ENTP Day Trading 1 - Gap and Go!

ENTP Day Trading 1 - Gap and Go!

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Good. Morning folks. Gonna. Do live. Day, trading. With. An on live account. I've. Already lost a, considerable, amount. Of money so, I did not feel guilty. Or. Using. A, simulator. How. You doing. Let's. See I'm, using currently, is andrew aziz is. Day. Trading regime. I'm using - trader with. Level two. From. Andrews, is the guy who wrote I made a trade for livings book. From. His website so. It's real nice signed. Up okay it's like four hundred fifty bucks, three. Months, seventy, five months, there's $75. Per month after that whatever. So. Let's, get right into it cuz we're in the pre-market session, right now and. It's. Time, to. Not suck as, per usual okay. We are here, for. A reason. Because. I suck, and. I'm, looking forward to not sucking. Do. You have to admit since this is a live simulator, and there's the first time I'm using it this, is the, first time I'm using it so, the. Odds of me trading. Perfectly. Although. Extremely. Though. Actually. No. Let's. Get right into it boys. Says. What we need what. We need to do is we need to look first at, our stock. Scanner because without our stock scanner I'm, not going to be able to find the stock okay. Right. Now I'm using trade ideas if you see right here we got a cap scanner let's look, at the configuration, I'm. Basically going off of Ross cameras, methodology. Look. For a stock that's gapped up 4%, and is. Blowed 100,000. Chairs. It's, Average True Range the 30 cents is important, in, terms of. The. Stock having a good chance of moving several senses, we're trying to mine sell it if, an average true range of, stock is with like 10 cents then. You. Know I'm, not going to feel comfortable trying. To set its top of a candlestick that's worth you, know two cents, trying to fit 500 shares in the two cents obviously. 500 shares chump, change but I'm trying to trade, now pretending. That I have $25,000, in equity trading. As if I had 5000 because that will probably.

Be The case we. Are not going to happen to one relative volume in the morning. I'm. Not sure why that was there and, honestly I think my tale the average true range because I'm pretty sure Ross Cameron doesn't have that. But. I will keep the volume day at fifty thousand okay. Now. Let's make sure the timeframe is working correctly. Time. Frame says, live during market hours how, about we, do, live. Always. Because. I saw, that said and one o'clock up there soon, not. About that. Very. Confusing, how to use us at first so, don't need this I. Wish. I knew how to use this better what it don't. Searching. Volume I will, be using that later searching, upload flow pretty sure those are just two, of the, one. Of them more stringent than the other we. Can focus on that later okay, gaffers, so. Let's, look at the highest cap percentage we got a xon you. Having a 105.7. Percent. With. A real dollar amount of 1.85. Floats. 32 point 1 million so this thing will move but it won't necessarily move. You. Know well essentially. It. Has potential to move with. The same amount of volume half, as much as like this stock right here CLR, be it. Have the same amount of people involved whatever, I'll, say look at the Charter. Bay Xon we, already have a crap a lot of people that are trained this. It's. You know if this is have, a smaller. Float then. Maybe I'd be a little bit more concerned that there's freaking six million people have already traded. This but, if you look right here it says the short float that the percentage is thirteen point four one percent. That's. Relatively. High, so that could explain why the volume and, shares are so, big because somebody. Somewhere and, by that I mean a lot of people don't want this thing to move so. It might behoove us to look at some. News. Because. We. Want, to know exactly, how scared, the, short sellers are you, have the average to range, 0.2, and. So, that's fine with me it, looks nice you can see a lot to other one's right here directly below it even. Though they're next and the gap percentage. Their. Average true range is much lower so you, know they'd have to have really, good news in order to move and this also says it's four days away from its last earnings date so. Make. Sure this is recording, all. Right. So, let's. Go to the. Start. Chart, I play XO and I bow. Okay. Got, the XO, in one minute, they. Have seen five. Minute, probably. Know how Oh, Aziz. Has his default, setup so I'm just gonna turn the toolbar back on go. To the daily chart. Think. About turn. This.

Sucker, Up here. And. To, my. 5-minute. Chart okay. So this is. A really, healthy. Morning. Pre-market but we want to make sure that we're not going into any resistance. So. We're gonna do over here is, it. Should, have set the hotkey up already, yeah, I didn't I use, ctrl H to set these horizontal lines basically. All you're doing is nothing, fancy just identifying. Where. The obvious, gaps. For. Price levels, are so, see. If I can actually move this No, oh. That's. A girl price okay. Oh yes. That's right he's pitch down. Okay. So. I put I'm putting a line right here because if you look right here there's a little teeny tiny. Bottom. Of this candle on a daily chart right there obviously. You're gonna see resistance, you. Know a, lot. Of resistance at this point or. A lot. Of momentum if it just breaks through really easy but. Basically what you're looking at is anywhere. That the price has touched. Twice. So. That's what we're going to do, so. We got a we're, in the middle of a gap right now in term so. There's. No resistance in this area, okay we got a the, price below us and we got a price above us so reasonably. Speaking. I'm. Not gonna expect this price to stop moving until it hits four, or eighty two I think that's what that what that one us wants. To say right there. So. And then after this you, know let's just say we have some insane, movement, well. The. Stock well, if. You look at this little, candle right here and then, you look at the bottom of the screen it says high 7.92. That's. A that's a high back candle, I wouldn't. Expect this stuff. Actually if this stock breaks above seven point nine to. The. Next place it's probably going to stop you know assuming that it doesn't have terrible news which, you know kind of sounds like it has some makes news because the short flood is so high or. At least this thing has been performing, badly for a while in the implication. But. If it's somehow able to make every short seller cover their position and, then. You. Know it can have a real parabolic, move all. The way up to nineteen point, one six which in real. Dollars, is a much more impressive thing going to $2. To $4, then. It is you, know it's more precedent go to $4 to $8, because. If you're talking about a market capitalization. That's much larger doubling. So you have to keep in mind you. Know, short. Sellers that are trying to keep to their strategies, you. Know the larger the price action is the less inclined they'll be to, keep, their positions, or even try to jump in at all especially, the stock is searching up in terms of one and two dollars at a time so. Once this thing breaks through seven point nine four, I would expect, that it. Wouldn't freak out as it's gone up if. We, look at the level two up here you got three. Point all right so it's, working.

Around. 350. Right now okay, not. Seeing a whole lot of large sellers, on. The ask, which. You, know I guess that's fairly, large 27 right there, but. It is approaching half dollar level so, it. Looks like this. Pattern. Is. You. Know respecting. The standard bull flag pretty, well well we have to keep in mind you. Know it is above the. Moving. Averages honestly, I don't even know which freaking, moving average this is yeah, okay so we got exponential, at 20 exponential. At nine simple, at 50 simple at 200. What. Point, is no. Reason why any indicator, means anything anyways because somebody, follows it so. Even. This as long as you aren't using extravagant. Technical, indicators. You. Can use them as a. Tool. Not to necessarily see you, know you have to see the way that the market is treating, that particular, indicator, Bollinger. Bands are supposed to tell you when price action is supposed to return as they overextended, if candles, outside of it but, you're, gonna have candles riding on the outside the Bollinger Bands simply because at. The end of the day every, line is just a line that, some day trader thinks means something or some institutional, affair means it, means something to them so. It. Doesn't mean anything's overextended, it. Just means simply that it's outside of this technical, indicator and the question is how are people going to treat technolon technical, indicator if, it's just going willy-nilly around, a technical indicator you. Can't use it at. Least not until it starts respecting it again the. Implication, is what's the probability that's going to continue using the technical indicator and it's not using it and, you can't use it in. Other. Words it's. Respecting, this line, the. Blue one it's, kind of breaking through a little bit I don't, know which one that is find, a guess I bet use one of these freaking simple. Lat, simple, averages because. Maybe. It doesn't explain out to the line no. Okay. Be wet all. Right that makes sense. Um. With, lower float stocks the view was not as accurate just was like 37 million so whatever, Earth's knives useful apparently, I don't know Andrew. Not me topless. Do I need that I don't think so don't you pick it up. Yeah. I, actually knew this you. Sure don't ever use that market, Muir thing. There. We go. How, about we open one more chart what do you say boys oh. Come. Over here we're. Gonna go to load sings I hope to god that this is, actually.

Hang On let's come here, save. Settings default. Note. Settings. There. We go. Come. Over here now. We're gonna take this little thinker. Perfect. Okay. Now. We're looking good. So. There, is a lot of my going ham putting in lines is because essentially you, know. What. Do we need to know, this. Stock goes it's, house a potentially up to five dollars paid, didn't have television whole dollar levels. That's. All we. Should now look at my, opinion. News. Just. To see what the hell's going, on. Okay. Mmm. So. Gonna. Make this look a little less and um. You. Know we it's a good idea to pay attention to previous day's news. As, well and. That X see, how it's hanging out right below previous day's close right there so. That's you, know prime, example so. Because. When people are using the Robin it I mean I think when I was using Robin that's, where us pay attention to as a previous day's close simply. Because I was the only line that was there and. If I was to make a guess that's something that's probably actively. On a lot of these you know. Institutional. Traders, screens, and frankly, day traders screens. So, it's. Gonna be a significant price level, you. Know where. It's not gonna be a significant, has two days ago. Close, 1.74. So, let's just mark that. On. Every, chart first, year what that. This. Is previous day right here so. Let's get me nap. Today so six. Oh whoops. Okay. Well. It's still previous day's close on this day - and it, closed. 1.75. Yeah. Perfect. And. Then yes. So. We're up here it, literally doesn't matter at all because we're so far about the resistance don't. Even know I did that okay. Whatever. We're, gonna gap hopefully, it fills it if you're doing this funk, a you, know technical, perspective if you look at this gap between this a little bit resistance. Irish. You mean yeah this resistance, right here and right here okay. That's. About half. The distance from. Our shimmy this. Distance from this resistance, to the current, price is, doubled. The distance of the. Price to, the resistance. Of them, so. What that means is is, that if, you were just trying to swing this I mean. You could. Buy. It right, now and have a two-to-one profit loss you. Know with, this stock it's just simply that you'd be flipping that coin but. That's. Pretty much what you're doing when you're trading this pattern so anyway so. You. Know if. You. Were trying to make it a price target to get like four point seven five you. Know you wouldn't be wrong, for doing so think if you sold like 450, you, wouldn't meet that force. Trying, to slow you down before you got there so. You. Know I'd be a reasonable, price expectation. Be like 450, if you're just buying right now but, this thing's gonna do some major moves on the market opens so, and, I'm not crazy swing trader and everything it could have said.

Everything. I said I think could have been crazy uh. But. Pretty sure that's what's going down is, you, can do that you, can just buy right now I'm gonna be a good ratio. Okay. So. Just. Gonna save. This layout so I'm gonna do this ever again. Maybe. I. See. We got going on over here. So. This looks like it doesn't modify, my order, at all. Other. Than like. Don't want modify how many share that right here I mean I'm. Only gonna trade this one stock because I suck, okay. So. I just had this thing where I could make it equal, the price. By. Guess doesn't matter cuz we're gonna do a split five cents when we buy, in any way and then we can sell half, of the bid all right cute yeah, some of the market ovens, that's. What I'm gonna do I'm, just gonna wait. To see what the opening ranges and then, I'm going to. Buy. It's all I have. Buy. And sell based on that. Still. Seen large size on the. Bid. Sighs so. Our bid side. So. That's good. Oh yeah, this. No. No I, just want to make sure that I check. All. Right singing. Alpha don't, world its greatest source for news just. Get all. Right. Oh. Yeah. I know it's active okay. Yeah I know. Well. Excellent, sciences. Completes. Restructuring, huh. Ax. Oh and stock. News. To. Try this, okay. Maybe this won't be able some information, you. Know, no, let's, go that, glad. To sue my hairnet is so fast right now. What. Like 10 people up right now okay. That, doesn't make any, sense at all. Thank. You God. Yes. Yes. That. Tells me all I need to know. Their. Lives he looked close these web pages I guess I start. Got. Spectrum over here coaxial, cable it's the same thing as fiber-optic all right. Mm-hmm. Okay an integrated, biotech research other like. Something could this be a turnaround story in the making let's see and this was May June 6:18 windows, over 90% decimation of its value the past year data reported through franchises were subpar. This. Is not great. News. Yeah. It's good. Yeah, they'd get to the catalyst, because you saying you got one. Okay. We got results depending. Strengthened. Its management. Okay, so if I was a short seller I'd be like let's do, this. So. Honestly, you, know you should. Really consider shorting, this because. You. Can't get momentum with his news. Nothing. Even happened oh wait. This. Is something. Turn. This stuff. Off. Key, leadership team, addition has, licensed, the exclusive, worldwide rights to develop and commercialize, that. From. This. Well, a lot of people do that not that crazy amount of people have artisans right. So, they got. Thirty million dollars in cash is all I'm understanding. For. Something that. Is. Supposedly. Going to be a person. Okay. The company will hold conference. Call a day, at. A a.m. a TD now I don't know when the hell that is. Pretty. Sure that's like. Oh. Terney happened. No. Yeah. What's, going on right now that's going on. All, right. Well, I don't see any crazy, news but, basically Oh Haiti doing. Gonna. Have to do. Looks, like veena is doing a little better okay. So. If, I had. 5000. Shares I would enter, my position with five hundred and then I would put. Another, 500, shares him upon, a five-minute confirmation.

So. You. Know we got this opening range breakout we're about to do where, we, wait for to see exactly, how many shares. Are to, me how many senses. Things don't have at one time and it's going to pretend since then I'm gonna buy 500, shares and, along in that opening range and then, it goes on next Kindle and I'm waiting for it to break the high of the previous candle and the hot previous candle was 10 cents now I'm gonna buy at the peak of. That. Breakout, and, put. In 500 shares because I want, to risk, 1%. Of my overall equity, which. Is 500 shares it's, not only practical, because it it, eats up commissions but in terms of getting a thought process down I think I'm just going to do it anyway. Yeah. For sure that's just what I'm gonna do, well. I don't want to do all. Right 628. We. Have a xon P. Market high is. Currently. Three. Point seven one. So. Leave. That right. There, yeah. Basically. This. Breaks over 3.7 1 I'm. Gonna buy it I'm, gonna click, on that button right there that's. All I gotta do right over. Three one seven one click. Button and then. Let's just see what the lower, the pullback is, right here let's. See what this candle is right here this is 629. Candlelit isn't it well, hello is. Currently. 3.6. So, that's 10 cents. If. It breaks below 3.6. Then. I will exit, the position because right now we're buying, we. Can buy for a break-up remark nice we could also do that right now but. You have to just pay attention because it's super, volatile, in the market open sin don't scare the crap out of it if you don't know the hell are you doing which kind. Of that guy so. Bringing. Three mark I've seen. It move too many times and may not jump in it so I think I'm going to do it since this is a simulator, account there we go market. Is going. Open. Up here in like two seconds. This is nice it. Is, seven. Three point seven one two point seven one like, that sellers, looking to sellers body. Okay. So, they're still jumping on so. Jumping on seven point eight let's, look for the break eighty. Cents, still, breaking alright, so and a half cuz certainly show resistance, and. So. No. Not. Even seeing any of my orders in this window don't know I like that just, see this over, here you. Don't. Like that. Oh alright. Sorry we have an opening range right now. Okay. I can't see, anything. With, this. Let's. Do that. There. We go. Borrow. Here soul right there and then it's all right there. That's. About right okay see, this range is 20 cents so, what I would do at this point, someone. Dude 250. That's. 30 cents, I. Want, to fit 50 dollars into. 25. 30 cents right now it's 30 cents so. For. Every, 10 cents I want it to be worth.

You. Know basically 17, dollars so that's why I'm gonna buy hundred and seventy, shares. Because. 17 times three it's, gonna be like 50 ish. But. Do you want dollars. That's. That. Is how you manage your risk okay. So let's look at what's going on obviously this thing is freaking, out. You, know if this thing broke above this. Right here I would expect it to start running. What. Is this open. Or. High deep one eight okay. If, it breaks above three point eight that's when I expect to start running. This, is, a, high. Of 3-1 a low, 3.37. That is a 40, cents I think, that. 15. Times 4 is. 60. So. I was gonna do that not in crazy, necessary, it's only like 20 shares. Difference, but. Anyway, obviously. There's a lot of freaking buying selling actually going on if we like to level two so, we're gonna buy if it hits 3.1, first of all there's. A lot of buying. Pressure obviously. There's a lot of selling, pressure as well I mean the buyers getting just bought up just killed right there so. There's probably gonna be a, short. Selling, weight nap and. Yeah. I really like what Andrew is is did here I mean freaking heck my super B's remember I'll just type a name crab all over the place I mean, this right here this. Right here is what. 69. To 8. 1. That's. Just 10 cents there March in the beginning excited ok. Whatever. 50. Bucks crap alright, but, you, know whatever. I sold. Half when I had 10 cents. So. I feel proud about that I guess. So. And, it's going lower, okay it's bouncing off this little line. Right here and. It's. Going nowhere now are, dealing with 50 cents. Here. 45. Cents. For. The next candle, I'm. Not looking the 5-minute right now I am kind of gaming goodness. Gracious. To. A bar okay. One. Minute. Dang. All. Right well. You. Can tell that's a lot of choppiness, right here so, I really don't feel bad, this. Just broke the low that so. You could, enter right here I think, I won't just wait. For. The five, minute entry. Little. Significant. Price level right there. Yes. You guys see maybe the price level right here, oh. Yeah. Oh. Did. Not like at this thing in. This direction so, it's. Bouncing off of these little things right here and. That's consolidation, from earlier. So. I'm gonna buy so this the high is three, point five one low three point three that's 20, cents 20, cents that's gonna mean that I need 200, shares for this to make sense, the, high is thirty point five one, I'm, gonna wait for the three point, five one break, this. Thing is gonna go up I get expected, to start going up because the balancing, out for this pre market resistance. So. If, this thing goes up you may see buyers, jump it off all right hi I'm this is three, point four eight it's a lesser, height I can move up to five hundred shares the. Highest, three point four eight no is three point three one, that's. Fifteen cents I just take this down to like for sure. So. Three, point four eight three, point, four eight five if it brings about their plan for it all right. Now, let's look at the sellers, are they getting bought up and no they are not low, 3.31. And. Looking for a. Wait. For it and they got bought up so I'm just gonna short, right there, and. I'm. Gonna cover, half. If it, breaks above, the. High of this candle, okay. All. Right I'm you see me I'm gonna cover all of it, back. Cover half you. Know. Okay. Let's, hi this we. Pop for three. Yeah. So. I'm holding it because. In this position looking. At the buyers getting, bought up honestly. I don't think it's gonna yeah. All. Right so that's what I want to bop right here. One. For three, it's, just all over the place might not even want to watch the one-minute at this point I mean, it's just, you. Know not showing any favorite that either way, we. Entered it for three. We're. Going, to sell. Half. At. Five three. Looking. At the sellers to get bought yeah. 5:3, still enough. Gemma. Oh yeah. Thank you. So. It's. Double, topping, at the little bottom area, here or whatever you want to call it so. This. Is what it looked like when I stay trading before you, know just. Jump it in all over the place and super volatile, stocks you. Know get, a 10 cent jump here 10 Sen jump there but, you're.

Gonna Get eat up by commissions if you don't have that many shares. The. Logic, you know it makes sense, but. Commissions. Exist so, you have, to just get the good trades. You. Know this doesn't make sense when I said where it jumps off the resistance I'm like okay I'm jump in the next one a minute but. You, know. Sell. Half. At five. Three. That's. Still plan, that. And, the. Kind. Of getting bought up there on the ask. Looks. Like they're resistant, a little bit though yeah. Sure, wish I have my positions. Who've. Been there on the right to. Adjust see. Come. I realize negative, $68. Well. Alright. That's that's. What I like to see okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So this could be the entry, I may, have jumped off of this so, I think it would be okay for me so. I celebrate through 3.31. I'm just gonna hold on to it, even. Though I did have my. It. Was all based off of the 1-minute chart I, did how many shares I was gonna buy I will say that so I. Sell. Half of hits five three me. I mean just looking at the five-minute chart this, is what I would do well. It's. Jumper oh. Yeah. If you guys see what I can do better, says, comment. Below I mean the, reason why I'm not making money so, you. Know that's just the reality, of the situation. Okay. This. Is. Let's allow this take. One through seven so. It actually broke there for a little little bit so that should tell you something about the buying pressure the, fact that it broke below. You, know, pre-market. Top. There. Thank. God that. That alarm could go up right now okay. So. This is gonna break in this guy tap. Challenge 3.1 s oh. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Are the buyers getting bought uh no. Yeah. Nice try, yeah. We got. Something. Got going, on back there. This. Is why I be in real life dealing, with that, kind of crap. So. I just gotta keep killin. 3.35. Still. Waitin, waitin, I mean if you like this chart, no, way, there's, a sucker doesn't. Make sense to come back up I mean. Actually. Yeah basically, oh yeah I'm Bella Charis don't, even have an open position. Good. Talk about something. All. Right well I know positioning for this right wait for it to break above the next candle which it just did not gang, on what's, this hi this, 3.49. Wow. What's the height of this hi 20. Cents said 256. 256. If. It breaks 5, 50, cents, right. Yeah. If it breaks 50, I'll buy it. There. You go. And. We. Are looking we should see a some, pressure yeah. What. Am I looking at, yeah it should fill this whole gap right here should be filled. I'm. Still half. Waiting. For it to meet, three points up in the one. Okay. Unrealized, oh. Yeah. Now. Where's my cell point you may ask well, I. Suppose. It, would be at my a verge cost but, I think I'm gonna buy again. We. Add to my position of a brace Bob three point seven two one with. A break-even, at, average, cost. Man. Screw that along oh. Come. On baby it's. Getting bought up it's getting weighed about it, yeah. See. You later we. Are out of here. That's. Eight five eight five keep, going up yeah it's getting bought up getting bought up get bought up yep. Yep yep keep. Going keep going. Uh-huh. Sell. Half it's starting pulled back average. Cos there's my 69 I don't think so I am out. All. Right so that's. Oh. I. Like. That trade okay. Dude. It is no, weird know what that was gone now personally. If I was to do this again I would. Mark this, off because. That's, what happened it popped over 3.8, and then, the short seller said hey, don't. Forget about us from down here. But. It's clear, I mean look at that engulfing. Five-minute. Candle this thing is done, okay, this goes back down, now. Okay, you know like what okay. High is three point eight three point that's just stuff this up, you. Know this is where I enter you, know if you're not dumb okay, so this has 15 cents I feel, comfortable, three. Point eight eight is a high three. Point eight nine is where we enter and I. Saw on the ask but, entered a little earlier. Honestly. I feel confident, that I will break it though because if, you just look at that engulfing, pattern mmm. But. Of, course I'll, have to sell. All. Once. That has already happened but I'm not gonna get to shake now just, yet. But. From a short selling perspective, you, know this. Thing is not gonna now break on the one this one minute is not gonna give me any breaks, whatsoever. Yeah. So, I got what. I just said what. Did I just say. Yeah. This suckers gonna but. Once. Again you. Know trying to go crazy over here entered. A 3.86. Okay clearly, prematurely. You. Know this. Thing is just, don't. Crazy. On volume you, cannot trade this thing based off the one I meant one minute I mean look at it yeah you can't.

If. It breaks below, 3.7, one that's, how I'll know because. That was the hot way, okay. Did that feel really bad 3.8. That. Was a high. Hospital. So that's respecting 3.8 so what's going on it is man, I suck, alright so over here 3.8, that. That. Is the price we want it to respect which it is I mean look at its making higher highs you. Know maybe if I had a better. Hang. On. Breaks. Below three point seven nine out. Three. Point seven I. Mean. Obviously I'm overtraining, right now but gala. Okay. Thank, God but, I could realize negative, $98. Let's, look at our tickets right here so, this this. My, friends is what our trade looks like I mean but look at this gap goodness. I mean. From a. From. A short selling perspective, this, would do a full pullback but the volume is lower, then. When it did they pushed up so I guess not. If. I was gonna enter this what is this. You. Know all right. This, is a high, of 325. Love. 3.6, 3. 20. Cents, candle. And. Okay. So this is clearly at a price level it matters. Mmm. I have, a lesson to learn and I don't know what it is I mean look, at how many times I bought and sold right there, yeah. Cherish, psychology, real. I'll. Figure it out one day. So. This thing is supporting. The hell out of this personal, right here, maybe. If it breaks 3.86. So we'll have enough momentum to break through three point nine. This. Thing didn't see a little lot of momentum on the way down. Surprisingly. But I think if I were to watch level two we were just seeing a lot of, buyers. Not. Simply, that there, weren't enough short sellers yeah I mean yeah think in terms of that so it's. Coming above to, break this little Kindle right here three point eight oh my goodness we don't want you sell through oh yeah. And if we although. Maybe. Maybe. Once. A five-minute starts this. Thing is gonna start heading up in, my opinion that's probably it's gonna go down, I. Mean. After that huge move. She's. Like. You. Know. Dang. That is disappointing, as you were there. Alright. What's. Gonna wait the next candle, I guess or, not. Ok, I guess we are yeah so it's respecting that 3.6. 3.8. Has a lot of people but you know 3.86. Where the breakout is gonna be to, hit 3.9 one which. One the make don't live enter, the position the. Reason why there aren't enough people. Able. To move. This price, the reason why there's gonna be such a crazy breakout, once it does break out is. Because it's, gonna, happen when the five-minute candle starts, that's about what's happening, so, let's. Find out camel starts gonna be over here and then just man this, beautiful. Wolf. Like, now. Gonna have a risk. 20, cents so, I should do well. Do, I want to take this down to 150 shares, do. What should I have just used to enforce shares in the one minute and accept the, fact that I shouldn't use 500, shares. On. The 5 minute I think. The answer is yes okay, this. Thing is not gonna break out there, we go now well so, the high is 3.8. 53.85. I'll, buy if this thing breaks over 325. Not. Seeing, the, sellers. Getting bought up too heavy right here. Yeah. I don't know this must be a crapload short, sellers but. I've. Gotta be honest, with you I just think, it's gotta break. 3.85. So. I'm seeing looking at the short sellers and they are, getting. Bought. No. Nope. Still, keeping a consolidation, pattern coming, all in here got. Our leprous. Move, right here the look. Say. Point 1 through 22 through by 3, oh yeah. Wait. Okay. No, yes. Don't. Game, on. Must. Be another consolidation. I mean that's gonna make this sucker a heavy, heavy. Flattop. I mean it's easily respected, 3.6, I'm well then that's respecting, three point nine one three. Point nine one is where and, waiting what is high this yeah. Big Brother three, point nine one is where I repent it, simply, because I don't want to trade the one minute I mean, you could trade it to the penny go. Oh. Wait. Why, is it. Your. 25 to the hi alright, this. A. 3.9. No. I should buy once it breaks that line through 25 yeah that's why it's, all consolidation, consolidating. 0.6, consolidating, 1/5, that's. What's going on so, I should buy point, six, hey points. 3.6. That's. Where you should buy. Especially. With this consolidation I mean. There's. Gonna be a big powerful, breakout. Two. Three. Four. Five shooting. That, is why, yeah. Okay no. Way no. Way. July. Did, they, hit that three-point-nine real.

Hard. Hi. There we go break. Over $4 I dare ya I'm, gonna add it breaks over $4, I. Should. Be thinking about covering, here if it does not mean, I'm seeing a lot of 9. 4 9 3 action. Yeah. It's getting bought up though so it's like don't, there. We go, and. This should, be a, pair of a like move you know. Thanks, before L saw I. Mean. It just doesn't make any sense a her down right now so I. Don't. Know how them short sale eyes would get enough momentum to. Bring this thing now. So. I've. And. I'll sell all, if. It gets down to three point nine eight. So. Now I'm the driver's seat three, point nine eight is what I would sell all. And. There goes you. Ought to keep in a partial position because it's just hard enough. When. We give it all back that every house with your boys, I. Mean. But if you like this thing you know this is a ball flight waiting to happen so I can I can hold, to this consolidation just, don't let it hit my three point nine eight you. Know, so. Just hold, just. Hold I, am. A trader okay. We, look at a mile and realized okay right now my, own realize from a position is consuming, my realistic, okay so. What, we could do here is, we could sell, if this thing breaks below something. Else that makes sense you know. What. Are we looking at here. The. Low, of this candle, is three point nine five, but, if they break about four dollars I'm, out yeah I mean. Okay. So yeah getting, bottom like you just can't stop this kind of momentum no. Way. Yeah. See, you later, like. It's, getting bought off like crazy eat short, sellers no. Way you, can justify buying onto this right now. Okay. So I'm gonna sell. This. Thing breaks below that, low Oh. Why not okay. I'm. Gonna hold until. It breaks below let's say that I bought, I can't right here three-point. Where's, that her. Put. Four or five. The, hurt. It, hurts I mean it's not really that big of a deal first. Of all right here. All. Right oh. Yeah. Thank you God thank, you God that I can realize that right. So. Re-enter. If this thing breaks over. Four. Point two three. And. Here comes short-sellers. Freaking. Whacking. It to this price action right now yeah, bring it back down we're, making it on the one-minute. Somehow. None didn't. Just. Good luck like I understand. How. You can justify trying to short right here by missing something right we need to bring the Bollinger Bands I'm just about. Okay. What'd I just do come on Bollinger. Bands let's uh first. Off make that not exist. No. Upper. Line let's. Make it nice. And. Dark. Gray lower line. Darkrai. Commit. It. There. We go. Yeah. I don't know what was going down right there but I like it. Okay. So, we're gonna my oh she, fell like that oh man. I like that okay. What's. Highest IRA for, Ponte. Oh it's. Nice push on the one so, you kind of justify using the one that, but. Then again this is engulfing, you know if this is a one minute it's, not respecting the one minute or you know. So. I, should, just re-enter. If, this thing, breaks. Above that high. Because. That's really what's, going on as its consolidating, on this it's, clearly it's not respect to the woman chart worth a damn, you, know I mean the lower this is what. 4.25, lower that's a 4.04 yeah okay, so that's where you don't enter right here, I'm a high and this because. No, one gives a crap anyway, right. Now if the one that chart was the decider, of all things and that's how we're, all the size was and the institutional, traders were watching the one-minute chart which I don't think they ever do. They. Would have job. Did 404, I mean. It's. Not a question of you. Know it's it's a question of well my strategy work for how this, charms. Working right now. You, know I think if the price. Breaks love this level oh gotta move enough, momentum to test. For. Point. The. Hell's wrong with me four point two four. So. It breaks above four, point one seven, how.

They Get enough momentum to, test. To, four. If. It hits to four I will, enter, again. Or. Continuation. But. I should enter with less size. Because. It's, a. Jumping. In on minute, two, four. Two. Four two five and that's where you should enter it. Let's. Cross is to eight thank you God, smite me. Hey. Yeah. And. At, my, friends. That's. Where you should sell half. Because. Not, working. Out. We're, looking at one stock, because uh that's kind of crappy man if I'm jacking out when I'm doing one. Don't. Like to tell you low 4.08. So. We're looking forward still it's consolidating. At four point two, four I mean that's that's, what's going on yeah. We. Got the whole, chart over here telling. Me to go ham. Okay. This. Breaks over to the next chart there we go that's what we want to see that's what. We want to see, okay. Now. You are definitely. Definitely. Going. Down very quickly okay. 4.08. Was my. And, it is still. 4.18. On ask. Okay. Come, on. There. We go one, nine. There, we go. Get. Bought up there. It is. So. Entered with more size because, this thing just broke out I'm, gonna sell half, basically, this thing pulls back at all. Yeah, yeah. There. We go get bought up all. Right. Let. Me get out. Oh that's. Dumb I should've gotten out ah. Why. Am i training a 1-minute chart how. Many ever you doing screw, you. Yeah. This right here yeah. You don't just stop with that kind of pattern. Please. Smite me God. We're. Dead where's. My goal yeah where do I go now you, know this is you know an Alison being mini pull back on this chart where. Am I gonna go, that's. Why I don't chase it even. Though it probably will work you know we're dealing probabilities, but where, do I stop you, know no I don't have an exit. You. Know okay what was that thing that that, price would wanted to go to four point nine okay. That. Is. A good price I mean look at this yeah, not overtraining boys it trade just like me and make a lot of money. My three five before come, on come on get, bought up get bought up good. Boy. Yep, goodbye. We're. Gonna bout to go to the moon I mean we're just break-in through so many walls were here breaks, about point six he can free could add honestly. Police. Might be God and. What's. All know. We're. Out here maybe. Fifty five dollars today you guys okay. Thank. You God, for. This wonderful opportunity. At. This point I could tell that I'm, going insane okay. There's. No question so. I think I'll just stop right here okay, I. Made. A lot, of traits, okay. A lot. Yeah. But you know something, okay, here's. A deal my, buying power, times. For from that realized oh all. Right I actually, don't idle me like, this thing counts commissions or whatever that's look oh. God. That. Is so bad. Traits. 25, oh. Goodness. Okay. Ooh. 10, cents between, my. Goodness. Gracious. Okay. Well. I'm. Gonna reread some books obviously. It. Just sucks you know I just suck. And, net p/l always. 98. Negative. 98 dollars okay. I learned, that from me, if. We were to take off all my trades, you.

Know That's, five dollars to trade, why. Is that fry, it sounds twenty-five slide. Me out twenty-five, dollars still, ass. Anyway. Yep. Really. Bad or overtrading that is the, name. Of the game out here and, my account paid for it very brutally. I kind. Of understand, what's going on when. I'm watching the market, but. That doesn't matter if. You take every, trade known to man you. Know and plus. When you're chasing like I just did you have some serious, losses just. Because. You. Know where. Do you stop, where do you sell that, average. Cost oh wait. That's where you just enter you. Know I mean that that. Tactic, they, only did that just, because I was like you kidding me you kidding me, that this thing will stop right here I mean if you look at the 5 minute I was correct, by, a lot, but. You. Know my, methodology clearly. Is not going to pay well. Negative. $90. This right here will continue. To go up after it breaks over 4.4. Hey. I'm gonna similarity count you. Know I'm in. Yep, 4.4, million ah, yes. Leila. No. Yeah. So and. Even then you, know I mean it's gonna continue up more than likely I mean I don't know how. What. That's lower volume okay, so there's one short sellers are starting to come in because. It, jumped out of Bollinger Bands started. Dying. To. Red candles, on medium, volume but ya got this going up on new volume, one right. There going up so. Looks. Like that's the end of, our move up until the next five minute candle but if you look that's one two, and a third pull back which Ross Cameron, does not trade if. I was to do two trades, if I were to just trade off the five-minute chart here, take a, you. Know that says high 3.49. Low, or 3.27, well, what's. That twenty, cents okay go. With 250, shares right, on this breaks okay. And. Then. Once. It gets up to this position, I mean you could sell half right here so now B with 125. Shares keep. Going up hundred twenty-five shares what does that.

3.6. I, probably. Wouldn't sell, out until it broke I love this level but. Let's just pretend that I did what I actually wouldn't do for a, second I would. Sell at six or. Something. Like that where is the one, thing I'm. Looking at probably. Buy if I broke about this level right here three point four nine. And. Although over years 3.27. Jochen it's. 20, cents there. Before and I instill half at, 6-9. That's. Pretty much where it would be sorry. I would sell half at this level though because I wouldn't want to get caught you. Know right, China you know like waiting for one cent you, know all right short. Sellers are coming in it's gonna break below this and then, the, death of the stock will ensue just. So you know I. Don't, I mean it could continue up but, you, know if you look over here. You. Know it's it's approaching. For. An idea. And, it's getting larger. Volume, moves, down that is on the move up like, he says right here like you. Know. But. I. Don't. Do that alright so. Basically. If. I were to turn on the 5-minute chart this would've been really, clean. Like boom, enters, so half keeps, going up you, know comes. Back in and then once this breaks the hive here enter, again well I don't know if I have shares and I'm moving up what right from this point just something at this point you. Move from 3.86. Up, to let's, just say um, maybe, I just sell it all I get out of it scandal which. Is possibility, but. Let's, pretend okay, three point eight six two four. Point two four or five I'm sure you know I'm. Gonna like a three hundred dollar trade in like 20, minutes you. Know with no stress I've got the five minute chart you're not crapping, your pants, we're looking at the 1-minute chart buying, and selling buying and selling buying it so I mean frankly, you know I'm looking you know I'm not looking to too, bad in, terms, of, the. Distance between these but you, can't make small. Exchanges. With. Five. Hundred chairs because. The. Dang thing, needs, to go up. You. Know ten. Cents make you fifty bucks but. If you're selling on a bid it. Really needs to go up like thirteen, cents. Yeah. And. To, make 50 bucks so, it needs to go up they spent like seven cents, for you to make like 20 bucks assuming. That you. Know Pat that breakout there's not you, know a crazy spread because of the breakouts, that's when you know the bid just can't keep up. So. Yeah. In. Other words, if. You buy on the breakouts, you. Need to have it just you need to have a better justified.

You. Have more shares if, I have more shares I would. Be green very, green probably, but. I'm not gonna be using. Crap. Ton of shares, looking. For willing that he's willy nilly says so this is me this, is me being impatient there's, me wanting, the market to give me something now that's. What this was, so. Anyway, thank, you for joining. Me on this. The. Experiment, of me not. Actually, losing my physical money like. It has been this whole time okay. Maybe. You find more sighs, you. Know which, I don't I would. You. Know I'm just I'm using it as if I was using all the count that's this is what me pretending, this is yeah. All. Right hope, to freaking. Train, with you guys a lot please comment down below what I should have done different, and. You. Know. Yeah. Just. Give, me your two cents on what you would have done I. Should. Be expecting a video like this for me every, day that I'll be here I will be leaving on the. Like. 17th. Of June, so, I'll be gone for like. 40. 50 days so. When I come back I will continue but for the next like week and a half or whatever I, will. Be here doing this and then I'll be doing it directly when I come back and. You. Know if I won't have this frickin, chickenpox. Infested. Chart. Right here it should just be boom boom. Oh. God. They. Trained I feel like it's just not supposed, to be this hard. But, whatever. We. Bought pre-market, eyes sold, at, the pop right, at the top, whatevs, you know we're cool and, you. Know we bought right here because we're retarded, and. Then we sold right here or I don't, know maybe I showed it right here who knows okay, whatever. You you. Could go back and see, what I did basically I, bought. When this five minute candle broke over and, what. Oh and. I sold probably, because some of the type of mini one minute pull back because I didn't like give up my profits. Reentered. Probably, when I saw, consolidating. You know it was some type of a price level. Sold. Again, when I saw him and he pulled back and then trying to re-enter at the peak and it saw it wasn't moving sold. Again. And. I probably held half for, like, god. Knows how long. Yeah. Not again not a good pattern, you could justify buying right here from breaks above the, open. 4.34. And. Then. Holds, until it breaks below the closed which, is. 45. 10. Cents you. Could enter with 500 shares if you are mean and justify. That position people, do pay attention to. The openings and closings. Believe. It or not that, is why you see, you, know she'll like this where, it's popping there. Should be this well. People. Do pay attention to okay let's, take it easy. All. Right folks well. If. You haven't already subscribe, to my channel and I. Will be, seeing you the, next, episode. Of de train in a simulator to justify, one day day trading with. My account again.

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Definitely a positive step to use a DEMO account. I wish I had started with one, so I learned the hard way lol. One thing to keep in mind is how much a stock is either up or down. That is primarily going to fuel if you should buy or short the stock. I'm not the best trader, but hold about a 75-80% success rate. Let me know if you have any questions : )

For what reason did you think that it might reverse at that particular point? Simply because it broke the previous candle's high on the 5 minute? Or was there a moving average support that you saw etc... To back up the move (and not count it as shorts selling off). Maybe because it was so gapped up?

When looking at this specific set-up, it shows that the stock is up about 100% on the day. When a stock is up this much, everyone is going to have eyes on it (buyers & sellers). Granted, with it up so high, the greed is winning, so you are going to find a lot of people that are "buying the dip and selling the rip" (momentum traders) This is primarily what you saw in the 3rd-5 minute candle. Additionally, FOMO (fear of missing out) is a primary fuel for it jumping from 92ish% to over 150%....Regarding your question, I would have waited for the pullback to end and jumped in, keeping my stop loss at the low of day. I wouldn't have dared to short this at any point. It is up so much on the day, the Bulls are going to have a field day lol, I would short it tomorrow, because I am 100% positive it is over-extended on the daily chart and it has to correct itself. Look at stocks like RKDA and, more recently, IMTE. Pure pump & dumps, similar to this. A lot of info, sorry lol

Thanks for the comment. I'm presuming you are talking about keeping the percent increase in mind and not the actual dollars, so with that in mind I have a question! In this particular setup of AXON it ran about 150% or more, how do you approach parabolic setups like these?

4.05 sold half at 4.11 sold the rest at 4.19 but also vwap is always very repected

Dude that is solid! I need to learn how to use that sucker more effectively. I know Andrew Aziz uses it quite frequently.

Leave a comment on where your entries and exits were for $AXON!

Hello fellow ENTP! I’m a day trader too ! I hope to encourage you because if you’re a novice and you do it daily at least 4 hrs a day (same time every day) , you WILL inevitably get better!!!

Would youlike me to post a video about it?. It greatly affects me! In a POSITIVE way. I started 3 years ago. You can PM me.

That's awesome! How long ago did you start? Yeah it is definitely encouraging to see that are others out there taking the plunge. Hope I don't overwhelm you in this comment thread haha, but how would you say your personality affects your trading?

There are a lot of variables that go into it lol. If you get some time, let me know and we can cover trades you took and if you wanted any feedback for them.

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