Eugene Ranks The Most Popular Chips

Eugene Ranks The Most Popular Chips

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- (as Kimbop) Hi! I'm the Rank Pup, Kimbop. Today, we're ranking my favorite thing to eat off the floor, chips! (gong ringing) That was my nose. Hi, everyone! It's me, your actual Rank King, Eugene. I have some special guests on this episode. It's gonna be my puppies, and also, two of my favorite people in the world.

Don't tell one of them that I like the other one better, - [Matt] We're here. - Wait, are they here? (Try Guys theme song) - Sorry to interrupt this video, but you're gonna love this bit. (classical music) (Ned clears throat) - (posh British accent) Keith, have you subscribed to the Try Guys? - (posh British accent) I actually haven't, Ned. - Oh, well, if you haven't subscribed, click subscribe for new videos every Wednesday and Saturday.

- Well, I'll tell you what I have done is gone to and gotten some merch. - Mhm, and that's the tea. (sipping loudly) (suspenseful music) - [Eugene] I'm back. It's the show where I rank things.

And today, we're gonna rank the most popular chips in America. And then rank them from best to worst. Please welcome my Rank Wife, Becky, and my Rank Wife's Husband, Matt! Woo! You can come in, that's your signal. Come in.

Hello! Welcome to the Rank King. Well, welcome back, Rank Wife. - [Becky] Thank you! - Now, since I have two special guests, y'all get to decide the initial ranking and at the end, I'm going to close ranks and lay down the hammer and tell you what I think is actual best to worst. - I thought Kimmy was going to decide. - Yeah, I thought he was gonna pick the chip based on flavor. - He's gonna think every chip is best, 'cause he's gonna try to eat them.

Do you like chips, Matt? - Love. I like chips, but I usually like the very, like, delicate, crunchy, flaky chips you have, like, with your aperitif. - Wait, should we have him on this side? 'Cause he's against the green? Or should we switch him? You sat in front of your color it's gonna camouflage-- - I was sitting in front of this, "Best." (air horns sounding) - What does that say about Becky? - I don't know, she sat next to "Worst."

What does that say about her? - There's about to be a Rank divorce. (all laughing) Real soon. - I know a lot about divorce. All right, switch spaces.

- C'mon, Emma, we're not wanted over here. (Eugene vocalizing) ♪ Do do do do do ♪ - Now you guys compliment your backgrounds. Becky, what's your relationship with chips? - I love chips. Everyone in the Miller family, like, it's a known rule, you don't buy chips. You don't buy chips, 'cause you'll eat all the chips.

- All right, we are going to try the chips in order from the most popular, in terms of sales, to the least. We've not only chosen the most popular chip brand, but also, the most popular flavor. So, I already saw the list of the most bought chips, and I will say that my actual favorite chip brand, which is Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion is not on there. So, I'll hold an invisible spot for it in my mind. (heavenly sounds) Like all our rankings, there are three criteria.

One, the design. How does that label look? Does it make you want to go, "Mm, I could be a couch potato and eat these all day."? Two, the taste. I mean, does it have the crunch? The flavor? - The saltiness? - Mm! All that good stuff. Can't stop, won't stop.

- Don't stop believing. - Can you finish the whole bag? Do you want it? 'Cause that's like the true sign of a great chip. - A hundred percent. - (as Kimbop) I'm right, you're wrong, shut up! All right, bring on the first chip! Lay's potato chips.

Nice throw. - [Becky] These are, like, good, old-fashioned potato chips that you would have, like, in your school lunch. - Look at Kimmy's face.

- [Becky] Kim's like, "Can I have it?" A third of the bag is chips, the rest of it is not chips. The chips start here. - I mean, there has to be air so they don't all crumble. - I know, but air to chip ratio is still disappointing when you see, like, half the bag missing chips.

- [Becky] Yeah. - I guess for the design, if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? When you see a yellow potato chip bag, you think it's Lay's Classic. - Well, did you know, throughout the 1930s-- - Wait! (all laughing) You're not going to present it like you knew in your head. Matt's gonna be our facts man, 'cause I like to say facts about stuff. So, Matt, hit us with an interesting Lay's fact! - Did you know that throughout the early 1930s, Lay's founder, Herman W. Lay, would sell the chips

from the back of his car? - I don't know if I'd buy chips from the back of someone's car. - I mean, in the 30s though? Maybe? - Let's go ahead and talk about the taste. (rips loudly) - Nice. - Wow, I did that real sexy. (Spanish guitar) - Different (gasps) Matt! All together! - Okay, let's try the chips. - [Matt] I wanna try another one.

(crunching) (bag crinkling) - They are a bit oily. - Salty. - This is the exact chip that you want when you're having a cocktail, you know? - No, it's not! (record scratch) - Having aperitivo. - I think of chips when you're, um, you need something to eat while you're watching Bridgerton. (Becky gasps) Becky, what's your review of Bridgerton season two? (Spanish guitar) - Um, Jonathan Bailey is so pretty. (Matt laughs) - You know, he's gay IRL.

- I mean, I would be gay for him. (Eugene laughs) If it was possible. - Can't stop, won't stop factor? - Yeah, I think those are definitely a banger. - [Matt] Totally could smash 'em all the way. - You could smash the whole bag.

- So, we're just gonna put this in the middle so we have a place to journey with the tops and the bottoms. Next! Hit me. Doritos! - [Matt] Classic. - [Eugene] We're doing the Nacho Cheese flavor. Feels like they're really leaning into the "Doritos are extreme!" - [Becky] Yeah, these are like the Monster Energy drink of chips. - Matt, hit us with a fact.

- Doritos were actually invented in Disneyland. - [Eugene] Wait, what? - [Matt] At a restaurant called Casa De Fritos. - [Becky] Maybe that's why it starts with a D. Do-ritos. (80s synth music) - Ah, it's very satisfying opening these bags.

- This one even looks fuller, though. I know we're not gonna rank it based on the air, but I do, like, it's a satisfaction factor. - It's very important for you? - Yeah. - All right, let's go for the taste.

(crunching) - Wow. - What's not to like, you know? Imagine you're at, like, a pool party. - The question is, could you finish a whole bag of this? - A hundred percent.

Doritos go higher than Lay's, for me. I would do this. - No, I would do the opposite.

No, no, no. (bags rustling) (Becky gasps) - Our parents are fighting. - [Matt] Let's just start with this. Let's just start with this and see how it goes. - What is this patriarchy? - (As Pesto) Oh, no! Oh, no they're fighting. Oh, no.

Oh, no! - Boring chips down there. - Okay, so, you're both already dis-- - [Becky] Put 'em both in the middle. - You're already disagreeing on the first two. I'm gonna put them together right now, because Mom and Dad are head to head on this one. Okay, well, are you not speaking to each other now? - I'll see what the next chip is.

- Yeah, depends what's next. - And we'll see. - Perfect 'cause we have a second Doritos! - [All] Blue! - I like the blue bag just because you can see how the chip pops off of it. Now, the big question will be do you like Cool Ranch more than Nacho Cheese? (crunching) Oh, yeah.

- I could definitely eat more of these than the Nacho ones. - Does the panel agree that we like Cool Ranch more than Nacho Cheese? (all agreeing) - You can knock this down one. - And then we can put the Cool Ranch there. - Tie then? - [Becky] You could put it right here in front.

- Oh wait, this is the compromise! (bags rustling) - Yeah, flanked. Flanked! - This is a good compromise. - [Becky] Flanked! - [Eugene] Okay.

- You are demanding! - This is the compromise. You know who would never do this to you? (Spanish guitar) - He would look longingly at me. - Longingly across the room, breathe heavily in your face. - [Becky] And maybe, like, brush a lip just across my gentle cheek. Then I would be scooped up into his big, strong, furry, gay arms.

(all laughing) - This Rank King is slowly turning into a Jonathan Bailey appreciation video. - Every video should be a Jonathan Bailey appreciation video. Even Emma's like, "Whoa, baby!" - Wait, are you more into him than Rege? - A hundred percent. - Really? - A hundred percent.

I mean, Rege is (chuckles) you know, he's not bad to look at. Daddy vibes. - Well, they're both on my list. Hall Pass, the list where you'd be okay with your partner being like, "Okay, just one night." Fritos! - [Becky And Matt] Oh, Fritos! - [Eugene] They're almost like little pastas.

- It's also an honest bag, 'cause it's a smaller physical bag than our other ones. - [Eugene] It is an honest bag! Let's taste. - Woo! - Yeah, there's a lot of them in there. (crunching) - [Matt] Salty.

- This is strong corn flavor. I'll eat a whole, small Fritos bag. But I don't think I'd ever gone through an entire, big bag by myself.

- Not by myself. - I've gone through these by myself. - I think I would rank it above Lay's.

- No. - But maybe below the Cool Ranch Doritos. - No, I would put it here. - Other way? (knocking on table top) - Oh my god, they're going to disagree on everything. (Becky sighs) Now, Matt, do you agree with the most important conversation is, is, "How hot is Jonathan Bailey?" - Yes.

- Is he more attractive than Rege-Jean Page? - No. (Eugene gasps) - They disagree on everything! - Wow. - [Eugene] Next chip! Cheetos! - [Matt] Oh, Cheetos! - [Becky] Yas, Cheetos! - [Matt] Are these even considered a chip though? - These are chips. What would you classify this as? - [Becky] A puff. - A cheese product? - A cheese puff.

- This is a chip. We're considering this a chip. Let's talk about the branding. This appeals to me as a child. - [Becky] Oh, a hundred percent.

- [Eugene] But also, as an adult, it just like, I don't know, you don't forget Chester. Chester's on my list too. - Chester's on your Hall Pass list? - [Eugene] Chester's on my Hall Pass. You wouldn't do Chester Cheeto? - No. - Have a Cheeto. - Oh, perfect, thank you. - I mean, the most striking thing about these is really the color.

Radio active looking orange. - [Becky] Mhm. (crunching) I think they're so good. - Could you eat the whole bag of these? - A hundred percent. - A hundred percent could eat a whole bag of Cheetos.

- I get sick of the flavor after a little while. - I think these go here. - Do you think they're above? - No, I think they're right underneath. (Eugene gasps) - [Becky] What is with your-- - You love the Lay's. - You are milquetoast with your Lay's.

- I'm agreeing with Becky. Next! Flamin' Hot Cheetos. You knew we couldn't do without it.

Like, there were certain things when we were in grade school that were coveted if you got in your lunch, right? Cherry Coke, was that a big thing for you? - Ugh, yes, well all pop. - Vanilla Coke. (record scratch) - Ew! - Ugh! - I love Vanilla Coke, it's so good. - Why am I with him? - Are you okay? - I'm really upset! - Like, blink twice if you wanna come live with me and Keith. (all laughing) But these were like prized possessions - It would be like, "I'll give you my little brother "for your Flamin' Hot Cheetos."

- A hundred percent. - And also, I mean, come on. It's Chester being cool, but his breath is on fire. (crunching) - It's like a little cheesy but it has that kind of fire. - Mhm. Would you eat a whole bag of this?

Like, can't stop, won't stop? - [Matt] No. - Not that size. I think I like them more than Cool Ranch. - At the top? - [Becky] I think I would put them at the top. The Lay's have to leave at some point. - No! - What if we switch the regular and the hot? Since you don't have a preference for either.

- That's fine. (bags rustling) - You're just in love with plain Lay's. - Let's find something you agree on. Next chip! Pringles! - [Matt] What flavor is that? - [Becky] Pizza! - It's the most popular Pringles flavor.

- I didn't know that. I mean, everyone knows it's Pringles in the can. Once you pop, you can't stop! - [Eugene] Untouchable. - I love that you can throw it in a purse, you can't throw it in a backpack. - And it's, like, phallic, which I'm always into. - Yeah.

- I mean, Becky, this is just calling your name, "Nothing half full about this can." - [Becky] I saw that! - Now, before we eat these, I wanna share this fun fact. - Why did I task him with this? - You did this. - Did you know that the inventor of the Pringles can, Fredric Baur, was buried in a Pringles can. (Becky laughing) - So, they made a giant-- - Human sized Pringles can? - Giant Pringles coffin? - Or maybe he was, his ashes were buried, who knows? - Well, that's a really weird fact. (crunching) - I don't really like it.

I like vinegar Pringles better. - Can you eat this whole thing? - I could, yes. - Hundred percent. - Not this flavor, different flavor. - [Becky] I would put them under Fritos. - You'd put this under Fritos? - Mhm. - Yeah.

- You agree? - Somewhere around here. - Okay, they agree on something for once. - Becky does have taste buds after all. - Matt's not gonna have any buds after this. (all laughing) - All right! Next! Ruffles! Sour Cream and Onion. - It's very different looking than all of these, honestly.

- [Eugene] I know, but something about this design looks a little... All over the place, to me. - I think these deserve to go above the Lay's, which deserve to go behind the Fritos. - No. If these are above Lay's, then we have the keep the Lay's up. (bags rustling) - [Becky] Like this.

(bags rustling) - I feel like I'm being compromised way more than Becky's been compromised here. She got her way now, one, two, three times. (Becky gasps) - It was just 'cause you wanted these! You can't count every time that I said, "No, Lay's can't be number one." as me getting my way. (dramatic strings) - Next! Sun Chips! This already feels more like it's advertising itself as a healthier option. - [Matt] Are they actually healthier though? I always wonder.

- I think they're definitely marketed to be healthier. - They're marketed as healthier. (crunching) I mean, the thing I get is the grain.

Like, it tastes grain based as opposed to a distinct potato taste. - I think I like the texture, but the actual flavor of the chip is not as good as what's already on the table. (humming in agreement) - I can agree with that. - I would not be able to eat this whole bag, no way.

- I would put it at the end. - It's like what I would get if I'm trying to feel extra healthy at Subway. - I'd put it at the end. - Wow, you agreed on something! Next! (gasps) Funyuns! - [Becky] Controversial opinion, I thing the bag is ugly.

I think Funyuns are gross. And everyone in my high school would eat them like crazy and everyone smelled like shit. - But, did you know that Funyuns were originally going to be called "Onyums" but the name was already taken-- - Are you saying "annyeong?" - It sounds like you're saying "annyeong." - "Hello" in Korean. - Like, "hello."

- No, not "annyeong." - Annyeong! (crunching) - [Matt] Honestly, it doesn't have enough onion flavor. - No, not enough onion and like the texture is, like, burnt almost.

- It's like the breading of an onion ring, but not the onion. - It's like the Disneyland of onion rings where you can like smell it but you can't actually taste that flavor. I think these, for me, are below Sun Chips.

- Yeah, me too. I would eat Sun Chips before I'd eat Funyuns. Good bye, Onyums! - [Eugene] Next! - Ah! - Ooh! - [Eugene] Takis! - [Becky And Matt] Taki Taki! - [Eugene] And this is a Fuego flavor. - It was made with solar! "Made with renewable wind and solar energy." - Becky likes it already.

- [Eugene] The design, the bag, the fire's like embossed. It has almost like a sheen to it. - And if you haven't seen the Charli D'Amelio ad for the blue Takis, it is perfect. - That was intense! - Takis are seriously intense! (crunch) - [Becky] That's intense! (all laughing) (crunching) They are sour! More sour than ones I've had before.

- Immediately tangy. - I like the crunch a lot. And I really like this purple bag. That goes on my Hall Pass! - [Becky] I don't think so.

- Purple things. I'd (beep) so many purple things. - [Becky] I'd (beep) a purple thing. - Prince. Grimace from McDonald's (laughing) - Isn't your own color for the Try Guys purple? - And I would (beep) me. - [Becky] You'd (beep) yourself? - Yes, me, Prince, and Grimace.

(all laughing) Do you think you can eat the whole bag? - Yeah, I'm putting this as my front runner. The Taki is my Lay's. - Well then, we can move both the Taki and the Lay's to the front. - (gasps) That's the compromise. - I'll move the Lay's up front if it means Takis can be number one.

- Okay, sure. - Wow! - Deal. - Deal. - They're just really, like, haggling over here. - [Becky] We're wheelin' and dealin', baby. - Next! Cape Cod! - [Matt] The kettle crunch! - [Eugene] So, this is our first kettle cooked chip.

The label does look like it was made in Microsoft Paint in the 90s. - [Becky] It looks like a fancy wine label. - [Eugene] Sometimes, less is more. It's just a little corny, even though it's potatoes. (Becky fake laughing) All right, let's open 'em. (crunching) Well, that kettle cooked crunch, it's the first thing you get.

Gives your mouth a little work out. - Ah, yeah, I don't like it. - I mean, listen to this. (crunching) - It's a good crunch. - I almost compare this to, like, when you get a really good sourdough or baguette with a really hard crust. - I would not be able to eat the whole bag though.

- Nuh uh. So, I'd put them above Funyuns. - You'd put them way down there? - Uh huh.

- I would put them above a Cheeto. Like, maybe around here, somewhere. - [Becky] Above a Cheeto? - This is a very controversial Rank King. Next! Uh oh! - [Matt] Salt and Vinegar! - [Eugene] Kettle Brand! I like the simplicity of the branding. I like how the style is just, like, words. - Yeah. - Ooh!

I do love salt and vinegar. (crunching) Now, texturally, do you find them different from Cape Cod? 'Cause they're both kettle cooked. - The Cape Cod ones are, like, harder. - [Becky] Mhm! - Cape Cod's, like, crunchier. - These are less crunchy. - Yes, I like this more than I like the Cape Cod.

- I'll probably eat the whole bag, I'm not gonna lie. - Well, he chose last time, so where do you wanna put it? (bags rustling) We'll put it here. - [Becky] After Fritos. - [Eugene] Next! Bugles! - [Becky] I can't believe these are still popular! - Okay, the one thing like most about this, is the label says, "America's number one finger hat." (all laughing) Let's talk about the aesthetics. I would say I know Bugles more from just seeing them in a bowl than the actual bag. Yeah, I don't really have much association with the design.

- They're like little witch nails or whatever. - Put 'em on your finger! - [Becky] Put it on my finger. - Oh, this one's flat. - Put it on my finger.

- [Eugene] This one's flat, too. - [Matt] Oh, no, apparently it's not our favorite hat food anymore! (Becky gasps) - [Becky] Maybe they'd stop leaving so much air, they just break. Do Bugles not go on your fingers anymore? - No, they do. - Our fingers are too big.

(Becky gasps) - What the hell, Bugle? (crunching) - They don't taste too oily. - They're a little light and puffed. - Like, these are veering towards cereal, for me. - Chex Mix. - Oh! - The texture.

Where would you put 'em? - There. - Right under Fritos? - Mhm. - I was thinking, like, over here. (Becky sighs) Maybe here. Here or here.

(bags rustling) - [Eugene] I'm gonna listen to Becky on this one. - [Matt] Uh! You listened to her on the last one! - I'm right, you're wrong, shut up, stupid. (Eugene laughing) - [Eugene] What do you say, Matt? - You better watch yourself. - You're gonna find some chips in your bed later. - No, that's my bed too! - [Matt] Interesting. - It's my bed, I'm not doing anything wrong! I'm never putting you two together again.

- You're gonna find Taki dust all up in your make up. (Eugene laughing) - [Eugene] Next! Pop Chips. - [Becky] Pop Chips! - [Matt] Wow, Pop Chips. - [Eugene] We knew there was a healthy, healthy chip coming.

- [Becky] Yeah, these are the office snack I like the most. - [Matt] At least they're barbecue flavored. But Pop Chips are backed by celebrities. Actually, did you know, in 2011-- - You didn't have to memorize the facts, babe, they're right here.

- Ashton Kutcher, David Ortiz, and Diddy were all investors in the Pop Chips company. - Pop open the Pop Chips! - [Becky] Pop it! - Can't lie, they look like how I imagine body of Christ tastes. (crunching) - Tastes fake. - The only way you'd really enjoy this is not having a lot of delicious, full fat chips right before.

- [Matt] Yeah, it's true. - I would eat this before I would eat a Funyun. - You really hate Funyuns. And, next! Miss Vickie's! Ooh, the jalapeno flavor. But it is also in French, which makes me think that this must be popular in Canada. - That's where it's from! - Canadian brand.

(Eugene reading in French) - [Becky] Bonjour! - [Eugene] Down home, country feel for the branding. (crunching) Chewier. They got the crisp up top, but they have a longer chew.

- Probably my least favorite of the kettle chips that have been presented. - I mean, these, I couldn't eat the whole bag. You'd be chewing for hours. - Yeah, it honestly, kind of even hurt my jaw just then to chew it. - Okay well, where would you put the Miss Vickie's then? Ugh, this is a crowded table.

- [Matt] We've only got one more left, huh? - But first, do you like my dogs' outfits? - Yes, I think Emma looks like a slutty, little school girl. - (laughing) No, she doesn't! - She looks like a little tart. - [Matt] Like a flower girl. - No, she looks like she's working, she's like little house on the prairie. - [Becky] Yeah, she does look like she's working.

- [Eugene] No, she's not. - That's a perfectly innocent outfit. - [Matt] She's tryna show off the gams. - [Becky] One more chip! - One more chip! And it is Terra chips, Exotic Potato.

- Mm, I didn't know potatoes were so exotic. - I think it's just a lot of different types of-- - Purple! - Sweet Yukon. - From Japan. - [Eugene] Blue potato and Ruby Dipped Vegetables. - [Matt] And it's very sleek. - [Becky] It's sexy, it's a hot bag.

(Spanish guitar) - [Eugene] It feels adult. This is the Toys R Us section and then you've wandered into the 18+. - Mhm, they check your ID when you walk in. - If I was a kid, I'd be like, "Can I buy these chips?" This bag wants to-- - That bag (beep). - This bag (beep), yeah.

There we go. - [Matt] I feel like you're not gonna like the chip to bag ratio in this. - It's very low chip ratio.

- This one is, like-- - It is a very low ratio. This made you upset. - What are there five chips in that bag? - Real grower. (crunching) - [Becky] They taste healthy. - Like, less processed.

- I like how you're getting, kind of, a different bite, different flavor, depending on the chip. Look how beautiful they are. I mean, just show the camera.

Look how pretty. They are aesthetically the prettiest chip. But would you eat the whole bag? - Yeah, 'cause there's only five.

(all laughing) - [Becky] It would be easy to eat the whole bag. - Can you agree on the final chip's placement? - I think-- - Look a little close to home, Becky. - (laughing) Are you joking? - Wait, you wanna put them high? - [Becky] Are you insane? - Yeah, I would put them higher than some of these.

- I would put them, like, by Bugles. - Yeah, I was gonna say, right around here. - Because the kettle chips, there's gonna be a shake up of the kettle chips. I can't stand for this. - So, let's just put it here for you two. So, this is your Rank Wife and Rank Wife's Husband ranking.

Their Lay's and Takis are number one. And then their worst is Funyuns. - [Matt] Herman Lay is comin' to get you.

- [Eugene] I'm saying now, before I close ranks-- - [Becky] The Lay's is gonna move. - There's a lot that's gonna move. All right, I'm ready to close ranks. (record scratch) - [Nick] Wait, wait, wait.

We have a surprise chip for you. - What?! - [Nick] Jack? - Yay! - [Becky] Whoa. - [Eugene] Party size! Hawaiian brand Sweet Maui Onion chips. - [Matt] Oh, these are good. (crunching) - Ugh, these are so good.

I won't include them in the ranking, because it will be unfair, because I will put these at number one. No questions asked. It is my bias, as we say in K-Pop. Go buy these if you want a good time. Now it's time to correct my wife and wife's husband-- - [Matt] I think it's perfect.

- I'm right, you're wrong... I'm not gonna say, "Shut up" to him, 'cause he was giving me the look, he's gonna get mad at me later. First change, I'm going to take away the two first places.

And I'm gonna hold onto them, because I don't think either of them are my top spot. - What? - Marry the Cheetos together. - Oh, okay, yeah. - I think I like regular more than Flamin' Hot. Also, Doritos, I'm putting Doritos up here too.

- See? Flavor. Flavor needs to be at the top, Matt. - I like Takis. - Yas, yas.

- Everything I'm picking is just colors. Oh, I would put Pringles here. I just think Pringles are so unique and interesting and I always finish the whole can. I like Kettle chips. I kind of like Ruffles more than the classic.

- [Becky] Mhm. - [Matt] I don't think so. (bags rustling) - I'm gonna drop Pop Chips to the bottom. (Becky gasps) I think those are just weird. The Rank King has spoken! I have changed everything.

I'm making one more executive decision. Production was so nice to go get this chip for me 'cause they heard that I liked it so much. - [Matt] What?! - Making it number one? - I'm making it number one, I don't care, it's my show! Number one, number one! And look, it's so pretty up top. Well, that's my ranking. How do you feel? Are you upset? - [Matt] Yeah, you're gonna be eating a lot of Lay's potato chips.

- No, I don't want it. - I see a lot of Lay's in your future. - I don't want it.

Well, this has been another exciting episode of Rank King. My last Hall Pass choice is Becky. (Becky gasps) (Spanish guitar) Because she agreed more with my ranking than you. - [Matt] Wow. - [Becky] Yay! Becky wins! Becky wins! Take us away, Pesto, with my catch phrase! (as Pesto) I'm right, you're wrong, shut up! (Try Guys theme song) Inventor of food stuff, who cremates self, gets buried in packaging of invention. I'm putting that on my Hall Pass.

- Yeah.

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