EP:047 Our Best Referral Strategies and How YOU Can Emulate Them For Your Business

EP:047 Our Best Referral Strategies and How YOU Can Emulate Them For Your Business

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I've got, a confession to make. I need, to get this off my chest. As, a business owner we all make mistakes. I've. Gotta confess. Hey. Guys it's Charlie from confessions, of a business owner here and I am live once again with the one and only Kim Bauer at Hado and Kim doing. Super well mr., Charlie and, yourself yeah. I'm doing motored really really good day my side kicking. Some ass and really excited to just smash out the rest of 2018. So all, guns blazing man. Love. It love it myself as well so I'm. Pumped if there's one of my favorite, topics I cannot. Wait to dive deep, into this yeah. So today's topic I'm. Excited by this one as well I should mention that today's topic, is how to get more referrals, for your business, and, I think this is so important, for every business like, and I'm sure everyone, who listens to it will come up with at least a bit of a new idea on how they can get more but. Before we get into that I want to ask you a question because I'm almost fine almost, fascinated, by this but, it feels like this. Is just so neglected, why is referrals, so neglected. For so many businesses, why, do you think it is well, as interesting as well right I think there's like a portion. Of businesses, that only. Rely on referrals, and then there's the other portion, that never get referrals because I remember when going to like when I was younger growing up everyone's like oh yeah my business goes from just word-of-mouth and referrals, and I started my business and I'm looking around going like how. Come no one's just like what am like where's this word-of-mouth action, like. What's going on and but then I think I probably relied, more like my ability. To generate leads was probably better than my ability to understand, even how to go about getting referrals, so. I think, that most people you kind of fall into one of two cancers like you understand, how to do it at the start and then there's others that go well, just do my business I generate my leads I get people coming in and they're like, generating. Referrals is. Kind of like the last thing that I even think about, yeah. It's well maybe I must hang out in the other camp then but, overwhelmingly it's, like Alaska business, owner if they have a strategy, to get more referrals or, if they even ask for referrals and, I would say 9 out of 10 would say no, it's. Like yeah accidental. Referrals, like if someone feels like giving them a referral they do but that I really seek them out, unless. They go to the the referral, groups man they should be getting 5 10, refers a week from you. Know this I'm just gonna call them inb4 all, intensive, purposes. Anyway. He, went there. Right. But I mean that is funny because I when, I first thought is well I did go I went to a group similar, um, for. Yeah, I probably a year, and. I was like this is like I was like this is so boring to me and they'll promise me all these referrals and I'm. The only person doing. Digital marketing, here and I, don't have a bajillion dollars or, people, just sending me a ton of referrals, like even, people who are actively, looking for them for me aren't sending me referrals, referral, suck I'm just gonna do marketing, yeah. Well I actually think that's a big part of it I spoke to someone last week and I asked them this and their response was Facebook, Ads got so easy to get leads they just decided this was their and the option and you. Know just go with Facebook ads it's heaps easier but. Then, I kind of brought up I'm like but what happens when Facebook ads get more expensive or when Facebook ads you know are the thing anymore what's gonna happen to your business then and I. Feel, like for a business to be bulletproof, or to, mitigate enough, risk for their legion really. You want to have some sort of like advertising, source of leads you want to do Facebook ads or Google AdWords, you wanna have a paid source might be SEO Yellow. Pages email, whatever that is something you pay to get customers, but, then the other side of it is you really want to have a referral strategy, in place so that every lead or sale you are making you're, potentially turning, into another customer, as well with, no acquisition, cost and, then the third leg of this tripod, if you will is, joint venture partners you, really want to have some of that as well and I feel like if you've nailed all three of them that, your business is in a really good shape where you don't really have to worry too, much about you know what happens with you know the next Facebook analytics scandal.

Or If Google AdWords gets too expensive, you really kind of protect yourself against, those things. Yeah. 100% and I think it's it's it's, something that I never thought about Flav's, and I'll tell you a quick story about how. Like, when I kind of saw the light when it came to referrals, because, when. I was getting started in my business and I wanted to get some like Rondon in my belt I would just reach out to people okay like, if you want, Facebook, ads do you want funnel you want something like this oh I'll, do it for you like I know that you. Have a need like. Don't, don't. Pay me anything I'll do it and I'll, get you guys some results, and then from there you. Know if you want to work with me cool if you don't that's cool as well but I'd love to do this for you so I do work and I work quite hard and make sure that I get them a really good result and. Probably. Sixty percent the time they actually didn't want to keep doing anything so I probably did it in a foolish way where I kind, of gave. Them you might gave them the result, and then they're like oh cool thanks but, you just did this for us so we don't need it anymore cuz you did it I'm like this was stupid it, was a silly idea but. What, happened is a byproduct of that is then everyone, would start talking, in there go well someone else asked them it's like hey how, do you do this like oh you know like Kim Berra helped us sell your social voice helped us out so I, started, getting a like. Without. Even knowing a network, of people referring, to me just. By focusing, on how I could help them like you know I call it the preeminent, strategy to tell you another one of those stories after but, I was like whoa look if I help them now like, it's only gonna cost me my time I didn't. Have a ton of clients so, I'll do it and then we'll, see what comes from that and you know if I get some if, I if they come on his client great if they don't well at least I had some experience, but because I did that like, so often like, and time and time again then. I would just get people going like oh yeah if you need anything you got to speak to your social voice Kim Barrett and that really started, to bring in leads. And leads and referrals and, referrals and that I wasn't even aware of that was happening. It's. Funny that you kind of accidentally, created, like a referral, network by offering free work but. What an effective strategy if that, was the intention I mean I'm sure you got done a little bit on some of that sixty percent no go but hopefully enough referrals, came from it so, let. Me ask you this them what's been your most successful, referral. Strategy, what's brought you the most referrals, for, your business, well.

So. I would say, actively. Thinking about that right and so, by, actively, thinking about that and going well as it start off with I screwed, her up and didn't realize it properly however. By, giving, them such a good experience, that. Enabled. Me and and I do that this across the board like regardless if something goes wrong right or otherwise like I've had a client where they, there were another agency, they came to us we did this work for them didn't pan out as expected a lot, of people that could have just soured that whole relationship and they've been late yep cool like screw. You off you go and I was like telling him before us like I had to eat you know a bit of a tasty. Sandwich and, we're like yeah cool except, that I'll give you money back and, what. It did then is well though because I always like to over-deliver right and I believe in the whole strategy of preeminence, and doing what's best I had two clients come to me that, especially. Just after refunding, a guy I was like I couldn't really do with this cash right now they, came to me and said well actually is not gonna be best for me and I was like actually what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna send you to the guy I spoke like, that I this, other guy who said I could be could have been burnt I'm gonna send you to him sent. The referrals to him he closed one of them then, he messed me is like man so amazing like so happy and excited and he sent me like a whole bunch of gifts and not. Gifts. With a gif, s but gifts, he, didn't just send me like a crazy panda emoji, or anything like that right I would, have been better yeah. But. He sent me a couple of gifts and then he also sent back some, clients to me when he was out these for that side my scope so I'm gonna send. These to you so it's, always enabled me to get. Really really good. Referrals. Coming through I remember, they paid off one time I had, this call from it's actually an ASX, listed company, and they called me up and, I thought we heard about you they didn't actually tell me who it was and all the time I never find out who the referrers, are like they're like are they. Like are several people told me about you where, I've been asking who's like who I should work with and everyone keeps saying Kim, okay. That's great and then it was my first big client I think was like eight thousand or seven thousand dollars a month and I, was like still working at home in my spare bedroom it, was like just before Christmas, and I was like pop, and party poppers and throw stuff everywhere, because. Just, by doing that, consistently, focusing on how I can deliver to the people that I work with and also, helping, people you, know work where I see fit and where I can as well enable. Me to consistently, have these referrals, coming in and like, several people referring, me which, is always you know it just stacks that word in my favor and suddenly then I thought yeah everyone told me to speak to you so, I'm, speaking to you now I can you help and that's what's this always pays off yeah. And I think people underestimate the, value of a referral quality, lead, like in marketing, it's kind of known that a referral, is a very strong lead type and much better than let's say for a just a Facebook ad so, it's something you definitely want to have working for you business but I just want to break that down quickly so you'd worked with someone it. Hadn't gone well and you, decided that look I'm just gonna refund. This person it's not the right account for us or whatever gesture or was it you've, refunded, them and then also sent, them some clients, from, your, network or some of your own clients and then turned them into one of your best referral partners by, creating an unbelievable.

Experience, That's, good story man that's, very well played and I, think, you touched on something really, important, there that I see, business owners doing all the time let's, pretend something doesn't work out with a potential client okay. Hypothetically someone comes in and they're not right for your business and your refund them in, a lot of cases people. Let that relationship, burn notice, go okay well we, copy friends now because this didn't work out, and, that's just absolute madness because there was obviously something there in the beginning where you got along where, you saw a potential, fear and I, think that people will often let one bad experience, ruin. What could potentially be, a great client in another capacity or, could work in a different dynamic and I think you've done really well to. Reconfigure. That relationship. So they're still creating, something awesome and really, recovering, that relationship, as well which is very well played again well. I always have had it's, kind of like all about company values as well would just leave thing that's better than I found them and it's like even if we've had ever happened like as a and, I always said that everyone was like because. We've had such crazy amounts, of we talked in our last podcast about growth and things like that sometimes. Things. Can break and it doesn't always work out the best for people but I always try and leave people or. Like. People, in general or experiences, better, than I find, them if I can do that I'm like well surely. Somewhere, the cosmic, energy and the, Karma of the universe will pay off for me as like, sometimes as I said it is that truly like you, have to eat a, sandwich or probably a nicer way would be humble pie I'm guessing. We'll. Go with humble pie. But. After. Reading there's a book called um I think you spoke, about it before a new brother um extreme. Ownership by jakka willing so, after, reading this like whoa I have to take your shrimp ownership for this even if the other person at the end doesn't, necessarily, appreciate like in all these scenarios where I've had these things, happen and I've done stuff people could quiet and and sometimes they have looks like they go like okay cool but I was still don't care like, you still like this still doesn't didn't pair now for them which is cool but at least I know I've done everything on my side to, make sure that things work out as they can and I think that's why I still get so. Many people referring, and talking and sharing with me and things like that, undoubtably. I am I often think of you when it comes to karma points and I. Think. You definitely have that reputation Kym you would have to go down as someone that's done favors for pretty much everyone. I mean one day something's gonna go down in the world or the marketing, world at least we'll have to come and help. You out just because we were you for the years but. Certainly shows and I love that as a company value, yeah. And what, about yourself cuz I think as well a lot of people and. I know I I do but I think a lot of others well would definitely send you a ton of referrals like what do you think it is that you've, done to enable, that to happen for you yeah. So it's quite interesting that referrals. Is predominantly. How. Outsourcing. Angel gets its business and also. How my agency, got its business as well so referrals. Have always been a really strong thing for me in business I've always taken them very seriously and. If you're in marketing or, in business in general and I used to just think about it like this if it's. Costing, you a hundred dollars to acquire a client, so you've got a hundred dollar cost per acquisition but. You can get them to refer you one client you, just have you cost per acquisition so. Literally, if you can get your referrals, right you, can be terrible at marketing or half as good as anyone else and you still win and, I was always blown away with that concept of thinking wow and, like what if I referred to people Oh. What. Would happen then and funnily, enough it's like you know that became a really important, thing to come through so, I'll. Go into a few things here now the first thing that really, stood out to me when I broke down you know how we go about referrals. Is you. Actually have to create an experience where people would be wanting, to refer you okay. So that's point one so if you're terrible, at what you do and someone's, had a bad experience with you why, would they ever want to pass that on to someone else like, referrals. Happen when someone's had a good experience or being wowed and they go oh my god you've got to check this out, like, you, know we don't share videos, we don't like on social media we share the videos we do like we go oh my god Kim please you've got to watch this video check, this out. And that's really what I took to heart so when you look at working with a client the thing that overwhelmingly, worked well for us is particularly.

In The first month provide, a great experience provide, a great onboarding, experience and, help, a client have a really good time compared, to other things now, in marketing, right the. Thing that always used to drive people nuts and I'm not sure if this is still to this day is communication. Like, how we used to do really well and get a lot of referrals in marketing is, simply communicate, a lot because. I would always say like our last name agency, never let us know what was going on we, never knew what was happening in our accounts we never knew what they were doing so. We, brought in things like weekly, reports, so. We'd go okay we're always talking to our clients more regularly and that crabbed the environment where we would get more referrals, but. The one I want to share is more interesting, and is more about outsourcing, angel. Limpa. Debbie went on holiday to Bali and she, went and stayed at a place called rumba, which, she actually stayed at two places the first place I don't know but I definitely know the second one rumba now the first place she stayed at was basically. It was okay, and. She talks about this experience she had there was kind of all right you know and the food was okay and everything like that but, the second joint she stayed at she was like really overwhelmed, that when she rocked up like everyone, there knew, their name so. The staff in the facility had been trained on their photos and their kids names and everything and like they were greeted by name when they were there and before. They even got out of their car their bags were gone but. She, almost thought may be stolen, but. Like it was already set up for their room and like, there was fresh cold drinks waiting, for them on entry and like the, daycare for the kids was really good and all these in amazing things happened where she's like I've had this amazing experience and, when. Lin came back she went and we, introduced, something an outsourcing, angel called the, rimbor experience, and Lin.

Really, Came up with this idea is like you know how could we make our clients feel. Like. We are the remember of the outsource again like, what would need to happen where, we created, that for other people and we. Started to do things instead of spending money on like marketing, we, would spend money on our clients, so if they had had a success in business you, know we would send them a gift if. Something. Was happening in their world we might send them a little outsourcing, angel pen or lanyard or something that, was timely from there and it wasn't always gifts, sometimes it was just like you know sending him a really nice card or, an email congratulating. Him like creating, experience, where we actually cared like rembert cared, now. Undoubtably. In the execution, of the remember experience, the referrals, we're, nuts and we. Started to spend more about marketing, budget on that type of thing over things like Facebook ads and Google AdWords because of the quality of leads and environment, are created at the company and there's, a saying I always go to is like you know good clients, refer good clients and bad, clients, refer bad clients, so, your best clients, right now in my opinion are, the people, that are you know gonna, refer you your next good clients, and it's, like this whole thing we preach on this show it's you know birds of a feather flock together you. Know it's an, environmental, theme chances, are if you've ideal, client is in your business right now they're hanging out with more of your ideal clients, so. Incorporating, this rimbor, experience, into outsourcing angels became something that is, still what we use today still, something we do more of and. For every client wanting to create something where we wear them and have that really impactful, moment so they want to send us work yes. So it's so true and something, that I remember. I had this experience ages ago because. When. People started one of the things I realized is like as a marketing, agency yes. We started doing stuff however sometimes people, are handing over four, five six eight thousand, dollars and they. Don't like normally, when you spend money you, have something in return what you have is if you get leads right. And it's like and things, like that you, get a phone you get a physical good right you have some it's like whoa I spent this and I get this however where, they wouldn't get anything apart, from the worker would start doing and I. Always went was like well how could I improve. That experience so, that they do get so we did like. You're saying like we ended up doing a welcome gift pack and it, would be. When. We first did we just had this like a little I, remember, the experience when you get an espresso machine, and you open it up it's like magnetic, thing you, open it had all the information in, it and I kept that I was like even, though it was like my warranty or something you'd normally check out as I all this is I'm gonna keep mine in espresso little welcome team, so we created our own one of those and then, what we started adding on and you. Know over four. To five thousand, eight thousand dollar-a-month client, whatever it might be we, started doing our welcome. Gift boxes. And we did a customer I was like I got the person, we had hooked up with a company they, do, handwritten. Welcome, cards and I would tell them what to put in the card and I, would give them like, one or two things that I knew about the person so it's like cool health. Guy, in fitness, and does this and then issue about great here's my idea I'm gonna even request buy this this this and I was like great and she would post those off and and. It's, funny again as well like probably. Fifty. Percent of the time people don't, acknowledge it, however, they, remember, like it's not like and I'm not looking for them to message me like oh my God thank you so much but it's like as long as they remember, that when they first started they were like I got this amazing gift and this happened, and things, like that like that's what I want, to want, them to experience when they start, absolutely.

You Just nailed it it's not what, how they act it's what they remember, it's how they view the company I completely, agree it's, a very, wise thing you've just said they're Kim hugely. Impactful, so. In the if. I can just give one more point there, was a there's a place in there in the, very, north part, of Australia, there right at the top of Australia, and they have a continent within the name of its, like far away Bay or something like that and you stay there and it's, like three thousand dollars a night so. The thing they said is like how can we make like, yes the whole experience is worth that but we have food we have activities, and we have the accommodation, so, they said how can we make each of those worth. $3,000. A-night on their own so. We did the same thing in you know sounds like cool if they have a conversation, how can we make sure this conversation, is like a $5,000, conversation, for them the, welcome and gift pact is reflective, of a value of that sorts and stuff like that and, that really made a big difference as well that's. A great quality, question, I'm just gonna throw that out there is like can, you imagine right, just imagine every business owner if, you just took an hour of and you, looked at what. You charge things for and you go I'm gonna break this down and make every, single thing we include and how we do it worth, the value of this item alone like. If you're providing that experience. For your clients Oh guarantee. Your referrals, increase how could they not, that's a brilliant. Way of viewing it and putting things in place so very well articulated there, Kim thank. You thank you sorry I had interrupted, you about his face only goes wrong let's, say well anytime you want to drop a bomb like that you can interrupt me right away don't don't feel guilty at all I'm. Just trying to keep our you know podcast on time, here but nonetheless we'll, get through so, I thought we should really dig, into some actionable steps like a little bit of a 1 2 3 or a way we could look at this to help people like from today get more referrals now I've gone with a couple of points and I'm undoubtably, think you're gonna have some really good ones to.

Come In from this but I'm gonna start with number one I think. The first thing you've got to do is actually have, an experience that is worth referring, so if your average or below what you do you, got up your game average, doesn't get referrals, below. Average certainly, doesn't get referrals the only time you would get referrals in that game is if you're the only one that has that service and they need you add a necessity, and even then that's not a strategy I would recommend, but. That's start one. Part. Two and this, is a really big one I kind of think about is if you're now creating this experience, for people where you are doing things from there don't rely, on them to give you the referral, actively, ask for it now. This again, is something alone that made a big difference at outsourcing, angel and where we do things is we actually ask for referrals we ask people for referrals in the Association, our community, we ask you know do you know anyone that's suitable for this group and it's amazing that someone. That would never give you a referral, if you ask for it we've got this guy over here I never really thought about it well, this girl here she'd be a great fit so asking for it's really powerful how, do you feel about them too I think. They're great and if. I files to add add. One to that I think is actually putting, together like. He mentioned about the clients who are the right people it's, like creating. Your client categories, and just. From the propensity of going these are like, tremendous. I want tons more of these are great like, I don't mind and also going well actually are their categories, we're going they're not our most ideal so if we are if we do ask them for referrals like, you said we're probably gonna get more about no idea so making sure you understand, who, the clients are that you're working with seeing oh cool I want to get more of this type of client and profiling. Them because it then does make like. You know at that that. Inb place I mentioned right they always ask you say do you know who your ideal client is and if you don't if you just go anyone. Who wants marketing, or anyone who wants this that's, not what you want you need to know specifically. So if someone does ask you and go cool Charlie, you said you want more people in this relation, great what people specifically, do you want well. Yeah. It's a good question really, oh, damn, just more people please you know it's like okay cool want someone who's like this there's this there's this great I'll go find them for you now.

You Actually brought up something really interesting there as well something. That I often get asked is about incentives. How do you feel about incentives. Around referrals, and I want to answer this before I let you answer as well because. I don't want my answer. To conflict, okay. So my, view on this is that we don't, offer incentives, in general, for referrals we, might do something nice for a client but my experience, is if you offer clients, financial, incentive. Or referrals, those, referrals, haven't, been as good it's, like they're doing it for the financial. Gain not. Because they want to so. I found this really interesting thing, that you know a lot of cases, referrals. That come because people want to refer are, the best quality of referrals, and that's what you should aim for from them and incentives. Shouldn't, be the main driver in why someone's sending you work otherwise. It's pretty much like an advertising campaign, and. Can often need more expensive. That's. So true I. Just. Because I like, when and I'm like have you ever read the book the five love languages, definitely. Yeah. So I like to sneakily, it's like I, one of my things is like it's is, like acts of service and also like give us Rio like, I love, it and then I always give, gifts cuz I feel like that's what that's, what I like other people like so, I always try it yeah, as I always try and find out a little bit in Mike investigate. And it's always interesting, conversation. So if you ever read this like hey Charlie what's your like spiritually what's your love language if you read the book. My. Love language was, I'm just trying to think back to it it, was definitely. Stumped, me on this one Kim I'm trying to remember back to it all I know is I remember from reading this book that me and my partner read it and we realized we had completely, opposite once and it, was like the example, in our relationship, was that like food. Was on a mine I cook for, my partner and give her food to, show love but. She doesn't do that for me and then she wasn't, cooking for me so I wasn't feeling loved back in the same way so it's a really interesting thing to, do as a couple but. Gibson's definitely, high on mine as well yes. And also say based on what you said their acts of service, if that's what you do for her but that's not hers so, now I know that is what I'm like Charlie, likes gifts and acts of service right, so I know you so, Charlie, might send me a cry I'm like well actually I'm just gonna do something for Charlie I'm just gonna take care of this and do something for him or I'm gonna send him a little sneaky gift other people they like quality, time so it's like I'll call this client randomly and spend half an hour with them doing something or they. Like touch so it's like cool next time I see them I give them a huge big bear thank, you so much for sending me that client oh my god right, they were just, that, would be anchors too just by the way just, right away. And. I'm not big on touch or quality time like you know I. Am, of course what I've been told my partner but it's like that was so much more important to her than me, so just how valuable, that book is again they keep going Kim yeah. So it's like I've by figuring these out as well it's that cool I remember, there was these there, was a couple these two amazing girls they run a business called chic and I found out what, their love, languages will grow at this event and I think it was acts of service I think it was and so, they hadn't got a logo yet for their new business so I messaged my designer sigh hey make me like five variations, of this there's, been too much time but make me find variations of like this as a logo and, then the next day I saw them I sent them as are by the way I check this out and I showed them oh, my, god we love you so much they're so amazing like.

Because That was their love language no like well and then they always regardless. Of any other experience they always remember I did, that little thing. For them and I always like think about and go cool if they do if people send me is that great what is it like if I can figure it out like, what if what is their love language if you and how can I emphasize, that for them and I, don't always necessarily incentive, why it's like strategic. And alliances, and joint ventures yes but like for referrals when that happens I was try and do a little something that, ties into that they just like locks in for them that they should always do that for me it's. A very clever way to go about it Kim I really really, like that if you've got that information incredibly. Powerful way to show, you care. About a client more which is incredibly, cool now. Kim we've got one more thing I would really love to go over on this podcast you've talked about a dream 100. Strategy, for referrals, and this is almost like what, we've covered in this episode so far is though how to get more referrals out of your existing clients or, people that you work with from there and this is a bit of a different, spin on it so I'll let you lead the way on this one yeah. And this is obviously, there's many people that have. Reinvigorated. This strategy, if you will and they have gone untaken is like russell brunson has done it and things like that but, Chet Holmes was the originator of the strategy and it's like identifying like, the top 100, people that you would want to send you drink your dream clients, and doing. A package together and going after them so I'm just very blessed that like probably five out of my top ten in my dream 100 I work, directly with, but. What I've gone and just about to launch, because I haven't focused on this enough and put it in place properly is I've, gone and found the. Rest of the people that I want to be in my dream 100 just send me clients I put together a like, a gift, pack for them so. What I've got is something articulating. And explaining exactly how I foresee, that we could work together in the most ideal way and the people that I want, them to send to me exactly, I'm like I want you to send me people like this this this this and not every partner, is gonna send me the same people when I have a differentiation. In. My message to each one of them but. Then I'm also tied in because I know a lot of them are gift, gift. Receiving, people from their love language so I've chosen like a custom gift for every single one I'm gone and going cool what do I know about them done, some research found a little gay to go with that to reinforce, my strategy, to then enable. Them to be able to refer me the, most ideal clients, that I'm looking for but I've also made sure going who, are they working with great, how can I articulate, which of my product or services, I want them to help me and send, me referrals, for and who of their audience is most ideal for that as well that. Is absolutely, killer so just want to break this down so dream 100 strategy is that you make a list of your dream 100, clients so.

We're Revamping that and we're gonna say we're gonna have our dream 100, referral, partners we're. Then putting together a gift pack a personalized. Gift pack so something specific, to that person and. We're sending that over to them in a way that articulates. The type of clients, that you want for your business in this case, I'm. Doing it more work together I'm. Doing a video card for them so I'm gonna have a video card that has my logo and it's like hey and then space for the name I'll write their name in and, then they open it and a place of personalized, video from me being like hey Charlie you're, a boss man I love working with you I really. Want to grow my ex program, and I'm looking for this type of person so I love if you could send me more people like that and I'd, be willing to rewarding, you in any way that you want possible, down, below is my calendar. Link you from the book in a time when we can have a chat and see how we can make this a win-win for both of us chat, users I was. Gonna say Rimba yeah. This is so, rimbor, but. When. I look to it okay like in your average day or my average day like that stuff doesn't happen to me there any gift baskets, flown through this door like that's gonna really stand, out, in. The average business owners life and to be very hard not to take that seriously so. I think that is an absolutely, killer strategy, Kim I think that is something that you, can. Scale. Number, one there. Is a little bit of your time involved, but I think if you want good referral partners it's got to come from you this is not something you want from the team this is something you want to take on board but, the potential gains from getting this right at is huge like, up that dream 100, list let's pretend you get 10 percent 10 people, turn. Into great referral partners, and someone, you could potentially do joint ventures with dude, that could be all the business you ever need. Exactly. That could be and I was doing the numbers on it the other day is like let's just said that I send you one. One, lead inside, the closer a would be close to 100% oh and they're good, referral quality, leads they, get 10 new clients a month coming. In from 10 people every month that's 100 new clients a year as you said like really that covers slack you don't have to run any more Facebook ads at all right and so you do that all these things in conjunction with, then, it's just like things can go crazy oh here's. The thing if you did that strategy and 100. And you've got 100, leads but. You, got every one of those leads a great experience, and they referred you one client. Bang. Boom you've just the government you're your outputs so, incredibly. Impressive Kim I love that spin on it. This episode, we're. Gonna have to wrap it up from here dude we've exceeded, our time allocation, people, who start dropping off I don't know why you guys don't hang around after, 30 minutes this is of them when our best animation, comes. But. That's it for this episode guys thank, you so much for tuning in to confessions. Of a business owner we have been talking about how to get more referrals, for your business. Adios. You.

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