ENGAGED?! - My Story, Relationship Chit Chat and Q&A *Bloopers*

ENGAGED?! - My Story, Relationship Chit Chat and Q&A   *Bloopers*

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Maybe welcome, back to my channel today's. Video is going to be super, super deep it's, going to be a, whole talk about relationships. It's crazy to see what other people go through too because, I've had my own past experiences. With relationships. One in particular, that was very serious to me they don't like to get too much into my private life because it's very private and it's very personal I think I just want to go a little bit more in depth because I think that sometimes sharing your story can help other people too I'm currently, single, and my most serious relationship was, a four and a half year relationship that I had a while back I kind of briefly mentioned, in my last Q&A. What. Sort of happened I decided, that I'm going to kind of open up a little bit more to you guys but hopefully some of you can relate to it as well especially women, so, none, of you know but I was. Engaged. It, was my. Most serious relationship that I had ever been in it. Was very serious, to me and I. Think I was I mentioned. Before how, I was just so focused on you, know having a family having a home and doing what you're supposed to do I was in my early 20s, and I felt, pressured. To be. In a certain lifestyle especially, as a woman you feel like next things to do is to get married and then you feel like after you got married you have to have children that's what you just feel that you have to do it's just something, that I was definitely raised with - you don't even you're supposed to get married and have kids but that's, not everybody's. Life story I can, see myself obviously. Working from home you know being a housewife taking, care of my children in the future but, it just wasn't the right time for me so the reason why it ended, was because he. Was in a certain, career. That, just, wasn't going to line up with the lifestyle, that I was envisioning, myself after. Being married it wasn't a lifestyle that he was living before it, just it really changed, and it took a massive turn where I was like I can't, I can't do this he was in the music industry it just did not fit.

The Lifestyle, that I was imagining I, was not a fan of the things that we're going on it was not a fan of the late nights I was not a fan of certain. Things he was around, if the person is around something, you don't like right now and you think it's going to change after you get married it's not going to change at, one point it seemed like we were on the same page but when a couple, is just not, willing to meet in the middle and compromise, which is it's not gonna work it just it can't because, being. Together is a partnership, and at the end of the day you know my grandma's always told me when you marry someone you're. No longer stuff in that person, you're one you're together do I be together if you guys are not a unit to begin with I just never felt one, with, him I was definitely not the most supportive with, his career I was in the beginning then beginning there's certain stuff that wasn't went on but afterwards, there was no, I'm not gonna be supportive of something, that I don't respect. And I don't agree with if you asked me today if I want to be married at this point in time no, I'm good I'm just I'm fine the way I am now one. Thing I definitely, learned from my relationship, I've learned a couple, lessons from that relationship for, me family, is very important, when I'm with somebody I need to be able to get along with your family I didn't, get along with his family, till this day don't understand why I think I, would constantly, question, myself and say you know like are you okay with that like what do you have children and you don't really get along with this family are you gonna be okay with that you know so settling. Again I don't know why they didn't really like. Me I would always have like family events and stuff and he. Just would, never show up I can't have that like as a woman I want, my. Men to be there by my side I have an event and I have we have pre-planned, it I have asked, you to be there and you. Didn't show up what, makes me think that you're gonna show up for other things and I just didn't get that support you know and at the end of the day if you don't support your relationship, and you're not there for her you can't, expect the support back that's not gonna make me go yeah, I.

Talked A little bit about settling. In my last video settling. Is something I definitely did took this entire, that, ol should, be the same word of this relationship, I settled, a time. You know what else I did I waited, I, was. Left there to wait for an hour two hours to be picked up all the time was disappointed. A lot get, me wrong I wasn't, always this non simple girlfriend, like I was, super. Supportive I would. Go to events, that I was not comfortable. Being there see, I was that like you were not comfortable in a situation, why. Are you even there just, because of him no he, needs to make you feel comfortable about going or, you just don't go I did it anyways to support him now, in relationships. You definitely, need to there's so much compromise, you're gonna have to go to things that you may not want to go to but. You have to go to them because you have to make that person happy but, here's the thing if, that person doesn't do it back for you that's, where the problem is these events, where at clubs and I'm. Just not comfortable in that environment what, I need you at a family, event can, you not show up there's a give-and-take here in a relationship but. At the end of the day I was. So uncomfortable of, being at these things that, it's just it's not right you have to eventually question, yourself okay if I'm in this uncomfortable but, he's completely, fine here, and this, is what I gotta do like you have to kind of think if this is what you really wanted it was constantly. Late and I think that that's just so it's, so disrespectful. It just shows your woman she's not a priority she's, not important, I was, definitely blind, at the time like every time it came to picking me up it was like waiting, waiting waiting make, your woman feel important, I will say at the end of the day, he's. A good person which. Is not the person for me you're probably wondering that like what, what did you guys enjoy this, is another important. Thing I really, want to talk about because this happens, to me when I get into relationships, being a Pisces, were so like we put our heart and soul into everything especially. Relationships. And relationships, we, feel like we've got a literally with her and, just hand it to you don't, do that ladies big mistake I felt. Like I had to take, care of he didn't ask me to do any of these things but I felt like I had to take care of him feed. Him you, know make, sure he was clothed but that was me that was me wanting to do it or at the end of the relationship I'd say like the last year or so I don't. Know if it's because I started to really feel, like I was. Almost. Going. To give up at some point or I was ignoring so many things that were telling me this is not gonna work out this is not gonna work out like I hope you know I had, that. Voice, in my mind but I kept, pushing through, you know what I still got engaged I, was, still trying to slowly plan for a wedding the, funny thing about that actually you. Guys know me super. Corny right yeah I would get super excited about having a wedding I'm matching if I was engaged right now I would be planning, my wedding to the tee I would be going this going, over there shopping for this shoppi for that I, wasn't. Doing that that's how I knew that's. How I knew that this was wrong I probably, bought, maybe, two. Or three things that when I first got engaged and like okay that's it like here's the planning because you're excited right like you have that you, have that hi you. Know so you're so excited and then, as the. Week's went on you're, still supposed to get very very excited I was no longer excited, I was like okay like what am i doing like something.

Is Not right here coming to terms with the, fact that it, was going to be over soon was too much for me to swallow that's. The truth you had to swallow that a, four-and-a-half-year. Was, a she ship was going, down. And nowhere, that, was scary nobody. Wants to be alone that, was my fear I can tell you guys right now that was my honest fear of being, alone but. I said to myself okay, so you have two options so option a was saying to me you're, not in a situation where you're happy you're in a situation where you're settling, you're, in a situation, where you're both taking engaged to someone where you know it's not right that was option a so. I could have stayed for that it would have been a fun chelebi's I am option, B you, can live your life you. Can stop settling you. Can do what makes you happy and you can finally, find, somebody who actually makes you happy what have you reached out to me and. You. Ask me your question but you also told me about your story that's what really made me feel like okay I think I should just kind of talk about my story a little bit because I knew it would sort of help, this person she shared with me that she was engaged to and that she was in a very serious relationship and, she. Didn't know how she was gonna get over it and for her it was very, fresh, so it. Kind of brought me back to that time where it was very fresh for me too a lot of you are probably one capable, you were in a 4 and a 4 relationship, you were engaged to, split, up where do you go from there you know like how did you deal with I'm not gonna sit here and be like it was easy because it was not like I said I'm very passionate about, Pisces. Were very loving we're very emotional, so it was generally, very emotional, for me funny, enough what, got me through to be honest with you was constantly. Reminding, myself of why I think that with anything, in life when, it, gets hard you have to remind yourself of that, number one step, that you took and why you took it for, me what, got me through this was, reminding, myself of day one of the break-up why did I make that decision I made the decision because I was settling I made. The decision because I was unhappy this, person, was not the person for me it was like stuff you just gotta push there this like I know it's painful I know you were with this person for four and a half years and believe me you go through a stage where you're like yeah, but what if you know like you. Know like maybe I could have worked it out and then you start to blame yourself at the end of the day the, fact is you. And him don't. Work and if I knew that in my heart I had, to keep reminding my, mind but whether it was in my car I was at home I was in my bedroom if I had you, know that feeling of hurt and I would think about my breakup I would, say to myself but. Stuff you are unhappy you were unhappy and you have to just remind, yourself of that the, hurt from the breakup is you just missing having someone, you just miss not, being alone, you just miss not being in a relationship you. Miss all the good memories because nobody wants to forget the good stuff right everybody, wants to remember oh but there was that time yeah. But you remember all the other twenty, thousand, times where, you were like crying and you were very unhappy and you have to think of your breakup as a positive thing as hard as it may be you have to make it positive for, me my. Positivity, was, number. One you can focus on yourself because I completely. Lost, myself you guys you, know being a Pisces we completely, lose ourselves in relationships, we just give her entire selves, to you guys and we, just let go of our entire self I was so excited to just start a new chapter of figuring, out myself I was so excited to just focus, on me, and what I need to do and what makes me happy and I felt like being in that relationship it just sucked the life out of me and I completely lost myself I, don't think that there's any relationship, in the world that you should ever come to lose yourself you can't you just cannot and I did I, lost.

My Entire self, I had nothing. Going on for me like nothing, at all and I'll never forget one time you said that you just don't understand, because you don't have anything that's yours and, what he meant by that is you don't really have anything going on for you like I do I. Think. I was talking about how if he was never there and stuff like that and he's like well you don't understand because you don't have something going on for you even if I had something going on for me I would be there when he needed me you should always be, there no matter what, it got I've heard so many excuses when. He said that I was like I don't like. I don't have, anything going on for me and why why, don't I have anything because, I'm so focused on you like I'm so focused on this. Partnership. In this relationship, I do not. Give up when it comes to a relationship and I definitely think that it just came to a point where I'm like okay. Stuff like I know you don't like to give up but there's nothing else here for you there's just nothing else towards the end it was just it, was just bad he had fully. Clocked. Out. And. I don't clock out in a relationship I just don't because like I said I don't give. Up I want, to fix things but. He. Was just very absent. He was very. Drifted. There. Was this massive, gap, between us this massive, gap and I would look down at my engagement ring and. I, would just be like no I I'm, so glad that I made sense of everything, instead. Of being so, gullible. And, in denial and, just going along with it like I had had enough I just I couldn't do it anymore overall, I don't. Wish anything bad upon, anybody nor do I wish anything bad upon, him at all it was definitely. A rocky road but let me tell you there was so many things where, I should have just said no, like. All the times that he, made me wait I should have been like then. I can't go like see you later I'm going somewhere else you know I should, have as a woman for myself, and I didn't I didn't over and over and over and over again nobody. Comes to my doorstep late, anymore nobody ever will ever again I mean everything is in the past I learned so much from it so yeah that's just my long story short I mean I made it through I'm very, very proud of myself I got, a ton of support when it ended. I'm. Very proud of myself and I think you have to pat yourself on the back every once in a while and tell yourself you made it through this you know like you were tough I can't really say that I don't have something going on for me now I have 12km, Instagram, I almost have 10k on YouTube, and I have you beautiful people supporting, me don't ever let someone, especially the person that you're with ever tell you that you were less of what you are okay so now we're, going to get started with the questions I'm super excited I, read. Some of the questions but I didn't want to read the whole thing they wanted to kind of be a surprise I love answering questions you guys okay so this, first question says what's, your biggest deal-breaker, in a relationship.

Thoughts. On interracial, dating in today's society and, would you rather friend someone from online dating or in person first biggest. Deal breaker definitely. Think someone. Who's just not gonna be there is someone that's not dependable, like, if you say you're going to do something, and you don't do, it I have. A big problem, with that it just doesn't make me feel like you're committed, to us and it also makes me feel like kind of a liar in a way I've been in. A relationship with, different races before my experience, with it I've got a lot of people staring at us that relationships, should, not have color, let me read the date to you February, 2018. It's. An interracial couple to over I hate, that there is even a word called, interracial. Dating do, we say interracial, friendships. This. Is nothing like towards you the person who's asking this question like nothing negative at all it's a good question I've tried the online dating, thing just, to set the record straight I've tried it. What. I got from it was like there we're all a bunch of talk and just that's about it I didn't. Know it no, it's not good I'm just gonna leave the internet for me watching Netflix, doing. YouTube and. Doing my stuff but I think there. Won't be any dating online for me so, shy. You guys not, a normal shy and painfully shy definitely, think in person, is just better cuz you just kind of feel what that person's like you get a feel for their personality, and I'm. Very good with feeling. Off people's energy, like I've just always had that so, I definitely would prefer to meeting someone in person, rather than the internet what was the longest relationship you've, been in and why did it end so it, was the four and a half year relationship that I just spoke, about have, you ever gotten. Catfished. No. Thank God I've, never gotten catfished I think that stuff is so creepy like I watch that show catfish, and oh my god it, just it gets me every single time what zodiac, signs are you most compatible, with I love this question because I love zodiac, signs first, one it is cancer, very. Very compatible were both very like mushy, gushy and emotional. And loyalty. Is very important, to them both. Very much home bodies and, we. Just like cancers, just love having someone, they love having someone to just cuddle with and be their best friends the others find that they say that I'm very compatible, with but I've never dated this sign before it is a Capricorn, capricoins. Very, down to earth learners, sign everything. Has to be perfect, and, they. Have to have the best the buzz very. Particular. People they like there are nice things the applicants are a little bit like too cool for school you know they have this like swagger, about them you know but, I think that's what kind of attracts women to them the other sign that I'm very compatible with is a Taurus, I, personally. I love, Taurus. Guys I don't know what it is I'm extremely, attracted to them I really mature towards god it's just so sure of himself it's just so attractive, to me it also were thanks they're very down to earth a or stream. Homebodies. Horses, are the. Most, loyal, sign their family men like they love their family, and now that I've talked to five minutes about Tauruses, you guys know my favorite guys I know if, a guy you've been talking to on, and off for a year has been wanting to get serious with you but, didn't really want to at the time and now, he has a full-time job and he tells you he's busy all the time it doesn't really make time for you but. Says let's be friends, in the mean time and then I'll come, for, you. I'll. Come for, you when I'm ready. Whoa. Am I in the twilight zone what should I do, do you think it's genuine, it can't be that busy right. You've. Got a girl he, can't be that busy when a guy usually likes you he's. Not gonna be busy for you he will make time for you there's never too busy like please I've heard this so many times in, my, relationship. I think it's the most washed out excuse I've ever heard in my entire life, the fact that he said I will come for you when I'm ready. Oh no. No no no no no you do not want someone like this in your life telling you that they're gonna come for you when they're ready for you does that even mean, no.

Weddell I. Can't. Believe this guy or him to say that he has a full-time, job and he's too busy all of us have jobs you, don't need to be enough for somebody like this so when he calls for you you tell him a story or Kupala you're nothing looking amplified okay I'm sorry that was Spanish tell him that you don't have time for him and that you're too busy for him. Did. You have to deal with running into your ex my ex actually lives very very close to me I'll know if he's still there if he's not I really don't care it's not that we will, never run into each other just always the chance that we can run into each other for sure I have not run into him once, if. So, how did you deal with it just be like. But. I wouldn't feel like hey, how's, it going, I actually only have one ex, that I still talk to him you, still might have a chance I don't. Know if that was a good wink or not but I tried at, some point in the future I'm going to run into my ex-fiance, my cousin married his cousin years ago and have kids, so. Of course our families are connected any advice on how you would deal with that I was in that position where. I knew, I was going to run into him to, be honest with you the best thing you can do is be civil, but I also would keep your distance like, don't make him think and don't, give him signs that like something's gonna come out from this again if you see him just like oh hey you know if you guys are on good turns if you guys are not I still don't recommend, being rude because it's never gonna get you anywhere being civil. Because your families are connected it's probably the best route a wedding, and you walk in he's like right there I'd be like hey and I would walk away like that's exactly, I'm being honest this is exactly, what I'm - what is the okay I like you you know wish. You have this still, I've. Been in a situation with someone I've known for five or six years and every, time we try to make things work it never does I feel, like we both try so hard to make it work but we're on two completely, different ways of thinking and I, don't know if I see us making it in the long run that being said I really wish it could work but. I think it might be time to just come to terms with the situation and stop holding on to something that isn't good for us he's, a great person but we're just so different how do, you have this conversation with someone since, you guys have been around each other for five or six years it sounds, like you, guys are the two best friends I don't know if you guys should like make a relationship, out of it when you're friends and you're very different, I think it can still work because you you guys still have your separate lives but. When you are trying to come as one in a relationship, and you're so different if the, person's not willing to come meet you in the middle and you as well both of you have to meet in the middle if you guys are just not, willing. To do that then I do think, that you have to give up on the idea of having a relationship you, don't want to also lose this person you clearly you really enjoy having this person around you because you did say that you really wish it could work you do love this person but maybe this person just has to be something else in your life and not really a boyfriend, that's a very very long time and if something, were supposed, to happen I think it would have already happened already I would honestly sit, that person down and be like listen we've known each other for five or six years you, know I've been trying to I don't know if you've been trying but I've. Been trying to see if we can make this work and I feel like it's just not lining up because of this and this isn't it I feel like we're just too different ask the other person how they feel I think that if you do not speak, and you don't use your words and communicate with the person then you're gonna end up going like seven eight years wondering, why I think you need to just chat it out with, and just really get it all out and. He. Needs to give back to you and tell you how he feels about the situation, and I'm, pretty sure you guys will be able to figure it out because it sounds like you guys care about each other but maybe you just can't make a relationship work east, I felt going through something with my boyfriend, and there with him for two years, and overall, unheard.

Of How he's been treating me he, gets annoyed and upset with, me easily, I'm extremely sensitive and a crier I don't, know what to do and if I should talk to him about how I feel I feel like he's being distant, and not acting like my best friend anymore I'm scared to talk to him and make things turn bad I cared for him while he was on chemo, but, I don't want to be with someone just because they, know I'll be there for them always I love you stuff oh thank, you I know the whole distance field is the worst it makes women feel so, insecure because, we're just like why are you being distant you know I love me anymore do not care anymore if he's getting very annoyed with you and he's being distant, to be honest with you the best thing to do is talk to him guys are different than us you know women, were very passionate and we think you just come out with like yellow, but you can't do that I would tell him we, need to set a time to talk about this and he. Needs to make the time if he if you were important, to him he would make the time to talk about him and I think you need to come at him just, very calmly he, may be going through something maybe that's why he's being distant I find with men when they're going through something with their mind is on something they, can be extremely distant, he could be going through something else that hasn't opened up to you about but, I think that communication, is always the answer to everything when you're especially when you're having a problem in a relationship, tell, them you know I feel like you've been too strong I feel like you've been acting like this and this is how it makes me feel and just try to say very calmly because with guys you really need to like, spell. It out for them and really give it to them and if. You just like keep acting sensitive, and upset and stuff like that it's not gonna help the situation tell, him that you feel like that you guys are not best friends anymore and, ask. Him if there's something that you can help him with if there's something that he's going through but, I think that without communicating, you're always gonna be left in the dark mountain wooden what's going on I was best friends with this girl for four years but throughout that time she, was really mean to me and manipulated, me so much so I finally decided to longer be friends with her it. Was a true, hard breakup three years later we obviously still, don't talk but, I still think about her and all the good memories we have had together but, then I remind myself of what a bad person she was to me it's.

Like I just can't forget about her as much as I am trying to any advice, on how to get closure with someone mentally you, are so inspiring and motivating, love, you so much, oh thank, you I think just, like what I went through I think you need to again remind, yourself, of all, the things I mean you might just also be feeling lonely and you might like subconsciously. Just want. To have. That person around your legislator you're not alone anymore and, of course it's comforting, but, you have to remind yourself all the things that she's put you through you said she was very manipulative, you said she was very rude to you very mean to you and no, friend should ever be that and if you feel like you can't after. So many years forget. About her I think that that was just your way of not being able to let go because you might have really really liked her but you just didn't like how she was to you it's unfortunate, sometimes you want something but that person doesn't want it back I think mentally, the best thing you can do is just to remind yourself of why you ended, the friendship in the beginning it sounds like you're a very, very dedicated friend, you need to remind yourself that you deserve a better friend that's not gonna do what you did you I've, been having a lot of issues with my son in school he's nine going, on 20 oh. I. Love kids last. Week he was suspended, for a day and today again for doing dumb things and, not controlling himself I am at a loss for words and don't know what to do I'm, looking. Into books and trying to read and see I'm really struggling, sorry, that this is not a relationship, question, but, I needed, to talk to someone I feel like I'm failing as a mom this, video was about relationships. In general, so I know that but it wasn't Mia I think what you have to do and I'm sure you've already done this is you probably have sat him down and asked him like why, are you doing this I can only imagine like if that was my son and he. Was getting in trouble at school I would, have to wonder why and I feel like sometimes kids, don't like to talk about certain things maybe there's something bothering him and I, think that because, kids don't know how to press themselves, the proper, way because they're not adults yet, then they're gonna express, themselves, in, my. Different way a way that kids know right so they lash out just, like you said they do stupid things and, it just doesn't make sense why he's doing it it makes sense to him because in that moment he, decided to lash out by doing whatever he did it's important, for you. To just tell him you know I'm, here to support you I'm here on your side but I'm not on your side when you do these things at school and you get suspended I'm. Raising a boy to be respectful, be, responsible smart. Making good decisions but you can't you can't be acting like this if they think even though he's a kid you have to remind him of, what. It's going to be like as an adult you need to teach him responsibility now, like if he's suspended. I think, there should be a consequence, but he needs to know. That you. Can't act this way and absolutely, nothing happens, that's he he had a kid at school you. Need to understand what.

Made Him hit that kid did that kid say something that triggered something because that can be an issue too like maybe that kid you. Know made fun of something on him or something like that. That. May have triggered something and he doesn't like getting made fun of so boom he just lashed out and instead of talking he showed his anger by physically doing something so I think it's important, to really to, talk to him and really find out but. I think when you're talking to him you have to be. Very logical, and very straight with him and be like I need to know why you're doing this stuff you know what I'm saying I think that you can't come across this too soft because then he's going to take advantage of you and I think you can't come across as but extremely, angry mom they think it might help you to understand, why he might be acting like this what, are your thoughts on long-distance relationships. Have you ever had a long-distance women. I understand, know of someone who had one but I've never had a long-distance relationship, for me personally I. Don't, think that would work out because I get very you, know attached to that person and I like to do a lot of different things with that person don't, think. For me personally it, would be enough, think at some point you need to find, a way to come together whether you're going to him he's coming to you or, you're seeing each other every once in a while because if you're thinking of settling. Down with this person I mean the end of the day you kind of have to, be. Okay with compromising. And figuring out a way to be, together the, one that I know of is it's. Worked out it's. Worked out very well he came down to her you know you have to at some point like someone. Has to come down on her are you guys have to meet in the middle because the end of the day like you can only if for me personally my opinion is you can only have a relationship, long distance for at least so long I've showed me that it is possible to have long-distance relationships. But. At the end of the day there has to be some, sort of an agreement as to how you guys are gonna come together in the end you, talked a bit in the last video about settling, and a lot more in this video can you talk a bit more than why you felt you'd be suddenly if you had stayed in your last relationship I just broke up with my boyfriend of, four years so I can relate although it was my decision it was not easy you love your videos girl thank, you if he was constantly, late like that's just sad like after, a couple times it's like seriously, I would be. So upset but. The thing is, is, every. Time I would still go like if that was me today I'd be like oh you're an hour late like again since last time okay I'm not going out and you don't have any explanation like, any real explanation, while you're late okay cool I've made new plans on the video two different right now that's what you need to do because clearly. That person doesn't respect, your time enough to be on time for you you need to show them how much you respect yourself you teach, people how much you, care about yourself and how you train, yourself shows. Other people how they need to treat you at some point you need to open your eyes and be like okay this is really going on like this is not right, familywize I feel, like you didn't have my back when it came to him as family I definitely, got the vibe they just did not like me I wish that you would just stand up and be like this, is my woman, get. Over it the other thing I think I definitely settled for was, him, not being there and I wanted him to come to a family function he said he would and then, on the day of you don't hear from him it's like this is just unacceptable I, can't settle for bad communication, like you're, with that person you need to deal with the talk I was constantly, there for him but he wasn't there for me so I was suddenly with that as well what, would you define as cheating, hey you. Guys might think I'm a little bit extra when it comes to this but I don't really care because.

I Take. Cheating. Very, seriously cheating, can be emotional, cheating it can be physical cheating. If, I was with someone and I knew that my boyfriend, was talking, to someone and they were like. Opening, up to them about certain, things like deep things I'd, be like you. Can talk to me about those things to me that's, just emotional, cheating I do consider, that cheating obviously, if he kisses her, it's definitely cheating if he's talking to a girl behind your back not, telling. You about it. Cheating. I love your videos and I'm so excited for this Q&A I've been single for two years I'm still healing my ex left me for someone else which killed my confidence, I have, gone back into the gym and taking better care of myself I met, a guy through a friend but I could not get the confidence to talk to him or yet, alone compliment, him all, we did was shake hands and that was all he. Was gorgeous girl. I, just felt like he was very out of my league what are some tips you could suggest to kick me into confidence think that by you saying, that he's out of your league I think you're just, thinking. It from a very physical. Standpoint you know your self-confidence, is like oh my god like he's too good-looking for me it matters what kind of person, he is I just don't want that to become an issue where, you think that you're not like good-looking, enough for him I I don't like that because I think you need to be self-confident, before you might want to get involved with someone I can try not to start, this relationship off of a shallow, standpoint. Don't want, it, to be both the physical appearance you want this to maybe be a future relationship with, someone I think that that's something that you need to fix about yourself before I, think you need to feel confident about yourself you, need to feel beautiful because. A confident, beautiful woman would be like oh it's a good-looking guy well I'm a beautiful girl too you think that once you get that feeling that's, gonna give you that boost of confidence to, keep talking to him so, I've been on and off with my boyfriend, of four years he, emotionally, cheated, see see, I'm mostly jaded by texting, a co-worker, about their feelings, when, I caught him he said he never did anything with her and then I was wrong with him to do that but we are always arguing and I, feel like we're always about to break up would, you forgive and move on, can, you ever, someone, like that. Girl. To. Me that just doesn't sit, well with me because I would, not like the fact that my, man is confining, in another woman, what I would do before giving, up is I would ask him like why, did you go to her and not me to, kind of understand, it's wrong by, no means, was it right for him to do that absolutely not. I was. A real man he should have come to you and been like you know what I'm missing this I need this from you and this is why I feel, like I need to go somewhere else for it but I think that if you can't get a straight answer from him and he's like trying to run away from it I don't think that he's trustworthy because someone who's trustworthy is, gonna, sit down and tell you the truth and be like you know what I'm really sorry it's not gonna happen again have, you ever been in love also have you dated Latinos. And what was your experience. You asked, me when I was, in. My relationship like, when I was fresh even were like around the break-up I want to say yeah, I loved him I don't think it was true love to be honest with you I really don't was. I like in love with him. You. Know because I think to be in love with someone you have to you, have to really love the good and the bad of somebody, and I didn't like that I can't really did not like bad how does a person I will love your flaws and I will love the good things about you if I really love you we all know that I'm definitely attracted to, Latinos, they're definitely my type I have dated, Latinos, before my, personal, experience, with him, was. Not the greatest, experiences. Feel, like they were just like all talk and like no action, that definitely, doesn't make me linky about funding Latinos because everybody's. Different no no. No girl it's so cute to you but one thing that I do like about them as I feel it they're a little bit more emotional over. You know other guys I feel like they just feel things differently, what's your best advice for meeting, guys outside dating, apps. Here's. The thing guys I'm a homebody, I only, go to the gym I might step instead of Starbucks, every once in a while, I might, step into a movie theater every once in a while I go out to eat I, don't. Think I'm the best person to give advice on how to meet guys outside, my. Like ideal, way, of how, I think it's gonna happen it's nice ink I'm gonna be in Starbucks, and I'm gonna be in the lineup ordering, my nice coffee and I think like a guy's gonna walk in and he's just gonna like see me it gonna happen just like the movies I promise you he's just gonna see me and just magically be like oh my god that is the mother of my children and, that's just how it's gonna happen.

It's. The best advice I got think, that if you are a social, person I think that it's. Good to be in a group of people you know go oh go to the movies or go to dinner and stuff I thought go, to events, where there's a ton, of people around if you are that type of personality, or ask your friends if they know anybody but, honest of you I don't want to like give you a bad answer to this question because I don't think I'm the best person to give advice on how. To meet, guys. Just. People, have always told me that in the past I need to go out more and you need to do this I need to change my personality, to meet somebody no it's going to happen the. Way it happens I have heard of the most craziest. Things and like all where'd you meet him I was just out one day. That's. Nice okay. Well, you met on the Internet, wow you didn't even need to leave your bedside days, that's basically it for this video thanks, to all of you who sent in your questions it. Was so much fun and it was actually pretty, interesting like just letting. You guys know my, story and hopefully you guys can relate to it and hopefully it helps out with situations, that you guys are going through make. Sure you guys give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel if you guys want to get notified for all my newest videos please click the notification, bell right, next to the subscribe button thank you guys so, much for watching and I'll see you babes in the next video well. That wasn't too bad I was debating about the engaged thing but I was like ah what the hell after, telling that story I am dehydrated, I'm 27, and I'm single, all right we're, gonna need some more of this video. Making. Me break a sweat already you know one like you're just having a day where it's, just like not on your side today's. Just another on my side it's not on my team who's. Got something going on for them now.

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I really needed this video I'm going through something similar and I've felt like I've been settling for so long. Thank you so much for sharing this

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Giiiiiirl! Why did I come across your channel now?! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I can relate to your experience here. We Pisces women love HARD! And yes, sometimes we bleed for the wrong people. But, thank God do we learn. I no longer look at my past, toxic relationship as a waste of time (as much as it may have felt that way, cuz 6 yrs is a long time...) but rather a lesson. The older I get, the more I cherish my current season and protecting my space. I know when the time is right, I will get married to the right guy for me. Thank you for being authentic and sharing your story! XO

What do you think about a Leo and a Sagittarius getting together, do you think it's a match? I would really like your input on this, thank you, xoxo's

Yesssss honey!!! I'm all about men standing up for their woman to anyone. Those in laws need to mind their own business. You're dating him not them and vise versa. I've had to sit my man down and clear this up bc the in laws were getting way too involved.

Awhhh steph!!! You're sweet one day you'll find the man of your dreams you just wait!!! Don't settle bc you're amazing!!! Any man would be lucky to have such a good woman like You! Like my mom would say "esa si es mujer" lol

“estoy ocupada no tengo tiempo para ti “

Oh, and he is a Taurus!!

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Stephanie, OMG - I wish you could meet my son, he is gorgeous, homebody, dependable and likes to go to Starbucks and other coffee places. He is sensitive, artistic, a Psychologist and dependable!!!

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Um yeah somebody is never TOO busy. If they like you/love you they will make time for you regardless of the circumstances. My bf just started work a couple weeks ago and works 4 12 hour shifts and 3 12 hour shifts from 8 am-8pm and he still stops by after work to see me. If a guy tells you he is busy don’t even reply lol leave them wondering


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Ive been with my man 12 years! We met when I was 20, we started out strong, moved in together, quickly were best friends. We've had many ups and downs, lefts and rights, breakups but always came back together. We now have 2 boys together and they are amazing. We have our struggles but always support each other and have each other's back. I swear we read each other's mind and know each other so well, we even finish each other's sentences. He's been my biggest support. We've made it work by being honest, trusting, supportive, and not holding grudges, you have to let go of the bad to get to the good. IDK why I put this out there but I just wanted to share, you make me want to share

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This video was amazing I got out of a 2 year relationship almost a year ago and recently I been feel like myself again and for a while I always felt like I never did enough for the relationship but after watching this video It made me realize why we didn't work and to not blame myself like you said he didn't try and always with excuses and we all deserve better ❤️

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I completely relate to you. I'm only 23, but I feel the pressure to "hurry up" and start a family, and do things the way you're "supposed to do it". I've come to realize that life doesn't have a clock and I don't need to rush the timing of my life and I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that there's so many other things I want to do and accomplish before even getting married.

That’s right babe never let the pressure make you settle

I see that a lot: people at a certain age think they just need to live a certain lifestyle and just make it work somehow. If the relationship is good or not, they marry and have kids and it end up in disaster.

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Hey mama, love this video I can total relate, there was a time in my life where I settled and as a piece my self we do not give up and after 17 yrs in a relationship I realized I deserve better and I will not do this to my self And i ended the relationship not wanting to but I had to because i loved my self more, I did the dating thing and after a while that wasn’t for me so I stayed single living my life I was happy and doing my thing and one day I met the love of my life

Stephanie Macedo ❤️

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Girl u spoke my story I always felt like it was me who turned all guys into monsters . Until I met my love . It turned out that the man who was a good friend who heard all my stories is who I ended up falling in love with . A happily ever after seemed so far almost inexistent and today I’m living it . Thank u for the video . I’m glad you shared this I would’ve loved to have seen this a year ago . Best wishes congrats on your success

Awww such a cute story, good for u babe

Yes keep a lot of stuff private girl. Best thing to do. I got married at 20 and yes I agree girl always have to compromise that's what me and my husband do all the time. I hope one day you'll find your future husband that will support you and make you feel loved. Thank god for my husband. He is always by my side and always supporting me on what I wanna do. You deserve nothing but the best but I'm very proud of you girl . My last relationship I wasn't happy & I would always get abused but never wanted to leave the relationship but I realized I deserve way better and I finally left and then year later that's when I met my husband and I'm the happiest girl on earth I'm very thankful I left my last relationship lord knows where I would be if I would of stayed that's when I was 18 now I'm 22 with a good man in my life . Keep doing what your doing love

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I’m 25 and my partner is 33 and I want to finish medical school and he wants us to be married and have a family. He doesn’t put pressure on me and my siblings who I am close to don’t like him. They won’t take the time to get to know him. So you win some you lose some I guess

I'm a Pisces dating a Capricorn , and it has been the best match!! I used to date a cancer and it was my first, bad experience, and I dated a Taurus and that wasn't a good match either. I'm so glad I dated all three, because it really let me grow and experience what I want now and my expectations

Pisces learn the hard way when we are new to relationships... but once we finally figure out what we deserve and our worth we never go back to a deep hole! Waste of time

Love listening to you talk about everything. I'm the same age as you and I relate to you so much. when you talked about capricorns, online dating, everything,, you're my fav!

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Everything you went through in your relationship I’m going through it now. I’m so happy I came across your channel this is confirmation for me. I know what I have to do. Love You

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I’m a cancer and my bf is a Taurus

"Im not a normal shy, I'm painfully shy" LOL. I've never related to anything more than this

Omg I hate when guys (or people in general) are late. When my bf and I started dating, he was late the first few times and me being my ARIES self, I called him out. Long story short - he's always on time now. LMAO. Love you Steph! I love that you shared your story.

LOL yes girl!

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❤️❤️ Thank you babe, I’m happy you could relate

They are both fire signs so they are a greasy match!

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I was already subscribed, but after this video I can really relate with you. I went through a lot of the same things with my ex. I knew his mom did not like (quien sabra por que

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“27 & I’m single” club

Lmao your facial expressions reading the one about the on and off dating for a year and being busy.. my gosh, I’m pretty sure I had the exact same faces as I was listening to you read it haha

I love this video so much!!! You are relatable and you keep it so honest and real, absolutely love it. keep it up, girl❤️

So idk anything about you at all. I’m subscribed to your sister and saw you did a collab and came over here and randomly clicked on this video. I listened to your story and listening to your relationship and all I heard is my EXACT story apart from getting engaged but everything that happened to you has also happened to me!!! I’m currently recovering from the break up right now and this video is definitely a breathe of fresh air thank you! And you have a new subbie!

Aww thank you babe!

where do you do your nails?

Amo tu amor por la cultura latina! ❤️ #europeansunite

Muchas gracias ❤️❤️❤️

How old are you if you don't mind me asking your very wise and explain things so well l am new came of your sister YouTube and l truly think your amazing and very well manned and explain things amazingly. Xx

Thank you very much, so sweet

Also remember there is a reason to go through this it makes us stronger there is a reason for everything wether it be good or bad it's a lesson learnt well done for seeing it through and coming to a great point in life. X

Steph!!!!!! Do more advice vids!!! I love hearing ur opinion!!! U can be our resident psych

I like how you said it. You are one not two and sometimes you put your feelings away to make the other happy and vice a versa Spouse>family. Marriage is so amazing but you make it that way and if you’re suffering then you’re better alone. You’re so smart girl so smart you put your brains before being dumbfounded by love ❤️

Thank you for sharing ❤️ currently going through a similar situation

Your random commentary in Spanish!


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Wish I could give you a hug, I wish you were my sister


i have been watching youtube for 5 years now, but can i just said that i never understood why people always said that they felt like friends with this youtubers until i watch your videos like the get to know me! I just feel like we are friends! hahaha, love love loooove your channel!! and feel conected with you!! Im sorry if my english/writting isnt so good. Im from Argentina and we speak spanish haha


No problem!

Thank you so much for creating this video! I am currently going through a break up with someone of 2.5 years and gave up everything in order to make it work, I accepted the tardiness, excuses, and (what I knew deep down) lies. It's definitely hard to come to terms with reality while being in the relationship. I settled for everything he offered - most were mentioned in this video. I've lost confidence and respect for myself but am not giving up. It's nice to know that I am not the only person going through this. I want to say thank you again for being genuine!

Aww no problem

Just found your videos yesterday and let me tell you, that story you told about your relationship...I needed to hear that soooo bad. I'm a Pisces and have been having a really hard time letting go of a very far gone and failed relationship. You're amazing! Subscribed! :)

Stephanie Macedo ❤️❤️❤️

Aww thank you love Happy it helped ❤️

this honestly hit so close to home. you said how you always wanted to fix things, and he was always absent and distant. you felt like you just could not do it anymore. i just made this decision recently, leaving my boyfriend. its been so hard, but i know its been the right decision. you telling your story helped so much!! loveyouuu

Aww ❤️❤️ Happy I could help babe

Can you please tell me what glasses you're wearing? I love them!

I just subscribed to your channel and oh man this video is so damn DEEP!!! deep is not even the word. Thank you so much for Sharing this video!!! This will help me in so many ways!!!!! You’re right you have to come first and make sure you are happy with in yourself as well!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!


Haha your so funny I Loved it Steph!! ♡ GREAT VIDEO!

Thank u! ❤️

Great video Steph! I love these videos and I think you give really great, thoughtful, realistic advice!

Thank you❤️

You are so funny and gorgeous! Love you and your sister! Please film a video regarding Horoscope Signs! Maybe including Amy! :) xoxo Magan!

Steph im living the same exact situation except i had a baby with him then his music started taking off and he would rather hang with hoes instead of his daughter. smh

All you can do is do what’s best for you and your son. It’s what I would do ❤️

We are literally the same person!! I am also a Pisces! haha Love you!

Stephanie Macedo you need to by best friend. Seriously!

Yasss Pisces gang ❤️❤️❤️

Oh my I needed this right now. I can relate so hard, I too am a Pisces and shut down all the warning signs that my 4 year relationship wasn’t working. It wasn’t until we moved in together did I really start to notice all the little things but I kept making excuses for him because I was so scared to be alone. I wanted my high school sweet heart romantic story. I tired so hard and put myself on the back burner. Still to this day after nearly 6 months of being split up I think about all the red flags but then I think about ONE good memory and get so sad. Breakups are so hard

Yes they are love but any situation where the cons outweigh the pros, just keep reminding yourself!

I love this. I’m a piscis too.

Amy I love your videos

Found you from Amy’s channel & am absolutely loving your channel Steph! Xo

Thank you!

We love you!! I wish I could give you 1,000,000 likes ❤️ I love how you talk back to yourself in your videos! Love, love, love your humor

my cousin sent me a link to your video and im so glad i opened it... everything you mentioned is exactly what is going on with me right now, that at one point i honestly thought you were narrating my life lol i just got out of a 6 year relationship and it sucks cause i miss everything about him, but what sucks even more is being treated like shit... so thank you x a million for sharing your story & reminding all of us that we're worth more than we think. you definitely just gained a new sub/fan ❤️

Awww I’m so happy you enjoyed and could relate love. ❤️❤️

"I should of stood up as a women for myself." Wow. Thank you so much for that. That brought so much clarity for myself.

I'm a Pisces with a Cancer husband

Hey Steph, just subscribed to you & your sisters channels a couple months ago, also from toronto area, and wow. The both of you are so mature, down to earth and smart and hilarious (when the situation calls for it lol) but since this is a serious video and even though its older, im soo glad i came across it. Like I relate and feel you 100% on the traditional pressure and trying to deal w that mentality with the wrong guy' - being 29, italian and struggling w bipolar? ya. definitely had its challenges in the relationship department but happy to know im not the only one! Emotional cheating is SO real and unfortunetly ive heard that "you have nothing going on" too. But like you said - the tables can definitely be turned towards someones favor with time and good self realization which is something im still working on but have come so far with too. LOVING your personality & style and thank you so much for sharing. You and Amy are gorgeous in/out. Looking fwd to your nxt vid XO

I respect your privacy and also what things you prefer not to mention however opening up like this can really accelerate your channel's/business success. I'm a few months late to this video. Your subscribers have tripled. You're wonderful. You are flying without him.

Awww thanks for the love babe and sharing! I’m happy you’re enjoying our videos

I’m happy you shared. Youmake a lot of sense.

Steph I'm only half way through this video and I know this was uploaded months ago but my god this video is one of the best I've seen seriously in months. It is so real and honest and literally made my life. PLEASE do more like this

Thank you! ❤️

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