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This video was sponsored by expressvpn. Protect. Your online privacy, quick and simply, for more details check it out with the link in the description. Life. Very. Much a mystery, to science still where, did it truly, come from all the plants, all the animals all the fungus, which fun fact is technically not a plant or animal it's its own thing anyway at least in the Pokemon world we don't have to worry too much about where life came from it's all archaea smoo xerneas, etc, essentially, the deities of their world but one thing that is extra, curious, are the grass type Pokemon where, do they belong, I mean are they plants, or are they animals thankfully, we covered that not too long ago so you should check that out right here now then this, series is all about explaining, why each Pokemon, is given the type that it is what are its origins as well as uncovering a few that really should not be, that time and grass, is the fourth largest group, of them ninety-eight, Pokemon as of right now so, let's hop it right to it. And. Rather. Than just going in order we're going to break the Pokemon up into categories the categories we've, come up with our plants, and animals canonically. In symbiosis fungus. Then, animals, with plants on them and then just plants, and then finally, other and, not, now back to what you came for first and really the literal first is Bulbasaur. With the category, plant animal symbiosis let's explain what that means, symbiosis, is simply an interaction, between two different, organisms, living in close physical Association. Typically. To the advantage, of both likes. En enemies and clownfish, the fish gets protection, from predators into the anenome gets a fish in its but when, win in Bulbasaur's, case it's literally. A dinosaur. Frog thing with a plant on its back it is said to have been planted there when it was born thus frog, monster, and seed of a plant have a symbiotic relationship in, fact according to the Pokedex the seed is able to give energy to Bulbasaur, when it needs it and vice versa as it evolves into Ivysaur, and then venus Ord gets bigger way. Bigger. Thus more powerful, next, our Rowlett dart tricks and decidua being, owls with leaf like feathers and tree, like traits would not make them part plant per se they are based off of the common barn owl that was introduced to Hawaii later, called the pueyo owl or possibly. The eastern grass owl or african grass owl, hence the grass typing, but it is stated that these Pokemon can gain energy from its leaves via photosynthesis. So they do actually, have, leaves for some feathers so either way they benefit from each other so they are symbiotic also, fun fact deciduous, trees are the trees that die in the winter thus, decidua. Being. Ghost-type another grass starter line Turtwig grata, land Torterra, are just turtles that have plants, growing on them and out of them I mean Torterra has dirt on it for the tree to grow oh and hey dude didn't even think that grata looks kind of like spike from The Land Before Time, no, just. Me okay. Then Turks pokedex, entries mention how it uses photosynthesis. A bunch, hence the great example of a symbiotic relationship another. Sort of symbiotic Pokemon, is para sect yep, that, weirdo with no eyes in fact this is more or less of a parasitic. Relationship rather, than a symbiotic one while Paris is a crab bug cicada, thing para, sect is actually, the fungus, or plant like thing taking over with a body and mind of the animal just listen to this chilling pokedex, entry from gold it stays mostly in dark damp places, the preference, not of the bug but, of the big mushrooms, on its back Wow. Poor, little bug oh it doesn't even like damp although this is not far off from reality, there are known, types of fungus that actually, can take over the brains of ants make, them walk up to exactly, a specific, height and face, north then, die so, that the shrooms can propagate its spores properly.

So While a fungus, rather than a plant and while parasitic, rather than symbiotic, this category and typing still feels best for this Pokemon and that. Actually, does it for the confirmed, symbiotic. Pokemon I know right, plenty of other Pokemon seemed to have symbiotic, relationships, with a plant and animal, and they probably do but, these are the only ones that are confirmed, in canon, to be symbiotic. Or parasitic, anywho, since we ended with para sex next up we're gonna do fungus. As stated, is not technically, a plant so you could consider all of these not, grass, type though I wouldn't, want them to add a fungus, type that's, lame. So grass is the next best thing fungi. Are closer to plants than fire or rocks after all though maybe they could add a biota type that's what fungus falls under there's flora fauna and biota, that would include bacteria, and stuff hmm. Anyway, fungus Pokemon first up in this category is the most fungus, pokemon fungus, and amoonguss. Based on the phrase there's fungus among us these are straight-up mushroom. Entities taking the appearance of pokeballs, but still they are literally red-capped, mushrooms. Perhaps the Amanita muscaria, there, you go next, is she tonic and moral Oh both very, mushroom based pokemon as well since, a pattern here based off of the morel and shiitake mushrooms, these two Pokemon, are known as the illuminating. Pokemon as they can glow like, the Mensa, group of mushrooms, which are actually, bioluminescent. And this goes along with their lamp and nightlight inspirations. As well finally, we have Breloom and Shroomish, why a small little Mario mushroom, turns into a weird stinky Raptor, with stretchy arms who knows how to fight, I'll never really know but, they are both very reminiscent of agaricus mushrooms, which is the group of normal mushrooms, that you'd eat here in the West both also have similar pokedex, entries to most of the other mushroom Pokemon take Shroomish is Dec century Shroomish, live in tamps, aisle in the dark depths of the forest they are often found keeping still under fallen leaves this Pokemon feeds on compost, that is made up of fallen rotted leaves I mean it's literally a mushroom, the forests recycling, centers the little dudes that love decay without these fun guys we'd have a big ol mess in our hands and our forests, next, category now animal, pokémon, that have plants, on them this could be plants growing on them or perhaps they use external, plants as decoration, either or first up or swad loons to waddle and leave any very, fabric oriented, pokemon so waddle doesn't so as in sowing a seed though, good job for that double pun came freek no it's about its ability to sew together clothing. From leaves, I mean swaddle oon is literally, the leaf wrapped pokemon its dex entry says it protects, itself from the cold, wrapping up in leaves it stays on the move eating, leaves and forests, so this line are bugs wearing, leaf clothes sort, of inspired from leaf bugs so question now we, made leaf clothing, for other Pokemon would they become grass type too, after. Them come sawsbuck, and Deerling, both are based off of little deer and bucks however, their coat and antlers, change, based off of the season, as we all know seasons, change what plants, do and look like just like how bucks will lose antlers, and regrow them throughout the seasons however I, don't think their antlers grow a full tree with berries on it meaning, I don't think these antlers are wood I don't think these are like little bonsai trees on its head rather I feel like these pokemon grow these antlers the same way real-life, deer do but, then they, decorate, themselves with, seasonal.

Plants, What's, cool is that there's actually a type of deer the Pierre David's deer that, actually, decorates, their antlers with foliage to attract mates just, like sawsbuck, awesome. Though perhaps, the plants it puts on the antlers managed to still wind up growing because, Pokemon. Powers Treecko. Grovyle, and Sceptile are cool dudes very fashion-forward, with their cool leaves in the mouth way before pangoro, and Pancham, started copying them they are also based off of wood geckos, and who woulda guessed it would, his part of a plant so boom there, you go however they do seem to be more like plants, the more they evolved did you know that sceptile grows nutrient-rich orbs, on its back that it can use to grow trees faster, also his tail is pretty much a tree that's pretty cool anyway I guess we'll go to chespin, quilladin, and chestnut next being sort of a hybrid of a chestnut, and a chipmunk, and a hedgehog. Thing, and well, I guess that's about it well these aren't inherently very, planty as it doesn't exactly have plants, on it that seems to be because it's basically, half, plant half animal, in its structure, but even then only sort, of you see it's covered in spines that, are would, like in structure, and that helps its strength it's like a hard chestnut. Shell for armor so that's the plant there you go chestnut, shells and speaking of Hedgehog II spiky, things that just have grass on them Shaymin is essentially, that being, a cute little white head chug chia pet then when it formed changes it really loses its grassy, Everage but it keeps the little flower on its neck so it's possible that this one is also a plants but being that it changes form and loses a lot of its plant material, I'm gonna have to say it's an animal, with a flower on its neck and then it likes to keep leaves on its back for decoration, when it doesn't need to fly now pants, age and simisage, two dudes, simisage. Seems to be based off of some cool monkey, Yankee or Japanese, delinquent, it's also one of the three wise monkeys it, being speak, no evil hence, its seemingly using gestures, for communication. Semi sages dex entry mentions that it strikes its enemy with a thorn covered, tail and that, the leaf on its head is bitter which leads me to believe that these are plant covered, Pokemon I mean why else would the midsection and face still be monkey color skiddo, and gogoat are I mean. It's a goat that has a bush coat did you know that there are some sloths that actually have plants growing on their fur coats it's, true look it up that's why they have green on their backs, also these pokemon have leafy collars likely, based on their mythos as fauns, and satyrs of Greek mythology dope people normally. Wore wreaths of green leaves around themselves Virizion. Is one of the swords of justice which are based off of the three musketeers this, Pokemon is based off of Aramis, the most skilled, swordsman and I mean you can't have the best swordsmen not have the move leaf blade without stab, that, would not be fair he, also was the most elegant and feminine of the Three Musketeers which, may be fitting, for grass as green and pink are much more feminine colors, as to why it's in this category and not just a plant I mean look, it looks kind of like a strange ungulate with big old grass coat and in a really tight hood realistically. There isn't enough information to say that it is just a plant or not but in all likelihood it's, some, sort of ungulate probably.

A Weird combination of these ones this is one of those Pokemon, that's like super unique so you can't exactly pinpoint in origin, I want more like this but, not like, this if you know what I mean lotad, long bray and Ludicolo, are just great, I love Ludicolo so much being, based off of lily pads and. Mexicans, these animals, don't necessarily. Need their leaves it stated that it searches about for clean water if it does not drink water for too long the leaf on its head and wilts meaning. That really, its leaf isn't a part of it what does grow on it also the name Ludicolo, contains, colo which could refer to the collection, a plant that bears a round yellow and green fruit much, like Ludicolo, sombrero. Tangela, and tangrowth are great unpopular, opinion, but I love tangrowth and these guys essentially, are beings, with a sweater made of moms spaghetti and not even the good kind probably, made out of something your mom wants, you to eat like, zucchini they actually prefer those pasta, with real nutrients, anyway, it's actually stated that it's real identity, is obscured, by masses, of thick blue, vines, and, they are said to never stop growing and they also regenerate, rapidly, so there's no telling what is beyond this ball of vines growing out of this strange. Creature. Question, mark where, Madame is literally just an adult female bag worm that gathers things in its environment to create its bag or a protective, shell the grass-type variant, just happens to live in a forest environment, so it grabs sticks twigs leaves, phantom. Trevenant gourgeist and pumpkaboo are all really similar rather than animals though they are ghosts, that have inhabited an object, in this case a plant phantom, plant revenant are based off of Japanese, folklore about, the Kodama a spirit, that inhabits old, elder trees and pumpkaboo, and gourgeist, are based more on jack-o'-lanterns. Which are made of pumpkins which, are a gourd which, is a plan there you go and finally, we have del mais again. Just a ghost inhabiting the remains of a sunken ship however, this Pokemon is much more grass based as it uses kelp as its primary body, kelp, that then holds on to an anchor and other ship parts and kelp is basically, sea grass sea.

Grass. And get it you see it and it's from the sea, also. I like how the kelp is wrapped around to this part of the anchor to make scary teeth shapes now on to the next category the ones that really put grass in grass, type Pokemon that. Are literally, plants. Not, animals, or ghosts. But plants them. But, now that I think about it del mais is the only real grass, pokemon, has it's based on seagrass, no other Pokemon really is grass by normal standards like, yeah some have blades that look like grass but they aren't there just sharp leaves and, wood. Can't. Wait to have a literal, grass pokemon, anyways, let's get started first is Chikorita bay leaf and Meganium, who are pretty much weirdo pears that turn into flowers sure it winds up in the shape of a dinosaur, but I still say they are just plant parts I mean the names even Chikorita comes from chicory a flowering, plant then literally just bay leaf than Meganium, literally, a flowering, plant also, the poetic states that it loves to bask in the sunlight and it seeks out warm places this is definitely a plant like thing either that or a lizard I guess but I'm definitely leaning more towards plant for sure bill awesome is one of the few flower, Pokemon, we see in the game that. Was sarcasm bellossom, is essentially, an upside down oddish with flowers instead of little legs being based off of a hula dancer and with pokedex entries relating it to a bell for its nice charming sounds it's definitely, a sentient plant it's, very interesting evidence, being. A plant I mean look at it it's a plant oddish gloom, and vileplume, are, - this, group is pretty odd but, not that odd only, slightly, odd ish. If. I had a dollar for every time I've used this joke I'd have like seven bucks if we look at auditions pokedex injury it may be mistaken, for a clump of weeds if you try to yank it out of the ground it's shrieks horribly, we can easily tell that it's based off of the Mandrake root I mean just imagine the Mandrake's from Harry Potter yeah that's the one these plants were actually used by all sorts of real witches and stuff back in the day also, the Bible bloom and a vileplume then, are based off of stinky, flowers, unlike, bellossom, sweet scent vileplume, is based off of the corpse flower a type of plant that instead of using sweet scents to attract bees and butterflies it. Uses rotten, smells to attract flies and, such still, gets the job done sunkern. And sunflora are based off of the sunflower and a sunflower seed being, entirely plants, and super, forgettable Pokemon I feel you already know, this is a grass type Pokemon seedot. Nuzleaf and shiftry are based off of will. Plants, but more realistically, they are based off of Tengu, or little trickster goblins, with long noses and it actually starts with a corn boy over here seedot. I mean he loves to scare Pokemon listen to this pokedex entry if it remains still, it becomes impossible, to distinguish, from real nuts it delights in surprising, foraging, Pidgey poor. Piggies too bad they still have a type advantage, over the stupid, nut it probably will still eat it anyway. Tengu, can be wood spirits, and Tengu, masks are mostly made of wood - so, then it's easy to assume this whole line is nutty, made of wood and tree, parts cacnea cacturne and myrrh actus no, relation are based, off of cactuses. Cacti, kak. Po today whatever, it is being based off of cactus makes things really simple really just as simple as sun flores sunflower basis it's just these are way cooler, three of my favorite pokemon for sure cherubi, and cherrim are both based off of the fruiting part of a cherry tree essentially, plant ovaries, yeah think about that the next time you eat an apple enjoy, cherrim, is more or less the blossom, of a cherry tree so more like the trees junk, the whole complete. Package. Bound, sweet steamy and Serena, are all based off of the mangosteen, plant, and a, dominatrix. Maybe I don't know this is a kids show I'm not sure anyways, the mangosteen is a plant with very hard outer leaves hence these, Pokemon having large upper leaves all the while the mangosteen is a very fragrant and sweet-smelling. Fruit, also known as the Queen's fruit, as it was actually found on an expedition for the Queen herself to, find a new fruit crazy, and also explains the name Serena as it, contains, Russian, for Queen a Queen's, fruit Snivy.

Servine And Serperior, are just snakes with tiny little legs which, is a thing actually the long lying, lizard, stupid, science but I'd argue that rather than these guys being vine like snakes, they are snake-like, vines. There's heavy, emphasis on, vines or ivy plus they are entirely green and got leafy, bits all over that's, my argument anyway these are vines with, snake properties, not the other way around, Cara no vine while being a great Pokemon, from the anime I can't, say that I really remember it in the game the I did love it in Pokemon Conquest but, anywho I do know that it is 100%. Without a doubt a plant I mean just look at it it's essentially, just a really big Venus flytrap, but with googly, eyes and it loves to eat James's, head what more can I say petzl ill and litigants are two dancing, plant Pokemon that are very feminine, either way they are based off of plants, I mean people even eat pet jelly Lee's leaves as its stated the leaves on its head are very bitter but eating one of these leaves is known to refresh a tired body I would say that they are based somewhat off of the tulip while petal ill could also be a generic, garlic, or onion bulb or just flower bulb due to its bitter leaves and health properties Leafeon, is the grass type Eevee, so it could possibly be an animal but I feel like its artwork helps allude to the leaves almost fading. Into the creature seamlessly. Making, it more plants than animal and if you don't believe me listen to this pokédex injury its cellular composition. Is closer, to that of a plant than, an animal it uses photosynthesis, to produce its energy supply without eating food so boom, more of a plant than an animal pho mantis, and Laurentis, are not bug type just, grass type and that's, just, where the trickery begins, as it's, a plant trying to hide itself from predators by looking like its predators which is funny because it's based off of the orchid mantis which actually looked like flowers, to hide from their prey before they strike their prey funny, how dressing like your enemy always seems to help maybe take a walk in their shoes find, out their perspective, on life you know just because they have the opposite thoughts and opinions that you do doesn't mean they're a bad person though you could always just wait and eat them when they lower their guard they'll sprout weepinbell, and victreebel are all super, great in the original game or at least I loved them but maybe that's the anime talking again what's up with poor James and getting his head eaten it must stink as they are all based off of pitcher plants plants. That use either sweet or rank sense to draw insects, into their pitcher only, for them to be eaten alive by their, stomach juices dark. Stuff executes. An executor, or are not cute at all in fact they should be named eggs or gross. And. Strangely, this plant thing isn't even eggs what, the heck being, some weird pun on eggplants, or something or better yet being based off of coconuts, with their soft flesh and liquid inside a dense shell for the proof is CREB brawler's love to hunt them as it's based off of the coconut crab who eats coconuts and lets forget about a lowland executor, I mean it's literally a palm tree with some faces but now if execute, aren't eggs what, are they well they are tree eggs in other words seeds they're, seeds but then why does the broken one look like a broken egg well because that's what broken seeds can look like - they are made up of germ and endosperm which, can be yellow just like that three, eggs hoppip. Is a root yeah, it's about all there is to it it's a root and it hops around I mean the real reason you can tell it's a root is because of the Japanese name it points, towards a root by basically, being directly. Translated, as jumping. Leaf wing into root and it kind of does look like a radish, doesn't it the other revolutions, are more so based off of dandelions.

And Such especially. Jumpluff I mean it's just three poofy, balls that as kids you loved to make wishes on but as an adult's you hate them because it, just spreads, more if the weed pull, over and then your next-door neighbor kid gets one and then well you can't technically, deprive them of a wish but good lord now you have a yard filled with weeds, well. Yes they are based off of living weeds that love to propagate, via the wind next, up is Badou rosa raid and rozelia all being based off of flowering, plants specifically, the rose I know shocking, isn't it other things about them let me see Rose arrayed is one of my favorite Pokemon I even have a custom pillow of it oh wait that came out wrong it's. Not like one of those pillows, it's, a for the couch like a couch pillow here's, the here's a picture it's the Pokemon shuffle face and if you want to focus on shuffle pillow there's like person you can Commission that I've links to in the description thanks. A bunch to them I also have a life-sized cacnea plush made by err it's neat anyways, moving on next we have Snover, and obama snow i mean, obama snow, who who are based off of snow covered carnivorous trees essentially. They are fir trees covered, in snow snowed. Over Snover, and obama, suno also has elements of the abominable, snowman but cosplaying, as a large tree it also could be based off of the concept of a jugu which is a very, very. Snow-covered. Tree, like, it's, really just a pile of snow and maybe one or two branches, sticking out then we have caught today and it's evolution whimsicott. Being based off of you, guessed it a plant. So, they land themselves in grass type that plant happens to be the cotton plant if you couldn't guess by its name and just being a, of cotton and then to ease afterwards, essentially, a small cotton, or a wee cotton, it's even got the characteristic. A little bit of stem on its back which brings up the question our, plant-based Pokemon grown do they actually reproduce the same way as normal pokémon like I know in the games they're all bred traditionally. And have eggs but like there's a huge difference between gameplay and lore, in these games cuz you go down to the farmers market and purchase a cotton II plant seed also whimsicott, can take its fluffy bits off its like clothes which are often made of cotton so baby that's the idea but yeah what about that is it like a sentient stick or stem who walks around naked. Sometimes, hmm. Who knows next Pokemon is farro seed and Ferrothorn being, based off of the idea of hard shelled seeds these little Pokemon are encased in a hard as steel, coating, many real-life plants, share this evolutionary, advantage, of incredibly, hard shells I mean have you tried to open a durian also, it looks almost exactly the same as a horse chestnut or just look then, Ferrothorn gets, the bright idea of swinging around little, versions of itself as a flail truly, an ingenious, pokemon Celebi. Is a weird onion fairy thing why it's not very type I'll explain in a later video but we do know it's for sure grass type because, well, one, it's the protector of the forest and that's filled with grass along, with the fact that it kind of looks like an onion bulb and grass is technically classified as a bulb like plant so, it, could totally be grass and there's, also the whole dex entry about grass and trees flourishing. In the forests in which it has appeared that helps to it's got super plant powers and that.

Does It for plant Pokemon and if you're savvy you know that I'm missing a few and you're right and that's because they're in the next category which I have aptly titled I have no idea what category, these go in so I'm just gonna put them at the end of the video see, catchy, category, title let me know if you want shirts of that you could also call this other and, not. Anyways. In this category at first we have cart onna which is a magically, super, thin and super, sharp origami, Samurai and I suppose, grass type works as it's paper we all know paper is made of wood what, is a plant but it's like it's heavily, heavily. Processed paper, that's, like saying steel type shouldn't exist because steel is just heavily. Processed rock you know these are two completely different things but then again what, what type would it be, I suppose, that's the only reason its grass because what, else would it be normal, it's not steel cuz it's paper though its sharpest steel maybe see what still work huh next, is toku bulu, which is a bullheaded totem Guardian though the fact that it's part wood matters, not to its grass typing in this case as the, other wood pokemon are live wood and this is dead wood I mean it's part of a totem pole mask, thing also the other three tapas, aren't grass type because they have wood bits no in fact taboo bulu gets its grass typing from what its domain, is over it said that it causes vegetation. To grow and then absorbs, energy, from the growth and it has the ability to command, plants, to hold Pokemon in place while it attacks, which, truly, gives it mastery, over plants. So grass type powers for sure also being, based off of Lolo the Hawaiian god of Agriculture helps a lot too however, it's, not really a plant or an animal landing, it here in the other or, not category, it's got plant powers and I guess that's the only reason it's grass type and next, up we have little, leap and cradle II and now you might be thinking wait a minute Loxton those are plants and well, you're wrong how, could you be so wrong well, I don't blame you but in fact they are just normal animals, commonly, mistaken as, plants, they are based off of cree nodes which is a family of sea stars that was thought to be extinct, until recently, and they, are not plants they are animals just like the CNN Amanda nominee they are technically, in the class of Animalia, so not plants, these Pokemon, should really be water rock type if they were true to their origins, so they, have reasons, for not, being grass for sure and they aren't the only ones because, we've got Rotom, here, again truly, a jack of all trades but master of none this. Little, electric ghost, possesses, objects, to change its type and in, this case we're looking at mow Rotom, it's possessed, a lawnmower, I mean Rotom, is electricity, and metal. Now it's not made of grass or plant at, all in any capacity I don't even understand. I mean, I guess it does now have power over, grass, really, it shows grass, who's boss all the time by clipping. It but I mean cycler, and by sharp aren't grass, they cut plants all the time on top of this the, only grass-type. Moves it learns as leaf storm I suppose it's a lawnmower with a bag and Rotom, can just shoot the grass back out at rapid speeds but if delibird, stuffed grass and leaves into its bag and threw, it at its enemy what delibird be grass-type now know almost. Every. Pokemon can learn moves outside of their own type because, it has the ability to use that move while, not actually, being, that, thing which, is what the type of the Pokemon is supposed to be all about at, least primarily, and using that logic I'd argue that mo Rotom, should not be, grass type Steele would, work much, better as its using steel, blades, but, I can still learn that one grass type move even if it was steel that's fine it's a super strong grass type move anyway mo Rotom is one of the best protons to do in terms of raw power for, that move ya know then if we really, wanted to stretch it you could actually argue that most, grass, type Pokemon are, not, grass, at all though it's a technicality, on par with most poison-type, pokémon not being poisonous, but venomous most, of the pokemon in this type aren't even a grass. Thus they, should be plant type instead, or plant, type and also biota, type I mean the, turkish translation. Has plants type though that's only occasionally. In the anime dub hmm, but also heck, even some of the gym leaders call them plant Pokemon, instead of grass pokemon, so I'm pretty sure this is a case of just visualizing. What you call them I suppose any of them work and plant, or leaf type didn't sit well with them enough I suppose nothing wrong with calling a grass type it's, just not the most technically. Correct but, caring about such trivial things as meaningless so let's just have fun and those were all the grass type Pokemon like.

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i think Nuzleaf and Shiftry are based on "Pinocchio", a popular fable here in Italy. Pinocchio is a puppet made of wood and his nose grows when he lies.

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how people manage to mistake Amoonguss for Pokeballs confounds me, seeing how they are 2 feet tall. Foongus makes sense, it is 8 inches tall.

Lockstin: Satyrs and fauns from Greek mythology. Me: FAUNS ARE ROMANS!!!

I guess the term grass type was a translation error, since atleast here in Germany they are called plant type pokemon

In German we call the grass type "plant type" :D

Wait what's plantpenetrator/mystical's roserade doing in the thumbnail??

His jawline tho wish mine looked that goof

You are literally the only person I know that’s heard of the Land before Time

Obama snow hahahaha ha!!!

Actually, the bulbapida states that they are based on a water lily.

No puns pls

Fun fact the corpse flower is also known as rafflesia arnoldy, named after the 2 who discovered it. Raffles and thomas arnoldy. And that's where i got my last/middle name


*cough* abiogenesis *cough*

Superb execution of the puns and dry humour! Huzzah!

1:45 I approve of that reference

Is nature type a good enough name?

Wait... Bulbasaur, that's an Ivysau- wait what? Grumpy cat scream and delelewoop and that shark dragon thing (Yes, I forgot their english names as a french player. And yes, I can recognise most of the Pokémon by their cries).

"wood is a plant" REALY

Kappas and colosynth

In Germany it's called Plant Type. Makes more sence in my opinion too.


you have your amazing womanatomy series; you are almost a pokétuber by now; Wynaut a video (or a series) on woman-like pokémon?

Virizion is Shaymin-sky evolved but not, they have many similarities. Also like Luvdisc not evolving into Alomomola for me :v

Why is Eevee unable to just use a leaf or ice stone in order to evolve in to Leafeon or Glaceon since Gen 7 came out? Possible answer or theory #Lockstin?

what is the type of rotom pokedex?

Here in Brazil i've never seen some one say grass type, or tipo grama, it's always plany type, or tipo planta

it's called "Pflanze" (plant) in german too.

what type will be rotomdex?

Obamasnow I'M DEAD

*sees spike* You're old, lockstin! Just like myself.

12:33 wtf?!

In german it's named "Pflanze", so it's also the "Plant"-type over here.

Are you redoing these when the next gen comes out?

In spanish grass tipe is tipo planta so in my language is plant type.

You should have animal-plant mixed category instead of placing those into animal wearing/using plants, like Shaymin and Lotad, like saying lotad's leaf isn't part of his body because they state it as "the leaf on its head" is not accurate, specially since they're clearly part of one another, it's as if saying "the hair on your head" is always referring to someone's wig.

Like, if it's not like you'd say Meganium wasn't a plant because the Pokédex used "the petals on its neck"

in french it IS plant type

You should of also mentioned that you forgot snover and abomasnow in the snow type video Edit: that part in the rotom segment where you said it should be steel should mean all its forms should be steel.

Did you say shiitonic or am i going crazy?

Aw, what a cute carnivine!

Fun fact about a real life Pokémon: Elysia chlorotica is a snail, and the only animal able to obtain energy from sunlight. This snail eats algae and then manages to take chloroplasts out of the them (chloroplasts are the organelles that makes a plant a plant, the organelle which gives the organisms photosynthesis). This snail places the chloroplasts throughout the skin even making it green in color and even cooler, it looks exactly like a leaf.

27:02 in German they are translated as 'Pflanzen Typ' which is literally plant type.

Germany calls them "Plant" Type too

finally...i love grass types

Do Normal types next, please?

@Lockstin&Gnoggin Small Fact: It is not only in Turkey, here in Germany we have them as the "Plant" Type as well. (Pflanze)

This was posted on my birthday in the UK, and grass is my favourite type, yay me :D

In Spanish they are literally "tipo Planta" (grass would translate to hierba)

23:41 it's already a steak type....

Yaaaas finally!!!! My favourite Type

how can they all do photo synthasis effectively? :S yes, they have leaves, but so few. look at a real tree and how much surface area its leaves cover compared to its body volume. now look at a pokémon. in a tree, thousands of leefs feed an immobile wood thing. and in poémon, a handfull of leaves or their own skin are enough to feed a moving warmblooded body?? no way. that's why we see so many of those pokémon eat pokéfood. fotosynthasis on that little surfacearea can't support a body like that.

(0v0)/ Hello there

15:50 also flowers are basically plant genitals

Is it just me, or did he miss Tropius?

What about my boy Tropius? :c

In german they are called "pflanze", which means plant So in some languages it works

I have arrived late crap


How can i give you the 8 dollars you deserve for that pun

WELP I know what I'm nicknaming my Turtwig in the EVENTUAL Gen 4 remake :p

How many puns were in this video?

17:52 If you don't beLEAVE me

23:42 Kartana is not steel? Really now? Really?

In France, Grass type is called Plant type

In Spain its actually Plant Type, it'll be akward to say "tipo hierba" XD However in English it has a good ring to it

11:21 Oh thank god, i am not the only person to eat those goddamn good spaghetti

In the german version, grass type pokemon are called "Pflanzen Pokémon", wich translate to Plant Pokémon. I think Plant type sounds way better than grass type.


In Spanish is also Plant type

what about pumpkaboo, gourgiest, phantump and trevanent???

That... Wasn't a chestnut shell

You missed Tropius ! My favourite Grass Pokemon ! But I guess he'll be in the "animal with plant on them" category, as it is just a big diplodocus who loves eating bananas so much they kinda grew on them. And he uses giant leaves to fly.

actually here's something you got wrong Roserade isn't actually a rose it's Hellebore a plant that is so toxic it can cause chemical buns to the touch. Some species of Hellebore resemble roses. the "erade" part of Roserade's name refers to masquerade. Roserade is literally Hellebore masquerading as a rose. This also explains it's poison type

I dont get how 3 of the Pkm that are in the shouldnt be a Grass Type category are in it but virizion should be one cauz its based on a musketeer which was quite feminine and grass is feminine cauz of its colours? And tbh i wouldnt Stretch the names of the types so much. Grass is called plant Type in many other languages and poison isnt the Same Like venom? For Sure it isnt but they are similar enough to get Put together to one Type.

I just watched these yesterday and now a new one

Kartana is a steel type!

In german it's plant type aswell lul

Finally I found someone thinking about Grotle as Spike :0

Spike and grottle

instead of grass or plant type, how bout call it nature type

I love all the fungus Pokémon and i don't know why. (Also i include Parasect in that)

The just feel like the best Pokémon to have draining moves

In german it's called "Pflanzentyp," which is just the translation for plant :D So the germans do it better lol

The german translation calls it plant type instead of grass type.

I'm Gnoggin the gnome

In germany its the Pflanzen typ (plant type)

In the German versions of the games it is always been called the plant type. ("Pflanze" = "plant")

In german the grass type is called "pflanze" -> plant

I'm surprised you didn't mention Grass Cutter for the Kartana entry. A sword might not be a plant, but I mean... it has Grass in the name?

if this is true how do they have this accessories when they hatch from an egg

Ummmm. Excuse me you forget sudoowoodo

The rafflesia bet every plant and fungus that it could still get all the food it needs from vial spells, and it won

Kartana is steel-type though xD

Im turkish and i never called bulbasaur grass or plant type.I always called it nature type it makes more sense

in which eps whimsicott takes off its fluffy ?

Tropius was not mentioned

The name "Grass-Type" isn't really fitting. In the German version it is called "Pflanze" which translates to "Plant-Type" and in my humble opinion it makes much more sense.

Das wollte ich auch kommentieren :D

"Obamasnow" Once again, you give me life.

Sea grass is its own thing (manatees eat it) Kelp (like mushrooms) also isn't a plant. Honestly depending on how widely you want to cast your net the "not a plant" section could be huge

Make a video for alolan pokemon

Lol your misunderstanding of basic biology made me rage quit.

im still wating for a nettle pokemon with fire grass type. this would fit so well

17:17 poor james most of his main use pokemon were harmful to him chimecho mime jr and wheezing werent but the other one the grass ones ouch

I was under the impression that Lotad/Lombre/Ludicolo was based in part on the Kappa, as they are turtle-like in appearance and have leaves on their heads that could ostensibly hold water. In addition, I thought Lileep and Cradilly were polyps (Lileep being a shortened version of the romanization for "Little Polyp").

Lockstin...please do a pokemon colosseum/orre video/theory one day...I know it won't get you as many views or the like....BUT ORRE NEEDS MORE LOVE!!! a good video you could do would be to ask why Orre in the first colosseum game had no wild pokemon...

Ferroseed and Ferrothorn are hyperaccumulating ferous plants. Plants that can accumulate metals in their bodies.

Grass types are my favorite, outside of Snivy's line, Bulbasaur is a permanent favorite of mine as it was my first choice. I tried Charmander, didn't like it and then went back to Bulbasaur with my first Pokemon game. I understand Tropious not making an appearance as it was a bit tricky to find initially in the game but rarely seen in both the anime and competitive play. Also I did not know that whimsicott could even remove its wig. The only time I've experienced using Tropious was with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team where it helped me defeat Rayquaza. Otherwise no real appearances that made it a significant partner of choice in the games. It sadly has the worst type imaginable in Pokemon with a 4x weakness to ice, the most common type of move used. Didn't help that its stats weren't that great and rarely ever got an upgrade, even then it hasn't gotten any faster or stronger. Such a shame too with Sun and Moon for no alolan variant or evolution to speak of. A favorite of the grass types that sadly won't get any attention in the future...

I thought I was the only one that made the connection between Grotle and the land before time!

In German the grass type is called "Pflanze". In English that would be plant

HURRY UP WITH FAIRYYYYYY please and thank you

Uhm...good choice for the roserade in the thumbnail xD

In Germany it is the Plant Type

i changed my mind, grass is my favourite

In german it's also just called "Plant Type"

Tangela is an Oddish with an invasive vine species growing on it using the nutrient from Oddish then making it a Tangela hence the reason Tangela didnt evolve till later gens and then it evo is basically just more vines

Well in the german version, the Grass Type is just called "Pflanze", which means Plant So we got the idea right, I'd guess

"I guess mexicans" I'm gunna take that soundbite.

I like this videos that explain the types but im a little upset that he forgot the mega evolution but i gyess he would've just put then in the same category as the non mega version

In German it's Plant type so that always worked for us

torterra is based loosely on the turtle that carries the world on its back i think the turtle is called the world turtle

Has anyone else noticed the countdown on Twitter? Every day they've been posting a video about a region, which will land Alola on the 26th. The 27th is Pokémon Day, which means we might see a new region, even if just a hint of it. Now, it's a lot more likely that they just say "Now that you've seen all these regions, go buy our old games and experience them!", but it never hurts to hope.

Cottonee might come from the Barometz plant, which is a type of mythological plant that grows sheep as fruit. It has a historical relation with the cotton plant, as the cotton plant was unknown in northern europe and the idea of a wool-like material growing from a plant may have been jumbled.

Gen 8, 3rd Type Hold Items, like Flame Mail, Dragon Mail, Douse Mail, Shock Mail. Thanks Lockstin for the great Idea.

My fave type

Pretty sure Kartana is also a Steel type

You like cacturn and roserade too I like them to there my fav

Burmy. Burmy mi mi. Burmiiiii.

I always thought that Kartana was based on the Kusanagi, a famous sword from Japanese folk-lore whose name translated to "Grass-Cutting Sword".

I just got a weed and grass killer ad for this video...

Do you think I can smoke an oddish


you know, this video made me realize how much i adore most grass types

lettuce consume

The trick with rotom is to imagine your house being haunted by one and it possessing an appliance and going haywire. What does it do? in this case it chases you around as a lawn mower for a bit cutting swathes through your lawn as it does so. then it chases you again this time spewing torrents of grass clippings and leaves at you getting it all in your mouth and giving you tiny little grass cuts and staining your jeans etc. I always imagined that the iconic orangey red appliances you have rotom possess in the game are specially designed 'battle appliances' optomized to be easily controlled and more effective. A lawnmower designed this way would probably be incredible at weaponizing cut grass, so even if thats only in the form of a powerful leaf storm that's more than enough justification for me.

I saw that Obama Snow joke coming... but it still made me laugh XD

I Actually Did Try Durian, It Took A Long Time To Open, It Smelled Someone Chopped Onions And Put In The Fruit.

well, in spanish translation the type is called "planta", means literally plant, so... is not grass for us

I always loved Kartana's typing because it conjures the image of a sharp but flexible material and it means it gets absolutely reduced to ash by fire which makes a great deal of sense to me.

I really liked this one. I kept disagreeing with stuff in the "have plants on them" category. It was fun

Would have classified the grass types as plant - like and animal - like since some resemble plants more than animals, and vice versa, but probably neither group are truly plant or animal. Also, a fungi - like category since some grass types resemble fungi. I disagreed with the Chikorita and Snivy evolutionary families in the "Literally Plants" category. Those two are definitely more animal - like than plant - like. They are animal - like Pokémon with leaves and/or flowers on them and both seem to be reptilian/sauropsid. I also disagreed with Leafeon's classification despite what it says on its Pokédex entry because it evolves from Eevee, an animal - like nongrass type. Its plant - like characteristics were acquired secondarily. On that note, if Eevee can make that sort of jump when it evolves into Leafeon, who is to say that the ancestors of some of those plant - like Pokémon couldn't have evolved from the animal - like group? This is what really complicates attempts on classifying grass type Pokémon.

Your in depth explanations are life. Helps me sleep.

When I saw jumpfluff i thought oddish got a new evolution

Everything is not there type like what u say all the time

Lillilgant is my favorite pokemon! Sad you said so few about her...

Wasn't carnivine really difficult to find and just irrelevant to use by the time you got to where you can get it?

Roserade isn't a rose. It's line is based off of the hellebore flower. Roserade is simply masquerading as a rose, hence the name. A good indicator is also the fact that roses aren't poisonous, while the hellebore is. It was used in medieval poisonous weaponry, just as Roserade uses under its bouquets.

When you say bacteria, do you mean germs, single cells, or is bacteria its own thing?

Bacteria are their own category of life. In linnaean classification, bacteria are their own domain alongside archea and eukaryota. They still are in cladisticts, but it specifies that archea and eukaryotes are more closely related to each other than they are to bacteria. Also, cellular life is known as cytota.

What if cut was a steel type move?

Shaymin land is pincushion more fused with a hedgehog. How cu- wait. HEDGE?!

Sceptile doesn't poop. It has fertilizer balls lol


Have always thought that grotle looks like spike you're not alone lockstin we are always here for you

When a Tangela's vines die it has the cover itself. It's favorite choice is a cloth it decorates with a Pikachu shape.

Did he forget about the Serperior line?

I'm sorry...did Bulbasaur just make a Glameow call?

This is a high quality video approved by a fellow Tangrowth fan.

I totally thought he looked like Spike. So glad to hear someone reference Land Before Time

Uhhhhhh... kartana is part steel

I didn't expect my flag to pop up on screen suddenly lol

Here’s a Pokémon theory I hope doesn’t exist but it revolves around route 4 of Unova as it really doesn’t fit in as it boarders the two biggest city’s in the region and it is thought to be inspired by ground zero. The only thing in the main series games that could cause an entire desert to form is the ultimate weapon and I think it caused it for a few good reasons. 1: route 4 boarders the desert resort (both are in the desert) the desert resort is said to contain an ancient civilization from thousands of years ago but they suddenly just disappeared? Coincidence or fact? Also in ancient Egypt they believed there god of creation lived in the sun and the Pokémon who is know for living in the resort is volcarona who is heavily inspired by the sun who probably sacrificed his life to save the people but enviably failed then reborn thousands of years later. 2: Unova Pokemon are every where in kalos! So much so that I think they are beside each other (like kanto and johto) and in the flash backs a lot of Pokémon in war are Unova Pokémon. 3: the kalos map is surrounded by water in the west and south and mountains in the east and north and Unova has water surrounding its south and east and mountains in the west and north it just matches so perfectly. That is my theory about why I think the ultimate weapon is the cause for route 4s bared wasteland please comment if things are off about the theory.

This video has made me... *uncomfortable*

Yo, that Roserade in your thumb is drawn by pron artist.

.....Ok, I noticed your "True Facts" reference, but you kinda misused the quote. Sea anemones don't have butts to have fish in, unlike sea cucumbers which the quote was originally taking about. Don't clown fish just clean the anemone or something?

Hey Lockstin, you should do a video on all the berries in the Pokemon games

Leafeon on thumbnail i clicked

Did you say Bisharp like bi-sharp? It's based off a Bishop in chess...

From your tone of voice in this video and the fact that some of your favorite Pokemon are this type, I'm guessing Grass is one of your favorite types isn't it?

Same here

Hey everyone I am the one behind the Cacena plushie and Rosarade couch pillow. I also have instagram,twitch, youtube (which will be fill with plush content later.) You can follow me there too. Instagram: mousealchemist Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mouse_alchemist Youtube: www.youtube.com/mousealchemist Hope to see you guys around. And again thank you Lockstin for the shout out. :D

what are the pixel backgrounds from?

1:44 Wait a minute, that's a zefrank1 reference!

Yup definitely Spike and Aurora little foot

I feel like a plant-animal hybrid would've been a good category, there are a lot that fit best into that category

21:05 I looked up a "Jugyou" and let me tell you for all the kids. Don't look it up cause i saw some interesting photos on google. Or in other words. I didn't see the tree.

Only fairy, dragon, normal to go

Tsareena is based off of Tsarina's. Literally in the name


He ripped off zefrank with the “fish in the butt” line

Is not confirmed,but whisnsacot(sorry if its wrong)might be inspired by the brazilian legend of saci perere,a prankster black kid that locomotes using a whirlwind,that also kill people stabing them with a stick,or tickling people to death(weird,i know,also,inglish is not my native language,so sorry if there some wrong word).

I love roserade 10 out of the 10

Lilligant is literally Princess Peach

And do fairy types!

"All Pokemon learn moves outside of their type." Shows Marowak over Earthquake. I know it's the Alolan form and that one is a Fire/Ghost type, but the Cubone line is ground first. It just seems weird to show a Ground type Pokemon over a Ground type move when talking about moves that are not the same type as the Pokemon. Almost everyone will think Marowak is Ground type, matching the move, because for 6 generations it was.

kartana is part steel and where is tropius

In french, grass Pokémon are called plant Pokémon. I never unsterdood why it is "grass" in english

Great, I guess?

In german the grass type is called "Pflanze" which translates to plant, so...

In Spanish Grass type is also called Plant type

At least in the Spanish from Spain

Your editing and motion graphics are just getting so slick and amazing! Props dude. I'd love to be an editor for you some day.

I mean, if you give any pokémon an overcoat of leaves they should become more susceptible to fire, shouldn't they? EDIT: Catagory?

In France it's called plant type, not grass

Nice going with the mexican music with Ludicolo....

dude it's a-ne-mo-ne not a-ne-no-me

Chesnaught is a Horse Chesnut, it's not that confusing.


I would love a biota/fungi type that works off of decay, infection, and withstanding darkness/flying because these things grown in the dark and can reproduce through spores on the wind.

In the German translation, it is also called "Pflanze" which translates to plant. And poison type is called "Gift" which can meen both poison and venom.

in Mow Rotom's case the grass type wasn't even originally part of it and later added for STAB,a s with the other forms

Hahaha how did you know about the Turkish *sometimes* calling them plant type? And not know that in Spanish it *is* plant type? Hahaha

I thought about the spike/grotle similarity often, it was fun

Just a tidbit for Kartana, if you look closely ate the trees in the Ultra Forest, you can actually see either leaves or buds that resemble the top half of the Pokemon. That detail has led me to believe that the trees there are whete Kartana grow out of and that they are fully developed, sentient flowers. Of course this is al l just a little theory of mine.

You strike me as some kind of nasty republican

20:51 hahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL

9:43 das Spyro the dragon from game 2 and 3?

8:08 hahahaha LOL

4:18 Confirmed Symbiotes are all starters, huh neat

Bulbasaur is based off a diictodont

Lockstin. That Roserade was drawn by a porn artist named Mystical. Does some rape stuff and some underage stuff.

10:42 HEY! THAT’S RACIST. NO MEXICAN WEARS A SOMBRERO *puts on a sombrero and leaves while screaming like a Mariachi

In Germany it's called the Plant type

Symbiosis is a relationship between two organisms so parasect would be in a symbiotic relationship that is classified as parasitic. So it’s not “more parasitic than symbiosis “ it’s both

Lockstin does actually have one of THOSE pillows of Roserade. It’s just not the pillow he was talking about.

You should do normal types next

I love Obamasnow, my favorite Pokemon

Plant ovaries... Woah

Hoppip is also based on a dandelion, it's leaves are the same to that of a dandelion's

Tsareena is DEFINITELY based off of a dominatrix. Steenee doesn't evolve until she learns Stomp (!), and Tsareena can also learn Power Whip (!!) and Punishment (!!!).

Ooh! Lockstin! Neat idea! Do you know anything about shamanism? Many shamanic traditions across the world use plants as entheogens (hallucinogens) to see the Spirit World. Do you think anything like that happens in the Pokemon world? And if so, what Pokemon, plant-type or otherwise, are involved?

In spanish is “tipo planta” (plant type) and I don’t know about other lenguages

Actually, Kartana is a Grass type, most likely due to the world it comes from. The leaves on the trees of the Ultra Forest seem to be made of paper, or at least very similar to paper. If this is true, then according to the botany of its home world, Kartana is rightfully a Grass-type.

Looks like someone forgot abou leafeon and tropius other than that still a great video

1 up

Thanks for mentioning Pokemon Conquest! I never hear anyone talk about that game, even though it's so awesome! :D

I still call them plant type Pokémon.

nature type

I swear if i have to watch this cringe ass SNOOP DOGG advert on your videos one more time!!!!! I’m gonna blow my brains out, YouTube!! Get better!!

Silvally and Arceus can both be all types but not including them makes more sense because those are forms

Where did you get that roserade in the thumbnail? I need it for a school paper

... He has a Roserade pillow.

Parasitism is literally a type of symbiosis tho

16:09 is a friggin czarina.A russian princess/queen.You literally said it was also based of the queens fruit


Dude does this guy make THOSE kind of pillows Feelin hard mmmhhh

One of the noises that the plushie Bulbasaur made was actually a different Pokemon called purugly. I know that sound by heart.

Mmmhhhh gardevoir pillow

20:33 hey gnoggin do you have a gardevoir pillow

Pokemon butchers its lore so much for the sake of antropomophizing its creatures so it's still pg13. Good Lord, give us oldies some love!

1:44 so you watch zefrank?

I literally got a weed killer ad in this

I unironically would like that shirt.



19:18 Or... A facepalm :p Also 24:41 Hey Mr.Burns

Finally you do my favorite type.

Non-biased fact: Whimsicott is best pokemon.

I call the grass type the life type sometimes

I just got a Weed Killer ad.

the obama joke no

i use my gnoggin

BEAUtiful video man!! You really outdid yourself this time!

You stole that sea cucumber joke from zefrank.

This is the best Pokémon related content on YT tbh

Hey Lock'n Nog, Can you go other the EGG GROUPS of the Pokemon franchise and explain what defines them or the requirements for Pokemon to be organized in them?

No lie, I want a Grassly

You contemplate Cottonee eggs, but not Exeggcute eggs?

Augh that is a scary thought a moving plant!?!

Kartana is based off of Katanas (basically Japanese swords) and Origami (folding paper/paper god) which is basically just paper that's been folded to look like something else.

Exxecutar (I hope I spelled that right) is actually based of of non-tropical palm trees the reason why tropical palm trees look like the way they are is because they have to worry about water while main land palm trees don't have to worry about that.

Trevent might also be based off of the Ent which is basically a spirit born from someone who loves trees so much they decide to possess a tree and spend their afterlife protecting trees.

Umm Shaymin sky form basically has moss on it's legs.

Um, pueos are native to Hawaii, they weren’t introduced. It’s one of two birds of prey native to the islands.

This video led me to google "Roserade dakimakura" and I now regret every life choice I've ever made.

so much self awareness in this video. and who is the artist for our new look?

do you ever wonder how earthworm Jim's super suit work ?

I would argue that you misclassified some of the "partially plant or dressed in them" Pokémon. There might've been others (really I think most of them at least have plants grown into them), but especially Shaymin. In the movie, we see Shaymin "inhale" some toxic substances into its flowers. And I mean, overall, what reason is there to believe that it has quills under that grass, and isn't just growing grass on its back, like the very flower pot you showed? It's true that Sky Forme Shaymin loses most of the plant-y matter, but you could still say there's some grass growing out of it and that the flower is just a different shape. And it's just heavily tied to those flowers, at least in the movie.

Kartana could probably be Fighting/Steel. Because it's sharp like a sword, and last I checked, most swords are made of steel, and Fighting, because, what do you do with swords? Fight.

In french, it's plant type you know. You didn't to go to the turkish dub

That’s not an anemone that’s a flower pot coral >.>

Ain’t gonna lie chief, the roserade on the thumbnail is pretty thicc and now need more

3:00 I thought he looked like spike

Your categories are confusing. Why not have: Symbiosis+Parasitisis (bulbasaur, parasect) Fused Animals with plants (Sceptile, deer, goat mons etc) Phytomancers - possessed plants and forest demons Solely plants

you know, the german name for the grass type is plant. not just the turkish-dub-sometimes ;)


An artist called plant penetrator was in the thumbnail. How much did you study grass types 0_0

Tapu-bulu is taurus confirmed. Taurus's colour is green/pink and its element is earth.

What if tangla and mimicu are actualy the same pokemon but they just became what they are now over many manygg years

23:08 yes please

We call it plant type "tipo planta" in Spanish

deciduous trees just shed their leaves, they don't die

Of course are rock and steel type not the same, because, as you said, they are completely different! While paper is made out of plants, steel is not made out of rocks, but of iron ore (wich is not called rock, even if it may look like one)

Hoppip is also a dandelion. That's what Dandelion leaves look like. And the root part, well, that's still true because what's under the stems/leaves of a dandelion? Yes, that's right. Its roots.

In Germany we also call them "Pflanzen-Pokémon" (you can hear that "Pflanze" means "plant," and not "grass", wich is "Gras" in German

Simisage and simisear are speak no evil because of the saying, Listen to the wind or forest or trees or anything like that

i imagine "every normal type explained" is going to be the HARDEST video you will ever do?...challenge accepted?

Kartana is Steel type though.

1:45 stealing jokes are we now?

Ivysaur is my favorite Pokémon Trainer Pokémon just sayin

Nice Spyro Reference XP

1:36 Mantine

trevenant and phantump?

That's not what a chestnut is. What you showed is a walnut

Anyone else thinks that the outline around the images makes Ramos' shears look like it has eyes? Gen 8 confirmed?

its shiiNotic, not shiiTonic, although that does sound nicer

I still want a roserade body pillow


in German they are called Plant Pokemon


leaf the weed alone!

I might be mistaken, but isn’t kelp in kingdom Protista? If that is so, would that make Dehlmise a grass type due to the wooden ship parts it possesses? But, then again, this is Pokémon. If they consider fungi plants, they probably consider plant-like protists as plants too.

Oh, forgot to mention... Algae, which kelp is one kind of, isn't really a true plant. It's a kind of protist. Protists are generally simple and _usually_ (but not always) unicellular and microscopic Eukaryotic organisms. Algae is unique among protists in that it can be multicellular, however they're still far more simple than plants. In a sense, algae is a sort of "proto plant", doing roughly the same things as proper plants but not possessing the refinement of a proper plant. And another correction, the "corpse flower" is actually most commonly used as a secondary common name for the Titan Aurum, _Amorphophallus titanum._ It's also sometimes used to refer to any plant in the _Raffleshi_ genus, but this isn't quite as common.

Thats funny!! I love this guy, He even motivated me to make my own channel and i make a song about pokemon!!! ill post the link below, but also ill be dropping a music video in 1 hour for the song, so hit that subscribe for me , i would love some feed back and support !!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l20caAwrL-o

I just want to note something, when you mentioned anemones and clownfish, the still image you used for an anemone is actually not an anemone at all but rather a species of soft coral from the _Xenia_ genus. Which is another good example of symbiosis - most polyps, including most coral and anemones and all mushroom polyps (a close relative to both coral and anemones commonly seen in the aquarium trade), posses algae among their body tissues. This algae produces food for the animal and in turn the polyps provide a safe home for the algae. Also, regarding the anemone not really getting much from the clownfish except for a fish up its butt, that's actually not true. Clownfish actually provide two benefits for their host anemones. First, clownfish, and other damselfish for that matter, will instinctively store food in a safe place. For a clownfish paired with an anemone, that safe place is its host anemone. Except that's not a safe place to store food, that's a hungry cnidarian full of tentacles just ready to grab the stored food and shove it into its own mouth. As a result, the clownfish will inadvertently feed its host anemone. You can actually observe this behavior in any reef aquarium with a clownfish and anemone pair during feeding - once the clownfish has had its fill, it will still grab food, but instead of swallowing it it will actually spit it out among the tentacles of the anemone. I got to observe this myself when I had a 55 gallon reef tank setup with a Clark's Anemonefish (a really hardy species of clownfish that's known for being able to pair with almost ANY kind of anemone, even Caribbean anemones which don't host clownfish in the wild due to clownfish being exclusive to the pacific ocean) and a long-tentacled anemone (an anemone with long tentacles (duh) that generally doesn't host clownfish and grows to a large size, relatively hardy for a cnidarian but like all cnidarians they're highly sensitive to water chemistry variances).

It's okay, I like Bellsprout line too.

I have Pokémon conguist

I may have to watch this again to be sure, but you missed one: Celebi.

I have a feroseed card and it's ONLY ATACK

Edit: IS

I think Cradilly got its name from “crown of dicks”

What are grass type Pokemon's opinions on dealing with bullies? Everyone else: just ignore them and if that doesn't work, confront them and tell them what's grinding your gears. Lurantis: First yeet, then eat. (It's the best I can do. I tried)

9:40 That.. was a mistake... man...

You're really gonna call the oddish line pretty odd without somehow acknowledging the album by panic at the disco, pretty. odd.? Blasphemous powermove.

That's how people were getting region locked pokemon in pokemon go.

In germany it's also called Pflanze 'plant'.

The snivy line is based off the 'grass' snake aka the European snake

That would explain Whimsicott's pose. As it stands there with a big smile on its face and its arms in the air. It looks like its saying "Hey look at my penis. Yay!"

People clicked this video because of the thumbnail

The artist for rose is @MysticalPP on Twitter

fungus did use to be thought to be grouped with plants, and grass seems to more so be the "nature" type

It's like a gopher or something Or a weasel or something I can't remember Some type of weasel or something I thought it was a raddish Venusaur a flower is the corpse flower Kartana is grass steel I thought it was cuz bulls eat grass

Tree gecko not wood

Barn and pueo are different species of owl

life came from God

Don't diss mah boi Chespin

God ahlolan extucutor is so dang tall just like that jraffs neck

What was that demonic noise at 12:33??

can we get dragon next

27:55. Thats puruglys sound

I feel like Gamefreak gave Ultra Beasts weird typings on purpose, since they're weird aliens from another dimension But the types still kinda make sense, even if it's not obvious at first With Kartana i think it's grass/ steel typing might be based on the legendary sword "Grass Cutter"

Sewaddle logic: >wears leaves to keep warm >is only grass-type (and vulnerable to ice moves) because it wears leaves

I seaweed you there

It does

It's cactapodes.

Symbiosis = venom For does 10 year olds out there well if kids still like pokemon anymore

Infected Mushroom on your computer and a Yotsuba figurine on the shelf, you're an oldfag chantard aren't you. I see what you did there.

I would like to thank whoever is responsible for the subtitles. I appreciate your effort very much. I know it's unlikely you'll ever read this, but I'd like to make it known.

"green is a feminine colors" pfft since when did cammo become girly

BARD! BARD owl! As in beard!

Whats parasect without the mushroom?

Thanis just wiped out half of all life! Fungi:

And I quote "not that kind of pillow" me wow

Obamasnow... Yes

tsareena is russian? lol are you sure about that one? doesn't sound like any word in russian i know of.

Mow Rotom is the best Rotom.

Tapu Bulu is also based off of a bull obviously. Bulls are the representative animal for the Zodiac symbol: Taurus and Taurus is usually the biggest recognized earth symbol. (I am a Taurus)


so you just ruined grass type for me thanks. BTW if Snivy, Servine and Serperioris is plants, why is some of the animals with plants on them not.

Just to add a bit more, the official spanish translation for the Grass type is "Tipo Planta", which is Plant type. Not only the turks did it!!

Am i dumb or is there no tropious in the vid?

In Germany there are officially called Plant Type Pokemon :D

If I had a dollar for every time Lockstin didn't use clickbait thumbnail, I would be in severe debt

I thought grotle and Spike had some similarities, when I made my Land Before Time theme team I used eviolite grotle for spike

I definitely do find it weird that there isn't actually a "grass" pokemon yet. Like a blade of grass or a literal meadow or something?

12:32 What? How? So neat!

Now all that's left is Normal Dragon and Fairy!

1:46 I think you took that line straight out of ZeFrank's TrueFacts

Grass isn’t one of my absolute favorite types, but it does have some of my favorite mons. Sawabuck, Roseraid, Bellosom, Pumpkaboo, and Lilligant, my absolute favorite grass type. I’ll never forget sweeping an entire team in a WiFi match with my dancer Lilligant.

27:37 What? Bulbasaur is evolving!

There is also an orchid that looks like a mantis.

23:41 um, actually, Kartana IS steel type...

I have that bulbasaur.

About the sponsor, didn’t you earlier sponsor nord VPN?

Well, in germany grass-types are called 'Pfanzen-Pokemon' so plant-pokemon. I guess it's just a translation thing.

I'm outraged. Sea grass is its own kind of plant, how dare you call kelp sea grass!

The roserade in the thumbnail is drew by PlantPredator

U r 100% right about Spike and Grodul

Fungi are closer to animals than plants phylogenetically.

Almost took a spit take at the Roserade pillow mention.

I really look forward the celebi video about it not being fairy. Can't wait for these fairy type arguers to shut up

To be fair, the English translation is part if the problem. In German for example the grass type is in fact called the plant type ('Typ Pflanze'). Also there is only one word for venomous/poisonous in German, so the poison type ('Typ Gift'') is a lot more accurate.

Florges and Celebi were both missed opportunities to create some grass and fairy types.

actually in French we do say :"type plante"

You missed tropius in this video

I feel like fungus should be poison type :/

in french it's plant

I Love The -Quiet- Roserade!

Kartana is made of paper which is made of wood which if grass So grass type by birth for me


Hey how do trainer's know which Pokemon is in their pokeballs

#oneofthosepillows #confirmed

Your hair is wild in this vid, man

Why'd you use official art for all the pokeymen on the thumbnail, except Roserade which a porn artist drew? Oh wait, I've been hoodwinked into clicking on your video.

Also, isn't Roserade based on Helbore? That poisonous plant that maskaRADEs as a ROSE?

I know where that Roserade came from. Good taste.

I always thought Chesnaught would have been better named as Juggernut

If the bug bugs the mushroom, the mushroom tells it to bug off.

Grotel = Spike... YES

Pulling up obscure türkisch anime dubs that sometimes do the job but completely ignoring th that germany always used Pflanze = plant. The facepalm intensifies over here.

Thank you for being one of the few people who makes me laugh, subscribed

Even in German the name for the type ist Pflantze, the German worde for Plant.

Do a video on dragon types already!


tangela is Kirby mystery solved

Spanish translation also refers them as plant Pokémon

Tserrena seems more like she is wearing a bandanna

You ever try scraping the clumps of cut grass out of a lawnmower? It ain't pretty. And if you don't, the mower deck rusts and mold grows; so I'll gladly accept Mow Rotom as Grass because ain't nobody gonna want to try and scrape the grass out of that trickster. It'll sooner bite your hand off.

Tangroth is green not blue.

1. Bulbasaur is a toad not a dinosaur which is why Venusaur hops in Pokemon lets go 2. Breloom is a kangaroo not a raptor 3. You forgot tropius 4. Rosiraid is not based on roses 5. By you're logic every rotom form should be steel

I love this video for the SICK BURN on grain-based pasta and the $7 for the oddish jokes.

You will give me an egg!


As far as I know the Ludicolo line are based on lily pads and kappas. Hence the duck/frog appearance and the importance of the water dish on their head

Also did I miss Tropius?

3:00 Well now I do a little

27:54 that's purugly's cry

Carnavine bites james because venus fly traps bite pests

exeggcute and the original exeggecutor are actually based on the seeds of a Dracaena plant and the adult plant, that name also potentially being where the Alolan form also gets its dragon type. yes, they're also coconut/palm trees but no one says they can't have more than one origin =P the Dracaena seeds look a hell of a lot more like exeggcute though, so clearly that's where its meant to come from.

In spanish they are called Plant types.

Does it bother anyone else that he says "Parasitic NOT symbiotic," even though a type of symbiotic relationship is parasitism. Not a big deal, just pointing it out.

I like Pokémon. It's a fun game. I hope it never ends.

I NEED a bacteria pokémon


you forgot Tropius


5:03 Aren't bioluminescent fungi poisonous? So why would they combine an edible one with an inedible Mushroom?

It's a plant It's a plant It's a plant plant plant It's a plant It's a plant It's a plant plant plant It's a plant It's a plant It's a plant plant plant It's a plant And this is plant

I thought it looked like Spike too

“Parasitic>symbiotic” wait... parasitic is symbiotic... parasitism is 1 of the 3 symbiotic relationships. Nani??????

uhhh do not look for the rosarade in the thumbnail

*petition for obama-snow merch*

Why is Roserade so thicc in the thumbnail

Personally I always took grass types as part plant and part animal. Like how fire types aren’t necessarily fire, but take on elemental aspects of fire, preferring warm areas, disliking swimming, eating literal chunks of coal.

Celesteela is the only Pokemon actually based on a grass and it ironically *isn't* a grass type.

6:07 Dude this video is going to be taken down by the Nintendo Ninjas! You can't just go around showing leaked Gen 9 Pokemon like that!


Y’know, if you can’t find and properly credit the artist, maybe just don’t use their art? Cuz you’ve already gone and ised it without consent and now they get no traffic. Pointing out that you couldn’t find them doesn’t do anything.

I still dont get why some of these are plants

Also, if mowtom was a steel type, then the others should have steel type because they are all made of some metal

anybody else think the Roserade in the thumbnail looks a bit... ...familiar?

Fungus leaves a bad taste in my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21:35 In addition, would Pokemon like Magnemite and Beldum be made in factories, rather than be born?

Its called the “poyo" owl

24:41 wait a minute lockstin

hey man, how ya' doin'?

Watched 3 parts of this video, each time I jumped something was getting advertised.

A clownfish in its butt

I named my tertwig spike

He keeps changing he’s reasoning there are Pokémon that you said were wearing plants but looked like plants were attached and leafeon should be in symbiotic one not in plant

2:47 You do realize Torterra has some basis off the world turtle, right? You know, the legend of how the entire world is on the back of a giant turtle floating through space? It's obvious with the lush grass on its back, the tree, and the rock spikes looking like mountains? It's not just a tortoise with plants on its back.

How the Hell did you forget to mention the Island Tortoise in regards to Torterra?

I swear you forgot tropius

Grass type is pretty much biota type. But kids wouldn't understand that so... Grass..

But then every organic Pokémon would have to be classified as Biota.

Kartana is a steal type unlike you implied with the "what type would it be normal? its Not steal because its paper"

Oh, so that is why you love Roserade so much Lockenstein

You have snakes with vine-like traits?

Nintendo makes a literal grass pokemon *is bug type*

I appreciate the Spyro cameo/reference at 9:41. ^^

Right before you started talking about fungi, I was wondering to myself why all fungus Pokémon are Grass-type. Fungi are actually more closely related to animals than to plants---in fact, they're more closely related to animals than everything else. That's why fungi and animals are together in a clade called ophistokonts, of which plants are not part. (and neither are some other "biota", which just means "living things"). So, Grass type does not make sense from a phylogenetic point of view. But then again, it doesn't need to, because Pokémon types are not genetic classifications, after all!

P.S. I am not a biologist, not at all. You can read all of this stuff on Wikipedia and in a few biology articles.

Mimikyu is secretly Tangela, bet

Niceyy! Loved the KOF stages as backgrounds in the video :'D

where is Snivy?

Grass type should've been named earth xD

Now you do have a tendency to mispronounce Pokemon, but how in the Hell can you read Shinotic as Shitonic?

1:50 If I'm Not mistaken, Bulbasaur is actually based on Placerias and Other Snynapsids, wich are the reptilian ancestors of Mammals

For an upcoming video, Alolan Exeggutor probably gains its dragon typing from dragon fruit, which you can buy at certain times of the year at certain grocery stores. Also, it appears that the dragon type seems to refer to a specialized type of lizard. This is why we have a dragon egg group since not all reptiles are lizards but all lizards are reptiles.

Awesome editting

16:06 I already named my tsareena dominatrix. until i quit pokemon til gen 8. i used her on showdown, she is one of my favs. my fourth infact because snivy is my top.

9:46 Spyro the Dragon shoutout

Roserade is THICC.

Shortstack + Flora_Fauna best tags

It was originally called Plant Type as to why gamefreak changed it who knows

Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but faun satyrs are of Roman Mythology. Greek Mythology depicts satyrs as hideous wild men with horse legs, ears, and tails. Specifically 2 horse legs, as to not be mixed up with centaurs. Roman Mythology depicts satyrs as men and women with goat horns, legs, and ears. Greek satyrs are wiser, but more brutal. Roman satyrs are more foolish and fun loving.

Why is Celebi a Grass/Psycho Pokémon? Because in the second Gen Fairy type wasn't created and psycho was the nearest thing to fairy, but you can't just switch types of Pokémon, you can just add a type.

It's safe to say, Petilil is probably where we get revival herbs. Think about it, they mention revival herbs, an item that refreshes fainted pokemon, as a bitter tasting herb. Your pokemon actually start to dislike you if they eat it too often.

Am I the only one who thought the Bulbasaur would've been voiced by Michaeljtv

Am I the only one who thought the Bulbasaur would've been voiced by Michael

But does Express VPN protect us from a Youtuber from plugging the same product twice in one video?

But if mow rotom shouldn't be grass type, wich machine should?

Fighting steel? Idk

All fungus based mons should be 'other'

what about sword and shield

Whimsicott is also probably based off a cotton plant. So maybe it taking off it's white cotton-y parts could be like the seeds of a cotton tree being inside the fluffy cotton. It falls off.

*Express Vpn?* Sees Roserade....ohhh i get yah hehehe

I mean I agree with the grass type/ plant type debate... but then they'd have to change thunder shock/thunder wave/thunder bolt to lightning because thunder is the sound but the move obviously had an animation. but that's just a tid bit

I want a shirt of that

In Spanish we call it "tipo planta" that means plant type, not grass type, that would sound wrong to me.

What should they rename grass type? Not plant since there are fungi. Nature type? Forest type?

The fauns and satyrs from Spyro!

Fun fact I’ve learnt: Decidueye is based off the stilt owl a species that is now extinct which is why it has the ghost typing

Pretty sure Oddish is has grass on his head

OMG celebi looks like an onion!? I can never unsee that! My childhood is ruined!!!

Kanto exegutter is based on desert palm trees as palm trees near beach is what alolan form is based on

17:32 is no one gonna question that it could be a revival herb it grows on its head?

Bisharp. As in bishop the chess piece.

I appreciate the Land Before Time reference

Heh, not anymore

ayo closed captions are kinda messed up

I got a weed and grass killer add.

*being based on Lili pads and I guess Mexicans.*

First video I watch from this channel and I feel that Im listening a real pokemon professor with all the knowledge and the lame puns.

I love these videos and agree with you in everything, but I do have to clarify one usually miss understood thing. Simbiosis refers to the relationship between two or more organisms, three are different kinds of simbiosis: mutualism (both organisms benefit from the relation), commensalism (only one gets benefit from the relationship, but doesn’t harm the other), and parasitism (one of the organisms gets benefits from the relationship and is typically adapted to the life inside another organism who gets affected by their relationship) . I’m a Biologist and study parasites, just for people to know my correction is trustworthy :)

I think hedgehogs are the cutest animals on earth

Deciduous trees don't die in winter, they just lose their leaves and enter a dormant state. Perennials die after one season

Here comes napstablook

Whimsocott can WAT?

I just got an ad for weed killer............wow good job YouTube ya know what you're doing

1:43 Sea anemones don’t even haves butts tho. That joke worked better when zefrank1 used it with the sea cucumber

Fun fact: an apple, at least the edible parts, is actually something called accessory fruit. The actual ovary part of the fruit is the not sweet weird texture around the core. Apples are weird like that!

I have that same Bulbasaur plush

anemone not anenome


I've named every single tortera spike because of that.

In Spanish grass type pokemon are called “plant type” too

NORMAL TYPE!!!!!!!!!!!

Lockstick lookin our for those weebs out there

13:04 Grasstly

26:38 OBJECTION all the other appliances it possesses have steel so no form it takes should be steel type and lawnmowers are for grass so it should be grass type

Tangala is a emo Kirby who hid his face

Whimsicott without its cotton feels so wrong


What WOULD you suggest as a Grass-type Rotom? I mean, they couldn't just have Fire and then NOT have Water and Grass. "Lawnmower" was just the only grass-related electronic device they could think of, besides sprinklers (which would fit into water type).

Actually kartana is probably an actual plant because it resembles the other plants in the ultra forest where it's from, and since it's an alien, it can have whatever properties it wants right

Look up Kappas, please!

You left out Grookey # Gen8,,, Let's GOOOO =)

if I feed a berry to a geass type, is it canabalisim?

You put a lot of effort and I appreciate that

i want that roserade picture from the thumb nail


Just love when the background makes remember of KoF

Love the spyro art

I believe the reason as to why Kartana is Grass type is because, in the area you find it, in the background there's shrubs all over, with Kartana-shaped flowers, basically the bushes in the background are growing Kartana like the flowers they are

you forgot shaymin

Can you cover the dragon type

I never thought seeing a snake with legs would be so cute.

parasitism is a form of symbiosis. the most commonly known form of symbiosis is mutualism, where both benefit, then is commensalism, when only one benefits, and then parasitism, where one benefits at the other's expense.

Like plants, Sword + Shield are growing on me

I'm pretty sure the French translation calls them "Type Plantes"

We say Plant type in French too. Maybe a peculiarity of English?!?

you forgot tropius.

I feel bad that I know who drew the Roserade in the thumbnail.

First of your video's i have seen in a while. I just wonted to tell you that you look great man.

8:30 Based on *hedge* hogs? I prefer porcu *pines*

Why are fungus not a poison type

Infected Mushroom...

Grookey: oh hi mark

Why does the Roserade in the thumbnail look *T H I C C ?*

Just because of my banner icon you call me a girl you just assumed soooooo many people's genders.

Spanish translation also calls them "Tipo Planta" (Plant type) instead of Grass

Whimsicott is based on the Baromet/Baromets/Barometz, which in original myth is a sheep that’s attached to a vine. The vine gains its’ nutrients from the sheep eating the greenery around it. However, heroes came and cut the sheep from the vine, killing both the sheep and the vine. Some modern interpretations of this myth include the sheep having shear-ablei ‘wool’ which is actually cotton. Or you could just go on and say that Whimsicott is the slavery Pokémon because of it’s colors and the fact that it’s literally cotton, but that’s just spitting at the wind.

Fun fact: the spanish localization also calls them "plant" type

I have to say, your phylogeny assessment of fungi is a bit off to current standards. Biota basically refers to everything that lives, so it's not really used. Fungi are their own kingdom on the same level as plants and animals and fun fact: fungi are more closely related to animals than to plants.

Is it just me or are there a lot of things to learn about the real life animals in this videos? Like the dear decoration thing?

Lileep and Cradily gonna get you demonitized man

Wait.... Do revival herbs come from liligants?

*i like that i’m next to you*

Your jokes are terrible. Keep them coming!

In the french translation, grass type is "type plante", wich literally means plant type, so yeah, we french are the best :P

Steel is NOT rock... Minerals and Ores are different them rocks. It's like saying that everything that fly is a bird, when there are insects, birds and even Mammals

I don’t see grookey in this video

Now im just waiting for: NOT NORMAL?!

Wow I was just reminded how great all of gen 7s grass pokemon are. Yes I'm a grass type lover,I try really difficult grass type only runs,truly the best challenge.

Isn't Torterra based on the world turtle?

99 now

A Biota type would be pretty cool

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield versions, ya doing a video analysis on those later this week?

I am 100% convinced that if we lived in the Pokémon universe, Gnoggin would be a Pokemon Professor.

Fun fact, Cacturne is from the human like egg group.

Kartana is steel type.....

It's shiNoTic

Lockstin please review new pokemon game pokemon sword/shield

Just so you know, the Spanish translation calls it "Planta" (Plant) so... There you go. They did it a bit better.

Actualy i thought that the flower like pink mantis is a fairy bug type....

Favorite Pokemon at 17:17. Though I do like her at her Shiny-ist.

In spanish grass type is named "Tipo Planta" which can be translated as "Plant Type"

Here cuz Myst is in the thumbnail



Poor bug don’t like damp.. 10 like for bug

You look like a cretin.

27:25 My thoughts on this video summed up into one sentence.

why did bulbasaur make a purugly noise?

do u think people in the pokemon universe can’t be vegan because either way they are technically eating living beings because pokemon became one with nature...

"and..maybe a dominatrix?"

I totally thought that Gardevoir was a grass type. I'm not that well educated in Pokemon types.

Uhmm, technically kelp is a seaweed which is a type of brown algea. It's not even close to being grass, land or sea based

Your videos are very well done man

the plant pokemon with stems are probs similar to umbilical cords in the egg for the more mammalian based pokemon?

I love "custom pillows"


Lol in German the type is called Pflanze which is plant

I shall always be a animal and the favorite eeveelution forever

23:13 subtitles:tapu bulu Lockstin/Gnoggin: katana

Is it really necessary to point out how feminine something is in a video about Pokemon? Seems kinda like you're forcing gender stereotypes a bit there, Lockstin.

In spanish we call them plant type

mispronounce anemone on purpose to make me leave a comment very clever l&g for real though we should just drop that word the only real purpose of it in the english language is so people can say it wrong. i propose that we henceforth refer to the creature in question as a "sea flower," which is apparently already a name which has been assigned to them.

surprisingly entertaining and educating, thx

2:57 ...well now that you point it out, yes, yes it does look like Spike. Spike does like grass and you are what you eat so I guess that's what happened? XD

We get a fungi category, but Dhelmise doesn't get a protist category?

5:03 ShiiTONIC.. me: *TRIGGERED* It’s Shiinotic.. ;-;

In spanish it's call "planta"

Decidueye is ghost cause the species of owl that it is based on is extint.

Why didn't you mention the kappa influence of the Ludicolo line?

They’re making pokemon sword and shield on the switch

oh is this deltarune...no ok... 12:15

Ludicolo is a barista and I love it

That roserade art kinda concerning me

In the spanish games and anime they are called plant types too

99. Grookey

Aren’t some types of paper able to be made not just from wood but from other plant matter? So Kartana being grass would make more sense right?

Btw it’s lono not lolo

These videos make me see the true creativity behind so many of these pokemon. I could have never guessed that Decidueye was part ghost type because the tree it is named after dies in the winter. That’s really cool!

In spanish is Plant Type and Dark is called Sinister xD

i know where that roserade is from...

So if you were to eat an oddish would you be a vegetarian or not.

Time to point out who's wrong! Again... All of the three pokemon you have pointed out that have abnormal moves via pictures are unfortunately incorrect. Golem is a rock.. Animal.. Thing, but if it's an animal, by all means it has body heat, if it's a rock being, it probably has a core like structure for a heart, hence flamethrower. Acid armor is learned by water and ice type pokemon alike, effectively acid armor is just melting, evaporating or condensating the 3 forms of matter, liquid, solid & gas to make a coating to protect them Alolan Marowaks were originally ground type in nature, while they are now fire ghost, just because they are a different species doesn't mean their genes are completely separate. It still has access to the ground Marowak special moves so I see no reason why it shouldn't have Earthquake. And Rest doesn't count, EVERY POKEMON KNOWS THAT MOVE.

Celebi came out on Gen 1, and Fairy type came out in Gen 6, this is why Celebi is Grass Psychic instead of Grass Fairy.



Fun Fact: Pikachu is an Electric Pika Mouse

I always thought Oddish was based from a Radish.

Great way to do an ad it actually worked (probably because I love Bulbasaur)

Why did I get a weed killer ad before this video? Better watch out oddish

Hey I just learned Symbiosis in school! Oh and by the way Parasect is infected by Cordyceps.

You just say "not grass?" Then show abunch of grass types to get clicks don't you? Understandable

I have a shiny Roserade. It's my only shiny and I take special care of it: It has it's own PC box (for now), and gets daily massages. I love her. C:


2:20 The common barn owl and pu'eo are 2 different species of owl. The barn owl wasn't "later called the pu'eo owl". The pu'eo is endemic to hawaii and the barn owl was introduced.

In German it is plant type as well

This is a great video and I love these videos

I've been stuck in an airport for 7 HOURS. I could use some of those petil leafs

Justice for tropius

Holy jpg compression, Batman!

Lmao, I got a round up grass and weed killer commercial

U forgot mEloEtTA

"Trickster goblins with long noses", but Lockstin thay're based on Tengu, not the Jews.

Tangela is really Pac-Man

In German the type is actually called plant

I haven't seen gnoggin in awhile. He lost some weight good for my boy

Don’t mind me throwing up from the parasitic fungus things taking over the ant.

it's Shiinotic. not Shiitonic

in spanish it isnt called "grass" its called "planta"

Tsareena and Lilligant are both "queens" or somethink similar Petilil appears on all 3 islands, the exception beeing Akala island where steenee lives now my question: Do they have a rivalry ?


The German translation calls it plant in both the games and the anime, sooo.....

The Spanish version of the games call them Plant type

is this video just a big ad for the Plant Gang?

27:32 how to do a ad sponsor right.

In German Grass Type ist actually called "Pflanze", which is German for "plant"

I think the original Japanese type is called Plant type, and not Grass. It's like how Dark is called Evil type in Japan.

Lilligant is combination between a garlic head and clove.

Anyone ever wonder why Nuzleaf has nipples?...

I will never unsee the Grotle/Spike thing...

2:50 the whole line is based on the world turtle from mythology, who’s said to have an island on it’s back

'I dunno a dominatrix maybe' >name literally has 'ruler' (tsar)* and part of queen in it. >Design also has a crown on it, a big poofy dress-like part, the frilled neck piece, and as a whole looks 'covered up'. *As you addressed, and corrected me (thank you) as part of the video. Russian for Queen. So, yeah. Queen. Seriously Lockstin, where do you get your ideas from? (:V)

Can we call it plant type instead of grass. That name make much more sense

2:23 “Pueo owl” pueo means owl in Hawaiian lol

in germany its a plant type too. as i heared in english, it is a grass type i were really confused.

5:58 Fun guys?! Really? I hate myself for laughing at that

In Spanish is "plant" type

Go to hell!

Did I just see art from a NSFW artist in the title? I recognize it.

how do you recognise it though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wait, since when did Nuzleaf have nipples?

18:04 Lurantis @///w///@

Steel is made of primarily iron and rock is made of primarily silicon or carbon, so steel is not heavily processed rock, it is heat treated iron.

There are also legless lizards.

Kelp is actually an algae, which isn't a plant! Sea grasses are plants and not algaes but, it's close enough for Pokemon!

in spanish they are called just ''plant type'' or ''tipo planta''

A symbiotic relationship is actually a relationship between animals: There are three types of symbiotic relationships: Parasitic, Mutualistic and Commensalism Paratism: one gains, one loses Mutualism: both win Commensalism: One wins one doesn't care.

Do I see an infected mushroom album in the background there??

Please just put bacteria under grass type and don't add a biota type.

Parasect is mostly dead... only the fungus is alive

They're called "Nuptup"s, thank you. Dont you dare insult Lord Nuptup

*The Vile Pile Intensifies*

The lotad line are based off of Kapas

Just so you know you're sort of using the term symbiosis wrong. A symbiosis is a close interaction of two different species regardless of the effects on each. Mutualism is what you confused with symbiotic a couple of times, its where both parties get a positive thing out of the relationship like the clownfish and anemone. Commensalism is where only one creature gets and advantage and the other is neither hurt nor helped, and parasitism is where one benefits at the others expense.

most grass type Pokemon is a play on words a reference or something which you can make a pun with like bulbasaur line being saurly under appreciated

2:41 Deciduous trees don't *die* in the winter, they shed their leaves while going into a dormant stage until spring. And strangely enough, the subtitles say that the leaves die in the winter, so I don't know what happened there tbh.

it's pronounced "leave on ee",,,,

You could have talked about the endosymbiosis theory, it could explain why they are animals that can do photosynthesis

1:44 I think that someone is watching "True Facts"

Damn ok rip Tropius

In the German Version of Pokemon it is called Typ Pflanze : literally Plant type.

Lol, did you seriously said the Lotad line was based on “Mexicans”???

I feel like you should have made another category of grass Pokémon that have plants growing FROM THE POKÉMON.

10:45 Lotad = Slazo fan confirmed

I thought Kelp was a protist.

2D Pizza On Gnoggin’s part?

The Video Game Parrot All algae are protists so yeah that’s a mistake

I got an ad for weedkiller lol

kelp are protists tho

0:23 THANK YOU FOR SAYING FUNGI AREN’T PLANTS! Also big thanks for 3:00. Land Before Time was my childhood!

Can you eat a bellsprout and still be a vegetarian?

I so did

Bulbasaur ... Did u really want express vpn

You'd better hurry up and finish this series. Gen 8s only 1 year away ... Never mind you've got planty of time

Just watched the episode. We made the same pun

*My fella are we just not gonna speak about cherrim’s other form? no? (crying)*


It is actually called plant type in german

I did

You are gonna to redo all of the videos once sword and shield comes out

In Spanish it's called plant type

"Roserade is one of my favorite pokémon, I even have a custom pillow of it" -Lockstin 2019

Treevenant is also possessed trees in White Snow

Nnnnnooooooooo!!!..... Poke gen 8 is this year and theres still just 3 more types to go!!! >.< Dang. That sucks. So dang close. So clutch. /~\

Chikoritas are Pears!

Yo nice beethoven op18no4

in the theory vids, were inspired by mat pat?

when i watched the anime, they said plant type

Lotad is inspired in the japanese "Kappa".


With that Cacnea you can cosplay as James and mimic the scenes in the anime with Cacnea trying to hug him.

26:44 Actually grass type pokemon are called "pokemon de tipo planta" in Spanish (except for the southamerican version of the anime) so I guess they are not always wrong.

Also in spanish its called plant type

Other & nut!


I love that you used the fauns from spyro to describe the sacred swords :D

I don't like many grass type pokemon but they're mostly really pretty

Obamasnow... That's my joke!

It could be a poison type for the fungus


Okay, rotom mow is grass because it might consume plants for extra energy, which is why it is a lawn mower instead of a blender or something

M o m ' s S p a g h e t t

I saw that Infected Mushroom pattern, nice.

OMG, I screamed at the tv about grotle looking like spike cuz I've always thought the same thing

Getting the alola ones?

Arbitrary Level of this video: about as arbitrary as throwing a dart to distinguish the Tomato as a fruit for a vegetable

Lileep is rock grass, because if it was rock water it would have been the third rock water fossil pokemon.

09:43 I'm a faun, you dork!

grass pokemon are coolest

24:55 (sorry I love ur vids but this triggers me too much) "They are not plants, they are part of the class Animalia." Plantae, Animalia, fungi, and Protist are all kingdoms under Eukarya(Domain). It goes Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and species.

I wood have guessed some of these

Jeez you've lost a lot of weight, haven't watched you in a while. Proud of you dude

Actually, fungi are more closely related to us humans than plants. So I guess fighting types would be more fitting for a fungus pokemon hahaha Edit: Further on you mention sloths have plants growing on them. Those are also fungi, along with algae (which are an example of a symbiosis of, you guessed it, fungi with bacteria).

4:40 True. Fungus falls under Biota. but so does every other living thing on earth. "Biota" is the scientific name for LIFE

Petilil's leaves are bitter? Maybe that's what all the bitter medicines are made from...

Didn’t see tropius, I’m guessing it’s a plant

Roses are Red, Violet's aren't Green, I really like your legs and what's in between. -Vine

I like the new character art way better

heres a thing that i thought of: what if, underneath tangela and tangrowth is whats underneath mimiku?

Without fungi, dead trees would pile up for millennia, eventually getting covered and turned into... coal. That's how we got that. And grass actually contains quite a bit of silica, making it quite sharp and abrasive. For a long time no animal could eat grass either, it wore their teeth down too much!

As a game design student, I love creature design and pokemon is why. The combination of existing plants. Animals, machines etc is very cool

0:34 where’s Lord Helix

You're really misusing mutualism. These mons are not symbiotic, they quite literally grow plant like material out of their body, if you broke down the DNA of the leaves on Bulbasaur, it would be the same as his skin

Fun fact: Symbiosis in ecological terms no longer refers only to mutualism (the real term for mutually beneficial relationships). Symbiosis now refers to all interspecies relationships that are sustainable over time, including parasitism and commensalism.

Turkler burdami

I freaking love sunflora. I have a t shirt with sunflora on it lol.

10:42 and kappas

but, they can control plants, ie their moves

You took that joke from true facts, I saw it 1:47


when you remember that flowers are plant uterus

the cotton pokemon has dark skin, subtle


Wow that is Oddish

Why do people not think to put any sort of trigger warning before showing footage/pics of those freaking zombie fungus ant things, or venus fly traps catching bugs? Is it really that hard to understand that some people don't like *_seeing things die?_*

Is it just me or I really didn't see Chespin, Quilladin, Chesnaught and Tropius?


I got an ad about killing grass in this video

Sees leafeon *Clicks*

so many wrong points about biology on this bideo...

I've been waiting for this

Where have i seen the far left one in the thumbnail before hmmmm

The spanish translation its "Pokemon tipo planta" that means "plant type Pokemon" so... idk what the thought when naming it in the english translation

Real men don't call it a "Vileplume," because we call them "Carl."

Actually in Spanish is called Plant type (Tipo Planta) not Grass type (it would be Tipo Pasto and that would be too funny).

Parasitism is a symbiotic relationship

Roselia is *hot*

dragon, fairy and normal are only typ that are missing which typ would be next? im guessing normal typ would be the last video ^^'

So the german translation is more accurate for once o.O it's really the "plant" type in german

Don't mean to be a smartass but parasitic is a type of symbiotic relationship. The symbiotic relationship that benefits both organisms is mutualism.

so hoppip is based on weeds, huh? that explains how useless it is.

Oi, Breloom is a kangaroo mate

when it comes to grass/poison types roserade is my go to, it has decent stats, a good set of offence moves, and it can also learn protect which i have on my roserade, but why can't it learn vine whip? it's pokedex entry literally said it has vines it can use.

Venasuar: dino with big plant= grass-rock Charizard: a fire dragon thing= Fire-dragon Blastoise: a turtle with guns= water-steel

says shitonic its f**** shiNoTic , not shiToNic!!!!!!!!!!

So, I wanted to know how to spell that "Jugyu" whatever tree when Abomasnow came up. So, I turned on closed captioning, seen that it's spelt as "Jugyou," and looked it up in google images. I was met with something very different.

Nah man, Lileep and Cradily are actually just 2 phallic symbols, thus they are "wood". Hence the grass typing ;)

Are you a furry?

Exeggutor is more likely based on the Yokai Jinmenju, the Human-faced tree. Its fruit are human faces that are always laughing.

Where is Tropius :O?

Lotad is very like the Japanese monster kappa.

let me guess you play minecrasft

ew minecraft sucks

Thank heavens no furry bait in the thumbnail this time

So a turtle with a barnacle is a grass type plant and animal symbiosis

Yo, you missed tropius and celesteela


21:50 I want to burn my eyes

I guess in the case of Pokémon who wear plant clothes, it makes them grass type because it’s a fundamental part of their species’ lifestyle.

manta965 i was thinking the same thing haha

Chikorita family are clearly a dinosaur

In german it's also Plant typ.

Actually, Arceus is a god, xerneas is the physical amalgamation of life

its also PLANT Type in German: Pflanze nicht Gras ;)

if i could make a pokemon crusade to make 1 pokemon species extinct, i'd remove paras and it's evoluion i'm really paranoid about that fungus trying to spread to humans

Single upside to dandelions; they're edible. You can use them for wine, salads, and cordials.

Do dragon type nexttt Cool stuff man

No seaweed is a protist

Most of the "Animals with Plants" Pokemon you mentioned don't just have plants on them, it's their fur, it's an actual part of their body.

Grookey gang vs plant gang

I assume it's becauseCelebi already had 2 types and they didn't want to change it, what I want to know is why didn't Cresselia get fairy type added?

They are plantamamiles

This video is about how many puns a decent human being can handle. Stopped watching after the 4th. ;D anyway from what I have seen very interesting!

Tangela and Tangrowth based on rattan. Get your facts straight!

Fun fact: Bamboo is in the same family as grass, so a bamboo Pokemon would qualify as that "literal grass Pokemon" you wanted.

In Spanish it is called Plant type, lol

10:45 mirror B and his goons want their Pokemon back

Youre bitching to much about maybe just a translation error, in spanish theyre call tipo planta (plant), i hope it makes you feel better.

Thats right, In turkis translate on the anime not grass( in turkish çimen ). They all plant( in turkish bitki ). Thanks our translators

When I first saw jumpluff I thought it was an oddish pre-evolution

The image shown whenever ya mention an anemone is actually a goniopora coral. Figured I'd add a bit more nitpicking =P

99 because Grookey

5:03 also shitonic and morelull

Phew, I thought he wouldn't mention Nuzleaf. I wasn't sure if they were a plant or animal.

“Also it’s tail is pretty much a tree. That’s pretty cool.” -lockstin

Wait did he just say monkey color

Wait tapu bulu is GRASS type? Then why do u find it in the freaking dessert?

Lillipads and mexicans... souns like porn...

Next do the normal type the question then is how normal (as in every day things) are they But when they are not every day things they fall under other or not type

Bulbasaur use computers confirmed

My favorite type!!

You missed a big one for the Ludicolo family, the whole duck face and head dish thing is a direct Kappa reference edit: but that is water related so maybe you skipped it on purpose lol

You deserve the like alone for the Zefrank reference

16:37 Can somebody give me the link to that video? I need to appreciate this little dude more


15:51 Dammit Lockstin, I said stop

I looked at the description and definitely didn’t realise that you described so many Pokemon, definitely didn’t feel like 30 minutes, this video is really interesting.

In German it's just called plant type...

In Spanish, the grass type is translated as plant type. It seems broader than grass type.

Now I want a biota type

Wtf that pic of a naked whimsicott


I have a pillow of it! wait that came out wrong Me: yes, yes it did

Ludicolo is based on a mexican mariachi not on a mexican

Anything I disagree with in this video is justified (satire btw) because this man said ARKeus

grotle does look like spike :D

So, is it wrong to assume that Tropius is similar to Meganium?

In french, grass type is called plant type, actually. Guess that's just the english dub.

What about tropious


I can't believe you know pokemon conquest

Im in german its pflanzen pokemon

Just got an ad for weed killer

I never noticed the teeth shapes on Dhelmise. Nice!

Sea Anemenemenemeneone

guy is losing weight ! Salute !

In french "grass" type is "plant" type :-)

My favorite grass Pokémon is Septile

Tangela is just the Kantoan form of Mimikyu. Change my mind.

I think you missed Tropius?


It's not myenca, it's mycena

Sass leaf.. good mon

Killin me with bad puns!!!

23:40 Normal.

Can a guy really not google "symbiosis"?

I love grass types!! ...that's it I can't make this comment any more interesting. I just love grass types?

As it turns out, animals and fungi share a common ancestor and branched away from plants at some point about 1.1 billion years ago. It was only later that animals and fungi separated on the genealogical tree of life, making mushrooms more closely related to humans than plants.

Obama Snow

Rotom Mow is only a grass type because it violently eats grass and shoots it out. That’s it, like you said.

In the Spanish versions (European/Latin American) is called Plant type too

Spike!!! Yes I saw it too!!

okay, that's 15 out of the 16 types, whats left... dragon

Don't commission the person he suggested, I tried like a 2 years ago only to have to demand a refund a year later due to her not providing any proper updates when asked and never emailing back after a certain time had passed

Your obama joke is a nice one tho

10:41 *demonitized* lol. (Hopefully not)

That akward moment when you realize revival herbs are made of the head of Petili..it´s just the same form hahaha

I hate it when they use a "bit Moji" that doesn't even look like them (gnogin being fat)

I think I know why it’s “Grass” and not “Plant” type. In Japanese kanji, there are different radicals that are often used as parts of other kanji characters. There are many that have elemental meanings, like fire, water, ground, rock, lightning, etc. there is one for grass, but not plant. Many plant names contain this grass radical, which explains why the specific-sounding “grass” type in English seems odd when “plant” is broader. In Japanese however, “grass” is the radical that denotes things that are plant-like, hence, the Grass type. My favorite type too!

The words you're looking for are "Throw Pillow"

I've always wanted to be a grass gym leader with a fungus theme (Shroomish, Parasect, Shiitonic, Amoonguss, then Breloom, in that order)

Watch We get a grass pokemon but it's a steel type

Based on lilipads and M E X I C A N S

Lotad, Lombre, and Ludicolo are based on the Japanese Kappa Yokai.

Hey! I gave you a suggestion on Twitter. Did you see?

That symbiosis line about the anemone getting a fish in its butt is a direct quote from ZeFrank's video on the "True facts about the Sea Cucumber". I'm only bringing this up because the line actually works in the Sea Cucumber video, and not in this video. Like a weird line to steal from that video.

Biota type? Interesting. Definitely would go hand in hand with Poison type and only a few Grass types

Obama snow yes we can

1:45 Okay that was flat out stolen from True Facts About The Sea Pig. Still love the videos though.

Grass type in Spanish is known as tipo planta, that means plant-type

That was a goniopora (flower pot coral), not an anemone. But it fits the "grass" not grass theme so I approve lol. Also, sorry I'm studying to be a marine biologist so I'm just being a picky lol

But Kartana IS grass/steel. ?

12:33 Jayne Mansfield screech xD

yay for snivy bipes

1:42 nice stolen joke...

Actually in french we say type plante as you can tell plant type

Shiny Breloom is my favorite

I thought Hoppip was meant to be based on sycamore seeds aka helicopter seeds? They have the distinct twin "leaf" and spin around like a helicopter blade as they fall to the ground, exactly the same way as hoppip's leaves spin around.

I'm pretty sure the 'fish in its butt' joke came from Zefrank1, the seapig vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y4DbZivHCY

In French we call the grass type as plants type, " type plante".

Someone needs to work on those captions

Who said *Pokemon* are *Animals* ?

Based on the new detective pikachu ludicolo looks like a Mexican kappa. And yeah they die when their head drys

say's Kartana is not steel (When in fact it is Grass/Steel)... Um now I question how big of a pokemon fan you actually are.

Actually Dhelmise is stated in the Pokedex entry for Sun, "What appears to be green seaweed is actually its body." making Dhelmise Litterally just sea Grass.

We never escape undertale

Shouldn't Mabulu (the bull totem) be on the "possessed by "ghost"" category? It's a spirit totem.

the spanish translation is "tipo planta" (plant type)

The mini rant after the "orchid mantis" part.... My gooosh

I named my Abamasnow Obama


What's up with James and having grass type Pokémon that always want to bite his head?

Did you just reference Zefrank at the beginning?

Sewaddle than Swadloon

i thought shiftry was based of of a nutcracker... XP

where's grookey?

In german it's Plant. Or how we call it: Pflanze.

Why did you forget Tropius again? :(

Thank you for reminding me why I don't watch your vids, most of the "science" isn't accurate... like for example equating fruit to ovaries... when it's more like the white and yoke in an egg of a chicken...

I love dandylions, and I let them spread their seed

Rotom is like the opposite of grass

Arguably, pokemon typing is based on association. Mowing machines are associated with grass while mantises are not which is why mow rotom is grass but scyther is not

21:50 Wait what? Wait. What? Wait... What?? Seriously this is my thought process

(Looks at title) Eh, not really that interesting to m- (Sees thumbnail) (Sees thicc Roserade) Curses! My one (of many) weakness!

23:40 but Kartana is steel type though

We need a cannabis pokémon lol

In spanish it's called "tipo planta". It literally means plant type

Kelp isn't seagrass. It's algae. Sea grass is the only type of plant in the ocean.

A kid's show? Damn. I've got to unsubscribe. I'm 30.

I loved this

You were not the only one who thought that about grotle (All I think of when I see him)

we already know where real life came from????????????????

In Pokemon DPPt Abomasnow's cry sounds like it says "Kiiiiill Obama". As a kid, I always found that really odd.

Why did you steal Ze Frank's joke?

you misspelled bayleef

When are the Normal, Fairy, and Dragon types coming out?

Fun fact. In spanish, the type is Planta, and I think you can guess how it translates into english.

In french they are called "Pokémon plante" which basically means "Plant Pokémon"

I wish I could dislike this more times

Shouldn't Whimsicott be on the "animals with plants on them" category?

*Says deciduous trees die when they lose their leaves.*

I mean liligant is based off Lilies like a day Lille hence the the name

oh my we're already down to the last 3 types: Normal, Dragon, and Fairy (please don't make fairy "because its pink and girly" please don't do my favorite type like that)

Rip gen 5 season transformation :(

+Grappling Hook Jones I looked that up and I stand corrected. Learn something new everyday

nathan higgins | Alolan Exeggutor is based off the Hawaiian dragon tree

+Grappling Hook Jones in cludiding a palm tree

nathan higgins | Dragon is one of the more solid Pokémon types. Dragons can take on heaps of different forms

+Grappling Hook Jones yes, I looked this up later, but never changed it. Yet, dose that change the fact that the dragon type is fudementaly confused on what a "dragon" is

what? there are 18 Pokemon types

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y4DbZivHCY And the Seapig gets a fish in it's butt. Win Win.

Did you miss one of Cherubie evolutions?

Fungus would be maybe closer to poison than grass but ijs

The Fun-Guy...

Am I wrong or did you skip Tropius?

Yh they should make a virus type... Then deoxys would be playable finally xd

the first 'Not' pokemon is Xbox type

bunnies eat dandilions so spread ALL THE SEEDS FEED THE BUNS SAVE THE ANIMALS . Great video much fun thanks!

Nice ZeFrank joke

Sea Anenomies. LOL.

14:38 I was really hoping for a "vile" joke in there....you've disappointed me....though you made up for it with the other ones.... 22:05 my first thought was thos spur things, stickers, whatever you call them. They get stuck to your shoe and can be green or brown and they are painful....I live in Texas so maybe it's just because of where I live....

Cool! Which animation software are you using for these wonderful animations?

I did think that he looks him

in french we call them Ttpe Plante so it's just the english translation

hey wait is that an infected mushroom i see hmmmm

Interesting video, but all of your starter explanations are wrong, like horribly wrong. Grass starters have the theme of extinct important animals. Fire are based on the Chinese Zodiac, Water are based on semi aquatic animals.

in french it's called the plant type

No furry thumbnail? Pass

thing I got from this video Israel should look lime muslims

In the case of Petilil and Lilligant, a fun fact is that Garlic and onion are in the Lily family. Basically they're Lilies

20:50 Y E S Just Y E S

24:58 not gonna lie that poor animal’s name legit had me laughing for like 10 minutes straight idk why

Fun fact about Exeggcute and Exeggutor. They are based on Jinmenju. A tree in Japanese folklore that bears fruits that have faces on them. The heads are heavy and often fall off (hence Exeggcute) and since Jinmenju fruit are fruit, they are often filled with seeds and grow as a new Jinmenju plant or Exeggutor in this case. Alolan Exeggutor is surprisingly based on not just a Jinmenju, but also the Dragon fruit. Hence the Dragon typing.


Excellent ZeFrank Reff there

If Shoormish was real, I would never eat it on pizza. Never!!!!!!!!


Sunkern isn't super forgettable to me, it's one of my favourite pokemon. Just look at that adorable smile :3

Don't ever stop making these

I got a weed and grass killing ad

We need another Pokemon like Victribell and Carnavine in the anime.

You forget Tropius and... *GROOKEY!!!!*


Why am I watching this I never ever played pokemon

I want to f*ck that Roserade in the thumbnail.

In german its is called "pflanze" so in english it Would be Rather more plant in our translation ;)

I think you missed tropius

Why is plant penetrator in the thumbnail? You’re welcome btw

In France the type is call Plant type so it work better :)

20:28 Me too. Roserade is one of my Favorite Pokemon but I dont have a wierd pillow lol

So I assume this video is sort of like your theory on how to explain these Pokemon.

Well... Tsar is not "king" but "emperor" as it is a corruption of Ceasar. Tsaritza is a female Emperor. Empress.


We dont get a dragon type explained?

personal i think exegutor is cute. well his alolan form. HAHAHHA HA ITS A GIRRAFE

My eyes were spazzing because i was wonder that green thingy lady like grass was from and I saw it on shadbase

Grass type just rolls off the toung best

Alright, now just normal, dragon, and fairy. I'm pretty sure fairy is next

How. How would he even DO normal?

Nah it normal typing next

I’m pretty sure bulbasaur is a toad

Apparently you have an accent that sounds like another language because my autocaptions popped up

Techically vileplumb is a fungus

Kartana might be Grass for the Fire and Flying(wind) weakness too. Granted, that also means it resists water which doesn't work for Paper but there's only so much you can work with.

That doesnt make any sense at all

Wait.... did i just find someone else who remembers Pokemon Conquest?! Hell Yeah!

german name for this type is plant, so, eh.

Yeah, I call Abomasnow Obamasnow because they're both trash.

Dont stoop abomasnow to obummer level

roses are red violets are blue my hart is dead I’m sach a fool

Did he forget about the fairy type ?

actually... you're not actually that far off with oddish bellsprout is actually officially based on the mandrake

11:09 and I love YOU good sir, FINALLY some else likes these two

Just here to ask: Did anyone catch he used a joke very obviously from zfrank1?

Your answer to where life came from can be found in Genesis


I like how PlantPenetrator (The artist of the Roserade in the thumbnail) pointed out how his work got used for this video without asking or permission :)

when is the Normal-Type video coming out? and for the thumbnail you should have Porygon-Z, Ditto, and Eevee in it saying "NOT NORMAL!?" EDIT: ALSO, you're forgetting the in-universe lore again, this time for Shaymin, you see, Shaymin is known as the personification of nature it'self, and nature is usually represented by plant life

you forgot one were it grows bananas on it neck

20:11 "Weeeeds"

decidueye is ghost type because the owl it's based on is extinct... not cause of the trees

it is Shiinotic, shii-no-tic

In French, grass type is actually plant type


I think you're mistaking Cherrim's overcast forme as another evolution.

What are the grass starters based off of?

THE Berrby You are that Rowlett

It's not a Gnoggin video if there wasn't cropped porn in the thumbnail

Parasitism is a type of symbiosis. In fact your definition of symbiosis is mutualistic symbiosis. There are actually many types of symbiosis.

Stop being game theory

I think the rowtom should be eclectic and steel but the mower type give you an advantage against grass types

Do Dragon

In portuguese we call it plant type too.

This video is amazing!!!

Fairy. Type. Please.

"the stupid nut" is what my ex always used to yell at me, good times

Get out of me recommended

Did you really just manage to mispronounce Shiinotic…?

Green = grass quik mafs

Small correction: Decidueye is based on the extinct stilt owl, which was native to Hawaii(which the Alola region was based on), hence the ghost typing.

Anyone else think Whimsicott is a little racy? lol. Just kinda saw it.

singular - fungus; plural - fungi not so hard to remember

Personally I'd be all for Nintendo making a set of animations that are a mockumentary style, showing how pokémon live when not directly engaging with humans. Aggron bashing heads and wrestling for territory, Leavanny and its nanny relationship with other pokémon, or even how Mareanie and Toxapex hunt Corsella

5:03 It's Shiinotic!

We’re is not normal I’ve been waiting

It's literally a paper crafts thing, it'd be weak to burning and it'd blow away in the wind easily.

Looks like Yoshi egg

Roserade is the one that put ass in grass

It's so crazy how the names differ from country to country and how much story/information actually gets lost because of that! For example Chikorita is called in German Endivie. And that's a kind of cabbage instead a pear/flower etc. Dx

nope I did to not just you

You dress like a 9 year old. Nigga

I honestly don’t think Tsareena was even meant to look like a dominatrix. I think they were just trying to turn a mangosteen into a humanoid plant queen thing and that’s just what happened.

I def thot that grotle looked like spike XD

hge missed shaymin, Tropius, sawsbucks, gogoat...you missed quite a lot in hindsight im just not gonna list it lol

i guess that paras and parasect are fun guys!!!! im very sorry

a yard fulled with *_W E E E E E E E E E E E D S_*

Here in Germany we also have „Pflanze“ (plant) instead of „Gras“ (Grass)


Unless gen 8 brings out a new type the only type left is normal right?

what was the song during the virizion bit of the video?? great stuff by the way!!

+cooktheant That makes 0 sense. Especially with Reverse image search being a thing. And that he does credit the artist all the way at the bottom of the description. Might as well have asled permission before using the work of someone else to bait click and make money of it And powerpoint is a non profit subject that is used for a couple people to see. Not to show to everyone on the internet.

But if you found artwork online that you didn't know the source of, wouldn't you take it as well? We've all done it somewhere down the line for Powerpoint presentations after all.

Mow Rotom, more like, MOWtom I’m not funny

Bonus points for the Zefrank reference

It’s Lono not Lolo

I try to change the formality and everything about it People killing people killing people for a reason You make mistakes you dont regret So make a conclusion (He listens to infected mushroom)

0:27 You worry about where life came from cause of atheism it'd be easy if you were Christian like the 2.3 billion people who are, you'd know that God created life and so that's where it came from

In German and some other translations they are actually called Plant type and not Grass type. I didn't know they are Grass type in English and Japanese until today, whoops. xD

I think you forgot the *TALL GRASS*

Celabi is basically a dryad I think. Forest spirit. Hence the fairy typing

I only came to comment on the Roserade on the thumbnail and I just want to say yes the artist draws porn, lots of it.


My favorite Grass type Pokemon are Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Cherubi, Sawsbuck and Shaymin.

Grass is a terrible name for the type. Plant would be much better. Here in Brazil we call it "planta", or plant.

Roserade is horrible, they ruined Budew and Roselia, I hate it

I feel like Kartana should be Steel/Flying, and Celesteela as Grass/Steel or Flying since the reference to the Kaguya/Bamboo lore.

FunFact: In spanish, grass type was translated to "tipo planta" which means "plant type".

You gotta pronounce words properly man. Jeez.


5:00 So you're telling me that Foongus and Amoongus are.... T R I P P Y B O I S ? ?

Well Rotom does still kinda work, Lawnmowers are related to grass as they control and keep plants in check I think it still works Tapu Bulu's A god so we can't stop him from being grass

Still waiting in the normal type video XD Sure, you've also still got dragon and fairy types, but I'm waiting on normal type pokes. Feel like it'll take some ingenuity to make it fun and interesting, and I think you're up to the task ,

The more i see them, the more i feel that the theory of Shaymin > Shaymin (sky form) > Virizion were gonna be the line of grass starter at some point instead of separate legendaries was true...

Did you notice that the bottom of amungus looks like jigglypuff

Must know - the goat people art - where is it from?

Really big "phenis fly trap"

Sawsbuck I think has to have real wood for antlers because... Pokemon

She was calling you stupid AND crazy? That's a little excessive.

Parasitism is a subset of symbiosis. When you speak of "symbiosis", you are usually talking about Mutualism, the mutual gain type of symbiosis

In German the Typ is not Grass its Plants -> Pflanzen

I m from Turkey and i can confirm we call it grass "Çimen". Also there is an interesting connection with the japanese dub. They re also calling it "çimen". But there is a difference. Japan using "çimen" word for ground-floor. We use it for grass. Since our language connected with asian history, this is cool fact i guess.

ahhhh swadloon, the hikikomori pokemon.

Deerling has a flower growing on its head, I think it’s quite clear Sawsbucks antlers are trees...

the brown part of Whimsicott is a cotton seed cotton seeds are inside the cottony bit of cotton plants .3.

I need fairy types explained

persect is not a grass type

Normally the idea of typing is based on their ability to manipulate an element. So Mow Rotom would be grass because it manipulates plants as as an attack

*0* you have a vinyl of Return to The Sauce, my fave of the latest albums of infected mushroom

Seeing SamuraiRen's art in this video really threw me for a loop

You do know kartana is grass AND steel right?

Did they do normal and fairy?

which one is next normal fairy or dragon?

I'm not really sure how "the leaf wilts if Lotad doesn't drink enough water" is an indication that the leaf is not a part of the creature. About half of your "wearing plants" category sounded plausible until you stated the evidence. I'd buy a "plants as fur/feathers/etc" category more readily for some of those 'mons.

3:03 no, no its not just you.

What if tangela is the same pokemon as mimikyu

With all do respect Pueo are not Barn owls

Okay much better but u still missed some stuff, The Turtwig evo line is based on the World Turtle, a universal myth, And Celebi is is arguably a Kodama as it’s role states and also related to the nature worship of Shintoism, and Executtor is based on the Jinmenju Yokai. Those seeds are supposed to be heads but if it’s not human heads and Pokémon heads than what Pokémon heads is it? But other than that, good job, I agree with some things u analysed amazingly, Paras should really be bug poison as it would be a better tank and fits biologically, Lileep evo line is really true, and any Pokémon that wears or imitates grass should not be grass or at least with another duel typing. Pokémon that would also benefit normal for Simisage because grass resists fighting even though the monkeys are based on starter types, Bug grass for Leavany, Rotom should be grass steel, just look at Ferrothorn, and my personal favorite, grass dark for the Tangela evo line although that would make it not so much a tank.The only too exceptions are Lurantis because it’s a reverse of bug it’s based on that imitates and Virizion is not scientifically correct but thematicly correct so that’s good:)

The amount of puns in this video is fatal

Nice video I love this explanation series! By the way the German translation for „grass type“ is actually „plant type“. Maybe it just didn‘t sound as good in English as in German^^

Parasect is Bug/Grass type.

​+Freedom Anderson Watch this video from a Scientist at MIT. https://youtu.be/eQVm8RokoBA

+Dovyeon - Can you provide an example? "It can't just happen" isn't evidence.

+Freedom Anderson There is a lot of evidence in creation that indicate intelligent design It couldn't just happen

Why is it that religious people always use the threat of hell? To someone who is not religious, that is not a concern. I have died before, nothing happened.

There is no evidence supporting the existence of god, or creationism.

In German they're called plant type.


I had a dream about having a argument with you

grass types are underrated … I think

TRAINER used TM 62. It contains Grass Knot! Teach Grass Knot to a Pokemon? BUZZ!!! Literal Grass Pokemon is NOT compatible with Grass Knot, it can't be learned.

What the foliage!

"But I'd argue that rather than these guys being vine like snakes... they are snake like vines!" The fact that these Pokemon have Contrary as a hidden ability supports this idea and that similarly goes for the Lurantis line!

Where is leafeon???

Normal Types next, please.


the german Translation is also "Plant"-Type and not "Grass"-Type

I have a theory. Hundreds of years ago, clothes fused to a Pokemon's essence and they became part of that Pokemon. The original Sawk was born naked, like all creatures, but eventually their clothes became part of their soul which was passed on to their offspring. Sawk's essence was so entwined with wearing a Gi, all Sawks thereafter are hatched from birth wearing one, in honour of their ancestor. Likewise for Smoochum's dress, Golett's belt, Pawniard's armour, Paras' mushroom and even Kangaskhan's baby. Not sure why, Machamp has a belt but Machop and Machoke don't. Anyway, long story short, yes. If any Pokemon wears grass clothing, they will become Grass Type.

Likewise, if you put two Marowaks in a breeding centre and leave them for ages, you get half a dozen eggs all containing Cubones wearing the skull of their mothers. All six can't be wearing the skull of their mother, unless breeding isn't sexual intercourse based but two Pokemon form a bond and part of their souls link up and form an egg. Could explain how a male Wailord and a female Skitty are in the same egg group. Or a male Gastly and a female Magcargo.

lmao you love roserade and think that sunflora is forgettable? bad

Tangrowth = BIG Spaghetti Mama

Hmm... at 1:41 it sure sounds a lot like what zefrank says about the sea pig.

I love Bulbasaur, the GOAT starter! btw goat stands for: Greatest Of All Time

in the german translation the grass type is called Typ Pflanze which means plant type

In the german version of the Games it is actually called „Pflanze“ wich means plant.

The Three Musketeers and the fourth one.

In spanish is also called "Planta" Or Plant.

Roserade's mask looks like Joker's mask from Persona

11:27 so we have a ball wearing red shoes? Hmmm sounds like Kirby

Normal type pleaaaaase

"The fish gets protection from predators, and the anemone gets a fish in it's butt! Win win!!" Im scared with how much I laughed

Kartana is grass AND steel.

In German it is plant (Pflanze)

Funfact: In German Grass-Type Pokemon are literally called "Pflanzenpokemon" which means "Plant-type Pokemon" I know too late but duh.

Don’t forget Grookey

You did didn’t you:(

Nobody remembers Sunflora

Or maybe lilligant is a *Lilly*

I mean, in Spanish they ARE called Plant type... not grass (tipo planta)

Ummm....there is a "grass" grass-type. Check out Oddish's dex entry from RBY and you'll see what I mean.

Good video!

A parasitic relationship is a symbiotic relationship....

What happened to fariy type

24:59 sea anemnemanemanemanae

15:16 - too bad they have a TYPE ADVANTAGE OVER THE STUPID NUT 20:08 - i mean you can't really derive them of a wish but good lord now you have a yard.......filled with WEEEEEEDS

also,i have to tell you,i totally forgot to put the words "instances of gnoggin screaming and you can't contain it" at the beginning of my speech.

Parasitism is a type of symbiosis where one of the two species and the other is harm

In Spanish we say plant type, not grass xD

Not dragon

Not dragon


Correction. Dhelmise is actually the kelp. It says it in a pokedex entry

Your holding a Bulbasaur...lets be best friends

Why do you say "living plants" when plants are living things????

parasitism is a form of symbiosis 3:59


I really REALLY hope you make the normal, dragon, and fairy type video for this series.

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