eXcentral - A New Strategy for Day Traders

eXcentral - A New Strategy for Day Traders

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Good, evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Nicolas. Demerol, I'd like to welcome everybody, to tonight's. Webinar, ah, here. At Central. Tonight's, webinar ladies, and gentlemen is gonna be based on a new, specific. Strategy, which is for. Day traders so not necessarily, for traders looking. To trade very short, periods of time like 5 to 10 to 15 minutes north. Of trades looking to have trade open for, days and days and days to come so we look at the middle we're at the medium, term trader so, we look at they trade in most, people, always emailing. Me a lot. Of strategies, also new strategists, try and there and. Test. Out in use so. Today's, webinar we're looking at very easy, but, effective, strategy. Especially for new, traders, which are not. Very experienced, and in strategy. Which is basic, this is a good strategy to. Get started with so, at France today's webinar, we recommend, that you have a pen. And paper to hand and, write. As many notes if you have any question by all means feel free to ask, through, the GoToWebinar, software if, it's not something you want to, ask in front of everybody else viewing, the webinar. Feel, free to email me directly here, and, I'll be more than happy to answer any, of your questions. So. Let's start off by looking at the webinar schedule, so, today. We're gonna look, firstly. At market. Correlation, don't worry we are gonna look at a strategy, but. As always, like. To do new Lamarck now we will look at the strategy, but, the same time in which look at techniques, and something catchy to be fundamental. So today we're, looking at the. Baby, push strategy is no math so. But you can also research, on, the internet as well by all means in. Terms of fundamentals. Be looking, at multi, correlations. Now this is not something that we, previously spoken, about so we look at a market relation. With looking at more. Specifically, as an example code, and different. Types of correlations that. God, has secular. Crews are the things we're going to look at moving, 1/2 which. Is born in Japan and also billeted strength indexes, now if that does not make any sense to you please. Do not worry it's really, not an issue this is why we, have in it today's, webinar. And. Everything. Will make sense at, the end of the work if it's not something that makes sense please. Get in touch with me and I'll, promise you I'll do a, one-on-one. Session with you and butt, into that it would definitely make sense so, a quick. Introduction, especially. For those of you not previously, watched, a, webinar, and. My name, is Nicolas, de niro I'm the market, analyst, here at Central. A bit about my background I originally started off, as a financial advisor in the UK. Set. Up two. Academies. Globally. To do with trade, in the financial, markets, the. Word good lecturers, as well been trade Lee and it's actually coming up to 8 years now this month and, for those of you wants, the technical aspects of things I do hold, the CMAP license, and also a sizeable. Parts so. If you do have any questions if you need a strategy a trading, plan risk. Management's. Any kind of assistance, to do with your trading, feel, free to get, in to contact, me will arrange. A one-on-one session, and, we'll make sure that you. Get the assistance required. Of. Course here, at Accenture, we're looking at investments. More specifically, we're looking at, investments. In a contraction, of difference see if these ads. With, investments. There is a risk, to the capital you are investing. Make. Sure you read the rich only in make sure you understand, with the comfortable, bit before, proceeding on to, investment. If, you're not sure what the risk is by all means speech York a manager, get, in contact with me and will inform, your accordingly. So. Let's, get. Started the first trade, away markets. Correlations. Now. Markets, correlations. Is something. Which is relating. To a specific. Assets. And its innocence. When a. Specific. Move. Price, movement, from one assets, or it, could be news.

It Could be with regards to fundamentals. Can. Choose another kind, of trend on a, completely, different ass so. For. Example. It could be the US, dollar and gold it could be gold and silver, could be oil and, the Canadian, dollar, there's. Lots of different - correlations, and if you do want, to do some more research with regards to correlations. Then, you, should type, in market relations, on Google or arrange, a session with me and become, much. More detail, now when, you. Are traded you traded a specific. Asset, it's, important. That you, check, and make sure that, you. Are well for the different types of connections there is with the markets, any kind of correlation. Between. Commodities. Maybe, if there's a, connection with currencies, or different, stocks for example, or, a specific. Industry you should be checking with a different, correlation. Now. Traders, should note that these. Links are not certain, they're. Not guaranteed. And. They're not necessarily, going to have the same type of effect. On every, occasions. Now. The correlation. The link between two. Or more assets, it can be positive it can be negative as. Well for example it could be that one goes up the other goes up it could be something, completely different if one goes up the other one goes down, and. We'll look at that in more detail. Now. Acids, with, links, I also, want to have at the links we can or, either strengthen. Breve. In certain periods of times so I don't. Expect the, same kind of connection on, each occasion for, so for example, gold and, silver. Have a connection, they have a, very well-known correlation. Market. Maybe. Gold. Goes up let's. Say at. Christmas, let's say wish Christmas. 2019. And silver. Went up also, 10%, and now was their correlation. And. Let's say went up, goblets. Up this month, this. Time maybe silver will only go up to us so the, correlation, would change it will not be the same on each occasion it's, known to weaken, on occasion. Sometimes, correlations, can get stronger as well, so you need to bear that, in mind but it's very, important, for you as a trader whether you traded, currencies. Or commodities stocks. You, know exactly. What kind of connections, it has with. Their other. Assets. Whether, it's a commodity of stock or currency. Now. Let's look at an, example of. A correlation now Gold has. A lot of correlations, a lot of connections with different, parts, of the market the. Biggest ones are also silver, the stock market, and, also. The US dollar which is probably the most famous, correlation. Called the nib u.s., now. Gold. And stock, markets, correlation. Isn't necessarily. Established. At directly. Some people that tend to say that it. Is not a guarantee. That there is a correlation, there but, if we do look at history, you can definitely see that there is some. In some sense a correlation, a link, Trinder true now the link between the two is, gold. Is known, as a safe haven in the markets, so, when there, is other, types of investments, not just a stops but also bonds. Guilds. And, so on and so forth when, there's some, kind of crisis, with these. Investments. Gold, tends. To go up this is the correlation, so, when the stock market is crashing, we tend to see gold, go, up in value now. Again like I said it's, not, on, every. Single occasion, now why, does exactly a, gold, go up when, the stock market is crashing, again. It's known as the Stockholm, and so when go. Through, a window at the stock market your. Shares Apple Netflix, in Amazon, and in their alphabet, are. Crashing. And your. Portfolio's. Drop in five percent ten percent 15, 20, and so, on and. So forth what. Most traders do is they. Take their, sell the stocks they take the money out and they. Want to place their, stock there back half so. Somewhere. Where they believe it to be safe and that is gold this is the. Safe haven, of the, financial, market so this is the connection that's what causes gold. To, go up in value the. Safe haven status so, there, is a connection between the stock market, gold when there's don't watch it crashes, gold, tends to go up because people are taking their money out of store market putting it in gold as. The stock market, starts. To boom, again and bear in mind there's always a, boom, and bust situation.

And Some people believe this every 7 years some people believe it's every 10 years there's, always, had boom, after a, bus, this is what history has showed us in the financial, markets, so when growth, does, start, to appear, again in the stock, market, what, tends to happen to, gold slowly is at City values because. People think, themself why there's a big opportunities, to market, and, we'll take my money out of gold and place, it back in, stock market and then demand, starts, to move, back to the stock market so, this is a connection. Bear. In mind there's a big connection if you're trading gold to something and, you need to bear in mind if you're gold trader or even silver, or. Stocks. There. Again we've got limited time States or as little there's, minimal information, I can give you this, is a very, great example, of a correlation, and, a. Great, starting. Place if you will to do some more research if you are trading one of these two assets. Now. Today's. Strategy. We're going to be looking at the, beady push strategy, now beady push strategy strategy. Which. Is known as we use to trade the specific. Types of movements in the market main, trends. Momentum. In the market, as. I always say there's different types of strategy we look at all, the different types as well so on. One webinar we may look at strategy, which is to trade reversal, pivots. Maybe, pullback and then traveling dips or. Fishing for highs and, today, we're going to look at a, momentum, strategy, so we've been looking at some momentum, or energy trend. Now. We're, going to be looking at two. To three indicators. Depending, on add your own personal, preference, you. Definitely. Have to have a bull in Japan this, is number one for those. Traders which do not know what any of these indicators are again, do not or is not an issue we're going to go for it in the, counter slides so, two, to three indicators, Bollinger. Bands a, 15, day simple. Moving average, and, option.

Is, An. RSI, again, that is optional. If. You. Are worried about trade. In an acid. To to delights of when it's becoming. Overbought. Or, oversold then. You want to minimize your risk of happen in crediting through late in the trend then, you can take, into considerations. And in our slide again it's option. If. You modify. Them from our side maybe you want to try a different kind. Of indicator, that's giving you an indication of overbought. And oversold. A good, one to use is a stochastic, of. Again, that can be found on our, platform, as the other indicators, here and also, on the, Metatrader, 4 now. This acid, can. Be used on three. Types, sorry, this strategy, can be used on three types of their currencies, and. Sorry three types of acids you've got currencies, you got indices. And, like the Nasdaq, the footsie, 100 S&P, 500. And. Also. Stocks, now. Cryptocurrencies. Is. Quite, a new assets, which, is why it's not on the list of issuance and you, can definitely, try to use a test it's on their credit accounts you don't think I'll be slightly cautious about is. Looking. At the volatility so just be extra cautious because it is a very. Volatile. Asset and, also, notes that commodities. Are not, read because commodities, especially oil, is, known. To be more linked to fundamental. But again it's, the. Webinar, here is for educational, purposes or, if you do want to try it on commodities. Fish. Feel free. Timeframes. We're going to be looking at two time, frames it's. A very. Strategies. That we're not looking so much at for. Our time, frames been, inside friends or one week and you, can look at those, time. Frames but, only to, be extra cautious about. The. Acid. Being at a support. Or resistance, price. Maybe. You should be looking at in using strategy, though on a one, hour time frame and most. Importantly, a 15. Minutes after and these two time frames and again, the strategy we're going to go for it one by one and I'll show you exactly how to use. It on. The. Following slides at. Profits. So, property and this is just, you. Know what is recommended based, on strategy, and it being a daily, trading. Strategy, you can be looking at 20, to 15, so in 20 to 25, tips again whether, you, wish to increase, the take profit and whether the Aleutians to decrease. Profit iske. Pretty, damn sure they don't forget the higher develop, good would, say profits on the further away you're gonna have it the. Bigger the risk is because the bigger the risk of. This heading. Towards that take profit but more quite reaching, its ending crashes, so, then bear that in mind. The. Strategy, lathes engine so it can be used, on. To. Two. Types of their trades you can shoot, at, these, assets, which, is a surgery, or you can go, long on these assets which.

Is A poetry, your. Analyzing. The market off in the same way just two different direction. And it's important. Especially new. Traders, which are watching today's webinar, very. Important, to understand, that you're, not you. Not only have an option to speculate. Prices. War appreciates. But also to. Speculate. Shoots so, you're places, sell trades in which case just speculates, and prices will depreciate, that's. Also very important. When you're looking at stocks, is both because you've got stock market crashes. So. First, thing to do is go. Under one hour timeframe again, optional. If you wanna go on for our daily weekly. And just make sure you're not at a, pivot. Points or the support and resistance areas, but. The first besides, that the first thing you want to do is go, to your one hour timeframe puts. The fifteen that they move. In average and all the Bollinger Bands, over arists, and there are scientists. The stochastic. Oscillator story, and. Then go on the one hour timeframe first. Thing to do step. Number one the charts. Must, be sure that the price is above. The. 50-day. Moving, average, all right at. The same time it should not be in an area which is probable, so, the, price must. Be above the fifteen days to come with an average and, the RSI, or stochastic, oscillator, must. Not be showing overbought two. Boxes if you think those two boxes, prices, above lot. Of the board's ticktick. You can switch to at 15-minute. Timeframe. And. Then, you can look at a trigger to actually place a trade, the. Price, must. Go from beneath, the middle, in Japan to above, the hole in Japan and close. Above, the, upper. Bollinger Band, again. There's no major sins do not worry because we're gonna see it on, Thatcher. And c4 in the next few slides, so. Again. It must go from beneath, the Bollinger, Band it closed above, the bull in Japan at the same time not. Being overboard, from our side at that point you could buy on. The sell signal is exhaustion accumulation. From policy opposite. One, hour time frame is. Chart. Showing that the price is beneath, the 15 day moving average, if it, is at then, great. But, just check that it's not assault. If you've. Ticked those two boxes, switch, to a 15 minute chart straight away is at. The price point from above. The middle Bollinger Band, to. Closing. Bear in mind that I'd seen close, in new crossing, closing. Below, the lower Bollinger Band and not. Being oversold, and. Add. Up when you can sell. So. Let's look. At each, indicator remember. What I said there's free indicators, that we will be using as part of this strategy, so, if that's life, didn't, make sense we've never used indicators, they look pretty, good for, again. It's not an issue to know we're gonna, go through everything, step by step now so. Indicators. Yeah, the, first indicator we're gonna be looking at is a Bollinger, Band now like I always say indicators.

Are There to assist, you on your. Trade, ins no debts tell you how and when to trade so bear that in mind. A, Bollinger. Band ladies and gentlemen are these free, lines. On the, price. So. As. Soon as you go, to insert. Code to indicate is prickle Bollinger, Bands, these. Free lines are gonna appear on your. Charts, they're free moving, averages. Okay. They. Attempt to follow the price sometimes. The price will get outside. Maybe. They'll be traded we were in nap frame, angel, if you cooked at, the Bollinger Band on a really, high period, there may never be hidden cost prices, so it could be looking at just support and resistance, areas, what. You can use this indicator for, is. Again. Tractors, put in resistance, so as the. Prices here in this area here that it will collapse as it, hits the lower Bollinger Band will find support so. That's one way of using, it it's. A different way of using it to look at price, reversals, so like you can see here it's. Given us the reversal. Trend, every time goes to the upper Bollinger Band or, and keeps all the new trends and that's what we're gonna be using that space so we're gonna be using it, as an indication that is enough. Your mint and one direction the markets, tell us. That, a trend this for me. Next. Indicator, is, a moving, average today, we're using a simple, moving average is a very, simple, indicator it's, just a line which appears on the charts it looks like this you can change the period just like with the ball in Japan as. It's. Simple, moving average. Listener and so it is very simply. Just an, average, price so, if you're putting 100. Day moving average, is going to give you an average project that lasts 100 days and it, appears as a line like, so so over. This period of time this. Red line is giving us the average price, now you can use this to. Work. As a way of indicating. New trends, you can use it as a way to help of. A sword or woods and. You can also use it as a way to obtain. Indications. For retracements. And today, we're going to be using as a way to inspire, bullish. And. Bearish, sentiment. In the markets, and again, when, we actually do in the strategy which I will do the next few slides I. Will show you how you can use that moving, average to indicate. That. Lastly. A get us option if you want to have in our site all the stochastic oscillator on, your screen it. Looks exactly, like this it's just. Beneath, your. Charts, it's, an, indicator. Sometimes, known as an hour sigh relative. Strength index its. Base. It could be two. Or more dotted lines dependent Hamid you're going to place on the screen and then. You've got a moving. Average and it's giving you an indication of woods and oversold, so. It doesn't give you an indication of any trends, or anything like that just. Over boots, on oversold so if the price is hitting. The. Bottom, booted line or below the bottom public line is telling you this, price is oversold, so you may see a retracement you may see a new trend form or less.

Momentum, If, it's, above the dotted. Line up here. Selling. You the same thing but it. Same. Over, boots most of us all so, as the new price, possible is too high it, may, see a new trend so, retracements. Or. Again, you may see just. A trend lose momentum. So. The. BB push strategy is. Based. On the idea, of buying in, a bullish market and, they're. Selling being, a bearish matter so there's different types of strategies like I said the Union sometimes. Strategies. Are trying to find the, bottom, they're trying to buy the dip, in which, case you want to be buying in a bearish. Market and, people tend to do that I wrote some stocks as well and then, you've got strategies. That are fishing, for the top in. Which case they're trying to find assets. Which are over. Boards and gonna collapse. This. Strategy is difference, is looking, at buying, when, the price is going up so actually trade in the trend not against it and selling, when the price is going, down a, barrel. I'm like Oh. Strategies. You. May need to, slightly. Change the periods, depending, on the assets because some assets are more volatile, than others so, for example instead of having a 15, day moving average, you may need to change its, 1718. All. You need to do is put it on your screen have, a look at the screen and you built it so straight away if you need to alter the moving average and again I'll show you that in. The kind of slides make. Sure you test, them. On the, demo accounts, not, because the strategy doesn't work but you, need get. Familiar with bids if, you're a new trainer trade. Through. Trades and then increase them slowly slowly and. Bear. In mind when, you seen unorthodox. Well as Alex. Untraditional. Movements. Between, acids. Then, again, you may need to, rethink. About how you can use the. Strategy, so, for example in the today's, crisis, the Corbett 19, crisis. Assets. Have been moving in, untraditional. Ways something in, the way that we haven't seen them before.

So, For example, a lot, of traders, when looking at their strategy they're. Having, to slightly, alter its and rethink, about how to use them. So. Let's actually start looking ad set the BB push strategy on the charts and you'll see exactly how, as, simple. It is now first thing I want to say is. Depend. On a secured using I'm going to show you at, the, BB push, strategy on different assets you may need to slightly possibly. Amend. The. Moving averages, are a size of for example if, the, RSI, is never any point being, overbought, and oversold, lower. The period, alter its so then you can see that it, is helping you get some signals. On. The moving, average, if it's never again, giving. Errors of overbought and oversold and trends, something on the Bullinger bands then you may need to alter. The. Period in which the. Indicators. Are working on if, you're. Not sure exactly how to do that then, author, Katmandu. The belt is just your net or again, send, me an e-mail this. Is my not just on, every slide might, be more than happy to go for it with you one-on-one, so. Like we said in instructions. The. First thing, that sir, weeds do is look, at, the. One-hour, chart, so concert the eur/usd on. The right say because of one-hour chart first. Thing we need to do is two. Things make. Sure oh. The. Blue, line here by the way ladies and gentlemen is the, 15 day moving average recalled, the RSI, here and the, green free lines or the Bollinger Bands like we looked at before. Firstly. Means do the, price must. Be above, the. Blue line ideally. We, want it completely, that, this candlestick a completely. Above the, blue line if it's not still, okay but we wanted to be at least. Partly. Above it here, it is completely about it so it's a great signal, there also, and another, great signal, if you both my previous webinars, you'll notice, I put about, the, which is a great, strategy, is, that. We concealment, candlesticks. Fear that's, berries, increased. Momentum. So. This area you look at these free candlesticks. We go to small, candlestick, so we've, got some people find in the market, then, we've got a biggest candlesticks. On more people, are buying and in a very pick a mistake here so again a lot of people on again so regards, increasing. Amounts of buyers as is ranging. Above, the body Japan next. Check. On the. Our size no it's. Not above the. Dotted. Lines or necessary, near for example, a draw. A circle, around it just a sister, for. Example necessary. Area of books or. Even this area here can be Ottomans, yeah as you can see I've got the red line there's the persister just make it clearer when. Lots of the woods all right so we're in this area here wood below, the, dotted line so we're not of course so. Handle. Sticks above. The moving average tip. RSI. Above. The boots. It's not a lot of typical. Grades, we're, going to switch to a 15, day. Sorry. A 15, minutes charts so this is the 15-minute chart as, you can see is on the exact same day same, acids, after, switched it's a 15-minute chart what. Do we want to see again, of course the, candlesticks, must be about the. Now average, dollar, sign must not be same as of port and what, you want to see is it the price the, candlesticks, go from beneath. The bull, in Japan and push. And close. Above. The bullet passage you, don't want it just to, cross. It you wanted to cross it and a, big candlestick.

Really Show momentum, that's gonna break through that upper band and you, won't want it to close above it as well, at, that point if you've ticked these boxes, you can buy based. On the bar you can see how, much movements, after that you've seen in. That, direction so, again you looking at. Sir 25, years ago all the words of that same. Prophet made me want sorry, last 15 pips. Maybe. Slightly more, 30. Pips for example, you can do that but, as you can see based on dish strategy. Really. Given us a great indication, that's how we'll go over it one more time let's. Get rid of all these circles. Here. So. Step, number one one, hour time frame we've. Got what, with the candlesticks. The price above, the 50mm of an average tick iris. I'm more of a boat great. Let's. Go over to 15 minute charts, not. Overbooked again, above. The moving average and. We're going the prices come from the bottom. Breaking. And closing. Above, the, top Bollinger, Band great, buy signal, and we could be. Exactly from. This area here how. Much is increased, in, value. So. Let's, move on to a different, indication. Here. We're looking at certain US dollar against sorry. The Australian, dollar against, the US, dollar. As. You can see from the red lines as well I'm always the traffic that same period, first. Thing we want to do one, hour timeframe begin, if you want to look at support and resistance areas on the 4-hour and, daily, and that's absolutely, fine. We, want to make sure the price is below. As. You can see it is more. Or less ninety, percent below, the moving average so that rule Anakin is the moving average it, is great, so we can look at having. A cell is, it below, the. Bottom potted line on, the are size no sauce model, assaults, we're in a great area, so. The tick boxes, we're going to go over to the 15-minute, chart again. As, you can see I haven't changed the chart for the Dianetics that same day like that same time what, you want to see is the, price. The, candlesticks, go floor above. The moving average because it's something like it's sell. Above. The moving average and. Closed below, so we're not looking at this area here where, it crosses it comes back up we don't see that we'll see it's closed, below. The, bull in Japan. So not just crossed. Come, back up we wanted to close and as you can see a they actually crosses, and closed. Found. Versailles. Very. Clearly see here, not. Below. The. Dotted lines not even touch me quite a so circuits winter and we, can very clearly see how. Much has come down after that, again. Depending, on the type of acid, remaining to put the. Periods, we can see here on the RSI it's got our site eight I change the periods in aids because, this. Is not. So volatile this acid fog, lowered, the RSI. Figure. Looked. At the previous slide but uragan still asleep you can see I have on 14, yeah. On, 14, tested, as a look Jane. Is giving you indications. It, is great tip no 14 is not chlorides. Increase, it see which, figures you fill is giving, you the best, indication. Analysis. Of the chart, so. We looked. At a buyer, know. Your esteem. We. Looked at his cell on Australian, dollar against the US balance right. Let's. Look, at another indication, again. A completely, different acids. Again we're looking at certain you stole against Japanese, yen first. Thing to do. One. Hour time frames you can see here one hour time frame you can see exact. Same times as well on this. Red line here so, you can see here bred same time what. You want to see is the. Price below, the. 50-day. Moving average you can see it is is.

It Oversold, it's not over salt so we can sell dog every sim could be low, if you are above to, be looking to buy would not be below so. We look and sell, of. A so we've. Taken off boxes, 15-minute. Time frame what. You want to see go, from, above, the, middle Bollinger Bands, the middle pollen man he when, I go from above and, we want to see cross below a great, indication, based, on momentum techniques. Because. Small can stick a bigger candlestick and in a bigger can't stick so, hopefully. Everybody's. Aware. That there is indicating. Now that. Momentum. Is increasing. In a direction, people were serving there, more people sold and then even, more people salt in that time here because you've, got the candlesticks, getting bigger shown a lot of limits and direction, at. The same time it's, go from above to below at, the, lower. Bollinger Band, and close. Below as well, it's. Not over salt as well and now this is a great indication because I'll show you here how it's. Slightly moved, against, us had. Before moving into our favor, blazing. Just what if you can use stop-loss, do not put it too close to. The market especially if, you're looking at a daily, timeframe at, the year trading. A strategy, where he, may be treated in the morning no closer to 11, o'clock at night I don't. Feel too cold because you've put it too close most, likely, it will hit the stop loss make, sure you, saw. Us far. Enough to. Give the, trade and. The markets enough mmm. Enough space for volatility. And. You can see after that priced against, us for. Four candlesticks. Which is. One. Hour and then just collapsed and really gave us a great syndication. Again. Another. Implication as well your. Adversity. We've. Got, pricey. 8 below the Bulge band so in looking sell, our. Side below, is not, below the bottom line, so, it's not a solved, by Jim great. Great. Sell indication. To, come from above. The middle bullish band and really. Collapsed, they're closed, on a big candlestick. Below. I can't give us a lot of momentum in. That direction and. Jim's not all the salt you can see since selling, here he's. Dropped and can't. It should, drop so it's come from here war the weights down here and it's still locked in as. Well, so, again I have great syndication. He is, well examples. Now. What I want everybody, to be careful is really, careful. Of the RSI, makes us. Not of, water of salsa, formula fishy food that, was a great indication, to, buy. Because, it's gone above the Bollinger Band instruments. Great indication, T it. Wasn't, it was overbooked, and you can see citizen, it really collapsed and it, didn't really get, into a profits, anywhere, until okay. So you'll be looking at some more than 24, hours but it looks a bit or if not 24, hours just, down to 24, hours and that's not really where you want to be on. As a day trade you. Want. To. Trade the name okay. Maybe it's not going to be in a profit for an hour to ask free else but before midnight tonight, so within, 24 hours you want it to be, more. Or less attractive profits. If not already hit, the table, so. Just be aware of that as well, so we looked at a, lot of a, couple of examples, there about four examples, approximately. Hopefully. That. Gave. You a you. Know great. Indication. Of how you can use the, PPO strategy. I've got a question here if. It's only limited to the 15, and the one hour time frame ladies, and gentlemen it's down. To you how people interpret the strategy, and use its there's no right or wrong way to use the strategy the, strategy is. Based on the one hour 15. An hour time. Frame if, you want to alter its as long as it works for you then that's that's absolutely fine. And. Start. Soon, and, none more than dropped, it so what I want to trigger, beer, wells not. To rush especially, nutrients. Not being a brush people, to to friend that has them you, know I put this stock me when's happen earned a lot of money want traded, the. US dollar have made, many people.

Get In a rush and a, lot of money so don't, don't. Make, the mistake of trying to run before. You're. Walking. Excuse. Me, take. Your time look. At all the videos on, our YouTube page. Educate. Yourself about the market. Open. A demo account we got. A free demo account for everybody look, at the trading plan risk management, and a strategy test. Needs when you've seen great results are, the demo account then, go through. Can. The lobby chance is very, different. Bear. In mind open. The minimal trades is no rush and. Some profits, then increase. Their trade size increase, it again and. Evolve. As a trader. You. Know. At your own pace it's not an. Easy, markets, it's known, as a complex. Of risky market, so take. Your time to know, exactly, how to trade, the financial, market and believe. Me if you follow, the steps of educating. Yourself practicing. And taking. It step by step, then you're gonna enjoy trading. And have a much. Better, experience believe. Me. Last, thing I'd like to say is how. To do on YouTube page a lot of people say you know middle of there like it you know I love these videos they help you so much I want more strategies, more technique, sir more, information, about economics. Are so on and so forth, everything. That we do we, put it on our YouTube, page so if you just go to youtube, and just type in eccentric, you, see this comma eccentric. Global first, thing that will come up if, you click on this it. Will take this. Page here just. Click on videos so. Let me put. A couple of circles around it. So. You've got videos, here. My. Trip, page there and. This. A lot. Of videos there is about 50, 60 70. Videos and every day every. Week sorry we're putting more, and more videos, there's. A lot of information, there's, a great educational. Area. Library to be looking at there's, different strategies long, term short term medium term strategies. That economics. Fundamental. Looking at white. Interest, rates correlations. Employment. Is important, and how to use, the, entry form the online platform like. A professional. There's. A lot of information there and the new, aspects. Of our future. Page as well as that we've, got so German subtitles for. Those of you should want to. Watch. It with german subtitles all, you do is click on this. Button. Here on the bottom right of the video which. Is just the bottom of CC, and, I'll give you an option there sort. Of inputs. German. Subtitles for, this area, alright. So if you've got any questions ladies, entrance one and you wanna ask me directly, send me an email this.

Page Here is really going to issue a lot of their information and. Their, greater. Educational. Area. But. That's a brings us to a blog that state hopefully. You like the strategy, which I showed you that today, if. You do have any questions feel, free to go, to your. Email address send me an email arrange, a quick. Question, submit. A question on email and our answer that that we want to try. And get people aware of education. And try and. Convince. People to educate themselves. So. By all means go on the trust pilots, and comments, and give us a review, with. Regards, to our webinars affair before I would not be good if it was helpful for you I just saw everybody else could see that's we. Do have webinars we're trying to help people and educate. People and they've, got the options, have education, if they wish, if. You want also more education. Or need assistance please. Get in touch with me and I'll be more than happy to help, in. The meantime that, Serbian dot today's webinar, thanks. For watching, at trade see and trade. Responsibly, have a good evening.

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