English for Airline Business (Final Project)

English for Airline Business (Final Project)

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We are going to interview and immigration service officer who used to work Suvarnabhumi airport, so let's welcome her. So, can you briefly introduce yourself like your full name Nickname and age? Hello everyone, my name is Airada Kedphet. My nickname is Phueng. Now 39 years old and my currently position is Police Agent So okay. So, can you provide further information about your education background? I graduated from Rajamangala Institute of Technology in business administration. After that I applied for police and trends used to work at police headquarter at Pathumwan yeah and now I’m been working in immigration bureau for five years.

OK, thank you. So, how long did you work As an immigration service officer at Suvarnabhumi airport? At Suvarnabhumi airport I was work their around 3 years and now I move to Chaeng Wattana Immigration for 2 years OK, thank you so why did you interested this job? Because I want to change field of my job. I want to learn about new experience and I want to see the people comes around the world. Yeah So, what are the qualification needed to be immigration service officer? Yeah At first you have to pass the test for immigration police officer as like a Mathematics, Thai language and English.

So, every year, the rule will change in every year You have to follow our website immigration bureau after you pass the test, you can work. We will send you to many branch of immigration office. Maybe you attend to airport or another place in the whole country OK. So, like after the you have passed the test Do you get some kind of like a certificate you guarantee that you have passed already.

For immigration officer, you don't need to have any diploma or another qualification. Just pass the test for English test for immigration. That's all. I'm sorry. Another thing is if you have a TOEIC score over 450. Yeah, you can apply for as well. I got it. What about your job responsibilities as immigration service officer at the airport? Yeah, like you put the stamp on their passport residency. Like a put the date,

they can leave Thailand and the date they have to come within the period. It should be one year after they got the stamp. Ah, according to your job responsibilities in your opinions. What is your key important skill to be immigration service officer at the airport? At the airport, it’s like you have to know about how many days the foreignness can stay in Thailand. So, like and if you come from the countries, we will have like the table, the list of countries So, you have to remember. You have to recognize the country. How much they can stay in Thailand and how long they can stay and you have to know which country that have to apply for visa before come to Thailand.

Oh, like you had to remember all of the country? Because example like if you come from Myanmar, you can stay in Thailand only 14 days. But if you come from America, you can stay here 30 days. So that why you have to remember how long they gonna stay here and like Iraq, Iran or like a risk, kind of risk of country high of risk of country and India which this country have to apply for a visa before came to Thailand. May I ask how important English to this job and why? Yeah, the English is the key of communication, so you have to speak well and if you can't speak you have to know what they say you can explain them What they want to know yeah and sometimes you have to handle them if they're not understanding.

Like an example, I was work, I had some problem The people who came from India and they don't know have to apply the visa before came to Thailand and I'm not around them to get in. So, they shout out loud and I have to explain them carefully. Yeah, and then send them back to their countries. So, languages and sometimes you need to compromise, you have to compromise them and delete their angry. And can you tell me like the pros and cons of your job like what is good or bad about it? Yeh I'm talking about the pros and cons at the airport when I was in the airport. The pros is like many things. we work It's not like a office time so you can switch the shift with your friends

so you can come to work anytime you like. Second, you can you can see the people around the world and they have different kind of them like a Japan. Yeah We'll talk to you in the polite way, but sometimes Russian they shout it to you and Chinese shout to you but it's not it's not like it. They're not impolite, it's just there be behavior. so, you have to understanding them. This pros is make me open up my mind and the bad thing I don't think I find any bad one about this job. It's just only you don't have enough time for sleep because we have three hours.

Three or four hours sleep in the night shift because you have to work 16 hours in the night shift and they give you four hours for resting, but in the four hours you have to walk prepare your bed. so, you have three only three hours for sleep. Maybe you were confused when you wake up and gonna be mistake. Do something mistake after you wake up. Could you share you are memorable experience in both good and bad? I'm so happy when I see the children come with their family. They're very happy when I put the stamp on their passport and then want me to put that my stamp on the hand.

on the arms. Sometimes I helping people once of my experience is I have talked with a woman from America and I asked her about where she is going to live in Thailand. She said I don't know yet because I have a flight to Vietnam in the next day. So, I said to her I can't let you pass without an address. She said I don't know Aida and I'm not book yet because my son has an accident in Vietnam and he in emergency.

He about to die after that she was crying. Yeah, and I think sometimes you just don't have to strict all of the rule. Just see okay. She has a next flight. She has a ticket for the next flight. OK. and she has a letter from a hospital in Vietnam for about his son situation. So, you can let her pass. You have to concern about other thing then through. It was impressed me to help in people sometime you need to have a conflict with the bad people with the people who don't know the rules who don't accept any rules.

I just want to go. I just want to do, I waiting friends outside. I don't know where I'm going so you have to handle with them. That's all. and Next question is how is your scheduled in your work At the airport, I was work different times start from day shift and night shift. In the day, you work eight hours for day shift or one hours for lunch break Start from nine o'clock 9 am to 5pm the day after you back to airport will start work at 5pm to 9 am So, 16 hours but you will have four hours for resting. You have to manage your times.

So, may I asked about how different to work in a day shift and night shift there are different? Yeah, it's quite different. At first, I can't stand for working the night shift because you will you start 5pm in the night shift and you will have a break again about 2pm to 6 to 2 am to 6 am So, 4 hours for resting, like you very exhausted and you need to get something to help you like a coffee or energy drinks and anything else to make you have a power for working. I think is very different and very hard for the first time when I was start there. So, are there any exemptions offer to foreigners or are there any rules they can follow due to the current COVID-19 situation? Yeah, for this time, I stayed for a normal passenger. They have to prepare a five things. First, their passport.

A second, air ticket and third is hotel reservation. We call ASQ. Like you need to book a period for staying like a copper period of quarantine over 14 days. Something like that and COA, The 4th is COA and The 5th is a COVID test before came to Thailand and for the residency who has the residency just passport, air ticket, ASQ, COA and COVID test. I think like a same thing we have a different rule of the people who want to come in. Ok, so I think it's may link to um... the next question that I'm going to ask

Which are that, are there additional document require during covid-19 for passengers entering to Thailand. I think it's the same thing yeah.. but when you get to Thailand and want to entering you need to urr... load for Thailand plus application on your phone and have to fill up we call TMX for entry.

This is the two things two new things you have to do before get in the country in the covid period in the covid situation. Ok, in my part um.. I would like to ask about VISA like a basic document and there are many things there are many kinds of VISA. How do you check the eligibility of all individuals entering the country? like um.. when they come to Thailand. Yeah... like the same answer but I would like to explain about my currently duty

now because because of covid pandemic. So, for the people who take an residency they can come back within one year. So, now we we ... have like um.. announcement to provide them like extension to stay outside the Thailand more than one year. Umm.. like that.

Thank you. Another question from me, how do you handle with the unexpected situation during this work? Umm.. I will answer for two ways. At first, when I was at the airport. when I think I can't handle with them I will call my boss, so yeah my boss has um.. like a big guy and that security Because you don't know about their background about what they found what they met may be they very.. You need to ask people ask your boss for them helping and for in Chaengwattana Office, everyone who want to contact with us, They know what about what they want to do and the way we need to do with us. So, we don't have to worry about how to handle with them just answer them what they want to know and answer what the question they want to know and clear for clear something like that.

When you work at airport did you face with like the passengers that has or something that might dangerous with our country, How do you deal with it ? So when I scan their their passport will be show on my screen at the airport but they has something Just not like in the normal way you have to ask your ur.. boss or supervisor yeah.. but sometime if you if your screen it doesn't lock so, we will know before they before they come like police who working investigate They will give us about their their data, the name, flight number and what time they gonna come. So you need to monitoring them. And when they know they coming just like report to the boss to handle with this.

On your counter, do you have like the like the bottom to call Yeah yeah Like emergency fire? right? laughing.... But just a light a red light over the counter. So the next question can you share like any effective approach to working with large amount of like information because you face like a many passengers the day.

How about your brain and your remember may be like the confuse or something How do you effective on your working? the effective... It's effect your like um.. your working with the large data Yeah. Sometime sometime, I put the wrong.. the wrong date like a allow there in the wrong date to stay.

Because you don't know how many passengers do you face with like a day right? Ur.. usually in a day time in a day shift it would be around 300 passengers but in the night shift it would be around 500 or over. Sometimes, it's confuse many confusing about.. about how to work ur.. around them. How many days can they can stay here and.... you told us before that you move your your like your office from work at the airport to Chaengwattana office.

So, why why do decide to move and you move that before the covid-19 right? Um... What you decide to move the workplace? Because I want to learn about new experiences cause we working that like um.. definitely. Like a completely. different Of tough so At the airport I worked there for three years and I think OK, you just put the stamp on. That's all.

All the things, you know already But in here, you know how to How to provide The foreigner to get extension And the rule with the new things Like a If you have Like a, if you have an education Visa to stay in Thailand. You need to um notification every 90 days yeah. But I don't know before when I was at the airport. So, just yeah know about my duty. That's all Like getting like a new information new experience? YES! Something likes that but it kind of complicate very complicately in Chaeng Wattana Because two many data you have to know all of them Because many people come with many reasons. So you have to know how they can stay here.

Like a... if they come with retirement visa or Thai wife, Thai husband they can stay here one year but If they come here for work We're gonna allow them a follow work permit yeah.. it's not that one year, may be two years or less than This is the last question. So, I would like you to recommend to the people who interesting in this job Like a immigration officer both in airport or Chaeng Wattana office So, do you have like any recommendation for the people My recommendation is you have to have a service mind first. If you don't like to contact with people I don't recommend you to do this job Because you will be contact with people over 300 people a day So if you don't want to contact with people, you don't come to get this job and sometimes, you need to have another considerations Not just follow the rule You have to follow what're their objective what they want to do here and you need to work under pressure sometime you don't know, the people comes around the world, what they're gonna talk to you How they rude to you or how they polite to you sometimes, they just say the bad things You need to calm if you faced at that situation

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