eXcentral - How to use the MT4 Trading Platform

eXcentral - How to use the MT4 Trading Platform

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You. Good. Evening ladies and gents my, name is Melissa, Peterman I'd, like to welcome everybody, to tonight's. Webinar, here, at Central. Tonight. Webinars, cannot, be based on, empty. For how we can use it for why you should be using empty. For, we, were specifically. Based. Tonight's, webinar ninety-four. Because most people, we can see are using. The online trading. Platform, which is finally it's worked, great that everybody's, more. Than welcome to use it if they wish to but. If not, everybody knows that Ares a second. Option and that is to use their. Empty, for trading platform, ninety-four. Is the biggest, most. Popular. Trading, platform, in the world it's the most used. So. I thought it would be good to have a session to show you exactly. How you, can use NC for platform and why you should be using its, and how it's going to be beneficial to your, trading and believe me it definitely will. Today's. Webinar, is a, very basic level, we're, gonna go through. All. The basics, we're, not gonna go through the. More advanced, there, and, go through everything, to. Do with empty, for very. Simply, because we. Don't have enough time to cover everything have, if you do go to youtube, and type in empty. For tutorial. Or, something could know along those lines, it. Will come up with a lot of videos, to three, hours four, hours of, short videos as well and it will go through everything, in, regards. To an empty form and of course you've got direct. Access to me if you, want to have a 1:1, session, and we, can go, through at the empty for more detail, there. So. As always I wanted to do a. Quick. Introduction, especially. For those individuals. Who had not previously, watch one of my webinars. My name is nicholas urfe stimul and the. Market, analyst, here, at Accenture. So please feel free to get in contact with, me at any, points, if the new trading and you want, assistance. Maybe, you've been trained in a couple of weeks and it's not going. As you previously. Wish. The plan again. Get in touch with me and we can analyze your, trade in and look at exactly how you can improve, it a, bit about my background originally, started. Off as a financial, advisor in. The UK, that. Is going back eight years now, since then. I've, worked, with, academies. Around, the, globe, including, Africa. Middle Eastern, Europe and with. Regards, to. Education. The. Financial, market, trading. Markets. What, did lecturers, were cost, to forex. Trading and, economics. I've been trading for seven. Years, coming up eight years. Towards. The end of the month in about a week so. And. For those of you who also not technical. Aspects of things then have. To know the, SC map a license, which is an FCA. UK. License. And those are a çiçek. Now. For. Those of you who do not already know, with. The exit on your count you're looking, at an investment. This is what we're looking at here more. Specifically, you're looking, at best tenancy of these as, with. All investments. There's a risk recaps with you I invest, in source of protein that you read. That the rich woman, make sure you understand, that you comfortable, with it before, proceeding on with, the investment. Lastly. Before we actually start looking at empty four, so. The. Content. In this video is for informational, purposes only, and, do not constitute, investment. Advice Accenture. Assumes no responsibility to. Any potential. Errors. Inaccuracies, or missions in this material, nothing. In this communication, contains. Or should be considered as, contained. In investment, advice or an. Investment, recommendation. Or solicitation, for. The purposes, of purchase. Or sale of any financial instrument, any. Views or opinions presented. Within this material, are solely those of the author and do not necessarily. Represent. Balls of eccentric, unless otherwise. Specifically. Stated, on this video. So, basically, the, reason that these. Webinars is, for. Educational. Purposes is. Educational. Information, it's very informative, these. Are things which if. You wish you can use as part of your trading strategy, trading. Plan. Your, risk management plan, and so, on and so forth but it is not financial, violations and, treats it as, so. So. Meant, to trade the. More. Specifically, empty, for because, there is a two main. Types of mitts traders you got meta trader in. Terms, of. Administrative. Foreign and you've got mixed trade they're fired but I can see some questions. Questions. Will be answered at, the end of, the. Webinar if you, do have a question you don't want to ask on. The grid's webinar, so where we, are answer, it live.

On The webinars, and Bao means that most lights have my email address and you can feel free to email, so. There's two types of permits, trader because, let's trader for we got literate rate the five, and they're, both pretty, similar. And here. At Accenture, we are currently using empty. For so much traded for now. Empty. For is the. Most traded. Platform. Worldwide. All right so this this. Is a piece of information itself. Should. Tell. You that this, is a platform, that should, be using now what exactly are. The advantages, and why. Do professional. Traders, as well as retail, traders use mp4 well, it's a lot easier to, analyze. Charts. It's easier, to analyze, price. Action, price. Movement, is, easier to use there's, more information there's. More indicators, there's more tools and you. Can have multiple charts. Open, notes for tire train different, types of charts as. Much faster. There's less slippage. The, charts are more accurate there's. Less records, and. For those of you are using, your. Mobile phone in order to train then, you, do have an option to download metatrader, 4 on the online on, your, mobile, as well, now, this advantages. To. Be honest is not really any disadvantages. It is a great, sub platform, that, when you're comparing it to any, online, program, platform. We. Have the only disadvantage I, can possibly say is, that if you have been using online. Hatful it does take some time to get used to using. Metatrader4. But, believe me when I say it definitely, is beneficial, for you to look at, using. Empty, for and after. Using it one. Day a couple of days three days then, you'll, never want to use your. Now. On the. Presentation. As, are on the webinar you start of looking at the presentation. And. Then towards, the end of the webinar actually. Go up on the live mp4 to show you exactly how it works as well because. I think that will be beneficial, for you not just looking, at it on this presentation. So. I. Wanted, everybody to know, exactly, what Metatrader, looks like and this is not straight it, is a. Standard. Which trade that counts demo, accounts, which. Have creates it very simply just to, show you exactly, how it works. There's. Four. Main, sections, which, you've got your chart here. Which, you can very clearly see you, can see here is well that is much bigger than not online charts. You see brokers. Then, you've got your instruments. Here some currency, pairs stocks. Commodities. Indexes. Critic. On seas as well then. You've got also. The toolbar down here which, had your current rates it has reports, like, exposure, reports. Risk, management, reports, for, your trading history, there's. Other things, as well like articles. Signals, alert smart, sheet alerts. As well and so on and so forth, and to be honest as a retail. Trader that's, just under thirty four you're, not gonna use everything. On, the toolbox. Mostly. You'll probably be in the first free current, rates, exposure. Possibly. If you want to know your exposure, and, also. History. And. Then you've got happy. Like, with most. You. Know if you using word is, a powerpoints off of this is similar where, you've got different. Options here we're. Gonna go through these, later, on exactly. What each, does. Most. Of them you will definitely be using especially, this area here, when, we're. You, looking at women Ian's women have different charts. Looking, at having multiple. Charts and, screens open and so on so forth now, what we can start off with is looking at each section, step, by step on how to. Use it and how it's, an, official to you, so. These are the main features. So. We have at the, toolbar, or, two books if. You use in 84. And then. You've got your chart window, you. Got the Navigator, window, as well you've, got your market, watch window and, the, terminal, window, is, well now we're going to look at each section, and how each, section, works, what, options, are there for you in the different tools which are there for you as well, so everything, we're gonna get a tan, step-by-step. So. Again, this is a default, we've. Got different sections. Here. We've. Got the charts. Because. The navigator, here which was on the previous charts, as well we, put your list of assets because. The true box. Football. And. He, you've, got a. Lot. Of different options everything, rhetoric, in the gospel.

So. Let's start, off by looking at the. Top section, which. Is, the section where I say there's a lot of different options so I look at this. Area I, presume in this areas and look something similar to this we're, gonna go from each and every button exactly, what it does. First. Section, is this. Section, here now this section is very important. It's gonna show you exactly what. Charts. Are. Available there's. Always free charts available me and succour there's never more or less and you've, got the line charts, you've got a bar charts and you also got a candlestick, chart, so. The. First option is. Your. Bar. Charts which is this chart in and your pop charts showed you if you're open pressure close, price and the, high and low of that, timeframe, then. You've got your candlestick. Which is the exact same but, it's got a visual. A different. Pattern to it so still has your open. Cost price and your hind low and then, you've got your. Line charts, which is, a very, simple, chart sometimes, people put it on the line charts if they just want to phase. Out some of the noise and volatility. The. Line charts, only showed, you the cause of price, so, this, first section is this and, if. You click on it it will water the, chart straight away and I'll show you that's when we go to. The mt4 at, the end of the webinar. Those. Are God's true, colors for each other. Now. Next, section is the, zoom. In and zoom out. If. You look at the zoom in and zoom out sphere simple guys you. Are very simply, click, on zoom in, zooni straightaway turnout, assumes a straightaway as well then. You've got this button. Here, is a chart, with, an arrow pointing to, the, right now, when you click it is a notice, when. You click on this it's. When. You move the chart when you're going back for its podna transition. Water scroll which would take you back, to today's, straightaway. So, for example if I go back to look at the chart one year ago if. I click, off the charts it will take me straight back to today if. I don't have that click I can. Scroll back as. My. Far back as I like to specific, point in time and the matter where where, there are two different charts or if you leave my laptop, it will stay on that specific. Date. If. I click on this again, will, take me straight back to today's and auto scroll, or if, it's the weekend, to the lates of training day. And. You've, got the. Shift tab which. Is this button, he looks similar but it's a red arrow to the left this. Basically, takes the charts slightly. Back and. Then, it gives you some, space. On the right in, order if you wish to do some interpretations. There's space for you, there in order to see how you believe, the market is gonna flow. And, then I will show that on, the. End people when you see it on the import, it would be much. More. You. Can see a lot easier, with regards, to exactly, what it does, then, we got an indication. Indicates. A tab which is basically just a quick access. To indicators. I will, show you different ways you can add indicators, within out of that on its form, then. We've got, periodicity. Tab. Which. Is a submenu. To change at, the time frame again. There's different ways you can do this as well. By. The way guys whether they did using in c4, are you using it five these, are all options, are on, of they're very similar, there, may be in a different place. On the, platform. But. No, matter where you where they give you the 94.5. And website that same way you still, have those. Options, now. You've got template. Tabs which. If, you've got specific. Indicators. For example you may use a stochastic, oscillator poll, in Japan, moving. Averages, and instead, of putting, each individual. Tab each, time, when, you're looking at a chart you. Can for example save. The template, and, then you just click, on this you. Click on the template and it automatically. Walked out here instead, of having to read in the chart each time, you're, looking at a new, chart, or maybe you're cause in the NT 4 so that's awful. Now. Choose them different charts, we. Looked at this in the previous slide if we just wanted to show you exactly where. You concede. On the. Empty the. Metatrader platform, and it is here. All. Right so this area, now. You. Can very clearly see here. On the. Current, here. For the Australian dollar it's Swiss franc you can very clearly see. That. Every. Lived another candlestick, charts and which is white this one is highlighted. Well to hit this, button this, will change shredder it's a bar chart or, couldn't. Leave a click this to line charts. Changing. Colors on the can't stick again, is not something you can do on, the. Online platform it is, really helpful especially for new traders, or position. Traders which, may be looking at a lot of information.

A Lot of charts. And price information, to, change the coloring of the. Candlesticks, now, here, I've changed it so if it's a bearish. Candlestick, so I can just pick when the price is depreciate. I've. Changed, it so it's red, so, it's, a lot, easier to, analyze instead, of it being. Black. And why it's worth if it's color you can change it so that a bearish. Candle stitch is bred a bullish. Candlestick, like the screen, whatever, color you'd like this thousands of colors, from. Ab, to do that what you do is right-click on, the chart and, you, click on properties, and it, brings up what color you wants the counter stitched again. At the end of the, presentation. I will go on. Keeping. Lots of good charts, open, again, this is something which is available from, mt, 4 and on, mt. 5 as well. So. Here you can see I've got four charts open, I'm not, sure what the max is on the multiple, chats I'm sure. The deputies, and match charts, number. Of charts you can have open, I'm. Not sure what that figure is to be honest you're not most. Likely gonna want to have more than four six, eight open. It's a convenience, you have any chance to have open, of course or more openly, smaller. The chance is gonna get but for example she, wants to look at the overall. Performance. Of let's say Euro, or the, US. Dollar you, can have multiple channels, of widgets different currency so during. USD, GBP. USD, USD. JPY and. USD cap and then, you can see, the. Charts at the same time to determine. Whether. The. US. Dollar see. Positive. Performance. Use, dollars appreciates it against all currencies, or whether, it, is, depreciating. Against the currencies, or maybe possibly seen mixed. Results. So. This is something which is available to you it's. This, button. That should be looking at so. This. Little, button here we could see four, tribes open, at the same time if you, click on, the button. Automatically. You get multiple, charts open. And if. You want to see all the different Rasha currently, have open they. Down here on the, bottom again, I will go through that when. We go to the NT but. You do have this option is an option that there, isn't on, the. Life platform, which is again why I say so much occurs, so much easier, so much helpful, when, they're using, empty. Clothes. A code, in an opt-in sections, look. At guys you can all different sections open at. Different, times you may want to fold up make, the. Market, watch which, is this section a larger. Sergeant, if you go through the. Marching, sorry. The market, watch meets, the charts, lightly, you, can make it larger by clicking, and moving. The. Chart. Sorry, clicking, and moving the section, so the market watch I can I'll show you that on the, edits, before or for example you may want to make your toolbox. And larger. May because you've got a lot of trades opens, I didn't if you click drag and, make it bigger, there's, crosses. On, each section is always going to be across support, our butts cross here behind. The. You, option here don't be cross if it will commit or discipline, and it, makes, this charts. Bigger for example, maybe, he wants me to chop bigger you're analyzing price, movement, or so, on the software not. Worry about Tiffany X's and boots clearing, you can always make, then come back and. I've shown you that visual for, example, if. I click Add, to exit. So. Boss I just go onto you. I'd go down and click on toolbox. As, Barry or. Mao. Skills. We've. Got the toolbox here. If. I click on that you'll just repair reappears. Straightaway, and so. Far about chicken, ins you haven't lost. It you can always make it reappear, or, identity. Not, giving you an option to click across. You just click on view click, on the toolbox, or marketwatch and it would. At. Buying, and, selling. There is Nance, probably one of the main things you need to know especially between a trader if you want to know exactly how to open. And, close, trades. There, is different. Ways you, can, buy. And, sell echoes, and. It's. Completely dance you which option, you want to go down option, number one years, if. You got stools, if, you, click on new order it. Brings up this option, game, in, which case it, gives you volume. Stop. Loss and, take profit you, could put a comment here if, you wish you're going to pick at the, assets here so. You've got to press pan against, Norwegian, krone chromia. Insolence, execution. If you want it enter, straightaway you. May want a pending, order in which case you're saying I want it to open at this price I want, to top another specific, time, and. Then you click it by itself, now this is exactly the same as beyond that there's, not the stop-loss. Take, profit, volume, the. Asset by itself. Alright so it's the exact same to, get to this party, very, simple, got to and. New. Order a different.

Option A faster, option is. On, the top left. Of, the charts you'll. See this option here which places a Buy and the sell, button. In. The middle there'll be a number the, number is the, volume, in lots so lightly and. You. Put in the, lot size that, you want to enter you, could buy the click sale doesn't, instantly. All, right. And. Again I will show you this on the a platform. So this is how you're able to open, buy and sell. Traits a. Toolbar. To pause the boring section, I wanted, to look at exactly what options, you'd have here I'm only. Going to go through the first, three because, it gave me got limited. Time and to be honest you're, only really going to be using the first free to be honest with you and, as. Trade. Is, exposure, and, history. If you're gonna click on history very simply it's going to just take, into your trading. If. You're, gonna click on exposure, it's, going to give you your exposure. Reports. In which case the same ila trade them more by, the trade, in most cells what. Currencies and assets you are trading most of so, for example here you can see untreated, mostly, you, wrong click. On trades it will give you your current. Trades, which are currently, all if you're. Going to close the trade it will move from trade. To. History, right. And again look, at this on the entity. Cross. Arrow cross I royalton's at something, which. Is not, available. On at. The, online platform, again, something which is very very. Useful and it, is this, option. This, option, across. Aram. Now. Across arrow is where. You can click one point on, the chart drag. It through different, points on the chart and, it, will tell you the difference between the. Two she's, an amazing, tool because you're when you're trading you want to say to yourself where. You think best-case, scenario, where, the currency is going to go that's what you're aiming for, or. Worst case scenario, if you want to prepare for that and you want to say again how far, can it draw, and. Which because you could use this cross, arrow which, click the currents a specific. Price drag, it's a different price and it, comes up with these figures, here so I'll start loss for you but. This I click. There click here. And it came up with this. So. It tells you the percentage. What's. The difference between the two areas I've circled then. You've got 63. Bars, so. If let's say so you got - it's. An hour chart, you can see there it's a one-hour chart, in. Which case 63. More than 63 hours, a bar is there simply, and. Very. Simply, each, candlestick, or is your bar chart each bar. So. It tells you exactly the time frame how long that is so. You've got 63, bars then, you've got points. Some people use points. Some people use pips if. You're looking at points that movements. 15,000. Points. If, you're, looking, at pinch. That. Movement, is. 1536. So. You, could that's shown. You the figure and points, if, you want it in pinch you just be drawing, the last digits. So I was telling you how much it moved in sense it just telling you how much is known and gives, some points, and it's telling you how many bars as well. So. The. Cross our again, is very very, helpful. Working, out the profit or loss something, which in support, does not, do, is, tell. You if. You, from. This movement to this with, water, prophecies. So forth up on land platform, you, click, a stop loss to trading stocks let's say trade an apple you saying if Apple, stock goes to two hundred and ten dollars this, is what I'll take but it must take profit at you're, talking about you being dollars. Or pounds or, euros depending what, currency. Your account. Is in, now. We've, empty for it will not do that you simply put, the take profits, at.

You. Know two hundred and ten dollars for stock and it. Will not tell, you the bad you in, terms. Of your account, now. Hopefully, number, one is you, at the same time go, to the path. Will do the exact same thing and, check. Their. What the value is option, two is you can work out your profits, and loss very simply so, this is what I'm going to do you if you look at the example, of Euro USD one. Lot and you're buying, alright. And the. Current, price is is price here, let's. Say you're aiming, for this, alright, so on, this case let's, say worst, case scenario, is this now let's work out how. Much that is in terms, of. You. Know your actual, margin. So. First addresses, you need to work out what. Each. Value, is and it, movement. Then. Pip movements, is the fourth digit after. The. Currency. So. After, their digital, points, on the currency so here you can see one, two, three four, that's the pig one two three four that's it one, two three four, again. That is the pits, of tea piping tip, and. Then if you do want more information, on kids just type it in neutral type it in Google, sorry, it, is. It's. A stance for percentage, in points. Now. How, exactly to work out what, the. Movement is. In terms of actual, cash so. You've, got trade. Sides with one lots which is a hundred thousand, you, take the first price which is this price so. You've got one point zero, nine, zero three. Zero which. Is Carol price, times. Above 100,000. This is. Right. You're. Able, thought this price this is what you say I want, and believe the. Currency, pair is going to get this price, you. Think that simply you take that price. 1.09. 200, times, 100,000, is this. The. Difference, between. The two which is a hundred per click and you can see is a hundred and seventy, dollars is. Your profit if. You're gonna change it to lots, in. Which case is two hundred thousand, so exactly think let's change this. If. It said let's say ten Lords you just change announce one meeting so, on and, so forth, save. Him for worst-case tomorrow's current, price is this just. In worst case that is going to go against me to this price he'd. Take. The. Current price which. Was this bridge we worked out, previously. Said. Worst kisser Myron, said, price times. 100,000. Because it's one lot because. This, difference. Between two. Is your. Potential, loss in which case this is, $40. Now, that. Can, be slightly, difficult, for, people that are not used to working out the, profit and loss again. If you go to youtube, and it just typed in working. Our profit and loss Forex. Will. Tell you exactly how, to do so, alternatively. Every, Friday for this webinar on, our. YouTube, channel, sorry just watching YouTube. And. It also has some, subtitles. In German, as well if you prefer. Seen. The webinar, in German. And you, can rewatch it so you could go back to this section and we watch again, how, I worked out. Difference. Between one price to a different price. So. Again every, watersheds, nice webinar if you go to youtube, just. A panic central. Brings. Up. Video. So, if you click on our first. Option that will come up with a central global, a YouTube. Page click on that click. On videos. There, is a lot. Of videos here you can look at and there's different videos, as well so if you're looking for strategy, we've. Got strategies, here reversal, patterns, strategies. For trend swing. Trading. Scalping. Which is very popular, we had over a thousand, views. There's, webinars for risk management money, management. Plans, trading, plan and. So on and so forth so again few fruits of wizards, our. Webinar. Page. Now. Before, we end tonight's. Webinar. Let's. Look. At at. The empty for now, this. Is the, empty for you as exactly. Like I showed you previously and. When. You first log into being if. You look at the market what you notice not. All the, assets. Which, you have online. Our. If. You right and, then. Go down click on show. Radiosity. Alright, so a lot of people they say to me you, know I went on 24. And not, through the acids, that are on the. Online platform out on our own and so forth very simple, right, click the. Control and. Everything. A walk hundreds. Of assets now, when you click on the air and at first you, have to login, very. Soon we just got file. You. Can open accounts, by and suppose well if you wish just, click on login. Trade. Account when. You could for now after your username, and password message. You get connected straight. Away so. Option. Just. Go through everything care step by step just look at the charts they. Can see different charts here let. Me get rid of ooh. Indicators. Just so you can see it's a very pale plainly. Now. You, got a bar chart, got. Candlestick, charts, and, you've also got line chart airline if you use an empty post can be very slightly different but pretty, much the same. And. I keep it on the bar charts, now, you can, zoom in like. This you can, zoom out, like.

So. Properly. Did up to you how we view, it you. Got. This, option here as well, in which case you can make it multiple, screens. But. You can large it, any. Charge wish, if. You close. Charts, as well like so. On. Large, it. Now. Remember. These structures, because, this. Option did. Which. Gives, us space here, if, you unclick, that it, takes us so, there's no space, click. It there's a waste base so falls off which you want to try. Use your imagination, of water it's gonna happen if you. Can use, some space. Here. Is the auto scroll, so if I go back it. Just takes me straight back to the beginning. Ok, it's also scroll. By. Unclicking. Like this I can. Go back as. Far as I want, and. It will never take me back to today. By. Clicking also scroll, you. Don't ii straight back to today. This. Is the cross, arab, which i mentioned, so you click, drag. And. There you can see 39. Bars you've, got the points, orchids, and, elusive, gods at the difference, in. Percentage. As well so. That is definitely, going to come in handy for, you. Now. You've. Also got, lines. Which. Have come very easily. Add. So forth novel where traders looking. To have regression channels. Get. Rid of them as well by. Personally. Just reading like, so, trans. Looking every question channels, like I'm drawing in. Then. Interpol, very useful cause you can see how, I'm using that to, identify. Screens and breakouts. If. You were to change chart there's two options, let's. Say I want to instead of having. Gold. Let's. Say I wanted the, US, dollar, Japanese, yen, you, can drag him to the chart like this and. You can see it's instantly, changed or, let's say I want an additional truck, you can see here I've got three charts, currently, up here. On the bottom left 1 2 3, let's say help me keep those open I want to open the second. Chart as. I scroll, down let's. Maybe look at, stretch. Frank gets Japanese, yen you, right click. Click. On chart window, and. You can see another one and you, can see how fast it is as well so, now you can see this for I wanna, get rid of it let's say I wanna get rid of the yeren Canadian, dollar right, click over it close. Does. It is free each. Time, you open your charts will have a green some people like the great some don't like it you don't like it right. Click, pickle. Grid disappears. He wants to change the colors right click bunch. Of properties. And. You can change all the different colors on you, so, for example the, bar when he's going up and, let's. Keep your green, bar. When it's going down let's make it red, hula. Candle, of. Jeb, rule is when. Something, has gone out so, let's change it from black to. Greeny. Colorless, midget, like I'm a big. Handle, of get, there is when. Something Jesus did Krishna managed make it red and it showed you exactly how. All. Right you've. Right click as well if you've got a, template, like box, on where he got template, let, low templates, and. Click on the templates, and it's, also that for you alright. So again you, don't have to read into each charts, how you want it you can click, on the templates, or. Even save it's a plate so all gone for both, templates, a template, you can save it well. It's. Got them that again you can drive things, like. This. They're. All very quick. Like, so or you can open an additional, charts. Like so. Now. Got. The tool box here or, tool bar sometimes, it's known that if. You click on history, and this is what I'm reading by the contract, which, bigger, you, can see exactly. All. Your trading history. You. Next. You see muslimah trading profit. Then. You can see trading, currently. Trades. Are currently, open, it. Will show the, acids, the, time in which was open if it's a buy or sell the. Volume size at. Price, in which it will open that there's. A stop loss side you can see I've got a stoploss, say. Profits, if there, is a tick profit. Aaron. Price. Swaps. If there, is a swap free it could be positive cop is negative, and profit, and loss currently, all these as you can see are in a loss if. Let's, say there isn't take profits or stop-loss you can right-click click. On modify, and, there. You go stop, loss and take profit you. Can even put the action, pricing. Like. So, or. Tentatively. Don't wanna do that you just want to pips. Points. I said 200, points you, can do it. Then. You don't can. See it is the VP if, you wanna get rid of this public just click on the X and, simply. Necessary will close trade you. Can just click on the XE close.

Straight Away will. Turned swiftly can right-click you. Can modify and. There. It gives you an option here, the markets current, club I'll give you an option here to close. The position. So. That is toolbox. Now. Also. As, I. Said distortions. In order to open the closed trades you, can click here, which. Places you, could sell so. We'll open shredder, babe you, can click to buy and buy Walton straight away this is the bottom in year. Alternatively. You can go to tools new. Order exact. Same thing volume stop-loss take profit, that won't be take. Profit stop-loss it. But, you can go to the trade by right-clicking. Alternatively. You can do you doing, in third aspect. It's. An instant, trade this. One so fortunately, buy sell or. If. You want to do it very quickly. And. As. You should be able to see here, eighteenth. They. Go 18th. 841. A sell, trade was open, and, you can see your profits. And. Two. Cents not, much leave. It off. Your own profit. So. This is pretty much you. Know the basics, of the ends for if you want to include their indicators. You, can do so like, this. Start. To insert, indicators. There's, objects. Like arrows, lines. There's. A Fibonacci. Patterns. Fibonacci, lines, and, you can write on the charts, there's a lot of different things. Moving. Average like so is, different. Things you can do it, is a great, platform. Really. A great path to. Be using. And. Believe, me hoping much beneficials. Easier, to analyze, the market you, can input, indicators. As thousands. Of indicators, on the HP for a lot more than, there is on your lab platform their shapes, there's, lines. Trend lines of Russian channels Fibonacci. Are channels some. Sort of which you can add on, E&C, fourth was much, easier platform. Now. I, can see a couple. Of questions. In Seoul is there a difference, between the. Energy poor and the empty five is a good question, there, is a difference, ladies and gentlemen, but if you're. Using it before you can use the empty five it's the same design, more. Or less the same tools if he, is identified, you can use. Empty for you won't have a problem because it pretty much looks, the same more or less it. Is slightly different and. Mp4. Wasn't. Originally. Designed. For, trading. Market. Serve. Or futures. It. Was also, designed for, actual. Traders buying physical assets, of them. Whereas. Mg5. Was specifically, designed for, futures. They're. Slightly presents. That nothing, major. And. I've. Got a first, year as well with, regards, to our entry, page I'm. Not sure how many videos, on, there I can see you're, asking, how many videos, on them if we showed you the. Strategy, yes we do, so. There's a, lot of videos there each weapon, are based. On something different so Kabira helps, trade trend. Or. Retracements. Pro-vaccine. Trends. Could, be progression. Channels there, is. Lots. Of different strategies on there which you can take into consideration. That you use. Doesn't. Support cost anything, no we. Cover the cost for it so it's free, for. You guys also, I can see somewhere else it is, it for specific, contracts. Or no whether. You are on at the basics, basic. Accounts, or the, VIP, accounts. It, doesn't matter it's available to, you as. Well so that's. A brings us to the end of that stays with annihilation Jitsu I can see that was all the questions which. We have. This is my email, if you do have any questions you want to read one one and, today, we didn't really look at doing, anyway the. March its if. You do want to speak specifically.

About The markets, again. Get in touch with me Rajon one-on-one sessions, if, you're struggling with training plan with strategy, you, need the strategy, risk. Management, when, these specific, market, movements, that you're seeing in the market or that respective. And you, need some systems, or meds you know me speak to your camera and, they could arrange a one-on-one with me. Alternatively. If you have any questions about it's for house uses a gym feel free to email me as well, and this webinar will be uploaded, to our YouTube page on Friday. In. The meantime, hope everybody. Has great. Evening. Trade, their safe and trade. And trade their responsibilities, well thanks.

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