EPIC WEEKEND IN WHISTLER! Opening Weekend 2019 | Jordan Boostmaster

EPIC WEEKEND IN WHISTLER! Opening Weekend 2019 | Jordan Boostmaster

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Today. Is witness day 2019. The Whistler Bike Park is finally, open and yeah. There's pretty much no one here the rain scared everyone away so. That means no lip lines. I'll. Admit I was honestly expecting better, weather than this but. I am here for two days Friday and Saturday and according. To the forecast is, supposed to get a whole lot better by tomorrow a, bunch, of youtubers came out for the day so we got some runs in together daily, aim to be rider Lone Ranger BC, govt van, cam and Paula punter other math. Is. That your, new gimbal no. This is one of my older, half broken ones warming, up what crank it up here probably, gonna be like one. Of two or three times in this entire unit that actually ride this trail. Fastest. Gun. Hahaha. Thank, you fellow oh. Yeah. Pretty nice. It. Was steadily raining for the first half of the day so there's not much to film and there's a lot of dirty lenses, but, there was a surprising, amount of grit and it, made it a lot of fun. There's. Reminding, me a little too much of closing, day or closing, week last year when. I when I went in the snow last, time I wrote here last October, it was dusted, with snow and was half frozen. It. Was actually really cool to ride but this is also interesting in, its own way. Some. Of these wood features almost seem scarier, in today's wet conditions, then it was in the snow. I, know, it's slippery. I'm. Kind of afraid of just falling off the trail. I. Was. Just like scary. What, oh. Okay. So. Yeah it was a slop fest especially, for the first part of the day going. Into some of the jumps on a line and you could barely even clear some of them but there's a lot of fun you can still have in Whistler at a time like this I. Find. Railing, berms are probably some of the funner things to do and you know what the berms are just as grippy as I'd ever want them to be. We, saw it for lunch and after that the rain finally stopped, and the Sun was starting to peak through a little bit it, was at this point that the conditions kept getting better by the hour water. Now has a chance to drain and who was already looking better at, this point most of our crew had stopped riding so they could cash in on those quick, Whistler, views with same-day Whistler, opening bids but. Josh Nick and myself the, dedicated, view sought, out the NAR that Whistler has for, a few more hours and, the, gettin was actually, quite good. All, right. Always. A good time. My. Very drippy. Fine. All, right on dude how's fun. War. Angry pirate but. Easier. Watch. Is doing quite good today. But. Still these corners, on this place well. I'm. Doing really simple. Oh man. Look. At this. Jenny. Yeah. Butter. Like. A bigger step up. The. Dirt had changed, from soup to peanut butter my lenses, we're staying a whole lot cleaner and, with the forecast only getting sunnier, I can't, wait to ride tomorrow but for now there's a lot of great riding that needs to get done. Whoa. Yeah dude. There. Was only about half of the trails open today more, gonna get open tomorrow but for now we don't have too much to choose from, and this, is how I remember it being on opening day for past years well. I've. Never ridden Detroit Rock City before so. That's what we're gonna go check out right now. This. Is gnarly, like this.

Is So cool. Oh yeah. Dude what a baller these kind of sketches me out a little bit. Doing. Here. Yes, that. Was yeah. Yeah. Dude that, is so cool, jump. It ah. That's. So cool. No. Idea what this one, what. Is that, cool. Okay. There. That is sick, what is this Oh dope. This. Is so fun. That, time, so that's what opening day is about free, ride free, ride free, ride I like. The free ride one at. First when I was riding today I was, thinking I might not need to be here for two days if it's just gonna be rainy the whole time but, since I could see it getting better and the forecast calls for Sun I can only imagine how this is gonna ride tomorrow. Keyline. Was very doable in these conditions but, again I look forward to seeing how it's gonna ride tomorrow if the forecast is accurate, it should be pretty mint. Today, is the day that everyone, decided to show up who. Can blame them my, friend Alex also came out for the day to seek out whis miss dirt. Yesterday. This was a stupid. What. That's what this was his, actual soup, I. Was. Hoping trails like Schleyer would be open by now but it's still closed and should be open later today. We're. Gonna find some sweet double black tech so we're making our way down to clown shoes. All. Right let's not overshoot, the drop like I did last year oh. Okay. All. Right. Oh. All. Right. Low. Speeds, into this thing yeah. All. Right. Rail. And the brands. I wrote. A bit with Phil Mets who you know as skills with Phil I will, be making a separate video with my riding with him though but wow he is an amazing ride, hey bigger so rmx. Shiny. It is oh. Yeah. Alright. Here we go ah. There's. Some sketchy wood thing. Yeah. Everything. Was running so, well the small amount of muck only added to the flavor of the trails I really. Felt like I was getting better with cornering, since last year I feel, a lot better with cutting in some these berms. Dude. I'm having so much fun like roosting those left corners, I've. Never done so well in my life. Send. It in up. A line you, may be wondering how is a line on a day like today it, was pretty much mint running. Very smooth and fast, practically. No braking bumps and no holes in the berms. All. Right. Yeah, it was slow sloppy. This, part was sold yesterday but. Doing good yeah. Whoa. Oh, baby. Send. It to it out forgotten the door. Right. Whoo yes. That. Was so good, you. Got the Suey and everything. So. Good the. Lineups were pretty long throughout the entire day other, than that there's a whole lot of berms. Jumps. Tak. This. Was a really, nice day. I. Did. Feel like there's a lot of bitterness with my riding this weekend some. Berms and jumps I felt better than ever on and some of them I'm, gonna need more practice again. There. We go oh. Yeah. I'm. Still not like. Whoa. That. Was good, some. Of them I'm just railing, yeah, some. Of them not so much yeah, and now they're tired. Yeah. I've. Been getting better with that feels. Good. All. Right. Yeah. That's. The best but, it. Is fun. The. Last run of the day we are taking fill down Schleyer, since, it just opened up actually. I should say bill is taking us down since, we are gonna have him up front so have, you ridden Schleyer, than before yep, so. It's blind again. I'll. Follow you, alright, picking, do it, alright. I. Don't. Know if I can keep up with this guy he's, riding a blind, so. Let's. Up her joyride. It's. All good. Cop. This. Oh yeah. Oh. Man. My. Tires gone I, destroyed. My rear tire I popped. My rear tire dude. How. Stupid, is that. I'm. Just like hammering on the rim, I have no idea what happened.

Sauce. Could. Be. I. Know. Shoot. And Phil went down. All. Right, thank. You good, see. You man. So. That is how my weekend ended, with, the lift ride of shame down, to the village but, I had an amazing, time it's. So interesting to see how fast Whistler, can dry up in less than 24, hours from. Some of the worst conditions to, some of the best I look, forward to doing lots more Whistler, riding this year one. More thing see, these pants I'm wearing there, by a company called NF these, are the berserker pants and if you want 10% off just use my code boost and f10 and you, get 10% off anything in their store they make really great stuff including, jerseys, pants shorts and gloves you're. Welcome thank, you guys so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video it took quite a bit of work if, you want to hear an update about my bike sponsorship, I still. Don't have anything yet unfortunately. I really, thought I would have their demo bike by the time Whistler, open but, I didn't and even now recording. This I still don't so, maybe next week I'll get something we will see but, yeah I'm getting a custom paint job and things, have been taking along in the mail anyway. All kinds of crazy stuff it just takes a while if, you like what I'm doing and you want to support my channel you can consider, supporting me on patreon, or you can buy stickers from my website, Jordan boost master comm slash merch and, in case you guys don't know I had to get this video up before, all my others that I have in line just because, this is the most relevant video, but. I got a whole bunch more awesome, videos to show you guys while riding my Wilson I went to Kamloops, Squamish, Vancouver. Island got, some sweet videos coming up yet they're all filmed before Whistler, so, stay, tuned for those I'll, see you guys next time.

2019-05-25 10:51

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