Epic Trading Review 6 Questions You Need To Ask - epic compensation plan

Epic Trading Review 6 Questions You Need To Ask -  epic compensation plan

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- All right, let's get real. Let's talk about Epic Trading. You're probably doing your research on Epic Trading, that's why he came across this video. Putting in your searches, trying to figure out is Epic trading a good company for you to learn Forex trading from.

Or maybe you were attracted to the very lucrative compensation plan that they show on their website and maybe you heard about it from somebody on Facebook, offline, maybe grocery store. The company is growing very, very big, very, very quickly. But there are six things that I know by being in it, now since the very beginning that I want to share with you.

So in this video here, I'm going to break those six things down for you. They really are things that you need to know and take into consideration before creating your Epic Trading account. Let's get right into it. HAPPS.club as a brand new social multicasting live

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There is a link in the description of this video here where you can go and subscribe to me and get on the next show that I do live over there at HAPPS. All right, let's talk about this Epic Trading. I joined pre-launch 2020, and on October 1st, 2020, the company officially launched. And since then, they have been growing by leaps and bounds and people have been learning the Forex education, people have been earning massive amounts of money from the compensation plan as well. And then the company decided that they were going to do things a little bit differently.

But was this good? Was it really the right move? Well, only time will tell. But so far in the early stages, there's some people that have left the company because they weren't ready for explosive growth and making bold moves. And you can't be an Epic company without making some bold moves.

Well, I'm gonna be talking about these six things here that you really need to know about before joining Epic Trading. But I want to start off with the big one, which is you're going to need a cryptocurrency wallet. And there's a variety of reasons for this but the number one reason that you're gonna need a cryptocurrency wallet and fund that cryptocurrency which means you're going to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum or similar cryptocurrencies is because Epic trading now only accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

And when I initially heard this, I thought, "Oh man, why are you discontinuing being able to pay with credit cards or debit cards?" And then I really got speaking with Mark Sterling personally. I've got to know him over the last several months here by being a part of this company and community. And it makes sense to me now. I get it. So they went 100% cryptocurrency. That's right. When you join Epic Trading, you pay with cryptocurrency.

And it also means that there's no auto ship, which is great for the customer. It's also great for the IBO or the business person that wants to promote the company. But initially people were like, "What? No, auto-ship, we're not going to just automatically build people's credit cards and now they have to pay and they forgot that they're going to pay."

And you know what? What the response from David McCovey was, was pretty telling of where his integrity lies when it comes to doing business and attracting people to join the program, Epic Trading. The response is that he doesn't want people paying for a service just because they forgot that it was being charged to their credit or debit card. Now, most people are not going to forget that $34.99 charge is hitting their credit card or their debit card every single month. But you'd be surprised, there's a lot of people that just let it charge month after month after month, even if they're not in there learning the stuff that they're paying for.

So the fact that they discontinued auto-ships is actually a good thing. Because that means that the people that are logging in to make their monthly payment or their quarterly payment or their yearly payment to get access to this invaluable Forex trading, the live signals, the live sessions and all the additional certification programs that they have for Epic Trading and Forex trading information and education. It just means that the people that are showing up are the ones that actually want to learn it. So you're going to need a cryptocurrency wallet and you're gonna need to pay with cryptocurrency. In fact, when you click on the link in the description below, if you choose to join, not only Epic Trading but myself and my team, you're going to make sure you do have a cryptocurrency wallet set up.

Now, I do have some videos walking you through. If you've never set up a cryptocurrency wallet, before I do have some videos walking you through that. I'll help you get set up on a cryptocurrency wallet, how to fund it. It's way easier than it's ever been.

And chances are, you might already have one set up because it's becoming more and more mainstream. The other reason that it's actually a good thing that we all pay in cryptocurrency now with Bitcoin or Ethereum through coin payments, by the way, which is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency processors on the planet is the fact that a lot of our trading that we do is related to cryptocurrency. Some of the most volatile markets are cryptocurrency, which means there's a lot to profit off of those.

And a lot of people are just intimidated. They're fearful. They're hesitant because it's new territory for them potentially. And you shouldn't be afraid, especially when you have the guidance of the Epic Trading educators and Forex traders. They will walk you through it, they'll guide you. They will show you how to profit from the cryptocurrency markets. So you're gonna need to get a cryptocurrency wallet anyway, might as well get it before you get in.

But the main point is I just love the fact that Epic Trading is committed to their customers and making sure that they're only paying if they want to show up. Now they've got some great discount packages. So you can commit to a three month or a six month or a 12 month cycle with them and make one payment, which just makes it easier to do that way.

I committed to a full 12 months which is the maximum they would let me do. And it gave me a nice discount versus paying month after month for my membership. So great thing there. Now this brings me to my second point, which is you're going to need a broker. A lot of people don't understand that if you're in a trade Forex, you need a Forex specific broker to be able to place these trades in. And that's something they get into in the education, they talk about.

But I've got some links into descriptions video of some trusted brokers. Because what people don't understand is that there are regulated brokers and there are unregulated brokers. And it's not that one's better or worse than the other. They both have their pros and their cons. Obviously, the regulated ones means that your investment money in those trading platforms is a lot more secure if you will because they're regulated by very, very strict guidelines especially if you're in the United States. Unregulated ones doesn't mean that they're bad or they're unsecure or your money is just going to be lost.

It just means that they don't have to follow a strict guidelines as the regulated ones do, which actually has their pros. Meaning that there's actually a lot more profit that can be made in the unregulated brokers. I personally use an unregulated broker because I get a lot more profit, potential profit from the trades that I'm making versus the regulated ones which have to be very, very, very conservative with their trading platform to follow along the very strict guidelines that the countries impose upon them as a regulated broker. So that's kind of the con of choosing a regulator.

But that's up to you. That's your choice. You choose whether you want to be trading on a regulated broker or an unregulated broker. So check those links out in the description.

There's ones that I've been using for quite a while now. I trust them. They work well. And I'm constantly researching them and making sure that they're up to speed on customer support. The ones that I use actually have 24/7 support. So that's really important.

In fact, there's some regulated brokers that kind of suck when it comes to support. It's just, I don't know what the deal is. But I personally have had better success with the unregulated brokers, but that's just my personal experience. So there's number two. You're going to need a broker. Number three is learning to trade can be time-consuming.

That's just a fact, and don't let anybody else tell you differently. It is going to take some commitment of your time to get in there and learn how to trade the foreign exchange market. So with all of the potential profits, massive numbers and gains that you can get from trading the Forex market, I just want you to understand that you're gonna need to be prepared to invest a little bit of time.

I mean, it is education after all. They've got massive amounts of information in there. It's well organize.

You can go at whatever pace you want to go at. If it takes you a week to go through it, it takes you a week. If it takes you a month, if it takes you three months, that's totally up to you. Everybody learns at different speeds. But you are put some time not only in educating yourself and going through the information and then getting on the live session so you can see it in action which is absolutely priceless by the way.

But you're also going to need to invest the time to then start doing some of the trading. Now, personally, I have certain rules of time periods that I spend doing the trading and profits that I have. And once I've reached a certain amount of profits, I'm done for the day. And sometimes it's 15 minutes and sometimes it's a couple of hours just depending on how the markets are. So set yourself some guidelines, set yourself some rules.

But just be prepared that if you're serious about it this and you really want to generate some income in the foreign exchange market, you're going to need to put a little bit of time in it. Now to help you with that exclusively through my team, you're going to get access to EAs or automated traders that leverage artificial intelligence in order to place trades in your broker account automatically for you, which is a great solution for a lot of people that are just starting out. Because most people are or thinking, "Man I want to start earning right now. I want to start making some extra money right now."

And I get it. It's way a lot of people here. So that's a great way for you to start generating some potential profits from the market through the automated software while you're doing all the learning. And obviously, just a little disclaimer here, anything related to the foreign exchange market, there is a risk. You can put your money into the brokerage account, you can play some trades and if you don't have good money management skills, you don't set good limits, you don't follow the instructions or the training or you're just kind of going rogue, you can lose up to your entire investment money that you put into your brokerage account. That's completely possible that you might lose it all. So my rule is that you should never invest money you can't afford to lose.

And also, don't let anybody kid you, past results are not a guarantee or a promise that you will get the same results in the future. So you could earn more, you could earn less, you could earn nothing at all. It's just, that's the reality of it.

And I like to keep things very straightforward here. So the artificial intelligence auto traders have amazing tracker. Here's one of the ones that I give access to in my team members to my team members has been back-tested for eight years.

And so, it is extremely well done. It's well protected. Your balances are protected based on limits that are set and my team will actually do the setup for you as well. Now, those are an additional cost. I keep them extremely affordable for my team members. In fact, a lot of programs have their own affiliate program associated with it.

And I could be earning as much as 50% referring all my team members to use those automated traders. But I negotiated with the owners of those traders and said, "Hey, I don't want to take any commissions. I want you to cut the price for my team members exclusively."

And so I was able to work out some deals with them. And so I make those available to you. I have additional resources for those.

And so, that's something to consider when getting into the foreign exchange market is, do you want to spend a ton of time and not really make a whole lot? Or do you want to implement some auto traders that are doing a lot of the trading for you automatically? And you're able to slowly get some gains that way while you're learning. Number four, compensation plan. It's extremely lucrative. It's a really good compensation plan.

And my team and I know. I mean, I've achieved ambassador 10 pushing towards ambassador 20 right now, and that's a 20, that's $20,000 a month. There's also team members that are earning more than that. There's some that have reached ambassador 20, ambassador 50 and even icon 100, which has $100,000 a month. Obviously those results are not typical, and those are people and some extraordinary moves in the compensation plan for referring other members. But what I'd like to do is make it a huge team effort when it comes to helping team members refer new members.

And it's not something that's gonna happen overnight either. It's going to take some time but I'm not in this for the short term, I'm in this for the longterm to build some long-term wealth, some longterm residual income. So let's head on over here to the board. So there's two big problems that a lot of people do not talk about when they're talking about the compensation plan. Well, the compensation plan side of Epic Trading requires you to refer other members and most people resort to chasing their friends and family.

And while that works for a little bit and you might lose some friends in the process, which is reality, it's not sustainable long-term. So the next option there is to resort to additional traffic generation methods. But that's where we get the big problem is that most people are not good at generating traffic. And when you run into that first roadblock where you're like, "I'm not good at generating traffic. I'm not good at putting eyeballs on my offer.

I'm not good at getting my links out to people online." And people quit over there. I mean that's why I have that back there 90% who quit are employed by the 3% who never did. Now you're here because you don't want to be the 97%.

In fact, I created an entire marketing funnel that is based on that similar concept here. I'll show you that here in a second. The second big problem is the conversion to sale. So great, you were able to get people to your website.

You were able to generate some traffic, but were you able to convert them? Were you able to take them from the step place where they're like intrigued, interested? This looks cool to, "Yeah, I'm in. I want to do it. I'm going to pay my $134.99 through cryptocurrency. I'm going to pay it. And I want in. I want access to that information.

I want to start being able to monetize the whole platform as well." So if you can generate the traffic, convert that traffic into a sale, then you will finally realize the profits from the lucrative compensation plan. How do we do that? If you're brand new or you've been doing this awhile and you haven't had success generating traffic, how are you going to do it? Well, I've got plenty of training inside my affiliate marketing pros membership site, which you're going to get bonus access to.

I teach you how to market on YouTube and Facebook and generate traffic. And I give you paid traffic sources that you can purchase. But that's probably not where you want to start because you want to dive into the Epic Trading and learn how to be a Forex trader or at least leverage the auto traders that I provide you and put those to work for you.

But you're not gonna be a master marketer right out at the beginning. Now over time you can be. I started just where you were and I excelled and I grew and I became better and better over time.

But it was a journey. It took some time. So how can I help you get over that initial hurdle quickly? Well, we do that through my 1090 automated marketing systems. So I created this 1090 automated marketing system that will help automate the process of getting you traffic and then go one step further and convert that traffic into sales. And that's exactly how I'm able to help my team members get a leg up on getting that compensation plan rolling. So I go more in depth into this in some other videos, but the basic idea here is that you're going to have traffic that's generated from a lot of different places. I generate a lot of traffic all over the place through YouTube, through Facebook, through paid traffic, through partners, through sponsors, lot of different places I generate traffic.

But the traffic that I generate actually goes to my team members by way of a traffic rotator. So this traffic rotator here rotates all of the traffic that I'm generating and gives it to my team members that are in the traffic rotator. Now this is exclusive. The 1090 method marketing system is exclusive to my team.

So you need to make sure that when you join a team, you're going to join either through myself or one of my team members and get in. 'Cause see, you only need three personal. I only need three personal referrals to max out the potential of the compensation plan to take advantage of all that's available inside the compensation plan. So I give out all of my other traffic to my team members through my traffic rotator.

And then from there, it's gonna go to a lead capture page so that my automation system can follow up with them and do all the work of helping them get to that point where they're they say, "You know what? I'm ready. I want to join. I want to pay my membership fee, I'm in." And we do that through this lead capture page and then also through the video sales page. So once they go through the lead capture page, they land on the video sales page, which is videos of me doing all the selling and telling for you. So how would you like to have me through my videos do this selling and telling and explaining kind of like I'm doing with you right now, but I do it through an automatic system that you guys can actually test drive and take a look at it. There's a link directly to it in the description of this video as well.

Now, a little side note, I just mentioned I give away all of my traffic to my team members. So when you join, you may join through me or you may join through one of my team members. And even if you join through me, chances are I'm going to be putting you with one of my team members, but you still get the benefit as if you had joined directly with me.

It just, I had the ability to move my people to other people in my downline, just like I could potentially do for you if you choose to join us. And I spread that out cause I don't need them. I want to give them to my team members. I want to help you rank up. I want to help you earn as much as possible.

With your efforts combined with mine, we can win a lot bigger and be a lot more epic in the process. So this moving on here to a new sale is made through my whole system. I walk people through how to set up their cryptocurrency wallet, make the payment, gets set up with all the bonuses that we offer. And I've got a full list of all the bonuses you're going to get access to in the description as well. But then finally, the end goal here is that you just now have a new referral, a new team member and you didn't meet them, you didn't have to convince them. I mean, this is the biggest things that people are always telling me.

They're always saying, "Michael, I'm no good at recruiting. Just I'm not good at it." So this is a big problem that a lot of people they just don't talk about. And I'm not afraid to talk about it especially because I have a solution for it.

So make sure you do go and look in the description of this video, check out all the other bonuses that I offer my team members. But that is a big thing that you should consider when deciding not only should you join Epic Trading, but which team are you going to choose. Most people just can't generate those leads.

They can't generate the traffic to make that compensation plan work. So that is where I help my team member. Moving on now to the fifth thing. Number five is that epic results are not achieved by average actions. Now, the fact that you're watching this video and the fact that you're this far into the video, tells me that you're not average and you don't want to be average.

You're sitting there, you're going to your day job or you have two jobs or you don't have any job at all and you're saying, "You know what? I'm better than this. I'm meant to do more. I'm meant to help more. I'm meant to help my family. I'm help meant to provide a little bit more. I'm meant to provide a legacy wealth plan for my kids, for my family. I want to do more."

or maybe you're young and you're just starting out. We've got team members that are in their 20s that are just starting out and they're being smart about their money because they realize, "You know what? I don't want to be the sum average of all my peers. I want to be better. I want to be Epic. I want to be extraordinary."

And that doesn't happen by making average moves in life. So I'm guessing venturing that you're ready to be epic. But I'm going to be real with you and tell you that it's not going to happen overnight.

It's not a get rich quick scheme. But the sky is the limit on how much you want to generate, how much you want to make. And you're rarely going to find that kind of opportunity in other industries, in other places, because there's usually limits to what you can do or how far you can rank up in your company, how far you can excel.

Or it might take you years upon years, upon years before you ever get to that level in a traditional company or business or job. Just not available normally. So that is something that I want you to really consider. Like, are you ready to be a part of an Epic team and take advantage of this Epic Trading product. Not only applying what they teach you to grow your money, whether you're starting off with 300 or 3,000 or more, you can start at whatever level you ready to but be prepared to level up and grow at whatever pace you're ready and willing to grow at.

So my final point here, number six is something that I've alluded to a few times here through this video. But the team that you join with, it's extremely important. Now, I get hit up all the time in messaging people that message me and say, "Hey man, I just found your YouTube video. I wish that I had joined with your team.

I really wish that I had, cause I didn't know. I joined because I saw somebody posted on Facebook and, or I got an email about it. And I haven't heard from that person again. I joined, I signed up, I paid, never to hear from again." Now, does that mean as the end of the road for that person? No, it's not. It's not the end of the road. You don't have to rely on your sponsor.

You don't have to have an amazing team to be successful and earn money through Epic Trading. But you can make the road a little bit easier for yourself. You can make it a little smoother. You can make the load a little bit lighter by leveraging the training and education that I provide you on the marketing side, by leveraging the 1090 method marketing system, by implementing those Forex trading AI auto traders. That's going to make your whole path and journey a little bit easier.

And that's what we're really here trying to do. I'm not going to sit here and make a bunch of promises and put a bunch of smoke and mirrors in front of you and say, "Hey, you're gonna be able to do this. You're going to be able to do this. And you're gonna be able to make this much money and make all this residual income in certain period of time period." I don't predict the future. I don't know what the future holds.

All I know is what my team and I are doing right now to help our members. We have private telegram chats to keep people engaged and motivated and answer their questions. I have a dedicated trading chat and I have a dedicated team member affiliate side chat to help people that are really promoting the business. And then I've also got private signals that my team member master trader actually puts into the chats to help you get some extra money on top of what Epic Trading is providing you.

And so, there's all these little pieces that I've learned over time over the years of doing this business full time that when implemented, it can help you excel the rate at which you start earning. And so, all those little pieces put together can make your path a lot smoother. At the end of the day, you choose what team you want to join. You choose which person you want to join. But if you want to join a team that's been doing this for awhile, doing it since the very beginning when Epic Trading launched, then definitely use the link in the description of this video. As a reminder, you don't have to join directly with me to get access to everything that I'm talking about in this video.

You just need to make sure that the person you're joining is part of the Epic AMP Stars team. So the Epic AMP Stars team or has access to the 1090 method marketing system 'cause that is exclusive to my team members. So be sure that you ask them and say, "Hey, do you guys have the 1090 method? Are you part of Michael Mann sells, Epic Trading team?" 'Cause you might watch some other Epic Trading review videos here on YouTube, and there's a lot of other great people in the company. But if they're not in my team someplace, if they're not in my organization of people underneath me, they're not going to have access to the same marketing systems and automation systems. They might have their own systems.

I don't know what they are. I don't know what level they are successful. And so, all I can do is take responsibility for what I create for my team members. And I work every single day diligently to make them better and improve them and look at analytics and make sure that things are converting at the highest level.

And in fact, I'm in the process right now of launching and creating a brand new Epic Trading video for my 1090 method marketing system that's gonna be out here in a couple of weeks to take it up another level, especially with the

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