EP:053 Build Your Business to Fit Your LIFESTYLE, Not the Other Way Around with Leticia Campbell

EP:053 Build Your Business to Fit Your LIFESTYLE, Not the Other Way Around with Leticia Campbell

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I've got, a confession to make. I need. To get this off my chest. As, a business owner we all make mistakes. I've. Got to confess. Hey. Guys it's Charlie, from confessions, of a business owner here and today I am doing another guest. Episode, with someone that I think is just so important, to bring to you the one and only latisha Campbell, now, earlier, this year I was very very fortunate to, meet latisha in the flesh in Bali, and we, had a bit of a connection going in some, similar values we share around family. And life so, I'm very excited to bring the teacher onto the show how're you doing the teacher. How. Are you, I'm really well I'm as I said a little bit pumped for this episode I think you've got an amazing story and, confession, to share with us. But before we get to that I think it's really important, to time what you actually do for business so if you can can you please tell us a little bit about what you do yes. Well I made, our sales strategist, and I'm also the founder of the chemist assess Network I founded. An academy, called the sell Success Academy where, I teach women. Who are in MLM network marketing and, direct sell professionals, on how to make more sales online I also work with other coaches, and real, estate experts, in people like that on on the branding part but the, major thing that I you, know teach is sales. Strategy, sales process, sell implementation. And things like that all online I, am, also a head coach of these sexy Brambleton formula as well where, I go real deep into, teaching. Women how to generate. Sales online along, with training automation, systems, instructions. And things like that, brilliant. I love that you do that and sales, is certainly in an area where many people I suppose need a bit of an assistance, so, it's very very cool and I'm gonna ask you more questions about, that later because I would I'm, dying, to know I mean I don't answer this yet because we do it later but it's like one. Of the biggest mistakes you see with people when they come in with you and Mike how do you learn so, that's a little hook and teaser we'll get back to that. Before. We get into that from there though I think it's really important that we get to your confession, because when, I read, this I was like oh I think this is made a little bit. The. Teacher camo it's your time to confess on confessions. Of a business owner thank. You again well I live in the great state of New York in, the US and I.

Work, For a number of years in Manhattan work. For all different types of sales companies. And sales, teams error manager, and things like that for well in fifteen years and one. Of the things that was a little bit of a struggle with for me was managing, my time working, itself, because I love sales like I love, getting in front of people and, just, getting into the to, you, know really purchase, something that they love in it that they enjoy um and, it's fun for me I was never really like an office behind. The desk type of course and I've always been bored at those jobs so I love just getting out there and just working with people so the thing that was a huge challenge for me and said everybody thought that my life was perfect on the outside with my children, my. Marriage and things like that there was a lot of scary stuff going, on. But. Behind the scenes a lot of financial, issues a lot of most, importantly, a lot of time spent away from, my. Children, literally. Last year around May. I went into a whole little nervous breakdown because I, was, so. Mentally. And physically overwhelmed. With the demands of my marriage the means of me being a mom it also starts, trying trying, to kick, off this business, that. I was trying to build. Online, on the side, so. It was a really really big struggle with me for, me and like I said in my in my story many of my audience knows that you know my husband's roommates. You, know basically, saw each other in passing or if not even, at all so with that came a lot of challenges, with our, relationship, less time spent really, gaps, in communications. And stuff like that along. With me being a mom now for children because one, of my major you, know dreams the episode, overall was to have a large family brother. Has ten kids I have cousins I have 15 kids like we come from that. Is, some good breed. Family. And. I wanted to have those same values that my. Parents instilled in us growing up and bring, it all in over, into my family but it was all right you know my oldest. Son he's special needs and you know and it was hard for me to connect with him on education. Level there. Were days where I would even see my kids because I will get home and they, were already sleeping and on, top of you know dropping my kids off in daycare and what have you so I missed a lot of major, milestones. For. My children, but what, it ended, up in transitioning. For me is when I did get into my nervous breakdown and, I was like you know I'm not going to wait five, years to, leave. My job, I want to do it now so literally. Three. Months after that I was probably. About seven, months pregnant with Laura and I. Just went into my boss's office and gave her to me gave my two weeks notice and that was it and. I was like I'm gonna do this I'm just gonna go all in and go all out and, you, know that was one of my major perfections. Is you know at you know presenting, to the world like I like, I was managing, at all and it. Really I was really you know blowing, up inside, so. Yeah. Well. This is a really, common story, this, is a fee it is I mean. I I, use to this so there's gonna come questions, so first, off is thank you for sharing so, honestly because there's. People right, now that will relate to this myself included, is that. For. Me family, is my, number one value like, it's something that I've designed, and built a life around the ability to be a very present father and be able to spend time with my kids as well as provide, for them financially like, I wanted both I didn't want to just have the money and I didn't want to just have the time I feel like in today's world both, is a really good thing to go for but. It's. Incredibly, challenging to go for that and it's very easy to get consumed, in Korea, and have. Our. Relationships. And family, time and social life really, really suffer and. It's. Not a fun place to be at all it's a really really own fun place to come, from and. The irony is we're, working really hard to, be. Able to spend more time with our children and you know be at those milestone, events and we end up kind of creating, the, complete, opposite because. Work. Becomes, the thing and. It's something where I really, admire people like yourself they get to a point and say no. More like. There has to be a different way so. Very. Very cool things there and I really appreciate, you sharing it so I want, to dig a little, bit into this because there's as I said definitely people out there that are working too much in businesses, or jobs or careers that, want to do that and when, you what.

Was The trigger point what was the thing that just had you go well I can't leave this in way anymore I have to move past it well. What really triggered me you know was the fact that you know I was getting like my health was getting into play you know I was getting so physically, sick because when, you're working. 14-hour. Days and then I used to bring my work home it was so. So hard and it wasn't until um. When. I went, home one day and my, child, he woke up in the middle of night and he was like crying because he missed me and he was like mommy would you let me be home with this I've been talking them like forever about leaving my jaw like when you gonna be home with us and you're. Missing this and you're missing that and they really made me feel like you know I got to do this for them you know I got a really say you know what I want to never put my kids in daycare again another, thing that was a huge milestone for me and I know a lot of women relate, to this is that, when you have to depend on other people sometimes. You get taken advantage of and, that's something that really happened, to me you know I I. Just I mean I go really deep into this because it's, hard when you, know you you you have to depend on other people because. They. Sort. Of like you know they decide they like the deciding, factor well if I'm not here then how he's gonna watch your kids and who's gonna you, know be able to support you on that end so when, I really, had that aha moment like Alan nobody, watched my case like me now, independently. Who, touched my kids for me having, to pick them up drop them off and do all that stuff so for me it was sort of like when, I left my job I, fired, a lot more in my circle. Found you I don't need you either so. That was sort of like another thing that was a hobby for me because it, was really helped me to really from solidify, that I have to do make the steps to want to show my kids that they, can come to me for anything and they know that mommy's always gonna be there not I'm not gonna be at work or you know what happened even another thing that has changed you know just recently I've been. Now. A full-time, entrepreneur, for almost a year was, that you know even when I go to their school it's a totally, different you know means a respect, you know they call me Miss Campbell is no longer that's where we smile that's the word like. They know if something happens, or if there's an event I'm always there, like I'm like the the. Supplicating. Soccer mom is this. Well. I'm hoping to be the soccer dad so I admire, them as well so it's. It's. A really, really cool way to obviously. Love a lot about this story and like how you've been able to transition, the relationships, in that example to be more, with. Your children's, lives because, they're gonna grow up they're, gonna get legal you don't get that time back. See. For me what was really interesting is I'm, at a stage in my life where I'd. Say probably about a few years ago maybe five years ago now is that my friends started having kids like people in my life started, having children and. One. Of the moments I'll just never forget was. Our. Mother had had a child no I won't name names because, she definitely won't be helped happy if I name Ron the show but, um she just had a kid and she'd finished having some time off with her child and, she had to put her child into daycare and go, back to work and I. Saw, the look on her face of, a, broken. Mother that was being separated, from her child was actually horrific, I'll never forget it but I sat there and I was like I will never have that I'll, never, have that half and that is so, so.

Heartbreaking. That that, is what, is required in her, life where she's got to let someone else spend the time with her kid to go back to work to, pay the bill it's just not worth it that's. Right. So. What, so. What piece of advice would you give to anyone that's going through this situation now where they're not and it doesn't have to be kids but you know is spending all their time in their business and not, getting any time with their loved ones or their family, or their friends or anything like that well, for one you got to get more support I mean I remember if you must think I reached out to you for some assistance we got you know or. You know cities. And things like that one, of the things you guys got you got to understand is that you can't do everything. Our amigas, and you, know when somebody told me one day that you're not be she's not superwoman, and you. Know for a long time I thought I was I thought I can come home work, 13. Hours cook clean, just, be there and you can't do everyday I think that was one of like the the first, signs that I was getting into my nervous breakdown because I kept putting too much oh well. On myself and I was being truly unfair, you know you need to know, how to delegate, and delegate to the right people you need to get so, much more support, because doing, your entrepreneurial. Journey as, a woman, because I automatically, speak in that perspective you get a lot of people who are don't get what you're doing I don't understand, why you want, to have a business or build a business because. When, you're I come, from a very religious, background as well so. You, know we're always told you got to be the wise and. Clean the house and all that other stuff and when you want to step, outside the mold you're gonna get you get a lot of the objection now not, just from your community with your friends and co-workers and, things like that so you got to be around very supportive, people and that's one of the reasons why you know even you know we got the opportunity to meet in Bali was just I was so like, I'm in the right place people, here getting me you know I didn't even know who I was so yeah I think Phil's it two of the major things that's super important, as you, go through this process, two. Really good points there and I'll agree to that massively, when we went to that event. In Bali that I was speaking out it felt, like we were home it felt like there was the, people in that room which, it was like we're all on the same kind of like you know all the same wave is like, we're. All sharing, that and it's very very common as well that. Even in my own journey it's I look back and when I first started this I'm confident, most people thought I was crazy when I started a business and didn't. Have a job and was doing things where we challenged, the norm it's. Only natural that we start getting those questions so how do you deal. Because. This could be a really hard thing as well because people in your life that you care, about and loved ones will say things just to protect you but, it can be very very confronting, so how did you handle those type of things Oh. For. Me it was very different because the one person that I thought would support, me you know sort of like what the hell are you doing and that was my partner when I first started in my business when. I really getting real serious I've been in business for a while but it wasn't still like a little bit over here and happened what I was like I want to do this and I want to go all into, this one of, the things you got to do again you got to get around more people that support, you versus people that don't support you and another, thing I'm not gonna curse but you can't give a damn what you, know I'm singles those people out there naysayers.

Even If they see, the thing is you know this is challenging, for some women because we, we get the most non support for the people who are closest, to us like. Our husbands, like our boyfriends, like our partners our mom and dad those are the ones you really really. Come heavy on this sometimes and so you can't just say well I want to get you kick you out of my life because they're, part of your life doing chilling with you so I kept, on conversation, that pertain to my business, I, refrain. That from you, know my partner because I don't want to hear the letdown, right. Well, I don't want to hear the oohs and ahhs or the objections, and stuff like that so I started really purging. Myself instant, people, around me and I even flown. People. That got me you know and I think those are the major thing they just know that you're building a legacy and that's, the beautiful part of all of this you know I, had an aunt that passed away last year you know we're at a funeral, there was talking about all the degrees she has and all the, job she worked at and how high she was at in her position I like I want to be known for that you know you have, degrees you have certifications. Yeah you know I worked, at the top executive, level of my job that I worked at but I don't want that on my feet you were I want people to say I helped. Thousands. And millions of women to, teach to. Learn their value, and learn their purpose, and learn, their passions, and you know get I gave back to the world you know I really contributed. Versus you know what, who I served, Wow on here you know a job you. Know things like that yeah absolutely. And, isn't that just as such a good filter for life like, if you're you, know if you envisioning, and obviously we don't like these dark thoughts but it's like if you're envisioning you know what people would say your funeral, and it's, like he, was a fantastic middle. Manager he, did, he. Achieved sea level board status, or sea level executive, services, like, let's start the things I want from there so. That's such a great filter, and I'd honestly encourage, more people to be thinking about that stuff because it completely shifts, your view in how, you show up in the world so that's fabulous. So. What a shift, the conversation a little bit now because I think you've shared a really, big part of the transition, and some. Fantastic mindset. That's got you through on how you push through but, I want to do a little bit into the, sales, strategist stuff because, I know you're very talented in this area and, I look back to that question, in, the, world of sales what, do you see as the biggest mistake people make with, sales yes. Well we actually do want a master class on Thursday, we're going to get more differences but one. Of the biggest mistakes I see women do that. Makes them at an unfair advantage is, that they don't really want to dive into branding, who they are you, know really in this market, you have to sell an experience. You have to sell a feeling, like you look at top companies like Apple and all those big retailers, out there there are selling products and services they're, really getting people to buy into the experience, you know buying, soon what is that lasting, impression, that they want people to have you. Know once, they leave their presence or while, they're buying or their, products or service so that's one of the major things that I've seen more than any other you, know mistake, that people make particularly. Online is that they're not selling enough experiences. They're not really getting people to become, magnetically.

Attracted, To them and. If, you don't have that on, the front end then, you, know people are just going to go through your content, through your newsfeed and just pass it on and go to somebody else that does give, them an experience, you know whether the experience is them be, more conscious about their health be more conscious about their look why don't you travel, the world and be free and have freedom whatever, it is you got it you know really selling experiences, or them like, the biggest, thing right now that people are buying into you yeah. I think, there's a lot of power. In what you do sit then and the great example is of course Apple but even when you look at I like, going to an Apple store like. They've. Created something where I like being sold to we like a no no no obviously you have to look at different businesses, have different selling methods but they just job. On, the other side of things we look Nike where it's like I enjoy the. Nike experience, so really really so. Those, brands are certainly selling out and then on the reverse of that it's. Like we look at companies I'm not bagging, this company at all I think they make great products but it's like HP, hewlett-packard it's, like you know I'm not seeing the same experience. Of selling computers, that provide. At all so, the brand should be part of it so it's a really interesting observation. Yeah. Okay. So on the reverse of that that's an area where we look at that how does someone start improving, in that area. Well. The first thing is you have to figure out is what. I always tell my clients is, when we first get on a strategy session is what what impression, do you want to get your audience you know how, do you want people to feel when they watch people, live and when you're looking at your phone so when you're not even in the room like, what is that feeling that you want to have you want to implement I still in power you want to take women like I was just gonna pull before, I came one here one of my clients she was like I want to help women learn, more about money and how to manage money and that's powerful, because most, of the time as women you know we you, know how, to spend money or know how to no work know where to get it you know for my partners on the job we, don't know how to manage it so I think like when you know, you're your niche right, or that, one problem that you want to solve for your it is that, is a number one place where you get started it's going to be the foundation of your entire brand you. Know when you know what a problem that you're solving you, know when you know how, you want your audience to feel you know and I mean we go really and deep to it but just, starting, there and start you really analyze what, value, you want to get to the world, that's, an awesome place to start because, anything, else once did he get attracted to that whatever, you're, selling on the back end they're gonna buy you, know even if you block from one company to the next they, always going to follow along with you because it's the feeling is that again. Going back to the experiments, those are things that they're just hugely important also to be transparent, is sharing your story you, know that's, something that's you know definitely a place where you should it, started because in this world like you know you go on social media you see people with the cars and the houses and stuff like that but what I've noticed thing when people really get really deep and look at you in the face and really you know go into more at risk see like wipe into a divorce and now I had to build myself up and gain, financial, freedom or I was cute, I was like that was like 300.

Pounds And now she's like rocketed. Like in a size 10 so when, people see that you went through that journey and you're transparent, you let him out they're like, wow you, know hurts, no journey or her experience, was amazing let, me you. Know find out more about her is that curiosity, that she's not igniting people. Absolutely. And I think you know two really strong points, there is that, you know authenticity, is, the new black, in my opinion it really is it's. Like we don't it, almost feels if someone's on camera or you're watching a video and they're perceiving their all their life is perfect, and everything always has it's. Like the, detector just goes off. So. Well then is, a huge one but. The other one is and this is something I'm really getting the trend around at the moment, is I love that idea of you, know again looking at it from a filter of what feeling, am i created. Create. Because, in. The example of female. Money management as you mentioned, from there I look, at that and go okay well really the. Feeling she's probably trying to create is empowered, and confident. It's, like leaning. In that area is really gonna help her audience feel that way and that's what they're wanting to achieve in that area but. So. So cool in such a different way to kind, of look at things and I really really like that lens. Okay. So. When, you've, kind of looked at that we've kind of covered what are the biggest mistakes you see and then we've covered you know where's the starting point from there but, how does someone actually get better at sales is this something where they need to do training in courses, or is this where experience, counts for a lot, well. One. You definitely gotta get training in courses because that would teach you the strategy, and for. Everybody they they, have their own unique strategy, like my mentor says we all have our own more weights than money right strategy, so that's something that's important, another thing is practice, I get. I see a lot of women they'll try at it and then when it doesn't work out or when they get nervous and they get their limited, beliefs coming. Into it into the play they stop. So really you know you got to get into that self-development, getting to some type of mentorship program, where you're getting the strategy being a support and then, practice makes, perfect. I used to be so nervous you know my first time going. Out there you know having, to deal with top execs, you know and speaking. In front of them I was so nervous and then after. A while I was like a pro at it I sold millions of dollars you know one, account to the next and I was like okay I got you, know and, that's, something that helps, you sharpen, your eye and when you get this up about it plus, the practice. Makes perfect as well, that's. An interesting one particularly, in sales there's categories, in our life that I feel like people think they're good at naturally, I'll. Give you a couple of so we think we're good at being a friend we, think we're good at being a. Wife, or a husband. We're. Good at communication. And that's. Like really it's like they're all actually skill sets they're things we need to learn but, I feel like style, sneaks in a little bit here where a lot of people think they can sell and kind of get past the idea of getting some, training and I think it costs them dearly yeah, it's. A huge one to work on yeah. It's a misconception of, sales because. Everybody's. Perspective the cells is different and that's something I had to realize in the past year like some people perspective may be like well I'm a Selden's, phone it's $20, you go by the phone by the phone that's not sales okay, and. And. I work with a lot of MLM or network marketing professionals. And they're being taught that that sells and is not, sales. Is about relationships. You know it's about building that relationship and, getting, people to just I'm allows a little girl and it needs to be like that back in Tina's I don't come around your house vacuum.

Hill-hill He, wouldn't tell you the price of the vacuum or nothing he'll show you how to work it yeah she show you the dirt that's like he picked up from the vacuum that you have in your bed or your carpet or something like that you're, like oh my god I have that crap on my carpet okay I'll buy it you know it's, just about building, that relationship and, again, the experience so again, I always found that everybody's, perception sells, it's different, it's, way different they something to do it the wrong way and look. You know there's a lot of people that you know needs to learn how to do it the right way absolutely. Necessary, the people there, this is an opinion piece as well this is what I think there's people I think they can sell and I can and then, the other, that is the people that are scared. Of being a beginner again they, might. Sucking, on something and putting in those hours, of practice, into, something is a. Big hold back as well is that something you see commonly, do you see people that are scared to be crap, and again or start over as a beginner yeah. I mean especially, when, they're switching out companies, and I don't really know who their target audiences, who. Didn't need to be speaking to but, I believe that anybody, who is not really a good salesperson can, transition themselves, to building better relationships and, coming better ourselves but it's all about applying yourself as well and it takes work. It's. Not easy you see a lot of stuff on the inner say hey you can earn you can make five hundred we, join my company and then when they realize that it's work involved, you know ninety-eight. Percent of them stop you, know it's always like two percent I'm like okay I know it takes work with implementation. And stuff like that so I know there always can be a transition, if you apply yourself to it it. Does require that effort, now, latisha where's, the best place for someone to come and learn, a little bit more about you and see what you're doing in the CEO space. Join. Me as a vit, that alive, forward. Slash. Domination. Match supplies I do, like. A three-part, series well myself, my. Girl Abby McKenna, and Starling. And we, definitely teach you guys more there's not, just sales we also teach automation, mindset, and things like that, but that's a good place because we're like power mom's you know. Unstoppable. Girl so we just would love to have you guys join us, and be a part of this masterclass, experience. You. Guys and I would really encourage if, you resonating. With this message and some. Of the things Leticia has to say here I'd really encourage you to check out that link we will include a link in the description I, did receive that before, the show lucky, we got it in there is that. So. That is the, wrap up for this episode I want to say thank you so much Leticia for coming on confessions, of a business owner and sharing. The real story of what simple, important. In this world. Thank, You charlie. Norris. That's it for this episode guys thanks, for tuning in. You.

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