that's big.

Wow fabulous Series.

Thank you for the feedback and for the support Jeri! Watch out for more videos soon.

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