EP:029 If You Don’t Create Leverage Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

EP:029 If You Don’t Create Leverage Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

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I've got, a confession to make. I need, to get this off my chest. As, a business owner we all make mistakes. I've. Gotta confess. And. We are live. Kim Barrett joining me once again this is confessions. Of a business owner how you doing dude doing. Very well mr., Charlie, sir how are you doing I'm, really well it is very, fitting and for those of you on the video right now is like I'm in the Melbourne winter of freezing. At the moment and have about ten layers on and Kim is just rocking a t-shirt over a nice sunny Perth it's. Actually raining today but, inside. Is warm so but, yeah it's good good weather here in Perth I'm. Glad you're enjoying it dude so today we've got an awesome topic one that I'm very excited to kind of share with the listeners and speak more about because, it's something we both take so seriously and, that, is leverage, so. I'm pretty pumped for this one how do you feel about it I am, excited also we're talking it was funny I was talking to someone before just. About this and we're talking about creating leverage, in our business and how it unlocks freedom and they're saying Kim we encourage you to start riding a bike like, Charlie does and I was like look I haven't got quite the level of leverage that Charlie does yet for me to become a bike rather but I'm on the way I'm on the way there I think. We can get you there you go we gotta set this goal right now so. This episode came to be because of an experience I had and, I want to go through that experience now, and I felt there was a really kind of useful, way to take that somewhat. Negative experience, and then turn it into something useful. For the listeners so I'm gonna go into that story now so, something. I do quite, often is, I'll go for a bike ride during, the week which. Is, what you can do when you've got leverage hint hint nudge nudge when, you have leverage you have more freedom to do things like that and I, posted a photo, on my Instagram. Of me, riding my bike saying how man they should be done and obviously. A little bit of tongue in cheek to everyone that had to go to work that day or had, to go into their business and was let's. Just say a little bit not happy about it. So. Someone reached out to me and they said well. Basically they weren't happy about it and they went to the idea of saying well I don't have that type of leverage in my business and began giving me kind of all the excuses, on why they don't and how there's all these other things that are more important, so, I put it to this person, I said well what are you doing to change that what are you doing to create more, leverage in your business, and this, person.

Said. It, kind of looked at me funny you know when you realize you've, said something unexpected, they kind of looked at me in this way. Nothing. And. It was a very sobering moment, now, the one thing I will say is at least this guy was honest and said nothing and wasn't. Under the false illusion, that they were creating, leverage and. Not really getting there so I will say this is like you know leverage is one of those things that is incredibly, powerful but. If you don't have it you know best be honest about it and say well look I'm not actually doing anything at the moment and then take that as the moment to do things differently but, that's what spawned the idea for this episode so in this episode we're going to be going through the, five different. Types of leverage that you can create in your business and ultimately. What. Leverage can do what, it can create from that so. Kim I thought it'd be a really good idea if we define the leverage first, and I want to hand this one over to you and I suppose get your point of view of how you think about leverage, or what is leverage. Definitely. And I mean like though the, thing that always pops into my head when we talk about leverage, or we use the term is really. You know back in the school, days I'm a sure I'm gonna say it's physics I can remember correct. Terminology right, but it's basically you have again. Excuse. Me for any of the physics. Or scientific. Industry, that are watching like they, have a fulcrum, you, have something here a heavy thing here and you need to be able to move it and that's kind of being able to generate leverage, right as opposed to going I have, a thousand, rocks here and I need to get them here and dragging. Them one by one how do I put a lever in between to, allow me to really easily and effortlessly move. Them across and obviously. Lacking, that to business is going cool it's like we have all these things to, do every single day our tasks our objectives, our goals and we, need to kind of get them completed, or we need to have them to come to some sort of fruition, so basically. Leverage, is going what are the key components what are the five things that actually you. Know the Pentagon, of success, if you will five, points, that are gonna help bring the things from over here being undone uncomplete, things, that we need to work on to get in them over here to being in, action to fulfillment to actually getting them done and getting the outcome, it's. Funny you've taken me back to you.

Ten Physics, when, it's the guy that has to lift the tree or someone so a big tree is falling down in the forest. And he needs to be able to lift the tree so he can free someone that's trapped under it and he realizes he lifted, himself so. He gets this really really long stick and kind of wedges it in and pulls down and then that's how he's able to raise. The, logs so, flashback. Moment right there and I think it's a really, cool perspective but. For me when I think about leverage. In a business what. I'm ultimately talking. About is creating, the ability to get, more done without. Me, needing. To do any more if anything. To achieve that so, it's all about more, happening, without increasing. More of my time, or. More resource. Required from me which, is the, perspective I'm kind of taking toward from there, so. When you look at your business right now Kim what's, creating, the most leverage for you. It's. A good question, I would probably say and ours, has kind of been up and down all over the place at the moment but. Probably. The biggest, thing creating is our. Team and our asterisks, that with good, team because. You know one definitely, like one again. Leverage when it comes to people and leveraging and finding the right people with a players or whatever you want to call them like, I think you can probably get. Like. Four, times more leverage from a player, versus. A I. Don't. Know what to describe an on a player certain, nicey-nice. For. Niceness if we were there's. Definitely qualities, of leverage. Or qualities of people and I do agree with that comment is like you know one good person is worth for average and I've certainly seen that to be true time and time again I would rather have fewer people in my business that, are all but a player's then. A bigger, team of average, players and I'll bet that there's smaller a player companies, that get a lot more done than most bigger ones yeah. And I'm again. Astrix who that is like for, what we do I think that you need it it's like if we were McDonald's. Churning out hamburgers, it's like and you have the like this use, leverage or the system and it's like well really, you can have as many BCD. X players Y Z, players if you want because if they can just literally follow an instruction then, they can achieve an outcome but, I think. The small business especially like you need to have, just such a such a good team amongst many other things absolutely. And that is such a good, segue, to the. First, form, of leverage or the first category, of leverage, that I want to get into from here so, category, number one and I've divided these into different, categories so, category number one is other, people's, time but. More specifically, I want to go into the examples, here is that this is staff and contractors this. Is people you can pay to do the work so Kim, what do you have as an example of that in your business. Well. I'll talk about my business but also in my life also so like for, us I got. Really. Key personnel. Team is Kristi hotel general manager, so, she takes care of all of the day-to-day, operation. Things which obviously allows me like, that's a big leverage point because there's so many like there's you know for example seven different. Components. Or areas of our business that need to have focus on it she is across all of them so, it just alleviates, for. Me having to even think about them and we talk about them on a high level but she's kind of in charge of everything, that happens there. So. That would kind of be number one definitely, number. Two is our you know again, tricky little plug here for our sourcing angels we have some great assistants. Here personal. Assistant who runs all my emails. Who. Leverages all of that because again that's, more like one-to-one, time and I try and alleviate any of my one-to-one time so I can focus on finding. Those other areas for leverage because if I don't do that then you, know I kind of get left behind and, it's very easy to get back into the rubbing, your nose against the grindstone versus. Trying to find you know that free time and if I spend. Even, just an hour a day on email, this narrow day I could spend on other areas when it comes to building leverage. And, then thirdly would be my, point in my personal life is that I buy, literally, all my lunch.

Meals Pre. Packaged. Pre-made and I, have a cleaner. That comes and cleans our house because. For. Me using that that actually frees me up more space and capacity in my business because each, day in the morning I go, do my exercise, or going to work I start my daily, routine and I get into things I'd have to think about what, lunch I got a pack lunch I got to make it's already all you know from today in the fridge ready, for me to go so. It frees up my capacity, again for. Even thinking about anything like that it's. A great example by the way I almost didn't. Think of that and it's I mean effectively. You're buying someone's, time in meal, prep or, you're buying someone's, time in cleaning, and that gets you the extra hours from there, so. People to, me is the easiest. Form of leverage to understand, and apply this is something you can start with today so any example, you just used if you paid someone to prepare your meals and to, clean your house you've, just bought that time back and that's great, leverage so. You can be out on a Monday riding, your bike on the peon Highway in. Victoria but. There's some really good examples there, I would. Say in my. Experience, you know we can look at this in another way with like bookkeeping, accounting. There's, so many versions of buying, someone else's time so, that you don't have to do it to free yourself up I think, this is the initial category, most people should start with is leveraging, other people's time, this. Is an interesting one right because it's the one, that again in this conversation, we logically think of but I would say this is probably the one that most business owners do look to last because. I find that they go they try and keep everything so, tight, to them and it's, like they don't kind of want to let go or I think, we did this on the whole episode around. Virtual. Assistants and whatnot and that also us like they try it they dip their toe in and they pull back and they. Don't really kind of commit a hundred percent to doing it I I. Think and, you know it was fine when like hiring and firing people so, many people I think they they kind of hold either hold onto people or they just don't want to go and get them they're like they get too scared of it and no one else is gonna do it as good as me, kind. Of Avenue so it's probably the one of those you say like one of the best leverage points but I reckon probably, one one. Of the ones that people would turn to the lease with. If they don't have the knowledge that we were kind of sharing here today, absolutely. And I want to go through these really quick I've decided I'm going to pull this one up and I'm going to do a little bit of a deeper one so, if you're someone and you're looking to buy. Other people's time to create more leverage for yourself cleaning. And cooking really good starting points in business, I would almost say bookkeeping. And accounting, -, you should definitely, not be doing but, then the next ones you start to look at is like your virtual assistant, or PA I think is one where, every business owner has $10, an hour tasks, they shouldn't be doing that there's something you've got to get off you play too early otherwise you're going to be bogged down doing big hours, so. They're the ones I would start through from there and then the next one would be like people, that actually do the work in your company if you're a small about but they're definitely the order of ones I would look out from there. Yeah. 100%, I think any of those areas where there's. Like. I would say experts, that you can pay for a much cheaper price as you said like for the bookkeeper, and account it's like yes, you can learn how to reconcile. Your accounts in Xero but should, you do that probably. Not definitely. Not unless. You are a bookkeeper, or an accountant, then yes you group yeah. Definitely. On that one from there okay, so I want to go into the next categories, the first one was, you know other people's time the. Second, I'm gonna go through here is other, people's, money. Controversial. Category. -. Is. It interesting one so. Going through some examples, here like you know how can we leverage other, people's money the obvious one is loans, like you can loan money from the bank you, can use that money to invest in your business to grow it at a rate bigger than, the interest rate and.

That Can be a really really, powerful strategy, the. Second one would be credit cards like where every time you use a credit card that is effectively, you know leveraging, someone else's money because you not haven't pay for that yet and then, the third one I look out from there is investors. So, you could take an investment into. Your business and leverage, other people's money in that way shape or form do. You have. You dabbled in this area Kim are you someone that's used other people's money in your business or are you more about from your own cash topic, is someone, pretty much majority. From our own cash everything kind of operates, and. That's. More so from necessity than than, choice just because I've previously had. Terrible, money. Management so, I've gone I'm not going to use any credit. Facilities, apart from there's two ways that I've leveraged and I found them both really effective, so, number one is. The. Blessed, way in which Facebook Ads work is the, fact that you, don't pay for your facebook, ads until you've hit either your limit or it hits the end of the month so, mostly cannot start with a limit of nine, hundred and fifty dollars or the. End of a month being the 30th 31st 28th depending on what the month is so. For, us when we got started that was a really effective way and it's also a really effective way for our clients when we're talking to them it's going well you can leverage this and go you know let's just say it's 950, bucks you could say, it's 10 bucks a lead that you're getting business. For there's. 95 leads that you can get with before you even have to pay for it so if, your business is good at what it does you should be able to get a return before you even have to pay your, bill for that service, so, that's something that we regularly, use all the time is the fact that we've got that leeway. That kind of runway where we can get a result before we, have to kind of flick everything I've anything over which is always, always good it's almost from free, credit if you will and. Then, the second one, that I really like to use which, is somewhat, using that as well which is PayPal. Working, capital, so, because we get a lot of, overseas. Clients who pay us using PayPal we, get affiliate. Commissions from programs, that we refer through pipe through PayPal. We, utilize, PayPal, working, capital which means that we can pay PayPal provide us with funds that we get to spend on most, the time it's either marketing.

Marketing. Or subscriptions, like all, the different platforms that we use and whatnot and they. Just take back their return from the money that we're already getting in from our affiliate programs and such so, for. Us without being an official like loan or credit we really like to use that it works really powerfully, especially, when we have like a big launch, or a big big. Push that we're doing for something it allows us to free up that extra capital to push towards, something which works really really well for us, when you have and I think like, what you mentioned there like as long as you have a good int like you actually have an intention and you, have a goal and target when you're gonna do it then I think it works. Versus. Just going oh cool I'll. Get it twenty thousand dollar credit card for. Fun you, know who shit's and gigs why, not but actually doing it for like a purpose, annoying under with for this to, get this outcome to get me to here I think they're not worse really well Oh better, technical difficulty, but we are back and undoubtably. Editors. Have made us look fantastic so thank you so much guys, where, we dropped out is Kim you just made a fantastic point, about how you're using other people's money to create more leverage in your business and I thought in. My opinion very very, smart way of going about it so with Facebook as the example, that, 950, dollars you're spending on ads you're effectively borrowing. Money from Facebook not, not really but kind of and, then you're allowing your business to bring in some results from that marketing, to pay that back so. Very, very clever way where people were getting started with Facebook Ads as I've said guys we are not financial, advisors I can't say if that's right for everyone but if you're working with the marketing professional, and they think that's a good move for you then, maybe that's something you can investigate but, I really like how you've been clever with those windows so. For me the big one I really like to use is that in, my business in a service type is this is, something we're always battling, with is getting cash, in and if, we're always paying cash out it can be very dangerous for our cash flow so, what I particularly, like to do is use credit cards - or. A credit, card - postponing the paying of things like some certain software subscriptions. Or marketing, costs so that I can make sure we get all the cash in for the month and then pay them off on the credit card before the interest-free, period, is up when. I've just found that's a really great way to manage, your cash flow really well but, it's also a great way to leverage things so you're never short on cash yourself, so, both of us doing in a bit of a unique way there which i think is really really cool yeah, person, you know sorry. Do you mind if I jump in on that point for you is absolutely, a throw you off track is is. There's, I know there's two platforms, now that come out that also allow you to leverage. Those. Things across the board pretty much on any bill that you have so. One, asterisk. All intensive purposes is, a client, they called card any bill no, one's called reward pay and. They actually allow you to pay anything even the, ATO. Your. Rent all these sorts of things on on, your card so, that you can leverage that cash free with other interest-free, window whether it's 55 days or whatever it may be but it also then allows you to leverage points, so, you know if you're someone who likes it who trap was quite regularly, like me I just literally ticked over to platinum. Frequent flyer collect fly so much having. The ability to leverage those points, you know kind of other people's money also even though you're going to pay out of your cash flow anyway it also allows you to pull those things up which means you can you, know fly in business.

Class You can get extra seats or free free flights also so. It's like a double double-dip, of leverage if you will as well yeah. So I mean spending, the same money getting flyer, points and an interest-free window that sounds like leverage to me I really, like that now. Personally it's like I'm not a big fan of bank. Lines or taking, out massive loans for things in the type of business I had but, where I think that is really applicable, if, you're a printer, for instance hypothetically. And you. Want, to buy an asset which is a printer, my cost I don't know some expensive printers out there let's say, $100,000, if, you were gonna you know borrow, $100,000. To get a printer that could then generate you, $10,000. A month of, income. You, know that might be a really good idea of you so sometimes in the type of business you're at borrowing. Money for assets, can, be a really really effective, way of doing things in, the, era of the internet I can't see many internet businesses, needing to get that type of equipment but, certainly, something that's really, worth considering, in the type of different businesses you can have from there or, again, it's like you might borrow money to buy a property that you have your business within so. You're you know leveraging, that money for a place to have your business run from and creating, an asset at the same time so, really good category. But. I must admit I've been a bit scared of taking investment. My god I'm, a bit uncomfortable with the idea of someone giving me a five mil Dean, you know grow business because I'm like I'm not sure I would feel I'd, feel the pressure I really, would I'd much rather in. My mind I'd much rather lose, my own money than lose someone else's money and. So I think you know there's an element of being responsible, and knowing where you can be effective which can make a huge difference on that front, yeah.

100%, And also, add. On to the point you made before around like, purposes. Of getting some of those loans like one, that we've. Had a client most recently do is also, doing it for acquisition. So they have a round. If you will they have a pretty product or service monthly service they go houses to do they, bought the neighboring suburb they bought that out so for them like it was a big expenditure, but it basically doubled, their. Income, but also doubled the capacity because they also had machinery, and equipment that came with as well so I think, as you say like getting. The right advice and knowing strategically, whether or not you should do something is the only time you should take a step. In any of these probably categories, I think is a big one in knowing why you're going to do it, absolutely. But I like that I really like that acquisitions, I think is a wise thing to use other people's money for if, you're going down that path, all. Right now we're gonna go into the next, category here so we've done other people's time now, we've spoken about other people's money, but, this one I like a lot is other, people's, experience. So. I overlooked. I think this one is is, like, in. The world we live in today is you can hire great, mentors you, can join, masterminds. Or groups with people that are experienced, in a certain thing or you can even hire experts, who, can advise you to, save you a ton, of headaches. And frustrations, from having to work things out on your own. 100%. I think this is probably this. Is probably one that I've leveraged the most and. I'll consistently. Leverage is because. It's so. Like. It's so much easier to literally just ask someone a question, how, they get the advice from someone that's already done it versus trying to go through your own trials and tribulations, and figure it out for yourself and I, think it's probably one, of the I, would. Say arguably, anyone. That's had great success, one of their fastest, paths I think would be leveraging, this point exactly like we've, both done it and many people do it leveraging our successes and experiences. Also and I, think, this is black if you only did this one I think that would be like a very, very like fast accelerator, of any business. Absolutely. Well I personally I think you've got to do them all I think it's a mass, effect there's a compound effect in doing every, one of the categories we talk about from here but. When. I think about this one I can say we've both done a lot of it and. I agree with your point it's a very very powerful way to accelerate. A business is like you could be going through business trying to work it out on your own and a lot of trial and error which can be very expensive cost. A lot of time as well or.

You Could describe to someone that's already kind of been through these hurdles and go this is the path which. I think is immensely, powerful in something as you've said take very very seriously. From, your perspective though I mean when you look at your business today is there things you're looking at or expertise, you were on the hunt for at the moment. They're. All to be honest there always is there's always room, to grow us like I've had great mentors and gotten a great advice in the space of marketing, and develop. My own process, their sales also same thing I think, like the next one for me and it's like I always always, know in psychic is a is a friend of mine I've met him several times hanging out a guy called Alec schaffen and I, don't know if you can chew much of his stuff Charley but I consider, him to be on a very similar wavelength, to you by just love his stuff and I love that like he's the, he structure of team organization. Communication. Processes, that he has it's, like something that I think we could definitely like level. Up with and just just. Knowing him I'm like I feel like there's, gonna be something that I get from him and he's gonna be the person I asked for it like, it. Just always kind of like it's, been nibbling, on me ever since I listen to his podcast a lot and I'm like yeah he's definitely someone I'm gonna ask for things and. Everything. Else like it to be honest I'm probably already asking the right questions, like I have you. Charley where I get to reach out about team outsourcing. Systems. Something. I always probably heavily leaning on at the moment but. They're probably the big ones for me but every, kind of time that my business had a shift. Or a leap if you will has been because I've started. Going and, intensively. Looking, for the, people that can help and you know we are, very beneficial in the fact that we get to help people as well inside the Association, and they get to leverage our experiences, and ask, us questions and tomorrow you know I'm going to be giving, them. Probably. Arguably one of the only people in Australia that teaches is a lot going into like the process of bots and automation and things like that for people inside their marketing, so being. Able to share that as well also it kind of excites me - yeah. Absolutely and there's some great examples in. That and I even joke like as, you said that the you leverage me is like I leveraged you at the start of this episode - with, your marketing skills helped, create the title for this episode of my dude like you're better at this than I am save me the headache of sitting here for an hour trying to come up with a good title took, you maybe 30 seconds. So. It's like absolutely, you've got peers you've. Got you, know people mentors. Or coaches you might go through from there and groups like you've mentioned like the Association, where it's like you get to leverage. Other people's experience. To just go so much faster in every, area of your life I think, it's immensely powerful I. Would. Argue if. You just pick an area of your life that you want to improve and they just find someone who's done it and then pay them to, say and take you through how you've done it like there's a really powerful way, to dis move in any direction you want to. 100%, is it's very similar so you find as I said anyone that's had any success they've gotten cool they found someone to, help, them work with them and level, them up and do it and it always works. Like you know it's like the guy who has is now, like you know shredded, mr. Olympia with, a six-pack is like cool he had to find it hire a trainer first and he had to do all the processes, and now he got the outcome that he was looking for it's. The it's like, I always say it's the fastest, way so the only way like yes you can still go and do it by yourself but. If you want to do it in one year versus, five years or six, months rather than 18 months like that's the really, the only way to do it is leveraging, other people's experiences, and knowledge and you. Know like yes there's there's also left but I think there's also some people like. I. Put. A dampener but they don't kind of leverage as well it's like there's so much free knowledge but I look in the personal development space you, can probably get every single Jim Rome Tony Robbins, Zig. Ziglar audio, ever on YouTube, that. You can leverage from people that have gone out and done it but.

Then People will, never do it right just like you're sitting there it's, like in the palm of your hand isn't, it interesting it's like when people don't pay for things that don't necessarily value. Them there's people out there that would have paid for those CDs that are up there now for, free pretty much I don't know if they're legally there or not as well as a disclaimer but it's, like the people that paid for that and listened to it and did the stuff probably got a lot of value out of them but, that. Education. That's sitting there which you can't, leverage something like that in a big way is just so so cool so, agree with all those points there came very very powerful, one we're, going to move into our next topic from here so other people's experience, this, is a new favorite of mine this is definitely a favorite of mine is you could leverage other people's trust. So. I mean. There's. A very very famous story, about you know the Rockefellers, around. That, what they used to do once. Upon a time is in the stock room floor all he would do is walk around the floor with his arm around someone, and then that person's company would skyrocket because, everyone, would want to invest in that person, because, they'd been seen with the Rockefeller I think. There's a very powerful lesson in, that today is that you know if Richard. Branson, or Tony Robbins, or Russell Brunson or the. Elon, Musk endorsed, your company publicly, what, would it do for you. Yeah. Should you would assume it would have a great positive effect, yeah. Well let's make sure I should emphasis this by saying let's assume a positive things happens from here but we can see there's immense power in things, like endorsements. And really. Leveraging. Someone else's trust like they have the trust of a marketplace, and we can you know do podcasts with people we can interview people we. Can even pay for it in these days where it's like you can pay people to endorse your, products I mean Nike are the champions, of this they, pay athletes, to wear their stuff and then, all of a sudden Nike, does really really well but this is what I don't think many business owners are paying enough attention to it all is like you know whose trust, would. Be amazing, for your business if you were your brand was represented, by a certain person or marketplace what, kind of effect would that have, hmm. 100% and I think it's also like this very. Nicely, kind of like p/e backs on the last point about leveraging, other people's experiences, and it's like if you want their trust of some person let's. Just say you wanted the trust of Circe. Circe, over here mr. Charlie it's, like the, easiest way to do that is, to, leverage their experience, and join, their group and then, have, the connection, where, you can show that they. Should put their trust in you because, that's what other things like yes you can pay for some things as but sometimes it's hard to get cause it's like how do you show them and how. Do you give them the experience that what, you have is trustworthy, enough for them to endorse of them doesn't backfire on them great. Point there as well so sometimes there's a mix of things but, I can play, agrees like it can be very beneficial to, you know get. Involved in someone's program, or hire them for coaching, or get around them just attend events there at so you can build a real relationship so. You can have things around that very, very good point today Kim I think. Marketers, are probably the best at this like I don't know many marketers, that don't have a photo I mean even in the background right now I can say you're true comma Club, award.

Because, You know you're you're essentially, leveraging, Russell, Brunson's, trust, there and it's a really really powerful strategy, so a lot of marketers doing that type of stuff or photos, with big names we see more and more commonly these days, yeah. And I mean even the same like you see every. Like. Whenever someone is doing a product, launch or something like that it's, generally a really like if they're good for. Example there's a guy called Todd Herman doing a product launch at the moment everyone, that is. Positioned. Well and obviously they have a relationship by telling me how good he is at the moment and how much I should buy and why, I should buy and all these types of things and you, know that's the the probably, the old-school internet, marketers that do it very well and the fact where they do their JV. Affiliate launches and things like that and they just work, so well because you are leveraging, completely. The. Whole lack trust. And but, also like the, smart. Word just, like the believability, of one. Person or one brand as well. Yeah. Absolutely I think it's huge. Now. We're going to go into the last category here category number five which. I. Think. You're all probably stronger, out than I am but we'll see category. Number five is technology, so, I think there's a lot of leverage to be had in technology, and the area that I look to the most here that I think's had the biggest lifts, is marketing. I think there's a lot of leverage that's been created through the internet with, we look at marketing. Automation we've. Looked at platforms, like Facebook, where you can literally pay money, and they'll send your content. Or ads to more people it's amazing so, get you to weigh in this one but like you know where's the biggest. Areas of leverage in. Technology. That you see today Kim yeah. 100% and it's. So true so it's basically across the board but now, having the ability for basically. Every, platform. To have some, sort of integration with another you, know like zapier, is literally, like I want to find the person to do that and just give them a big kiss on the head because, like the ability. To integrate things so well using that just that one tool is ridiculous, and the biggest thing that we've been doing is finding and connecting you know like automating. Through Facebook, messenger messenger chat box which we did a whole episode on previously, and tying. That into then every, single other platform pushing it across into a CRM, pushing. Across and updating, and automated, emails and even. Having someone register in a chat bot automatically. Press one button and, they've shared, their email, and phone number and then pushing those details, to webinarjam. And registering them for a webinar like, all in the, space of two clicks I think it's just ridiculous, if you think about how long previously, it would take people to do things and you know, I look recently I did a. Direct. Direct, mail campaign, where I posted, out a written sales letter other people just, to kind of see the emphasis and how it would work and everything like that and afterwards. I was like how. Did the, guys it's like I have so much respect for people that did the direct mails like I don't even know how many people got my letter I don't know how many people opened, it I don't know what they did if they did open it I can kind of see how many people went to my link I shared with them in there how do I know how many people typed it in wrong like.

All These things and it's lack I feel. So naked in fact of doing that and then when I look at you know the other things I'm doing in all the automation like oh I know every single step of the way what's, happening in what's going on it's. A completely different ballgame and it's like as a most respected people that direct, mail and stuff like that cuz yeah, freaks, me out not being able to see what actually happened with oh my. All. My mail pieces that went out it kind of yeah it uh frustrated. Me a bit there, it's. A really interesting one I often think about bases like you know how did business do anything, before the internet look, it's being business for a while like let's be real let's say the Internet's been big oh say, seems like nineteen I'll, say 2000 is when the internet really started, let's be real maybe, 95, but that's when the internet got big and like business, has been around, a lot longer than that and. I just look at the efficiencies. The Internet's provided. As a leverage point which, is just crazy but. Even in the last couple of years we've seen huge, steps here in technology, but. I'm gonna lay down my favorite light without doubt I think. This is the biggest leverage, in the technology space is video. I think video has become the biggest point so, even. Right now we're making a video effectively. But every time I make a video I'm, effectively, duplicating. Myself and. Creating. It where it can be viewed or used in another time frame and I'm using video everywhere, so I'll describe it's we're using video for the podcast I also. Use video for like onboarding, people into, the Association, I also. Create, videos, when, I'm giving tasks. To my staff so, when I'm you know wanting one of my guys to do it I create a loom video and I send them the video on what I want done if, I'm. Talking to, friends like I've even found myself in facebook Messenger now here's I'll just use the quick features to, record a video and just talk to them so, I really feel like for me he like the biggest leverage point in. Technology space for myself and oh there's many others but, certainly, video has been the biggest one for me this year I think that's something we can all use a lot more. Yeah. I'll give that from there but the second one I'd have to give without doubt is social. Media like, how. Many people we can reach on social, media so easily these days you know it's, just crazy and I think that's another huge leverage, point compared, to your old direct mail campaign, a bit, more challenging but I. Would. Have they're both so true all those aspects, they come together and it, just makes it so much it's. So much easier in. Comparison, to as you say yeah how business would have to operate 20 years ago, it's, a whole different kettle of fish yeah. So wanna recap quickly, and I'm gonna braid back so if, anyone's watching the video you'll see my eyes turn but these are where it happens if you want to create more leverage, in your business so, if you're someone that wants to create, effectively. More freedom and have more work or things, happen in your business without requiring more review these, are the categories you've got to put some attention into so number one other people's, time so this is staff and contractors number. Two these other people's money learning, to leverage credit cards, or working. Capital as Kim's phrased it there or bank. Loans or investor. Money like they're all really powerful, ways in which leveraging, other people's money can, make, a huge difference in your business the. Next one is other people's experiences. So, this is mentors this is groups, and masterminds.

Like, We've mentioned ours along the way we have a group, in mastermind, called the Association, where you can come in there and leverage our experiences. Or the experiences, of the members, which can make a huge difference or, you might just want to hire an expert like if you want to get on a no, upwork and hire an Infusionsoft, expert for an hour like, you can leverage all their experience, to help you get that a little bit further ahead. Another. One other people's trust. So, as I said if you, know someone that was huge in your industry was endorsing, your brand what kind of difference could it make how could you borrow someone's, trust or pay, for that trust or build a relationship to, get that type of trust to, make a difference in your business and if, you need an example of that one just look to Nike, they were the best at it like. Jordan. Even has his own brand like. It's. Crazy but, I think that the sports industry does that phenomenally, well then the last one is technology, so what tools are out there these days which, can make your life so much easier or, technology. As in the way of like video which we're making right now so, there are the five areas, of leverage and I think if you put effort into each of those areas you certainly gonna see an ability where you create, a lot more leverage in your business and really, a lot more freedom so you can spend times on things that I guess I'm more important to you or really, gonna make the difference in your business so. That's how this Kim how do you feel about the list, I'm. Nestled like if everyone initially. If you did that you, would have so much. Leverage. In your business so much ability. As well because you have to like you can put these things in place but you still have to execute upon them right so, you'd have so much more ability to create that leverage. Absolutely. Well it's all a compound, effect even. To starting with the bit then, you can get a bit more more leverage, leads to more leverage so. Maybe. That's my quote we'll make an Instagram quote out of these leverage leads to more leverage but, anyway guys are gonna wrap it up on this one this has been, invasions of a business owner with Kim and I. Am your fellow co-hosts at charlie thank you so much for being on this show that's, it for this one adios. You.

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