EP:040 Why Money Alone is Not What You Should be After

EP:040 Why Money Alone is Not What You Should be After

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I've got, a confession to make. I need. To get this off my chest. As. A business owner we all make mistakes. I've. Got to confess. Hey. Guys it's Charlie, from confessions, of a business owner here and today, I am joined by a very special guest and dear friend Martin, Bungay, now, earlier in the year I was very very fortunate to, head over to Bali and get to meet Martin in person, and I, kind. Of felt like it was a bit of a homecoming Martin, came across as someone like I feel like I'd known him for, a very long time because we just seemed to agree on so many perspectives. On business even though it was our first interaction, so, I'm very very thrilled to bring him onto the show today and the, best way I can describe Martin, and even in the way he submitted, his. Bio to me is a serial. Entrepreneur and, free spirit and I think that's a very accurate description. But, this was the best part, a man who, refuses, to live the life of sacrifice that most people consider inevitable. Almost. Bordering, on philosophy, there. So. How are you doing and welcome to the show well. Well. I was very grateful that you were willing to come on the show because, I know this is something I guess, you haven't necessarily been, around a lot but I feel like more people need to hear about the stuff you get up to when your points of view because, there's. A lot of people that could use the help in all honesty and I was very appreciative, of your perspective, on many things when were in Bali so. Unfortunately. Not everyone knows you as well as I do though so what's, the best way you would describe your. Business and what you do. My. Business, is a. Business. That's pretty much how I summarize, it and when. I mean lifestyle, business it's tailored, for my particular, lifestyle not anybody, else's life style you, know as you know, people. Have a different, definition. Of, you, know freedom or what they want to do and. I have one that's very specific. To me so I favored my business to be able to do what I want to do which is you. Know when I wake up morning I can, choose what I want, to do is I don't want to work I don't work if I want to travel a travel and if. I want to spend my time researching and you, know creating new stuff I will do it so that's, so, my business is just a vehicle for, me to have the life that I want, let me specifically, because a lot of people might think that my life is strange, but. It's, just a vehicle to add the lifestyle that I want that's how I'll describe it well, that's strange I like this version of strange so, I think there's a key distinction in what you've said there and this is one of the things that struck me the most about you is that most business owners I me it, feels like their life is. It sacrifice to their business so they only get to travel when they can based. On their business needs but they only get to spend time doing things they like based on or around what their business is getting up to but, you're you're the complete opposite it's like you've really put your hand up and say well I come first the, business will work around when I am one yeah. And. Even in this moment where are you in the world. Very. Intellectually, stimulating. I'll. Second that as well I think it's a very awesome, place to say and something that everyone must check out in their lifetime, now. I brought, you on the show for a specific, reason and that is to confess, to really, lay down something from your own point of view and I, haven't even got the full story on this you've only given me a little snippet of like, you want to confess what has brought you the, most success, in business so. I'd really like to get into that story and hear from your point of view what has brought you the most success. Yes. So the way I will, describe it it will be in the form of a story. Well. My, story basically what happened to me. And. You know from that you will understand, you know exactly what happened so I. Feel. Here's ago I started the business with, a, business.

Alright, So, the. Was it, wasn't a good idea because I didn't know anything, about the subject in question you. Know at the time it was way more important, today today a fun place to go but. So, we started this business where, I was, more in. Charge of you, know like admin, and, like finances. And all that stuff you did not stuck at finances. And. My. Business partner was in charge of like, running the actual business because he, was the one who actually had the knowledge and you know stuff. Work I had no, idea what. Cyril. Disposed you there what type of business was this so. It was a a. So. An agency. Model, so basically we were building, websites. For for, people so that was like, yeah. A few years ago like six. Or seven years ago so, we were building websites, for people so basically we had a client paying us I mean I'm just trying out random numbers right someone. Was paying like a thousand, bucks for a website and then. We had someone, doing the website for like 400 and then we're keeping the. The. Difference between the profit in the in, the middle all, right so basically. You, had to know a little bit about HTML. And, CSS and all that stuff that I don't know anything about right so I. Didn't know anything about it I didn't want to know anything about it and so. I had a business partner who knew how. That stuff worked, so. Yeah. Everything was so. We got a bunch of clients. Early. On so it started like super super good. And. Then after, like, a few weeks only my business, partner, bailed. Out on me so. Basically. I ended up with a business that, I had to manage and everything was you know my, name isn't there, and. I had absolutely, no idea what, the business was doing and how. To you. Know manager, right. And. So, basically I, had, to go and talk to the clients because, obviously. When, you're in the agency, model the last thing you want is where you're trying to talk directly to the person who's actually doing the job because they they'll realize that oh I can have it way cheaper so, you basically have to be the middleman and you have to relay. The information so. I'll. Pause you there because I think a lot of people would even know that I would say this is very common so in the agency, world what you've just described, is, that many agencies, actually. Are doing the work that perhaps using offshore labor, or using offshore teams, and. Then they're acting is this middleman so they're going and getting their clients, and then having offshore, teams doing the work and then that is kind of liaison, that communication. And adding value from, client. Support or possibly strategy, yeah. But you, are correct in a lot of cases those resources, are well guarded secrets, because, there's the fear that the client will go direct and do they really need the agency, which is a very very common question yeah. So. That was my main concern and, so. Basically, when when that happened, when my, business partner I had.

Two Choices I had so either I was just closing the business and then that's it but, I still had some clients already paid and stuff so I had honored these contracts or. I, want. I needed to find a way to make, it work and I. Chose, the second option I was like well let's try to figure out something so I jump, in and start. To fill in for for. Him, so. I basically ended up in in. Meetings, with a client, who was telling me, Martin. You know for my website I need. And I was like. It was ancient Greek, for me so they want is some CSS, and they wanted this and that I was. Like ancient Greek so basically, you. Know they're after a certain number of hmm, you, sound unprofessional right so I asked, no like, a few times and then I wrote something that doesn't make sense obviously, I go back to the developer, and, I'm like dude we need this and he's like no it doesn't make any sense go back to client so. After. A while you know to me he would make the story, shorter I realized. That, you, know the main problem, in the business was. Me all, right so you have to let your ego side and you have to realize that dude, you're in the bottleneck, there and. The. Problem was me because I had no idea what I was doing and, for. That company, to work I had to find a way to get, out of the company because, with me it was doomed like for failure that's where we're heading, straight to the wall and. And. So this, led meet you. So. Basically what I did is. I. Bought, maybe. 15, licenses, 15 or 20 licenses, of every, project. Management. Or. Yeah. Like every product management tool, I could find on the market, I and I. Studied. Them I did like benchmarks, and stuff I looked at every, possible functionality. That they had and when, I saw something that I liked I took the bus oh yeah like they select that so at, the end of the day after took, me like a good month that's. All I did like night, and day and then I had a list of functionalities, that I wanted, because. I wanted to create a, platform. That, would allow me to have everything running without. Right. So I took all these bits and pieces I packaged. Them into a platform, and I found the developer, and that was I dude you need to create, that for me and. They well they eventually did so I that's, when I learned, kind. Of learned how to deal with developers, and stuff so, in the end, what. Happened, is. The, best, thing that actually happened to me is that at that point I realized. That. A, I. Could run a business that. Doesn't need me all. Right and that's what I've done afterwards, like all the businesses, that I have right now just, like you and that's the reason why we. Get along so well is because, that. Was the single-most process, or the profitable, thing that I did in my life was, investing. All that time and money researching, all these these, bits of, software. To. Be able to create something that will that was going to give me the life that I want and, from. There, like. Everything took off like a meal today I'm able, to instruct at different businesses and stuff on that philosophy. That it will work without me you, know so. The. The way the tool, worth it was it was really awesome it was like mine my client, was talking, to my. Developer. But. He had no idea was talking to developers he, thought he was talking to me my, developer, was talking to my client but he had no idea who he was talking to he just knew what he had to do and.

And. Basically, me I had a moderation, tool that I put in the middle and, so. I could monitor, that moderate, the. Clients. Mostly because my, you know my provider. We had a contracting, stuff he, wasn't in his best interest to steal one of my clients because afterwards, I'm not, giving any more clients you know so you. Know what people have to understand, is you, know there's a risk of. Having. One of your clients go, directly to your to your developer. Whatever but, the developer, is not a salesperson he doesn't know how to get more clients so he will basically get one client from you and then that's it and you start you know feeding, you you know like birds when they feed their babies that's, what you do for him as well but you're bringing clients because he doesn't want to take care of all the marketing and sales and stuff so, I didn't have to monitor, my my, new, business partner that provider, but, the client, you know sometimes, the clients are calm I didn't, pay five thousand bucks for this and then he's like dude you're paying me like two thousand, and you're making $5 so, so. But yeah the platform was really cool and what I did was because. I worked, in supports. For ah, for. A good four years. And it, taught me a lot of things and one thing that, I know, and. That you guys all should be aware of is a happy. Client is a well-informed. Client. That's, it it doesn't have to be good unless that court I really, really love that court I think that every, business can, take. Something. From it a well-informed coin, is. So. Important, every business completely yeah like. For example just, just, an example you get to the emergency room and they. Have you sitting there for like three hours you'll go dessert, you'll be the only go nuts and nuts nobody tells you anything if, you get there and they tell you dude the doctor is busy you wait three hours you're. Happy to wait you, waited three hours in both cases but just because you've been informed even though it wasn't good news you were happy all, right so me, what I did was so, when I created my platform. I made sure that whatever the my. Developer, was doing was, updating, the point automatically. And the. Client was informed, like days and nights and stuff without me having to relay, the information okay, so we did this yesterday and. That. Has been that you, know that story. That what happened to me and the way I reacted to it so there are two things so there's the situation. I was in the circumstances. And the. Way I decided to handle it that basically. Was the so. That horrible, story is actually one of the best things that happened to me and this. Change. Of mindset, that I had became. The best, thing that that. Ever happened, to me. Business-wise, because, it triggered all sorts that you must either the, floodgates were opened for you, know a lot of stuff that I'm doing today it's. Such a good story and I'm so happy you shared it with me cuz there's so many points I can relate to and so many that I think in nuggets of gold but, the one, thing that kind of stands out for me is that when you look at your circumstance, like you'd been handed, a business almost or abandoned a business like in a bar and the other word is jump ship and. What. I find really interesting is, there's not many people that would have solved, or gone about this in the way that you have. So he'd be really a good example is he like many, people at that point would have just quit and done something else let's say, half people would have done that but, the remaining people that said I'm in, and I'm gonna do this there's. Even a fewer, that. Would have realized they were the problem they would have actually just kept beating their head up against the wall sticking. As the bottleneck and the business yeah. I mean personally, I see that type of thing all the time I see many business owners. Even. Without their knowledge the.

Biggest Problem in their business and like their severely limiting, the capabilities, but they can just never see it hmm. Yeah. That's, a big problem it's uh you. Know I I think, do you have like, a de offers, for, certain things but, I'm very. Like. Pragmatic, right, so I'm not, emotionally. My. Decisions, are not that emotionally, based so I and, plus I came from a background of troubleshooting, I was, like dude where is the problem in this company and I realize it was me and I'm very pragmatic, I'm like well okay if it's me then I need you leave the pros so, basically my my. My. Take was I need, to have the people who know what they're talking about to, you, know to discuss that between themselves and not having some rookie in the middle that doesn't understand, anything and. You. Know you have to identify, your, strengths, and your weaknesses that's. That's. One thing if you want to succeed in business you, have to understand, what. What you're good at when you're not good at and what you're not good at you need to let people who are really, good at it do it and I. Wasn't good at CSS, and HTML, and stuff sounds. Like yeah I'll just leave that for the pros you know I like, it I like it but see, that's what I I think's, really interesting, in these story as well is like you were able to identify like you have a strength in I, would, say systems, and troubleshooting, like you're very very systematic, in your approach in you. Know looking at the platforms and what was available and, then coming up with the solution, which, ultimately had, that I think that's a very unique skill set you have as well, so that's really cool the, other side of it is that this is something where it's like in. Your approach to here it's like I wouldn't, say anything you've done is rockets. It's okay. It's just thinking, and. Don't. Get me wrong it's very clever I love it on many levels but what I'm more saying is that it's not like you brought a physics, degree, approach. But. Instead you were able to apply where you were strong and do something that was extraordinary, and, a lot of people just don't view it in that way, so.

You Mentioned, like, ego. In this a little bit from here and that you were able to kind of remove your ego from the situation, I mean, I don't know about you but I, mean I'm coming to the end of my 20s now I'm almost 30 but, like if I go back to my early twenties and kind of think about well where, my ego was that either meant to dissolve my ego in that point would have been very challenging so was there a way you went about kind of I suppose, downgrading. The ego bring that to an awareness. Well. The the. I'm. Very, like. Driven, I will say and. So. It's, funny there is a the. Name, simon. Sinek yep. He wrote the book called start. With why and, it's. Very funny because. So. We have a friend in common Bryant. You know Brian. That's. One so. The, first time we met because, I do I've read books as well and one of my chapters in, the in one of my books was you, need to find out why okay, and, me. My, I had an end goal my, end goal was to. You. Know to be able to get. Out of that business and have that business run without me whatever, you, know whatever the cost was if that meant that I had to put my ego aside and, let other people do it then I would have done it whatever it took to get to that angle and once, you have that why you know why you want to do this then. All. The decisions, that the, decision, was is, it taking, me towards that, goal or away. From that goal and me getting out of there it was, taking me towards that goal and that's what really helped me is because I had this like clear vision you, know why. That's. So good and I love that book and guys will make sure it's in the show notes as well but I'm sure this one's an easy one to find and resource simon Sinek start, with why and, then he's even got another one called finding, your why which. Is if, you, read the first one and you want to know how to find your own why it was very very helpful i really. Enjoyed both those books in fact and that's like when you know you why kind, of things change things really do change for you yeah, exactly. So, yeah so that's that was a. So. Yeah that was the it, was the deciding factor, for me was you. Know the there is a greater. Greater. Good they'll say I don't know there. Was a cause that was after and, yeah. I was willing to you. Know make, not, sacrifice, a bit changes you will achieve that I. Think. It's very cool and I almost can say it already I already know the answer but it's like this seems to be your approach to business now this, seems to be the bad skillset you developed, in that circumstance, has, now been your greatest strength into every business you go into now or any project you take on, yes.

It's, It. Is I mean people. You've. Been advocating. This for years and. So. People don't realize, the full extent of what it, does right so a. Lot. Of people are focusing. On getting more money for example like more revenue more this more that and, they think that if you're not in the business you'll make less because you have to share it with people but I will give you my experience, and I'm. Pretty sure your experience as well so. The first, thing that, I, got out of there was, it's. Not giving, me it's. The first thing is giving me it's my life, right, which is priceless right it's my life I can do what. I want to. I'm just laughing and it's not like that I'm laughing at how many people wouldn't, say that like a completely, agree am i it is so valuable. I. Can't, put a price tag minute like if let's. Say for example if I if I needed. If, I made a hundred, and I, needed 99, to have my life, I'll give, that 99, and keep that one that's that's me alright so it's giving me my my lass but, then afterwards, were a lot of people have it wrong is that, they think that you're going to make less than you did before because, you do have to pay other people but, my experience, was that. Just. To give you like an analogy like you. Drive every day to work you're, in your car and. You've done that road that. Same Drive, for that good the last twenty years and one. Day you're a passenger, in the car and, what. You're a passenger you notice, a lot of things that they've always been there that, you're too busy driving to them car because otherwise you're gonna crash and that's, what happened to me so me I. Hired. An assistant to, do like. All the tasks, that I they. Were not strategic. And not not. Productive, for me and. What. Happens is that I just. To give you an example I have a huge, business where I work with clothing brands in France and I generate leads for them and. Sales and I. Defer, the lab for three years I was making, about, for. That for that one company I was making about 2.5. Million euros. In sales for, them just for that one company you know so, I was like dude I don't need to go and do something else that was very very, focused on that, particular business. But. Once. I had someone, in in, my business who took. Care of all the campaign's of stuff, one. Day asked me thinking like so. I focused, on women's. Clothing, ok. And I was like who, these women in, my database maybe. Some of them will, be interested, in witless products maybe, I have never thought about it because I was too busy you. Know managing the I'm, not sure but, I hear that's a really small market, like the chances, of women.

Being Interested, in any form of health and fitness product, I don't think it that, could happen and. What. Happened, was that like. For three years it was there could have started three years ago and then, I I was like well I tried it and it works, monsters, so instead of having one business, like one income stream next, thing you know I had two of them so, I was making way more money than I was making before when I was managing today and then. From there I was like because now I have the time to be strategic and look for opportunities, there they're right in front of my face, I didn't, see them and then I identified, something else then I have another business that's wrong that's rolling without me and next thing you know I have like five in constrains now and I'm, making way more than I was making before so. The. Argument, and the. Misconception. That people have in, their you. Know about like, outsourcing, and stuff is I. Understand. Where it comes where it's coming from but it opens, your mind you have something called peace of mind which is you, know it's priceless you have the time to strategize and think and you, know to find opportunities, and if, you combine it with the the, habits that you know I have developed and you have developed of, you. Know starting a business that runs without you, the. Only thing you have to do you do a sprint for maybe a week two weeks for maybe a month to create a lot of business it runs without you then, you rest and you start another one next thing you know you have a lot of different income streams and. You. Know life is great you're making more than before so, that, you. Know that's that, single. Experience. Taught. Me all that stuff and today you. Know that's the. Reason why we're why. I'm here today is because of this, that. Is so cool and I love that analogy I must admit I agree it's quite interesting. So. I kind. Of relate, you know a lot of ways but I kind of look at it that I feel most people that is chasing money I really, do and I feel like that's why a lot of people stay, stuck, in their business is they're constantly thinking about how do i generate more revenue how do I grow my sales and there's, very little thought into like okay, well how do I get more time look, I don't know you very rarely see anyone, thinking in that so, it's only in, my own experience is like I was so bogged down in the business that I just, I couldn't take it anymore and it became, my single biggest priority, of going well, I'm only gonna operate a business that doesn't need me. And it's certainly a learning experience but it's so true about. What, comes from that when you've got the time the opportunities, like, even now this podcast, only exists, because, I, had the time if I was built down working, in outsourcing angels all the time I couldn't, do. Things like this we'll have these conversations or, I wouldn't have got to meet you in Bali but that opportunity wouldn't have existed so. People. Kind of like you know it's the opportunity. Cost in not doing it then. I think people don't necessarily see. And should definitely have some attention drawn to so I completely agree on that point as well and then, it's fascinating I listened to you then and your approach like what happens next what once you've got something like that set up and I was like for me end, of last year or maybe started, this year is like I started doing the podcast but. Then once, I'd built a system and learned how to do it is we turned it into a service, at outsourcing, angles so if people want to get a podcast, home it, can be done at outsourcing, angels and that is another business that actually runs without me it's.

Funny How you get into this like it becomes the habit and then you start adding things on so, it's like I have my little sprint learn the little podcasting, world and all the rest of motherless little was actually much bigger than, I anticipated, but. You, develop, that skill set into other things and in your case you were able to kind of add on a whole other income, stream opportunities. Yeah. So. The, the aim is no, so. You know when I when, I see these other opportunities I'm not I'm not actually running. After the, money and all that stuff I am. Running after the. Freedom. That I want for the choice they don't want for my life and. My. My, take is you. Know you're vulnerable if you need a back one income stream so, I try, to make sure I have you, know a bunch of them just in case something happens I still have the, peace. Of mind because. You. Know that's in there is you know there's an evolution, in terms of you know when you're an entrepreneur alerts, and evolution of who, you are as a person and your goals will change so, me. For example when I when I started you know when you're sorry, you're. Your, first. Goal is to make, more you know because that money will allow you to like, quit your job and law stuff so that was my first goal I was like dude I need to make some money and then, afterwards, once you started you know working and stuff and you realize that well. Then you want more time and, when. I have, the chat with people there. They either want, you get more money or more time but, I told them sometimes, I mean some of these are silly examples, but you know. You can have more money in your current job but you you were three times more and you'll be exhausted so money alone is not you know it's, not what. You should be after because there are some cases where you can have all the money in the world that you don't have time to you enjoy it and you. Can have all the time in a word but that, might be because you're unemployed, and stuff and yeah that's your money your you, know and what. I realized, that that's, ten, times more valuable, than money. And time is peace. Of mind like, peace of mind when you. Can go to bed and you don't have to worry about anything, like how you're going through you know how are you going to pay your bills how, is this going to be done tomorrow I need to wake up to do this and to do that this is priceless. So this is what I'm going after is peace, of mind more. Than money. So. One example will, be if, I have a client for. Example who's giving me a hard time he's paying me money right but he's giving me a hard time and I have to deal with that person I'm. Gonna do with them because that, it's. Conflicting. With my peace of mind peace. Of mind so that's what I'm after today. And everything. I do is motivated, motivated I. Think. That's awesome and I love that that's a value, of yours clearly, I find. That myself I'm even seeking things out for, the enjoyment, more, now again, the podcast is like it wasn't something it was necessarily, like a financial. Decision it was an experience that I wanted to have. There's. A certain beauty to being able to you know have the peace of mind and freedom, to take on those things but. I'm, sure we could bang on about this all day but I want to ask you a question for you then because like this is something we're both I think, it's a very strong area for both of us it's an area we both enjoy but. To someone that isn't at this stage for someone that perhaps is listening, to this podcast ago, on my, business completely maids me and my lifestyle, is not fantastic where. Do you think people should start how did they get started with this approach.

Well. They just. The. Way I will start I, I. Started. So after designing this I I. Started. Looking for like a way to design a system to do like everything, running. Without me not necessarily, with this platform, and. It. Was just, running. A some sort of like diagnostic. To. Say it's very technical very like troubleshooting, but you, can where you're doing today right so. You. Know there's this the Pareto, principle that. You know the 80/20. You. Start there you, start to, you, know you identify. The. 20%. You, know the task that will generate 80% of, your, revenue. Okay, so you it. Will take you I. Don't know like a day, max, or a half a day so you look at everything, you're doing right now and you try to put a number in front of it saying well this this, is crucial for me for my business and. You. Know I have some sort of like expertise, I'm the only one who can do that right, so if, you identify tasks. Like this where I mean there, is only you right now you can do it keep those you'll. Start there and then you get rid of the rest okay, you don't have to get rid of everything, at once because it's overwhelming. Just. Identify, the what. You can what you can give to other people and. And. What. You do is you are doing it every day right so every day you have to do it next, time you do it just, just screencasting. And you, just talk like it's not like you're doing anything out of the ordinary you're just doing your job you're. Just talking, and that will that will be the last time you have to do it and and. Then afterwards you find someone to take, these tasks for you so you can start with like kind of a friend a family member or something, where, it's not going to suit, you much but, just getting rid of those tasks, and unfortunately. In, most cases this, is what people focus on instead of focusing on. What actually matters you. Will see a big, difference in, you.

Know Like your. House your your. Your. Ability, to think to strategize, and you can get rid of at least 50% of what you don't right now and once, you, get better at this then all these tasks that you know for, now require, you you, can find a way to get rid of them but just go by steps I don't, see these tests don't try to get rid of everything in. One go because there is a learning curve as well it's not like you can go, tomorrow the business that runs without you. Start. Small it's. Definitely a skill set it definitely, is so there is I would agree on that and I like it cuz I have a similar approach and I mean what's interesting is we've, both done this but some we did it together we we didn't even know each other at those points, what's. Fascinating is, how similar because it's, very challenging true, I guess find people's thinking this way it isn't the common thought pattern, I believe so. When I look at this is I agree. In my don't, you when, starting, with people he's doing it order or, in your case the diagnostic, where it's like I'm going to go through and identify you know what. Is your business actually doing, and whatever. It requires you and doesn't require you and like that filter, can, be amazing. But, once. You understand, that what I love is you can shape a business to deliver things that don't need you so. It's like that's where the magic comes from is like you know once you're aware and I use the personal training analogy, really. Well it's like if you own a gym and you're selling one-on-one, training and, you just keep selling the one-on-one training then of course your business is gonna need you because you're selling the one-on-one but, if you hire a coach and you sell them doing one-on-one then, you're now selling things that don't require you or if you're selling a membership so it's like ya know blatantly, I tend to see that it's local if you just stop selling the that you need to do and start, and selling things that you can get other people to do or tools or software or assets or leverage it other ways it's like gonna, have a much better time yeah. But. And you know it's something huge. There I think you nailed something really well about the Pareto principle the 80/20. Do. You find that, most business owners are actually spending their time on a lot of things that doesn't find. A result like it's actually a waste of time and energy, oh yeah, yeah and I'm. Saying a lot of business some owners meet. You man like it happens I sometimes I have to hit my via myself like dude focus. On you, know instead, of focusing on tiny meal details, and spending time there's. Social media this and you have to do three hours of research to. Find how you put this emoji there and it just last time yeah, it, happens, to me as well so yeah it's it's it's a very big problem and somehow, I don't know how it works but the trivial. Tasks, are the ones where you spend more, the. Most time on and. Yeah. It's absolutely necessary, for, you to identify the, ones you should stick, to and. And. Yet the rest you, you, can get you know you can get rid of them pretty quickly, okay and again designing. The whole system is really not complicated you, don't have because sometimes, you feel like you have to not, just be project, know you're doing it every day you know either way just report it that's it you know and. There's one thing that I tell, people and they're very surprised, and this is something you, know in my system is any. Task, that, would require internet, I want, to get rid of it. And, people like and, I'm like dude my, aim is for example, my, aim is to be, able. To travel. As much as I want go, in the woods for like three weeks if I want to you and if. Those tasks, that require internet, are still in my possession what do they what do I do when I'm in the woods it. Contradicts, what I am my end goal so my end goal is to be able to have everything done what I mean the plane and if, that task requires, Internet, then I'm screwed right so. Always. Having my end goal in mind I'm like everything, that requires Internet I need to give it to someone else because you. Know that's what I do to you, know be in the plane or be not, in the woods I'm scared of wolves, and bears. That's. Okay they're, scary things but that's kind. Of kicking it ups that next level so in the beginning for a lot of people it's like their version of freedom would be just getting away from anything that requires, than being in a location so. The internet is like the safe haven, they're, like well if I could run my whole business from a computer that can travel, but, then it, doesn't necessarily, mean they have you know the, time but it's like if you can go completely.

Internet. Independent. Like not maybe in the net at all even though I reckon you can get Internet in most places in the world now it, just kind of picks up that mindset and approach to, business so. Very interesting inside man I enjoy yeah. Yeah. That's that will be like, you know level two out say so first you you. Make, sure that the only thing you need internet run your business in the beginning but, at. The end of the day me it's always looking, at my angle what is it that you you. Would like to be able to do and when. You look at it well, I would, like to be able to spend, all my day at the water waterfalls. And stuff then, if you want to do that we need to get rid of these tasks or if you always have that in mind, that these. Are simple decisions. Absolutely. So, I mean, one of the things that's interesting from, my point of view is like something. That helped me tremendously was. Having great mentors and. Hanging around other, business owners that were you know striving, to do big things have. You found that beneficial, for you is there mentors you have that have helped you on this journey or groups you participated. Yes. Actually. Have. To, like shoot people but a very very, very beginning of my career really. Really, helped me in shape who, I was when I was working in corporate because I was working in the corporate world before, before. Starting, on stuff and they've. Been of like tremendous. Help and they. They. Gave me they. Helped. Me get this like hunger, for for. Knowledge and putting the effort to, learn stuff when it's not required as you like, my so, when I started in my first company it. Was a I, was working in an NC span company, so. We were designing like spent outdoors in stuff and the. Company was a start-up this was really awesome and. When you when you joined the company you're assigned a mentor so someone, who had been there for like a year. Two. Years whatever it could show you like the ropes estas and I had this guy is his, name is Dominic young and. He, is he, doesn't know it but he is the best mentor, I have. Had and we were in the same age right since not doesn't, have to be like Einstein, or someone who's like 7e or whatever he, taught. Me a lot of things about you, know the. The. Willingness to learn, more when it's not required of them so we, were both working in support but he wanted me, he. Wanted to get. You other departments, so he, was getting some training on side of work he was always shadowing.

People And asking them dude how does that work and you, know studying everything and he gave me that that. Work ethic that really helped me down. The road and my. Manager. At the time her. Name her name is Joanne. Warner and that. Was ten, years ago and last year I sent her an email saying. Thank you for everything you've done like nine years afterwards. Right because she, helped. Me become a better person, of like. Manager the way I manage my teams and. Like. It was like the. The hierarchy, in the companies where I was working even, in my company today it's, flat, right, it's not like you, have your boss who is there and everybody's, afraid of the boss and stuff it's. More it's, a collaboration, me. The, only, advantage. I have over you, guys maybe is that maybe, I've done that before I just have more experience, than you doesn't mean that I'm better if I give you the, training might, be able to do the same thing so we collaborate. And. That. Helped, me tremendously build. It to, build my company today the people having my company we've been working together for it the, last five years, they're the, best people I can find and, when. I give. Him a task I always. Tell them why, what was the what's the overall why, we're doing it and what's. The role in that overall process. What's. Happened what happens after, they've done their job because, if they realize that oh if I if I screw up here someone, will have to spend three hours doing, this not and, allowed. Me to build a super, company words everybody's, happy. To work with me. People can work from you know wherever they want they can go the mountain the. Beach and stuff and, yeah. These these people they don't know it but. They. They. Were the, best mentors, for. Me as a person, in terms of values, more, than in terms of like strategies, like this in strategy state basically, give me you. Know a big part of who I am now no. Testing, no it's a fantastic, answer and I loved a lot of the things you've shared there and it's like, as. I said it's like we're reunited. In Bali man and really didn't feel that interaction. Because it's like I really believe in that stuff from a team point of view as well he's because it's, like when you include people in the dynamic, and bring them in on the. Whole vision he's like they feel empowered and, the culture in pers and everything comes with it like you just kind of maybe, knowing, it or maybe not, like just absolutely, dropped like, a nugget of gold on, team, building and, culture. Within. The company and I think it's also really great that you've been able to reflect. On mentors that you know maybe weren't even in the business space that can recognize how, they've shaped where, you are really, really no I. Mean. It's free society under the day like a business. You, know the business, is not some sort of like object, or something it's the collaboration, between people, that's. Businesses. People and I. Remember.

In My in my very last company my, so. I. Was. Like number two in the company so, the boss so my boss was like number one this year we, had like reviews, and stuff every, year so. I was, number two to the French market and we, had reviews so he took me in the in, the review, at the end of the year and he was like dude. I have. The impression that you have zero dedication. For the company and I. Was like yeah I have zero, dedication, for this company and it was like shocked but, I was like aha the dedication. To you and to, my team and this. Is who I'm dedicated, to it's not I mean the company is not my company and to tomorrow, I can change company, but these people I mean, today I left, that job like. Years ago every. Time I go back to France we. Eat, together when, they they came to Bali they stay in my place we do a lot of things together. Because. I'm dedicated to the people and I'm dedicated to the people in my company today and, I. Include, them in everything so when, I give them a process for example so I design, a system and I, tell them the best person, to know how this should be done is not me it's, the person who's doing it okay so I'm giving you some guidelines and if. There is any way to make, it better like we have ten steps if you find a way to make it in nine steps by, any means to do it it's not set in stone I want you guys to not. Execute but think about it because, when you have more brain singing, from different perspectives, you, come up with awesome stuff like we are typically, my team they came up with awesome stuff do, you how did I not think about it because you know and it makes everybody, go move forward together and. Absolutely. And I agree and I've noticed that particularly, myself in my own team. Is like the people, that are doing. Well and engaged and involved they bring great things to the table and it's worth listening to like, you don't feel like you have to be the one that's the key contributor, to everything, like you've got that enforcement, with you which is so so cool yeah. Now. Man I'm, this. Kind of brings us to the end of this episode dude it's been an amazing chat, and over I feel like I've grown a little bit for having, the conversation, or reinforced, all of the ideas, that I think it is so brilliant so if. People want, to learn. More about you and I know you're a bit of a mystery man we couldn't actually name any companies, on this episode Judah, you've got some big things coming out they can't be meant publicly, yet, but I low back, and say that man's got some extremely, cool stuff happening behind the scenes and he's a man to follow when. It can someone come if they want to get your books or learn more about you or anything like that I. Think. I mean for now. I. Guess. Because. I mean yeah as you were saying, Mystery. Men because, what, I wanted, again my angle, was I, want. To be able to do everything, I want I want to I want to be Toki I want people so. I made sure that I, do everything, nobody. Knows what I'm doing so I haven't created, too many well, I actually did, I, so. I told you I've written like six, or seven books maybe, but. I was using a pen name so that nobody, knows. But. Now I'm the, more I chat. With you. Know with people like you know those, masterminds. That. We attended together were warble, speakers. Makes. Me realize when I when I thought you'll be the attendees, that you know there is somebody that I can you know that can bring them in terms of you know my experience, and some. Different aspects so, I'm actually thinking about you, know creating like some sort of like you. Know podcasts, and classes. And courses and all that stuff but, I still, need to get to do to do, it so right now I'll say. Yeah. Maybe my facebook will be will. Be the the. Easiest one. I'll. Tell you what if anyone does contact us we'll be sure to hook, them up and I completely agree that you should be putting something out there I think you've got a lot of value to. Add and there's so many things we haven't even discussed on these podcast so, we'll, call it from here thank you so much button, the international. Man of mystery. What. We'll end up calling this podcast, after this but I'm so so thrilled to have you on the show thank, you so much for being here yeah, well thanks mate these three do is really really a pleasure and.

Yeah. I mean whatever I can do if you want me for in the episode, he's, got something I'm more than happy to. Well. I'm gonna hold you to that we'll have you back for a repaid I think we might even talk teams next, based on this discussion, but, um we, will the Azoff fair and talk about another episode but I'll wrap this one up from here thank, you so much for tuning in to the show guys that's it from me and mum have, a great day. You.

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