EP.15 เทคนิคลับที่ซ่อนอยู่ใน Trading Views ที่เราไม่เคยรู้

EP.15 เทคนิคลับที่ซ่อนอยู่ใน Trading Views ที่เราไม่เคยรู้

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Hello everyone meet me again Captain trading The topic of today's VDO Captain going to introduce the world's best graph analysis program It has free and paid versions. Which one should you use? If you paid which package should you use. It's has many package. In each packages are different. It's has many package. In each packages are different. How do we know which package is worth it for us? And is it worth to paid? In this VDO has an answer. Before we start Captain wold like to say thank you for your Likes and subscrib till reach 10K subscribers. according to the permission when reach 10K subscribers

Captain will open the series to teach you to grap analyzing or trading from 0 to 100 When you finish watch this series you can make a profit or make your trading system.Thankyou. What is Trading view? Trading view is a program that we use to analyze charts internationally around the world. We can watch every products and every market whether the Stock market, the Crypto market, the Index market or the Forex market. We can watch it all. Gold, Oil or every things are on this platfrom and we can write on it with the idendity of Trading view beautiful easy to look and be internationally Trading view has free version and paid version Today Captain has collected the different between free and paid version for you for you to consider to decide whether to buy monthly or annually or not apply, it's up to us. But let's look at the differences here first to help you decide. The first difference is the number of using indicators. If you use the free version we can use only 3 indicstors.

But if we use the Pro version or more we can use indicators up to 5 Is it improtant? If you always use indicators it is improtant. Because some people use many indicators, such as Moving average, RSI, Harmonic or others. If we use the free version we can use only 3 indicators it might be not enough for you. Captain use 4 indicators there are Volume profile, RSI, Moving average, MACD. If Captain use the Free version it will not enough to use. This will be a consideration for you. The second difference.

If you use the Free version we can use only one window to analyze graphs at the same time in the example the one window here. but if you use The Pro version or more. you can open 2 windows likes this. Value and Usability is to analyze a single product at the same time in many time frame. For example in case of at the left side is Gold H4 at the right we can chang the time frame in to H1 or M30. It is multiple time fram at the same time trading.

Is it worth or improtant? For Captain who trade multiple factor and many time frame I think it worth to add this. The third difference is to set the notification in Trading view. Setting the notification is to we don't have to watch the graph when the price reaches the point that we marked. For example We will sell around the resistance area but the price has not yet reach.We can set a notification to make Trading view notify us by mobile application, E-Mail or Website. Here is the improtant part for Captain's trading because Captain use Swing trade Captain didn't watch all the time. Captain also did other things while.

When the price reach the Supply zone, Demand zone or Break out เมื่อราคามาถึงพวก หรือ or somethigs like this. It will notify us. Here is the improtant. The free vresion we can set a notification only once. but

If you paid at least the Pro version We can set notifications up to 20 times and hundred times in the Premium version. Is it worth to paid for notification? For Captain it is improtant. If we keep looking at the graph, keep watching the graph all the time. It knocks u out of your concentrate. and trading will be in trouble. So setting a notification is improtant.

Fourth difference. The free version it has anoying ads. If you didn't buy Pro version or more It is a small ads. at bottom left here. Is it anoying? For Captain it is anoying just a little bit little distracting. It is samll ads that we can close If you are not serious here

you can still use The free version by support the developer it won't be problem it can close. but if we buy in any package it will disappear untill the package expires. The fifth difference is to custom Time frame Normally the free version we can use time frame that alreadr had. For example 1Day, 4H, 1H, 30M If we paid to pro version or more. We can custom Time frame

For example we want to watch 4H 2 times so it is 8H and type 8H in like this. The sixth difference. In the free version we can't use the indicator named "Volume profile" Volume profile is indicator that tell In the past or the time we set where was a maximum or minimum sell and buy volume. The usage is in the past where it had support and resistance that improtant in the example case here in the past the red line called POC line as the most sell and buy volume it will be both support and resistance we can use together as demand, supply, support, resistance to find strong resistance demand, supply In the free version we can use only one but in the past in the free version we can't used but now it changed look at the toolbar it is at the bottom it just added in the past it doesn't had This is Fixed Renge We can set where we want to watch trade volume in past specificly Example Captain want to watch from Swing high to Swing low so drag from high to low it will show Areas in the past where there is how a trading volume example here has the most trading volume it will be support and resistance. But we can't use only this indicator we need to use together with support and resistance to find the point where it will reverse itself. In paid version we can use all 4 type but in free can use only the top one that is fixed renge Click indicator find Volume profile Click and it has 4 type if in paid version we can use Fixed Range Session Volume Session Volum HD Visible Range we always use are Fixed Range ans Visible Range What is Visible Range? Is to watch at the trading volume in the time frame that we set, for example, we see the graph from the left to the right, here will think. From the left to the right, just that.

Is it worth if we paid for this function? For Captain if you use it correctly but don't be worry if you can't use it Captain will make VDIO to teach you how to use Volume profile like professional. So you will worth it. The seventh difference. In the free version we have the thing called Watch list or the list that we keep the eyes on. For example which market would you like to watch Cryto market, Forex or else We can make the section Like Captain, There are foreign stock, future, the forex major currency pair.

You can choose difference from this. Captain use Premium There are Crpto, Forex, future market Foreign and Thai stock If you use the free version It has only one and it will be a long column like this. Can it be use? It's OK to use. But if you want to make section like PRO. Seperate market clearly, Seperate product clearly. We can add section into it what are trading and another thing that can't do in the free version is we can't import other's people watch list. Captain has made file Captain's watch list.

Download link is in the VDIO's description You can download and import Captain's watch list. Choose the downloaded file then unzip the file when finish it will have crypto, forex future market, all product,Foreign stocks, Thai stocks If you are beginer You can import only forex it's OK or up to you. I will do for example Click Import list then click forex then Forex show at here then import more is all product It will show watch list. Another advantage is both Free and Paid version we can set the section For example, Captain seperate here is Foreign stocks then subdevide again and can flag mark Flags are have many colors red, blue, green. What does it mean? It mean we can set the meaning of each colors For example Catpain is at Microsoft stocks it is rise up then we will waite to buy only I will mark that it rise up trend by using blue color If we watch gold in time frame 1D it's go down then mark go down trend by red color. In other case is

If captain at Oil and buy oil Captain will use green for buy if Captain buy EURUSD then mark green When we open we can look only pairs that we buy or planing Click here then choose green list it show only two pairs that we buy or your custom Value and Uasability between Free and Paid version I recommen that this function is good If we paid then we can make many watch list If we are a serious trader and trade in many market this is realy well but if you are practicing only is OK. So you don't need to pay. The eight difference in the free version it have Back Test it is to replay the graph then For what? For example going back to date 12 if we going to back test We have to reverse the graph and click play while playing it seems like we are trading but speed up For what? For practice.We can back test demand, supply, support, resistance or any tecniq that you have studied is it can use?Does it have any flaws or what are its advantages? we can do back test like this You can choose speed choose product and time frame but in free version we can choose time frame only D1 but we can't use H4 1H 30M If you want to do like that you need to pay at least Pro. How good is it in the free version we can use only D1 but in reallity we did't use only 1day For example we find trend in D1 Find entry point in 4H or 1H We can not back test We need to pay. This was a crucial part of what helped Captain decide to buy annually or monthly

with Trading view. Because Captain Back test 1.2 hours everydays in free time. Captain replay the graph for practice skill. If we Back test 1-2 hours everyday it's equal to we trade month-year by speed up The worth here Captain recocment to have it.

Because this is the Tradding views ultimate skill.We use this for back test to test our trading system In the future Captain will make another VDO to teach Back test how to use tecniq how is Back test useful. from basic.captain will say that from basic.captain will say that yearly or monthly that worth for back test.

How was it? The eight difference between Free and Paid Version that Captain present to you today. Is it worth to paid? If you feel worth with it. Captain will take you to see what kind of package we should pay. It have 3 type Pro Pro+ Premium The price are Monthly, Yearly and not same price There are cheap to expensive. Let's go to see that we should use what package Now we are in the promotion comparison window. Pro Pro+ Premium

In the part that we Sign up as a Trading view member for the first time It will give you try for free 30 days No matter Pro Prp+ Premium try for free 30 days. Now Captain use trial for you This is Captain's new account for every one know that it can trial It's 18 days left till it expire after it expire It has a discount offer for us that If you paid in this promotion Trading view will lower the price Pro -40% Pro+ -50% Premium -60% Trading View have a promotion Black Friday it will discount more Here it's a promotion. For those who tried it for the first time It will discount many more Let's take a look at the worth that after trial what promotion we should paid that worth with you. Take a look with pro first. The benefits it has in addition to the free version are Captain had alreadr explan But here I will expand on what to add. Pro indicator from 3 added to 5 window from the free can use only 1 windoess Pro add to 2 windows notifications 20 times from the free version 1 time and No ads.Here is same in 3 package

Can use volume profire indicator Cac Custom your oun time frame We can have Watch list that we use for keep eyes on the products more than 1 like Captain had explan Can do back test in Time frame 4H 1H 30M Look on Pro+ This Pro+ is almost double the price. It's about seventy-eighty dollars more on the monthly and yearly. Here, let's take a look at its benefits. Pro have only 5 indicator added to 10 in Pro+ Asked if it was important, Captain think that we didn't need it. to take ten. Because no one uses it. 10 at the same time is't it?

The first advantages Captain think we don't need it. The second advantage, we can use 4 graph in 1 lay out What does it mran? It's mean in one of our graphs, we can divide it into four. 4 time frame, 4 product.

This is good because of Pro, it can only be used for two The third notification from Pro is from twenty to one hundred. Here,Captain think it is very good. If you trade in manr pair Then would like to notify both daily support, every daily resistance, every weekly resistance pair. One hundred would be worth it. 10 saved chart That is, we can save up to ten graph patterns For example Captain use day trading then saved that Captain's chart layout be like thisif chang in to swing then chang This might not be very serious. because you are starter and practcing might trade only 1 chart layout next New daily chart I am not sure with it's meaning but I think I never use it Next Chart based on custom formular I also don't understand because I never use it.And next one is Chart data Export. It is

exporting data in form of excel or any thing Surely that newbie like you did use it Last one is Indicator on indicator For example we put RSI then put Moving avaverage in RSI Captain think that what we will use with for newbie like you. Then take a look at the most expensive one add indicators to 25 from 5 and 10 in Pro and Pro+ 25 indicators don't know how to use them all. The second advantage is in 1 layout can divid into 8 There are arranged in eight Its good for who that trade in many pair but starter don't need to watch 2 is enough. The Third advantage. is a notification added to four hundred times from normal, 20 times and 100 times 400 Times is so many It's really premium Ask if we use it? It's not up to but it good to have many but 20 or 100 might be enough. Next one unlimited saved chart layout for example save as swing trading or anything At this point, I still don't see the importance that we have to use that much.

Next advantage is Wc can use Time frame in second from for example we want to watch Gold in ten seconds time frame, it's one stick, side by side, seconds like this. reduced to ten seconds for who use short teading Captain still didn't see the importance or benefit that we would use here.The professional who use strategically short trading on sec. can use? But we did'n use So captain skiped. Unexpire notification normally it will be notified how many times, twenty or a hundred times.But it has expire

it's about 1-3 months For example, we set a notification for three months ahead. If it is exceeded, it expires.We have to set again But here we can Set ahead many days, many months, many years for example we want to set notification for this year support till next year it won't disappare. if the price won't reach the rissistace then it notify Here, I still don't see how important it is. just three months then set up again.

Data on chart more than 4x (20K bars) Here I don't understand Try already but still don't understand. May I skip. The last one only invited indicator For example you are indicator developer you can custom your indicator and invite othe to use your indicator .People who use your indicator have only invited by you .Are starter trader have to use? this for the one who has pro trading system let's skip Coming to the analysis section, which plan should we use more? and what is more worth? Compared to the year we get Start with The lowest is Pro. as described. Discount 40% for member who get trial

reduced to 108 dollars Think yearly and come monthly. It's very worth In Pro+ acorrding to the explan The features it has added and the price is from 108$ to 179$ / year it still worth why? because it add notification from 20 times to 100 times look! 4 chart in 1 layout it's good Indicators are not serious. Because no one uses ten of them. 179$ / year with discount 50% from 360$/year for member who get trial it still worth. Take at look at Premium 60% discount only 218 dollars if it don't have a discount it's don't worth at all If we are not a Prop. firm trader or somthing ilke that is not corporate style . still not worth It doesn't suit us at all.

we are newbies or the general treader is not suitable because of full price Captain have buy last yer 500$ /year I feel it's not worth it. so go back to use Pro+ Who is Premium for? What are we suitable for? Currently practicing Still can't make a profit use Pro around 100$/year this is worth. And if we can start making profits Seriously, you can use Pro+.And Premium

Is for people who don't have financial problems or want to get the best experience. But it is not recommended to apply for a promotion without a discount. Try it for a month and it will come up as an Early birth offer. in 1 month

It countdown then apply it. Aroud end of October or November it will have Black Friday promoton Some times it have discount up to 80%. Here it might be a little random. It will definitely discount But don't just buy in that without any discount like this or wait How was it? The difference between The free and paid version or any package If you still can't decide. Captain will make a new clip to go deeper into the function that it's paid for.

It's very good.Whether Volum Profile or Backtesting by Tradine view. which these topics Captain can expand further If you like this VDO or like Captain's sharing free knowlage Captain didn't ask for much. only like this VDO then Don't forget to comment for thank you to support Captain. See you again next VDO. Good bye.

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