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Exes Take A Lie Detector Test

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Hey I'm stayin today, the video is a lot different from past lie-detector, videos I'm gonna go to each of their homes have them talk about their, story from beginning to end you seem upset was, horrific. Toxic. Whoa this. Is really weird I kind of like held that over him I was like breaking, up a few I'm a little scared are you guys allowed to be like explicit, really hear both sides of, the story where things went well where, things turned sour if, he leaves the room as laptops, on I'll like look, at that their chest story how it ended, and whose fault it was ask them all the questions that I have yeah, in, your bag yeah. At. The end I'm gonna have them strap up and ask each other anything that they've ever wanted, I'm nervous does your mom still hate me do you regret dating, me throughout, the time comment below who do you relate to what have you experienced, in the past that was similar to this couple he would always like, ask me if I was like cheating on him you. Have until you does. He know about it. We've. Always done live detective videos like back in 2015. When I first joined we've, done a few since then with, like try guys and stuff here they want to share their story we can always, learn from other, people on how their relationships. When Megan, was free and I grabbed her to help on the shoot today I'm scared I'm a little scared too I may. Seem innocent like. A cat without the, claws. You, may think I'm super, sweet but like line I'm gonna. Take. You by surprise like. Stranger. In the night, ready. On that here, I come, by, the end hopefully. We can all learn a thing or two of things not to do in a relationship. Strap. Up we're gonna jump into it how long have you been in your relationship, two. And a half years. Yeah. How, many breakups, have you had five. See, I've never had a breakup, Wow yeah, my, boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years right. We like almost. Had, a thing because I was doing long-distance for, like six months and that was really hard so I'm really, curious, about, other people's I, think there's a lot of valuable things to learn people, say that people break up for like money sex. And kids. Like having children causes, a lot of issues what, were some of the reasons, one. Of them I moved to Montana long, distance one of them it was just an unhealthy relationship, and. We both didn't like each other very much, okay, that's important one of them was I just know that you're not the one so, why waste both of our time you had instinctual, reasons, I want to know that's why I wanted to have them talk about under, a scrutiny, of a professional, lie-detector. Guy John he scares me have you seen him yeah he, seems very business. It's not a toy God hates liars and, I hate liars the type of Stern dad that I never had if you have nothing to hide and tell the truth. Which. Way is the secret front door do you want to introduce yourself, my name's Matt LeGrande I dated. Anthony, the samito for six long months you, seemed upset, oh no, no I'm good we had like a very tumultuous. Relationship. I. Want, to know all about that is, this your family yeah. Laurie's my family looks insane I kind of have a weird backstory like my family, are missionaries, in Indonesia, like that's where I was born and raised and that's why we look like a cult what does that mean my parents are like born-again. Evangelical, Christians. Why did they choose Indonesia, Indonesia, has the largest, number of UPG, which is unreached, people group people, who have not heard the gospel, who need to be saved how.

Long Was, your life spent their first 17, years of my life whoa tell. Me some happiest. Moments, in memories. She. Bought me that plan it was probably like this big when he got it for me oh wow and now much unlike our relationship. It has blossom, we, almost got tattoos, together what would you have done we were gonna get lying right, here yeah wow this is really strange, I hope these things still my place he would like call each other lion-o. And then we found this and, I was like the big lion because, I have a hairy back okay, I would call lion who clean lie. Anthony. Likes cooking he would come over a lot when he would be like super drunk, like after comedy, shows and then he would just like make stuff in my kitchen and make like a huge mess cute, for like a few months and then it was horrific. When, you break up you're like Jesus Christ why did I let this guy come over to my house drunk and make ramen. Tommy's, the beginning. We. Met a Bigfoot, lodge you, have comedy shows there I was booked on the show that night bought me a drink right after my set and introduced himself and, we like hit it off they have a little patio area and, we talked there probably until, clothes we made out on the patio that night very stereotypical. Gay. Ways we, almost like hooked up in the back home, but they were like so many people there two weeks later we were in Tijuana, together, well you guys went to TJ two weeks after that's a big vacation, yeah we're just like all in are you guys exclusive. During that time there was no question about, whether or not we were open we're monogamous we're, not seeing other people yeah. We've. Been dating for like five months or so I was going home for Thanksgiving and he had like told me he loved me and I didn't, say, it back and it kind of freaked me out he really wanted, like commitment. Had you said I loved you before has, anyone said it to you before I had said it to a guy that, I was seeing before him, I'd be like I love you and he would be like I have, a lot of love for you it was always, such. A gut. Punch her and it was really frustrating for me I was just like a no Limbo's on the whole time how old was he ten years older than me do you like older, guys oh god yeah, yeah. What is it about older, guys I feel like I'm getting interviewed, for like a porno. Think. What is it about ol Damon because I have like a weird life experience, it kind of forced me to grow up quicker. I was having a really good time with Anthony but I question, what I'm having a really good time it's hard for me to just do that I don't want to like put too much pressure on the Christian anything but there is sort of the sense that like you are supposed to be a martyr while you're on earth so like if you're enjoying your time like you should be questioning why, you're having fun I remember feeling really guilty for not being able to commit, am I just not able to accept, someone who loves me what were some of the biggest issues that you guys had. He. Was drunk so, often. Three or four nights a week one time I remember he like threw up out of my what, do you think he drinks so much I think it was probably because he was just new to LA trying, to fit in he's like a short, latino. Gay, comedian. One of a kind and the scene there's got to be factors. That I understand, from that either again like a tall white guy and I blend in even though I like I have a weird background was there ever a competition, element. With you guys since you guys were doing the same profession, that is like a huge reason why I wanted to have a show The Improv II didn't let me have a show and then he started.

Having A show there when you felt jealous did, you keep it mostly internally. Or would you guys fight about it there was like tension, and I want to know how to bring it up so much build-up of like passive-aggressive. Stuff I resented, him getting, things, that I wanted, and then like definitely, when he said I love you I kind of like held that over him and was like you. Might get that show but I'm not gonna tell you I love you, a. Part. Of me in ways didn't want him to be happy, because I wasn't, happy about where I was in my life, we. Almost like hooked up in the bra have. You hooked up in bathrooms, before. A. I. Did, in an airport, one time, and it, was while, we were dating after. I like knew that we were gonna break it was a huge thing when we were dating he would always like, ask me if I was like cheating on him and like Sodra, man why was he afraid, alakazam. When. Did you tell him that you did it with the guy at the airport I don't know if I did talk to him about that you. Have until you does. He know about it but also I like was, kind of a denial myself. About it so I went home for Thanksgiving, after he told me loved me and I did not tell him that I loved him it was literally flying to, my parents, at a layover in Chicago. And, there was this like cute guy who was sitting next to me on the plane and then like when we were in the airport I went to the bathroom and we were both watching her hands like he made eyes at me and. Then he like went into a stall, and then I followed him in and he just left the door open, yeah like unlocks it was like so sketchy, if. That, happened, and then I went to the terminal that I was on slept. For three hours and it kind of just felt like a dream or something next week we broke up when I came back you have asked me if I like cheated on him and what, was going on I knew that I was gonna break up with him it I like kind of justified, it like they can't even count I don't even know that person's, name I've never seen them yeah yeah I know, where they were going those, things whether or not we like admit them to ourselves like they affect you so consciously, he could obviously sense that I was distancing, myself okay. Whose. Fault, was it for, the break-up. The. Actual, breakup, like moment, I mean he was over here literally making a mess in my kitchen, and I was like I'm not gonna clean, this up it was like so dramatic, I was like breaking, up a few and he's like fine we'll have fun cleaning this up and then he like threw the pot everything like, ran out so I think that one was on him I think I was kind of the one who initiated because I was being like kind of withholding almost. Like self-sabotage, on my part I have like a hat urn of being, with guys who I feel. Like I need to fix and do you fix them no. Okay but. I. Think it's this like Savior complex being, a missionary for 20 years, oh you're trying to save people, I feel like that's the whole thing that's what you grew up doing I need to save Michael program, to do that Wow, why, don't I focus on saving, myself it's, even interesting, like processing. It with you because at first like I was making it all about him and how like he like drink too much even talking. With you about how a lot of it was just my own personal issues. Was, not ready to be happy. Here's what I want you to do write down ten yes-or-no, questions, are you guys allowed to be like explicit. I can bleep it up so we just wrapped up with Matt I was so happy that he was just really open about their relationship their past and where they are now. There's, always another side to a relationship. I am gonna go talk to Anthony so I'm getting some guests and I just got a text from Anthony, saying his roommate, isn't out yeah when he was getting mad he couldn't ever have any guys over Anthony is an adult he should be able to have people who print his plays I'm, a little, scared of his roommate now. You. Seemed a little anxious I think we're good I'm relaxed now when I first, moved in here there was a condition that I couldn't, have people sleep, here it's like in Dilys he, used to have a tenant it was hooking up a lot I'm just burying his, baggage I'm, like talking solo. Okay. Let's talk how your relationship with met I just thought he was really funny he's just striking in person a gorgeous man you, know I was just like wow hit, it off right away he's just very loving that's the person he is to, like his friend but when it comes to intimacy that's where he became kind of this show. When. Did you know you, loved him we were in bed and I was just like I love you like. And. Then and then and then like, he just hugged me it was kind of an accident how long into the relationship, one or two months later on I think Torres and I said you know the average time, couples. Say love you is three months yeah and then he was just like oh really in, that it, seemed like he was like running away like we'd have like a moment where it was appropriate to, say it he would turn it into a funny moment or, let, me get on my phone and let me call someone and.

He Wouldn't let that moment happen how did that feel like I was chasing my, tail of Kamath yeah. I almost, suggested. A couples, therapy, to figure that out is it too early for that. He's, from such a religious, background he's, still kind of fighting this internal battle what's the internal battle you should be able to believe in God even if he has, like these Jesus, things he has an altar in his house like I'm Mexican and, he has an altar I mean. Okay, you know and that always might be something, a little bit there that's kind of a tug of war, you. Know like he just came out. Tell. Me about your dating history oh I've. Been through the wringer with. Love when I was 21, I got with an older guy how, old he was like 36, it was really toxic he was drinking a lot he would like hide vodka, in the house and I would like find it and I was 21, so I would drink it. That. Lasted like seven. Months wait why was he hiding it I didn't know that he was like wake, up and drink alcohol okay. Yeah. He. Would like get the shakes in the morning if he didn't have a drink I dated another guy years, later and, he. Ended up cheating on me Wow, so, I was cheated on before he just bucket out of your mind I think so yeah, the guy was a jerk and then after that I really didn't date I was just focusing, on comedy, I was like comedies my boyfriend, then I moved to LA I met Matt and his gag comedian, friends. If. He had said I love you back did, you see future, with him I think there, could have been the holidays, were coming and, he was like I need a fresh start, that's, what he said I don't know how, come to people your are talking about this he mentioned like during the relationship like you drink often was, that a issue what, was the deal with that he would drink too I came at you drink until there. Was like a couple of times I just forgot how much I drank before, I went to another show and then I drink more and, that was just like not really drunk I, was like accusing, him of cheating on, me when I got drunk why, were you thinking he was cheating on you like I would tell him I'm gonna be at this show he would go to a different show why don't you come to the show that I'm on little, things that raised a flag for, me and I guess he wasn't cheating, on me when you hold the phone away from someone. For a good 30 minutes what, someone's texting you. I'm. Happening, maybe he was just texting someone. In the center it was a private conversation with, his mom stuff like that, that I remember, um. Yeah. Sometimes. I'd be like oh he just needs some space okay that's fine but a lot of times I would have that like panic, I care what's, happening does he not want to spend time with me how far into the relationship, did you start feeling that three. Or four months, in. If. He leaves the room his laptop saw, and I like look, at that third row, did you ever do that. No, I mean he, doesn't know that mound. Think so yeah there's, a button that just tells you what you've done what you've been doing, you know and it's right there but did you ever find anything. No Travelocity. Or whatever I don't. Understand, what, pushed me to believe this, I would tell him like it's just my it's, just my baggage that I'm carrying my fear of like losing him, what's that baggage about people in my life that have left like my dad passed, away when I was like 10 years old. Brother moved, to Mexico, and he's kind of stuck there just thinking, that I'm getting older trying to slow my roll find somebody to like build the life we're reaching 30, which is like 70. And gay years as, they say over 30 over the hill no, we're, gonna be old I, know my, back is already hurting gays age older, we have more baggage so. What were the biggest issues in the relationship. Lack. Of trust. From, me what, are things you're curious about if he, did, cheat on me I'm curious to know if you did enjoy hanging out with me that shows why, do you have doubts about that because we weren't like always affectionate. I am curious if, he. Did, love me and, if he was just not, able to say it. That. We have John here I'm a polygraph, examiner. I've tested about 10,000. People over the last 30-plus years, we get the most accuracy. By making sure they answer yes or no with their mouth only no head movements, or any body movements, but gloves I'm. Buckled, all right I'm gonna wire you up arms up this will let us know if the question, take your breath away or if you purposely, hold your breath either ones okay very nervous ready. Yes. Yeah does your mom still hate me. Yes. Kru. She. Never really liked Matt even, though it, was great she was like this is not a man, from my boy why do you think so I don't know but maybe she just knew that it wasn't meant to be I think she was just jealous of me, did.

You Like having, sex with me oh yeah. Yeah. Sex. Was good did, you ever had doubts no but like I don't know people, liable, fake it yeah or you like pretend, like you're into something to make the other partner happy because you don't know if you'll reject it or something, and we were dating did, you actually think I was funny. Yes. Crew. I. Think. You're funny okay. Cool I think everybody too I always tell that when we were dating I was. Always topping, but I wanted, to bottom and I. Was kind of nervous, to ask you if I asked you to top me would you have taught me. Yes. That's. True I. Was. Expecting to be like I'd rather use a strap-on. I. Think. I would have started there. Made. Me feel so embarrassed to ask that it's like vulnerable to, ask for, like things that you want sexually, cuz if you get rejected it feels so personal, you could have trusted me in bed more I asked, you for what I needed, watermelon. Those are safe word. You. Got. A show, at The Improv when we were dating and I also wanted to get a show there and I cut in, would. You have been upset if I got a show and you didn't. Know. True. Wow. Oh yeah, I, would. Have been happy for any type of success that you got it doesn't mean that you, took it away from me it, means that, you. Know, there's. Other. Chances, for me if, I don't get it it's. A good way of looking at that yeah I think because, I was so new at the time I was really antsy, and like jealous. About opportunities, I want success for all my friends I think that includes you did. You ever. Cheat, on me during the relationship, No. Crew. Whoa. That, was intense. I, didn't. Think he didn't know who, would ever want to be with you shut. Your mouth ha ha I. Couldn't. I tried I. Tried. So, hard to, cheat on you do, you think it's, Matt's. Fault, that you guys broke up no. True. Well. It's kind of nice, it's, my fault, why, I. Was. Just too much I was, too needy and, I was too productive I think jealous. Ready. Tell. Me nervous did, you like touring, with me yes. True. Oh. Oh yeah, it's so fun I still wanna go back to Arizona with you let's do it without your mom means. You might like you know I'm, not banging her my hand yeah were. You using me for your comedy career no. True. Oh, did. You enjoy sex, with me yes. True. Oh I. Enjoyed. Sex with you to know that we had good sex. Did. You like my cooking, yes. That. Hit the top of the computer oh you. Really did oh, he. Did it, okay. I feel like. You're. Not good at cooking I. Think. I'm a good god I, honestly. Thought that I did well, at the time but I feel like if you're dating someone you're just gonna eat what they put in rather what you do you regret dating, me. No. True. Oh oh. No I especially, in retrospect, I mean it was a lot of fun kind, of forced me to really. Dive into comedy because your success with it did. You ever cheat on me with another. Guy or. Guys. For. That matter. Yes. True. But. Though. It. Was only one time wait, hold on how do you feel. I'm. Not surprised. But. It is. Overwhelming. To hear. It. Was only one time so it was guy okay. And. It. Was at an airport, what. It was flying over Thanksgiving. Okay. And we, didn't have. Intercourse. Okay. You. Did it pretty. Much I got off the plane and, then we went to the bathroom and then like we went to wash our hands and we like made eyes at each other and. Then I went it and then he went into a bathroom stall and I followed him in there and, then he went, down on me, Wow and, then. And. Then I went to sleep, and waited for my next plane and I kind of pretended like it didn't happen which, is a little sociopathic.

But. But. I don't really. Remember, what he looks like oh if. I actually feel so much better. It. Wasn't romantic but. I totally cheated on you, yeah. You did Wow. Yeah, isn't that so bad of me but that was towards the end right yeah, well we had just gotten really sunlight when I went home for Thanksgiving, and I. Like. Kind of knew that we weren't gonna be together and. I think I kind of made that decision in my mind because right when I got back we broke up so. In my mind I kind of was like whatever we're not even gonna, meet together. So. Why not get some. Dick. Yeah, I'm about you I mean I think it was a shitty thing that I did do. You feel bad yeah. I do. True. Oh. So. You want me to feel bad I do. It's. Not long ago but, whatever. Also, it feels crazy because that doesn't, it. Feels like something I would never imagined that I would ever do yeah I can't, believe I did that I have. One more question you never really said it and I said it to, you I said I love you did, you ever love, me yes. True. Makes. Me feel sad that, he couldn't just, say. It or. Let. The. Love grow but, I'm, glad that I heard it I definitely know that I did love you but I. Know. That when you say that out loud it changes. Things, it like brings it to another level, and I knew I wasn't ready to do that I'm glad, that we didn't just keep. Being somewhere, where it. Was gonna be worse, there is a tug, of war between, us. Did. You learn anything from all this I learned that even a year after a breakup, it's still, emotional. And visceral you still need closure, Matt would say something, nice the way he said oh it. Was good affirmation. For him that he like needed. But you enjoyed this right that was my. Takeaway if. That therapy, is good for everyone, at any time in life in our conversation. With Matt earlier, just, sitting there on the couch in the span of like 30 minutes he had some revelations, it reinforced. My belief that once you establish, that you're, completely, honest it's okay, to have, issues, as long as you trust the other person if you don't trust your partner, the rest of it has nothing to stand on I don't regret doing this me and Matt are such good friends I couldn't imagine him, like not in my life he's such, a great person he's, the person that I fell. In love with a cool that I got to let you know that I did like, love, you and have those strong feelings for you time that's, all good we've never really like hashed, things, out and, then I have a post. Conversation. Or anything like that comment below I want to hear your thoughts who, do you think was right who do you relate to is it anyone's fault or were they just not meant to be what you learned that you could apply to your own relationship, and let us know if you want us to do more of these see, you later. Feels. Like, I'm innocent.

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I'm glad to hear truth come out but I don't feel comfortable with the one guy laughing while the other guy is clearly experiencing an intense emotional reaction. I had plenty of problems with my ex, she cheated on me and the feelings are, incomprehensible...


Am I the only person who feels like Anthony completely sabotaged the relationship? 3-6 weeks trying to force someone to say they loved you. Invades his bf’s privacy several times, and never made an attempt to tell him. It goes beyond distrust but is very indicative of being a toxic partner. But also starting fights, destroying kitchens, and borderline harassing when drunk/ 3-5 times a week. Even Anthony knew he was the reason for the break up. This in no way makes it okay to ever cheat, of course. But the one time cheating happened, it was already decided to end the relationship. It’s not what ruined the relationship, it just made Matt a giant ass. Also, I hated that Matt laughed when exposing his cheating ass. Like I hope it was because he was nervous, and not because he thought it was funny. All in all, I think my point is, they both needed therapy before meeting each other. And that if Matt broke up with Anthony when he knew it was over, thus not making him the cheater, (which he was so often accused of and stalked over, when he originally hadn’t) we wouldn’t be blaming Matt. Even though the cheating still had nothing to do with the break up, at least on a surface level.

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Can someone tell me what that song is in the beginning

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This is my favorite BuzzFeed video of the year!

Good video. Good job guy.

Matt - jealous & passive agressive withholds love decides he will break up later, so he cheats now Yet his questions are about making sure he was loved and wanted "I think I try to save people, its a savior thing". Well this is how Christianity works out, but not what that Book says. Matt is toxic. Lesson is don't date Matt or people like him.

Matt is so toxic

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Sis. What are these till tequila edits with the Jim Carey’s “the mask” music ? Lol

Very good to watch.

Matt is insecure about his upbringing and is afraid of showing feelings, while Anthony is insecure about his past relationships and is looking for someone protective... They weren't meant to be, although I feel like therapy would really help Matt.


Why do so many people still believe in lie detectors, when it's already been proven time and time again that they DO NOT WORK ?

It was just one time is not a good way to justify at all especially when being almost cheating on can break a person. Trust out the window.

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I really liked this episode, mostly it was the raw honesty that I liked the most. I think you should turn this into a series, maybe a once a week thing. Heaven knows there are enough ex-couples out there that would be interested in participating in this if you were to turn it into a series. I would absolutely love to do this with my ex-husband, we would do this in an instant. Although our marriage didn't work out were were blessed to be the best of friends afterwards. When we went to court to finalize our divorce in the courtroom we sat right next to eachother, held hands the whole time, and then once the papers were signed we gave eachother a big hug, to which the judge said "In all my years presiding over this court I have never seen a newly divorced couple hug & show so much love towards one another.". I know that he & I both have quite a few lingering curious questions for the other that we've never really given eachother answers to, regarding fidelity & times where one or the other of us had moments of time that were unaccounted for(sometimes they were lengthy periods of time too). So IF IF IF you DO decide to turn this into a series please feel free to include us if you wish to. I can pretty much guarantee you that that episode would be anything but dull lol This episode is DEFINITELY in my top 3 of all of yours that I've seen yet. Keep up the fantastic work! I LOVE THIS CHANNEL! My only regret on YouTube is that I didn't find THIS channel sooner. Unfortunately I only just discovered you all just a few months ago but EVERYDAY I look forward to what video you guys/gals are going to post next. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Take care everyone @ BuzzFeedVideos, MUCH

A lie detector test doesn't detect lies.

I don’t like matt at all, the way he was explaining how he cheated on Anthony is really fucked up specially him laughing. you could see anthony’s pain.

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The missionary son sounds like a Valley girl about to make an amateur porno shoot

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I am from indonesia

i honestly liked both of them, they both seemed very honest and genuine in this video. i really liked this video... it just felt so healthy. since you asked at the end i do think it was matts fault, i think he was not ready to commit. he said that he did love anthony but he was not ok with saying it because in my opinion that meant acknowledging it and realizing "hey this is the one person i would love to be with". which led to the closure in his own mind and the cheating. honestly that feeling of not being ready to commit is totally ok a bunch of people have that feeling but at that point there needs to be communication and closure. what ended up happening was matt ended the relationship in his mind and didnt tell anyone. i truly did like this video alot and hope there are more to come and this is what i took away from it.

This is my worst nightmare hahaha

22:42 John is me while hearing Matt give any excuse why he cheated

When he was describing that he cheated on him he didn't say it with guilt in his voice but giggled. It made me feel so bad for the other guy

You love him..... but you cheated on him........ k

*Kane... Or Shane.... YOU DECIDE*

Omg lie detectors aren''t even accurate...

I really liked this video, I think it’s a good series to delve into. However, the poppy upbeat editing with the neon sign I felt took away from the emotion that the two of them were experiencing.

I definitely relate to Anthony. I think this was really good closure for him.

Doesn't anyone else see how wrong it is to go somewhere and try to change their religion whilst insisting doing so is "saving them"? It's no different to people of my faith (Islam) going around preaching about Islam to people, and claiming they are trying to save them and help them. It's downright disrespectful of other faiths (you are rubbishing other faiths), and the methods used are often so underhanded eg offering charity as coercion. If your faith is right for you then great, but stop preaching to people who never asked for it. You're not helping them, and it does your faith group a disservice (I know many who hate my fellow Muslims for preaching to them, and I used to hate Christians for preaching to me that I just hadn't seen the light yet and needed to be saved - I'm ex-christian). Live and let live. Keep your faith to yourself, only preaching if specifically asked. Finally, lose the arrogance. Pretty much every faith has just as much evidence as the next. It's called a belief for a reason. You have no right to think your faith is better and the only right one (it may be for you, but not everyone).


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I will do a texting conversation about exes next

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side note: if this becomes a series, please reconsider the music for every title card. it was becoming annoying especially when the title were so edited so closely together. I have been on both sides of this relationship and can totally empathize with both of them. Communicating openly, honestly, and being supportive sounds so cliche but it's so true. Unfortunately even though I've been knowing this, I almost never put it into practice. Though for the past 8 yrs I've been single and haven't had to deal with relationship stuff. Maybe one day when I find my man, I will have the courage to follow that cliched advice/lesson.

I'm extremely lucky to be with an amazing person who is my everything. I liked this video a lot because I feel like it gave them both revelations about themselves. I think in the long run they will become better people.

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Christmas countdown!!


I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about 6 months now and we said I love you only like 2 weeks into our relationship is that bad ??

It not bad when it real... even tho love grows it’s your relationship. The time is just time let it be.

im from indonesia

I would LOVE to do this with my ex. I've always thought he might be a sociopath and a lie-detector test could help me get some answers!


I was in the situation of holding out to say I love you to my first boyfriend. He said it in month 1, I said it 7 months later. I did love him around month 3 but I was not ready to be monogamous so I did not want to string him along by saying I love you until I was ready for commitment and the next level emotions. We ended up breaking up, but he was a good guy and I don't regret it.

WAAAY too many stock clips in the video, I know it’s Buzzfeed, but comon

That intro was a bit intense lol

Oh she’s bald

Mørgan Is Alive she has cancer she made a video about it

Mmm yeah no thanks, I’m so glad my exes and I don’t have contact now.

Oh gosh. They just have to be gay don't they? Lord Jesus come quickly.

jesus loves the gays :D

WHY IS HE LAUGHING??? sociopath.

Nervous, a lot of people do it.

* cheats on boyfriend at the airport * “he kept asking me if i cheated on him, being so over dramatic.” um, okay but you did..cheat on him...so...?

Sometimes continuously being overly suspicious without a reason is exactly what pushes someone towards being unfaithful. That doesn't make the cheating okay, of course, but that doesn't make it any less true. And in this case it was at a point where he already knew he was going to break up with him asap, so at the end of the relationship, so the suspicions of cheating during the relationship weren't justified at all.

True, but that was before they even broke up yet. Anthony was really possessive and affectionate at the time and he kept asking questions if he betrayed him and etc bc he was insecure about their relationship. It must’ve drove the other guy insane bc of the constant doubt. It’s shows that Anthony had no trust in whatever he did because he never committed into saying “I love you.”

'Professional Lie Detector' is an oxymoron.

The mood of this video was all off. They are talking about serious stuff but the transitions are too upbeat

Sorry bobalah

Honestly being in a relationship changes your perspective on life totally and videos like this amazing one help you to realize that time heals and you just have to be your most authentic self. Even if you're not your most authentic self all the time, which is a completely natural thing to do, its important to recognize those moments and speak openly about them. DAMN commenting is therapy on its own!!!


Try baked little cows head

Why is he laughing?? It’s not funny to cheat

I feel so bad for Anthony, I feel like he cared more than Matt....

22:40 Me after he admits he cheated

“it was only one time” it’s still cheating wtf

yeah and matt said that he was sociopathic, so maybe matt is a sociopath

this guy 'wait, how do you feel after you just found out he cheated on you' -_-

Kayne you messy boots! Anyways yes please more of this!!!

Almost every breakup is two sided. It takes two people to make a relationship work and it takes two people to wreck it. Personally I think that both of them caused it but it was mostly Matt. He pulled away and wouldn't open up to Anthony.

the white guy is so narcissistic and disgusting. i hate cheaters

where do yall get the annoying stock footage

Why is everyone gay In buzz feed no offence just saying everyone is bloody gay no offence


I don't understand. They are a couple in a sexual relationship and both are biological males, yet they both behave like women. Male lesbians?

Just Dan : And of that I am proud. Straight/Herero Pride.

Ah the sight of a confused hetero

23:18 That makes it so much worse

wow this sounds like my past relationship but i'm straight and was in it for over a year. I felt like Anthony, being paranoid about the cheating near the end, needing to feel loved, and being happy for their successes, but being too needy. And Matt reminded me of my ex: always acting shady with the phone, being lowkey jealous for their successes, but deep down loving them and having good intentions. i really wish i could do this with my ex lmao cause i have a lot of questions for him.

I think cheating is a real thing because the other party was really in love with you how can someone can actually do such a thing I get the responsibility in the house but hey you can fix it not by cheating...shame on people who cheat.

Loved the concept, but the title transition topics, were super preppy and off tone (like a gameshow), and happened so often between topics they became somewhat cheap . Maybe if you want to indicate a cut to a new topic, you could do the title of the new topic in a plain font, with a plain background in the opposite colour. Instead of music, the people could start talking from the next scene. Love what you do and look forward to more!!

I could have sworn I've seen that lie detector John guy on Dr.Phil before and then in another episode Dr.Phil said John had died. I'm confused.

who giggles when telling somebody they cheated on them

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Anthony sounded really chill and supportive. I feel bad for him. Matt needs to go back to being a Christian. You can tell he needs it.

You do realize a lie detector test is not reliable it will make truths into lies sometimes then there are those who know how to lie on a test and not get caught lying.

This was amazing and closure is what every one needs and should get after a relationship

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Why’d he laugh after saying he cheated with total apathy

Wow lol

Matt is toxic!

I love this!!! Please bring this series back!

When you realize their all gay...

The lie detector operator should take a lie detector test. If he has kids being one in. He's too mysterious. I don't trust him.

Wow he was so honest, kinda made it hard to hate him

Matt didn’t even care that he cheated.. I felt so bad for Anthony when Matt said “yeah I totally cheated on you... isn’t that so bad of me?” Ugh just the way he said it made me mad

wow this is so

Liar detectors are not always accurate

“it was only one time” dude dont say that-

"I'M Mexican and HE has an alter"

Megan looks amazing! I love the buzz cut you look so badass!

Matt is a real fuckboi

That transition music with the title cards is super annoying. Overall, good video. The music is just distracting!

Definitely an anxious-avoidant relationship

I wish I could ask my ex about his cheating, and about other things. Like I told him that I was falling into a depression and wanted him to just sit next to me when I tried call for help and he said no, because two things "Just stop being sad if you're sad" and "People that are depressed and start on medication should not be in relationships". I want to ask him if he truly believes this. But he'd probably never agree, because even his questions to me would probably make him look like an ass. :/

Matt is a mean person, the way he acted when admitting to cheating was just cruel...

10:08 scared laughter

“I totally cheated on you”

Yasss please do more of these this was my favorite!

I forgot the girls's name but short hair suits her so much!!!

My dad committed adultery after 14 years of marriage to my mum, and I think that's worse than after 6 months or whatever, especially since Matt knew it wasn't going to work.

Gay or straight if someone doesn't say I love you then leave

Oh poor jon with those gay questions

I’ve never wanted to participate in something so bad

The problem is lie detectors are super inconsistent

I feel like my break up story with my recent ex would be a GREAT video. Especially if there’s a lie detector involved, there would be sooo much tea ☕️

Anthony is better off without him Matt in narcissistic and selfish

I feel so bad for Anthony, he's a nice guy and it isn't his fault they broke up I don't think. he deserves way better!

Really enjoyed this and hope to see more like this (exes take lie detector tests and the two sides beforehand). And Kane's a great host for it. Interested, but also sensitive to what they're saying and not seeming to really exploit their issues for views. Though I hope the next one(s) lack that repetitive little jingle with each transition (for example, at 9:29). There'd be this serious moment, and then interrupting it would be this loud and goofy song that kind of took me out of the moment. That's my take at least. But keep 'em coming!

Matt is a psycho. He giggled after he admitted to cheating.

"Comment down below and judge these people on their painful experience" jeeze buzzfeed can be so gross sometimes.

I want to do this so bad

white guy is a piece of work! YIKES run Anthony, RUN!!! And don't look back

Do politicians next


Ooh daddy

this could be a darn entertaining reality show

What's the last song that plays? I fell in love with it, but can't find it anywhere :(

I cry in 24.48

White guy is straight trash. Anthony deserves way better

Please keep this series going. It’s amazing!!


The way this video editted is overloaded with effects and add-in clips. Really makes me feel disconnected to the story

This series is great. Could’ve done without the thousand neon topic signs and royalty free clips. Not really necessary

Too long .....

I’m all for a back story but that was a bit much to finally get to the lie detector at around 17:35 just

Why gays?

Grrrrl, I woukda been crying after Matt said he cheated. I woulda walked out. Smh. I almost stopped watching. It hurt so bad. Bastard. But, like Anthony , I wanted to know if Matt ever really loved him too.


Gay guys are weird

The real question is whoo D f is that guy at 9:29

"Sorry we cant show the photo" = shows a photo of jesus!

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both of them would benefit so much from a therapy

Wow, I really enjoyed this video. I'd definitely like to see more like this

IMO I really feel that Matt should have properly apologized instead of saying, “ isn’t that so bad of me?”

Please make this an on going series!

OMG, my parents are pastors and I always pick partners that I will "save"... had a lot of toxic relationships

Idc about their whole background life stories. Just wanted to see them take a lie detector test lmao

I enjoy your videos. They were not meant for each other.

Does Matt have a cold sore ?

I like Matt’s honesty. He’s flawed af but at least honest. Also damn he seems proud of the cheating. Yikes. Anthony deserves so much more


YAY MEGAN :D Nice to see you in a video after the last one!

Anthony, you deserve better! Matt doesn't even recognize you! good thing you broke up with him

At 1min ... clean your car Windows! Yikes

it was so cringey that he kept explaining himself about cheating like,, you could tell anthony just wanted him to stop talking and that his explanation wasn’t gonna make any kinda difference

Aww she shaved her hair off

Team Anthony

oh i totally want more of this!

I'm in LOVE with the whole thing!!! And the intro? Its so damn catchy and unique! Sertainly want more episodes of this! Well done mate!

So many people that grow up with a strong religious background like Matt are made to feel on the outside n experience so much self loathing due to their upbringing. Not to defend him at all because I luv how upfront n honest that Anthony was. He just wasn’t the right fit for Anthony because he wasn’t comfortable with himself n fully adjusted with his sexual orientation, in my opinion. If he was he would be open n happy for each other’s successes n failures. Many people that grow up n a super ultra religious background don’t come to copes with it as soon and as comfortable as those that don’t. He just wasn’t ready but I’m glad he was honest with Anthony during his lie detector test. I pray for both of their happiness n their future and relationships❤️

wow, Matt is like proud that he cheated on his ex, like telling him all the details. like anthony was obviously upset when he said that and he was just telling him everything. feel sorry for anthony, he's a better guy imo

Matt is so immature and how he found cheating funny i don’t know but that’s ridiculous. ‘I totally cheated on you’ like wtf?

How are you trying to save someone by cheating on them?

Matt is a horrible guy. You got jealous, cheated on your boyfriend (just because you think you’re going to break up, doesn’t make it ok), thinks it’s totally fine to cheat and dramatic if they get caught and puts down Christianity from a very one sided view. Being a martyr is not a thing in the Christianity I know. Don’t blame your own problems on a religion

Ruthy Bap There have been plenty of martyrs n the history of Christianity, just saying. Not knocking u but there r many denominations n extremist views on Christianity. I’m not defending Matt but growing up extreme southern Baptist, I know a thing or two about persecution of homosexuality n the Church and families. He was too young n didn’t have a full grasp I believe on being a real partner to anyone. Anthony was just from a different background n didn’t understand what the baggage from being raised that way had stunted Matt’s growth as a boyfriend, partner, n true friend really affected him. I hope Matt comes to terms with his hangups n that Anthony finds his true love that he deserves

In the Christianity I’ve grown up with, it’s not at all about being a martyr or questioning why you’re having fun. Having fun is a good thing but don’t let having fun badly affect other people.

I'm from indonesia .

I feel bad for Anthony poor guy

This made me so sad communication is key ! But everything happens for a reason and ugh how can someone go down on a random person not knowing what they might have

Lie detectors don’t actually work

I don't why I cried at the end lol I'm such a sap

Anthony is so sweet he deserves so much better

Please keep doing these!

Yo that guy is a total butthole how do you laugh about that consistently? Even as a nervous laugh that’s so rude and callous

Video starts at 17:06

Good show. Wrong transition music.

Uhhh, did you break up with your ex? Yes. *True*

Wait wtf he laughed so weirdly admitting he cheated? He sounds evil. That guy gives me creepy vibes.

I absolutely love the cinematography in this video for one but wow that raw emotion that hit him when he said he DID cheat on him!! That was heartbreaking And the fact he was just laughing it off’ jerk!

man im just ... why the fk every gay speaks like hes about to throw up or he speaks in a girly way the fk is that

Didn't care for Matt. Kinda a ass hat. He acted like his cheating was no big deal. Sorry, even a blow job is cheating! Also please don't blame your Christian upbringing for your emotional relationship issues. The need to save people in the ministry field, is not the same as your saving complex for what you perceive as damaged goods. Just saying. Lots of people have that complex. Its called being unhealthy. Overall a interesting video!

It was so emotional and kinda of sad for Antonio

The editing of this video was completely off :/ The choice of transition was so random, it's unusual coming from BuzzFeed I hope they change that because the concept of this video is actually really good

Make some more!!

I think Matt might just be one of those people who laugh when they get nervous.

Love the intro song. This should be a series on BuzzFeed you did such a good job Kane !!

if they were both more mature maybe it would have worked

the guy who cheated didn't even apologize for cheating.

when the lie ditector starts 17:03

This makes me so sad, poor Anthony. Matt is so mean...

It’s sad because lots of gay relationships are like this. Truly heartbreaking

Both these guys were hella toxic... Matt cheated on him and was really passive aggressive and territorial while Anthony was really insecure in the relationship which caused him to violate his partners privacy and he tried to pressure Matt into saying he loved him which is toxic as well. Moral of the story is both of them were selfish and didn't put their partner first but themselves instead.

That wyt boy is so toxic for the other guy. Cut him out of your life bro

What was the intro song?

why does matt think his cheating as a joke and not as a big deal ?? he keeps laughing ugh toxic

2:15 wait.... He's gay? Welllll... So it is

Yes, please do more of these!  They're very interesting.

I kinda low key hate matt

Ruthy Bap I’m not trying to push or preach and I am not a practicing Christian now. But I do have faith in a higher power

Silly Heather there are some but in my opinion that’s what I call ‘fake Christianity’ I’m no longer a Christian but to me, Jesus tells you to love one another and not judge (that’s not our job, you know). Of course it’s not exactly all gung ho homosexuality is exactly what we want, but it’s not like yall are all terrible people flip off.

Make a series Make a series Make a series Make a series Make a series

tbh im just here for kane! where is his post hair update video....!

This was amazing

Oh my god Anthony you can do SO MUCH BETTER. Matt has a lot of growing up to do. He's not on your level. Get out there and get yours!

Yes please do more of these

That was so great, I think you really did a good service for these two. I would love to see more of these! P.s. I would totally strap my ex up and ask them 10 questions, this us a great topic, I was emersed.

RIP buzzfeed

More more more!

I love them. They seem like such sweet guys

Can I get more of this tea?

I'm happy that Anthony got out of such a toxic relationship.

I love this series. Sometimes people self sabotage. It's hard to not take it personally

Ah! Anthony!!! I thought I spied a familiar face.

Matt is such an idiot

He's been on multiple shows and YouTube channels.

more please!

I need so many more of these!!

the editing of this is... interesting.

Do more!!

Wow... I feel so bad for Anthony. The cheating part of the lie detector was seriously awful to watch. Matt acts like he didn't have control over his actions.

Kane looked so sad and uncomfortable :(

Kane's actually like a great interviewer

Man your voice is horofic

I cringed when he kept laughing about cheating omg

Oh Anthony, you deserve so much more

This was good! I like the format.

This was really good! Love watching the videos Kane either produces or is in! Great way to get closure

Great show, great concept...let's change the upbeat music... really doesnt go lol

Does anyone else think that the theme music is WAY to cheery for this video. But I enjoyed it?

"Woooahhhw that was intense"

Anthony baby you were not too much. You needed things he was too little of a person to give

Matt: do you think I'm funny? Does your mom like me? Anthony: did you ever love me


Does anyone know what the song is called that you hear in the beginning?


why is this so overedited

The way he laughed while telling the story of him cheating was fucked and how he just didnt show any remorse

Anyone who has watched a lie detector video knows who john is

this intro is so extra

6 months barely counts as a serious relationship; saying"I love you" after a couple of months is ridiculous... really takes a year or two in most cases before you truly know each other. Props to the host guy for the 10yr relationship

He looks like o’hare from the Lorax. He even said let it grow

All of Matt’s questions seemed to be just ego boosters

anthony totally sounds like a scorpio lo l

Good god dude really doesn’t care about others feelings does he..




I'm Indonesian And bcs of that I'm so excited to know more about Matt bcs he spent his entire childhood here and now he back to US, I wanna about his experience as a white gay man who grew up in an asian country with most populous Moslem. And also, why does his IG disappear? Anyone?


Anthony was so much nicer than Matt! Honestly, I couldn't believe that he put up with that man who was so cruel and unkind

What's on Matt's face near his mouth? It was distracting.


* *Britney Spear's Toxic lyrics* *

I think they are both great people, who maybe could be together in the future but the timing was off. They both clearly were at the time, and still are, battling their own demons that they need to figure out before diving into something so serious. I was happy that both of them were able to admit their faults, and make self revelations. Definitely do more videos like this!!! I love seeing different perspectives, people make personal growth, and different relationship dynamics. Great video!!

Anything Kane is so good !!!


Matt is such a dick, He didnt deserve Anthony . Keep looking Anthony there is someone who will love you the way you want to be loved.

Matt sounds like he needs therapy.

Matts disgusting...

matt blamed everything on anthony and anthony blamed everything on himself. hmm

i felt so bad when he said he cheated

team matt or team anthony

When the Lie Detector guy puts his head in his hand and shakes it!

“If you can’t save yourself, how in the hell are you gonna save somebody else.”

Why they talk like thaaaaaaaaaaaat....

I wish I could do this with my ex. The tea would be too good

Matt: I cheated on him but the breakup was his fault WTF


There's always gonna be 2 sides of a break up and one may seem convincing over the other. The lie detector test only confirmed each other's questions. Tbh, i admire and respect both Matt and Anthony's honesty even prior to the test. That was very brave for them. And to appear on buzzfeed like this, that's even bravery to another level! They have acknowledged their faults in a relationship. They learned their lesson and they came to accept each other's faults. This was a very good episode. I hope they remained good friends after this episode.

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