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And. We're. Live guys welcome, to another episode of good morning, crypto only here on Leon Ivan on take we are of course broadcasting. Live straight, out of Stockholm Sweden and we do the show each and every day at 8 a.m. central, P and summertime, not summertime central, pian time not summer and I, come to like an atomic clock each and every day today we will be discussing something very important, namely, the, banks the European, banks because they are now allowed, to store cryptocurrencies. To, store Bitcoin, and you understand, that this is a very significant, move because for the longest time many. Banks wanted to get into crypto, because, obviously being a custodial. Exchange such, as violence, such as Kraken, or any other exchange in crypto that has some kind of momentum some, kind, of success, is very profitable in, fact I don't I don't think you remember but, you, understand that they, are more profitable, than biggest. Banks if you look at for example. Finance. In. 2018. There were significant, reports, that they are more profitable than for example deutsche bank and a lot of other banks as well in the traditional, financial industry, it is just like when I tweeted, this twit let me show you right, before the stream and, showed. People this article, from 2008. Seen that cryptic, change balance is now more profitable than Germany's biggest bank and it is just a question of time before banks, also start, jumping, on the crypto bandwagon, and in. One way it is good in one way it is very bad because you understand that we have basically invited. These kinds, of actors into our space which, initially was, very, very opposite. To, the traditional finance crypto, regime it was very very different but, because, everyone, is just storing, their crypto on exchanges. Just. Because everyone is not thinking about the, core principles. Of crypto, not your keys not your Bitcoin for example, it has led to this industry where crypto exchanges are basically, banks violence, is the crypto bank cracking, is also a group to bank they're now offering lensing. You can get interest, on your account on balance, or kiken and soon other changes as well because, of protocols. Such as compound, but, also because they just learned your money out and this, is something that some exchanges, have started, to do and I think patience, balance and clack and we'll also do very soon there's going to be the first topic this new bill from the EU the, second topic is actually going to be about books, we, have cz publishing. His, book, list for, this holiday. And I love it man I loved when successful, people publish. What they are reading, I've read the few books that he recommended, and I, will tell you what I recommend, and then there are some books that I haven't read either that I will catch up so I know that when I share my book that I read you guys like it so I've shared the a couple, in the past and I've got good responses, from you guys who have read them now I can share more and cz will also share more and finally. We will be discussing a new phenomena. On the internet namely, the fact that crypto, jackin botnets, you know these programs, that are basically taking over your computer and the, mine cryptocurrencies, using. Your CPU, your GPU they've, actually been using YouTube, to make. This whole system work and you will understand, how YouTube, was used in order to mine cryptocurrencies, using, your computers, which, is very significant, I mean unfortunately it, is the case that scammers, do whatever they can in order to get your hard-earned, money so yeah this is the agenda for today I hope you're pumped I hope you're excited welcome. Everyone, who is here in, the chat welcomed murdered, Michael, Moore nemesis. Blockchain, appraised leave, that as well welcome Chris, and today. We're going to do something different I'm going to check the chat between each and every topic so usually. We do the chat at the end at the very end, but today we'll be doing between each and every topic that being said let's. Go and check the market, as always, we, have sideways, movement Bitcoin minus 0.5 percent zero minus, 0.4. 6%, x RP minus, 0.8, percent tether. Obviously stable core nothing interesting there but still it oscillates, I mean sometimes, it's one cent up sometimes, it's once and down so still interesting, oscillation in tether although, it should be theoretically just one dollar now. Looking at the biggest gainers you do have Algar and because, of the renews i don't know if you've heard but you can just check out the latest news from Algar and basically. Reconsidered. How their platform, is gonna work so for example they have removed during completeness, from, their platform, which is interesting, approach. Mindle. 21%, is, it a pump and dump let's, see oh yeah, yeah be careful yes Luna by Tom Tasos and now, the losers, are silver, way but, silver was one of the games yesterday, I think Chile's bite cone enigma and yet should we also had the Chili's fan.

In The chat let me know if you're still here if you're still pumping, Chili's coin and we did have Alexandra, from Chili's. On the, channel before so definitely check it out and they have been doing interesting things with football. Teams basically sponsoring. And collaborating with. Football teams in. This bearish times that, we are in right now I mean, it all depends on how you zoom out and how much you zoom out but, if you are looking on the past few. Months we're, a bit bearish many, people think that hey this is not gonna work out many people are living this space believe it or not although we're up more. Than 100 percent since. The year began and many. People are very bearish and I was very very surprised, when I saw this video. From Steve Jobs because. He's basically talking about Bitcoin, and let, me show it to you let me show it to because I think you will you will like it it is exactly, where we are right now in the crypto markets, where, media is negative, where, everyone, is attacking, this new innovation, and where. People are worried, so let me show you this clip from Steve Jobs where he talks about media. And Apple, so let's go. Wall, Street Journal reporters, get up in the morning sell, Apple shorten and go write stories about us and it's. Clear that it's a perception, versus reality problem. Yeah they don't want to shit about operating systems they don't know anything about tools, they don't know what's going on in the future they don't know that we're building icebergs, you the bottom up sure um, you know I'm. Sure that a lot of you have had this experience where, you're changing you're growing, as a person and, people. Still people tend to treat you like you were 18, months ago and it's, really frustrating sometimes when, you're growing up and you're becoming more capable. And you you've solved, you maybe had some personality, quirks you've kind of gotten over whatever it may be and people, still treat you like you were a year to 18 months ago it can be very frustrating well, it's the same with a company it's. The same with the press the. Press is going to have a lag time and, the. Best thing we can do about the press is to. You, know embrace them do the best we can to educate them about the strategy but, to. Keep our eye on the prize and. That is turning out some great products. Communicating. Directly with our customers as best we can. Getting. The community, of people that are going to make this stuff successful, like yourselves, in the loop so you know everything, and just marching. Forward one foot in front of the other and the. Press will take care of its like the stock price the press and the stock price will take care of themselves by the end of this year it's. Going to look quite different and I, I you know when you when you do I mean I'm like an old man now in this industry and I've seen the ups and downs and you see enough of them you know that's gonna happen so when you get up in the morning the press is selling out was short go out and buy some shares you.

Know. So. Basically said by the deep by the deep and this was at the time where when, nobody was believing in Apple this was during the Dark Ages of Apple when it's almost collapsed, they had to bring Steve Jobs back into the game in order to rescue this whole shipwreck, that was that. Was going on so. This is very significant, let me mute this. So. This is very significant to learn from because technology. Always goes, in cycles and new. Technology, arrives there is some excitement then, disappointment because. It doesn't develop as quickly as people think then, it's time to go in and buy low as Steve, Jobs sells and then, people will understand, with time and this is by the way a topic, I've been discussing for the past week or so that when, or investing, in early-stage, startups. In early-stage technologies. Such. As for example the shift, Apple was doing into this new era the in. In the 2000s. It was very uncertain and when it is uncertain that is when the gains are the highest when everything is certain everyone, knows that this is valuable everyone, understands, that this technology is going to be revolutionary. For the world man well then there is no opportunity, and then there is really no excitement in the industry and by the way guys you know that the most most important thing you can invest in is actually yourself, and we do have a Black Friday sale, in our Academy so just go to Academy, that I won't act calm and you had 50% off, on all our courses. For. This day only today and I do recommend, you to take the development, courses because man learning, programming, learning. How to program on blockchain platforms. Is the most valuable, skill you can get today, I can promise you that, depending. On your. Brain. How you're really structured, in the brain you might be more technical you might be less technical, if you are towards, the technical side guys use, this opportunity, if you're not towards, the technical side used opportunity, to at least learn about blockchain for business to at least be in the game and you, can either program, on a theorem or, Bitcoin, I mean right now bitcoin, is very very central to this whole space and we do have bittern programming lightning programming, Bitcoin attacks so you will really really learn everything, and as always we do have collaboration with vibe it's six volts for free be careful. When you're tracing can find it below now. This. Is the news, I wanted to share with you from the beginning in 2018, during, some quarter's. -. Was actually more profitable, than the Deutsche Bank very, important news and this is something that we were discussing a lot in in last year the fact that they are making approximately, not two hundred million dollars per quarter. While. Deutsche. Bank is approximately. 146. Million, per quarter, obviously, not all quarter-sawed, are like that but some quarter's you see balance really really killing, it and the.

Last Quarter, was. Also very impressive from violence they made two hundred and fifty million approximately based, on their token, burn you know that they burn tokens, in relationship. To how much money they've made during each quarter so if you look at their token burns for 2019. During. The third. Quarter of this year they, made approximately 250, million dollars. Which is insane I mean obviously it's completely, insane and banks. Are looking at this they're looking at this and they're saying what, a hell this, is this, is new this is, unexpected. Because, this is crypto this, is crypto this industry that was supposed, to die in, 2014. Because, media, already declared, the death in 2014. 15, 16 then, suddenly it resurrected. In 2017. And, we. Had the bubble in 2018. Now it's dead again and now, they're not, really understanding, how can this industry, be so profitable, yet it's been declared dead by mainstream, media for so long time how can it be and now. They're finally at the point when. They're saying hey we cannot fight this this is not gonna die we, have hoped that is gonna die we, have hope that if we just close our eyes and continue, business as usual it's. Just gonna disappear but, it doesn't, it doesn't disappear, and so, obviously banks want to get involved in one way or another it's, all about profit of course it has nothing to do with believing, in the crypto fundamentals. In this community for real it's all about the profits but that's, kind, of the the, usual mindset, you should be having when people are, offering. You exchange, services, or they're offering you custody, or whatever I mean obviously people want to make money banks, want to make money but people who are encrypted. For example changes, in some, way they're coming from the, industry they're coming from the community, look for example at Jesse, Powell the creator of cracking which I interviewed, them two. Weeks ago on the channel amazing story he was actually from the crypto community, now you do see traditional, finance which is entirely, outside.

Of Crypto community, coming in and also wanting a piece and this, is now clearly seen with the new EU bill. In European, Union basically. Allowing banks to, handle. Their own cryptocurrency. To actually. Store and offer, cryptocurrency. To their clients, basically become an exchange so cryptocurrencies. Might finally go hand in hand with traditional, money services, starting from 2020. It might be legal for German, bank to sell cryptic currencies like, Bitcoin and, provide custody solutions, and this, is from local German media, so, basically, Germany. Is on its way to becoming crypt to heaven, according. To the, LC consulting, firm in Germany, the German legislature is playing a pioneering, role in the regulation of cryptocurrency, and you know in some ways I do agree. I mean Germany. Is not this to. Go place in order, to create your company in a low tax environment like Malta, for example Malta, has been a crypto, island in Europe, and the. Same is of course for Hong Kong there's so many different, countries that are very very good for business because they are platforms. For business all countries are platforms, for business but some, countries have really said to themselves hey we are going to offer the best platform, for business possible, so we're going to have low taxes, we can make it easy for people to move money here to develop here and to stay here and so, Malta has been such a country, Estonia. As well when it comes to crypto Germany, not really Germany, not really although, although, despite. The fact that Germany has not really been such. A player and really if you look at Europe Germany's it's I mean socialistic, country I mean the taxes are high not, as high as in Sweden but quite high as well but. At the same time I see many companies, from Germany, in that are encrypted, many startups, from Germany based in Germany they're, coming with their AG's, yuji's, they're their incorporation entities. In Germany, and I was quite surprised because I was like hey why the hell, are you doing it in Germany, why, are you really creating. Your company, in legislation, that is, not really, really that friendly. But, then slowly, my mind story to shift and this has been over the past two years that my mind has slowed, the story to ship because, I see I'm seeing more and more stuff coming out of Germany to be honest with you and it. Is not because of tax reasons because if you if you want low taxes you can go to Malta or somewhere else it is because the the, intrapreneurs, are there they want to create things and they're starting in Germany it doesn't mean that they will stay in Germany but at least you do have many people starting in Germany and so. Right, now you, do have this new bill coming out and, basically. Allowing banks to become cryptic changes but you do see organizations, in Germany. Being a bit worried, so consumer, organisations. Basically. Wanting to protect the consumer, so consumer, experts, consumer, center of baden-württemberg. Is. Worried, that banks will engage in more aggressive sales, with, new products, yeah, man I mean I, wonder if they're gonna have affiliate, links or something or. How they're gonna promote, their stuff it's going to be interesting for sure and I, do see a donation from Boris, Boris, nice word scale how. Are you doing my man good good to have, you here higher. Than in Sweden I mean. The corporate, tax might be actually higher in Germany, than in Sweden because surprisingly, Sweden. Has quite low corporate, tax only 20% I mean, if you look internationally, it's quite good Singapore, has 17%. And Sweden, has 20%, so it's not that big of a difference u.s.. Had, like 30 percent before, Trump then Trump came and said what the hell is this let's make it 20 and. I do understand, man paying 30%, in corporate. Tax is brutal, in the US which is supposed to be this you know freedom, Eagle a country, okay, so. When, it comes to corporate tax Sweden is actually good but when it comes to salary you will be slaughtered you, will be slaughtered, absolutely, when it comes to how much you as a company are paying to employ slaughter. 30%, I mean I pay you salary and then I need to pay 30% more as an, employer tax it's made, it one of the highest fees. Taxes. On labor in in EU I don't have the numbers but it's gotta be one of the highest it's crazy, high and, the. Whole reasoning, behind it is that Swedish. Labour force is quite advanced, in the in the in the in. When, it comes to the kind of services, that come out of Sweden its technological services, it is IT, so, the margins, are quite high as well so the state basically says hey because we have so advanced, workforce, then.

We Can afford having, these big taxes, for employment, because each each employee actually, delivers, so much value, to the companies that you, can afford paying the state so much but, at the same time it creates many issues as well because when you do have a lot. Of people coming to Sweden from different countries, and you know Sweden has been very generous, and the I don't want this to be political but I'm just explaining to you how it is that when, the workforce is not as complicated and, cannot participate in, the complicated, economy, and be in the digital, space and work in the digital space for example then, this employer tax is crazy, high because each worker is not really giving you that much margin, so this is the issue we're having right, now we're, gonna see how it's gonna be but it's a bit of a slight tangent what. Else is happening in the chat before we. Move to neck bring are exactly. Freedom. Eagle country but look I mean thirty percent the, big guys are not paying that the big guys they go to Ireland, they go to other, places and then, make sure they're not paying 30 percent. There. Is no minimum wage in Sweden, is there I think there is I mean I'm not sure man I have not been looking, at not employing like the minimum, wage you guys but I think they gotta, be some kind of minimum wage but. I'm not sure why. Pay extra, traders freedom changes, when you can use a decks because of liquidity liquidity user, interface, basically. With. Consumer taxes I give yeah. It's the same in in. This in, the same in Sweden many people don't think about it but, look you get many. People think that they're only paying 30 percent tax this, is an interesting experiment if you live in in a country in EU, and even, in the US just, go and ask people how much they're paying in taxes how much they think they're paying in taxes most of them will tell you thirty percent thirty percent, is like the standard but. Then they're not calculating. The fact that the employer, has, paid as well thirty more percent, or 30. Percent of your thirty percent is also now being additionally, added so. That's that insult, is now closer, to fifty percent that you're paying and finally. You have your money but to spend it to buy stuff you need to pay 25 percent, v.a.t.s. Else, Ike's in Sweden, it's 25 in other countries it's a bit lower I think some, crazy country has higher in the EU I think some countries like 28%. V8c and so, you need to be thinking about that 1/4 of your money is also going to tax if you burn you're spending it so all in all it is approximately, 70 percent yeah. Anyway. Let's move on let's, move on to the second topic which, is the. We, do have a botnet. Happening. Right now on YouTube I have a donation from Boris again what do you think about heads do you think is going to have some value in one year or even success, man, I'm not gonna invest in it but if, you want you can claim it for free like I, don't know man oh maybe, I will claim it but I will not I, will not pay for it that's, for sure I will not pay for it but all, in all if, you're, dissing it for free and you're ok you're ok with people knowing your ugh souls because, when you're claiming it obviously need to show your UTX oh so that's the only thing into keep in mind if, you're not ok with that don't claim it but, if you're ok with that maybe you could claim it but all, in all I'm just a, bit skeptical. How's gonna get on exchanges, housing and get liquidity, because. I wanted to ask Richard about it and I did ask and he basically said the community will take care of that because of the highway test he's not gonna do anything or, at least he's not gonna say that he's gonna do anything so, all in all if it's not an exchange yes it doesn't have liquidity I'm, not sure what kind of success it will have but, I'm looking at it and I am I am interested, I mean is, interesting. To see him launch this and see how it goes so he does for sure Croatia, 24 percent yeah 25. Percent moving, on we do have a botnet so. What that basically means that a, bunch of computers, are doing things that the owners of those computers, don't, realize.

And Lautrec don't recognize so for example if I want to make some money I could. If I'm technical, enough try to install, a software, on, your computer that mines cryptocurrency, and sends, it to me so, this is what is called crypto jackin however. You do see a lot of fun software, such as you know McAfee, Antivirus such. As Kaspersky. People are using anti-viruses, in, in our age and, so, this, software's. That are, anti, viruses they're always checking, the binaries, of different. Downloads, you make and different. Executables. That should download onto your computer so. If for, example McAfee, Antivirus just, for the sake of it let's use McAfee if McAfee. Recognizes. That hey this is actually a crypto, jackin botnet, software, it will flag it and it will put it into quarantine, so McAfee, basically, has a huge list of, mall. They have seen in the wild and then, they can for example just hash the. Executable. And compared. The hashes that would be the most simple, as the most naive and the most, the. Most rudimentary way, of checking for viruses on your computer that, I have a list of different hashes, that I know are are. Dangerous, and then I just hash each and every executable, I see on your computer and then I check, with my database, and so. Hackers. Are trying to circumvent that so. If, I'm building a virus if you and I are building some kind of virus. I mean you realize. That you, want to avoid McAfee, you want to avoid all of these anti viruses so now we have a report on how these guys do it which, is quite interesting, basically. Instead of creating. The whole, software. And just publishing. It as an executable, and hoping. That somebody will download it and run it they. Have parts, of the code on, YouTube. It's interesting they. Have parts, on the code on YouTube, in descriptions. So as you can see here is a video with, only 6 6 views but. In the, description. They do have, some. Numbers, it's a hexadecimal. Number so. Basically this virus, will. Go and fetch, this information, from YouTube and then basically, make the program, complete, and the. Antivirus in that sense will have more troubles, finding. That, and recognizing, that it is a Amal verb which is very interesting I mean and the only thing they're doing here is just putting, the IP addresses. Right here, so, instead of instead. Of hard-coding IP addresses, in the actual malware, they're putting it on YouTube the mauler goes to YouTube fetches the IP addresses, and then, the whole software becomes complete and they can mine your use. Your computer to mine Bitcoin or among. Mostly small narrow actual mostly small narrow this. Is very interesting I mean people will do their best to steal, some money it's really insane how how the space is developing, but it is just human nature guys this is what we have, expected, as well ruslan, is a McAfee, is the worst, antivirus. In the world to be honest with you I haven't you. McAfee Errol, but. I have, seen. McAfee, this video about McAfee. Antivirus it, is maybe one of the most hilarious videos.

On The Internet, it's called I think how to uninstall. How. To uninstall, McAfee. If. You google that you will find this how. - oops. How. To uninstall, McAfee. Antivirus and, here, you can see John McAfee explaining, how how that works because nobody can uninstall this crap again and. They're writing to John McAfee, sure. But you're mining Manero as you, type not, sure what you mean by that how do you mean like I'm my name owner as I type. It's. It's. In the background do you mean that people don't care I mean in one way yes is better I mean if you are getting scammed is better to get scammed in this way with cryptid jacking where the scammers just use a portion of your of, your resources, on your computer, and use, some of your electricity, them to actually lose your Bitcoin, or you lose your funds if, that is what I mean that is something you know crypto jacking is harmful I get you but it's, also it's it's still scamming I mean it's still it's, still scamming. You from your resources. Impossible. To get rid of yes what. Is the Black Friday, deal for Academy you, can get everything, for 50%, off only today as I talked in the in, the beginning so, all. These subscriptions, will have are 50%, off and at the end of this episode by the way we're going to give away one of them if you commented yesterday and if you want to be in the giveaway on Monday comment today so just you see here here scroll down you can get the different. Plans, for. 50%. Off so, check, that out, for sure. Moving. On moving on now, maybe this is the topic I've been looking forward to the most, see, these. 10/10, book reading, list for the, holidays so. Important, man I mean once again let me reiterate how, important, books are books. Are the, best return. On investment, you can possibly make and it, is insane you pay $20, books, are so cheap I don't understand how they can be so cheap because you pay $20, you, can find a gold nugget in that book that will make you a hundred million I mean at least 1 million. If you're, reading. 50. Books per year I assure, you and you're focusing, on success, books I assure you you will find a book that makes you at least 1 million I can guarantee. You that and so, many people complain about hey you know how unfair life is this and that the government, this tax says the the, banks and yes a lot of life is unfair central banking is unfair, but, in order to make the best of it you get a read you get a read as much as possible and you. Know it's still possible to go from zero to, success. Even in this unfair world but you you gotta stop, blaming the system, and you gotta you. Gotta improve, yourself, in that system and then, with crypto and with other technologies, this system is changing, for the better but. You cannot just wait on the sidelines, and just trade and just, you know be in the crypto community, passively, and. Without for example building something or without, actually, educating. Yourself and and educating, yourself on how to build, businesses, and expect. - everything, - moon I mean it's it's. The strategy most people take but that's also why most people are not here in two years they they're getting burned and then they leave so always tries to get involved and there, are some books I have read actually, there. Are some books I have read so let's go here blitzscaling. By Reed Hoffman this one I have read very interesting, basically, he talks about how how. Businesses, are built from scratch and very quickly so Reed Hoffman is actually, the founder of LinkedIn and. He.

Talks About how the Chinese companies, such as WeChat, and 10 cent. Have. Have made their fortunes, and. Also. How they, have basically, surpassed, the whole Western space when it comes to technology but, at the same time they're also talking about her Airbnb started. And use the blitzscaling, tactic, so really it's all about the blitzscaling tactic, it's about getting. Capital. Expanding. Like crazy capturing. The market, and then, dominating, the market space so, this is what Cece says in addition to discussing scaling, and growing in great detail, this, book goes into detail on how organizations. Of different sizes. Work as well as some of the implications when, teams, grow to different, sizes I mean yes this is also very important that how, you need to think. In the beginning I mean we're talking about a few years of growth. In this digital space and when it comes to blitzscaling, really you're talking about one maybe two years and you have that time to capture the world basically basically, that is what it is and he describes, different tactics and you understand that when you're growing like crazy during. The first years, even. During the first months you need to change your your company, all the time you need to change your company all the time and how you're stretching it all the time and basically, growth. Before, efficiency. Is the thing I've learned from this book that from the beginning you will have a lot of inefficiencies but, that is how it should be so the example I remember from this book is that when, Airbnb. Was new, they. Had issues. With pictures, so, instead, of building this whole system where. You have professional, photographers. Coming, and taking pictures of your house one. Of the cofounders of, Airbnb actually, went and took pictures himself of the different houses and of the different listings that every Airbnb, had obviously. This is very very unscalable, you as a founder of Airbnb you cannot you know take pictures, of people's listings yourself, but. They focus on growth before efficiency. So at that time the easiest thing to do was, to just do it in this inefficient, way and then when the growth is achieved you can go back and you can reconsider and and, build a more efficient things. Group. - Yoda which antivirus, is good, Kaspersky. Is good Kaspersky is good if. You don't have the conspiracy, or when, it comes to Russia some people don't use Casper's, because they think that it's Russian. Government but hey that. One is good let, me know which others you're using guys in the in description they're really not that many to choose from nowadays but, that are good and basically. The antivirus, industry has, also consolidated into, a few big ones nowadays. At least, then. You do up crossing the chasm by, Joffre more this, one I have not read but I, should read it because it's so, relevant for our space, look. At this crossing. The. Chasm I mean the idea is very is very popular, even outside of the book, basically. When technology develops, you have early adopters, like innovators, early adopters and, then you have the chasm, how, do we get from this, phase. Where it's only us basically, talking to each other, we're crypto companies are creating, services. For crypto, companies where, crypto, youtubers, create content, for crypto, for, crypto, community, I mean it's very very closed. Internal. Industry. So, how do we go from here crossing. The chasm and go into the mainstream and we're still encrypted, we still haven't cross this we still haven't crossed this so, I think in this book he talks about different technologies, and how they have crossed the chasm, not really sure because haven't, read it I should, so. City says in the context of balance and many other blockchain.

Or High tech companies there is an ongoing challenge to, market our product and services in a way that. The public will care about it yeah, Tim. Topologists, haven't read the. Advantage, haven't, read looks, amazing, I will, read some of these books during, the holidays the culture, code haven't, read so he says at - we constantly strive to build great culture important. Important, work. Roofs haven't. Read either sapiens, this one I have read very good the, law by, Frederic, Bastiat haven't read the short book, but, timeless, book by French SES. This pretty advanced for its time and the lines nice, so. If you want to learn, about CC's philosophy, read the law economics. In one lesson also. Interesting, see. I have a lot of homework to do when it comes to this list and let me know if you've read any of this if you've read any of these books, finally. I want, to discuss this, about. Banker. Basically, bankers. Doing a crazy airdrop, and this is what's is he also wrote talking about CC so, they're doing an MA. Airdrop. In order, to increase defy, in a liquidity and also to increase, defy, users, I know, that banker was this big project in, 2017. They got so much hype they're, still very significant, but I feel that the hype is a bit lost a bit loss compared to what it was before and, when. It comes to the hype is very important because you understand that the technology, the best technology, if it's unknown it doesn't, matter and banker, has some interesting technology when it comes to liquidity where. Liquidity, is done, by a smart contract where you can basically establish, a price for, an asset, through. A smart contract and you owe in the smart contract will always provide liquid it's actually one of my earliest videos I made on the channel it was about banker, and how that works because I have a smart mathematical, form formula to do that but. Anyway now. They're, doing this airdrop that will start on New Year's Eve and, it's. All about liquidity, pools and. The quiddity pools will allow members to add liquid to the centralized exchange and receive, a portion of the exchanges, trading. Fees in return. And they're. Trying to push defy, I mean they're, trying to get, more defy users but at the same time it's important that people actually claim those tokens and use them and discover. Their, their smart. Contract and how it works so they actually understand what it is because, explaining, bank routes not easy I mean when when you say that hey banker is a smart contract that provides liquidity sounds. Very strange but, if you actually try it and if you use it you will understand better but I think that is a topic for another video so definitely check that out so. Basically, they said that there are probably. About 10k, total users of GFI products today a man. I don't know if that's Menem but maybe, that is that many but, it. Also depends will zoom in with user but, anyway maybe it's 10k but seems. A bit high to me bankers. Airdrop will instantly create 60 K Plus D Phi users, without these users having to take any action, well. They got a claim it's right together I use it so overnight as the ball drops will. 6. X the number of defy users well, if this users actually know about this and they participate. In the in, the economy, so that's that's important okay before we go to a final Q&A we're. Giving away Academy from yesterday. To Josie, prom who, said that I learned the abortion technology, and oh yeah I learned I've learned blushing technology and English, language, at the same time. So. We have people watching from all across the world is very interesting and some people don't even know English but they do watch with subtitles, anyway, Josie, thank you so much or ho C or however you pronounce it and the. Email me had contact, at I won't hang calm I recommend. You to take the development, courses as I told you already at the start of this episode. Take the new blushing developer track or between programming track if you already know the basics here, now. Going. To the chat what's, happening. In the chat guys. Chat. Is the most important part of all the streams by the way. Without. Chat, this wouldn't be the same for sure. Everyone. Here, 773. People you're not hitting yes. I love, The DaVinci man, DaVinci j15 came into the chat, the.

Day Before yesterday and was. Giving away Bitcoin, if we, reached a certain level of likes it was amazing man I mean she is he's a very generous heart. I would say he's always, extremely. Generous when it comes to you know his knowledge when, it comes to how. He is pursuing the markets he's generous to people when it comes to you know helping, them with their audiences, so go subscribe to them in shape hey, fabric, King nice to see you. Nice. To see fabric Inc thank you so much through the generous donation man appreciates, I appreciate and I remember, the day, we had Ruslan, and fabric. Team making crazy donations, that was I think when Ruslan was in Portugal at web summit. Appreciate. It appreciate a lot. Ivan. Lately it has been a lot of hype in regards, to chain-link, how do you see chain-link, in the near future I think they're working great I mean I already explained. To em ed them in Singapore. And. We started, discussing hate the price is performing so well they didn't even care about the price they're all about working and and, developing it further but, at the same time for them to be useful you gotta have defy. Space grow and actually use chain-link so right now we don't really see that a lot I mean the technology is great but the adoption like who is using changing, that is the big question mark right now but when it comes to just building the thing there worth doing a great job, but. Now somebody. Also has to use it but, I think it's very impressive. How they've done when it comes to coinbase for example I mean chain-link is one of the few all kinds that is on home base and home base is expanding their portfolio, of all kinds they offer but still very interesting that they they gather so fast and then of course you had Google article, giving. Them a lot of wind in their sails, so. All in all very I. Mean everything in script is very uncertain, obviously, between some certain chain-link extremely, uncertain but. When comes to take at least they're working, and you, see you see that I. Won't. Take what are your favorite, books I mean I love a lot, of books the one I read recently was about China and a I don't. Like this superpower, I shared, it on the stream superpower, AI China, what. Was it called AI. Superpowers. Yes I mean this one is very good but, to be honest with you I don't have a favorite book when it comes to the things that I am learning because, there's always a new thing to learn so just. Like I told you here there are so many books that you can read now and you will learn a lot so, please scaling, was my favorite book when I read it but now I'm finished with it so it's not no longer my favorite book so. I don't have like a favorite favorite, book when it comes to what I am learning but I do have a favorite book when it comes to kind of the, fundamental. Fundamental. Belief. And the. Work ethic things, like that that is the 10x rule I mean this is my Bible I've. Read it a few times by. The way I downloaded, it yet again, day before yesterday just. To remind, me of everything I haven't started, listen to it again but this this will be like the first time I am listening to it and I. Don't know man. Most. People when they listen, to I recommend by the way listening to the book not reading listening when. You listen to this book your life goes upside, down and you you focus on the important, things so. This is the my, favorite book of all time I've read, several times without. This I don't know if I would be sitting here so a huge shout out to grant by the way we had the video with Grant in 2017. Talked, about bit count check. It out it. Was fun it was fun, I wanna take. Grant. Where. Is it yeah this one. Check. This one VidCon and you know at that time we went to 11, K for. One Bitcoin and this, was in. 2017. And. Then grant came on the channel to discuss to, discuss Bitcoin. This. Was hilarious times, I was, in Singapore speaking, a block show at that time as well I remember and we. Recorded, and then I flew to Singapore yeah. Here's a short clip from from Singapore, from 2017. Yeah my crazy times this was a bull market, we, didn't even reach we, were we were at 11 K and in a month we would not, the math guys in a week in a week from here we would go to 20k. Yeah. I get always nostalgic, when, I when I look back look. Back at those times I get. A little bit, wisher, again, today, wisher.

I Don't know sue me man if you wish for good things that's good thanks. Man hey you're welcome you're welcome, how. Do you find time for reading if you are so busy it's, not difficult because it's audiobooks, you go to the gym use in to audiobook you go for a walk you listen to audio book so, definitely, get audiobooks guys, do. You think Gretta owns I don't think so absolutely not. Which, beats exchange has the most whales, I think. The Welles day they use, the exchange that it's not like one exchange they. Change with best, conditions. Is the one that that, they're using and I understand, that this changes all the time just look at bit makes by bit by non situation with leverage bit, max was the King not anymore they, have relaxed, they relaxed for far too long not developing. Their technology, and not, really caring about their partners as well I mean. You understand that a lot when it comes to content it's about I, mean, it is about the fact that when you guys use the link you support the channel so I remember, Tom wayes told me this crazy story about Bittman is that he. Basically logged into bit mix from the US and, you. Know the bit mix is not allowed in the US and. Then they ban him they took his like, account. And the end yeah and the his all his whole community, could was. Not no longer with him on bit banks basically so, they don't care, about their partners man very. Strange so. -, has really really grown huge. Hobby. Also, grown huge by big so you understand that your honor it's changing, all the time it's changing all the time whatever. Changes on the top today will be at the bottom tomorrow so yeah. Wells. Use OTC well exchanges, provided see desks and dark pools as well but, there are I mean there are small h OD deaths as well like in in Asia but many. Of the changes actually provided. As. Well I mean. The one that that is maybe the most has. The most cred right now is is, Kraken I have, many people that use cracking for OTC for, big deals and it says over. And over again as I meet people that use crackin and I'm not even sponsored. By crackin but it is the case that's when you travel you meet people and where, they make all these deals a lot. Of it is on crackin I mean that that's because they have a, lot, of good infrastructure, they have they give you like a guide that will talk to you you. Can reach human what's up very quickly so tracking is doing a great job when it comes to that, anyway. Guys that's, it for today thank you so much for being, here yet. Again for. Contributing, to the stream yet again was amazing to be with you this morning, this, what. Is it Friday -, Friday have. A great weekend enjoy, your weekend really do the best the, best of it we, have question. About to exchange ratings how's exchange racing is doing good good. Good good we switched a bit from from reviews to, search engine, but it's, growing good I mean the the amount. Of domain. Racing. We're getting is very good and look, a, lot, of things are about time when it comes to building websites, and online businesses, especially. When it comes to search, engine optimization, man it takes so much time to get good racing that is why you, can have an empty website, that. Is completely. Inactive. But, if you published it ten years ago and you have good keywords, during. Those ten years that, website, will have a lot a lot of a domain Authority, I mean my favorite example of this is between that se, I mean. This guy he bought the domain like 2009. Ups, like. In 2010. Or something didn't.

Do A lot with it from. The beginning just had some blog posts for example how to buy Bitcoin, but. Now now. This, this domain is so powerful, it's insane because when you google, buy Bitcoin, in Swedish, this, is the site that shows up and it. Is not like that in other countries it's not only because he has Bitcoin that se, because. If you register, Bitcoin that is it today and then you have an article how to buy Bitcoin and someone Google's that it will not show it, will not show at all you will have other websites showing but. Because he created ten years ago it is showing because it has domain authority and he had the correct, keywords, already ten years ago so you basically can website leave it for ten years as long as you have published a few blog post with the good keywords. And then, you let it marinate, and then you come back anyway. Guys thank you so much for being here for. Contributing. To chat I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday, enjoy, your weekend and actually. Do they do the most out of your weekend so go, and check cz, read list and explore. It explore, it find, the books you like and I'll see you all very soon guys see you all on Monday have a good day and good, bye good bye good bye good bye smash the like smash the bell have a great day guys.

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Good morning this is good news. From Brazil.

People HODLing is not bullish. It takes liquidity away from the market. So, it makes the price more susceptibility to manipulation. Not good news.

I learned that I have to read more books right now to improve my business :)

How can I pay for ivan on tech acedamy WITHOUT using a credit card?

Отличный кoнтeнт!!

They can freeze your fiat account... they will stole your crypto

It's so obvious that governments and the big banks have been quietly taking over crypto, whilst using the mainstream media to convince everyone else that it's worthless. It's great to be amongst people who can see straight through their deception.

I have learnt it takes a lot of effort and improve and hard work... and not to blame the system and others for our failures...

That VAT does NOT apply in the Netherlands. That is because cryptocurrency is seen as securities. No Dutch VAT is levied on securities.

About hex pleae dont do like dumbest BTC maximalist who label everything outside BTC scam .. move on , evolve yourself, open your mind exit the silos you are trapped in....... check it out before writing i" HEX is a SCAM "and look like e retard . you cannot be scammed HEX ICO is free , It is impossible to pay even if you try hard !!!

I am not shilling HEX. do it or dont do it I dont care but please stop bullshit ahahahahahha

Learn about the Black Friday Sell ;)

concerning tax on labour italy is at the top ..nobody can beat that tax rate .no way... I am not sure but should be more than 70 %....REKT

I learned that nowadays some malware has parts of its code on Youtube :-P

Thanks Ivan!! Very good video! I just put out an ETH TA video using market cipher!! Thank you again for your videos

I love when someone shouts out the truth (germany being a socialistic country), while all those delusional marxist students here running around and blame everything on the non-existant capitalism.

@Junge trifft Mädchen Why would i be afraid of them? I just feel sorry for the lack of education universities provide these days. We used to have "soziale marktwirtschaft until around the mid 90s, def. not anymore. I am german but im living in malta/ thailand,what has my location/ nationality to do with the observations i am making? kind regards.

you are really scared of them I guess we don't nee crypto in capitalism ... and yes we in Germany have "Soziale Marktwirtschaft" Sweden and Norway even go further  in which country do you life ?

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I got amazed

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