EP:031Boost Your Business With a Mid-Year Check-In

EP:031Boost Your Business With a Mid-Year Check-In

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I've got, a confession to make. I need, to get this off my chest. As, a business owner we all make mistakes. I've. Gotta confess. And, we. Are live confessions. Of a business owner doing it all again welcome, to the show Kim Barrett it's so good to have you on once again happy. To be him and pumped for today's episode, today's. Gonna be a pumper and today we are talking about what has and has, not worked in the first half of 2018. I don't know about you man but it's certainly been a year of ups, and downs some, highs and lows and a lot in the middle as well how's things from your side yeah. Definitely, obviously for us in Australia was, also the end of the financial year so we've done a big ton of reviews ourselves, coming up but only halfway through the calendar year so yeah. It's been topsy-turvy but, excited, to keep things rocking for the rest of the or the new financially and the rest of the calendar yeah absolutely. In Australia, particularly like June is a very reflective month, I actually find it's my most reflective month a lot of people will say December, is when they really think about their business but personally, I love, that financial, year snapshot, like I feel that's where you get really, great insights and real data to make decisions and do things differently which is timely, considering. We're having this conversation today. Yeah. 100% so I'm excited, cuz it's the perfect time of year to chat about it so. We'll leet straight into it there because I'm excited to hear your, answers, particularly, I mean how could I not be but, in. 2018, so far let's start with the wind let's start with the positive what, has worked the best for you. The. Many people it'll work but I think the biggest thing for us has been. Understanding. More so who we want on our team so. If. Kind of all probably fall into what we haven't done well as well but, we're really clear, now on the type of person, their, personality. Types and how, we bring people in words before I would just kind of be like doors. Were open hire everybody close them and it's like you know I think, we did an episode on we talked about how you, know good people, or. Like okay people are the worst for your business you, know they're not bad they're not great so now just only holding that standard that great and just, we're getting a lot of great. People apply some, that are still not perfect, for the role but like the caliber of people that we are having come, through to us is so much higher and normally. Again you know be some we kind of grab onto and be like oddly we want this person because they're good but now it's like well actually they tick two. Or three boxes but we need three boxes if they don't tip three boxes then like. They're, not coming on board so for us that's probably been a really great thing is having that focus, there. Will be our first big thing that's really really been good as making sure we only bring on great people and the number two is leveraging. Speaking, and we in the episode where we talked about what you would do in if you were in my business and I would do if I was in your business, who's, something that you brought up about speaking more and I probably, spoke the most I've ever, spoken on stage this year we're. Still a few more pretty cool ones to come up in the following months so, it's. Been very interesting and leveraging. That has been yeah really really exciting, for us that. Is two great points, and I can't say I'm surprised they're working for you because I mean well loop into these one by one I don't want to broaden it but Mike you are undoubtedly.

One. Of the best speakers I've ever seen your, ability, to work, a room is, I, think people should come and see you speak just to see how you speak. Like the art of speaking itself, is worth seeing you not to mention that you have killer content, of course but. I think it is a very much a strengths area and I'm not surprised, at all that. There was a correlation, between your business performing, better and. You doing more speaking although. I do wonder how, your health is on the back of so many flights and climb away god that must be some challenging stuff, but. The first one we. Come back to again he's like. In. My mind and this might be a bit of a broad statement but it's like if there was one thing you picked up in 2018, and it, was holding, the standard of you people and knowing who you want on your team what. A big takeaway like. That's worth six months in my mind like that alone yeah. Well because there's well like it's pretty much like it is six months and we, don't have like let's do two roles that we really want people, for and literally I would hire someone for today. But. We just haven't got the right person yet so you know it's and. That's why I have as you said before I'm kind of glad I don't have anything in speaking stuff on at the moment because, it allows me just to take the time now I'm. Happy to do the work while we while we wait and find that perfect the, perfect fit for that role. So, it's, it's. Still a need but I feel much more, they. Confident, and comfortable and what we do when we. Are rushing, into what we aren't just bringing. On, anybody. For these these two roles, yeah. I think that's a wise way to go and as you kind of hinted to earlier, average. Staff the. Worst thing you can have in a business because you know good stuff you want to keep bad, stuff you know you've got to get rid of so it's easy to get rid of you know crab people but, that middle ground so so dangerous because it's like carrying. People with a crutch you know bringing people in just you know huddling, along instead of holding, up what you stand for so hugely, well done make him yeah. It's. Been. Definitely. A stretch and definitely like a stretch of my capacity, of being able to hold onto the plan and execute, it but, we. We're. Getting there so it's good so it's been, great but I'm excited to hear yours also Charlie, on what. Has been the best thing for you so far in 2018. Also. Been doing a bit of thinking, about this one because, as. You know very reflective time I mentioned, earlier and I look, across at what's works the best for me this year and what's produced the best results and it's comes, back to this single thing it's been, that I've consciously, leveled. Up the, people I spend time with so, I've consciously, upgraded.

The Business owners I hang around with the friendship, circles I hang around with how, much time I'm spending with, people, that have done things I'm trying to achieve so. It's been a really really big swing I won't say it's been the most enjoyable swing, but, it certainly produced. The best results. So I'm. Noticing a massive, swing in how I'm performing, just, by making sure that I'm hanging around other high performance. It's. Interesting it's. As you said like it sounds, like it's easy to do when. Actually it's very can. Be very hard especially when it's like whether, it may be as you said like there because. There's always an attachment to, any, circle, of people that you hanging around regardless, but when you try and then change that there's, obviously there's a lot of pull and push and stuff that happens internally, with. That also so, it's very, interesting to see how that's been one of the big ones for you and I've definitely noticed, that on your behalf as well. What if like one, to two points, like what one of the two things that you did. Within. That area that, you think was the biggest like that were, like the 80/20, principle that 80% of that yeah. Really really good question there so I'll give you a couple, is what I noticed, is that certain, people affect my, energy okay, so. Like I'm sure we've all had this experience is like you know if you ever like everyone's. Got that one friend or someone else like when you talk to them like they drain you they suck all the life out of everyone I don't know they're not doing it intentionally and I hope I'm not that person to some people, but. There. Was a few people in my life who I loved dearly and. Cared about a lot I'm not saying anything about they're bad people or anything let's not confused the topic but, I noticed, that like when I spent time with them I needed, a day off the next day I was, massively. Underperforming. In other areas, of you, know my house and things like that by spending more time with these people so, it's. Reducing, the people that have the energy, cost, and then, it's like I was able to inject that energy, into, people that energize me and ideas that energize me so. That, would be my first one, the. Second one is that when. You're clearer, on where, you want to go so when you've got clear goals or where you have a clear you know direction, for your business or objective. Or something you want you're chasing, down specifically, is. Actively. Seeking, out and even pay like I have paid to. Hang, out with people that have done that thing I just, noticed that you know we've I think we've even mentioned this a few times throughout the year it's like you, know trial, and error is the dumbest way to go about business and the most expensive where, I'm looking at things at this point in my career really, really valuing time and dis going let's, just find someone who's done it and model. What they've done or pay them for the advice on how to replicate it get, the thing so we're, really really like shortening, that skill gap so, that would be my two that, I'm certainly, going but they are 8020 for me yeah. Perfect, and we kind of would like to especially the second one we touched on that in the last episode, I believe when we talked about how, to create that leverage in your business so obviously. You guys can all see that charlie, is not only talking. The talk he's walking the walk as well and we both execute, like if we share something like that's could we be do it as well yeah.

Integrity, Is a big thing for both of us I noticed more and more is like you know it's one thing to talk about like, I just imagine for a second year taught Facebook, ads and you never did them yourself yeah. You. Wouldn't save your night well I think I proceeded in sleep in mind I wouldn't, sleep at night for you if, that helps, and. Like on the reverse is like you know if I I've, got a virtual assistant company or an outsourcing, company like, if I didn't have all my stuff out sourced, or you, know that there be an integrity issue so. I think something that is a test of character is you've got to actually do, the things you preach like. You've got to be true, to that and that's one of one of the reasons I think we get along so well Kim is we share that value hugely, yeah. Understand, oh now. We're on a high here I can feel like we're like yeah winning, winning, for the first half of 2018. My life's good on that front but, it's. Time to shift gears it's, time to talk about the other side. Tell, me about what hasn't worked or being a huge, failure in the, first half of 2018. Good. One, I think the. Biggest, thing. That hasn't worked is again sometimes not taste like now, taking our own medicine if we will like so. I think that we we. Kind of diversified. We, kind of we did we diversified. Into, certain. Things without having or. Like I'm this is um products. That we have within our business or services. That we do in our done-for-you, side of things also where we. Diversified. And add it on things without fully. Having, it all like. There's. No point in adding something, on you if what you already have isn't, optimized. To the utmost and it's, again something I teach people and tell people to do and that's, why I probably backfired of me as like well, I say if you have a look the most out of this why you want to launch I meet you whereas I was like the first half the year just, popping. Out products, and ideas and stuff and could we had extra. Team members well yeah we'll just do all these things and roll it all out and say hmmm actually. We haven't really got the might like you know we haven't got everything we can out of all that we've got so. That's. Been the biggest thing with like, everything. Is still worked. Hey but, it's definitely been a hindrance like if we had just had the core focus again. That we have right now with what we're doing like we would be streets, ahead of where we are and. It would be much better outcome, for for. Us as a whole so that was a big one is like not having that, just. Distilling, our focus before we're actually ready to that's. The entrepreneurial, curse right there and like you've just described, it it's like we all myself, included, and I say we all as if I speak for all business owners but I'll just say I. Perceive. This as the entrepreneurial. Curse is like you know the ability to start, that new idea, or that show anything without. Having the adequate resources to.

Deliver. It well or, to. Or, that would take focus away from the core in your case here, just. It always cut it's always come back to bite me as well that always has. Yeah. And it's just yeah we spent like, and. It was more, so just to split from everyone's energy because. It's like cool even like a sales team it's like we're going from selling one. To two things maxed to like five things so every time they get someone in a corner like which, hat do I put on like what am i directing, them towards you, know it becomes so much harder whereas, now it's just like clear. Like, we still have several. Things that we do however, it's much, more refined. And targeted, so cool people come and make they're like there's three lanes that they would fit into that's, it nothing, else like there's no other distraction. Which before that's like a 95. Lane freeway, well yeah I get, off here which exit do I take back, freak it out so. Yeah it was a good. Learning good learning to have for, the year but, doesn't, it make you really admire those, businesses. Out there in those people but to stay focused, on one thing for like 20 years oh my, god the, skill the, discipline, patience. Yeah. But that so that's a great finding and a great lesson there so, to anyone out there that's listening to the show that it's probably, offering, too many things at the moment is there any wise words of wisdom you would pass on. Or. Just as you'd like there's. No harm, in having more than like one, thing if you've got the most out of that what the first thing that you can. And that's where I think it's like as. You said the entrepreneurial, curse I guess I'm into that 60%, you're like boom done, next, thing I that'll get up to 100 by itself it's like well no you've got to fully execute. And have that get to a hundred percent before. You then move on to an. Ancillary so, that was and that's the biggest thing that's why being focused is like all the things we have on at the moment fill. Them up and then once they're at a hundred percent of like what we can get from them then, we will add on something else but until that point you, know just like stop tryna yeah. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel before. I was even rolling. Do. Less for fewer people but, far far better his. Comes. Back around a few times there what's, interesting is, how much that actually ties into my, point number two I'm looking at my notes about I can't even say that point anymore. Always. Happens always studio points before you say them I go, first next episode I'm not, being the courteous type but. I think there's a really powerful thing in there and I would say I commend, you on you know for one recognizing. It because, there's, a lot of business owners out there that are, suffering, the symptoms of supplies. Lack. Of resources, across the number of ideas or, products and services or businesses, they have and. Like you just paid this price of just like never getting anything done you just get bogged down there's, this endless, feeling of like well. We we've got through this week but we made, like. Point oh one percent. Progress, across you know five, thousand projects that we really shouldn't have had going. So. What what do you I mean you, don't have to create a whole new one but let's dive into your point of what what. Was the area that didn't, work for you in the first half well.

Lucky, For you I always put some backup points in my notes so, that I can have, other things to discuss on the podcast because I think you hit that one really well and I certainly shared, like a similarity, in that but, one of the things that, is also, secondary, to that and what, really. Hasn't. Worked for me in 2018. Is being. Like everyone else. So. I'm. Gonna put it out there is though it's something I'm noticing more, and more and like. It's very very I don't know if you say they'll actually back this one other step as well is like how, many people do you see at the moment that are trying to be like Gary Vee or trying to be like Tony Robbins or trying, to be like Russell Brunson or whoever it is and, it's like they perceive, or we all perceive that you know this person got really successful, by being like this and if I be, more like them that, I will get the same level of success they, have I mean it kind of makes sense but. You know at the same time I could do the exact same training, program as Usain Bolt ain't never going to run a hundred meters in under ten seconds. So. The. What, I'll come back to in business sense though is like something I noticed is there's a few things I've, released this year throughout, either outsourcing, angel or the Association, mastermind. Group or even this podcast, where, it's like we were really similar to everyone, else and it's, only when we, be different and mesh. Well or, do things differently or be different, that, we see the results from things so, give a really good example give you a very real example of real raw an example is that when. We release this podcast is like I expected. That based on the content we're making we would do well in iTunes, so. Audio, only and. The. Results, have actually been that what makes our podcast unique is, the video aspect. So. Because we do video and you know likely, if you're watching this right now you can see me waving at you but. The video has, been 90, percent of the views watches. And downloads, and I was like it was because we're different so I was like trying to be like everyone else. Has. Cost, me in ways and it's like being that little bit different, and having the guts I suppose, we'll call it all the balls or the courage whatever way you want to go about it but like just be willing to be different. Enough to stand out and actually cut through that noise so. That's what. Has not worked, yeah. That's so true like I always reference. It's like no, one no one travels across, town, to get vanilla ice cream but. You know they'll kick down doors and trace all over to get a hit, up pistachio, so, you, know if you're just if you're if you're out there being vanilla like it just doesn't like it doesn't work cuz I cool what like I can get vanilla up the street you. Know like I can get vanilla or to me on uber eats but. If you want something that different it's like that's that's, yeah. It's it's what's needed when. There's so much. No, competition but so much more ease of access, to information and, people, and all that sort of stuff like what's, the what's, that one thing that's going to be make you slightly different to everyone else yeah. And to make matters worse he's like I was at, one point I was like why aren't we doing well on iTunes and then, I listened to some other people's podcasts I've got to hear what other people are doing you know I'll do some research maybe there's something we're missing and I. Listen to these podcasts and I was like, these. Are really good. Like. These are really good podcast so like why would anyone listen to my podcast. Based. On this and I'm not discrediting our show I don't want it to come across like that but it's like the, truth is there's tons of people out there being good in that video space as you said anyone can get it off the road but, if you want to do well in 2018. And onwards or I'm sure prior to that as well by the way it's, like you've got to be different you've got to be that pistachio, you've got to be that creme.

Brulee, Ice cream or actually last weekend I had apple pie ice cream and it was ridiculous, I would drive back for it you arrived. But. Absolutely, what, has been the what has not worked of 2018, for me so. These been some really good, answers come out of this cumin I think some really interesting highlights, but, this is where it gets magical it's one thing to reflect, on what has and has not worked what are you going to be doing differently, because, of it so what's the changes, you're looking to put in place for the rest of 2018, yeah. Well the big thing is like I'm kind, of banned from. Making. Anything new. So. It's. A running, thing across the office it's like cool like, pretty much like unless, like we have one and it's financed on the pretty much when the glass. World behind us so. I can see it all stuck up there's like this is pushing us towards this it's like why are we doing it so, we have a big focus on getting the, most out of all the stuff that we already have and just doing it better and same as like before, I would just so. We also have like a high-end, program, above, mobile program course in tune and normally. I'd be like pushing things out getting, things done superfast, and say. This time we've actually planned actually, written a proper sales page, we've. Got proper, graphics, done up for it alright so I just uh feels like while we've already been offering and selling it's like now. It's like getting the most out of it positioning. It all properly like I recorded a video and, then, a designer, did a, intro. For it and then, the intro looks way better than the footage I did so I'm gonna have to film it again. Whereas. Normally I'd be like yeah whatever, get, it up there. Now. It's just like if we're gonna if we have things out there making sure us of best quality and we get the most out of it that we can, so. Yeah I'm pretty much, that we have a big ban on on that, which is is. Good for me cuz it's like okay cool try. And get like you still utilize, your you know like my creative. Skills, if you will or my, creative. Thoughts but harnessed. Towards, the, core focuses. That we have. That. Is an absolute, Ripper I love that I think that's so good. Because, one of the things I don't know if you know this Kim but like you're renowned, as one of the people like if we're at an event you have 80%, of it done before we leave the event that's something you're actually known for is, like how quickly you take to a new idea and implement and it's, a huge positive in many whites I think it served you very well in many lights but, on the reverse of that is like you pay the price of doing too many things so. It's like it's great to hear that you're leveling, up your quality, and you're. Making sure that things are being I suppose, presented. The best they can in the marketplace, as well which is great one. Yeah. Show. You. A. Sneak. Peek for you only but what about you mr. Searcy what, is the big. Focus. Or shift or change that you'll be making based. Off previously. Cuz I somewhat, sounds like you have already but I'd love to hear if there's anything else you know, it's there you're gonna be tweaking, to adjust going forward well, well we have are we ever really, done like, I don't think I want to start playing this game it's, like you know business really is cause, in like it's an endless game of evolution.

And Improved, like I think that's one of the reasons I love it so much is like some, like a game Monopoly that's over this is something we can keep going for we. Could do another 30 years it's nice, if. Technology will allow my lifespan we could do another hundred years. But. Undoubtedly something's, been happening to me more. Recently that I just, I think. There's power in there's a lot of power in all. Right so, I, at. The start of the year I had stopped riding, my bike. Due to some health challenges I've, been doing some other things to try and get my health and fitness back and then in the last couple of months I've gone back to riding my bike now. The thing that I will be doing differently is not riding, my bike by the way I just want to make that clear it is not a do, more cycling, but, something's really, interesting, has been happening when, I've consciously, been, getting. Time away from things, and having time to think so. Give a really good example. If. I, have an idea and I don't have the answer if I get, away from work and go ride my bike or do, something it's amazing, the ideas, that, come to me while, riding I come, at the point now where it's like a couple of times while riding I'll pull over and have to leave myself a voice memo or, leaving a note for Julie Julie, oh my god I've had. This idea. Remind. Me about this what I get back so. Something. I'm noticing is that when as business, owners we give ourself space. And perspective. Away from our business and let. Things see. It is I'm. Actually solving. Problems, much more efficiently, so I'm. Looking. At this now and going what, I want to do differently in 20, or the second half for 2018 is, consciously, spend more time you, know away for the weekend, or on the black or, in other environments, or with other people so, that my decision-making, and problem solving brings, in that perspective. Now. Has that ever happened to you or my borderline. Crazy you travel a lot but I'm sure some of your best ideas probably come to you while you're on the plane oh yeah. Exactly. As soon as you take your head, your brain away from things it's like oh hang. On it's a great idea like I was walking to the gym the other day so. It's like if I train other evening, and, then walk to the gym or for train the morning I Drive because then I go to work, but. Just by doing that it's like even that like 10 minute walk and then go to the gym and I can listen to a podcast or something and, but. I'm not doing any work based, thinking and then I come back on my oh that's damn that's that's a great idea like no, I do. The same thing just drop in voice notes all over the place on the way back because they come up with something cool yeah. So what if we actively invoked. That and it's funny that physiologies. Come into both of our stories then it's, like when we're moving so it's like you know if I'm walking or if I'm writing or if you're in the gym or walking to the gym it's that. Something. Going on that's like spawning, goodness. So. That, is actively, something I want to make different, in the second half of 2018. No. I'll be making, sure to check in with you and Casey that you keep that up I'm gonna steal that as well and do a little bit of that too well. This is one of the great things about doing this podcast is we can just steal, each other's ideas. Implement. And talk about alone I'm all for it I think we should rip each other off hugely, based. On this podcast so far but. We're. Going to round this one out from here Kim I think this has been a phenomenally. Interesting conversation. When I've enjoyed having with you so, this, is it for confessions, of a business owner I suppose, what has and has not worked in the first half of 2018. You.

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