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Here we go, 2 weeks, 210 people And I have 1 passenger who is driving.. He was supposed to be my chauffeur But he says he's just chilling all day today Today I lie back, look and smell good Okay, we're going to have a little chat We'll set a plan for the little ones But I think with this coach... There will be no jokes, there will be hard work Nowaczku, Am I wrong or not? NEVER Let's get to work dear And what is the most important thing? To refuel and not run on the highway later With gasoline in the can Because I already had an adventure with izak going to Katowice for IEM So you don't have to teach me 2 times I'm not an amoeba I think... Who knows? Greetings and see you on the road Once again Papito.. Homies homies homies..

I'm going to do something I've dreamed about for a long time When I will end my career... I haven't really finished But I don't play as much as I used to and I don't attend professional matches And maybe I'll play again But you know what? I'm going to Zakopane I'm going to Pasha Gaming Camp, for 2 editions, 210 people Two editions of my camp Two mvp's But one MVP of the entire summer season You will be able to win a computer funded by Actina A machine, beast 300 constant FPS We can say, that's gonna be so good And listen.. I'm a bit stressed I hope that all the preparations before the camp are completed Although we are still waiting for some equipment Because, as usual, we have a problem, because a lot of this stuff comes Couriers can't keep up You know, they have a lot of work to do And these are pretty heavy guns I'm going to the camp, today is Friday, tomorrow the camp starts The day before I have to see that everything is in order Because if not... Unfortunately... There will be a VAC BAN my friend I'm on my way, so I wanted to tell you what's going on The sun is shining...

And Papito has photophobia This is probably the condition of every gamer So I don't talk much, I'm on my way, because we have a 6/7 hours drive Greetings Like I said, 210 kids Actually, not kids, because there are also adult bulls 18 years old I won't look too much into the camera because the sun is glaring at me I told you I'm a gamer and I'm photophobic I sat in my hole for a while I functioned like a bat By day I slept, by night I raved So listen After my esports adventure kind of ended I've always wanted to infect youth to combine esports and sports These were two things that participated in my life For a very long time I couldn't imagine playing games and not training, cleaning my head Don't take it out on something outside the game To be calmer later in matches and.. Be a good, friendly colleague, not nervous one Although I know it doesn't work well if you're sitting at home Playing all the time, not clearing your head It's going to affect your perfomance badly at some point And you will fly down... And you're gonna wonder, maybe I don't play enough? But it's influenced by a lot of things You can talk and talk about it, it's never ending story What affects your perfomance and what doesn't So.. I was always feeling foolish, sorry, years ago Years ago, as our esports community was considered nerdy That we are all obese, that this environment has no right to exist at all Don't show up anywhere, because what? Because we're different? NO We're all the same Just gentlemen and ladies, it's time to get your asses And we're going, but it's changing, esports really Esports as well as gamers are beginning to understand That it's not just important to click on the mouse and keyboard In the words of our president, the soccer association He once said on Twitter, banging on the joystick For me, it's more than just banging on the joystick I've toured a lot of the world Esports has given opportunities to youth around the world to develop themselves, to become infected with this passion that I have loved all my life All right Papito, because this sun is starting to affect your head And you're talking crap, so my dears..

I see you somewhere out there in the world With oscypek Good morning to you, day one Students, youth, going to camp I'm ready, I arrived yesterday, I ate some oscypek I petted a couple of sheep And I'm ready for those 2 weeks of challenging, enjoying, playing And I hope what I wish for myself at this camp, after these 2 weeks That.. We will instill sports and esports in the youth Two inseparable passions that I have combined since the beginning of my adventure In esport So what.. I hope they will say after this camp: "We're coming back for next editions!" I will do everything to make it safe, healthy, sporty and esporty Today I'm going to speak here Oh here, we have a good light Here I have the projector already set up Microphone, everyone knows I'm not a talker I'm a normal, ordinary Papito I rarely use polish letters like Ę Ą Ę Practically never Simply, if you can't do something, then don't do it.

And if you have to do something, do it the way you are, and don't pretend This is where the students will sit Campers, students are just going to be one day For now, I think they might be after graduation, high school students, middle school students, elementary school And a couple of people from the elementary school I'm going to go see further what's going on Admins are taking care of our computers The whole room, they will be administrators They've been doing good work since yesterday, with 30,000 steps each Thousands of calories burned, so there's work As you can see, you don't just have to swing a shovel, run, or ride a bike to... Sweat something out Now the most important part, to computers.. What we eat, what we live with and what we care about too Computers Gentlemen. I'll show you what it looks like, we have a very nice room Air-conditioned, so we don't sweat our nuts And we won't have to use antiperspirants too much And if we have to ... or not, everyone is accepted I'm talking bullshit, I think I'm starting to get stressed And so it is. Okay, I'll show you quickly here Here are the computers set up on this side It will be like this And at night, when the lights go out, the computers will fire up.

This is a beautiful view Let's keep going We will have a mini chillout zone with xboxes There will be a possibility to play fifa You've helped me a lot So that in the meantime you don't think so much about the game Sit down with a friend, play a round of another game like fifa Here we have desks I'm already showing you Hello Sebo Hello hello Here we have space for one computer Here for the second computer Here we have such a boom that upwards can go Seba, can I ride this? Well, press and see Not working Okay, it's working It's going up, you'll see how high it can go Some say if a friend comes over you can set up a bar Open a beer, or for some an orangeade Amazing stuff Let me tell you, very high gear And over here.. As you sit at your computer, you can straighten your legs Or later. It's becoming more and more fashionable to just get up And you can just work yourself like that standing up We have a branded computer... special...

This is generally a 1v1 zone Where I'll beat the little guys I hope, or they'll beat me Who knows, things happen, in retirement it's not the same reflex But I'll do my best Second admin, Sebo, Meta That's what I would say. Global Elite in their profession See you ladies and gentlemen in a while, I'll talk again You will listen to my wisdom or no wisdom Greetings! With Jarek Pasza every round is ours! This is it! And this is camp, Pasha Gaming camp After the meeting, there were some questions for Papito I answered, very cool At times I have had quite emotional questions, not awkward, but more sentimental There was some sadness, there was some joy Of course we have a wall of our supporters, sponsors, teammates Others call them sponsors, I call them teammates My camp mates So listen up, Pasha gaming camp Actina Manto POLJA Steelseries, LG MEGAPOL Gentlemen.. Let's go ahead and rock it I hope I don't stop at this edition and it goes further into the world What's up, dude? I did something... And it's definitely stupid, because I'm already being interrupted I'm gonna go check out what I did Say the names We choose teams, the guys split up into teams They name the teams and look for the team's battle cry The boys are now sitting in circles They have to come up with a team name Battle cry And decide who will be captain Hello Hello Kid, where's your team? I don't know Then look for it Hello Radzio, the best photographer ever And here's our gear, let's go I'll show you the equipment, specially customized Hardware from Actina One of these flies for the winner of two editions of Campa, for MVP Actina, thank you for your support guys Another one, thank you very much And PAGED is responsible for the desk I'll show you the whole specs Here you have space for computers, one for streaming Here the second one, there is a place for headphones, you can hang them Here is the hardware, here are the USB ports There is generally a second desk there, do you see leg space there? This is for the legs, you can press it and put it out for yourself, regards to Filip Neo Kubski He's always liked such rarities The best part is.. here you have the induction for charging your phone

Great option One more thing, I've already showed this You press like this And the desk is going up The perfect piece of equipment, look what a desk it is High doesn't it? And this is what it looks like Is there a captain? There he is How are you doing? And the name for the team? 04 Gaming for now, 04 gaming! Work in progress There's igor From Plonsk, guys and girls Hello Mrs. and Mr. educators Hello, have you got a team name yet? Yes, it is And who's the captain? Me What is the name of the team? Team name? Pyjamas in ninjas Great Guys are almost ready Team names made up The hardest part is working on the battle cry Because walking out into the middle of the room in front of a hundred people And shout... we'll see, hopefully they'll be quite cultural these names Although I expect there will be a fire Let's go papito Tell me Luke, is it hard to organize such an event? A little bit Yesterday he took 32,000 steps? Yes, 32,000 steps Amazing, let me tell you, to take 32,000 steps it takes some walking What? In the building, in the building Okay What's up, kid? I have a question Come on The thing is, I have not an experienced team And it would suit them to explain anything Okay, what is it all about? Right? I'll tell you this... Roles, right? Yeah, fine I'll explain that here A colleague came in and said he had a very inexperienced team And that I would explain to them what roles they have Main tournament starts in 3 days Until then, I think tomorrow or the day after I will explain to them more about who should do what What role to have on the team, who should throw grenades Differently, we already have established roles Only they don't really know how to move around much, what a particular role does Particular role? Okay, well, I'll explain to them I'll sit down tomorrow and explain it to everyone It's a good thing the homie's coming Greetings Hello Second day at camp Yesterday organizational meetings all day And today we're just starting movement, sport, esport Gaming, we get up at 7:30 in the morning 15 minutes from a morning like this to go well into the day And then what gamers like most, playing, eating, training The trainer is already here Compact and ready Papito recording Of course There's one crew Second, third I am also talking still sleepy Not my time of day But what are you going to do, let's go Fast start-up Will help anyone There will be better headshots And a better start to the day Thanks lovely, see you later And everyone is a winner And today is what we gamers like best We're sitting at our computers already, I'm going to go plug in Hello Tomo The only papito is late But I am reminded of the good old days when you have to come, plug in your workstation Upload the settings, and we're about to play We chase each other on deathmatch There are tensions already, this is the best it can be I'll walk around the room, ask the youngsters what's up And we'll see you in a little while We are opening packages, the guy took first place on deathmatch I reward every top3 on deathmatch with opening packs What drops out just goes to them So, but how does something good come off? Then.. Then I take A joke, of course Let's go And what do you think? Nice Could have been better, right? It could have been better, but it's nice Not much, but always something And now I'm in training, the guys are training with Nowak Muay thai, nice adventure Beautiful thing Elegantly How do wolves do it? How do wolves do it? Tour de pasha gaming camp How would you rate the difficulty on a scale of 1-10? 8, 8 right? Quite a solid driveway I had 2 chances to attack him As for us amateur gamers, it is nothing easy YO And today, the guy I had the chance and pleasure to work with During the VP era Kuba Kubiak Show me your basement full of computers, I'm curious what's in there We go to our esports mecca Just track my first impression, because I haven't seen it yet Oh man, I'm not looking down I smell pool, is it here? No, there are saunas and some other things It's cool, I hope my battery won't die Or they changed something because I'm recording from a different perspective But let's go, the kubik arrived today Teach youngsters how to become igl How to become good at CS And lots of very useful tips for young pro gamers So, did we go wrong? I don't know, you lead. Did we go wrong? One of the best commentators Commented several times iem katowice He comments on the ESL Polish championships I'd like to introduce you to Kuba kubik kubiak Known as Kubik Let's give him a warm welcome A guy I used to play a little CS with visited me We played a little, we won something And today he came to visit my camp And I think you'll have a beautiful welcome Thank you, hello We're going to go see what's gonna be there One of the best players this year Several times awarded by HLTV For a top-20 player in the world In 2016, the fourth player In 2015, the world's fourth Virtus pro member He ate countless amounts of calories It's time to welcome Janusz Snax Pogorzelski! Ladies and gentlemen Big fan of the game CS He has tremendous experience as a commentator His voice, more than once, was a guest at important tournaments Both on the national and world stage Let's welcome a great guest Olek Vuzzey Kłos! In front of you Let's welcome him Mateusz PAGO Pągowski! On three-four do we shout like wolves do? AU AU How do wolves do? I go into the other bus just to say goodbye For having a good time I just came to say goodbye and thank you for an awesome camp JAREK PASHA - ROUND IS OURS HOW WAS IT? AWESOME Greetings fellas End of the 1st edition, let's go!

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