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Exciting Business Proposal

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Hi. There John here so, if you're seeing this video this. Means that I am presenting. To you this business for pro so a very. Exciting, business that, I want. To get into, and I. Really am looking for investors, so. That I can make. This business a success, so, the business is all about Smart. TV retail, and distribution, and. We'll. Go. Into. The. Topic step-by-step. As we. Go along the way so why. Why. Smart, TV why. Retail. Why, sell, television. One. Reason. That I found interesting, is, because Pathology. Always improves the quality of life and US television. As, one, had, so many benefits, for us to give like you, cannot see any, household. Without. Television. Like. Really. Every, house there. Is always a television. Because, it's like, unique. It's, part of the commodity. Of, every. House, that there, should be a television, and, aside, from that television, nowadays have improved, greatly. Make, us do the physical, works and, it's call it features, and what. Interesting, features, about Smart TVs, is what. Makes it. Distinguished. From others, and as. A demand, greatly. Especially here, in our locality, in here in the country. So. There are different, types of modern televisions. On I'll, just show you some like, this one at the classic TV where in, the. Borders, are made of plastic. Of, course. Uncommon. Because most of the words, are made of like steel aluminum, or carbon alloy, a tempered. Glass TV, you're. Familiar with tempera, gas burner phones small. Sized TV, wherein the screen is kind, of smaller and the words are, larger. Compared to, the. Others a surface, temper to me where the screen is curved. We. Also have the Oh dat. / TV wherein the, screen is. Up. Until the edge it's shown up to the extent just like the. Recent mobile. Phones nowadays, and. What. I'm very, interested, about, as the. Smart TVs, this, one here is a smart, voice to, me where there's an artificial, intelligence, that does a voice. Recognition right maybe, you'll, just say, TV. On and the tv turns on TV off nothing. Like that. Smart. TVs are a, really. Big. Opportunity. For us here especially, in the Philippines there. Are lots, of companies, already well-known, companies such, as Samsung, LG. Sony. Sharp. TCL, and though I are. Offering. These. Kinds, of TVs but there, are small, players that, already, found, the, opportunity, on. Earning. Great. Income, from it just, by selling it okay. So. I, choose, a smart TV because of. Let's. Say I have this three personally. In. My own opinion, the bottom. Line this, distinguishes. Smart TVs from any other TVs, number, one a smart TV connects, a Wi-Fi connection, this. Is what makes it unique because not all the TVs connected, Wi-Fi right. They. People. These. Days just. Want, their. Gadgets. Or. Even. Maybe their TVs, to be connected to it Wi-Fi. Or it's an Internet, in order for them to watch YouTube, or, do Facebook, or especially Netflix, if you want to just, mention. Chill, question. Different Netflix, series and, another. One would be its slim light and wide, we. Already have like the. Led, type TVs, unlike, decades, ago the very traditional and box. Type. TVs, and. These. Days are of high quality resolution. Specially, Smart TVs if they are in. 4k, or F HD, quality. Hmm, these. Are some of the users of the television. Commonly. Its use, in homes in, the hotels, you, can find. A room in a hotel with, no television in it it schools. Televisions. Are more, preferred these, days compared, to a projector, because it does a lot, more we can watch the TV's you can connect your, laptop. To. The, screen. To the television, to do some presentation, like presentation, I'm doing right now, exhibition. But in different events, monitoring. For security, and. K. TVs and a lot more there, are so many, users. So it's of television. So, right now I will, get, in through directly, in. The financials, ok to explain to you and give you an overview, of Oh, what. Can we get if will be, come. A distributor, and we sell Smart. TVs. There. Will be two columns here the first part is. The. Column, where we'll do. Computations. For an. Optimistic. Approach, and on the right side part you can see on the screen on a conservative. Approach. So. Optimistic. Computation, if you will sell one, smart. TV. That's. Yeah. The quality of the TV by the way is 32. Inch is. Very like the standard, size of the television. 32. Inch Smart. TV it's nice and Wi-Fi and it has same. Features, of common, LED, TVs but, this one is an HD.

A Full, high-definition. TV. And the. Selling, price I, mean. The fair. Market value, of these. TVs. Our days and different malls. Different. Companies, that they offer, ranges. From 10,000. To 15,000. Yes. That's, right. It's, very big. And as, you can see here the product, cost. Where. You can just, buy it directly from. The manufacturer, in China. Just Cause 5,000. Persons right. Maybe, they cost higher because they still pay rent, for this, space and, they still pay commissions, at AHS, utilities. Bills and, whatnot, so. On, an optimistic, approach, we can actually sell, one to me on. A maximum, eight thousand five hundred persons at, the pass we can maybe, raise it up to nine thousand but just. On an optimistic approach. 8,500. Okay the, cost of sales we have the product cost of cost of 1 TB, as a, since. I've already found. A supplier in China and we have already made. Some an email, the. Product cost is approximately around, 5,000. Pesos the. Freight. In and the customs, pretty. B is, 400. Passes and that I got. That by, computing. The. Fhq. Container, we're, in. You'll be it will be shipped because we cannot just buy one TV and. Then once it's, so we order. Another one is, from China so you need to buy in bulk in wholesale, in order for us to. Allocate. The, shipping, cost which costs, around 300, US. Dollars to 400, that's our 15,000. To 20,000. Pesos. Approximately. If, we'll divide that for the, 50 units that we'll be buying. Initially. That, costs, around foreign, passes, per TV. So, if you'll just order one TV that, will, cost the shipping around, 120. Dollars so. Wow. That's six, thousand, pesos compared. To the, film buying both. 50, units that's just, around 400, passes right, we're. Freaked out this is. Expensive. I will incur whenever, I will, personally I will be the one who will sell the products, so. There's. A assurance. On your part as an investor, if you'll be interested to invest in this business, because. I will be. Managing. All the, operations. Like, the marketing, the selling, and everything, from, buying. To. Selling, and then to, doing. The financials, everything I, will, manage it. All and. Going. Back to the computation. You'll, see the selling price of eight thousand five hundred less. The. Cost of sales is cost of the product, and. We. All get the profit margin per TV. Sold at, the three thousand. Passes. And if, I multiply that, for, fifty units to, be sold within three or four months that's, around. 150,000. Profit. That's, just a profit, okay, we, still haven't deducted, the possible. Expenses, now on the, conservative, approach we. Might be able to sell, the TV. At the, minimum price of seven thousand five hundred later. On I will show you i, sold. Already some. TVs. At. Some, price but. Going back to computation. Let's put, in, because. Of sales around five thousand six hundred like. I put, a higher price, here in trade in constant, just in case for in, contingencies. We. Get a profit margin of 1000, I know that's that's.

For Conservative, though, these that we can get. In. Every cell at TV, but of course we all strive to, get to, the optimistic. Optimistic. Approach. To get more profits, and for. A console ready approach we'll just get an estimated, profit of, ninety. Five thousand, in, three. To four months okay. Three or four months is actually very. Long for. Me to, sell, 50 units, because. I'm, a sales guy I, love. Talking to people and. Just. Talking. With them convincing, them to sell, products that are of great value on. An. Optimistic computation. Getting. This. Data from the other slide. We, have an estimated profit, of 150. Thousand, right Leslie. Operating, expenses, now as for the operating, expenses what's amazing here is because, we will, just be selling the product online so. Will not be. Paying. For any rent expense, any, Commission. Expense, for the person, that sells because I will be the one who, will sell it will. Not be paying any utility, expense because it will not be like. Turning. On a TV and showing, it for. Turning. It on for 10 to 12. Hours just, to show to the. Public that the TV, is functioning. And has this type features. Bah-bah-bah, so, are. Just. Just. An estimate, now one of the, primary. Expenses, that we will incur, is the taxes, right, this is a legit, business by, the way I have. Done. Different, businesses, I have, business. Permits, and licenses all, of, them they still digit business, it is not not like any other investment. Offers. Wherein they just want, you to invest, and they will give you this return this. One you, will invest, you. Will get a return and. There's. A reason, for you to get the return because I'll, I'll. Be showing you the business, there's, a business model this is a business plan and this, is what I proposed to you okay, for, a conservative, computation. That's a Texas you can see the computation, you, will get an estimated, net income, of. 83,000. Passes, I made, this free computation, so you just compare scenarios where. We get to realize. The optimistic, and the, conservative, safe return now. These computations, are just estimates, there. Are still, some factors, here, such. As products, returns and effects which is primarily. Hopefully. We will not encounter but. Yeah. The supplier already, like, guaranteed, to me that whenever there are defects. Or problems. To. The unit's we can return. To them and they offer a warranty and. That's. Also one problem that we can. Encounter. Whenever I saw the products, because we can, give. A warrant. Because. We're. Still us this is still a startup business later. On your fuel grow will, might be able to hire. Someone to do. The. Fixing. Of the defects. And. The. Problems that they, have on their TVs, other operating, expenses licenses, and fees commission and referrals, and discounts, I haven't, included that this is just an estimated, as, you can see there's as far they're just, an estimated. Net. Income, will receive, in three to four months by selling 50, units of Smart TVs okay. Now. As, as. I say this is a legit. Business, because, I. Personally. Did, a disability. Study I conducted. The, feasibility study and how did I did that I bought. A product. From. A supplier in Manila at. A low price and I saw it online through. Facebook. Okay. My, primarily. Mode. Of. Marketing. Is Facebook, so I did this last year I bought. That. Was for TVs I sold for TVs I bought, for, from, the supplier in Manila and then, after that they went out of stock now this post. Gardner. 904. Views as you can see here this, is my, facebook, profile, by the way is my picture in my name, these. Posts. Also. Had. 48, message, increasing. As here seeing more 45, plus 3 free and I, sold four Smart, TVs. This. Is, legit. This, is true and, I can show you pictures where. I talked to the customers. And I personally, sold, and delivered the product to them and actually, I, just, up selling. The product, because, the, supplier in Manila went, out of stock because there are so many orders, and I.

Was. Interested, in how did he, do it like, he sold the product at this spies and, what's, his cost in half how. Does. He get, any income from it okay. So. That's why I looked. For us if I went, over. And looked for supply in China and found one and at. A very low price can you actually purchase, it and. Sell. It at a high price here, you know the, kattiline are sitting. Before. They went out of stock I sold, four TVs, and after, that I. Actually. Got, more. Customers. But I cannot already sell any product, to them because the, supplier went out of stock, they. Then have any, more inventory. To sold and. What's. Amazing is, folks. If. They'll go back I. Had. Two, schools who, inquired, to me and what's, a purchase, wholesale. To me like they want, to buy. Ten. Smart. TVs, and maybe. More. And. I, just didn't pursue because. Yeah. The supply went out of stuff and also, around five people waited to, order to. Order when, the supplier went out of stock, like. Every, month they just asked me for any updates if the, TV is available because. They really are interested and, I already. Have proofs that those people. Have bought to me like, this one, what. I delivered, the product to her and. Because. He here, she asked, where. Am i this. Is. Where am i and I, thanked her after I deliver product, and then. What's, funny is she wants. To buy one more, but. The supply went out of stock I went I was out so I kind, of sell anymore. And. Then another one is this, one I asked. For any feedback, for your product that I delivered, to them and they, said that they said I won't use it because they. Want to, attach. It to a, wall that's why the. Request. For a wall, bracket, they asked me to buy and, then I also, delivered, that Gloria. Stood out and. I. Haven't. Got any. Response. From them maybe it's good no problems, out of the four TVs that we're sold I, received. No. Complaints. Everything's, good the TV sell quality actually, I use the TV once and then. I sold it to. To. Someone, and then. I just, like, solid. For a lower price because, I use it just in, Tessa that TV. Is really good okay. There. Are already many copies, that does this one that's why I'm interested. To, start. This business because I also want, to grow. Add. Additional. Income, to my. Income. Stream I already, have different, businesses right now and this, one is very interesting and, I want. Investors. To also earn money learn, more business from me and at, the same time girl, and maybe sooner, or later Billa, copy that will give. Jobs. To different, and loads. Of. Things. To do for the. Common cash, so. Many copies are anything, that's like.

Well-known. Companies such as Samsung LG, Sony. And. Others. Are. Selling. Smart TVs but they're also. Small. Companies, that, are already starting, doing, this one like this one we. Have a, TV. That's that. Has a brand mass, we. Have Christie's. These. Are these. Companies are selling online, and. I. Know. That. They, source this one also. In, China. And. What's, very interesting is, when you source. The. Lee, Steve is in China you can actually put. Your personal, brand in it like the. TV is black. And whenever. You, want to put your company name there or your brand, you. Can they. Can do it this. Very. Interesting. Because these, companies, I know that, they purchase, these, TVs, from China and they just resell, it distributed, here in the Philippines. So. Before. We, get into that. Every. Business has its. Downsides. I know you. Might this might be said this investment. Or this business, might be. Too, good to be true it. Sounds very good but this, is pros, and cons and I will show you to. Be frank the, pros and cons in order for you to, get. A more clear decision. On. Whether. This is a good investment opportunity. Or not okay also, first, with the pros where the pros when you invest. And will do this business versus. The demand there's. A demand for TVs. For. People who want TVs to connect to Wi-Fi okay, most. People nowadays. Already. Are. Very. Intrigued, whether. They. Can connect a TV possibly, to the, Wi-Fi and just. Do. What. Other. People do like watch Netflix, do, Facebook and TV watch YouTube, and. Anything. Else social, media, another. Is there's, a demand, like, I said to ships from. Ordinary LED. TVs, to Smart TVs because. Of, the. Third telco, okay right. Now in the Philippines we, already have the third, telco, that means the, Wi-Fi. There's. A competition, for a, strong. Internet, connection, and that, means, to say people, would want their TVs, to, be, connected to the. Internet right because, there's a third type of. Wi-Fi. Or Internet will, be much. More. In. Demand, that means to, say the, demand for smartinis, might, also. Increase. Okay. There. Is a demand for schools, hotel, and helpful, especially for schools so the one like I told you a while ago that their schools are looking especially, the right I, made, this video April. Of 2019. Okay. The. School, year just ended so, the. School year starts again this June, now, if you'll start this, business. This. Month there's. A possibility, that we'll have an high, demand for schools, you'll be looking for smart TVs, because. They. This. To schools that previously, hard, to me plans. To. Put, a TV. In each room and that's, part, of their class project so. That's a demand for us that's. A possible, sale and that's a possible, income okay, that's a pro. Another. One is low operating, expenses as you can see there is no rent expense, no utility, expense, no other expenses, the, only expensive I think we can incur here, is, the, transportation, expense when I deliver your products, the Texas the business and licenses, and the. Other commissions that I will be putting. Into place. Marketing. It's. Very easy now, to market, the product, unlike, before. That, you need to like the advertisement. The TVs pay. A lot of money. Put. Some ads in the newspaper, and, so. Many things that will just. Throw. Away your money but. Right now Facebook. Is very. Convenient. We have the Facebook marketplace. Just like, I showed you a while ago where, I just posted it the. Product, and then many, people have viewed and. Inquired. To me sent, me a message, how. Much is product blah, blah you. Can also like, post. In shoppi, lozada. And other, online, platforms which. Is a great. Opportunity. For us to sell our product and market it no. Need for us to like. Pay. For, advertisements. All of this are for free okay. Our. Primary target, market is reaching 11 the other region and I. Already tested, it and. This. Is really a, great. Business. Venture, this year, and, hopefully. I'll get you, as, one, of my investors, to. Make. This business possible. Another. Pro is a high profit margin as you can see on, the optimistic, part, there, you. Get we, can possibly. Get a 3,000, net, profit, margin so. That's 3000, over the cost of. 5000. This. 5000 right 5,500. That's around. 35. To 40 percent of, profit. Margin and that's a very big, return, already, compared, to other products if you'll do business and buy, and sell okay. So. For, the cost. One. Cost is very high shipping cost you, can just. Order. One, product, there in China like I said and then when. It's sold you buy or. Your won again it's in both so. You. Need to buy in bulk in order for you to save in, shipping because. It'll, be in the container, and shipped. By sea. Another. One is high cost of capital, so. As, I'll, show you the computation, later on and how much capital I need in, this business.

Next. Is a. Possible, slow turnaround, time, I, cannot, really guarantee, to. Be. Able to sell, those 50, units inches, feet or for most there's a possibility, of slow turnaround time but as. An experienced, sales sales. Man, I, always. Reach. My target and my goal is just, to. Sell the 15 units inches, to months. And hopefully. Have. A turnaround, time just two months and then order again that, means to say they'll, get more, income in just four months. Warranty. And defects is one of the costs we. Don't know, if there'd be defects. For your products and hopefully there'll, be not because, it will be really. A pain in the ass, this. Is Texas, 3%, gross sales that's one of the cons, one. Of the expenses, will be encountering, and, as. An, accountant, I can. Find. A way to, like. Not. Really evade the taxes, but minimize, the taxes, there. Are different. Techniques you can, use if you. Just know. The inside. Out of the business. Oh yeah. One of the pros here is personalized. Brand like I said if you want. To buy in bulk that, initially, we wanted like 50 units to, sell we, can put our brand in it and as. Investor. As a business part right you can actually give. Me suggestions, on what. Brand. You can put in our products so. This. Is my investor, program you. Already know the business, you, might yeah, you might have lots of questions, by the way you. Can just like list it down and send it to me because, this is a pre-recorded, video and just to present to you what. The business is all about, my. Investor program. Shows. That, there, are two options where, you can invest in this business but. Before that here. Is the. Initial capital, requirements, I need in its business so. For the 50 units with. A product cost of five thousand pesos that cost two hundred fifty, thousand, afraid. In and customs, duties and 25 another estimated, other operating. Expenses. This. Is just an estimate, so around. $300,000. Up to. Your pesos. Investment. Needed for, this, business. To start. Now for. The investor, program I have, food. Options. Where you can, choose. You. Can become, a short-term. Investor, for me wherein. You. Can invest. Three. Hundred thousand directly. Upfront and then. Get. Ten percent interest plus, your initial investment after six months that's. Three. Hundred thousand. Three hundred thirty thousand, pesos after, six months so you, invest three hundred thousand, after six Monsieur will get three hundred thirty and. B. M that's, it this, is a short term investor, if you're, a risk-averse, person, you want just, to, invest. And get your money back but, if you, are. A long, term investor, and a risk taker. This. Is what I offer, you. Just invest, a minimum of 100 thousand pesos and for a long-term contract of two years, these. Are your benefits okay. You, will become foreign Parcells a business, partner of the company this. Is a company that I will register, I already, the. Businesses, are registered. And I'm going to create. Another one separate, for this business and. Another. Benefit, you will get as a business, partner of this company is that you will get end of, my updates on, the business status you. Will get to know what's happening, how, many units. Have been sold where. The expenses. And what's already, our. Profit. Margin, where we add in our business, okay. Another. One would be a, percentage. Share on annual, net income, computed, based on this formula okay, you, will get a. A. Certain. Percentage. It's, like in a partnership, you'll get a percentage. Share, of the net income and how, do you do that you have the. Formula. Here personal. Investment, over. Its own average, sold business capital because it's an investor, if you, want to invest in this business, if. You want to become longer an investor, you can that's a minimum 100,000. Pesos but, I, will also have other investors as well right because I need the minimum capital. Of 300,000. If there will be many. Investors, then, that's, good I will, let you start get 50 units I will target, more.

So. How. Are we going to compute your percentage, sharing, the. Company's annual net income. That's very simple you invest just a minimum of 100,000. Pesos and there are five investors, will also invest in a hundred. Thousand pesos so that's a total of 500 thousand. Multiplied. By 40%, you'll. Get an 8% share, of the company's, annual net, income, okay for, a 100, thousand investment, you. Can possibly. Get an 8 percent share, in the companies and we'll take note annual. For. The year, and, we'll, net income so how are you gonna get that on. The previous computation, we got the. Estimated, net income of than, three or four masses hundred thirty seven right for optimistic. So, let's just say in four months to. Be safe, informal. I don't get. 137,000. Multiply. That by three that's one year right, so. That's four at eleven thousand, net, income. Multiplied. By your percentage, share in the company's annual net income that's eight percent you'll, get. Thirty. Three, thousand. Eight hundred eighty, passes, for your, one hundred thousand, investment. So that's thirty two point. Eight percent, return guys. That. Is already big, and you can't find, that easily. There, maybe this, is it offer more. But. This, is for example you put your one hundred thousand, into, bonds. Treasury bonds, or. Carbon. Bonds here sold. By the banks they will just give you a six to eight percent return on, your investment. Compared, to this one there's a possibility, oh. You're. Getting a return of more than, thirty percent. Of your investment if, I will be able to earn more if, this still as well if, the net, income reaches, more. Than 500,000. Or maybe. A million, in, the next few years you. Will have your, fixed. Share. Of the, company's net income I like in the short term you'll just get 10%, after six months and you would grow your money then. You go out out of the of. Our business, I'll. Continue the business, I'll. Find more investors, there are lots. Of investors. Out there they're interesting, to grow their money and also learn different, kinds of business now, going back. Outside. From the percentage share on the annual net income, you, will also receive. This. Benefit, a 5%. Affiliate, commission and gross sales for, personal, referrals, okay, the. Number one benefit is you, became a business, partner of this company right when, you invest is a long term investor you, become a partner, of the company and as a partner I will also consider your opinions. And also. Your, referrals, that, will help the business grow so. Whenever you refer someone to buy our, product. You, will immediately. Receive, 5% as an affiliate commission, based. On the gross sales so let's say for example you. Reference someone and buys. 10. Units. Of smart, TVs so. 5%. Of, total selling. Price of that will. Immediately. Go, to your pocket, this.

Is That sound good. Another. Offer another. Benefit, that I can give you aside, from. Those. On the top is I, can, offer free. Business consulting, and coaching whenever, you have a business or your startup if you, are. An. Entrepreneur and. Has businesses. I can, give you some advices, I can give you a business analysis, and how to improve more your business, and how, to increase your sales how, to grow, I've. Worked. In different industries. Right. Now alongside, the different entrepreneurs I already, lost. And, lots of knowledge and I want to share that to you not, just you getting money from, the investment, but also the learning I will teach you how to run the business how. The business, goes and whenever you also have a chance to do, other businesses, I can give you free. Advice and. Free. Health from for, me because, what. I want, here, is not. Just for me to grow and have my own business but also for, the investors, you, to. Be able. To achieve the peace that you have in your life okay and other. Benefits will be other investment, opportunities, for you to learn because I'm, not just going, into one business I have multiple, income streams I. Have. Business, in BPO, and this, is in agriculture. I have business. In. Several. Businesses, I'll let this go everything, here. But. This is really, a great opportunity for us, to grow if you'll. Become my. Investor. Hopefully. We. Will be able to. Start. This business and. Achieve. The dreams that we have in our life so, if you do, have questions please. Don't hesitate to, tell me list, them, message. Me on Facebook, since, I'll be sending, this one to you and. If. Ever you have questions, just let. Me know and, hopefully. I'll. Get. To shake your hand soon, and. Become a part, of this. Company of this business that I am going. To. Part. A thank. You for listening and hopefully. You, learned. Something from this presentation. Have. A nice day.

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