Episode #4. What kind of business (Russian subtitles)

Episode #4. What kind of business (Russian subtitles)

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Okay. My friend so right now let's see what, kind of opportunities, and what kind of businesses, we have here in Bombay let's, do it let's go there. Rakesh. Now what is your name problem variation, my future shot yeah so what do you do it what is your business. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So, like, many, customers, a, big. Open area day okay yuning, evening. What. Time you closed. Your. Income, good money good, money, ticket. Ticket but. You know competition much you know many full competition, competition hard. Work so. Like from morning till evening every day you work work work work work like, that yes, every, day quality. Is not, quality. No. Sunday, you sleep understand. Their clothes, and a half, day have. They. Okay. Good luck to all your business very, best luck to you and, hairy ball yeah. Good luck to you please. Okay. My friends so look this, business is great right but, what is the problem the problem is that if you want to be in this like you know small business you have to work from the morning till the evening like Prabhu said like like she said yeah so he's working every day and only Sunday half of the day he's resting it means that, time. For, family for dreams hope for what for traveling's it's it's less right so the business is well but only when you're working so you know this option okay. But, I think we, need to find more what we can we do so let's go. Okay. So what is that what. Is this Linda. Come, on how much you charge for this one this, one hot rupees one piece what you look is one so. You into this business for many years, business. Yes for many you also like owners, like its job. So. You, guys how many years in business, ladies. Given you, know I understand many years how many years 10 years 20 years in the 20 years, 20, years 20 years in this business so. Like you you working. From the morning till the evening right well. Every day work yeah hard, work and. What. Is like totally, how much like you get like one, lakh two lakh rupees per month total. No. No the thing is that you, have to work every day every, day every day like what about what about holidays. How. Are you doing how is your life. Okay. You, bet against it okay, how many years you into this business. Six. Six, years so. Every day you work here from the morning till evening right no. No vacation, no, holidays. What. About family bro family. Fun. Day but. If you full-time, work how. Time, for children family. No, time she'll didn't know not, what about dreams now ah, this. Is what I don't like business, is perfect you have good business by. The way this very. Way this this this is my friend he helped me so much he's a very good person okay so good, luck and good wishes to all your business rather odd. Okay. You see guys one, interesting place this guy he is like repairing closes, so, let's find out what he's doing and. Let's. Go. Yes. Okay. So. Everybody know you. Very. Good. Given. I won. So. Tell me oh. Yeah. And. Someone, included yes everything, thank, you ten. Nine nine. Ninety. Nine but, what about like family. Morning. Only phone yeah, they come here also no, come so business business family family family family and whatever traveling, now not ever not round come on just.

Just What I work well do, you like this. That's. Good teamwork yeah, my planning. Not. So much not. So much no. Business. Customer, under rupees yes. Okay we have to give the relationship with that of yes do, you don't like you need a mostly like I think like. Yes. What. About dreams. Dreams. Dreams dreams. Okay. Good luck to your business thank you very much I'm a Scot namaste. Krishna, ready, ready. Hi. How are you hi. This. One yeah okay very. Nice so like, what. Exactly for, what reasons people they are coming to your shop what do you do. To. Buy. It. Means that for beauty mostly you have mostly for beauty for beauty huh okay so how long into this business. For. Last. Ten years ten, years and, what's, the name of your brand of your company it should be do this share pictures you, have only one shop here or it might look different, I haven't. Moscovia, in Bombay. Is right in, Bombay okay so, tell, me what, mostly. People they like white people my, customers, they are coming to your shop I mean what. Is the difference. Between you and other. Jewelry, shops uh-huh. Like. People just move, and. We. Have the good quality. So. It means that you never cheap people yeah very, nice so, it means that when. Somebody's, buying something from you you're always honest, and this, person he sees that and he. Will come again yeah here we go okay so I saw that there are many shots like yours so, how you manage with competition. For, competition you don't know okay. What like. I know the, people who tell me because. We have that high. Quality, but why why. They must come to your shop not to other show, there. You go for one time to time but they definitely come back a media, okay so. They will compare to you know like prices, and a fly isn't it going to be quality mean the, main is the quality, yeah definitely, so, tell me are. You. Satisfied with all this business that you do yeah. Quite. Means that. Okay. Okay. So you can be better right yeah you better okay so what, do you think if. You could like you know imagine, any kind. Of income I mean, for, example I'm a genie you know genie in the bottle yeah make. Three wishes okay. I won't give you just one let's. See what. Is your dream number, of income. That, you will be completely satisfied with everything, like with the traveling's, family everything what is the. If. You could choose really. If. I came not too big like 2 3 lakhs per month that's it but. It's simple to do. Really. It's. Possible but money per month every month and raising, can. You believe. Are. You always, open to new opportunities yeah.

Really. Are, you a businessman right and, your, cleaning business yeah, so if we do business with the only clean business right okay, so do, you what do you think if this kind of things it's perfect, your business is great, but, what if I say that you can do the same business, but you will add one, more new, opportunity. Which, will you can easily combine to all the things that you're doing here, and you, will come to the income of let's say 3 lakh per month what would you say. It's. Good. Ok. Thank, you very nice so now show me your best. Work. Spoon. Stops, Johnny stops, what. Kind of stumps did happen rubies. Rubies. Where's. In him my name is Paloma hosel funny, nice, to meet you. I. Live. In the back okay, the, pump me pal you mean apart from the pulse you do it in a pot okay now, I can become a more independent mountain I'm out we'll never see what. Is that. Say. Baba Sai, Baba show me what you what is your business yeah. I. Want. To drugs through drugs. History. No. I understand. Yeah. So. Okay. This. Astrology your ot, okay, you say yeah yeah every day work huh you work every day I'm. The value no no I understand where every day every day you vote it's all about. Like. Every. Shot. No, I don't listen money, money you get money mister. You. Earn money. Money, money yeah, money yeah. Ha. Ha, I'm. Money. You. Make money. This. Sell, this, yes. Nope. Hey. Under 100. People okay 100 oh I'll make money sell. Many sell many customer, money. Course not it's a nesting you many, custody. Last. Last yes. 120. Okay. You happy. Oh goodness. Yeah and boom boy yeah, good. Business yeah good business well. Done. Money. No money. Come come, come, slow slow, slow, cardboard. Hold. On God every, day every day every day every did not holidays. Okay. Okay, good luck to your business bro okay. Okay. Okay. Logic, okay, ask me okay, okay okay. Good, luck to you. Now. We've gotta go okay thank you so much I'll shake it she didn't man no no it's. Okay, there. Were possibly Matsui name - my name is Gannon Rekha and you my, name is Terry dead Robin this, is my mom the nice lady. Oh Hari Krishna, she. Is don't know in English only now he'll be no problem I know in the all signed Bengali also little bit I know Bengali, what, do you do in life I am doing now - else means. Education. Giving her, Commerce. Yes, you learning, yeah I'm learning all your teaching I'm learning. You're learning what I do I am doing what the wattage a my. Age is 18 18 only, I am, doing Sarah at at Jewish convicts tall very good so, you want to like cry arrays also in money in business you you thinking about at all just preach I'm also thinking too about about. To money also but I'm now I'm doing a study no now okay 18 years just start, start yes but in future we think about business right. I am thinking to a higher to think you do business, or science i and my iron good in cinema sir Oh a very nice kitten I think. Okay. Very nice. And. This. Reality. Show is about people it's, about their stories, it's about business and helping other people to draw in business and give opportunity, so, right now you're already worldwide. Because we have more than one lakh followers, so, your. YouTube. As well so I will bring you all the details about our business and our little financial freedom you will go throughout and if you will be interested we will. Our. Business, is about wellness, products, so, we this. Is our team in Delhi you see ok such a kind of energy you know this. Is a giver sweetsie from guru be director from Italy he came to us awesome so this is my team in India in Delhi really.

Huge One okay so what we're doing this. I am with the founders of the company in Milano in Italy so. Our business. Is about, wellness our. Business, is about health. And wealthy, products, to, stay young to, feel beautiful to. Giving up and to unleash potential so, you can combine this job this this is no job this is business, like partners you're not working on Jeunesse black I'm saying we lived in us they. Our friends they our family, they're helping us give us free, financial, education. And you know we're traveling all around the world this is Amsterdam for example last year and. You know we'll even without any education and, past experience, well, like this business is fantastic, for everybody, even combining, with Java studies or full-time ok, so, if you are interested I can give you all the links you see this is mr. Adam Vincent the owner he, is almost, almost a triple diamond to engineers and we're, living here here like you know people from many male, any countries all around the globe and. What. We do right now I just share. I just share with you my context and also your context will tell and I will send you some things and we can share it follow us okay so tell me your, yeah. So. I will send you some links about the company about our compensation plan about the you know the business Google. Follow up and if you will be interested we will make another second, event ok with you what. Came by the way you are free like likes and today something you say mostly right. Yeah. So that even little even, like today's Saturday that's why, I'm. To this Friday so tomorrow and after tomorrow so. Come how, much time you need this to check the information like one two days is enough for you you see the website. Again. I. Try. To fix up wtz yeah okay sure will be anyways. We, get, tired up by you know. No. Problem definitely but I will catch you you will tell me I will meet like this weekend maybe oh maybe next weekend when you will be thank. You so much and have the best day everything, like best thank you. So, my friends, you, heard different, stories of, different people right some, of them doing their job some of them they have small, business you know like average business medium, but you know what is the problem actually they told in their stories that, they are fully booked with their business from the morning to the evening so, they don't have time to, spend with their families what about dreams what about traveling's forget about this right so, this like you know this lifestyle. You know. In. My opinion not so good and actually it can have absolutely. Different, lifestyle. Fantastic, lifestyle you know and you. Know it. Doesn't matter what kind of previous experience, education. Or whatever you have doesn't, matter which nationality. Language, or, skin. Type you have or religion it doesn't matter you know so, this, opportunity is, called Jeunesse. Global this. Is international. Worldwide, company, in, more than 145. Countries of the world, they. Are originally, from America, and, you know these, opportunities, for that I will explain why it, doesn't matter if your study or. Your. Doing other job, or business you can combine Jeunesse, with, your main occupation, okay to earn extra, money so. You, will get financial. Education, for free from the top leaders all the education, okay so the leadership is there it's, a team work it's a team business and you, will be able to travel all around the world fulfill, all your dreams of course, definitely if you will work, so. My friends if, you are interested in this opportunity you, can go to, this website, and, leave, your contacts and definitely we will be, in touch with you and give you and provide, you all the necessary information about, Jeunesse, global it. Was her Edith Lila a financial, freedom our reality show is about people, and their stories and how to elevate, a, person.

The Income of the person from the point A to the point B with, the help of Jeunesse. Global see. You there button.

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Ждем продолжения.Отличное начало. !!!

Много моментов, не несущих смысла, много воды, больше информации по существу хотелось бы видеть)

Дмитрий Субботин благодарим за отзыв, Дмитрий! Там есть очень много моментов на которые можно и стоит обратить внимание тем, кто обучается искусству заводить новые знакомства, создавать новые контакты. Истории реальных людей наглядно показывают преимущество сетевого маркетинга, как инструмента (платформы) для заработка даже для обычного человека без предыдущего образования и опыта работы в этой сфере.

Wow! Haridev now reveals that traditional business regardless its scale suffers from one and the same problem - lack of time for its creators/owners and workers. And in this episode he shows the door to a yet another way. Where it will lead us further? Every next episode gets more interesting!

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