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Good. Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Nicholas, if de marrón I'd like to welcome everybody, to today's webinar. He, at Accenture. I'm the. Head analyst here at Accenture. Today we're going to be doing a webinar on, Forex. Basics, so to, be honest is more directed, to traders, who have possibly. Never traded for traders but you've only just signed. Up possibly. Traders, which I have been trading only for a couple or, a few, weeks less than a month Bao means if you are a more experienced trader if you are trader which is at an intermediate level you're, still welcome to watch their webinar maybe you find something which is more. Something. Which you didn't. Know before today. As part of the webinar I deeply, recommend, that especially, the new traders write as many, notes as possible, if you do have questions. Feel. Free to ask, the, questions for the GoToWebinar, software, most, slides have my email so if you don't want to ask it live on the webinar. There. Is another option you can email me email me the list of questions and I, will get, in touch with you with the. Answers. First. Thing as I always do with webinars. Let's. Give a quick introduction on myself on the company, and on. Investments. So. As I said I'm the market, analyst at Accenture, a bit about my background I, originally. Started off as a financial, advisor was back in London, in, England. Since, then I've helped set, up a couple of academies. Which are. Based, around trade. In the financial markets, I've worked with lecturers, have been actually, trading for eight years now as of this month, and, for, those of you like the technical aspects, of things I do have a scene up license, and çiçek, advanced, as, well. So. This, is. You. Know but about so my background, the most, important thing that you need to know I'm here to assist you as traders. So. I'm going to trade this so you can contact, me if you have questions about the market about. Trading, a lot of people. Certainly because they, want assistance. With trading. Plans for strategies, techniques maybe, something, could possibly happen in the market that is. Something. New to them something never seen before and, they need that little, bit of assistance, which, is fine feel, free to get in to contact me and I can provide you with the. Information. Now. Here at, Central. We, are. Looking. At. Investments. More, specifically. We're looking at invested, in. CFDs. Which is contracts, for difference. Now, as we, have all investments, no matter whether you are invest in real estate or, in, fix. Accounts, or units, whatever it is it's always going to be a risk. To the capital you are investing so you have to be, just. Be informed, on that you have to understand, that you've got to be comfortable with it before proceeding, on with an investment, if, you're not sure what the risk is we've, got risk warnings, all, over our, web sites or my emails, and on. Our marketing. Material, I'm. Just still not sure if it's going to contact me and again I can assist you with understanding. That. Last. One before we actually get started on. Today's. Subject. So, the content, in this video, is for informational. Purposes only, and, do, not constitute investment, advice. Etc. She has no responsibility, for. Any potential, errors, inaccuracies, or emissions, in listen to nothing. In this communication, contains. Or should be considered, as containing. Investments. Advice and investment. Recommendation. Or solicitation for. The purposes, of purchase. Or sale of any financial instruments. And if, these are payment presented, within this material are so many possibly offers on myself, and. Did not necessarily represent. Those of xn. True unless, otherwise, specifically. Stated. So. Basically, what we're trying to say is this, webinars, for educational, purposes, so we're going to look a lot of example, of strategies. And techniques, how, you're, gonna interpret. It and user is part of your training it's a completely tension so we're not giving any. Direct. Financial advice within this. Educational. Webinar. So. Let's start off with the, most important. Things see if these now, a lot of people are aware of what. Stocks are how, to. Trade stocks was, the idea, behind it you know you buy a stock it. Goes up to Mandy didn't sell it that's their, ideology. About it and, see if these is different it's very different and not a lot about well exactly, what I see. So. This is what I want to explain as part, of this specific. Slide. Now. See if these stands. For contracts. For difference, and, see. If betrayed and allowed you to speculate. On the rising and falling of, prices. Of any, assets. Which you can see on a platter so. It, could be a fork so it could be currencies. It could be stocks, it. Could be commodities, cryptocurrency. Which is a new asset which. Is come, about of the past few years it. Could be for, global indexes, see. If these is not. Investing. In actual. Assets it's also when you're investing and trained, in the prices, of Apple, stock you, do not own any, part.

Of Africa, do not own shares, in heaven who, you are doing is buying a contract, a safety, and the, price of that contract, is mimicking. The price, of the. Stock so. If, the, stock is going to go up by five dollars the safety, is it is going to drop by, $50. And the Safety's, as well so, who you are doing is using the contract, the CFD, in order to benefit, if. You train them in the right direction from, the price and. That's the idea behind it and you might say to me you, know why would I buy. A contract, which is limiting, the price instead of Donen. Actually bind the asset, itself, and the answer, to that is is because, the, in the past has been a lot of issues. When, you're traded, the actual, assets, itself. Now of course try, the Minecraft asset, itself has its advantages. And disadvantages, see, if these as well also has its advantages. And disadvantage. The, reason, why most people stay away from a true binder book or assets. Itself, and instead, look at set by a CFD, instead, and just by clicking on the price is a. Few reasons and number, one a lot of issues people were used to have is when the water stock, and. Let's say we're dropping in value because, it's dropping in value nobody's. Willing to buy it from and then, in a sense you're stuck with the stock and. In. This in, the, specific. Sense. You. Are a prisoner. To, the investment, cause you start religion when they get rid of it because, it's dropping in value in, your investment is that devaluing, but, nobody's, willing to part with the. CFT, because, we don't actually own, the asset itself, you are very simply, just exiting, the market so you can very easily, enter. Monkey, you can easily exit, the market, safeties. Tend to be cheaper, then. When, you are investing in an actual, asset. Itself. At. The, same time it's easier, to invest in and, see if these in the terms of. When. You're looking to buy that stock, itself somebody's, gotta be willing to buy it you, need to. Bespoken, used to be available you need to go to a stock exchange. Where, as you see if these it doesn't have to be available because there's a contract, it's not the actual assets, so so. You can instantly, enter, the market. Instantly. Exit. Come on and there's, also a liquid which were gonna be looking at another. Advantage. Which. Is, a, big reason why people tend to look at savings, is, known as the concept, of buying a service when you're buying, an asset estate. Investing. In the US dollar the, only way is to you know. Exchange. The money at this rate the. Rate goes, up, like. So and then. You, exchanged back at this rate and then difference, between, where. You went in ads and what you call out at is a profit, now, the concept, of buying and selling is because, you don't actually own assets, and, it just, speculates. An apartment, you can speculate. Is, gonna decrease in, badly, now, that can be very, beneficial especially, looking, at stock, market. Crashes, when, you're looking at a. County. Commander, in or a currency. Crisis. Which we have had, seen in the Ruby that's, at the very beginning, of that this, year we saw it also of. The Turkish lira. Continuously. Over the years not just on two, three occasions. So. It, can be very beneficial because, it gives, you, at, the top chance, to be out to speculate, something's going to actually be valuable it, could because of the crisis of the company, with, the region, with, the economy, it could be a lot, of different, reasons.

For It to be demanding, but you have that option there, and again user have option to trade that, it's gonna go up and down which, is good hedging, so. This is another reason why people tend, to look, at to see if these as well and, bear in mind you have this, option a lot of people who are uncomfortable. With. Speculative. Nats of these been devalued options. There so, if, you do believe in assets for whatever reason, is gonna drop your body you do have the option to sell. So, when am i selling, off in the cell trait or shoot in an asset it means you are speculates. In the price is going to drop in that. Leverage. Leverage is probably a question, I get asked, most, about. Is probably the hardest, thing to understand, when you are looking at trade. And see if. You. Shouldn't be faced by its though it, can. Be hard tungsten. At first if you are struggling with understanding what's. What, is. The advantages. And the pros and the cons, then. Again preferring, to get into contact with me this is my email address with, now. Leverage, is when the, brokers, allowing, you to control, more capital, than your actual original investment, now. When people hear that they think. It's ours right well he's, landed, me monk it's. Not, all he is doing is, increasing, your, buying power. She's. Not actually, lending, you any money, it. Doesn't. Mean that as soon as you put your money in an account because, you are. Able to buy. More, than the actual money it. Doesn't mean. That your history profited, either and there is advantages. And disadvantages. To deliver, so, for example, if you are investing. Let's say for example. $1000, and, you've got a leverage of 1 to 100, means, every, dollar is. Being x by 100, in terms. Of buying power so, actually means you have the ability to invest in. A hundred. Thousand. A, hundred, thousand, in the market so for example, you put a stock which is close to a thousand, dollars worth, so. It could be possibly, a half bits is tends, to be around that certain. Point. Tesla. Is giving close to that as well. So. It could be one of these assets, it, means, that instead of your, $1000. Only, being able to buy one, story you, have the ability to buy a hundred, stops now what, does this mean, it, means that if the market is moving in your directions, when you're trading in the right direction, it, means you're earning more and you're earning it faster, because you, have invested. 100. Times in, terms of the, increased. Market. Market. Power so, it means when the mother is moving into your favor you're earning 100. Times more, than. You, would have, so. If you would've. And. $1000, instead. Because. You are working, with bridge over 1. To 100, you could potentially, have. Earned, a, hundred, thousand. Now. At the same time, it, has, that advantage but. If the market is moving, against. You it. Means that you are losing, 100. Times or more as well the, only thing I would say is that you cannot all the, brokers, any money.

So It's not like you, know it moves. $50, against. Me in terms of the stock and, the. Leverage, is a, high leverage 1 to 100, 400 whatever, it is you cannot go into a -, so, bear that in mind as, well so, it's both advantages, and, disadvantages. To leverage. What. Assets. Can. You trade there's. Seven. Major assets. You've. Got three, types of currencies, you, have major. Currency. Pairs you. Have, minor. Country, pennies exotics. You. Also have is one we get to later out to help you. Also got say commodities. You have crypto, currencies, as well stocks. And indices. So the seven in total, now. With, regards, to what. You. Should be a trader now maybe, we. Do not give any direct financial advice. If, you're. Looking, at something, which, hasn't, got such a high level shows not so volatile, so, of course the highly leverages, the high, the risk is then, you're, probably going to be looking at stocks. They're. More stable what, they tend to not, be quite, as. Volatile. Because. Of the lower leverage, some. People tend to understand, them better because, it's relating. To a company. So something, more. Understandable. So. Bad that's mine you've got an option for stocks, and you got indices. As, well which is basically, a group of stocks together. So it could be for. Example footsie. 100. And, index and, that is to top 100. New cash dogs when. You invest in natural, invested, in 100, companies, you're not investing, in just one, stock. That, has advanced student discipline as well its. Disadvantage. Is that it's a lot more expensive because, you're looking at 100. Stocks. Advantages. That you have spread the, risk if, a company is going to devalue, it doesn't necessarily, mean the value team is, going to do so. You're having a sense predator. Risk at your company, then. You have commodity, areas safe. Havens, for example, like gold silver, you've. Also got some precious stones and, metals sometimes. Palladium. Or natural. Resources, like natural. Gas, and. Energies. Crude. Oil grunt oil as well you've. Got three major. Currency. Types in terms of their categories, because your major concept, is which. Is major. Currencies. Plus. The US dollars has always got the US dollar in it which is the, currency key so, it could be for example. The. Euro US. Dollar because. The eurozone major country, and the US dollar is always there it.

Could Be the US, dollar Japanese yen, could, the canadian dollars trillions, of New Zealand dollar it, could be the Swiss franc but. You always have the US, dollar there, when. You've got minor. Country doesn't, mean the money Carol, what it does mean though this is major, currencies, without, us. It, could be euro, Japanese, yen your Swiss franc euro. Trillion. Dollars trillion dollar Japanese, yen Canadian. Dollar but, they do not ever have. The US dollar and then, you've got exotic. Currency. Pair now these are, any, of the major currency, pairs, but. In cities with exotic. Countries, my only referred to resort, accounts doesn't mean has to be in the Caribbean but it, does mean, that they are thinly, traded assets. So. For example, could be. Rudy, rational. Groupie it could be the naira it could be the brand. To. Be the password there's, a lot there's, lots of different, kinds is that you can look into, now. The, most stable are, going, to be the, first to this is what, is generically, on the market, they're, not, as. Unexpected. As, exotic. Owns a pet with Allah said they're very thinly, traded and I couldn't that they're very volatile, sometimes. They can also be very. Unexpected. In terms of movement. Now. A lot of people currently, thinking. To sort you know if we've got all these air assets. They've. Got a price which, you, vest and then you trade in the price movement. But, what. Is the price based on what makes it go up what, makes it goes down there's, different. Aspects, and different factors. Which make, you go up and then. Now. Generically. Though those. Factors. Are based around supply. And a lot. Mainly. Demand. But also supplies. When. We're looking at supply you looking at supply of money you, look at supply of the commodity. Dependable. Dassit, is it could be more based on the supplier could be more based on a month for, example oil is massively, based on supply. Just, as much as demand, whereas. A stock it's not, necessarily. Always so much about supply. But. More about people. Willing to invest in that story, some what the demand. Now. That. Can sometimes change it's, not always they will ultra lines of supply lines, of tomorrow you, have to take both that into consideration because, the, level between the two the white between two scale doesn't, change. In tip in different directions. Now. We're fair supply, as everybody. Knows the more rare, and, less or something, the, higher the price is going to go. In. For example, it's more refined. See cold. Mind. Which is, you. Know miles and miles long and completely, mixed called an unlit, brain metal, because, of the mass of live under, constant massively. Same. Thing applies force when something is given very less, of it, could. Be a kerosene, people, the, central bank is not printing as much as. I could prove push, the prices up and then, good demand so people buying the, currency paper, by understood, the commodity, more, people are buying the militia. Less, people buy the, more it will pressure down. Now. There's two. Factors. Two main factors that we can look at to. Establish. Whether the. Demand and, supply is going to go up or the demand and supplies come to bail out and to, try and understand. And pre determine. Whether. Accounts. Is gonna appreciate, in value of depreciate. First. Thing is fundamental. Analysis, this. Is the, first type of their analysis. There's two main types, now, this fundamental. And technical. You. Have to take, both into, consideration. Because if you're not you, again increasing, the risk of negligence. Or just not known something which was there, in the, market, so. Fundamental, analysis is the analysis, analysis. Of economic, data. And, news, and events, could. Be politics, related, they could be related to a company the stock of that industry. That market. It. Could be possibly, related to foreign, policy there's a lot of different things that can be related to and if, you are picking. An acid so it could be Apple, in I take it as an example you're looking straight that you. Can. Reset. What kind of fundamental. Factors, you know it's, good for you to keep an eye on. So. This can really a tip this girl in terms of supplying, the month, because, of course people want to invest where. They feel, that money is safe and certain, of. Course we look, at investments, not a savings account so don't feel like any way he is 100%, safe, and servant. Because. There's definitely, a lot of volatility there and you gotta be aware of that so when. For example Apple. Announces. You know we've had a, new foam cells. Have massively, increased, profits, have massively, increased, as well you're. Most likely gonna see. A massive, jump. In stock which, led us down, if the, turnaround city gone bankrupt, I can see something very very. Very different this, is what I mean by fundamental, analysis you're looking at information, news. Data, could be unemployment.

Figures, How about affects currencies. It, could be recession, that could be stock market crashes, this, is what fundamental. Analysis is if, you, go onto our YouTube page if you go to youtube type in egg central. Click. On our YouTube, page which, is the first option and then it comes up you see our logo and then, you click, on videos, there's. 50. 60 70 videos I'm not sure exactly how many is that you. See they're equal, note videos, about economics. Fundamental. Analysis click on them read. Them listen. To them because they're going to help you to understand, this in more detail, they am keeping, the basics, I'm. Not going to go into too, much detail because, it's. Fundamental. Analysis. But. There is a lot of webinars there, on a YouTube, page I can see there's a couple of questions that just come in so. How do we find. Accentuation. Page again. If you go to youtube just, type in eccentric. The. First thing that will come up the first option, is our. Blueish. Logo. Blueish purple year logo, and, I'll say eccentric if you click on that will, take you to our page if, you then click on, videos, you. Get a lot of videos there each video is for a different subject it could be about technical, analysis or fundamental. Or, something, different. The other question. Is with regards, to what, Walter. Fundamental. Analysis. Relates. To in terms of assets it, can be related to all assets some. Assets, are more heavily, moved in fundamental, analysis. It's. One which not to be modded under meta analysis is. Crude. Oil crude, oil. They tend to be more linked to condiments, within technical, analysis, again sometimes, that changes. And. Then some acids tend to be more, looked. At on, technical. Factors, so, there's. Not really correct answer. Sometimes. It changes again. If you do research your, bill to see generally. What the market is saying between, what. Affects. Speak acid, more, and so. I can add all accounts too much Tito if you do look at all that they don't I do go, into more detail about this, we, forgot so what assets. Its effects how it is affected, how strongly, it is, affecting. It and they hadn't been useless information to trade but. Today, I'm looking at basics, I don't really want to go to so much detail. If the gentleman had, emailed, me Bauman's. I'll be more than willing to have a session with him to. Attend it, and pretty, much lost lights there, is my email address there. Technical. Analysis, said personally, my favorite. Type, of analysis. I think people tend to enjoy technical. Analysis, better because, it's. Easier to understand, sometimes not, always. Technical. Analysis basically analyzing. Christman, so you look at trends, and ranging. We're, looking at price, correction, find, deep, fishing, for the, stock hi, this. Is what survey, referring, to when you're looking at set price, sorry. Technical analysis. And. Again, whether. You should be concentrating on fundamental. And technical analysis. Is not a right and a wrong, ideally. What you want to be doing though is looking, at to spread the risk of you only looking, at a technical. Analysis, and then something fundamental, happens and you're not aware, of it something, unexpected. Happens to the markets or vice, versa. Something, different. Possibly. So. I wanted to be an example of a technical, analysis, now I, want. To show. You exactly what, kind of, movements. We tend to see in the chart normally. Ladies and gentlemen, we see four. Major, types, movements. They'll actually thousands, of movements, but, they tend to be variations. Of these four, now. This is that exactly, what I mean by technical. Analysis. No, matter what charge you looking out no matter what asset you are looking at you. Will see four. Things. These four things happen, now if you can understand, that these, four things are going to happen it's, already, much easier trade because when, you look at the charge you know one of four things are gonna happen whereas. A lot, of people oh don't. Look at this factor. In this fact and, they look at the charts and it just switches off you know I have no idea what's gonna happen whereas. Look. At this. Slide is burning because, knowing, these four, movements you. Know for sure one. Of these four is gonna happen in the markets. First. One is very simple and that is a trend. No. Matter what charge you are looking at you always. See, a trend, all right this is number one number. Two. Retracements. Which. Is this area of the markets here, always. You. Will never see an assets which, doesn't have a retracement, sometimes. They seem late retracement, sometimes I see few tradesmen, sometimes as many you. Will always always, see every tradesmen, slow again. Something to bear in mind the retracement is when, you see a temporary.

Dip. In. The. Trend, so it's not a complete, change in the trend there's a temporary, dip in trend now long as you're seeing higher highs these, are the high speed and. Higher. Lows and these are. It's. Officially. A bullish, trend or if, you seem lower lows and lower highs a, bearish. Trend now. A retracement, is a retracement, as long as not, continuing. To the. Previous, low it continues, to the previous, long it's, the, third, movement. That we're going to be looking at and, that is a price, correction, now. If it goes through the previous low so if we say this area low if. It goes to this area like, this, and. It's. Not just a very small. Movements. Against the trend which doesn't. Last very long but actually, goes. To a new low and, goes against, the trend for, a substantial. Period of time and movement then. You're looking at the price correction. So, we've got friends, because. Retracements. And you've. Got a price correction. The. Last. Is basically. A sideways, trend which. Is a range, when it does starts to do this now, none, of these movements will last forever there's always going to be that, you know a trend. This, is where it's gonna be retracement. Of in the trend there's not going to be price. Corrections, weaving. Movements. As well and there's, always at some point gonna be a point, where it's, just a ceiling, and flooring, and his bouncing extreme, that, up and down you always gonna see these. Movements. Alright so bear, that in mind, this is what we're referring to as technical. Analysis. As well. Another. Basics. A, part, of basic suppose, you, must understand, support. And resistance, points and, means are basically the points where a price, tends to collapse and, the price tends to find support so. You can see here to support the resistance points, and here there's, a pool points, they're. Not set in stone so I can break, through, the, resistance, point like this, or. Break belief. Point. But, this, prices. Tend to be where people say no, I've got expensive. It's biting or you, know what that's really, undervalued. In. My opinion I'm going to start to invest into this asset or bananas can increase in value so. These are it's, this areas of the market that. We referred to resistance. Levels, and support level and sometimes they. Can be Flint's, or resistance, flip, to support level or buy services. Which. Lead to a resistance, level again. Something, to, bear in mind something, to look at, we do have other videos online, YouTube page I look at this at in. More, detail, so free feel, free to look at those as, well. Good. Indicators, people, you know say to me I'm looking, at the chart I can see a trend I'm not very experienced, you know I'm scared I need some assistance, this.

Is What indicators, of it yeah. Indicators. Are, added. To the charts and there's hundreds of different types of indicators and, there's, not a correct. Way a, correct. Indicator. To use they're all used for something if you do go to technical, analysis, webinars, which. We have on our YouTube page we, look at a lot of different types. Of indicators. Indicators. They appear. On. 24. On online. Work, trader and these, tools are. Used by traders to a system, with the analysis, and the, tools are used part of the analysis, together understanding, of, whether the. Asset, is overvalued. So. Too expensive. And. If something is over bad its most likely gonna, stop going up maybe. Dip or collapse, if. It's undervalued. See, something similar, but in another motion. Can. Help with trends, when the transmitter, and when the trimmed is full in when there's momentum in, a specific direction. Another. Price, movement so there's a, lot of different price movements, that signals. You can help with these, are some examples, here this here is an. RSI, on, the most popular, most known. Market, in. Terms of the known indicators. And, then we're gonna serve the stochastic, oscillator. Again, similarities. To the bottom, the child pub is not serve the same but, they are similar and, then, here we gotta move, an average, 200m, I'm. Not gonna go again, into, detail, with, regards, to how these work strategies. And techniques, on, how to use these because. This is not, what we're trying to do in this specific. Webinar but. Go, to our YouTube page but, there's most, of different strategies there all the different strategies have. Indicators. And if, you watch those it will help you it will help you massively to understand, but, I want to use this indicator this indicator this. Indicator and. This, is how I'm going to use it as part of my analysis. To, assist. Me. Stop-loss. Is there and take. Profits, I have. Both tools, you can use is well very, helpful tools. There's. A blank space here Joe seconded Lauren so don't worry, if you thinking is an image, missing. There that you cannot seize for me to do, an illustration so, a, stop loss is a type of the oldest, type of tool which, basically, you're putting on your investment, that if the market does, a move, against, you it will automatically. Close, your, trade in, order to avoid you having larger. Losses in you're willing, to risk, or, would. ID you want to see so if you seen you. Know an upward trends are consumer, to this at, this. Point in the my kids here thinking. I'm gonna try and trade from this trend let's say something come expected, happened so and it's about, to it I dropped, in value you, may say to yourself you know at this, points. In the market, yeah. Please. Ignore, diagram. By the way ladies, and gentlemen, you. May put a, stop loss. Adds. That serpent, in a market so if, it, does at, some point crash and. This, area. We will automatically. Culture trade for you so you're not risking, anything. More, than what you're willing to risk the. Only thing I would say ladies, and gentlemen is that. Trading. Is a volatile. Market it. Is a very, volatile, market, if you. Are placing your. Stop-loss. Very. Close to where you're, currently entering, so for example, the market looks like this you. Enter here and you're putting a stop loss, there. Which. Is so close. There's. No point entering the tree because the market is without the market path this. Okay. And it, will 100% hit. So. If you're not willing to. Give. The trade space and, time, to, move. In, the direction that, you'd wanted, to what you'll find is. That. Most. Likely it would just hit the spot wasn't no hit it very good, I'm, saying that for your benefits I'm not saying don't you stop loss or to, risk more than what you're willing to risk but. If you're not willing to give the traders, you. Know space, that, it needs to. Form that movement, full that trend then. Maybe, because. You're not willing to have that little, risk me it's not a trade that you should be entering, in the first place so. I'm just trying to save you. Money. And trying to save you a bad, experience, of future, so I'm, only gonna risk you, know a couple of dollars and as. Soon as you enter the, trade you're. Out of it's within a couple of seconds so bear. That in mind, stop. Losses are, very similar, to sorry. Take, profits, there's a tool as well very, similar, to a stop loss but. It's in, relation to when the market is moving in. Your direction so. For example, if you seen this type, movement. Let's say you. May enter trait, in and you. May put your take profits, there, let's, say so, that's is, you. Know this, movement. Happens at, midpoints. The trade, automatically. Calls and deposit, your. Profits. In your, trading, account against. The exact same but it relates in absolute profits, instead. Trading. Plants trading. Plan is all about exposing, when, you are trading think, of a trading plan, think.

About What it is you want to be trading. You don't want to come to markets, and that's, they trade one asset for, a different assets maybe then you're trading something different. Because you won't be able to keep up with it there needs to be a trading plan which says I'm, only gonna trade this, assets, this, assets. And nothing else or these, free assets or four five, whatever it is but not too many because, again, most. Likely won't be able to keep up with the, analysis, and the. Portfolio. So. Make, sure you have a trading plan don't know how to create the trader man what you should consider, again, didn't contact with me nor a sister, and give me the information so you can take the. Right, decision. And. Then at the same time you need, to spread. The risk, so. Don't over, expose, yourself, this, is an, example, here of being overexposed. So, it's choosing, five. Assets, and. He's. Trained in the eur/usd. So. I've got the US dollar there count. Us teen US. Dollars there and. Use the Japanese yen installer. US. Dollar Canadian, dollar, she. Was told origin and gold. Which is massively, linked to the US dollar as well so, there's. A couple of things that can happen one. He. Gets very lucky and, the market moves in his favor so, that. He. Is trading. In one direction he's. Exposed, to one asset exposed. To one, movements in the markets, and the. Level of risk is very high because he's paranoid eggs in one basket if that basket, drops, he's gonna lose his legs. Or. He's, gonna have you. Know 10 trades five. Trades and one and five trends in the other direction, and look at the clash you just connect council one and now that path so the slope types of trades. You want to be looking. At for, example. So. I need to be looking at something like this where. They. Are not linked, are, not linked originally. And, not linked in terms of industries, was not to Mercedes. Being. Barbie Ferrari, Tesla. You know a car, manufacturers. Who parties, HSBC. Called publicize, JP Morgan, bank is. Function, Banksy so, it's, further risk in terms of the industry, in terms of regions, and assets. And. That's really, gonna help you in terms of that the exposure, but. Make sure you have any treated and make sure you're thinking about the exposure exposure. As well. Controlling. Losses. And. Massive. Losses. Should internal, service carriers and when I'm saying that, it's. Always going to be a trend a trade, which. Is gonna go against you know it's, not. Necessarily an issue as long as your overall, success. Rates, is. Positive. So no, content, rates and out those 10 trades my not closing the profits, it doesn't matter both the one is closing, in on loss what, is important, is that you control, the losses if, your success rates is very long so there's a little trends in losses, maybe. It's text, step back we, think about strategy. And think, about how, you are trade in think about the volume you are trading, as well. And. When you do, have a trade and if. It's either in the profit, or in a loss it does not make it different, if you keep reanalyze. In the market, okay, I have in this trend today LS a Netflix, it's, going up it's calling. My direction, making. $500. Profits, don't, just say it's coming to my direction. Happy, face let, it run its course we, analyze a martin what risk is there that, that's gonna move against. Me is if over boots is. Overvalue. Is the, report. Or something a speech is about to be released, which. Possibly something, can be said that may, move it against. Me so, make. Sure you keep reanalyzed, in the market sentiments, and the loss when something you trade then it's gone against you and you're in the nose so to reanalyze. Saint yourself is, this kind of move back into my favor you, think it is great keep it open hopefully.

Moves Back into your favor, keep, reanalyzing the market or if, you think it's not after. Reanalyzing, market, anyway so open. That a couple of days ago the, market is very different now there's, new news which has come out at, so the. Smaller has changed and that's why strong against but I don't think it's gonna code back into my favor you. Need to control your losses and close that train right, hopefully. That. Kind of makes it Suffolk we need to bear in mind as, well. Do. Not talk over Trent. So. A lot, of people to have a trading plan which says I must trade every day or. Maybe, every, other day or once will be if, there's, not a trade that you're 100% sure, you. Know don't, have to enter, it don't have to be pressured, into entering, by, yourself. Find, your friends, by your trading, plan, as or do not over, trade when. You do trade, when you're bounced off in the trade you look at different scenarios what's, the worst-case scenario, what is the best case scenario am, I happy with a lot of potential awesome, potential. Profits, the, stop loss and take care of profits, I'm a, happy those figures if I'm not see if the most is too high then. I'm, all over trading I need to lower the, volume so. Again don't, ever pressured. Into trainin don't overtrain. Don't, over, expose yourself, to the markets you have a risk profile, trade. That according, to your risk profile, you don't know how to do, that to. Control, the risk again, speak. To me. Send, me me now a range of 1:1 I can help you. With. That. I've. Got a question here's where I can see. A lady, is asking if, I, design. Trading. Plans with you I don't. Design. Them with you so I want to basically say to you this. Is what you're going to even be a B C and D and this you, don't trade this this is how much I've been trained and so, on and so forth but I'll show you how to create, the trade then plan I will, do effect fun with you find, out exactly what you're looking for what you're interested in your risk profile, and I'll, tell you exactly what, you should because, you didn't do for you to make a trading. Plan. That's. A fits you in, this, year here this slight scandal barrier pop, tune to. The previous light. So. Never. Trade before the news, a. News, release on the P Friday ports on which we just saw last Friday. Unless, you have reason, to believe, to. Know, or. Believe that you know what's, going to be released, then. You shouldn't try to on news this is generically. Non market because something, unexpected, can happen nikuman, the industry. Never. Trade cuz somebody told you to or guided you to trade this asset. You, should believe yourself that, you. Should be trading not assets. Never. Trained if it's can damage.

Your Account it could be a very large trade and it could be damaging to your can never trade a trade, like that and. Never trained if you're not willing to take the risk if you're not willing to lose that money but betrayed in it, be. Aware of buying the dip for trying fish for the seniors or when something, is increasing value nothing, to yourself it's too high and trade, down words you can but, be extra. Cautious and, think to yourself that there's, a reason why it's going up in value or, drop a person don't just necessarily, think. It's, low I'm gonna buy it or, it's high I can sell its big mistake a lot of people do. Only. Try doing it when you're in the right state, of mind if. You're trying to be a millionaire. Millionaire. You know we. Don't, be traded because most likely, you. Will be let, them, so. Some investments. It's not the lottery or something like this, be, aware as well at the. End of the nights you do get, a swap, charge. Most nights some nights is times, free. So. Bear. That in mind if, it's. Going to cancel out the profit, then maybe we shouldn't be trading and, keeping trade open overnight, you should be closed on it before, so. That brings us to the end of today's, webinar this is their my mattress here for those of you did, not write. It down. I've. Got another question here lady has. It if, we want to arrange a 1 1. A. 1, 1, as. Basically. If you speak to me or to somebody else you, can just, email me directly say, I want one, on one and send me your details so I can find you on the system. Alternatively. Maybe easier. Possibly, because they could quicker. And easier access to me is, just, speech, your camera and say I want to run, a bond with the analyst majalis, please. Arrange a session for me and they can instantly, arranger session for you. So. That's so possibly the best two. Options I'd. Like to thank everybody, for watching, today's, webinar, have. A lovely. Rest of the evening, trade. There safe, trade, responsibly. And if you do need my assistance, please, feel free to get in contact with. Me thank, you very much and have a good evening.

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