EP:041 Five Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started My Business with Linh Podetti

EP:041 Five Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started My Business with Linh Podetti

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I've got, a confession to make. I need, to get this off my chest. As, a business owner we all make mistakes. I've. Gotta confess. Hey. Guys it's Charlie here from confessions, of a business owner and today I have the absolute pleasure. Of bringing someone onto the show that is very important, in my life, my fellow co-founder. At outsourcing. Angels and didi friend Linda, Diddy how you doing then I'm good thank you it's, so good to be here, yeah, I've seen your show I loved it and now I get to be the guest I'm excited, it. Has taken us too long to get you on the show, it's I, won't lie I've been you know putting little hints out there for a while and it's glad I'm really happy with being able to make this happen because I think you're such a clever person and some perspectives, you bring to this world will be just so so important, I hope, so thank you yeah look forward to sharing some things that I know today. Excellent. I think you got to drop some bombs in all honesty so, before, we get into that though there's gonna be a lot of people that don't know about outsourcing, angel, or what it is did, you want to describe that for us yes, so outsourcing, angel, is for, small business owners who, don't, have enough time to do their marketing admin. Work and so, we're there to help them save time save money by. Outsourcing, to virtual, assistants, mainly, from the Philippines, and we help them you know save time in recruiting, giving them the best VA and really. Help to facilitate the, relationship, so that they will have the best you, know a players. In their company. Let's. Say oh ouch for that because I just got another VA from our own company of course we would how would I know I've got a company there and I'm once, again impressed, with the work we do got an absolute, gun come. From the Philippines Jade, so making outsourcing, easier I think the best way to describe, that and we really do yeah, I get really excited it's almost like you're matching two, lovers together you know and when they're you, message them to and they're in love with each other it's the biggest like excitement, we get in. That's. The stage I mean now that's, the stage, and I've got that as, well which is being cool but yeah he's a really good way to describe it mm-hm so. Today we, are getting, into something which i think is very interesting now I think you're actually the only guest of ever had that, emailed, Mitra two topics, and outlines.

Before, I even sent them anything really. One. Of the topics which we got to be going through today is five. Things you wish you knew earlier and, I hadn't read through these and I think there's such fantastic, points, so what I'd love to do right now is, we're gonna dissect these, one, by one and. I think a lot of people will get some value about, understanding, that perspective, so let's, lead away let's go with number one okay. So. My number one rule for, myself, if I ever, start any business or give you advice to anybody is really about, choosing a niche, because. You know from my experience at, the beginning I was, I started a digital agency that was you, know marketing service to anybody everybody, I don't know anyone could buy me and I, was just saying yes to every service website designs SEO, and it just didn't give me enough time to focus my. Craft on to the one thing that that's gonna solve the problem, and so, after years of doing it and really struggling in that business now I, know that. You really need to find the problem first you know what is the problem that the market is having then, try to solve that particular problem but. Do it really well and different to others that, people will come to you for it so, yeah, if it you, know nowadays you know a monkey video production, that I have as another business is animation. Company L sourcing angel is a dedicated. VA. Service. You know when we try to venture. Out into other packages. And things it just doesn't. Do well and when you have one niche you just have so much time to, really do it well refine. A process, every day and and market. So much better so yeah when you have more time to focus on money, she's just succeeds much more I. Agree. So, much and obviously because we share a business it's one of those things where I've seen this as well and I can see it especially, with outsourcing angel, is like when we had other services. It. Was so much more complex, with. Charlotte. To scale and since, we've focused in and meshed and solved a particular problem. I. Think, my hairline is coming back. Yeah. At the time I mean most people what happen is when you're starting a business is you're trying to make money as much as you can so you're saying yes to every client you know I remember going hey. There are people that kind, of fought the ongoing, VA is you know let's just do prepaid. You know make it easy for them and so, we'll busy trying to create. A service you. Know just to cater to to you know this minority all, the people that we shouldn't really type in the first place and then, we just spent so much time creating, processes. And things that you, know we end up getting burnt out we weren't doing good at it we were neglecting, the service that were doing well that, was more profitable or easier to do so, yeah that's, my biggest thing now it's like focus. On a niche then, do that really really well that's. A brilliant point you've mentioned there is since, doing that how. Much. Stronger we execute, the one thing like our delivery, is gone from like let's say gone, do it like nine or ten like we actually are so much better at doing the theme because of the focus that's, a really great point yep. Excellent. So. Let's, lead into the next one then number two yes. My. Number two is for many years I was, stressed out try to get the next client because I was selling a fixed price service, you know something. That you need I give you a quote and then you pay for it we deliver the project, and then you. Know you're gone and I don't know what else to do you know I'm, out there looking for more services and, what are more people to sell the service to so, nowadays you, know it's, all about recurring. It's really about setting up you'll set your your, business, in a way that brings. The clients back again, and again and again so. With outsourcing angel, it is a monthly service so, you know we know that once we do all the hard work we spend, so much time in marketing, so, much time in sales and is, it will be so sad to not see them again next month you know and so putting all that hard work and knowing, that we can create, a service that they need us on going. Then. You know that's the best way as a business owner you get to sort of you know relaxing, you knowing that you, know your clients are continuing, to pay you and you could spend time just growing, the business.

Other. Just brilliant thing I again, I agree with this one I am biased but. I don't think I would ever start a business that wasn't recurring revenue again, would you know, no way because it's so hard it's just full and you. Know I mean yeah that's the thing that's why you need to really think of the problem, nation. And then so that you could customize a, package. That you know they'll come back for it because it's gonna solve their ongoing need I think. There's another really good point in there about the idea of that you always need to be selling when you have a one-time, product yes I can just be exhausting, that's. Right it's exactly right so yeah, I remember going out networking, just running, out of ideas of how to get, new clients and you. Know it, was the blessing that I met you and you're the lead generation guy you. Know we said let's do outsourcing, Asia together and I no longer had to worry about lead. Gen anymore so that was the best. Absolutely. And I think we'll probably even do a whole dedicated. Episode to the story of outsourcing, at some point as well because, I, think, that almost ties in directly with, your, point, three yes, that's right I wish, I did this earlier so you know for many, years in the beginning, as. A business owner you had to wear so many hats so, I was, the lead, generation girl you know going out there networking then. When I come back I was a project manager trying to you, know manage the project getting the staff, to deliver, the services, I was I was wearing every single hat but. One thing I did know that I didn't enjoy it was like marketing, you know I was really good at team, building, fulfilling. Orders, very. Organized, you know back-end stuff I was really good at I mean, I could sell because I have to but I just hated. It and so. I remember, I had to force myself to learn Facebook, marketing and so. I went, to do a course only to go I just. Can't deal with this and and. Then, that's when I met, you and you you, lovely Jen and then, I was like why don't we partner together and do some together where you love this part, I love that part and we could do stuff together, ever. Since then with that success, I'm just, duplicating, this again and again you, know like as in if, there's. A division or Department. In, our area that we know that we need someone really strong in. Instead. Of you know trying to do it yourself, or even. You. Know nowadays I don't prefer, finding partners rather than hiring a full-time person, because when, you're finding contractors. I wouldn't, say contract them all. Whose entrepreneurial, who, wants, to you, know grow and and and love the challenge of the business they're, gonna be so much more ambitious and they're gonna take on that role, as a, partner, and they're gonna do that really well you know an example, recently is we found a partner in our second our sales department we, now have a sales partner, who, is you. Know really handling sales so well he takes the sales part like, his own business and so, now I've got the lead, gen taking care of the sales taken care of you know you've got me as a partner in in, the whole production so, partnering. With someone, and. Partnering, the the areas. That you're not good at is you, know one of the key to our success lately, or my success lately.

Absolutely. You opened my eyes to this in a big way prior to actually, you know our relationship and outsourcing, angels and all the rest I would have disagreed thoroughly, and I'll bet there's people out there listening to this episode right now in rage of the, idea of this but. It, makes business so much more fun like, business is a team sport, yes. It's, so much easier I mean like because. I get to focus on my department, my craft I get to do it so much more better because I have more time I'm, more, passionate and leaving. You to do your particular part so well because you just have to do that every day but. If you have to do other things you won't enjoy it either so we, basically get to play a game of Monopoly together, and picking out, IRL. Part and choosing. The best strengths that we're good, at and then just. Yeah, it's, fun it makes it so, much more fun absolutely. I agree with that and one, other point specifically, is that I honestly, believe outsourcing. Angel has a world-class culture. It is unbelievable. How that team has come together like. I would pretty, much you could change sports you could take all these people in this culture and we could do something different and I definitely do well just how strong the team is I could. I couldn't, have done it at your level and I've, would, never have achieved the same synergy, that you did taking me wrong I'm not terrible, but, it, just goes to show that leverage, point has allowed me to get a world-class culture, and about sourcing, angel by allowing. You to shine in the areas you good at so I really, want to encourage people is like business, is a team sport, other people involved leverage, where you are good at and getting. What you're not good at so it's such a good point I remember, what you said about, I rather make $1, doing, nothing then making, $100, doing everything and so, yeah I I agree with that that, quote and yeah I rather do nothing and just make a little bit of. Everything yes yeah. That's absolutely my mantra and just for some context, around that I am put, a card up or a quote or whatever you want to call it saying that I would rather make $1.00 and do nothing they make $100 and have to do everything and, I was referring to the idea that in business a lot, of people sell. Things that, only they can deliver rather, than what their team can deliver and it's like good, revenue in a business is when we sell things that the team can do. Yes. Yes that's not bad revenue is when I take on those projects, where I have to do everything and exactly, don't. Do that anymore. Yeah and nowadays we could legit assign we can travel and do anything and them and the business is still running without us so, yeah, that's that's, so much more happier then yeah. Doing everything yourself and making more money yeah it's. An interesting concept we're, going to dig into that a little bit more in a next point which is point four so take me through both. Point. Four so you know when you start, doing business and, you have even had the privilege of hiring your staff and, you think you have a business and you think oh great you know I have a team now but.

Only To realize that you really don't have a business because the business still needed, you you know the clients are still calling on you you. Know there isn't a clear system and process, to. Do things you. Know again and again and so, for many years you, know I was, still sort of self-employed, I didn't realize it even though I had a team and I remember talking to you and you were making. Me aware and awakened. Hey. We, actually you don't really have a business because the clients are needing you and so, ever since then I literally, systemized. Everything, brain. Dump everything I knew about everything even from something I thought I was like the only one good at which was recruitment, you know or because, I thought I was a people person so that means only I can, recruit good people you know good bas only. To realize that no you are replaceable. So I just bring. Them everything that I knew about recruiting, and then, you. Know trained the VA into it like you know let them watch what I do, then, sit, behind them, and watch what they did and that's the whole process just allowed me to free, myself up so, they started to take over all these roles that I used to do and then, eventually. Just removing, myself completely, that. You know when I go away now I don't even have to put out of office assistants, anymore because really no one's really needing my attention. Except, for myself and, in my staff know, that on a holiday they know not to contact me unless it's important, and so, that's. The. Ultimate thing so if I was to start a business again, it, would really be about systemising, it from day one and figure out a way where I don't need. To be there I think, I need to have a the, team the structure, so that I am I have the time to strategize and grow the business and not be, embedded, in the business. Such. I think this is my favorite but this is so, important, it's like absolutely and we look at this and you can go through these points if we were both gonna start again I think we can agree that you, know we would focus on a niche we.

Would Create recurring we, would bring in the right people but. This point here number, four is one that just gets neglected and, it's like I don't think you can start removing yourself too, early, I nearly, admitted, that's. Right so, yeah if you if you've done all those first four points the whole removing yourself should be easy no because you're figuring out your partners that you want to partner with which, strengths, you want to focus on and I'm not saying to remove myself and do nothing is, removing, myself so. That I can do, what I want and when I want but. Not you know we're not encouraging to be lazy here and then because you want to set a good example for, your company and your team that you're still working, out in a different way a way that is so enjoyable that it feels like play, as well yeah. I, kind of describe it as Christmas Day like it's choice. Which. Makes it all the more excellent and you know absolutely so many entrepreneurs don't, get to take time off because, they're, just in it so hard and when they stop so does the business but. I want to dig into something a little bit interesting, there is that you recognize something that you were actually. Self-employed. How. Would you describe that, moment, or that realization, and what caused you to kind of see it yeah. I remember even, reading. Up, on what you told me you, know there were books that really you. Know proved that as well there was the, e-myth, which I've read it before but I think it didn't, sink in a business. To sell I think that was the one P book that, made me realize, even. Yeah like how you're so embedded in the business that sort of thing, but. Yeah, so those, evidence. Of you know what you say and then even realizing. That yeah right you know even though I have these people. But. The projects don't go well without me being involved. The. Clients are still no lean I want you or whatever and and.

I've, Just basically made it look, like I am the, point of contact even. Though I've. Got the team so, it's, because I didn't systemize it I didn't really teach the team well I didn't, train them well I'd I. Had. Me involved in the whole process so, yes. It's. Funny it was a book for me as well it was the cash flow quadrant by, Robert, Kiyosaki it's, the one that made me really say from there and then those other two the e-myth and go, to sell were supported, that as well and I was like oh my god I'm self-employed oh. Yeah. And you know the sign when you're stressed out about clients, you know when, you, know at least when you, know you have a system. Where your staff or dealing with them and you, know and something's going wrong you, know you're not so personally, involved you can at least go, and fix the process and get them to deal with it but when the, clients are calling you and, you're having to deal directly with the problem you're like okay yeah, I'm self-employed. Absolutely. It was another really good comment you made about. The. Fear of getting, other people to do things that belief, system, of like ah no one else could do this like my team couldn't do what I do I think, everyone. Has that I certainly did it but the thing is I didn't even know I had that problem because I remember, I have a you know an outsourcing, company I always. Knew how to hi people when I delegate, a lot of things but, still I was still holding on some beliefs that, I didn't, even know you, know so I was still holding onto certain jobs even, some invoicing. An account, thinking I'm like what, if people, miss my money you know like don't you know like but they, don't care about a collecting, invoices, as much as I do you know so I'd rather do invoicing, because I want to collect the money and the, whole recruitment, thing you know it was just, such. A subtle believe that even know I had that belief and. I was holding on to this role just, because I wanted to do a great job thinking, that I'm the best recruiter, so. Yeah you really, just dig. And analyze, yourself and and, dare to you, know you just changed believe that anyone can do your job just teach them just give him a chance, absolutely. And I even, say that believing, you can do what is the first step if you don't believe it you'll never ever try to get yourself out of your business, but it's time now, that I've done it myself and you've done it as well we've seen other people do we just know how possible, it is with, the right intentions, and skills, so so. So cool in. All. Right now we're gonna give you two point number five here, yes, another yeah. Okay. So the last point which, I actually got reminded of this quote which I knew earlier. On recently. Was the, quote, let me just read it with because it's not a quote from me but Bill Gates most, people overestimate what, they can do in one year, and underestimate. What they can do in 10 years now, why this quote, is so important, for me is that because when I you, know as a gullible, entrepreneur, when you first start out yeah, I'm like a you're, so naive you have no skills you, have no experience and yet you are so damn bitches that you think you're gonna make a million dollars in the first year you know and. Because. You've set, just a wrong expectation. You're such in a rush you are not making good decisions you're. You're. Not realizing that you're your journey is a lot longer than that and that you should, spend that time learning. Getting, better at your craft really. Just taking your time to do, well at your job or giving great, customer great. Services, your clients and, so if you could if I could really, do it again and and and set the expectation, that I just want to be profitable, from day one for example you know and I've been fortunate enough that but this is it up we've I've started has always been profitable when they won't never had to inject you.

Know Money into it so I should have been really proud of that and really, took time to to learn and grow but, I remember some years where I literally. Cried because I was too, ambitious thinking, that what happened to my million dollars I thought I was gonna get and. It. Was stressful you. Know it was draining because the expectation. Was completely, wrong and yet, at the same time I never looked longer, than that, one year I didn't go you know in ten years time I want the company to be global. Or making certain like a big numbers I wasn't even thinking that way so, you, know no. One knowing what I know now you know starting a business, just. Just be patient just really go well, I'm gonna spend the next few months really you. Know creating. A great package great service, marketing. It well and learn as I go and, you, know by the end of the year if this. Business is profitable, it's great but, then in five years I want it to be a you know 3 million dollar company or whatever like something big. Like that and so, that's the advice I have for people because if you're stressed because. Of your wrong expectation. Some. People will quit you know lucky, I just hated working 9:00, to 5:00 and and and we never go back to a job hence I persisted. Well, there are some people who would end up going back to a job just, because their. Expectation. Was much higher than reality and then, because, if you said the right person you won't be disappointed. So. Just to be clear you didn't make millions in your first year just. Even. My first nail polish business that I started I, worked. It out I said there's a billion, people in this world everyone, wears nail polish I should make at least 1, million the first year and, this is coming from someone who's never started, a business in their life have no idea what a website or SEO was and yet, super. Ambitious in her first year goal and yeah.

So That was my experience well. I'll say that's what I view all fine equality means you've got these astronomical, dreams, and big vision which i think is so fantastic and, essential to a company, but, absolutely, trying to do it all in 12 months is a huge amount of pressure and. Draining and create all kinds of disappointments, and stress yes. And sometimes, you know the journey is actually even more enjoyable than the destination because I know so many times in life where I've reached certain goal and of like wrong I didn't feel much like, I feel good but it was very temporary, but, then back in the journey when the the struggles, and the challenges, was really fun because I remember, you know that the. Feeling of stress and then and then triumph of going through over some hurdles or the people you meet along the way the, journey itself was just so. Much more enjoyable where you want to wake up for it you know but sometimes reaching the destination is. Not as good, as you think it is because, you're on to the next journey okay so, that's why I really enjoyed the journey I think. That's my team I, look. Back on outsourcing, angel, and the hindsight's, always a funny thing isn't it but, it's like when, we did outsourcing angel admitted I was feeling, stress and pressure I part. Of me wishes I could go back and enjoy the. Early. Days more because it's like it's. Something that's very special in an entrepreneurs, life is the first year of a company. Now. But I agree, I'm saying you know with certain Bish's with so like let's get there earlier gets there fast, but. Now from our experience, we want to tell all the people that out, of all our experiences, the journey was so fun even the bad stuff because, when you survive it you're like oh my god we are so powerful, you know we are the yeah. We're like a strong team and if, it wasn't for those struggles, we wouldn't know how. Good we are all, the tests you know that we went through that. Was a big realization we had earlier in the year every, big problem, we've had you know company. Has ended up being one of our best friends yes. So. It's like. Yes. Sometimes. We wanted to kill each other like every other part ship yeah. We may look happy now but we did go through whatever went through but, it was a good test you know and it's. Just shown that we cared about our relationship, more than we.

Realized The business is a business it's still a game that will play in together and, but. You, know our relationship was much more important, and so. Yeah, we came out good. Absolutely. And one of the things that I think is essential when. You're working with the business partner he's the relationship, but, I won't give away too much on that topic because we're a whole, episode dedicated, to working with the business partner. It's. Something we've navigated really, really well particularly in the last 12 months so. What I wanted to do guys is that where's, the best place, who can find out I'm all more about you man is it just to send them to outsourcing angels website the way I feel like maybe, your Instagram. Yeah. Instagram. Is the place to be now I never, used to love writing but I find it really easy to write stuff on Instagram because, you can be a bit more casual and it doesn't have to sound like an article so I am sharing so much tips on parenthood, family. Love. Business. Yeah. I remember, if I said that really but yeah a lot of different things that mean, a lot to me because I think looking. Back now you know you need to have success. In every aspect of your life there's no point in being successful in business and yet you you have the. Is sorry for swearing you. Know love life or you're neglecting your kids or you're not happy in other ways so that's, why my goal is to share wisdom around. Different, areas in life, not just business so go to Instagram, it's hash, so it's - limp on a lie in hpod. In, pod and you can see all. My life stories there, absolutely. Check that one out guys we'll have links around, this episode wherever you are viewing it but I'll put down there it's one of the best Instagram, feeds, I follow for sure it's I rather. Love the entertain me I sorry the entertaining posts and perspective and wisdom you do share so it's quite good then yeah. Thank you thank you Charlie so, that's it for this episode guys this, has been confessions, of a business owner with limpid Eddie five things I wish I knew earlier, thank you so much for being on the show Lynn you're, welcome thanks guys. You.

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