EP:024 From living in his gym to 12 million in revenue with Travis Jones

EP:024 From living in his gym to 12 million in revenue with Travis Jones

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I've got, a confession to make. I need, to get this off my chest. As, a business owner we all make mistakes. I've. Gotta confess. And we. Are live it's Charlie here from confessions, of a business owner and today I have, a very special guest with me Travis, Jones from our BT, Jim's now, Travis, is the founder of RPG, gems which is up to 21, locations globally now, he's, also the co-creator of, the think tank movement, which is a phenomenal, group which have had the pleasure of being in front of and presenting, with in the past and has helped 400, business owners scale to 1 million in revenue which is just a fantastic, achievement. Now I love this little point here that I picked up is that his, passion is helping people reach their, potential, in life and I think that's a fantastic little tagline so Travis Jones welcome, to the show thank you for being here I appreciate. Being appreciate, the, being asked to be on the show so that's fantastic. Yeah. Dude as I said I was thrilled when we got the nod or live volunteer, you I should really say that you're willing to come on the show and it's like had been watching your journey and progression, for a while and I'm really, looking forward to this one on that front from there so, how's your day been so far what are you getting up to. Fourth. When you wake up, each. Morning go, Jim. OS. Took that's it clock read, from an hour kids woke up at 7:00 hot, chocolates, baby Gino's. Banana. Breads and, family. Time always until about 9:30, 10:00, a.m. and then they starts for me that's every. Single day of the week that's, pretty much how it goes and. What a brilliant way to do it I am a much looking forward to modeling a bit of that routine when I have a little one and something I've noticed even in what I say mostly from leave social media feed leave, your partner there but it's like what an adaption it's been to you having kids and how well you've kind of become into, that dad role and I suppose. Making it your world yeah. It is man for me you know we have, gymnastics. This, afternoon, with Jack's at 4:00. P.m. like, we work from like 10:00 to 4:00 every day before. 10:00 it's between. 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. when, the kids wake up it's the kids time in between their, 4 p.m. to you, know 8 p.m. every night in some kids time and you know it's no worked no nothing it's just us. And the kids always wanted to be you, know I think everyone, wants to be the best dad, they possibly can be and we don't know if we're doing it right but can only try so, I think, I'm, trying my hardest to, you, know be my my. Son's best, friend, but. Sometimes yeah you have to have arguments, but I'm really struggling, at this friend but, I love, that man it's been best through natheless my life so far that's. All so I guess it's one of the perks of being a business owner one of the crimes, in humanity, I see at the moment is there's a lot of parents out there working very. Very hard any other businesses or even jobs, and, they barely get to see their kids so, they haven't got to experience, what you have to or the flexibility, yeah, well there was actually a study that in the states here, or so ago and they said that, the bullying in the u.s. at the moment is, will. Their bullying epidemic. Is because, the fact that people are going to jobs that they hate and it's. Not actually the, fact, of people they're not seeing their parents as much so even if you are working a little bit longer at times if you would love what you do or you aren't business you love your business, that's. Better, than going to a job that you hate and making, sure you get back and 9:00 to 5:00 because. Your kids, actually feed off that energy and, they, turn into this aggressive, nature which is bullying, and that's what they think that extend their bullying epidemic, or the violence in America this, is actually, people hating, their lives to 18 their jobs on a 9 to 5 which is unit 42 Center life and. What's. Interesting I agree. With that I could see a huge correlation had. Do you agree with that study as well yeah, I definitely do I definitely do you, know even, if we had to work from you know 7:00 till 7:00 and for as long as I loved what I did and you know my son's could see that I loved what I did I think you know they can appreciate and respect that you're doing something you love if, you go to work every day and you hate what, you do and they see they're okay my life is you just do it even though you hate it it's not really a good, message to send your kids.

Absolutely. I think, the biggest mistake we make in parenting, or what I see is that parents, sacrifice their whole lives for their family and then their kids pick up that behavior, and it's a never ending lineages. From sacrifice. Which. Is not how it's supposed to be soca menu on that one it sounds like a really good way to treat it. What I want to get into today is that I mean our BT is just a phenomenal story and a fantastic, fitness. I want to call it a franchise a fantastic, free fitness institution. In Australia, will go with but, it didn't always start at 21, locations. A. Good, feeling that today we're going to get into the story of that and we're going to hear a little bit about your confession and kind of how I got to where I got to today so. This is the part trail this is the tell, us the story band confess, how it all happened. Well I guess the you know we always start business based on passion I think that's a crucial thing I always, tell someone have, a mission have a passion, because if you don't you, know business is one of the toughest, endeavors, you ever do this it's. Tougher than having a kid because you have a four percent chance of survival, having it being a business owner so, if you're not passionate about what you do go back to square one become passionate nice I was working like a big box chairman, I. Didn't. Enjoy the fact that CEO big box gyms what happens, is to have a 90 percent remember. Nora rate so they actually have this thing. Where they only allow in, one temp said their members using a membership and if they had more than that then probably. Would be close to close down for like fire hazard, so I'm. Seeing so this year and we're working doing my clients, and like I sort of said why don't see people on the treadmills just not getting results it's like Groundhog Day -, there's like night in Center members not getting results I'm like I don't want to be a part of this industry where. We benefit. Financially off people not getting results we, benefit financially of, people actually going, lower and self-confidence, I was, like I want to make a difference, I want to get out of where I am currently because, I was literally hating, every minute of it I was in the industry already for like ten. Years but, I was hating every minute of where I was because I didn't feel I was living, true with integrity and, I felt like my passion. Just wasn't, true. So, I essentially. From that aha that's like I need up in a gym and I. Sort of made the decision that I'm gonna do it and I've, always been someone, that acts, first, and things later so, with. That I'm like I'm gonna do it two months gave my notice hadn't, final okay she had no cash in the bank but I was like I'll find a way it's okay and. I found, I found the, location and love that attitude by, the way that's, brilliant. Yeah. Always. By the way yeah. It's. It's funny but, you, know I found a location with the next four weeks and, I had. A lockdown and, you know I was really pumped it was in paren in Melbourne and you. Know seven days before I liked it so a couple of classes were coming across because you know you have some people to follow you from where I was working seven. Days what before I was going to open you know they pulled the pin on the lease I was like holy crap like I've seven days of frost and open this gym I've no location, I'm out of my contract where I was working on I'm literally gonna be homeless worker. So. I was like a fun new location, so. Funnily. Enough I found a new location and I. Looked. At where, we were opening, I was in South Melbourne instead, and I. The. Location, though was, double the rent it was something, that was, crazy it was a crazy expense I was I who, cares I'll move, out of my house I can't afford both I moved, into the business store up in the business because I couldn't afford rent too hard and the lease and I lived in a 3 by 3 meter room with my dog Hercules, and. That's that's what how it started I didn't have enough money for the, the. Ranked and I'm. Sorry the security.

Deposit And the bond. So I was like I transferred, the bond I sold. My car sorry got the bond money transfer. The bonds I told the leasing. Agency I was like I just monies in between backe cats I'll get you as soon as I can so a couple of months for me to do that but I also I was, moving forwards I guess. The next thing is I still had no idea how to get equipment at that stage so. Going. Ok how, do I get a grip this is all about leverage, and you know business growing a business you have to think outside the box like every day and week so. For me I was like ok who, can I don't, have any ability, to get along I don't, have any ability to get financing I, didn't even ever credit cat I only started a bank account like six months earlier, I'll, suck off the grid for a while taking cash is pretty, and. I, was like okay who's going to give me equipment so I was like well someone, probably knew in today into business, themselves so I googled, you know recent, equipment. Startups, and. I looked at where they sort of start and there's Skype called Simon, he actually isn't in business anymore I unfortunately was one of the statistics, but. Simon, I called him up and I was like hey mate you're new in business, I'm new in business, I'm gonna, take equipment, of you and I'm gonna pay you cash each month okay, and. In 12 months time if I miss a payment at any time well you have my gym address you can just come and pick up the equipment does that sound fair sounds, fair and, he. Was like cool let's do it so I, didn't, have enough equipment to feel a whole gym I figured, out half the gym with some equipment I put a little sign up like coming, soon the rest of the equipment it wasn't, like six, months but I got equipment I was living in a gym I sort of felt you know stumbled. My way to doing, that and you. Know I think, you, know the first three months was as a massive, wasn't. Wasn't. Learning curve but. It. Was just a hustle, and I first year of business for me was this huge. Hassle and again it's constantly thinking outside the box like one, of the stories I tell the people go, okay, that's what's being a business owner is all about is this why I was like three, months in you always negotiate, like three months free rent time you, know with when. You gain you lace you know that's what you can always try to get around so you know three months into the business you know the first month's rent was coming up and I needed. 12,000, it was 12,000, per month to pay the rent that's. Like okay how do i how do I give these $12,000, I haven't got $12,000, yet I'm struggling to play this guy for equipment.

There's. 14 days outcome, like okay everyone's, gonna be right because everyone said that I was gonna fail everyone said that I went too big everyone said that you, know you crazy for what you're doing though I found out on you last year that people on my streets, actually had bets the other business owners had, bets together how fast I was gonna file as a business owner crazy, because. We just started doing marketing, for my they were a businesses, I. Was. Like I was, gonna be cruel that's a little bit of that's. Business right. On, the street full of panel beaters and mechanics. But. With this okay go 14 days out how do I do this I was like I wasn't getting discounted, services but, like screeching Groupon. With huge back then I was, like okay I'm gonna well I'm gonna do a one-month. Infrared, sauna, deal. On Sprint's, or Groupon and, you. Know it's it's in line I could probably have to sell those people into my service, so, I called up spritz and that's who actually do it through and I was like hey I want to do this one month deal it's $99, normally for its owner you. Know it's fake sessions, I'm gonna do with you guys and would look like $19, no, like you don't even have a website I was like hold on I'll call back in an hour bang bang bang when I went sign up now I started, my. Business was before clickfunnels my, business was reporting, to the pages leadpages, all that sort of, that they have now like business right now like you, know I had don't even have a website for our digital agency that's a million dollars it's loosely fan page and click funnels pages, like the fact that I literally had to learn how to build websites try and create pages, it was crazy, be, happy, work ethic, to be able to get stuff up back then versus. Now is surely, different but. You know I threw up this website I cut back to spring so it's like hey guys you must have missed it like these pages here. It. Was like 12 days I was like 11 days out and that's what days yeah and I got the deal up and they threw up this feeling, you know I think sometimes, you know you have you're at the right place at the right time, happens. A lot like a business, and you. Know for me but. Then. All of a sudden of the next like 10 days. Twenty, one thousand. Dollars worth of infrared, sauna deals got sold like, crazy crazy.

Spree. Took their six thousand dollars it was two days out for me and I have to pay this rent, spring sprints. Took their six thousand dollars they paid me 15 thousand dollars I was like ah Jesus. I pay, I took like you know had my 15k, paying, 12 K down on my rent I didn't, even know in a sauna which. Is the funny thing so then I called up J&H sorters and I was like I need you to Express deliver, me a sauna, to my gym I, 800. People coming down to use it, so. Luckily. On the deal like I did this thing where it's like your, voucher, is not redeemable for at least two weeks until occupied, so I got this ordering I paid. Two K for this order I had 1,000 in my pocket, and that's oh that's survived my there's not the business and so, that's that's Story number one manifest. That. Is phenomenal and I can appreciate many, things there number one selling, something before you were sure it was going to work like what a deep. Dive to take at that point and, then number two I remember, those days of, how hard it was to get things up online before, click funnels then you the new generation, that's like easy. So. Easy it's like two seconds click final page up back then I was like try to learn how to code things I was one. Of the most craziest, times of my life I remember when I started business I I started. Because. You had to learn so much and I'm not saying you don't have to learn as much now it's, just the, efficiency. To be able to do things now is, so much easier I was, I was I tried this thing like six months into business I'll tell you the fourth one story in a sec about six, months into business I felt, like I trucked here more information, in that there was enough time in the day I tried this thing called mono facing, sleeping, I'm not sure if you heard of monophasic sleep before, but, I was like reading. This a couple of Tim. Ferriss blogs and reading there's like snoop tried it and I was like okay. Incredible, character but hey if he do that he seems okay it's. Where you sleep 20 minutes every four hours you never have a night time so every four hours you go and sleep 20 minutes and you go for another 4 hours sleep 20 minutes and I did this for like a week but. The problem is it's like I miss a 20-minute, nap here or there so it's like 12 to midnight you know you're supposed to sleep for life essentially 20 minutes you white happen for 20s 20 minutes was. Like that's how it goes and because I kept missing these 20 minutes max a solid, like I'm crazy about waking to it I was okay I cannot, do this sleep is actually a little bit more important this morning facing sleeping, thing but. Hey you try things as a business own when you try to cram as, much information in your brain as possible, but, yeah, like four months in to. My business I still. Didn't have enough money, to pay that forth month's rent a psycho gay well, here we go again like who can I borrow twelve thousand dollars off because I can't generate, cash again like I did last time who. Can i buy twelve. Thousand who come over twelve thousand dollars off I was like well I could probably borrow twelve thousand dollars off his friend that I had where I was working before hands, so.

What, I did is I, reached out to him and I said I'm gonna borrow twelve thousand dollars off you and I'll pay you back twenty, four thousand dollars to twelve weeks it sounds like a pretty fair deal he, was like okay well what do I get for security I was like I'll sign over my equipment, to you as. Security if I don't pay you twelve thousand dollars in two weeks you could take my equipment I didn't even own any credit so I didn't, care I'm so. With this. Virginia. But. You know if I was gonna win I win as big as I possibly could as well now. With this, what. I looked at is I, was like I got the money in fact, I, you. Know the, real fire paid my rent for the next round and with. This I I, was alive for another month and you, know lucky for me I. I. Stayed. Around the next month actually did have enough cash coming in and the month after I did have enough cash coming in and I guess I just believed that I was gonna make it happen it was just a matter of time I think that's you, know with all the old business owners you have to be like the eternal optimist, you know you know the literally, the building is burning around you and you have to go not, that's cool it's a bit cold outside I need the heat I needed, the heat so everything, is everything, that happens around you you need to be essentially. Find the positive, and you need to keep pushing forward you have to believe that you're headed in the right direction because. Otherwise you, doubt yourself if you doubt yourself and you know if you start, to feel like you're spinning on a treadmill you look back or you like start looking what other people are doing but you really just have to double down on yourself, and believe in yourself and I think that's the the crucial thing, in business and that was my fourth month, being. A business. Pence. And yeah like the sixth, month was the funny one my. My marketing, methods. Was.

Hostile. Marketing, I'll call hostile monkey I still do it today you know I'll get people I'm gonna hey how you doing with business I'll catch up I try and help people you know a massive, problem solver, not a product sellout I believe that your business should grow by actually, serving the marketplace, not just selling to the marketplace but, back, then I. When. I was living in Canada, before I came back to Australia I lived in Canada for a while and. I started at boot camp and this variety this marketing tactic over there I. Had. Like six people at boot camp where I worked at this business, I was a fitness manager at a business called good life and, the six people in this boot camp and they pulled me aside into the office one day and they were like hey, Travis. We're. Gonna have to fire you because you're actually running a competing, business against. Ourselves like well you have a hundred ninety gyms and I have six people in the food care I appreciate. Your belief in me as a business, owner to compete, with a hundred ninety teams but, I'll take that and I'll, run with it so I was like I got to make money I was paying like you know two rents at that time and I was like I need make money I need to make a hundred cattle in so. I was like I've got seven days to try it you know hassle, myself through this so I was like stereotyping. Right now I was like we're are females because the females boot camp where females I was like there in the mall so. I went down to the mall and I. Grabbed, myself a. Folder. I will, Delta females I was like okay can, I ask you three questions and, if you answer these three questions you've, been two weeks of personal training and, over seven days I walked, up to 400. Feet of us now this is completely illegal you can't solicit it like solicit business inside, malls but I was like what are you gonna do kick me out and actually did three days in I got kicked out at one more so I just went to the next more but. I was walking up two girls in her gym I was walking out two girls in pretty, much every, store I possibly can I was like hey you can't remember at a gym you know did you get results and so, a result of sorry what results did you want to achieve and have you got those results I was like hey you went two weeks personal, training and I was like you know what's your name what's your number, what's your email address what you want to Train mornings are nice I walked up to 400, females. 400. Females are 300. Females tell, me to off. If. You are if, you literally have, ever had like after that point I've never had a problem walking up with to a girl in the park but like it was the first time in my life back then it was like gun to the head scenario, it's like you, have to find these clients, or you cannot eat so. I was like oh yeah I'll find the class I woke up to be mas 100. Female said yes 80 turned up after the two weeks 40 continued, of 200. Bills month so I essentially. Generate. $100,000, by talking, to people within three weeks and I was like that's how I'm gonna build my gym so I literally took the same Avenue, with the same approach when I opened that bar bTW for, the first couple of months I was like where, is the park that females, co2 and. Males or females go, to where they eat large tires lucky, than opens in like so that february/march, sort of time was still okay whether they don't know and every, single lunch hour like between 12:00 and 1:30 I went down to the local parks, like hitting up people we'd, like 28, days free 28, day freaks we had days free I knew businesses purely a numbers going back down for me it's like my goal was two hundred and sixteen members generated. Me five hundred and seventy thousand, dollars because that was my goal I just wanted to do that and I was just hostile and along and. I got to like six months into the business you know that grew it was going okay of course I, say the business I was like this, style of marketing is is. Essentially. Okay, it's getting me moving but it is like not, smart I need, to start working smarter. Not harder because, you, know essentially, like I oh I work, anyone but.

I Was like let's, stop putting work ethic, with, actual your smarts, with marketing you know I was like I needed work I don't have enough money to pay a mentor right now and this guy in the States was going, yo if you represent his, blog the best that's. You will win a year of Mentor he was killing of a social media back then Facebook, ads this was like seven years ago like already getting Facebook Ads, and. I was like I'm gonna do this I gotta kind, of get I gotta win this and feel like around Paris, like holding up signs from these website, and all the rest of it and I was like I was living in Melbourne I was like I don't really or. The Empire State Building or anything like that to represent was, like date 30 I was like you know I was procrastinating. You know pockets, is little dictator side you leave it to the last minute to get something done it was like that it was like 4:30. P.m. on, the last day I was like okay I'm gonna do this I drove down to the tattoos, to a tattoo shop I have a tattoo of the guy's website across my shoulder so I tattooed all, the way across the back of my shoulder this guy's website, and. I took a photo and I said to them he was like the first thing he says like make you crazy tattoos. My website on your body second. Thing he was like man, you win a year of mentoring and, you, know the first month of my cache happens in Vegas, I met a bunch of cool guys over there like Bill Phillips was in the master wonder guy who did like 40 for life like. So some big people like doing you know 20 hundred million dollars already like open, up your eyes wanted to see what's possible and, only actually into coaching calls were with him you know some stuff was happening use personal life I was like for, me it wasn't always about what I learned it was more so it was the symbolic, thing that I am willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in business I can, no one will stop me I like if there, is a way I will find a way and. For me you, know like I played, to, win big, I don't play to lose small I think, that's a big distinction like so many business owners are out there I plan to lose small win you know if I play to win big like I'll win big I might lose big but at least I have, no, regrets so. I tell you myself I want to listen social, media stuff and over the next six months I went to our third set sort of five hundred and sixty thousand dollar business, which. Is cool now it's my first year of business, what. A year in business that last story particularly, on matado is just phenomenal, thank, you so much for Sharia that's so good but, I sense this common thread with you job you end up in these situations, where there's effectively, like, a burn the bridge scenario, like the only option is to succeed, and you, continually. Find a way to in, your own words think outside the box and move.

Past That and it's really really, clever in a lot of ways and I'm sure anyone listening to this can probably take. Some of those strategies even just like talking, to 400, women the amount of business owners that wouldn't do or would think that they're above going, to that level when it's like it's such an essential thing in those early days I made. It so simple right like business is math right businesses, numbers if you want to make a million dollar business and you have a three thousand dollar product, right you, have to talk to three point three people a day you don't need Facebook accounts to talk to three point three people now if, you want to essentially, a five. Hundred thousand dollar business is about one point eight people a day in front of 250 thousand our business is 0.9, of people are they problem, is everyone, hides behind a, computer these days and they don't actually want to talk to people because, this is human to human contact then, when we when we we forgot that we hide. Behind a email address or by a Facebook ad instead actually communicating, with people empathize people being compassionate will actually problem solving with people and if you stepped out from behind your desk and talk to people three point three people a day because if you have three point three people a day then essentially if you're doing like a a gym. Business or a yoga, business anywhere on the, lower end of the value scale when I talk about marketing, Excel wanting to into, an irresistible. Offer a discount offer you can sell one into into, a three thousand dollar core or you have a three dozen other core offer just, create one and. That, will give you a million dollar business a 180 222 if you have a consulting, business like, you know attendee, jewelery think-tank. Movement, you should sell a minimum one in four so that's still three point three so, money for you'll get six hours a week because it works out to be that the leads the 24. Leads are essentially, a, week that you need and you'll sell six at three thousand a week and you got a million dollar business million, dollar business, replicating. A million dollar business across 21 locations now that's that's the hard thing so. Like people. Just are, lazy at, the end of the day and as. Soon as people get over the, laziness, of business. Or communication. And to, actually start humans human contact that way that's when business is easy I, really. Agree with that point a lot especially with, how, much of business seems to be hidden behind a screen these, days like, it really I noticed, that even like how many people don't go to in-person events, or would even meet someone at a cafe there's a lot of things I'm noticing more and more and really, as you said it seems everyone's interested in like Facebook ads over. That, contact. From there, so, when I asked you a couple of questions from you so, looking back at this phenomenal. First year in business like. I can see you learned a lot you grew a lot and from there but if you could do it all over again would, you do anything differently. Honestly. I could, ask that question like a fair bit I like you, know from, where we are now what'd I ever do anything differently yeah I actually. Wouldn't I learned, so much I believe that we. Are on this journey in life, and we, must fail to succeed and we must go through these you, know the toughest, times of my life like, I really appreciate, those toughest, times because, they, either, made, me become the person I am or they gave me the learnings to succeed, where I am so, I would, do nothing difference. Where I am right now because, every, time point has given me an advantage.

Later, On down the track because. So if I didn't do that my first year business my second year business would have been harder my third year business would be harder so I really. Appreciate. The. Hard. Day's. Hard, weeks that. I had no first year business like you know when I was looking at your employment first, people I literally had zero cash and you have to look at it always it's a win-win scenario so, what I looked at was like you know for personal trainers I was like okay what are they one what a wild one you know they paid you know Fitness first ranked, for example, they paid you know 300 bucks a week rent people always hate paying rent as I quote instead, of working in Fitness first and paying their rent come work for me, give me eight hours a week for free okay, trainers many clients you want imagine so what I did is I got my first four employees, they're actually contracting. Inside my gym I go thirty two hours worth of free labor and. I, had all my group sessions run and I, could start to compound and grow my business before I had enough money to, actually build that like sort of payroll so. That's again it's like thinking outside the box to get your staff and board probably, not the best thing as far as that you know the legal, capabilities. But you know you have to do things differently when, you start you have to start up like you know who cares sometimes, just go take action, and deal with the consequences later like my first GM I opened I probably wouldn't do this actually my, first, open without even understanding I, didn't know that you had to get changed in it I, just didn't get a permit to open gym and open a gym three. Years later the council came down. This. Is supposed to be a caveat, you've got a gym in here I was, like yeah it's a gym you're like we haven't had complaints, the last three years so is it ten thousand dollar fine I was like oh no like put, some bike racks in oh okay. Is $10,000, and I still actually bad bike racks. I. Tell, you something it's I want to go into a little bit more I'm noticing your, mindset, around these things and how you solve these. Problems, and your attitude is quite unique is that something you've worked on is that something you can tack, on or is that just you I think, that's just me I talk to them about it all the time she's like you know you're just a little bit different and.

I. Think, I think, the biggest thing is you, always, have to go into everything a win-win scenario right if I'm talking to you if I like I talked I always you, know live to get or live to serve right so you know if I can serve the person I'm talking to or. The person I'm trying to help if they feel like they're getting the better end of the deal I'm, gonna win right now you whether you'd be rubber child I know Charlie he's like a lot of influence, where it's like you'reyou're reciprocity. Or whatever, it is know like and trust people like I really, don't care too, much about that, it's small so it's like if I serve enough people and help, them get what they want, then I'll eventually get what I want like I don't I think 6:11, says that maybe but. I think that's the biggest thing I I actually remember like listening to Zig Ziglar in my teens and I was like listening, to some of the stuff he was saying maybe, that's where it's from like subconsciously. Listen to him as. A teenager, but, before. Before. Saying a businessman, like you, know I was trying to play, rugby league you. Know I know. I played, you know Australian. Representative, my, emergency plates, you know state rugby league and all the rest of it I've. Got a you know I've, got a mini contract. With camber riders and then essentially. You know it's like a six-month contract chemical. Writers and three, months into it I had meningococcal, when I was 18 years old I'm sharing. Drink bottles and I, was at my mates house and passed, out his house thorough, sick opossum, they, keep the door down the cough out later like vomited and rush, the hospital and I flatlined four times I had. Kidney failure, and. I was, in intensive care for three months, and I came out and as soon as I came out there, like within a week I was back training, did my knee lost my contract, tried to come back burn my neck to my quad tore, my ACL torn. Return account for like I was like okay like I'm not. Put on this earth to play, rugby league, shifted. Me and I was like I have to go in this direction you know I think you, know adversity, is something that you know you have to deal with as a business, owner I think all, people. Have played sports in the past, when. You've tried to be elite at something, you understand, work I think you understand, putting, in the time you understand, patience, and I, think that's the biggest thing like again, with business owners right now, everyone's. So, impatient, they're like hey, I want to be a co you know the entrepreneur, hustle I suck like a laptop, my size yeah you own a laptop and you have a lifestyle, might not be a good lifestyle. Maybe. Seven figures. Doesn't. Dispense. Posting. On Instagram like. For, sakes by. Like for me like I had, this patience, and I find a 10-year game I got seven years into my tenure game right now and IBT. So. Like. I. Don't care like I still wear most of John two-dollar t-shirts, and $20, $20. Pants and $10, shoes like I don't care about spending money I don't care about anything, except, creating a legacy and. You, know I think patience. Is what, is the problem, with most business, owners they, want to essentially. Instant, gratification they. Were likes on their Instagram they want likes on their social media instead. They should try and get you know you, know serving, people getting. Trusting, people getting, raving, fans like Kevin Kelly did this article. For. 1,000. True fans like, you know it's 10 years ago and it's actually wrote this article for. Rock, stars as I kind of make $100,000. That's like a singer because obviously so many musicians don't, make money it's like all you need is like 1,000. True fans if, you have 1,000. True fans who. Love what you sing and love your art and then, that thank you 100k, right, if you release ten albums is ten box or you know whatever it is each year you make $100,000. Here now I read, this article on side all, I need is one thousand true fans I don't even need one thousand true fans III, always, believe, in will chef are not this minimum three thousand dollars I need three hundred, and thirty three true fans and, I'll make a million dollars and, then have a replicate that across you know multiple locations, to crow and track the company we're coming now and how, do I then give everything, I have back, into this company, - you know facilitate. The growth and to, play the ten year game, I think. That's business in my eyes, it's. A very I, like that perspective travel in a big way and I'll share an experience I had earlier, in the year I went to Bali. And, I was quite excited, to check out these digital nomads I was like oh my god I'm gonna meet the people, that, have mastered the, work-life balance I. Teach me your secrets, sure, show me and, I went to this place I'll, actually won't name it because I quite liked the place but, I went into this place and I'm looking around I'm watching, these people and what I come to realize is that I'd found a group of workaholics, who, were broke that, had a nice view.

And. I was like this is not what I wanted at all this, is like the, enemy of the, laptop. Yeah. So it's like I completely agree that there's this gap in laptop. Lifestyle. Always. What, the grass was greener the view was fantastic oh my, god I would not want to live like them it was like I was, listening to people that had found a way to live on like you know a hundred dollars a week and I was like this is a terrible, lifestyle, this is not where. It's at but. Something I want to look back to there is you mentioned that patience. Is the, essentially. What's wrong, with the business owner of today if, someone. Can relate to this how does someone go about working, on their patients what, do they need to do differently, um. Yeah. A few things right you. Have to have a 10-year vision okay. I always always thought like I did seminars you, know ah I, like I do seminars like everywhere, I was in Perth on a weekend I was in Sydney wait for and it's 100 and wait for that I like and. I like I don't like life just and like more intimate seminars is actually communicate, with people on your workshop, I like workshops, more than seminars. Because. I can change people's minds I can give them a mindset sheriff then you know most people overestimate, what they can achieve in one year and I'd severely, underestimate. What they can achieve. There's. The biggest thing right, so they overestimate. That where they can shoot in one year and underestimate what they can to ten so they're constantly trying, to. Achieve. This one year one year one year one year one year and because they're trying to chew overachieve, and they keep losing, they. Never truly move forward from they began momentum, and. You. Know I saw about this the other day you, have to feel like you're winning and you, have to say the achievable goals as well always, like stretch targets and all the rest of it but. You. Have to make sure you're winning you know I saw about you. Know with leadership right I was talking about you know we have all, these different gyms so I was like we want to set these girls where they feel like they're winning each week because, if, you go into a locker room at the end of a football game you there's, two locker rooms side by side you know one of them they won the game okay, the other one they lost the guys weed game high fives all the energy in the world they feel like they could go and play again right, the, other room towels, on their heads like. I've come hopefully they're not blaming each other making excuses or justifying. Why they lost hopefully not being a victim but, they just drained. They're, severely drained and if you understand, this analogy, you can take that into your business it's like you, know say. But the thing is that going to play for 80 minutes, like. Time is simply, energy, and. If you're winning you have more energy if you're, losing the energy is sacked, out from, you and everyone.

Gets Seven days in a week then, why is some people winning in that world and you in the world why it's not what is something would feel like that energy is completely trying, to it's because I lose every week I lose every day you have to design your life to win every day when every week and I understand that you know if you win every week and with every month you know win the quarter and win the year and win, the two years and the five years now okay any ten years like you know for me you know, seven, years God's living in 3x3 made of room with my dog Hercules, you know in a car I literally, had to and, yellow. Pill, atomic, you know when they when they introduced self-checkout. It calls that was pretty much too hot, my life because. I did scan a lot of broccoli at stake. Because. I literally, couldn't afford to eat and you, know I've repaid, back holes Port Melbourne as much as I possibly could, but, like he's, just the truth right like I. Got. Didn't they some, days I didn't eat for a couple of days it's business enough but. I had this vision and we're seven years into it right, now we're like a twelve thirteen million dollar company you know my 10-year, vision is for us to be at a fifty million dollar company you know now it's just like bang bang bang hooking up locations, every quarter we. Open up four at a time and we open up at capacity this marketing, some point so, if we can go zero to ten at fifty million dollars it's like that's the ink that's gonna even the angle that's the halfway mark probably for me and. Then we've got another two years and starts to compound, because you have energy you have different team members you have more talent on. Your team but, that's zero to 1 million it's it's pure hustle, if, you can work on your patience, and understand you know between zero, and 10 years I probably. Don't have many friends I probably don't have much time you, always have to sacrifice something, in life right you want to sacrifice time, you are the sacrifice, money you, sacrifice, time now to have a better life later you sacrifice, later have you been alive now whatever, you want to do everything, in life is sacrifice, so as long as you're willing to understand the sacrifice, you're giving then, you, can make a choice and I believe that the, power of choice is what most people don't have, you.

Know Victor Frankl a man special meaning it's a fantastic, book I think, that if, people truly understand, that they have the power of choice in their life and they can choose it there. While they, choose your own way as a, person man or woman that's the crucial thing I get to choose to sacrifice now, I get to choose to be patient right now I get to choose anything. I want in life you. Know life doesn't dictate, to, you you dictate, to life you make your own way and I think that's the biggest thing, another, thing is probably stop meditation, how meditation has helped me a lot I meditate. 20 minutes every day you, know Transcendental. Meditation I'm. Supposed to turn, today I do. But. I believe it's enough for me but. I so I meditate every day I had my 10-year vision I my father vision at my two years Asian I my 1 year vision my 90 days, thirty days by one week my three things a day and because, of that I am, extremely, patient I and I've. Designed it last five years to live my ideal day my ideal day is probably not as fancy, as some people but it's my ideal day you know to spend time with my kids I love work I don't want to not work I love, changing. The world I love, helping. My staff I love. Creating. Better, leaders I love, creating, a legacy I know that, by me working means, I get to change more lives so, all of that gives. Me the fulfillment, if people are trying to find cash then. You're in their own game your, fulfillment should be changing, life should be serving your marketplace should be trying to get cash I think because, we're this, is another thing that they're left to because. We are so outcome. Focused, as a society, that's, why people aren't patient. Detach. And that's why people feel like they're losing all the time detach, your emotion, to the outcome, and attach. A motion to the process, and the process is, three point three leads a day if I get three point three leads down there make a million dollars like, it doesn't matter I focus, on the three point three serving. Three point three people, every single day if you're truly problem-solving. Not product selling and you truly focus on serving, three point three people, a day every, single day. Me like, you, changed, a thousand, lives this year just.

You Now. If you can replicate that, over 21, locations you, change 21,000. Lives this year and if they happen to buy from you that's, just that's the result of service. Okay, and then it runs gonna buy probably, thirty three percent blue right, but, that's, a result of focus on the journey as a result of focus on serving, it's not result of focus on the outcome and since you detach, the emotion on the outcome who gives a if you make money you will make money if you serve well enough if you don't make your money it's a direct correlation between the. The, service, one did you bring to the marketplace, or the direct. Correlation, between the amount of your, good will be given to the marketplace or energy. They're giving to the marketplace or, how good you are at what you do if you weren't making money. Focus on getting better, you do and then actually, you learn from someone you go and actually learn and then come back maybe, it wasn't your time yet. So. Many great points in that travel I feel like we. Could almost go through one by one but it's, like I come the one I correlate, to the most or I can see even in my own experience. Is I suppose, enjoying, the journey more, than the outcome so. People that are attached to the outcome and I can see why and I suppose. We probably both both, met this business owner the person that's just continually, trying to make make cash or find how to pay the bills and, I'm almost like a bit of a zombie like they've. They've. Kind of become something, else when it's like if you rub, the journey it. Changes, everything I think, you'll see someone who's attached to an outcome right they're attached and money and money isn't evil. Like. It's not I think that's another problem you had with society, because, a whole other talk your, money's not evil now I don't talk to people okay what's your goal like what do you want to achieve I'm like well my goal in my life Tomas is three, hundred eleven point eight million you. Know I need that to live for the rest of my life Nick around. Eleven point eight million what, are you trying to do this money like, well you know what, you got to think about all right at 300, million, we haven't we have a foundation you know we had a hundred million dollars we want yeah I put into a foundation you, know for us you know doubling, down on business, probably about 60, 70 million are all listed out putting. Bet back into our business we, essentially have, has one of our members gonna lose like 100, 120, years old right, yeah once up until like a hundred, and ten years old they sort of rule, it out it's like you, have essentially, your, health benefits, your kids go to school all the rest so it's like that's what my threatened eleven point eight million is because, I am so I have a finite. Finite. Vision. Trajectory. Set it's like okay, how much do I have to serve the world to. Make 311. Point eight million how, good do I have to get I have, what I do to.

Make 311. Point eight million and, that's that that's that's it it's, like you have to be the best in the world and, you. Know like you do that's like. For you if you're in business like. You want you can only ever competing, with yourself but, you should I aim to be the best in the world like you know I always tell people look back five years five years passes, are the you, can either choose choice, to, read a book a week for the next five years, 250. Books on your craft if you read 250. Books on your craft you be in the top 1% the, world away you do okay you know what that happens with 1%, in the world that, has huge demand, I have a limited supply huge. Demand a limited supply means you can 10x surprises, it means you're making more money and that's because you chose to read a book week and if you tell me right now you bout time to read a book a week you're. Lying to me everyone, has the same amount of time in every, single week and some people read a book a week so you are choosing just to spend your time differently so it all comes down to priorities in life you're choosing, to not be the top 1% because, the next 5 years will pass you, can choose to be in the top 1% or, you can have excuses, where you want. Another. Really solid point on that one so, trap I want to ask you then cuz that unique mindset, keeps popping out once again I'm not sure many people would, be able to say what you do say or even have that in their awareness but. Who are the business owners you look up to at Empire. It's, probably really bad man I don't actually look out for anyone and. You. Know I was you, know growing up I was trying to compete with my dad my dad passed away at 17 and. It's like when I first started business, I was like, I want to prove myself to him I want to prove myself to him when I prove myself to him like, subconsciously. Because, he was pretty, you. Know big financial planning firm and you. Know I got, to a point that you know I wasn't trying to prove himself to him I was trying to proving myself to, myself it's, like trying to become self-aware and psyche okay you are good enough and. You have carrying, this chip on your shoulder for a while and I think it's working and your self-awareness enough, to understand, that you, know, anything. Is possible in, this world one, of my friends, conversa. You. Know I live. This, is it was the pivotal moment right you, know live was will. For doing seminars I mean we've just traveled, around the world for a year and we like let's go to Mexico for six weeks and do some seminars like, we just kept choosing locations and, running, some marketing and selling, $5,000. Five days sort of business searching things and you, know. The. Year is crazy but, we're flying back from Dublin, through. Divine you're, live internally. Start bleeding she likes rap. Internally. I mean like she's passing, on the point every time she sat up she passed down and. Like. I shoulda thought she was gonna die. It was probably one of the most fearful, moments of my life flying. Into Dubai we. Got off the plane I can't, rush to the first class it still kept flying it's crazy like 70 I was like bleeding liquid internally bleeding do you know what was wrong but.

We Got the plane went, to the hospital they, like they said to me, like. She's. Just dehydrated, subscribe. To the hotel I was like guys I know I'm in Dubai I was, still a, ambulance and, get, into the hospital, I don't care if you locked me up for the next, 20 years they're. Like okay crazy man with tattoos I got full, slave Norris okay. Crazy madman ten days when we take you to the hospital so they were Hospital and we, had. An emergency surgery, she actually had internal. Bleeding seven. Liters of blood like pulled up through our shoulders, no, Chanel yeah, she. Had a replacement of three packets of plasma, and that, I remember about three hours of surgery later the doctor, came and she's like I didn't save their life like she, should have dead someone else saved her life like. It was crazy, but. Was stuck in the bathroom next three weeks and again, everything happens for a reason like thanks live I'm, fine I got, connected with a mate mate connected another mode called composure, I'm, calm, I think, he's worth about 550, million, he sent me as I came in like I know you were in the bar let's catch up and, those. Who help look at me and I was like look at designing, like how much you actually want to make and set this trajectory now that's how you can get there and he's on his way I try make a billion dollars you know we sort of worked there for three I've work so you know if you know you see females. From cinema at house and they tell you when you're in Dubai so. I could only live with two hours a day for like a couple of weeks while she's in hospital so. I was hanging that with : Ben you, know I worked out you know how much money do you need make and I also looked at like he was just manifesting. Cash right. Like it was like you know just doing things that made me think even, more differently, I was, like he goes I'll just set my tribe I was like that keeps hitting a drive to pick me out like everyday and drop me off driving, around applies like now it's for free like, what he means refer you I was like well he lives in the British flavor I remember going upstairs towards his house and like the his next door neighbor was like the Prince of Saudi Arabia like just just, the next level and.

Like. Next cycle money I like, I was like what you mean he goes well I live, in the Burj Khalifa I kept seeing people like hi taxis, in and out and taxis, is not, really a part of the status. Of, the good so. What I did is I went to Lexus, and I got, the, prize for hiring a fleet essentially. On five cars and. I, went to the Burj Khalifa and I was like instead. Of you, know having the. Taxis, on the front you, can have, my Lexus is out front you can use them instead and the, Burj no sonic contract and he did that but he's a guy this was part of the deal I always want for me and my friends, always have a car when I'm in Dubai so like he manifested. Five, drivers five, guards for himself, I was like, hell you can do anything he wanted as well you just have to think creatively. And. From that point on like I was thinking more and more creatively. And I think you know for him yeah like in some, ways I definitely look up to calm and I think you can look up to business owners in. This world and not you, know every, aspect of their life right but, I like for me you know he's a tremendous, crappers. Who's creative and think outside the box you know people, like you're, even like Brenda brashaad like he'd the way he serves the marketplace, and the way he eat really speaks from his heart like I go, I'm gonna you know I appreciate the, way he does that it's not really anyone in Australia, that I look onto it I just don't think you, know that I can see right now and I've, been searching it's not really anyone there right now there is you. Know in spite of the genius there were a little bit and I was like Joe polish in France the genius network over the states okay there's some cool, people over there inside. That mastermind. Group and you know some of them are really crushing, it but I think you, know, it's. Hard to look after people I think you need to model. People and their, success, but, you need to look up to yourself and I. Think the biggest thing is their long story short is you, know. You, just have to be on the hero every, single day and you. Know Matthew. McConaughey he said like yeah he burst himself he has this long speech if anyone watches, this like you, know like a YouTube. Like Matthew McConaughey you, know my. Inspirational. Space you can watch that was really good and where it's like you know he's, always versing. Himself. In ten years time and that's. Who I really am for me it's like who, do I need to be to beat that guy who has that 100, million dollar company and who ID who do I need to be today and then, from that I got model like five people and psychotic guys for you to roll with, the leadership I'll more to these leadership capabilities, and all that guys going really well with mocking, I'm really inquisitive I can't let's let's do that no model at all right guys we don't really do what sells like I'll buy his knowledge no more all that but, then all, this information. I'm getting them I'm only trying to pick me I'm, not I'm not trying to be inspired by anyone else I get inspiration is a myth you. Just have to double down every day and and grind, it out I think. That's sorry that's like the longest, story, to a short answer but. It was a great story. Particularly. Liked the calm, story again. It sounds like a bit of a unique thinker, and I think that might have rubbed off on you a little bit or, you, saw it in that person anyway from there but. So many great points I'll. Just ask one more question and, then I'll let you get into your day from there but, what is the one thing you, would get business owners to change from, today for. That one thing they could introduce to their life that you think make the difference, I, think, fear I, think everyone, I talk to is so afraid and they're, so such, limiting, place I. Think, that's the biggest thing sauce business owners you know we are ants who we were yesterday you. Listening to this podcast today. It. Will actually keep you with different perspective in life so who you are right now listen, to my voice is different, to you were 60, minutes ago we, aren't here so we aren't who we were a year ago you literally, have the ability to achieve anything you want in life and if you roll your eyes are at the helm you, can hold, on to your limitations. As long as you can doesn't. Hurt me for you to hold on to limitations, it only hurts your future so, if you want that millaa millaa business and she aleck you know our consulting.

Business Went, from zero to a million in eight weeks a digital. Agency went. To a million, in six weeks like, anything. Is, possible like, and we we shut down our consulting, business, because, we didn't want to travel internationally and, we launched an Australian one and went to a million in six weeks like you. Did some crazy pace, travel. Like hey. Like you, you. The. Money you earn is in direct correlation. To the amount you serve so. If, you are not making Bank right now if you're not making money it's because you're not serving the marketplace, you're too worried about taking. From the marketplace you're, doing our eyes trying to get email addresses instead. Of putting out videos trying. To serve so, people know I can, trust you like, you, are the life. Right now is a result a direct. Result with. The amount of, service, you've given everyone not serving your why that's why you're like a relationship. No, serving your employees that's what a, looking for other jobs no, serving the markets why you, Leeds have dried up it. All comes back to you like, it's a power of choice so if you say I want to make a million dollars, reverse-engineer, that super. Simple, sell something before it's created, stop, making, cash and, learn on the fly like a year, ago we wanted to do Bali retreats, so, I put, up a status on my facebook, and you. Know I sold it I like Google, Bali, pulled, a photo from Bali, put it on my, Facebook. Page I was like hey this is where we're, doing retreats, in Bali this is where we're doing them and this. Is what's happening over seven days like what what do you think my marketplace was I put that in retreat and I. Put the post up and we literally sold thirty three spots, from. A post because, and without even having a villa, okay. Hold fly to Bali, I found, a villa and. Then mainly found a villa and then we flew backwards like. You luck to you for you well it's only go off the plane like Balinese, sometimes, they're like ah but now you kind of home between August, and September I was like we, need it between August and September so, direct rates within 12 hours I got back on a plane to Bali again and, spend, another Villa I like, with, this, people. One is so afraid of acting it's because I got his comfort zone right the, comfort zone you have. $100,000. That first. Is a million dollars versus, ten million dollars you know first a few thing where we are now versus where I need to be and a hundred million dollars like your, comfort zone if you're not willing to expand, that you were going to leave inside the hundred thousand dollar bottle and where, you are right now inside your comforter, is a little circle outside is, a bridge to get there okay, the breach do, you have to take his called excitement, the you stopping, points is fear, fear and. Excitement, running, the same chemical, pathways, in your brain you. Just have to choose excitement. When you go to jump out of a plane if you've never done before you like whole off off you. Okay. What happened to fears because you took the leap outside your comfort zone that. Was amazing okay. It's. Like okay but you're, for propofol so, if one, people, stopped using past, limitations. To define, their future successes. And understand I'm a, human I dictate, my, pathway, in this world that's step one reverse. Engineer, what you need to do today actually, talk to three people every single, day sell. Something, for its creator to get proof of concept and that, is the biggest thing and get. Excited, every time you get, see a slap yourself in the face pull, the, elastic band write, it in your notes section, I was afraid three times today but I overcame, it and trust, me those fear points, will decrease, every single. Week and if they decrease to one it's like you have to expand your comfort zone again starts, talking in talking, in front of stage start, doing a lot of webinars instead pre-recorded. So you can serve people better start actually, communicating, more than three people legs grow your business to other locations, keep getting, scared okay. Because the, comfort, but, actually, breeds mediocrity. And society. Is filled in mediocrity, people right now is the third of mediocre people who, want. Exceptional. Lives the, two don't go together if, you want to give you a lot you, know. That. Is such, a great. Point Trevor I love that as well I think you put something really good in that there's a bunch of mediocre people, expecting. Phenomenal, results, in a phenomenal. Life that is such a good point very, very wise words on that one. Loved it well. Jared. I feel like we could talk forever, you've. Got some great stories here, and some really strong points yeah. Of course six more years ago. Well. If you're up for it we can definitely do a round two and we'll go through a year two of it I think that would be a phenomenal part of it.

We'll. Go into some of the other businesses. Which. Is phenomenal but where's the place that, people can, come and learn more about you and get to hear some of this stuff more often. Every. Day I'm over on my fan page I, actually started it like last week because I was like an any communicator purple if you go into pages Travis, Jones I'm Travis. Jones on Facebook or. Travis. Jones entrepreneur, on, Instagram. Those two players is delivering content twice day every day I'll. Make sure we put some links in the show notes as well so if anyone does want to stay, in touch with a chat trav I'll be doing this as well by the way I'll be clicking, on these links I look forward to hearing more from you which, has been phenomenal from there but we're going to wrap it up for this episode from here trav thank, you so much for coming on the show and sharing so. So. Much I think there's a lot of great lessons from here I feel like I've grown a little. Fear. Let's do this. Yeah. Harvey. Specter says I love, you Specter in suits yet but I'll show you guys if if. You feel like you're back it backs up against the wall break down the wall I, think, that's the biggest thing Epiphany in a loop doing life, absolutely. And I love the analogies, their own kind of breaking down the the. Wall but I should disclose, before, this inte

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