EP045: YOU are the Biggest Problem in Your Business

EP045: YOU are the Biggest Problem in Your Business

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I've got, a confession to make. I need, to get this off my chest. As, a business owner we all make mistakes. I've. Gotta confess. Hey, guys it's Charlie, from confessions, of a business owner here and today, I am with the one and only Kimber, and hey doing him doing. Super well so see how you doing darood. I'm well I'm in the new office and I'm thrilled to be back with you especially because for those of you on video would see Kim's actually decided to copy me and just wear a black t-shirt so, it's not a slightly deeper V that's all. Dudes. But it's great to have you on the show because, this. Is a topic today that I think everyone, can get a lot of value out of this is something that I'd. Say what I learned, the hard way and especially got smashed weed but it was coming to the realization that I was, the biggest problem in my business. It's. Not a fun one right because they were all the business owners are going like no it's definitely it's like it's, the economy it's my staff it's the clients in society, and it's like it's you, and you're like oh I don't. Like that right between the eyes. It's. It's a very tough, pill to swallow, and I, remember, the moment I had, to swallow an I'm gonna talk about this right now because this this, moment was very defining, in my actual, career of being a business owner so. I just. Got out of I wouldn't say just but I'd left my first agency, my marketing agency I've moved on from that company and I'd started a completely, different business outsourcing. Angel okay. So I'm with Lynn I've got a completely, different business so, marketing. Services and I'm now in outsourcing services now, I had completely. Different people around me as well wasn't the same team at all and then, this really really fascinating, thing happened, was I got to the same level in business and had. The same problems. Who. Would have thought, and. I. Remember, I remember so much and I remember this moment of like okay I'm sitting there on my car there's got to be like some common denominators there's got to be something that he's like I've done again that, I've led into this business and then. I was sitting there and it was like literally one of these moments you know when you have one of those like oh, moments, and. I was like. It's. Me. I'm. The, common denominator between these companies even. Though completely, different things completely. Different, team managed. To somehow recreate, the exact same revenue, level and problems. From the first business and the, same sub wins and successes, as well I should mention it's a two-way street there, but that was a very defining, moment when I realized okay well clearly, I've got to keep working on myself it wasn't as you mentioned the economy all that blame really, moved away from me it wasn't the people I was working with it wasn't the business model it, wasn't any of those other things really, all tie back to me now, if you had any experiences, like that Kim yeah. Well and I'll try I mean on that so I definitely had in but, I've I mean I go to a lot of events, personal, development business development, and they always say like, your business will only grow to the extent that you're willing to grow and I've always been like yeah, yeah of course but sure but what about marketing but what about sales blah blah blah and, it's the same thing it's like unless you get to and there's it's two ways it's like I feel at the very beginning, the, biggest problem is you because you hold on to everything and if, you assess it like when you look at like for example at the Theory of Constraints and, you assess how everything flows in your business when, you hold on to that it chokes everything, up but, then as well it's like your own mindset, around what's possible, and like. One of the I'll, say like the adages are the things that I always think of is like you, know whatever what, got you to here won't, get you there you, know and that's all there's always one that's stuck with me and it's like or, so. I can't just do the same thing over and over again like no, I love that saying though and it's very very true I often, need reminding, of what you just said I'm even gonna repeat it right now what got you to here won't get you to they're very.

Very Very. Very. Wise words Kim yeah. And it's like you always because it's like oh well I just keep doing what I've and you know another keep, doing what you've always done you'll keep getting what we've got and say so you've got to change these things up and they're so often where you, know I hit a roadblock and it's like whoa even, when it comes to for example like some of the flexibility I put the management of my taemin's like ah I get to assert like you said like you get to a certain point and you get great wins but, also it's like you don't get past that and it's because well it's. You, that's holding you back and sometimes it's like when you when you step out of the way generally a little time you'll see that's where things change but, it's it's it's, not just it's, not like I just removed, myself from my business and then everything will work there's. So much more to that and I'm sure we've got we've both got a few points on, people can actually do. That and alleviate that to make things happen but it's always so interesting that, the same time it happens and it happens with not, only myself. Where I've seen a pop up and then have to remind myself but with clients, and things like that also well. I call call we want this and we're gonna keep doing this it's like whoa again. Same thing you know if you keep doing that like it's, the definition of insanity doing saying the same thing over and over again and thinking you only get a different result. Absolutely. And I think we've both been fortunate, that, we are in a b2b space we know a lot of other business owners and we've seen a lot of other businesses, and, I want to know your thoughts on there something that's really interesting in, my view is that you know I've been in business a while now and I know, people that are still at the same level they, were at when I started, and then I've seen other people, astronomically. Out past them in a shorter amount of time, and. I find it really fascinating that, those that stick to those habits and don't, work on themselves really do just stay at that same level on repeat, do you see the same thing amongst other people yeah. A hundred percent it's like if there's if. You, aren't willing to and I don't and I always I liken, it sometimes, I think to. Like. Some people will call like the ego right but I don't think it's ego because I think everyone liked, and, not I'm seeing a go isn't necessarily good or bad but, I think it's adaptiveness, and it's like if you believe that what, you're always going to do is always going to be right you will never adapt and change and do anything else it's, like sometimes you have to have a little bit of a ego around what you do but I don't ever think I know a hundred percent of everything or that I'm always right I'm always willing to be proven wrong and do different things and change them so I'm always willing to be adaptive, but a lot of people that I well know like. I know better I know this I know that and it's like they're not willing to adapt, you, know they're like they're they're. Like the cavemen they didn't want to come out of the cave now you. Know they didn't, get to turn into humans they're stuck in a cave somewhere under a boulder, so. It's like unless you're willing to adapt you can't ever move. Two. Years ago you were doing that like, white like white wine you why, aren't you moving forward why are you why isn't your business growing or progressing and I think that's the reason, yeah. Absolutely and, you could use some really obvious examples. Of this you can look like Kodak, and. It's like a refusal to change, and adapt to market, or refusal, to keep investing, in the growth and innovation, of their business led to their demise and. You could look at this your marketing and go you know if you were still relying, on you know the Yellow Pages and you're, still going into your business from that approach instead, of adapting and, looking forward and challenging, that personal, growth you, can stay stuck on the same thing so, the only continual.

Is Your, need to adapt that keeps coming through, and. I. Was like from. The marketers. Perspective is my marketing had on there's the, from. Brahe, through advertising Eugene, Schwartz great book right the, the, levels of mass-market sophistication. At no point ever is there a level, of market that doesn't, get competitors, come in and doesn't need adaptation, or doesn't get more sophisticated and, need, a change so, it's like well that doesn't happen in marketing, which technically, like the way that he positioned, it is really around business, as a whole if more people were entering and you don't adapt it's like well you. You can't ever win you get buried in a you. Know a red ocean if you looking at the blue and red ocean strategy so you just get buried in that sort of like well, how. Can you against the definitions, and how can you expect to grow if you don't adapt, and change to it yeah. Absolutely and, I'll bring, up another story here because I think it's really interesting I'm almost like reminiscing on all the times I've been humbled, in business, right now which, is many. But. I remember in outsourcing, angel, as well like for, me when, I looked at things like I had that ego and that thing where I thought I was always right then I had gone into a business, where I had a partnership with Lynn in outsourcing, angel, and we, I cut it and the worst part about these stories I can't even remember what we were disagreeing, about but, we've got to something and I was like I thought it should be done one way and she. Thought it should be done another way and I was so sure I was right and I was so sure Lynn, was wrong then. I was like well we have to do it this way and Lynn. Just did it her way and what to my surprise. Achieved. A fantastic, result and. I had this very humbling, moment. In that business of going okay well I was. Wrong like I was actually wrong, and it's, funny how these things kind of happen again, but it was like being wrong that day was actually one of the best things that ever, happened to me because, it really removed, the need for me to be involved in everything as well, because. Other people started to become more competent for the decisions they were making and I was confident that you, know I might, have a good idea but someone else is capable with coming up with unique things so. How, this kind of ties into the topic of today is that if you're one. Of these people in your business that's trying. To hold on to everything and you need to be right about everything and you're not allowing people around you do you know do. The things they need to do what you're holding that all in you, can see how overwhelmingly. You do become the restriction, in your business once again on a novel level, so. Letting go that can be very powerful and. I love this your idea, from my radio as, well in these fantastic book principles is, that you know if 90% of business owners fail, you, know most entrepreneurs, will sit there and go well I'm in the 10% and, what. About the other view of going okay, chances. Are I'm in the 90% what, can I do about it how do I attack this from the other view and that can be a really powerful way to look at it as well, yeah. 100% and you, know giving. People things, to think about is as well as as you said if you've if you've been hitting a wall and you go call my business has always been at the same level then there's something you need to do and the funniest thing is like I have a chat with my. My sister's partner. Calvin. Rizzo personal development business and it's like I like. Constantly, given it's like I remember, like three years ago telling him about this idea we're, telling them to do something and then three years later it's like there's there was enough pain from her I'm gonna try that out now he's like oh this is great, like why didn't I try this earlier and it but it's just so hard is it like when things are working and you're like whoa they're. Working, and I think it ties back to the, episode that we did about how good people are the most costly, thing in your business like, good, results, are probably the most costly thing for allowing your business to grow because you're like well things are working but, they, may not be growing so you go why would I change when things are working I have been right all this time consistently, consistently, consistently like, why would I change that and it's, like well as we, were saying like you could for that growth you know you've got to be able to change something some enzyme it's got to happen to allow that to go on because, otherwise as you said it is literally is one of the most costly things. That. You can have in your business and I think there's like it's two problems being number one the way that you think about things but also number, two the, way in which you, hold on to things and it's like whether you're letting other people in the business make a decision, or something like that like I remember, before where I brought people into, my, team and I.

Was Painting them and then, I was still making all the decisions and doing half the stuff for them I'm like, afterwards. On my own I'm, like, I just bought, this person in but, now I'm doing the staff, because. I don't want them to do it because. They're not gonna do as good as me or something like that my this is. My. Brain why am i doing this for this is so stupid, well. It ties, back to. Time and time again is that we keep becoming our own biggest problem in the business like. We didn't enable that person in that example or we felt we had to be right or addicted, to the drama we're settling, for average results, there's many things there so. I want, to kind of shift the conversation a little bit to, someone. That's listening to this right now and is probably hanging out in Egypt and when I say hanging out in Egypt it's because they're around, denial. I've. Been waiting for an episode to use that but it's like honestly like there's a huge amount of denial in many many business owners that, think, they're not the problem even if their business is successful or. Not successful there's. A lot of external blame that. Happens from there but let's pretend someone comes to that point what, can someone do to. Start growing themselves to. Push through to these next levels have a nice I guess. Level. Up and have them be less of the problem or enhance, the level of problem they, are becoming, so, they're moving in the right direction. That's, a great thing it's like there's so many different answers to that but I think the first needs to become around a level, of a self-awareness, because we can't all be good, at everything, and I think if you go well great if you're at this point in your business and look, at it it's like identifying like, what are the things you actually do every day and which of them you are you actually, not, good but great at because most of the time you're hanging on to all these extra things that you're not even good at and you, just want to do it because you have to and it's like you probably actually pretty much suck right. Like and you could be getting someone else much better in your team to take care of that would be my first step because. I know that something, I've done previously quite, often so hang on to him like why am I doing this when I suck like. I should definitely have someone else doing this for me definitely. I think awareness is a huge part of it I think that's step one for sure so, I'll, look, at it from there step, two though, when I come to it number one obviously, awareness, number. Two though I think so many people have created fantastic. Books where. You can level yourself up through gaining knowledge so if you're someone that wants to grow as an, individual, I'd really be encouraging, you to incorporate, some daily reading particularly, like biographies, of other people.

Yeah. Well um - like piggyback on that - point one right, and it's also like leveraging, other people like we did a podcast about it before leveraging other people's experiences. Like if you're not in a group where you can go cool I'm hitting this level you, know like hash like a hash tag that's, like hint hint I don't know I said hash tag hint, hint of the Association right like if you're not in it in a group where you can ask, questions with people who are equally. As successful and gone to other levels and go cool like I'm hitting this what's next, well, I think that's a big like that's that the easiest way is leveraging other people's experiences, and going cool if, you guys hit this how did you overcome this like what did you need to do or. How do you need to adjust to, allow that to happen yeah. I think that one can't be understated. At all he's like environment, and who you hang around play, a big role in how you act in business and I noticed this more and more because, you know you've got to be educating, yourself undoubtedly but, then you also do need to be hanging around more business owners who were trying to achieve great, things like, that is undoubtedly, how you become less of your own problem in the business so I really like that one Kim and then, the third one I'm gonna kind of I suppose piggyback. On top of again on that one he's, going that mentor. Was it's really important, to have mentors who can kind of pull you up on these, things and identify, those things you shouldn't shouldn't be doing and how you are being your own biggest problem I might. Even throw a story in on this one again as Charley story day. But. I was actually because. I have mentors in my life as I'm sure you do as well and I was on, a call with someone and I was I came into this call with like a list of like things I wanted to work on in the column like look I've got these areas, I want to work on and this. Particular, mentor, of mine basically, said I know you've got all of that but, this is what you need to do so, even though I thought I knew what I should be doing he brought a completely, different set. Of lists to the table and I sat there and I said I can, come up with all the reasons and why I should just take care of the problems I perceive, I have but. If I'm gonna listen. To someone who's further ahead than me like, really I should just work on this stuff now funnily, enough I, did. What this person asked and all my other problems seemed to evaporate, so, it's kind of like they knew it was kind of like they were like. But. This is you know we don't know what we don't know but, if we're gonna level up as business, owners and not be our biggest problem, you know peers, mentors. And, education. Just become the cornerstone of us endlessly leveling up now, Kim I know you do all three of them in your own life would. You say well and truly worth it is you something you think all entrepreneurs should be doing or business owners. It's. Like it's arguably, one of the most important, things but, I think the thing to remember like I mentioned before with that adaptability, is that it's always. Gonna continue, to happen to some extent like, oh, cool I got rid of this thing and then like there, will be something else that's, holding the business back from growing.

Maybe It's all cool now all right you know like I'm at the level where I should be outsourcing, and bringing you more team members however. I want. To hold on to that because I think I want to like it's gonna reduce the profitability, of the business as, an example or as a tangible one but, that's actually the solution for you breaking through to the next level so I, think the biggest one for me is going like you've, got to have all those three but it's got to be a continuous. Consistent. Action that you take to. Improve, yourself to keep improving your business because otherwise you, it's gonna happen again it's, that whole like you you know you have growth and then plateau and then growth and then Plateau trying. To make the plateaus as small as possible by having by doing those three points consistently. Through. Your business journey so. First. Off don't you think it's funny that as entrepreneurs, we always sell ourselves the, lie of like you know as soon as we solve the problem we have right now everything, will be fine but, there's not another problem waiting for that. It's. A it's like the the you, end up having sometimes, the same problems but they're just bigger right. It's like oh that problem me and however I don't have I didn't have to slap I have 10 stuff oh it's, a bit lot slightly bigger problem now to go through. Yeah. The problems do get bigger but the next, point I want to put in there is like do, you have a routine or system or something, you do regularly to, make sure that you do get, growth from yourself personally because. Personally from my point of view was like I make sure I read every, morning for 20 minutes like, that's a lock in for me and it's like a behavior. And a habit that served me really well and then, on the other side of things is I make sure I'm checking in with peers, at least a couple of times a week and other people that inspire me like yourself every time we do this podcast I feel. Pushed to grow and do more and then, once a month I always like to make sure that I get, around someone who's ahead of me so do you run anything like that in your own life yeah. 100%, well as well I'm. Mastermind. Groups and mentors that I am part of his regular, daily. Occurence really but it's one the same is like probably every, morning, for the first 40, minutes because when I get up first, thing I do is I put in my headphones, and I put on two, particular podcast listening. To at the moment I'll listen to them as I'm, getting ready and then I go to the gym so I do my workout, and at the same time I'm learning something new.

Or Continually, like pushing, my growth in that way shape what that way because otherwise it's like again if I don't do in the morning sometimes like I'll just never do it so I do a first thing headphones, straight in listen to my audio book or my podcast, and then, get the ball rolling cuz it's, it's something that I know it's like I don't know everything. In the entirety of the world about business and I never will so, I'm gonna keep continually, learning to see and as well but I think one last point because I, think it's very important is not. Just in like you said not, just learning for the sake of learning by going cool at the moment I see I foresee, or maybe I've been told by my mentors that this is the thing I need to work on right now and then that's what I focus on learning about and, that's what I focus on bringing in to my education, in, the morning and things like that from a business standpoint sometimes, there's personal development. Stuff also but, by having, the, awareness first, of the problem and then layering. On the training or the information, and things they're going to help me directly. Correlate, into that point also. Yeah. I think that's a really wise way to do it it shows because you're one of those people that has had a tremendous, amount of growth in the time I've known you like you haven't stayed still at all and, I think for anyone listening to this like in what's just being laid down is a very, very open. Up with this wise, flight plan a wise way to go about it because it's something we've seen many people have that and it's. Funny that the more people I speak to and ask about these topics and I mean I used to be a big fan of the timber Tim Ferriss podcast, and, he always used to talk about the commonalities, in successful, people but it just seems to be so true the, people I know that are successful, behave. In a very similar way that you've just described so to pick up those habits and behaviors and, focusing, on the types of content that are going to give you the most benefit, just makes so much sense for me yeah. And, what about yourself is there anything else I can obviously you have. Masterminds. Mentors, and and. Read anything but if there was like one little cherry on top that, you, always have. Around you what would it be the. Big, thing for me this year okay, is in all of these things is what if I go into things assuming, I'm wrong, and. I know that I can sound a little bit crazy but it's like when you look at the stats it's, like we all just seem to be overwhelmingly. Wrong when it comes to business ninety percent of us fail there's, so many things that come through and I was like well what if I assume when it comes to an idea I have, the wrong answer from the beginning can, I seek out people that have done it or a further along in which I can query, in that and that's been a really big thing for me this year in making sure, I don't become the biggest thing or the biggest problem in my business or what's holding it back is, I'm constantly, looking to leverage other people's knowledge, to.

Solve My next problem before I just keep having a crack I. Feel. Like when I was earlier on in business I used to always try and solve things from my trial and error like, it was just like make a mistake work it out and there, was always those stairs with like you know fail fast and fail forward, but. I tell you what that's a really expensive and, slow way to grow a business so it's like you know you can go for it if you've got the time and resources but. Ultimately, having, that little in-between, of like idea, assume. I'm already wrong in how to go about it ask someone who's done it and then, do it the way they said and then use, a feedback, loop has been the, most effective thing I've introduced, this year from venting myself from being the problem, yeah. They say good I love that that's yeah something, everyone could do more of me included, so that's. Perfect, yeah. Well there's the little framework that I think people will really get a lot of I think that can help everyone in all honesty the more you incorporate, that and leverage, other people's experience, the further and quicker you seem to go and I've noticed that myself with like how much quicker I being able to get through my projects, and how much faster outsourcing, angels growing or this podcast has grown or the community of the Association, has grown is because, of those steps. Well. Guys that's, it for this episode of, confessions. Of a business owner I think, there's some. Deep topics, in here and the hard pill all business, owners will have to swallow at some point of realizing they are the biggest problem in their business whether they like it or not I hope you've enjoyed this episode and we will catch you soon. You.

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