EP:027 Why Working Too Many Hours is Ruining Your Business

EP:027 Why Working Too Many Hours is Ruining Your Business

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I've got, a confession to make. I need. To get this off my chest. As. A business owner we all make mistakes. I've. Got to confess. Hey. Guys it's Charlie here from confessions, of a business owner and today I am back with my fellow co-host, Kimber and how he dunk him doing. Very well thank, you so Charlie how are you doing Adele, well really well it's been one of those weeks that I wish every week could be like. I find I've struck, this awesome, balance between the. Enjoyment of life so doing things I enjoy but, then also the, enjoying, my business and feeling productive and like things are happening so some weeks sooner, I could be really one-sided where, it's all work no play some, weeks it's no work or play but, I find that personally, like I get this really good enjoyment when it's like I feel like I've looked after me and looked after the business at the same time so, um it's. A win feeling, good feeling really good about it what about self love am, and will you're, probably more, on the balance they may I, more, on the work side at the moment which is kind of ties in exactly what we're going to be talking about today but the, last couple weeks I've been making my adjustments, and working, on a few things so, we're, getting much more towards, that balance than we were previously which, is good yeah. And I think it's important, to acknowledge is, like the, weeks where you have to you know really get in the trenches of your business they come up for everyone it's like if a key person leaves if a, circumstance, comes up that was unexpected, it's like I can find myself even, with such a leverage business that I don't have to be at all the time they're certainly moments, come up where my brain is needed occasionally, and I like to be I would get in there and make sure things are done right, so I got a feeling you're probably experiencing. A little bit of that at the moment just, a little bit just a little bit, so. Today's topic I'll, let you review it but I feel like it's because. You came up with this one so elect him Kimber and lay it down well. Today we were talking about exactly, why, working, more, hours is. Actually, ruining, your business because a lot of business owners they get in there and they think well the, solution is like I work hard and I make money so working harder doing more hours should. Mean, that I get more money and that's. Not, really the case and today we want to really, kind of share a few stories and then a few strategies for people to get over. That and actually step out of that and you, know like some of it's probably more more, more raw, for me you know the burn still hurts. When I attach it kind of thing because the last couple of weeks but, as you said there's always an occasion where that comes in but I think, and especially with, what, you do Charlie what you speak about and things like that it's, very easy for people to fall into the trap of what they think is the answer to their problem and. Most of the Katai um is actually, the you know sometimes, the complete opposite. Which. Which, is which is actually the solution to that problem are, you telling me that marketing, and sales isn't always the problem Kim you, tell me more leads doesn't, fix this well.

Look Yeah yes it does of course. The. Problem all agents I. Joke. It's funny how often that, is the perception of things but absolutely, I think this is a really important topic and. You know Botev is ii have experienced. This in, that. Wiring coming, up of thinking more hours, equals, more success or more, money or more results, in any way shape or form. I think. The first thing you've got to look at when it comes to this topic is just the logical. Wiring, is wrong so. It's like if I want to get. Fitter or go to the gym and be stronger it's like you know spending more time in the gym can very well get me more results, or if. You know there's many areas of life where doing, more actually, gives us more and that's what we're perceived to be believe in math you know two plus two is four you, know it works in that way but when it comes to business, you, know I always look at this it's like if you want to go from you know making a hundred grand, a year to making 120 around here you, could just work a little bit harder and you probably get there but, if you want to go from making a hundred grand a year to five hundred grand a year you've, got to be doing completely, different things you can't do the same things or you know push five times the capacity, out of yourself to achieve that and I think that's lost on a lot of people yeah. And it's the old adage of you know like what got you here won't get you there so. There's, always something new to learn it's like cool yes as you said like probably. Up to maybe even 200, 250. Grand a year works and hard will like, give you that little incremental. Push but, then it's very hard to change your thinking and go okay now I need to focus on, leverage. Now I need to focus on like only doing money generating, activities, and you, know share. A story, and it's happened to be several times because I didn't learn lessons properly where, it's. Like I always fall back into. Something happens you fall back into the characteristics, of doing. Whatever it was originally, which was working hard doing all the jobs because, you feel like there's a break in the business and you well I need to jump back in and do that and this, happened for me probably two to three times over. Probably, five years where I, haven't. Adequately, set myself up for leverage. And I wasn't actually being a good I hadn't. Actually led people properly, and it's, like I was like leading or delegating I was just telling people what to do it's like yeah cool do this do this but not really giving them any framework, around it why, getting them to think about or anything like that it's like hey go do it so, then if they disappear, they stop something happens or I'm. Unavailable. Shit's. Tough to hit the fan because in. Reality like they don't actually know why there's been told what to do and they'll come in and ask me things in the suck whoa then, I'm like well cool, I need to get better results where I need to work more so I'm sure and take that work back I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna do this out and I'm gonna do the manage when we shouldn't do everything, and, that's gonna help, us get to like a million dollars and every.

Time It's like you it will push you a little bit it's, like pushing literally, like a one-ton. Truck up a hill you might get a little move and they're like oh crap, like, this is gonna drop on me it, starts falling backwards you know huh you, can either let go or jump out the way and watch it smash into a hill or you. Can go hey maybe I need a call some call you know some of my strong friends like Charlie and get him to help me push the truck a little bit more. Absolutely. I love what you do said in many ways there, and agree with a lot of it it's, that habit it's like when things get hard it's like we go back to what we feel is safe and what, got us results, in the past but then that turns out to be the exact thing that stops, us from getting where we need to be and, mastering. This stuff and like understanding, these topic in depth in my opinion also this is an opinion thing here but, this is what it takes to push past seven figures I think, that when you understand. These stuff properly and understand, that the success of your business isn't, tied to the amount of time you put in that's, when, you get to hit true scale that's, when the fun starts yeah. And I think it is like there's, like. For example I use a planner, and literally, I'm just looking at it now a. Couple. Of the biggest things and there's anyone that teaches kind of like the time management stuff or delegation. And whatnot always look at a delegation. Deferring. Or deleting, and I never really got that I would still do and like I remember when I've had this planner a few times now and I'll. Get it and I would never like it'll just be like dun dun dun dun dun there was no like circles, with a delegation, or literally. Just deleting it because like every time we will come on my list it's like it's got to be done as, opposed to now it's like probably half of my list is delegated, and I'm, deleting, much more things because just, because you know like one, of the quotes I love is. An, opportunity. To like buses a new one comes every 15 minutes I don't, know but the opportunities, that I have to do it like, there was the possibility the other day for this joint venture and it came up and I was looking at it and then I was like, actually. Like, I'm looking at it on my plate was on my plate for three days in a row and that's kind of my like, it was there for three days just like it's something it has two radically happy with it and I was like cool I'm just deleting it I'm just crossing that off it's God message, the person back said cooled out no no, go and then, there's a car so, much more like stress. And gone and like alleviation, god is so much more relaxing, I feel. Like there's a powerful lesson even, in that though the, power you've, like created, in saying no to things. It's. A really interesting point that comes with that because like you could have said yes and again. Put massive amount of workload on yourself but then it comes back to what we're talking about now is that it would have created massive, hours, of your. Time not, having the resources to. Have that done without you or have it done by someone else in your team puts, it all on you and that's, very, commonly help entrepreneurs in, that burnt out I think it's a very common story yeah. And then as well probably not delegating, it's like identifying and not. Keeping track of the things that I do and. We'll talk about that I would talk about an idea on that once we get to some of like the strategy overcoming. It but like just, just, doing everything and so looking at why, I'm like, that's not the best use of my time you know like oh yeah, I did what's the highest didn't best use of your time as I was definitely not doing anything like that but, Monsieur, Charlie you've probably got as you said the myriad of stories, of different times where that's happened to you but give.

Us A little bit of insight, into the, not, obviously the the masterful. Automated. Businessman we see now but back in the day well. First off I want to start this off is like always recognize, this and everyone like our best skills normally, come from our biggest pain so. I don't, I actually expect, and I don't know the answer to this but it's like why you're so good at marketing is probably cuz someone burnt you at marketing or. There's some story where it's like you didn't have that resource or people that are good at sales or normally because they weren't, able to sell though there's always a correlation, between where our strength comes from and where, our you know in the past our challenges come from you, know it's like the irony of you know most comedians have, had sad. Instances, in their life you know there's a lot of these ones that look at most teachers if, you look hard enough felt, like they didn't get tall well and that's why they became teacher to change it but. The point I make on this one is like if you look at the way my businesses, are set up now where my values are at you've. Got to acknowledge how. Badly I, this up before. It's. To the point of why I it's made it such a priority for me now so, I'll dig into this a little bit because I, don't want to I didn't wake up knowing this stuff and I certainly didn't, accidentally, stumble into it it's, like it came from a massive amount of pain and frustration so. The one I talk about the most and the one that I would really love to articulate. He's when I had a marketing, agency I had a company called PPC, empire that. Was my business and everything like that and, I honestly I. Reckon, I could give him Gary Vee a run for his money and ours worked I. Really, was working astronomical. Hours every day to. The point where I wasn't doing anything else, and. I was very fortunate my lovely, wife. Edie Anka like. Helped, me a lot in those times because, like she was pretty much feeding me so. I could keep working and then all, the rest but. This. Is where things get really really interesting, is that working that, many hours and, doing. That many things actually created, the destruction, of the business in many ways so. When, I look at it and, what happened from there the overworking. Of hours and working in that type of a behavior created a very unbalanced, life where. My, relationship wasn't. Strong like yanker and me were like you I suppose, even framing it up is you know we're doing the hard yards or sacrificing. For the later years but, it wasn't a good relationship, like I barely spent any time with her and like completely my phone the.

Other Side of that is I wasn't seeing any of my. Like. I actually and I regret this to this day I missed. A friend's wedding to, work, and. That, still haunts me because that's a relationship I value the, other side of things is that I wasn't looking after my house and there's a photo that people, have seen floating around on the internet were I was about 120, kilos because, my health was deteriorating all, of the expense of working so many hours in this business now. What's. Interesting is this is a really common story this I'm certainly, not the person how, can I put this I'm not alone in doing this and I'm not the only one and there's probably people out they were now but. Working, this many hours and, treating. My life like this to pay off for some day because that was my thoughts you know do more to make more as well do, more to have more success more quickly. Cause. The destruction and why did it cause that destruction, is because, in. Operating, a business in that way where it's all on me and then getting to that point where I was burnt out eventually. I started hating that business. And. Not only that is when you are that into, a business working that often you know you thinking, isn't clear you've got no perspective and outlook so, I was making bad decisions, from being burnt out as well and eventually, this just built up to a point where, I ultimately, didn't want to be a part of that business anymore and ended up moving it on so sold, some things off shut. Down some things and you know send off some systems and rolled some things into new businesses, it, was a really interesting point. In my life where, I almost said we'll look I've I've got to start again now. Overworking, was the core function of that and I look at it because Kim you had an agency at the same time I did like we're kind of starting at about the same point and it's. Like I look at how well you've handled, that journey compared, to how well I've handled, that journey and, overworking. Is where the kind of looks at one of those key things or one of the success so bad I went all in but, ultimately, it caused my destruction, and then, on the reverse of that we can look at that now is like you know outsourcing, angels is a business that's highly leveraged I don't have to be there any day, it's. Completely optional how, often I work but I was able to create that only through the pain on the other side so. That was, the worst, experience I've, had with, doing, too many hours and it really actually destroyed, the business in. That, was one of the fundamental, things that led, to its demise what. I know now though I really think I could have done things differently and worked, it a lot better had I been smarter, and done, things differently but again. I really can't complain my life is pretty awesome, now and that experience certainly shaped a lot of it so, that. Would be my kind of story of overworking yeah. And I think it's there's so many like good points in there and important points and one. Of the things I find and um I'm, guessing you would have some similar is that when you are doing everything you're, actually not doing, that much but. You seem to be able to squeeze it into a lot more hours like. When you break it down and if you were to toss that out to people and they did it on an hourly basis. Now really rate they, would probably even though it wouldn't be as good, as you one of those old adages that business, owners would say that they, don't do it as good as me but. You, know which is. Anyway but like. But, then it's like cool but you're because you're doing the sales you're doing the follow-up you're doing the front-end marketing you're doing the delivery you're doing all the stuff you're actually doing all of it at like 75. Percent or 60 percent when. Someone, else was testing this entered C 60. Percent all acknowledged right now because that is such a good point is I look back on that and say I wasn't efficient. At all I was, busy I was, motivated I, was working hard but. The outputs, were not efficient at, all yeah. And it's like I know I, know I have days in the sack well I look at him like I have such a busy, day and the. Little things that I have to get done get. Done because I have to because I have calls meetings I good like I always look away our family, dinner and I do that and it has to be done by that time and in, the days when I don't have like, back-to-back.

Meetings And calls it's, like the same to-do, list takes. Me like ten hours because, I'm still trying to do everything as I, hang this is not making sense here so I spread it out and it's like ah randomly I'll do this thing as well and take it on as opposed. To going because I think it is especially, as you, start to it like if we start to look at maybe coming out the other side right. And identifying, things you start to feel a bit. Guilty being like ooh I I'm. A business, owner and I'm in this business and there's other people working I have, to be busy because. That's what I meant to be right if I'm not busy then I'm not do that I'm not being productive. I'm not being successful or anything like that as opposed to going well actually that's, busy I get the more space I get to think the more productive I can actually be so. It's kind of like a asks that you know yeah that's why this is like what got you there what. Where you get you to the next level and and. I think it's something that you talked you shared with me and a few other things with I started to actually order how, much time I spent on stuff using a. Plug-in thing we talked about it before as well rescue time in, going, and I've had it for so long and I remember I had it before I had it for a year and never, looked at the reports I will get them every week and I'll, be that cool and, it would be like XYZ, amount of time great and they just delete it I think. It was the start of this year maybe late last year and we're talking about like optimizing, and actually pulling it out and I was like oh damn I was like so much of my time I wasn't tracking properly and give, me like actually, good insights of what areas, I need helping and stuff like that it's not using us like this, is so much more effective like. It's so when you actually use the tool and slack, and but I think it's good to almost, to. Have it because I was able to go back and was like cool on all, of those weeks and months. Where. I wasn't, being, like. Well I wasn't thinking about that I'm tracking my time and how it's going to reflect in the outcome, what was it actually doing, and. Breaking it down and it's like oh like, there's actually all these holes oh there's all this stuff I was I was doing that I shouldn't be doing that I could very easily have an assistant, trained up another team member trained, up to do and take over those things but. Because I think when you like if you do it from now I'm going to be super good with my time and track it it's like no because she's gonna, yourself and be like well yes everything's, so productive and I'm so good it's like well no, sure. The realness and then you can see what you need to identify. So. You said something I think really interesting, there as well is. The. Crucial mindset. We must overcome when, going from a solo or an operator in a business to being a business owner is. The. Being okay with not, having a loaded plate and being, very very concerned, with business, outputs, instead, of your individual, outputs so. It's like for me when, I look back on this time and this is really really interesting that's kind of. When. I was obsessed with what I was doing on what I was producing I. Wasn't. Concentrating properly, on what the business was producing, and. It's like when I shifted, to make sure that when I'm measuring things I'm not you know I am measuring how much time I'm spending on things don't get me wrong but, becoming more concerned with what the business is able to create while. I'm not doing anything and. When. That, becomes the obsession, of coma when I'm doing nothing things are being done and this is how much and that's what I try and create more of that's. Leverage. That skill but, when I was in PPC, Empire and like we go back to that story from there is that like I had staff I wasn't a solo operator, like I had a full team but.

I Still, wasn't operating it in that way and, I think part of the reason was I was so burnt out being unit and, concerned. With those types of things and that safety we spoke about before going back to what got me to here it, was really deal was, stopping, me from being a good business owner hmm. I, mentioned, a follow-on from here and I look at this he's like when. I was burnt out in this company I think I was actually a really poor leader as well and, it's. Like I was actually. Not. Going to say ATAR and or a dictator but I certainly wasn't the best boss, and. I certainly look at what the culture, I created, in rocking, up to work burnt out every day and like had my attitude, and like how buggy I was and things like that because. You get tweaked after working 70 hours for, a year straight you know 70 hours a week for a year straight I look at but I look back at that man ago I would, have handled it so much better if I was well rested and had a more balanced life so. A lot of regret on that I looked through a very, interesting, yeah. It's there's there's so many good points in all this stuff that you said there as you said being, able to be an effective leader not a just like a manager or as well and not, even, a dictator in us in the saying of like you're, you're. Evil in the way you communicate but some people so cool just do this this this this this and that's not really leadership or management you're. Dictating what people have to do and then, it. Doesn't, allow them to have the growth and understanding of actually why they're doing it and then, when you look for their help in the future so like well don't. You, know you're you're the boss you tell me you're the one that told me what it is to do it I don't know why the door, whose so one elaborate, a little bit more on that okay, so like how I was operating in these businesses, like there's, books of mindset I was so busy doing my own things that, I was just being transactional. With my stuff more like as you said you need to do this you need to do this you need to do this but then I'll go back over here and be busy with what I'm doing and it's, almost like a hurricane leadership, I'm just in and out like a hurricane. What, we look at from there it's like but in the other mindset of thinking and how I operate today, is, that, because there isn't any outputs, on my plate it's all on the businesses, plate I'm, very. Very focused on encouraging my people to be able to do the workload and work with them in a much better way and then. Being, I suppose a much a better leader and I, think, the key skill here is becoming much better at creating productive. And effective people in your team that carry the load instead of you carrying the load so the business is carrying that so. Yeah 100% and now, if you were if you were to look back and let's just say obviously you made a big shift in what you were doing but for, all the listeners like. What was like this to say that they got like they don't up to that point that you got to in PPC Empire but, they get this there's ago and some of this is ring in a few bells like. Looking back now retrospectively. What's like one or two things that you would immediately identify, and work on that they're making that they can probably take in and have a look at, yeah. I think this is a really good one so number one is you've got to start tracking your time you, really do and there's. A couple ways to do it whether it's on your calendar, and you just put in what you spent your time on or using a fantastic, tool like RescueTime is be, real with yourself with what type of time, you're putting in. Number. Two is like let's say you are doing that and this is such an interesting thing.

To Consider at, the point when I started I really struggled to understand this in the beginning which is ironically, funny now but, as a, business, owner you must understand, the difference between business, owner tasks, and. Business. Operator tasks, or technician, tasks, and. When you're looking at your time you. Have to be spending time on business owner tasks, not, business, operator tasks, so if you're getting in the trenches in you know in my example is like getting into AdWords accounts doing things like that and that's consuming, most of your time you. Have to understand that that's limiting, but. When. We look at like an example of a really good business owner task is like hiring someone or. Putting in something that creates leverage, it's, like the beer the tasks you really were to start spending more time on so, we, go through that time evaluation, from there and then we start to understand what business owner tasks, are and what not business owner tasks, are and then, start sending your business up so that you are a business owner and can be away from it or it can be separate rather, from building something that you're so ingrained in and then. Thirdly, and, this is where it's I just think I agree on this in so much point is, hang around people, that have this in place and. Pay attention to what they're doing and operating from because it can be I, recognize. This from, speaking, to quite a few people in my count Network and other ones we spoke history from there so hang on a second these, guys are wildly, successful and, they're not focused on doing the work at all they. Focused on hiring the people well. They're focusing, on what, strategies, to roll down and their reporting and I'm like well I'm not paying attention to any of that stuff and that was kind of like my starting, investigation. Of how I should be spending my time. Yeah. That's so true and is such an important, thing to look, at and I think you're definitely being around the, people because as you say like especially. When and that's the the, power of group, chiki chiki plug for the Association, like being around other like-minded. People because if, you around people who are at the same level that are hitting the same problems, like, yes sometimes you can brainstorm but none of you know the answer like you don't know the actual solution, to the problem you can all postulating, guess but, that's why as well they say you know sometimes. Success is actually the worst teacher because, one of you does something so, I just started doing YouTube ads and now I will go way more money in my business ah so, we should all do that then it's like well no like you could hit the same problem shortly but unless, you've found, those, that person, or the group of people that you can surround yourself with to go well actually. Yes I had the same problem and it's going to be slower but do this instead to then allow you to basically leapfrog. And that's going to be the best answer for you, because. I think it is it's very hard when you're surrounded by people and even if you I include. Some similar people we need to find people that have achieved that goal, it's so cool if you don't want to work like you want to work sent me I was way cool hanging out with people that do that if that's what you want to do but, if you want to be able to give yourself the freedom the, possibilities, of growing your business, leveraging, and stepping ask any big level you need to be around different people. So I think it's so important, you know we would joke in the Association as a picture of someone talking about how, you know you're like they, work what it was that 16 hours a day or something and Charlie's like if any of you do that you're, out of the Association, like you know, jokingly.

But You don't know mean it's like well you should play cool, yes sometimes you have to work hard but it shouldn't be your goal to. Work 16. Hours a day is again unless is something if you absolutely love you want to do that like all means do. That but it. Shouldn't be like a bad choice right, by force that you have to do that each and every day just every month H every year to be successful. Yeah. Absolutely and. I mean no cheeky, plug I'll give direct plug is like this is exactly what we stand for in the Association, which is our community, and people who value this type of thing should come and be a part of the Association so they can hang around more people that see life, this, way because. It's vitally, important. To. Hang around more people that have a look like that but, coming, back to your point there and I really do think this is very very interesting so. Like if you want to work 60 hours a day I'm sorry 16, hours a day and it's a choice, go for it completely, cool if you want to but, when you have to that's a real concern and I. Would, you know this is something I looked at really, distinctly, here it's like I'm. Gonna say ma'am, if you have, to work more than eight hours a day for, your business to be successful you, are, focusing, on the wrong things you, are not paying attention to what needs to be done for your business to actually be successful I would. HIGHLY, encourage you evaluate. How you're going about things yeah. And there's one thing I'll leave people with as well as like, again. If you're enjoying things and you're doing it that's great but you do have to like remember that there's so much more to life apart from how. Work in our jobs and stuff by which we can get kind, of caught up in and it was like I remember hearing and Darrell Urbanski, I did, a podcast with him awhile ago and he was telling me a story there. Was basically, a guy who was two, guys started a company was very successful they worked really hard one. Of them had a family, the. Other was a single guy they. Both put in equally as much hours, they were successful and they sold the business and they're about 45. 50 years old and then. Afterwards. Basically, they'd say cool we've got our paychecks, basically we saw our companies we're both gonna go on separate, holidays we'll, catch up with each other when we're back and you know see how each other are going I went. Away with his family all good, the other guy was. In a hotel in Costa, Rica let's just say and the. Glad got it called a few days later saying hey your business partner well, I'm just letting you know that he actually just committed, suicide because the only thing he had in his life was his business took, that away from him he, had nothing else he's like whoa. What's. What's the point what's the point of life like what else is there if I do it like if I just have my business like what. Else is there and it's. Gone we sold it now my, buddy is too gone off and he's with his family and he's. Going to be hanging out with them what do I do so. It's like it's, a harsh, point to share but it's, just something again to take into consideration that you you can't do as you said like it's not the delayed gratification when, I get to here then, I'll have a family, and I'll do this and do that it's like you've, got to have aspects. Of that coming all the time, so. So true so. And it's like it's a very sad point and a far to comment, of his story you know in all honesty and. I really do think it's a lost or entrepreneur's these days. To. Have a hobby like when. I got the leverage in, my life like you know full, disclosure is like I've got a very great, lifestyle, at the moment where I've got the time and freedom of choice thanks. To all these things and setting things up properly but, it's like I found that when I started, on this is like almost felt guilty for having other hobbies because I thought I should be working or learning skills for the business or networking, for the business like, it became hard to just do a hobby just for the sake of having a hobby and that. Was something that I really had to overcome and it's like now it's like I do like, I love cooking, you, know. There's. No other reason than I love it and that there has no benefit to the business in any way but, just enjoying, the activity, or doing other things for the sake of it has become something. Very beautiful in my life and very I'm a very appreciative of, yeah. 100% I think that's why you need to have like. Give, yourself, the space to do those things whether, it's like and even if it's not a hobby but just spend your time with family.

Friends Partner, whatever it is and like actually, you, know carving. That space out and giving stop that time to do that as well so. My intention for the rest of my life is to live like I'm semi-retired that's, what I'm going for. Because I'm not, far away I. Just. I think it's a better way of living I mean each to their own if people want to work more that's completely fine but to me it's like I like a little bit of stimulation and excitement but. I also like to another thickness like alive right in my back I love getting to hang out with people like you or do things like this podcast this podcast isn't, a financial. Endeavor and if it was it'll be the worst one ever for the time invested, so, it's like this is something we do because we enjoy doing it and because. We love sharing and talking to other people if it was just about money or you, know we could go do that somewhere else so, that's, what, I really stand for and believe in these days but. I want to flip this around now Kim I want to hear about an experience, from your side of things then so have. You got an experience of working too many hours and how kind of destroyed. Things. The. Biggest one for me was going to be a huge project like I think was I've told the story many times coming foretold on here two, Christmases ago where, I, was. Just taking on whatever project it's, like cool doesn't, matter if I can like, like. If, I have the team support, for them or not and I got like my biggest contract, ever. Come. Through and. Like. Just the amount of time this wasn't like leading up to Christmas they closed the deal and I can November, and they're, like a big ASX, listed ecommerce. Company, and it's, just like. The stress, and pressure I was literally I remembers, like when, I get stressful was like I don't, know what it is if it's something but I know like my hands, get like almost. Like. Stress. Marks, under them and it's just like they've like it made my hands feel weird and I can tell if I'm getting stressed a second it's almost like there's going. To be graphical, witness there's almost like there's something like that pops up like a welt under the skin and just gets sore and I had my head so I was like what. The hell is going on it's. Like stress was like a big. Proponent. Of it because I was like this is so weird I was like I've never had this before what.

Is It and my doctors, like like, it's kind, of weird but don't, really know what it is known as Google and I found this thing as I write, and now students like every. Time we're how to dress or anything as I am I feel, like in my hands I'm like cool. Now attack there alright so it's not too bad we're okay but I happened just before Christmas, I was freaking, out and I was like ah there's. Like a head I was like I spoke to one of our mentors and told. Him situation, I was like I'm gonna be working the whole of Christmas, it was like my original story of why I started businesses like I don't know what to tell me if I cannot spend Christmas with my family was, like one of the big things for me and, I was like I'm. Gonna work the whole Christmas let me work in the whole of New Year's and it's like I'm gonna, be this is gonna be terrible he's like well. You just fire them and I. Was like what, do you mean he's like whoa you. Don't have to work for them right. I'm. Like. What. He's. Like well they like you can you're you, took them as much as they took you right so you. Can look, why don't you just fire them and took like a day and then, like, I was like had not to my stomach I was just feeling sick and then I was like actually. I, was like I didn't, want to feel like the the reason for the nuts as well it's like they want to fire them and leave them in the lurch it's Christmastime their biggest time of year blah blah blah so, I made. Friends with another market, of his like one of the biggest, e-commerce market, isn't a had him on Facebook, and show, message I was like ah hey. Like, I have a acquires, in e-commerce like. I just can't deal with them like it's just too much like I'm gonna die if I do this. Can. I send them to you and they. Must get a lot of messages like listen like oh well you, know we only work with clients who were doing whatever. Was like lots of money that XYZ a month I was like cool yeah they do about two times that and it's. Like oh well, this. Time protocol. They're. Doing $5,000, a month I know he's like a big client and he's like kool-aid this is the person that does, all our big stuff like connect, them up I mentioned, them as I got that I've got to let, you go and they even ask like why why, it was the question they asked was like why, should we, let. You let us go I. Was. Like was. That one. Big question right but we've invested time with you obviously teaching, you about our staff as I look I'll, give everything I can to these guys but they're, like, number, one they're just outright, better than me like better than me yet ecommerce for sure but. As well they're gonna be able to help you scale like if we hit scale like, I'm gonna literally, dive in you know if I walk under a bus you're gonna play if I get hit by a bus you're in trouble right so, I, will. Like manage, the transition I'll give everything over to then I have breakdown, whatever I can do, calls with them but. You're. Fired basically, like look for your fire I want, to hand you over and then after that was like bar I can. Never ever ever, let. That happen again I was like that, was just the most stressful, experience, just before Christmas that we finished the whole handover I think was like 22nd, and I was just like oh, I. Would, actually breathe, and actually have a good Christmas but it was like it was so stressful by taking on all that extra work doing that extra hours and I, was like I can't. Like it was mid trio's like I hidden a little bit I was like I can't literally kind of do this and they're like next, year we wanted up all of like crap. Like no, that's not possible for me you know like so. I literally. Had had to get rid of it and then I think it was like probably the following February like Charlie. I need stuff. To do big stuff like that's, probably my exactly he's, like let's. Look at what systems was like I mean. Like my pen and paper like what do you mean by these like systems that you talk about okay. With us of where to take him so. That was kind of like you. Know it's funny I actually remember, that I remember that time very distinctly.

And How I'm, was. Interesting because you, were clearly feeling, the pressure as you're describing from here and it's like you know as a business owner we want to perform for our clients, or in, every way shape or form and there's. So many layers that come to this but ultimately what's, great to recognize, here is like this, was creating, a huge amount of burnout for you an extreme, hours in Christmas, time. Which. Is huge, and it's funny well, it's not actually funny it's very serious. We'll go through from there but, being geared up for the right clients, and taking, on the right type of clients can hugely affect, how many hours you're working or how you're working and things like that I think it was a very good decision to, UM move. On from them and, then. Resetting, to be able to work towards that are working with more of the ideal client. Yeah. And as well was because it was I didn't I didn't have the ability to delegate, that's when I think I hired a assistant. Assistant from you guys at the same time and, I, was doing all the stuff and like I was just like literally just tasking like just. Chucking like stuff with them in messenger like no project. Manager nothing and I was like this is ridiculous. And literally. I was like yeah. I'm. Just I just got to get rid of it so I can actually relax and have. A good Christmas and sort. Everything out and I was like then now I know I need to be able to quit like which I know I need to be able to have a system around how I do that I know that I need to be able to delegate, and actually, like lead people properly because like. If I keep doing this the tree would be the same as your side cool like and doing your mom we did a good job for them like we did good for what they they paid, and they were happy still but it's like it wasn't best serving them or us and I was like I could, have very easily had, it to the point where it was just overwhelming for, us and then that dropped off but I was like I'm just gonna I'm just gonna nip. That in the bud and tie it off there and then just, keep just keep plugging, along forever, yeah. Good decision so when I asked I suppose because. We've both experienced, this and like I can tell in reliving, these we're sitting here or should have forgotten how bad that was that was actually a really hard, time for, both of us and I'm sure there's people out there that are. In the same boat or have these things come up and all right cool but, I almost want to ask a different question now of going well on the, other side of things now that you have more time and you look after yourself better where are the benefits like where are the outweighs of things and I'll start with an example I've. Noticed, for myself, is that when I'm working. Less. Hours that. I have better ideas like. I'm more creative and, I actually produce, some, really my best ideas in fact normally come to me when I'm out riding so, I've come to the decision that if I'm not putting the hours in on the bike that.

I'm Probably, not gonna have the best thinking you know so a direct output for me and making sure I'm not working too many more hours is that my thinking is so much clearer and the creative, outputs are 10 times better than, when I'm working 70 hours a week so do you have any examples, like that yeah. It would be that that's definitely one to me as well like the brain space like oh there's. Only so much space in my head and it's, very hard to squeeze other things you know come up with something new and creative and you just, get stuck in the hamster wheel cycle doing things over and over again and keep going, you haven't done a review. In your business for a year you haven't looked at anything you haven't made anything especially. With that team that's like very much want to, instill. And lead them in a much better way at the moment so I know that when I get stuck down and you said it before us like I can't. Lead someone if I'm spending all my time doing the work I can't it's still leadership, I can't look at their processes help them more I think it's impossible. But. As well as like when I'm working that much I definitely. Know that I don't, and this is kind of an interesting look right when I'm working, hard I don't make time for my health and it. Means, that I give, a less output, and when, I do, go, to and. Look after my health I, have. Better ideas, and get a better output right. But it's like yak I have to work so much so I can't focus on my health but, my health would actually help me work better and give me better outcomes, it's like you. Know yeah well. Thanks when their balance comes back into it yeah, that's another really common one I look at back and when I wasn't looking after my health and not sleeping enough hours it's, the same thing it's like I wasn't performing as well and I, think team is a really big one as well it's like if you're burnt out you're, rubbing, that off on the team but when you're fresh and inspired. You're. Rubbing that off on the team and like I definitely, notice, a difference in how my team performs, when, I'm in the right zone when I'm in that really, good place for myself it's infectious. Like, we've both experienced. In like I mean at the extreme level if you've ever been around someone who, has. Had a loved one pass away he's. Like their sadness is infectious, and on, the same thing if you've ever been around someone who's just had a really, great day and something awesomes happened their happiness is infectious, so, it's like for me I don't, want to be that burnt-out business owner or someone working crazy amount hours because, I know it's, gonna have an effect on the output of the team yeah. And it's like I've even noticed sometimes like if I if I'm having a bad day like sometimes I'm just like I'm just gonna be like an office together so, I'll just go home so. There's no like if I bring the team you know say mister knows someone else I'm like guys like cool. Like how, the afternoon, off oh good you got nothing like. Pressing on your plate head. Home and it's like an absolute. Like how come you do that I'm like well do, you notice how much like how much lower your energy is and how everyone, else kind of like, you know to catch the Blues. Versus. When you come in high-energy so it's like I always try to come in high-energy to office to make sure everyone's rockin. And rollin but if I don't it's like cool guys I've got meeting use rush the other say let's, go and I, still do some, work but at least I'm not like bringing down the energy of their what's.

Possible For them so they still have a rest of the gray day, yeah. I really, love that as well I'm very encouraging. On my guys on the same things because, we, both obviously recognized, that as well I mean. Sometimes you just have if you're having a particularly bad day you just got to give it a little bit of space working, aggressively, in that moment is not the. Answer yeah. Exactly you like are such, a bad day better work harder so no. So. For you then when we look at these I mean you've already got a few signs when this is coming through might be I don't, even know what to call it the stress well yeah, we'll name it or that general feeling of overworked nurse like how do you overcome, that or how do you look to avoid those situations happening. Well. Now it's, you know. It's. Really looking at that kind of like delegating. Deferring, or deleting a sort of thing and going okay cause I have all this coming on like what. It might like what am I going to do about it is it something I can just get rid of like. Is this something that can go hey cool like next, month like, and just push it out or is it something where I can go hey like I need someone else to do it I bring someone else in hire a contractor whatever it might be to. Kind of alleviate that as opposed, to going oh cool like what, can what do I do about it, it's. More and we've got a more. Of a process now as well with the team where it's like cool collectively, this is happening what, do we do about and you. Know not many ideas. Wouldn't come from him like cool we want, to achieve this or this has happened or, popped up. No. No silly answers that every answer is a viable, option like what do you guys think and like, we have our, 14, we have our like virtual assistants on the call we have everyone they give some really good ideas by the way they pop up in this cycle cool everyone we want our idea from you today and every day for the next five days don't. Care what the answer like what it is but you have to have a new idea and literally. We have like. Like. 20, ideas up, on up, on our, board just outside my window, and if we bring them in each week and we work through them as opposed.

To Before as I okay cool like what, can I do right this second to solve this problem it's like cool added collectively, do, we work together to, solve this problem and move things, forward as opposed to going I assist me anything. Like all now that we've identified that who's. Responsible, for that who's doing what what's, that deadlines and let's move it forward so it, makes so much of a difference when, it's, that cool collectively, what are we all gonna do about this because it's something, we all want so all this going I'm, gonna do this, now because of this I love. What, you said right there about making it a team issue, instead, of making it your issue there's, tremendous power, is in. Team building right there and. In that transitionary, step from going from a business operator or a solo operator or someone that works in their business into, going into a business owner like, that is the mindset so I'm like, I dig it Kim I love it I'm even probably gonna steal it in all honesty it's, very cool thank. You thank you know it was something, that they popped, up racing okay like if, I have to solve every single problem that comes in is going to be impossible what if I have to do everything for every solution it, just can't work so to bring to the table and say we've got like two, virtual, assistants a sales guys everyone comes in even if it's not suddenly. Necessarily for their area generally, it's like people who is outside of their area or their division that they're working but what about this and you're like damn, like, you. Know you sometimes, you can't see the forest for the trees and they give you that like cool. Done let's do that who's doing that sweet do it like, it's just great yeah. So what a recap, here because there's a few things that I think need to be for anyone that's made it through this part of the episode I want, to make sure there's a value packed way for them to know how to deal with this in future so. I'm gonna go through some common things and you can say yes or no on based on this but, it's like step, one is awareness. In in, my mind from both sides, it's like whether it's in Kim's case that he notices physical, things on his body where it's like wow okay I'm doing too much I'm feeling burnt out you can see I'm stressed you can see these things are coming on, from.

My. Side of things are very much like to track my hours so I know if I'm working more than let's, say 40 hours in a week which even that I think is a bit much but. If I'm working that many hours or I'm working consecutive. 50, weeks I know I'm burnt out it's not even how I feel like I am, so, being open to both of those things and as. People were inherently, bad at recognizing that. We burnt out we just like to say I'm fine and push through but, I promise you you're not working optimally at, all if you're pushing, through hours at that. Step. Two is you've got to create a way of identifying how. Things should be different I really feel like that's the next part here so whether that's working, out what business owner tasks, are that are going to create you leverage or, whether that's moving. Things or delegating, things to your team you have to start moving things around or thinking differently about how you can shuffle to get your hours down for, the same output so I think that's really important, part and then, the next part and it's, in both cases here on your story and in mind is having, other people it really comes back to looking at how other people are running these business models and having success in those levels above so, that you can model some of the behaviors, and actions to what they're focusing, on so that you don't end up one of those people that you know is continually working 80 hours a week to have the success so. That's my 1 2 3 based on both of our stories from here how, do you feel about that yes No yeah. 2 thumbs up on that I'm pretty sure I think anyone, listening would yeah be, in a very good position taking, all that into consideration yeah. So that's what I would look at I really think that's an effective way and I will mention the Association here if you're someone that is looking for more people to hang out with with it thinking this way and more, people that are looking to be those true business owners then the Association. Is the place you, should be coming to hang out with people like myself and Kim because, this is the stuff we focus, on and are incredibly, passionate about creating leverage in their form so, I'll make sure there is a link to see more information about the Association, or way, of coming and being a part of that in what some way shape or form so, guys we're gonna wrap it up for this episode on here but really enjoyed this conversation Kim, it's interesting, that has brought up a bit of emotion it's brought up some horror stories in the past but nonetheless, I'm hoping other people can avoid it so is there anything you would like to share before, we wrap this one up, no. Just. Make sure like reach, out before it becomes a problem like, find. People before becomes, a nightmare. For you that's though I need to, be you, yeah. Absolutely and, I'll just say to everyone out there that's been working hard make.

An Effort to change it the someday analogy, just doesn't work out so it's, your chance to move things on now so that's it guys thank, you for listening to this episode of confessions, of a business owner with myself and Kim Barrett. You.

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