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I'm Doug Chang I'm the vice president and executive creative, director for, Lucasfilm, I'm, Madeline Burkert I'm Lucas Films collections, and exhibitions, archivist, and today we're going to talk about every, clone trooper instructure birth as in the live-action Star Wars films and yes we do mean every choice. Imperial. Strong trooper those, are one of the most fascinating designs, for me because that was the first image that I saw from Star Wars and the, idea for that was that George wanted to create these sort, of iconic imagery that looked like living skeletons, and that's why you have the stark black and white and so when you see the, white armor coming out of a black room you just see the armor and it's a great terrifying, sort, of moment for you especially when I was 15 years old when I first saw that and one, of the iconic things was that the helmet is very specific, looks, like a skull it's a stylized, skull and Ralph, McQuarrie did a brilliant job to take all the key elements like the eye sockets, in the mouth to, make it just sort of a touch, mechanical, but yet still harken, back to a living, skull initially. The original trilogy stormtroopers. Were made. In such a way that they, were sort, of geared, towards actors, that were around, five foot ten to six feet to be able to fit into the armor they, were built out of vac form plastic, when, it came time to fit Han. Solo, and Luke, Skywalker into their disguise stormtrooper. Armor it took a bit of magic from the costume department, to make them fit but they were able to do it I can't. Think of a film. Zann, trooper, they are the same design as a stormtrooper armor but they're modified. To look a bit more suited for the environment, in which we see them which is at first in a new hope back to me joy. Distinguishing. Parts of this costume are partly, the backpack that they wear the, backpack was created, out of found, objects, from just. Like a local hardware store so fans have spent many a year trying to recreate those backpacks in order to figure out what exact parts of those components, are made out of this, and troopers also distinguished. By a shoulder. Pauldron the shoulder Paul's room was originally, a piece of motorcycle. Protective. Gear, that were was worn for for youths in. The 70s and so, that piece actually very well suited this this costume and one of the things I love about the, sand, troopers, is that you get to accessorize the, classic stormtroopers, and those, little touches actually adds so much personality, and character to a stormtrooper outfit. Space. Trooper well the majority of their armor is the exact, same as a stormtrooper they, are distinguished, by breathing. Apparatus on, their helmets so some of the some, of the pieces on the helmet are slightly different to adapt for that they have a backpack. That provides, ammunition. Joe. Johnston, who was a concept, artist and very heavily involved, in the design process for the original trilogy Star Wars films he, actually played the, to space, rippers that you see in a new hope and we're able to use some photographic. Magic, to make it look like there's two but really it's the same the same actor wearing the same suit TIE, fighter pilots are it's, just a slight variation on, your classic stormtrooper, pilot and the idea there was just to take the classic, armor the white armor and turn it all black and, give them a helmet and then we actually are utilizing, the breather adapters, in the front of the helmet, those, are always designed in there because these are supposed to be zero-g. Outfits, so you can actually breathe in space and, so we actually see those hose connections, being used the apparatus. That we see attached to the chest, armor those are all also meant to evoke the same design that you would see in, terms of like the Death Star bridge or the control panels they wanted to make it sort of emblematic of the Imperial, ships. At. That pilot first, time that we see the outer drivers, in their vehicles is on the Battle of Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back. The helmet. Is derived, from an original stormtrooper. Helmet and a. TIE fighter pilot, helmet design as well as the chest armor pieces originally. Were TIE, fighter pilot pieces that were then repainted, and repurposed, in order to accommodate, this, new vehicle the. The 8080 or that. Snow. Troopers from Empire Strikes Back or one of the designs than the variants, that I found really fascinating the. Snow troopers obviously, are in a heavy snow environment, so you have sort of this facial shroud, and they have more padded, clothing just, you know for warmth but I think iconically it creates a very interesting silhouette. The. Components, that you're able to play with the backpack that implies, that more gear. And. As well they they have a slightly different arrangement of components, of hard armored pieces to, accommodate the fact that it might be a bit more difficult to move in this environment.

The. First time that we see the Imperial rail guard is in, The Return of the Jedi they, are the guards for the Emperor I mean pretty alright guards are a stunning, statement in terms of you know who are these people and I think the idea of choosing to. Go with a bold red and kind of make them very mysterious, so that their face looks. Kind of very exotic, in that you don't know who's back there is that a droid or is it a person and I think the overall silhouette is very powerful as these mysterious, guards, for the Emperor. Bright. Red is meant, to provide a stark contrast to the set design but it's also kind. Of an homage George. Lucas was, very much a fan of sort. Of classic hot rod cars so. This cherry red is definitely a, color that was, influenced, by his love of those cars, biker. Scouts are scout troopers are, particularly, suited, for the forest, environment, in this case the woods. Of Endor their components. Are designed as such that they'll be a bit more comfortable suited, sitting, down as well the location, of their pistol which is the first time we actually see a sort of small handheld sidearm, pistol on a stormtrooper. That, pistols actually mounted, in into, their boot I love their helmet design because, we were trying to lean in to sort, of biker, iconography. And the idea that the mouth, actually, you know the snout became an open mouth almost like an open scream kind of created sort of a an emotional, look that's very terrifying, the helmets designed for, practical, purposes, was also designed to wear the face lifts up as they learned on set trying to situate a full stormtrooper, helmet with seconds, to go before the, camera starts rolling this, was a bit easier for the actors. The. Clone troopers were first introduced in Episode two attack of the clones, for. The clone troopers none of them were actually built practically there were all CG characters, that, was a really fascinating design, explosion because George wanted to connect, bola fit with, the classic, stormtroopers, and he was leading up to the fact that a stormtroopers, were going to be clones in, this time period we were keeping all the angles very sharp and very stylized, to kind of evoke sort, of a more romantic time, and so, in designing the.

Helmet Itself we, leaned into designing, a variant, sort of a blend between the classic boba fett helmet and the stormtrooper, helmet and that's why you see the strong tee visor we, retain the mouth but we stylize, that so the helmet itself of the, clone trooper you'll, see the evolution to the classic stormtrooper, unlike, the classic, stormtrooper, armor which is traditionally. White for all the different stormtroopers, the clone trooper armor is distinguished, by rank based on different colors and color patterns and schemes that are implemented, into the costume design. Red. Denotes captain, yellow denotes pilot, or commander green denotes sergeant, and blue denotes, lieutenant, phase, to clone troopers. The. Style. And the look of different stormtrooper. Helmets, over time definitely, evoke. The societies. In which those clone, troopers in this instance come from we meet a lot of the clone troopers during order 66 order. 66 is when Palpatine, orders the disruption of the Jedi execute. Order, 66. One. Thing that differentiates, the clone troopers from Episode. Three form. The ones in Episode two is the clone troopers are. Asserting their individuality, their, costumes, have different colorations, and patterns they are named characters, which is not typically, how we differentiate different, stormtroopers, from each other yes thank. You for. Example commander cody was named after commando. Cody. As. An old serial that George loved and I, loved those all those little elements you know sort of bringing things from George's. Inspiration. To, sort of his films and so this is one of those highlights for me that makes me smile. Pilot. In. Looking at the clone trooper pilot we see some. Elements, that definitely. Are going to slowly evolve into what we now know as our original, trilogy by fighter pilots the. Piker advanced recon trooper, is kind of an interesting look we're taking all the key, elements of the stormtrooper, helmet and now we're really stylizing, and trying to create a very aggressive, personality, in the face a. TRT. Driver his, costume is suited, for his environment is a sort of army green camouflaged, look and base shields. Elite. Core Clone Trooper and these were primarily seen during the Battle of Kashyyyk you're, starting to see a blend of the classic stormtrooper, with a scout trooper in terms of that open-face scream, and, they wear eight distinct Camel look to fit the environment. Galactic. Marines the, face, mask on this one reminds, us of the snow trooper from Hoth during. Order 66 this, clone trooper is responsible, for killing ki-adi-mundi.

Beloved, Jedi. The, five-o first Special Ops clone troopers fought alongside anakin skywalker as they, attacked the jedi temple in episode 3 revenge. The. Imperial shock troopers were part of Palpatine's guards and they were colored bred we, first see them on course and alongside Palpatine, after, order 66. Buddha. Pal airborne, Clone Trooper you. Can start to see further, evolutions, of the helmet now we're starting to blend a little bit more of the scout trooper along, with the iconic shapes of the Vader mask. The. 327. Star core clone troopers are, distinguished, by their their yellow elements, in their uniforms, they wear a skirt which we, will see later on in, future, Star Wars stormtrooper. Designs, the. Khorasan clone troopers are denoted by their grey markings and they're, primarily used the defend Coruscant. First. Order stormtrooper, the. Updated, design, is not only updated. Take on the stormtrooper, armor that, we know and love but the technology, in which the costume. Effects Department enlisted, in order to create these physical costumes, was incredible. Achievements, compared, to the original trilogy the original trilogy while using back form methods. To create plastic. Armor the first order Armour was primarily, created using, 3d, printing methods, and also molded. Polyurethane, casting. And molding to, create, incredibly. Valuable pieces of armor the first Nordic stormtrooper, you'll notice we're, actually taking the next evolution, in terms of throne trooper design really stylizing, the, black and white features of the down round mouth and also part, of the personality, design, idea was to make these guys really kind of brutal very strong very powerful. There. Are a lot of many design considerations, and challenges, one of the first thoughts was how do we evolve, the stormtrooper, the classic stormtroopers, into the next generation and we, approached it by really, thinking about new materials what would a new Terios, effective design and that's where you start to see sort of the cleaner lines the cleaner edges and you start to really understand, that okay this could be a next evolution, of the classic stormtrooper, partly. Based on design decisions, and also based on advancing. Construction, methods the, helmets, between, the force awakens, first, order stormtroopers, and the, Forster. Der stormtrooper, helmets we see in the last job I have slight, variations, the.

Bridge On the helmet, nose is slightly narrower in the last. Jedi versions, of these helmets the. First order stormtroopers, were really evoking a lot, of the historical, elements from the classic stormtroopers, and by that I mean we're actually kind of implying, that these are kind of going back to the original, genesis. Of the stormtroopers but yeah updating, it with all new materials. Captain. Phasma we're, trying to take the evolution, of the, first order stormtrooper and elevating, to a higher rank and we, did that by changing the material turning, her into this amazing, chrome. Look designed. By Michael Kaplan JJ. Abrams named, Captain phasma after a phantasm that a horror film where there was a scroll ball that was very menacing, initially. This character was meant to be cast as a male character once, they decided, to have this be a female actor they didn't make any adjustments, to the costumes, the costume that Gwendoline Christie wears, as Captain phasma it. Still has the same amount of strength de vocht and wearing it however, it's still clear that a woman is wearing the suit, captain. Phasma's costume in the last Jedi is, visually. More chromed than the costume that we see in the force awakens and, part, of this is because her, ability to be shot on camera in, Episode seven through to be very challenging because often. Times lightning and cameras would be shown, in the reflections, of her costume and so to combat that it's a bit duller machine, by episode, 8. Industrial. Light & Magic was, full and ready for the challenge of handling, that amount of Chrome on her costume and that was much more effective to have the costume visually. Appear to, be much stronger, in China. The. First time we see the first order flametrooper is, on jakku when they are attacking the village the first order flametrooper czar distinguished, by their, backpacks, that provide, power for their, flame rifles. That they carry, first-order. Riot control stormtrooper, the first time that we see this riot trooper is in the force awakens where. He is well known for being a stormtrooper that yells traitor. This. Character carries, some very menacing baton, as well as a riot shield the first order stormtroopers. Were much more likely to have individuated. Skill sets and tasks so in this instance this, particular, stormtrooper. Is outfitted, in this case weapons that, most. Effectively help him to do his duties. The. First order mega blaster stormtrooper, is, distinguished, by the ammunition. Packs that he wears over his chest armor as well as a very, large heavy heavy, blaster, the. First order snow troopers were a next, evolution, of the classic, snow troopers that we saw in Empire Strikes Back you'll see that we preserve the veil that covers the mask and we kept the overall silhouette and the only thing we really updated, was just to give them a little bit more mass that make it a little bit more powerful looking. The. First order of height palettes we, kind of kept the same idea where we took the classic, first order outfit and just made them black and then for the special ops version we gave them red stripes and that's the kind of mirror the red stripes that we see on the TIE fighters. The. Imperial assault tank pilot is one, of those designs it's one of my favorite because it takes these sort. Of the stylized, look at the stormtroopers, and we kind of refine, the lines and, you'll see that all the elements are there but they're very clean many, of the armor pieces on this costume, are actually the same exact, pieces, as you see on the shore trooper this mask, was designed by. Glenn Dillon he, and Co costume designer David, Crossman created, this helmet, design that sort of saw. A bit like the death trooper has this mandible, effect to it to give it a bit of a menacing look. I. Mean. Period, death troopers were a new class of stormtroopers, and we first see the best troopers in row one alongside, director, chronic we. Want to design them so that they were sleek and powerful more like the SEAL Team six of stormtroopers, and we distinctly made them larger than life so they were taller than six feet and they also decided, to keep them very narrow so they look like very athletic and, that they could move very fast, one. Of the distinguishing, factors of the death troopers is the mask and we spend a lot of time designing that and ultimately we ended up with this very aggressive look were the side cheeks actually almost became like mandibles, so I gave it a very slight of menacing spider-like personality. The, Imperial shore trooper we. First see these in robe, one their roles are very present in battle.

And Scary they are distinguished, by three, different looks that, denote, their ranking, so there's the short, trooper captain there's, the short trooper squad leader and there's the soldier but, the colors that they wear the. Blue definitely, evokes the the ocean and the water that they fight alongside in scarf and then the beige color is, sort, of meant to match the beach the, fighting, these, costumes were designed to fit the environment very, much like the scout troopers they have less armor and more soft fabrics, and also you can see a little bit of scout trooper in the facemask. The. First time we see the executioner, troopers is aboard the supremacy, flanking, captain phasma in the last Jedi the. First order executioner, is distinguished, by black, marking and he also carries an electoral laser axe. The. First time we meet the Praetorian guards is in Stokes throne room in the last Jedi the elite Praetorian guards have three, different, helmet variations, their. Helmets and their weapons are coordinated. Their costume. Design is meant to show. That, there are, at the ready but that they are also able to move flexibly they're sort of evoking a bit of a samurai style actually my favorite scene in the last Jedi is when Rey and kylo Ren fight and defeat all of the Praetorian guards in snoke's throne room. The. MinMin stormtroopers, the. Uniforms. Of the men men stormtroopers, are meant to suit. And and look and fit into the environment in which they fight it which is the min bid battlefields, but they also have a cape to help with that and their, helmets has an added lip on top that distinguishes, it from a regular. Classic. In. Korea my troopers we first see the stormtrooper, in solo those were an interesting design where we were trying to go backwards, and time a little bit from the classic stormtrooper, and the, idea was that these troopers. Were in a very dirty mud filled environment, so we want to make them look very gritty costume, designers Glenn Dylan and Dave craftsman used, elements of World, War one soldiers, that, were fighting using.

Trench Warfare tactics. To. Help design, and inform the look of this costume and much, like the trench, warfare during. World War one the, these. Mud troopers were outfitted with similar types of combat gear that you would have seen in World War one for instance their their gas mask evokes, that as well we. Also see Han Solo wearing a version of this, uniform. While, fighting in Minden, and his, is a bit different from others in that we actually see his face because, we're meant, to see Han Solo because. We need to know that it's thick. The soldier and kid you don't want any part of this. Imperial. Patrol trooper we perceive on Corellia in solo and you notice in the design we're actually starting to now blend even more scout trooper into the look so the, whole outfit, is a little bit more soft fabrics, and then the face is a blend of the classic trooper with the sculpture first. Time. We see the range, troopers, is during the train heist in solo, and what distinguishes them is the magnetic boots which allows them to actually clamp it to the exterior, of the train, the. Actual practical build of the boots includes, light. Up it has some hydraulic, mechanisms, in there that, actually emit steam and this is to give that full effect so that as we see it practically shot the, boots will definitely give you that illusion that they're magnetic. First. Time we see the first order jet troopers are on Befana the. Jet troopers jet, pack is actually part of his armor and we. See other elements, that are meant to evoke this sort of fast-moving. Jet. Propulsion characterization. That this trooper armor has there's, actually, a no Lodge to an original Ralph McQuarrie production, painting on the insignia, on the chest plate we first see, that in the first order stupor, but, then costumed, artist Glenn Dillon decided to add a version of that insignia, into this jet trooper we also see the mandible.

Design Returning, on the helmet. Now. The. First time we see the first order tread speeder driver is in the rise of Skywalker, the first order tread speeder, combines. Elements of a, first, order stormtrooper. Armor pieces, along. With a, sort, of further evolution of the biker Scout there's, a soft pant element as opposed to thigh armor to make it so that this stormtrooper, is better suited to riding, a new version of a sort of speeder bike. This. Is a first-order electro. Prod stormtrooper. We first see them in the rise of Skywalker they are denoted by the fact that they have a new weapon the electro prod the sister Bert is a new trooper for the rise of Skywalker if we think about the white, stormtrooper, evoking a skeleton, the Sith trooper is meant to evoke kind of the muscles kind, of the internal. Strength. That you might find in the soldier much like the death trooper fits quite close to the body it's meant to evoke the fact that this is a stormtrooper that's you ready for any anything, that comes at it one. Of the interesting aspects, is that you'll notice in the helmet that we're bringing back some of the elements of the Clone Trooper with that strong sort of nose tee visor look the Sith jet trooper it combines. Elements of the Sith trooper and the, first-order jet trooper ooh that we see in the rise of Skywalker there's, a jetpack that's connected to the back armor of this, trooper and as, well as that sort of mandible, effect on the helmet and that. Was every single clone, trooper and stormtrooper, in the live-action Star Wars films and, that's it for now but we can't wait for you to see what's coming up next. You.

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@@ pilot

Seems like they are trying to explain what stormtroopers are to a bunch of tards.

Ummm, I hate to be "that girl", but aren't the different colors of the Clone Troopers denoting group, not rank or individuality (ref: 7:05 and 7:57)? For example, in Ep 3, the different groups of troopers assigned to specific Jedi all have the same color. Obi-Wan's have orange, Anakin's have blue, etc... They aren't all one rank in each group, and their markings might be different (especially in the 501st), but the colors are all the same for everyone in the group.

Deathtroopers - tall and skinny. Looked athletic and that they could move very fast Deathtroopers in battlefront 2 - Super slow and sway around side to side like Jabba the Hutt

Imagine calling a flamethrower a "flame rifle". Do you not understand what a rifle is?

When they talk about the clones and stormtroopers in the prequels originals and rogue one, they talk about stuff in detail and explain loads of subtext that has purpose. Come to Disney's "r̶e̶m̶a̶k̶e̶" sequel trilogy and they literally just say he's the same but been updated. Literally explains Disney star wars for you.

Quite a few of these are not stormtroopers.

So no Clone wars?

*75% of designs have that prominent jaw for the helmet* "as you can see for the 50th time, this one also has a 'mandable effect' :)" I just keep hearing that at the end of most descriptions that it was distracting. Maybe more of deeper explanation (which they do somewhat I admit) than just a long list of visual description. Like someone reading their PowerPoint slides word for word honestly ಠಿ_ಠ

Obviously these guys aren’t Star Wars people, he just said grey clone troopers guard corrsuant, no the red shock troopers are corrsuant guards you idiot

Way too many kind of troopers... Love classic stormtrooper and deathtroopers. In addition I really like praetorian guard and sith troopers.

Doug Chiang has an amazing instagram page for those of you who don't know. He's an amazing artist.

Okay now make every battle mashine in Star Wars

Bad guys always have the cool stuff.

i've seen all the star wars films and to be honest, i've never really notice the differences in the stormtroopers unless it was a change in color, otherwise i didn't really care much!

Anyone else cringe when she said the phase 2 color was based on personality and not unit

@@ Pilots

Yeah no. The first order is a joke and they hardly qualify as stormtroopers. Let's stop kidding ourselves: they're duck troopers. The disney trilogy is garbage. Only Lucas can make Star Wars, but Gareth Edwards and Tony Gilroy can come too.

Hey I met that guy, he was my dads boss

We had these cool ideas for toys, so we had to make up characters.

It's a tragedy that there were no practical prequel clone troopers. The look like video game characters now with the technology advancing as far as it has. The Stormtroopers of the original trilogy and the sequels at least look like they're actually on screen.

the video ends abrubtly at 10:27


What about the ARC troopers?

Im sorry but "AT AT" instead of "A-T A-T"?

Take a shot everytime they say "evoke"

Ah yes, every trooper in Star Wars is a stormtrooper

What unique roles does the sith trooper do??

“You better send a better class of soldier then those....”storm troopers” “. Captain Rex

So the troopers were made with these differences for a reason... TO SELL MORE TOYS

Snowtroopers in a burqa

You forgot purge troopers

This was really cool. I'd like to see one that goes into more detail on concept designs and extended universe troopers. There are also more clone armor variants in the animated Clone Wars series that would be nice to know more about.

But we all know that all stormtroopers are NOT ready for what is about to be thrown at them because...... PLOT ARMOR

Really stylizing

3:36 did she just said at at pilot

What about Rex? He was a captian but wasn’t red

Am I actually the only one who noticed they did not talk about Clone Commandos?

I've realized that fans who grew up with the prequels often dislike the new trilogy but there are fans of the original trilogy who dislike both the prequel and new trilogy but kids will grow up with this new trilogy and take it to heart, not understanding the hatred against it like prequel fans. In the end, its a fascinating cycle.

The logistics must have been a nightmare for the empire.

What do the stormtroopers' armours do? They don't seem have any ability to protect the users.

11:40 why is he walking backwards, and how so fast

I mean its a good concept for a video and i do like it but most of this was just ‘yeah ya know its the same _but_ it has a different weapon’ (or some slight armor difference)

You lost me at 'Aht-Aht'

"@ @ pilot"

This dude sounds like a politician who somehow ended up in Hollywood

diD sHe JuSt sAy "At At"!?!?

At at is not pronounced as at at it’s a t a t

Okay this was epic. All I need now is an iron man suits version and my life will be complete

That was great

why isn’t this video just called “desperate attempt to move merchandise”

So basically stormtroopers are like VISA. They are everywhere you want to be.

The lady looks very uncomfortable


I would marry her.

Y’all take a look at my skywalker saga tribute trailer. Id appreciate it

Starwars ended with ep. 3... everything else is junk filled with pc culture

Same as new trilogy, new costumes aren't that great unfortunately. Cannot unsee duck face.

1:59 But what do those Backpacks "do" ? Or Carry?


You forgot the AT-DP troopers

They forgot the navy gunners for the clones on the venator

Hol up, they just used the original footage when talking about the sand trooper. You notice it when it shows them talking to obiwan and a droid crosses the screen

I think Lucas had his first thoughts about clones when they had to use people all the same size to fit in the stormtrooper gear.

So insightful “the shore troopers are beige to match the sand”

why are the badguys always of euoropean decent? you racist fucks

how about we just say they are all stormtroopers but with different gear. that would be easier. lol

And then we see the Birth Control Trooper...

And they still cant land a shot on anyone to save their lives...

Explained by Lucas films But they weren’t even filming the first movies

i do not recall ever seeing a chaingun trooper a trooper carrying a chain gun like Arnold did in the first predator movie.

Try convince me that Dougs kink isn’t helmets.

Archivist for lucasfilm , coolest job title ever....

You missed the AT-ACD driver in the Rogue One part


Making the stormtroopers dumb and terrible at their job has to be one of the things I hate about Star Wars.

Disappointing... I expected them to explain the individual life story of every storm trooper you see on screen.

She totally looks like someone that would like this scene.

17:30 her favorite scene is the worst choreography scene in all of starwars?

"Elite Praetorian guards" So the Imperial Royal Guards weren't elite enough for you?

Are you telling me luke is short in a nice way?

I thought blue was captain, captain rex?

In my book, all the clone troopers should not be counted or say, shouldn't be in the Star Wars at all. Compare to other troopers, they seem to be in a different movie-very Saturday morning cartoonish amature CG design.

How can a strike fear in your enemy’s when the first Order helmets are always smiling at you

If you were wondering, they are suited for their environment.

I was born in 1985. Seeing those billboards that said the 4,5,6 Star wars would come out when I got older really were cool to look forward to. When I got older, they made the 4th 5th and 6th movies utter garbage. Thanks for that!

I feel that the call-back (call-forward?) to the republican Senate guards in the design of the Emperor's Royal Guards should have been mentioned.

Every time she states the obvious the vein in my head throbs faster

Stop ruining Star Wars ya dogs!

Doug Chiang, very cool

Her saying the fight seen with the guards and Rey and ren was sooooo forced because everyone talks about how it’s soooo nonsensical and the choreography is soooo bad

what about the hip hop trooper ?

*Normal scene in starwars* This stormtrooper in the mud covered in grass is very different.

Sith Troopers are clones confirmed

Is it just me or did anyone forget most of these troopers even existed

How could they forget about arc troopers

Our boys in white looking good bringing peace to the galaxy

The comments on Phasma’s costumes are so bad. It was supposed to be an actor, but we casted a woman and we didn’t change the costume. But it still looks badass (obviously you didn’t change it!) and it is clear that a woman wears it. How can you see it’s a woman as the costume didn’t change? You have to hear her voice to know it’s a woman, otherwise it could be anything in the costume. The fact that the role is female doesn’t make the costume looking weak. And as said by someone else, it is a shame how that character is (not) used. What was the reason they asked for a known actress to play it and why did Gwendoline Christie accept to be so useless in the film?

Clones are da best. Facts

I’m gonna snap I’m gonna make an impact

stormtrooper sees a pistol picks it up. your no longer a stormtroopers your pistol trooper! literally every little thing like a regular stormtrooper having 1 device or holding weapon that the others don't means hes a completely different trooper

Rename this to Storm Trooper design, the evolution of plastic.

Not The AT AT!!

Did she just say AT-AT

Always thought imperial guard looked like someone wearing a burqa.

*S T Y L I Z E D*

They forgot the Clone Jet troopers

Can we skip the sequel troopers? Ok thanks.

Of course the majority of the video they had to talk about the boring fan fiction version of the series. I wish they would have used the EU material, but oh well...”non canon”...

Take a shot every time they say something that doesn't matter

Her hair is so pretty

Utapau is an actual place in Thailand, quite funny to see it being use as a name for stromtrooper.

They forgot the Clone Commando

Scoot Troopers easily the best, with snowtrooper VERY close behind

No mention of the red Hip Hop Stormtrooper with his Vader approved Imperial boombox & gold chains? All the thumbs down! https://twitter.com/HipHopTrooper

The Mandalorian wears a Shoretrooper Pauldron in the first episode!

A lot of Clone info was wrong but ok

They didn’t even mention the commandos

Wait until Disney puts a trademark on anything with the suffix "trooper".

A sith trooper makes no fuckin sense

I feel like there are just too many kinds of troopers now, and it's especially bad with Solo.

"Flamethrower Rifle" what

*Spacemarine casually walks into the room*

@ @ helmet..get out

I was lookin at the stormtroopers in the back thinking they were about to move

Should have been George Lucas instead of these two

At the and of the day this is about family and that's what's so powerful about it

Is there a version with good aim?

the fact they didnt go chronological for it is giving me an aneurysm

Every trooper* leave storm out of it

17:32 Incorrect. It’s quite easily the worst part of the movie

cant wait to unlock every character in lego star wars the skywalker saga

The shock troopers look like they have huge bright red lips, lol.

Y’all really had to bring up those Order 66 memories didn’t ya

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