Episode #30 Host Spotlight 3 of 4 "Applebottom Banks"

Episode #30 Host Spotlight 3 of 4

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what's happening y'all is another episode of freaks of the industry podcast this is episode 3-0 it's grown a grown-up episode of a grown-up situation tonight's episode is episode we'll see episode 30 this is the uh host spotlight three number three of four here and we have apple bottom banks on the hot seat but also on on the in the on the dais with us we have texas homegrown bam bam bam and we have boss lady bruce hello all right so hmm that's how it starts so boss lady you you think you want to start the the questioning for apple bottom sure okay hello well first of all let's go with apple bottom banks is your name yes well um i will tell y'all what my good mid name is but i'm just going to stick with the app that's why yeah are you wanting to share your age i am 44. i'm good and i'm loving it i have no problem with telling nobody how old i am because i look better than most of these [ __ ] there's 20. i love my age 20 20. where are you from where were you born and raised i'm originally from chicago illinois what's that south sword indeed indeed okay and how many siblings do you have there is eight of us biologically and two um biologically so that's 10. i got four brothers and four sisters are you in the middle no i'm actually the oldest daughter oh okay on both sides for both like even with my uh my dad i'm the oldest on both sides okay who uh any any kids yes i have two one girl one boy 24 25. maybe grandkids one my grand and my baby he too i've seen him all right and so what are some of the occupations you've held throughout your years um let me see i drove for bass states i drove public transfer well that's public transportation but school buses um i've worked in numerous amount of factories uh shipping and receiving um what else that's pretty much it i didn't start really working until i was like 19.

you know that's when i got my very first first job when i was 19. and it was in factories like working in factories doing line work lead work that type of thing i was always trying to be a boss uh that's that's kind of like a a real kind of [ __ ] up story you know what i mean i don't really want to go all the way off into detail but for the most part it was kind of like i had a toss-up you know what i'm saying like i had to leave from where i was like instantaneously yeah and i was living in um and racing wisconsin so i had to do one of those little things like make a phone call and whoever answered the phone in that particular city that's where i was going so that's how i ended up in st louis wow some of your hobbies um i write poetry i love poetry um i love to read i am a knowledge hound i love reading um i write of course you know i've asked i had a lot of people that wanted me to write books for them you know short stories and things like that um [Music] that's like some of the hobbies you know i love to travel of course i am a foodie so i love actually love love love love food i am a somewhat of an interior decorator so that's one of my hobbies i love doing trinkets and making clothes and cutting up stuff like i don't like to look like nobody else so pretty much since i was a kid i used to cut up everything and design my own little purses and my own shoe styles and cut up all my t-shirts and my jeans and i i just i love design and fashion yeah cause i need you to make me want them when you cut the yeah yeah kind of like what i got on there she had the collar still on there yeah oh yeah yeah a little thing i love fashion so that's those are some of my hobbies and that's just the name of you let's see here i know you said you're a foodie so what are some of your favorite dishes oh i am a pasta freak i love pastas all different types of pasta i like the spinach artichokes i like the seafood pastas i like the chicken pastas i love pasta i think i'm probably like half italian some damn work workers i just love pastas and pizza yeah so i lo i'm a pasta i'm a very big foodie so i eat pretty much whatever i think i see something i'll be wanting to taste it i'll eat it just to see what it tastes like i'm gonna just put that in my look in my notebook right things i need to know yeah i love pasta too it's good yeah i promise you is this [ __ ] i love [ __ ] pasta most women i know with big asses love pasta i mean i'm so serious i love pasta i'm really not a big soul food fan like i i had i had to eat it when i was young because that's what was cooked whatever the [ __ ] was cooked in the kitchen that's what the [ __ ] you ate but as i got it became an adult i always have an acquired taste for food and i just fell in love with seafoods and pastas that's what's up uh favorite color actually black like i have way more things in my archives as far as clothing that have black in it or some form of black i do like bright colors like turquoises and purples and some sorts of green but i always got something on me it's always black you black wow it's going down a little black let's see favorite rap rappers rap groups r b r b groups okay well off the top my favorite rapper is tupac biggie i love nah still to this day jay-z is the [ __ ] you know what i'm saying um i've always been a dr dre fan you know what i mean uh as far as like um r b i wouldn't necessarily say i really had too much of a favorite group because i was raised in the r b era you know i was you know that was our time you know in the 80s and 90s but for the most part i love neo soul you know i love the kim's and the erica badu and the macy grays and the jill scott saying you know that's just the name of you i'm a neo-soul person and that's more or less the reason why i love poetry i'm gonna give you a album to check out check out my cousin robert glasper oh okay banging okay he's uh he's one of the favorite one of one of the favorite artists that travels sometimes with dave chappelle really yeah okay yes i'm a neo-soul fanatic like i love neo-soul yeah that is my go-to and shall i ask you how did you get here how did you get on how did you get on the show apple well you and miss boss lady of course you know um from the story that you were telling me boss lady was like i think apple would be perfect i'm so glad he gave me that credit card he showed me like i gotta he told me that you told him that i would be perfect for this show because of my personality yes so and not to mention that we've been friends you know for as april corrected me 13 years you know and you know y'all know me y'all know how i am i'm gonna speak my mind up forever my [ __ ] hold my tongue and i don't know how to do that all right so i heard a lot of i heard a lot of people feelings by telling them things that they don't want to hear i'm the one that says what everybody else is thinking i learned that real quick pretty much except for me i learned that i learned that real quick and i love it well i'm gonna release the hounds let the ladies ask y'all whatever you wanna ask him because now we got pretty much past everything in under 10 minutes i thought she was going to have more stories let's get it let's go what did you begin your sexual or uh experiences into into the world and to the swingers world or just world in general i was actually 14. okay i was 14 when i first tried it and it was in the most raunchiest [ __ ] place ever i think that's probably when i found my raunchiness for real uh it was actually in the basement on this little [ __ ] uh little raggy little thin little ass mattress or whatever and the craziest part about it i was infatuated with this dude you know what i'm saying that's normal but yeah i was infatuated with him so i'm just knowing that he's about to take me to the moon and back you know what i'm saying and when he gave it to me i was like are you [ __ ] serious don't you suck the [ __ ] and i was like this is some [ __ ] like they told me i was going crap i was gonna scream i was gone it was none of that and only to find out when i told my mom i wanted to you know i want to get the birth control i'm thinking i'm grown and [ __ ] and he had he didn't even break the timing he didn't even take the [ __ ] that part i'm an insect that poor wow that's not terrible that's a little digging you didn't know it yet i didn't even know it i thought i was i thought i was grown didn't even take it they say little booties matter but little dicks don't matter i promise you they don't now when you try to break a virgin and then you know what most men who you know the whole child predator thing that's why they deal with them like young girls because they don't know no different right they got little dicks and these they don't know until they get 16 and then dip out and go get some real digging come back be like [ __ ] yo [ __ ] life change change your life your life therefore what i've changed lives [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] give us some of the favorite cities you visited um for one i absolutely love jamaica i love that city so i went back twice i love it i love the people i love the energy that they have when i was down there i'm i'm saying like the poverty thing as far as like the homeless [ __ ] nobody's homeless in jamaica like i'm dead ass serious like people in towns but no one's home no nobody's homeless because they are some hustling people oh yeah and jamaica i'm talking about down to the seven jobs i'm not i'm talking about to the kids like they building shacks on the beach before they sleep on the streets it's and it's absolutely beautiful the water is exactly what the [ __ ] it looks like on the brochure it's beautiful i've been to miami i don't really like miami and the reason why is because i think miami is a melting pot now it's cool to go down there but i don't think i can ever really live and yeah i don't think i can ever really live in miami because it's just like it's a melting pot and there's no there's no no destiny or no this is it type of moment it's just like okay i can't hear the party i'm gonna go home yeah that's it i like it i love atlanta of course because i'm moving there i love atlanta i just love the people i love everything it's like chocolate city it's the black hollywood i love atlanta um i've been to kc of course that's not really nothing for real i'm from chicago i absolutely love my people i always try to go back home as often as i can um i've been to vegas i actually i like vegas but only the party i don't think i can live there you know what i'm saying i don't think i can ever live in vegas you know and i've been to a multitude of other like little local little cities or local little towns or whatever but for the most part i haven't really traveled as much as i want to but there is four states that i really four places i really want to go i still want to go to paris i'm going to plan a trip and i'm going to go to paris i still want to go to cancun i haven't been there yet i want to go to barbados barbados i want to go to barbados so bad and i also want to go to belize yeah yeah well we got two trips to play yes i always want i always wanted to go to police because i've heard so much about belize to where i really want to go down there and see the people get the culture i just really want to go yeah i think it's very [ __ ] beautiful yeah i know something from down there and they showed me so many pictures yes that's always been yes i always wanted to go so those are my four city four places that i'm going to go probably within the next year and a half i'm going to go to all those places yeah i'm getting it yeah i want to go because i love to travel i love road trips right right make you take the shot i'm not going if i have to take the shot i'm not going because i'm not comfortable with that shot right now it's the first session so i'm not comfortable with it i want them to work the bugs out yeah that point work out the kinks right yeah [ __ ] yourself some of the sex location in some of the weirdest locations you've had relationships locations bars okay you need to be okay now this is the first place that i thought that was like the absolute weirdest but i absolutely love it intrigued me i have these thoughts of people watching me so it was the movie theater doing a movie yeah uh i've actually did something walking through the like it started in the car it followed from the car and two it was like a f i'm not making this [ __ ] up it was like a foggy ass night um and i was actually forest park this is a couple of years after i have moved up here and i found this done and you know i ain't gonna shout his name out because he's mary right now but anyway um i was walking through the park we was doing it as we were walking and we ended up on a tree and finished up against a tree um i did it in the car on it was literally helling and i think i only did it it was helling so bad i think that was the first time that i was here this was like the early part of the 2000s and i was i had moved up here and it was helling so bad to where it seemed like the world was about to end that day so i said [ __ ] it might as well go out [ __ ] so i did that in the car um i had this one guy that i used to run from when i met him i was in my 20s when i moved up here and we used to have some of the wildest [ __ ] things that he had me doing that i thought i would never do i met him at his partner's house and we were in the backyard in the alley talking you know what i'm saying like we was having a wreck then you go outside cause this is gonna get a little worse we was in uh he was in the alley talking with his partner his partner was talking to him or whatever so we ended up he was just one of those aggressive ass dudes like and it turned me on but i didn't know i was turned on at that moment i was like should i do it or he might with my ass i don't know but either way we ended up we started off in the car i was giving him a head you know and he jumped out he was like now this this ain't enough so we ended up getting out of the car and his car was still running and we went like across you know how they got those car ports that you know cover up your car but they don't really shield anything it just shoots you from the rain in the wind and we ended up [ __ ] on the hood of somebody's car under a carport in the alley you know um what else is the weirdest place like that what the the i think the most weirdest one was probably the alley because i always wanted to do that and uh the last one that was kind of weird it was really really i just always i had a fantasy of [ __ ] in the rain like literally [ __ ] in the rain like i didn't want nothing covering me no tents no nothing i just wanted to [ __ ] in the rain so i was at the you know little spot with somebody and we got out of the car we started in the car again and again and the cars are just the [ __ ] y'all just don't understand it's the way that you got to position yourself in that car and you can get it in for hours in the car i promise you just for those who don't know but anyway we got out the car and i laid on the hood and i had to put my arms back to hold on to the the metal part so i won't slide off while the ring was coming down and we [ __ ] on the hood like this person literally still has that dent in their car from my ass right now still that's terrible it was it was hot it was so beautiful oh my god feel for them with that dent [ __ ] that didn't gave them memories and that thunderhead that's what made it even better because i'm out it was pouring down when i got out when i finally did nut and got up i had an all-white dress [ __ ] that [ __ ] was ringing wet like literally [Laughter] but see that was that was wasn't the creepiest that wasn't the the weirdest thing of course your basement but in our basement [ __ ] in front of a bunch of people that don't that well yeah it does because that was actually the first one that was my first time and you did great and i was just i have this thing and and and i don't know what it is i have this adrenaline i get adrenaline when i get the eyeball contact from other people watching me so it turns me on even more it makes me perform harder because because now i'm looking at people like okay i can't be whack this can't be wack so if i'm gonna do this i'm i'm gonna have to go all in i make it count you felt like a porn star i remember the first time we met we needed threesome me you and bobby okay we did not want to go there oh my god shout out to bobby bobby all night i'm gonna i'm gonna take i'm taking one more higher than that you that wet wet ass stain your left i can't stand her i can't see her we learned each other deeply we learned each other you know i'll make you go swimming and what i'll tell you don't stalk me after this right [Applause] give us a fancy location you have yet to do you know somewhere you want to do i'll do something uh elevator okay i still have not done that yet and it's on my list of to do i want to do it in the elevator i still have not done that that's a [ __ ] list ain't nobody yeah just [ __ ] me there you go that's the difference elevator i haven't did that that's why i asked you that yeah i want to do it in the elevator i want to just because i know there's only one lonely ass security guard sitting there watching the videotapes yeah other elevators like it ain't nothing happening on there boom boom here you go there you go you do one of these i'll take yours like hey turn jonathan sitting down there watching all night thank you later you'll thank me later i feel like a [ __ ] y'all go ahead i'm like man i don't want it to ever be my turn uh oh my god look she can't put up the church finger like uh i gotta go use the bathroom i'll be right back i'll be right back time for the humble break break so how good is your head game he gotta go back out for this her brother's in the audience okay so this is the thing i haven't sucked dick in years when i was like that all my [ __ ] was all the way on point yes it was i'm talking about sloppy toppy yes it was awesome awesome awesome i can't verify i'm gonna need you to put your hand down tommy hang [Laughter] because i will drown your ass yes you will indeed i would bend my balls when you do no i haven't you should but i wanted to because somebody was telling me about them but i was having i had thoughts in my head like what if it gets stuck i gotta go to the hospital i had him to pull this up out of here you've had enough because i haven't played condoms before with this that makes sense because yes high five yeah no i'm talking about no i'm talking about like you know i i like the clinch in the middle of it because it makes them feel some type of way and it also makes me again shout out to bobby yeah yeah but um yeah my [ __ ] on point trust me like all of the people that i've been in relationships with as far as like they they didn't told me showed me and we're still friends to this day and they've been still trying to can i get some uh a no you are my ex for a [ __ ] reason for a reason we can just be friends but we don't need to be back together lousy some things some things you don't because i feel like when you go backwards you pick up old habits in no ways so i always try to keep moving forward we can be friends but we can't go back to what it used to be there is no reason to revisit toxic people that part you don't have more poison sometimes it gets better right that you'll never touch this again right you get the pleasure of knowing just saying that yeah and to see the expression on their face when they know you can never touch this monkey shout out to my ex-husband you can never touch this again and it just kills you to know that you know i was good yeah and you never never will touch it again like i can't stand that [ __ ] i still love you though my ex-husband do that all the time he'd be like i'll send him a dick pic let me just let me give you a [ __ ] i'll send him a dick pic quit pushing because he lurks i'm like that's some nasty [ __ ] though that's what you call that's what you call a goddamn stalker stalker degree he got a stalker degree he got a stalker degree girl yeah this [ __ ] that's a whole nother story i got your back but speaking of backs we're sponsored today injuries neck and back pain sports injury he's located at 63-0 i'm sorry 6-3-0-1 rock hill road suite 105 in kansas city missouri give him a call give him a call at 816-523-4023 that's emmanuel chiropractic clinic now put your back in his hands it's worth it when you're done you'll be as strong as a man now back to the show drop the knife okay um well well apple banks hmm when did you first do anal yes actually actually you know what okay i've never really liked it but the no i'm serious i've never i never really liked it but i'm being honest though i never liked it i still don't like it to this day but you'll do it the guy that got me into it was the one that i had the sex with on the carport and up underneath so he he was he was so to the point to where that was the only way he can right he tried everything else everything else like he would go for hours like he had very good dick control you know who you is i ain't got to say on that but he had dick con troll no slime i've never in all my years i'm 44 years old been you know sexually encountered since i was 14 and i've never met anyone like him and when i met him like you know you experience a lot of things when you're young but you don't experience all things you when you get older you start to notice all the things that appreciate it right so now i can appreciate what he did because it just made me a little bit more in tune with my sexuality and what i like and what i don't like you know what i'm saying but that may have opened my [ __ ] eyeballs up to a whole nother world of [ __ ] and i met him when i was 22. what is it about the anal that you don't like i think it's more or less the fact that i can't relax knowing that it's happening that's the point i think it's a mind thing for me you know what i'm saying and he was the only one that i mean i've i've tried it before when i was in relationships with the men that i was with you know what i'm saying because i was the type of person to where i know if i don't please you somebody else will type of thing so i've tried it i just never could get all the way off into it well and i still can't to this day i'm about to teach you are you missing out you're missing out right you relaxing i've actually swallowed twice in my life okay i will spit before i swallow facials oh you talking about on me yes in your face i was [ __ ] to the no no no i don't don't don't put that [ __ ] in my [ __ ] face i don't give a damn it could be good for the back of my ass because that's where it can go right there on the back of my ass no i didn't even like when men you know like even when the relationships that i was in because i really only seriously had like five real relationships you know what i'm saying it's just off the top you know but i didn't even like when men i don't i don't like the way it smells you know what i'm saying when it comes when it's because when we already have a certain amount of bacteria in us any [ __ ] way so when you allow them to you know do that and it comes out now if there's a baby in there you catching to get the baby there's something different i drunk the kids but come up like and stay in there like when it comes out it stinks like mushrooms i don't like that mushroom like pineapple juice no it don't no not when it comes out no it don't because it stays in a woman for three to five days and when it comes out it's like ill so i never liked them and and jump on my back and throw them cheering on the back or on the floor if it's in there in three to five days that's why it's snake that should come right off it's supposed to come out you're supposed to go in the bathroom oh trust me i do but still you still get a little bit that stays i don't know like the smell of sperm anyway that probably is what it is as soon as we get done i'll be running to the bathroom like i'm i'll be squatting and legs gap wide open pushing like i'm having a baby like ugh like i don't like it all this i do not like it it does something wrong it does something to me i be literally doing kegels when i go to the bathroom i be like i kill why i'm paying trying to get everything that's why you keep a good shower head like if you're hungry oh [ __ ] just getting off with the shower here no [ __ ] i'm resting it out [ __ ] from the last shower i always get a new shower here when i move somewhere i have to have a different shot here i used to have the one that connects from the wall no that's i changed mine out like i i got to get up in there oh yeah it's got to be powerful with you yeah it's got to be fine you know the one that spit out like yeah i need that i like my wrong apple water clips wow you said you like facials i was trying to imagine that no no it happened once and i was livid i was livid you should have called me i would have looked it up oh my god i love that though well no i'm not a facial person that was fire i was not i put my feet on my face and they licked it off not her face but my friend in case of his face off her lips off her tongue oh just not her chest because he left a pool on the chest i was like yeah you know i've had enough i had a lot of kids i'll take a shot of him i'm not trying to put right well she swallowed hers at least she swatting the other girl she drowned them in there reaching around your mouth i gave up oh whole trick i was like just use this t-shirt that i put over the pillow right that's what it's for right that part so apple what what is your type of female what is your type what's going on it's really not it's i really don't have a particular type as far as looks no i'm i'm being honest like i love a woman that has you know weight on her i don't really too much yeah that's what you care for skinny women you know i don't like i don't have nothing against them you know what i'm saying i just i'm meaty so i want meaty as well you know what i mean and it's amazing how when i first met you your size from when we first met till like currently you have you were quite you built quite nicely when you first met because you are a bartender right and then all of a sudden we lost we stopped seeing each other for about about a year or two came back and he was wonder woman with a tattoo built like a gut like my daddy would say build like a brick [ __ ] big [ __ ] house yeah that was coming yeah that's nice so i still i still want somebody but see this is my thing like if i have to have you around me in my inner circle you gotta have some [ __ ] smarts yeah you gotta be able to you know intrigue me beyond the [ __ ] because i have to be able to talk to you i have to be able to interject we got to have dialogue and if i can't have dialogue with you you just a airhead let's just do what we came to do and peace i'll see you tomorrow see you whenever the [ __ ] you know catch you next time yeah catch you on the next go round you know you gotta have some type of dialogue because if you can [ __ ] me mentally you'll you'll be in my circle for life and that is the goal you'll be in my circle for life [ __ ] my mind yeah yeah that's what i think people get twisted that even guys like even yeah you you this here you so busy caught up on all this physical that you didn't even stop to even realize that i know how to spell my name that part i actually know that i can walk and shoot bubblegum yeah right you know like i'm a walking dictionary over here like i'm i'm i'm a chameleon on so many [ __ ] different levels it's ridiculous i can sit at the table with six figure people i consider the tag with millionaires i can sit at a table with politicians i can sit at the table with bible thumpers you know what i'm saying because subscription right because i'm an advocate reader and my best subject in high school was english so i i love to read i don't just follow off you tell me the sky is blue i'm going outside and i'm going to check and i'm going to find out why the [ __ ] the sky is supposed to be blue right right you know what i'm saying i asked questions i was very inquisitive as a kid in high school i was doing college college english and in grammar school i was doing high school english because i was too advanced i i love to read yeah that's cool yeah i'm just going to be champ i have to be challenged i love for a person that i can sit down and have a really intellectual conversation with we don't gotta [ __ ] we could sit there and talk about some [ __ ] all night it ain't always about that there's nothing like this they call it like a sapiosexual sexual yes when you love themselves you can have an intellectual conversation and be turned on by the content of the conversation yes yes yes yes that is definitely that would definitely be women yeah that would definitely be me yeah that would definitely be me yes i mean you can say something and i'll be like always turn did you really just [ __ ] say that you know and they'll be sexy as a [ __ ] like physically i already know that i would want to [ __ ] you you know what i'm saying but she would start talking to you i'll be like you messed that all the way you really just say that stupid ass [ __ ] just stop talking just don't be don't say no just stand there and look just look cute just look cute cause you're [ __ ] up much you're [ __ ] up my juices at this point right now right now i'm ready to sing you about to lose it all right yeah [Music] i'm just saying it is what it is they don't do it every day 24 7. they can't do it every single day they see women's bad as a box of rocks and hot and this and that then shoving their mouth is stupid they love them big [ __ ] i i like snakes because they move yeah come on girl yeah [ __ ] there's a difference between being smart and a smart ass like right yeah right i don't know when to turn the [ __ ] on and off i'm a versatile thug simulation stimulate very well [Laughter] i'm a versatile thug yeah brother can't make it here so y'all seeing me out saying i'm sitting here with my um reading glasses on imaginary of course okay cause i was like what the [ __ ] i miss i know imaginary imaginary glasses yeah imaginary reading glasses like i'm ready for my next i'm ready for my close-up mr deville or your next question uh do you enjoy threesomes of course which ones male female male male male female you know well i've did um a threesome with two guys before and to be true yeah so i've did a threesome before actually when i had the first threesome with two guys it was the night that i met big house before i met big al it happened at one place and one of the guys got a phone call about the party that big hour was being secured yet and i ended up going to that party right after that happened mm-hmm you know what i'm saying i was on one of them you feel me but um i would never do that again right and the reason why is because me and always say that they want a woman they want you know to do a threesome with a woman and had a little homeboy there or whatever whatever but the thing is is that men get that incompetency in in them when it comes to another man that's there just as dominant or less dominant as them especially when one out shows the other it makes one person either go limp or one person go a little bit more harder somebody's ego is always tested in those types of situations and i seen it for him actually the person that i was with started it by leaving the door cracked he don't know that i'm one of those people that like to see that somebody's watching but i never that was not my intentions to begin with that was not what i was on but at that particular moment i was feeling myself so i was with shits you know what i'm saying whatever happens whatever happens it happens so he's it started with him and then his you know pilot was you know in the little peephole looking like a little creep you know through the door or whatever so i caught his eye and i you know kept going now i would have thought that once he walked in the room that my friend would be like hey man what you doing get the [ __ ] on you know something like that but he didn't so he was trying to play like he was with the [ __ ] but in his mind he wasn't really he couldn't probably wrap his head around the fact that his friend just had the balls enough to walk in in the midst of him doing it right so when it happened you know i'm in my mind you know i'm like [ __ ] it is what it is this is i always wanted to do it anyway so why not now right since it's here so it ended up happening to the point to where he started to get kind of like oh my god like is he really watching me like you know i think he started feeling uncomfortable so his friend was like [ __ ] [ __ ] right got in he got that look from you you know got that thing i'm talking about he would not stop he still sitting on the side of bed trying to get himself together like it went wrong oh my god it went wrong you know what i'm saying they're probably not even friends to this day they still friends to this day they still friends to this day i'm still cool with both of them to this day but you should after that night it was kind of like i felt the tension and the negative the the his his manhood had been popped a little bit from that night because after that he could not it it wouldn't it wouldn't go back up did your thing go limp you can't get it back it wouldn't go back up so he was just i thought while he's sitting there trying to figure out some stuff and he just got up and went to the next room i mean of course you already let it happen so i ain't about to stop now i mean some dudes just get yeah some dudes are easily triggered that they they just it [ __ ] their whole and that's i think that's what it was though you know what i'm saying so i would never i would never do that again because of that and fear of that me happening and plus on top of that i didn't i you know i don't i had no dick in years oh probably you know what i'm saying i mean i've had me neither i've had big it's just not like i got a rose you know i know people the thing is as far as like the women like i haven't i haven't had a threesome with women's yet with two women yet no i haven't that's crazy but my fantasy is to have two women suck your [ __ ] at the same time no no no my fantasy is actually kind of like a gang bang but it's not a gang bang with me and it's just all women so i want five women you almost had that you almost yeah at one of them events but that's my actual fantasy i wanted to watch that's my fantasy that's one of my biggest fantasies because i feel like at this particular moment i have pretty much tapped into my sexual peaks of certain things in my life you know what i'm saying to the point to where i know what i like and i know what i don't like right see that's why what i'm saying teach you about anal you have 15 minutes for your lord and savior i'm going to teach you about aina i'm just saying that's just one of them things that you could she said 15 minutes of your lord for your lord and savior we're going to talk about it i promise you oh but yeah that's that's definitely one of my fantasies i haven't had it happen yet but you know i don't want to actually atlanta [ __ ] i don't want to actually plan it you know what i'm saying i want it to happen like me [ __ ] no girls trip girl stream it definitely can it definitely something like that can actually happen especially with a lot of females especially oh yeah drinking yeah but i don't know something like that you know what i mean i just actually wanted to just go down the gang bang with the five girls but you're not sick but the thing is is that they say it's a gang bang when it's like dudes because you know the girl is the only center of attention okay gang that's why i said it's something like a gang bang but not a game it would be yeah yeah i've always wanted i always wanted to know what it was like i've done that i just wanted to always know what it was like i think that would be [ __ ] it's yeah so much it's not so much as like five women at once it's like they all like basically it's like this in my mind i want to be devoured by these five women rare like i don't want to have to do anything that's my fantasy i just want to lay there like pillow princess suck your [ __ ] titties yeah i just wanted i just want to be there yeah i just want to be there she got her face frowned up but she was like i want to watch how you got them two separate situations going on with your face your face ain't i'm a vivid thinker like when i talk and i and i hear things in my head i visualize them i visualize these things like i i see things like in color literally if i'm talking to you and i'm i'm already picturing it in my mind oh yeah i just don't have faces on them but i see it you see you getting yes devoured i've seen it i've seen it a lot it's just never happened okay i can't believe that ain't happening dead ass serious it's never happening no you could ask oh okay i'll make it actually i don't i don't wanna i don't wanna i'll make it i will make it accidentally happen this [ __ ] said accidentally your ass will run up and wanna be like what you mean we going to the arch we don't we don't we gonna [ __ ] all the way up the trail right and then there's gonna be five women at the top right waiting can't do nothing else waiting i'm bringing away just calling my wishes very aggressive out loud i ain't gonna say it but i'm only aggressive to a degree i know how to be submissive when i need it that's true that's true i'm submissive yeah i'm a submission i'm submissive when i need to be but for the most part i'm a doctor i can be i can be aggressive i think we all can be aggressive yeah but i'm more of a semester yeah i like because i like say i'm a romantical yeah so i like to be romance oh i love to be romantic i like all the romantical things but to certain degrees i would like to be you know i can't handle it but i do like yeah manhandle disappearing it doesn't matter i love that i just that's what i liked i feel like i have to work but it's just like a little intense pressure it monster choli snatcher roach hill and moscato yeah cause you're gonna have a kid yeah we're gonna have that at the beginning it's gonna be a baby reveal man i wouldn't waste the baby's time oh god i ain't showing up [Laughter] i didn't drop the mic i had to hit the mic just something with your nose boop i'm just saying say it with your chest this is yours with your chest this is in she swallows the kids oh back to you bill oh wow it's good for your skin yes it is if i wasn't abstinent i would be swallowing that's some [ __ ] boy this is the stuff you hear right here right here freaks of the industry these are the conversations that [ __ ] go down here right now if god damn me madam what's here let him call me yeah she'd be red red she ain't even red she can't even get red but she would turn red like are you serious that is the best thing ever like yeah bully right you better you better you better get some random random dicks my throat is raw i'll just put it out there i don't i don't care about the kids or not they can they can go where they go her face lips because you know i can always change she got a whole bunch of thousand holes in her closet she got she opened up her closet holes falling out [Laughter] been by my whole life [Music] i'm still trying to get past to make the gang bang i said it wasn't like it swagger i mean the female gang bang the guys it's just females i'll get a polaroid for you yeah i i i would watch that i don't know why i definitely i have more male friends than i do but see this is my thing though i'm i'm like you there's there's i don't even know what to say yeah my home girls that i have i love them to death i love the death like i love y'all girls i love you guys we have a christmas and charisma and if i were charm if in a relationship like i said i would want a man to be there with me right so that's fine yeah somebody got to penetrate he can do that yeah me like me and just hug one-on-one with each other like that no i don't want that i never say never i'm not saying never i'm gonna say again but i am saying that yeah that's what you you ain't you ain't going too quick yeah i ain't too quick it's three of us we just need the two yeah looking at this plane i'm just saying we're gonna go to the orange on the foggy night and go on the trail cause i gotta do it up you got to just make sure it's a 10 minute like you got to make that [ __ ] i want the 50 i priced it already oh you probably got the 50 so you ain't planning nothing but but she didn't price this they sent [Laughter] yeah yeah she'll just help you use the right that game is flawless see that's what i'm scared of flawless yeah i love her but tonight this is about apple don't don't play me because i'll pull up the video i ain't going to do it for real i got some videos i got some videos at 47. at 47 years old i am relearning what turns me on oh okay me too so i am re-learning how to [ __ ] and it's the most exciting thing ever that's what maybe abstinence is so 47. what's up she has

more fun when she ain't [ __ ] me yeah i wouldn't say that like i like the uh i like the connection i like the connection of somebody i've known for 18 years who knows all of this yeah i need a redo because i was like please you had a girl come over over a friend of mine hey no i would sleep she would sleep someone went to romeo in the room to wake up i was asleep so i i penetrated him do my thing wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait hold on yeah so she's sleeping you humping her on the bed yeah while she's sleeping y'all some gangsters so then old girls are slapping on my ass hey like like like stupidly out of out of sync because that ain't that [ __ ] instantly [ __ ] stomach and [ __ ] that [ __ ] i learned that in labor yeah child labor she stopped all that [ __ ] but yeah you twist somebody's stomach they'll stop all of you like hey like i look good she was smacking she was just like there was no cadence i felt like i was getting a whooping right i mean i'm trying to [ __ ] and the bed is shaking i'm nauseous i took my meds i'm half asleep these [ __ ] are bothering me that's how i felt like i'm not on this it didn't happen and then she gonna you know try to put a finger in my ass that was funny i hope i [ __ ] all over this [ __ ] but you have to prepare that's that's that's the key that's the key to anal you have to prepare well physically prepare your body i can't get that relaxed and you knocked out your husband is humping the girl in your bed no i'm up in her oh you humping you yeah and a girl and then she's trying to stick her finger in your your behind she did put it on she didn't stick it in her ass that's what she's saying she reached out and twisted her stomach so she could stop like quit beating my ass it wasn't like you know it was disrespectful go i want to remind everybody to give dr emanuel chiropractic clinic a call at area code 81625 i'm sorry 523 4023 that's emmanuel chiropractic i can't i can't talk right now these big ass lips this wide tongue uh emmanuel chiropractic clinic 6301 rock hill road suite 105 kansas city missouri 64131 shout out to my homegirl robbie it is worth it shout out to my home girl nicole shout out to everybody that's in the office and we're going to definitely hopefully get a chance to see y'all real soon so don't forget you guys dr emanuel is a board certified uh acupuncture oh yeah doctor as well so if you don't want to do the the old school way you can definitely go with the new school there okay i can punch you get you get you your pinpoint can i do the same i want to do that too i want to see how that how my body would react and would it be completely different kansas city we gotta get you in cancer so you can see i mean you know girls trip so in the meantime in between time y'all this was this was episode this is episode 30. this is episode 30 of the guest spotlight uh three out of four so next week we have boss lady brook no we don't yes yes we do yes that's gonna be a two-parter let's bring your other hose with you i will switch it out and switch it out in between show right now you would be a whole right [ __ ] i might come in a whole different [ __ ] that's what you're gonna have in the meantime in between time always remember in life you can deny the lie but you can never deny the truth always live your truth till next week god bless be safe it's hot outside for some sundress and wash your hands twice all right shake it through your shoes are we off the air you

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