Empress Sisi – The 19th Century Princess Diana

Empress Sisi – The 19th Century Princess Diana

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She was a royal who hated, the pressures, of royalty, and aristocracy with. The comment untrue dedicated. Herself to helping the poor she was also a woman trapped in a loveless marriage whose, life, was tragically, cut, short and, I we're not talking, about Princess, Diana the beloved, British royal, who died in 1997. We're talking about Empress, Elisabeth, of Austria better. Known as Cece a. Legendary. Beauty Cece rose up from a bohemian background, to become co-regent. Of the second most powerful empire on earth but she was also a free-thinking woman, who suffered, dark depressions, and found herself stifled. By life among Vienna's 19th century elite reviled by the rich beloved by the poor Cece was a woman who led a complex, and tragic, life even as her influence, helped shape Europe for generations, to come in a video today the tale of the 19th century version, of Princess. Diana. Twas. The night before Christmas. 1837. All through the house not a creature was stirring and, not even a mouse best that is you've lived in the stately home of Duke Maximilian Joseph. Of Bavaria. And his wife Princess. Luna Vica in which case everything, was utter chaos, the royal couple had just welcomed their newest child into, the world young Elizabeth nicknamed. Cece was one of an incredible, seven children that Princess Ludovico, had pumped out producing. A plethora, of as. Spares. The reason for this was Princess Ludovico's family as sister, to the powerful Austrian, Archduchess, Sofia, her children were conceivably, one tragedy, away from becoming next, in line to the imperial, throne for, most kids in 19th century household such proximity to power would have meant a strict, upbringing, luckily for baby sissy, though duke Maximilian's household, it wasn't, most, despite. His royal position the Duke was passionate. Liberal he believed in democratic, values pacifism. And spending, time with a common man when he wasn't on his estate he could be found playing Zilla, at a local tavern CeCe's, charters it was therefore a bit unusual on the one hand she had to go to educate lessons and things like that like any, other rich gifts on the other those, lessons were constantly, interrupted, by her free-spirited, dad he would whisk, the children away on adventures. This menses he grew up with, and now look deeply at odds with the privileged, world in which she lived she certainly couldn't, have known that world was about to have to fight for, its life in February, 1848. When sissy was only 10 a revolution, in France snowballed, into a series, of revolutions, all, across, Europe, that threatened, to sweep, the old order away in Austria Hungarian. Uprising forced, Emperor Ferdinand, the first to step down CeCe's, aunts the Archduchess, Sophia engineered, it so her son took, his place that December 18, year old Franz Josef became the Emperor of Austria the, second, biggest power in Europe although little cc didn't know it yet his ascension it, would change her life come, 1849, the revolutions, across Europe they had been crushed in Austria Franz Joseph's, new regime it cracked down hard on the Hungarians, who'd tried, to split off from the Empire not that it was the revolution.

That Led sissy, to catastrophe. Though it, was love in, 1853. Franz Josef now firmly in control of his empire decided, to find a wife his, mother Archduchess Sofia contacted. Her sister, Princess Luna Vica and asked, if she had a suitable, daughter princess Ludovico picked CeCe's older sister Helen, that August Helen her mother and CeCe they all travel to bard iskele to meet friends, Joseph Cece, was now 15 and already, a beauty she had flowing, chestnut hair that reached all the way down to our ankles and, eyes that people, could write sonnets about when Franz Joseph met her all thoughts of Marian Helen they went out of the window the 23 year old Emperor was blown away by Cece he demanded, her hand in marriage right, there and then given, that Archduchess, Sofia and Princess Ludovico had come all this way expecting, a marriage they simply, cut their losses Helen was simply, shoved aside and Cece was betrothed to the ruler, of Austria it, should have been a happy time and for Franz Josef it really was for, Cece though this, was the beginning of a life of misery. From. The moment the couple got engaged CeCe's, life it went into a tailspin. Suddenly, all those lessons she'd skipped to play with dad were a big deal she, had to cram a lifetime's, learning into a few short months so that she didn't look like a total, dumb-dumb at court just as suddenly she was being forced to sit for portraits, that friends Joseph could parade around his empire showing off his new wife to his subjects, for the naturally, shy Cece this was, as shocking as being plunged, into ice water and. What it kept getting worse that, I before Cece was due to leave for Austria, a huge, ball was thrown in her honor the teenage girl was forced to parade before a crowd of onlookers in, an expensive, gown inscribed, with the Arabic, for Oh Lord, what a beautiful, dream but, a radiant, exterior, are concealed something, much, much, darker by, now Cece had almost entirely. Stopped eating it's, thought that this period is when she developed the anorexia, that would haunt her for the rest of her life but, this was, the 19th century and female suffering it was practically. A spectator, sport despite, of misery Cece was put in a carriage and whisked, off to the yenna on April the 24th, 1854. She and friends Josef they, were officially, married almost, immediately, things went so far south they were basically in the Atlantic, life, in Vinnie's Court circa 1854. Was one governed, by ceremony, deference, and strict etiquette, ignoring. Any one of these things could result, in you being ostracized, Cece, who'd grown up in a relaxed household, she willfully. Ignored, all three, this set Cissy on a collision, course with her, new mother-in-law from, the moment, her son chucked pious Helen, for this young, tramp Archduchess, Sophia, had been determined, to make CeCe's life hell, now, that the girl was finally in Vienna so for you decided it was time to go for Disney, villain, when. Cece and Franz Josef's, first child was born on March the 5th 1855, Archduchess, Sophia snatched, the baby away from Cece, and forbade. Her from ever seeing it she even named that child Sophia, after. Herself, classy. Naturally. This made Cece, extra miserable, she begged her husband, to put his foot down and get the baby back the friends Josef he was nothing, if not a mummy's, boy while he wanted Cece to be happy he also refused. To upset his mother and so when Cece gave birth to their second child barely, a year later, on July the 12 1856. There was nothing to stop us Duchess Sophia from snatching, baby, chiseler, away - and, that is Archduchess. So fear of Austria folks a woman who literally, stole, babies, but, if you thought that this despicable, behavior was, it well wait until, you hear the next part, not, long after Gisela was born Cece entered her private chambers to find a crude pamphlet, lying, on a desk left, anonymously, the pamphlet declared that any Empress who failed to give birth to a boy was, an abject failure to, this day we don't know who left the pamphlets but we could probably hazard.

A Guess after. The pamphlet introduced Cece who we should remember is still only 18 -, a whaling wreck Archduchess. Sofia, wrote to her friends, you cannot imagine how charming, Cece is when, she cries, sadly. Fate and Archduchess, Sofia they weren't done making her cry just yet. If. You. Ever looked at Vienna on a map you'll know that it lies close to two borders just, outside the city is the Slovak border and its capital Bratislava. Known, when our story is set as Pressburg. To, the south is the edge of a land far more mysterious and alluring a land with a long proud history that, only recently submitted to Austrian domination, this was, the land known. As Hungary for Viennese society in 1857, Hungary was a source, of both fascination. And revulsion exotic. Revolutionary. Beautiful, dangerous. All, this may be why in the spring of that year Cece, begged her husband to take her there on vacation perhaps, sensing how close his wife was to cracking franz, josef agreed even let, her bring the children in may the imperial, family they board as a carriage and left at the end of a heinz for the east of the empire from the moments, they crossed into Hungary Cece, was in love it's hard to say what exactly captured, her heart it could be the simple fact that she was away, from Vienna and her baby, stealing mother-in-law, but it could also be the language the landscape, or the informality. Of the Hungarian court whatever, the cause by the time they reached Budapest, Cece, had given, her heart to this downtrodden Kingdom sadly, no sooner had Hungary, captured, her heart than. It cruelly broke it in Budapest, the family came down with a nasty case of food poisoning CC, Franz Joseph, and baby Gisela, they were recovered, but baby Sophia did, not on May the 29th, 1857. The child died in CeCe's arms after, two years of barely, seeing her own child when she finally got her back death, snatched. Her away back, in Vienna Archduchess, Sofia declared the baby's, death proved, that CC, was unfit, to be a mother for her part seized he plunged into a black depression that was painful, even, by her standards she, stopped eating drinking, only broth, and began exercising fanatically. Punishing, her body for the sins she imagines. That she had committed nonetheless. The duties of life at court continued, bearly was baby Sophia cold, than Sisi who was pregnant again she, gave birth on August the 21st 1858. To the general excitement of all excitements. Because the new baby Crown Prince Rudolf was a boy and, Franz Joseph finally, had an air while, Sisi may have been suffering depression the arrival of Rudolf did have one welcome, upshot in the way at politics of 19th century Europe, cc's inability, to have a son had rendered her powerless, at court, now that she'd produced friends Joseph an heir she suddenly wasn't quite so weak. Although Archduchess, say fear still snatched Rudolf, away CC finally, had some political muscles, to flex she began to ditch boring, court life spending a time writing poetry and working, out instead she took up unladylike habits, like smoking and, began to claw back her, bohemian, past she, also began learning Hungarian for. The elites in Vienna this was tantamount to Sisi aligning, herself with. Revolutionaries. As Sisi began to excel, at the language and surround, herself with more and more hungarians, on a personal, staff Austrian, polite society it, came to regard her as a bit of a traitor, if the Viennese were scandalized, now well wait, until sissy.

Met, Count and recei. Cows. And recei was the sort of guy holocron romances, are written about a dashing, Hungarian, nobleman, and recei had been involved, in the revolution of 1848 and. Seen action in the war when Franz Josef's new regime had crushed the Hungarians, in 18-49, and recei had barely escaped, with his life, a few years later had been sentenced, to death in absentia by the end of the 1850s, though and receipt had returned to Hungary and was now living and awkward, life where basically everyone, agreed not to mention his involvement in the revolution, it was at this time that, he met CC Hogg books have been written about the relationship, between CC, and and resi exploring, all of the possibilities at, the one end of the spectrum you have histories, that asserted, the two were simply friends, who bonded, over their joint love of the Hungarian, language and, Hungarian, culture on the other hand you have books that suggest, from the moment the two first set eyes on each other they were rolling, in the bedsheets every time Franz Josef's, back was turned, certainly, plenty of people envy and I believed that CC was fooling, around with this handsome Count it, also helps that there were joint rumors that Franz Josef had also, taken mistresses, whatever, the truth it's undeniable. That CC, and Friends Joseph's relationship, had started to break down around. The time and drasi, appeared in 1862, CC abandoned, Vienna began spending time abroad Switzerland. Ireland England Greece, all became sissy's ports in the storm, of her life as well of course did. Hungary now, this caused even more problems than you might be expecting, in the mid 19th century other, class marriages, they weren't made for love it wasn't super important, if you spent time gallivanting. Around with, Hungarian, men, what was important, was producing, heirs CC, had given her husband baby Rudolf but that wasn't enough Franz, Joseph had his heir but Archduchess, Sofia, was determined, that he also have a spare, CC though she wanted no part of, this baby-making plan way into the 1860, CC refused, thousand access to her bet at court, this was an absolute scandal it was made worse by the way that CC was cozying. Up to the insurrectionist. Hungarians, vienna was. Practically, spitting her name by this point luckily world events were about to give everyone in austria far more serious, things to worry about in 1862, a wily politician became, Prussia's new minister, president's known as Otto von Bismarck he. Had two grand, plans one, was to unite most german-speaking, peoples, into a single nation and the other was to make sure Catholic, Austria, absolutely. Wasn't, a part of his new Germany, and if you want more details on all of that we do have a Bismarck video, that you can check out I will link to it below this. One but for now all you need to know is that in summer of 1866, Bismarck. Had a plan and, he put that second, part of the plan into action the seven weeks war was as one-sided.

As It sounds Prussia, steamrolled. Austria, the army was smashed and Prussian troops they came close to occupying Vienna the only reason they didn't, was because Bismarck, pulled back at the last minute preferring, a humiliated. But intact, Austria to a disintegrating. Empire right on his doorstep not that the Austrian Empire didn't try its hardest to disintegrate, anyway, with Vienna humiliated, the old drive the Hungarian independence, it came roaring back as 1867. Rolled, into view it seemed entirely, possible Franz, Josef was going, to have to fight yet another version of the 1848, revolutionary. War but this time and, something that he hadn't had in 1848, he had Sisi. Back. In August 1865. CC and Franz Joseph had taken the first tentative steps towards, reconciliation, it, started with a letter CC wrote her husband saying this she needed more control of her life more right to see our own children, by the time of the seven weeks war CC had been back in Vienna where she visited the wounded, and military hospitals providing comfort, to the dying come 1867, she was close enough to both Vienna and Budapest to, prevent catastrophe. The creation of the austro-hungarian Empire from what it once just been Austria, was more than the work of one woman but if CC hadn't been there it could have all come crashing, down as, Hungary rumbled towards independence, there were elements of the Viennese course that wanted, another, war one that would crush Budapest, once, and for, all equally, of course there were those in Hungary who were willing to fight for, full independence. Just about the only person who, could possibly talk to both sides were, CC she was able to talk Franz Joseph out of repeating, the mistakes of 1848, and instead settle, for a diplomatic, solution she was also instrumental in, getting the Hungarian, side to, the table it was skilled backroom, diplomacy, of the highest, order and it absolutely, worked On February the 8th 1867. The austro-hungarian. Empire it was born without, any bloodshed under, the new system the east of the empire would be an independent. State under Hungarian, control, in return the Hungarians, would make friends Joseph their King and accept joint administration. Of Defense and foreign affairs, for, CC this meant being crowned queen of Hungary in a summer ceremony, in Budapest count, and receive his part became Hungary's, new prime minister it was a remarkable, transformation from.

The Carnage, of 1848, and for CC her new position meant, a chance to live in her beloved Hungary, in a full time the queen of Hungary she threw herself into charity, work visiting hospitals across the Dual Monarchy holding, hands with the dying and talking, to them not like a royal but, like a fellow human being cc's, common touch it boosted her popularity, immeasurably. As did her involvement, promoting, new humane treatments, for the mentally ill she, was so happy that she even agreed to resume her wifely duties, on April the 22nd, 1868. CC gave birth while in Budapest to her fourth child Valerie. Valerie was the first of the Imperial, couple's children born in Hungary she was also the first that Archduchess, Sophia didn't get her talons into CC, was allowed, to raise the girl all by herself perhaps, unsurprisingly, she grew to absolutely, dote, on her, new daughter now, ideally this would, be where things kind of ended with CC finally, happy as a mother and as an honorary Hungarian. And even, as a wife but the story of CC it's, not a happy one and there are still a lot of tragedies, to come. In. May 1872. Archduchess. Sophia suffered a stroke while in a family's Grand Palace of Vienna as, she lay dying the elite of Austria came to pay their respects, camps ministers Royals they all passed, through her bedchamber and among, their number was, CC for all Sophia seemed like a complete villain, in our story it's worth remembering that she lived in a really different time women, in her position were meant to be powerless Babymakers. Yet sophia was able, to subvert that to take a revolution, by the horns and use it to put her teenage son on the throne not, only that she was then strong enough to rule the court at Vienna bending, it to her will she, may have been haughty spiteful, and a bit of a witch but she was also admirable. Just in, her own way and, maybe that's why it said that she and CC finally, managed, to reconcile, in those, final hours after, Sofia passed away Cece was freed, of a nemesis from now on the 34, year old and breast could be, whoever she, wanted to be over the next few years CeCe's, eccentricities, both, good and bad they grew, exponentially. She mastered ancient Greek became an exercise, fanatic who could have two dumbbells like a circus, strongman she also devised brand new hair treatments, that impressed, the whole empire thus happily her anorexia. Continued, to dominate her life as the 1870s rolled, on sissy, began only eating milk based foods such as cheese determined, to, keep her waist tiny yet, this could have all stayed in the backgrounds, well and not for what happened, to Rudolf by, 1881, cc's only son was no longer the baby of the family but, a melancholy, lads of 22. Valium, he married, Princess stéphanie of Belgium, in a, rather ironic, turn of events ICI immediately, took against, a new daughter-in-law, branding. Her with venom. Archduchess, Sophia would have been proud of clumsy. Earth just. As Sisi and Franz Joseph had done Rudolph and Stephanie's marriage it soon hit the rocks the difference while Sisi had managed to keep her misery, bottled up Rudolph, though he, wouldn't be so strong in late 1888, the unhappy Rudolf met 17 year old Baroness, Mary and it began an affair with her On January the 30th 1889. He took his new flame to his hunting lodge mailing. Them, Rudolph convinced, the poor girl that the world was now out to get them and they needed to die for their love Mary, who was herself a melancholy, romantic, she, agreed taking, a pistol Rudolf shot Mary dead and, then he turned the gun on himself.

When The news hit Vienna, Cece suffered, a catastrophic, breakdown, she began to talk about suicide telling, a frightened friends Joseph that she, wanted to die her, youngest daughter Valerie would find, her laughing hysterically, for no reason, finally, in 1890, Cece did the only thing she could she, fled Vienna she, even fed hungry instead, that broken Empress began roaming, the world travelling by boat to far-flung, shores as, she traveled Cece refused to see anyone but the crew living a Spartan, life and the bowels, of the ship when, terrific storms broke out she would order captain to tie her to a chair on the deck so that she could be battered by the wind and the waves watching, the sea royal and crash around her as her soul roiled, inside, her breast when, someone worked up the courage to ask what she was doing Cece simply replied that she wanted to travel, the whole world over until. I drown, and I'm forgotten, and, well I wish it would soon be granted. On. May the 11th 1878. A German man known as max Hodel fired a pistol that kaiser film the first to see past him in the street, although the Kaiser was unhurt Hodel was more than just a crackpot, he was an anarchist deeply, committed to something known as the propaganda, of the deed the idea that violent terrorist actions would inspire other anarchists, to carry, out more atrocities, hurdles, faith would turn, out to be rather well placed his, plot shot at the Kaiser was, the start of a wave of an accursed attacks come, September, 1898, Sisi must, have been aware of the new threat just, four years before On June the 24th, 1894. An anarchist, had stabs, the presidents of France to death at a banquet two years after that and other Anika's to gun down the spanish prime minister but even with these high profile killings she likely believed that she couldn't be a target, she, was at Lake Geneva with their friends countess earnest array to seek treatment for her ill health and not, to worry about anarchist, killers this turned out to be very fortunate, for the anarchist killer who was already waiting, in Geneva, Luigi, Lucania had come to the lake after reading the prints on Rhea Foley all would be visiting his plan was to stab the young roll to death but then Prince honoré cancelled his trip and, the assassin, was left kicking his heels in Geneva with nothing to do it was in this frame of mind that Lucania, found out about Cece, CeCe's, visit to Lake Geneva was supposed to be clandestine, but someone, had informed the press now the papers were full, of pictures of the Empress and with that Janie, had found his new target Cece, for her part was completely unaware of the assassin, as she and the counter strolled around the lake they failed to notice they were being watched until, there was too late on September the 10th 1898. The two women were walking towards, a steamship, when a passing, man punched, Cece in the chest the Empress was knocked, off her feet but quickly recovered, thanking those who helped her she and the countess then continued to the steamship as if nothing had happened as the boat pulled away from the shore Cece, began to feel faint the countess opened a corset, for her only to watch in horror as blood, began, to seep, out of an invisible wound, the, passing man had been Lucini and the punch had been a direct, blow to CeCe's, heart with, a sharpened, file as the countess called for help Cece fell unconscious the, steamship turned rounds, but, it was too late by the time the ship reached the shore Cece, was dead when the news reached the now captured, new chaney he said right it put on trial he demanded to be executed, instead, he was sentenced to life in prison, twelve years later on October the 19th 1910. He, hanged himself in a Cell you Cheney's foul deed it didn't go unheeded not two years later an anarchist chard king umberto of, Italy to death a year after that President, McKinley of America, was likewise killed one and I kissed it's bullet thought of CC what did she think is she lay on that steamship, her, life slipping away for an answer we, could turn to her writings, in the last year's CC wrote I loved, I lived, I wanted, through the worlds but never, reached what, I strove for it's.

A Fittingly tragic, end to a tragic, life the woman who had everything and had, nothing who, never found what, her heart really, wanted but, there's another ending and one that's not quite so downbeat. Not long after CeCe's, assassination. Her daughter Valerie wrote now, it has happened just, as she always wished quickly, painlessly, without, medical, consultations. Without, long anxious days, of worry for, her loved ones to, which cc's friends the poet Carmen Silva added her death was beautiful, calm and great, within, the sight of beloved, great nature, painless, and peaceful. Only, to the world did. It seem horrific, CC's life may have been one of tragedy, but it was also one of beauty a life more intensely. Passionate than, perhaps any of us will ever live at the end of baldness it's comforting, to think that maybe just maybe they're reluctant Empress, she. Found peace at. Last so, I really hope you found that video interesting, if you did please do give us a thumbs up below and don't forget to subscribe we've got brand new videos just like this every day of the week for more from me why not check out my other channel called top tens you will find that linked to below and, as, always thank. You for watching.

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I'd really like to see some day an unbiased biography of Catherine the Great of Russia. There are some claims that make it seem like all the good ideas & real power were all Potemkin (bios written by blokes) not her, but that doesn't match how everyone always described her as incredibly sharp & intelligent. & then movies that only focus on dumb romantic side. She was one of the longest living most powerful monarchs & I've never seen a bio that does her justice & shows what she did politically. Hope this channel one day does! thks Simon!

Can you do kurt cobain plz

I visited the palace in Vienna where she lived and was amazed by all the machinery shed had made to work out. They looked almost like modern day gym machines but made of wood, and she had designed and commissioned them herself. They say she spent hours on them and horseback riding every day. She had all these different forward thinking habits yet was trapped in a jail of tradition.

Her name is Elisabeth (A-lee-sah-beth). Also, she isn’t Bohemian. Also also, when she met Franz Joseph her hair was blonde and short.

Her Name is pronounced Like cissy Not CC

I loved learning about Sisi! I’d never heard of her but she’s now one of my favorite historical figures. Thank you


Off topic, but please consider a biographic on Josiah Henson. Credited to being the inspiration for Tom in Harriot Beecher Stowes "Uncle Tom's Cabin". He legally escaped slavery, only to be cast back in, and created a safe haven for escaped slaves when they reached Canada.

I would LOVE an episode on Simonetta Vespucci!!!

I had never even heard of her before this video but Sisi´s story made me cry

Isn't in poor taste to refer to a woman birthing children as "pumping out"? Or is it terribly witty writing? Asking for a friend. Later edit: despite my snarky tone, I thoroughly enjoyed this video and its history; as a side note, you mentioned at the end a quote by poet Carmen Sylva; she was not only a poet - that's a pseudonym used by a former queen of Romania, Elisabeth, wife of Carol I. Cheers!

10:41 what's that tune? It's so familiar!

How different from Diana could it be? Sisi was swiftly assassinated during a polite visit. Diana died at the hands of a drunken driver fleeing paparazzi with her current lover; pretty sordid in comparison if you ask me.


@Michiel Korte That was silly. Have you ever used glue, driven in a car, used chapstick or eaten chocolate? Criminal!

Also Sisi didn’t care about the poor. While her people starved she used eggs, milk and more food products purely for her skin.

Simon, it’s time to groom the facial hair. You’re starting to look unkempt.

Would you be able to do a video on empress Wu? She is/was also known as Wu Zhao, Wu Hou, during the later Tang dynasty as Tian Hou, and in English as Empress Consort Wu. I find her story extremely interesting as she started out as a simple concubine but later as one of the most powerful people in her country. She is both praised for the many positive things she did, such as her leadership resulting in important effects regarding social class in Chinese society and in relation to state support for religion, education, and literature; and villaified as a murderer and terrible mother. Overall I believe she is an important and interesting historical figure with a very interesting life.

I think of 18yo girls now... such a different time.

Can you make a bio on Gustavus Adolphus ? ( The lion from the north ) He is an important king in Sweden’s history. Sweden was one of the poorest and weakest country in Europe but he made Sweden in to an empire. He changed military tactics and that’s why he is called “father of modern warfare” he was killed in a battle. (Sorry for my bad English)

Could you do a video on Jimmy Doolittle? Hes a gentlemen that has smarts, determination and a haunted past that would be a good bio to do.

Wow! THey should make a movie about Sisi!

@CroxlD What was the name of the movie?

They did

I seriously need Biographics rehab! I can't stop shaking and I feel cold. Lol

How about a video that discussing why the Brits love fantasy tabloid stories about their royals..... And why all of a sudden Americans are supposed to care about this frumpy family because an abscure actress married into them..... So sick of hearing about these people.

Propaganda of the deed sounds like something that would explain a lot of violent acts in modern times.

Do Miklós Nyiszli.

"Anarchist" with no qualifier... paid stooge says what?"

Even tho we know so much about her can we get a Diana Bio? I may have missed it you guys have so much content.

Sisi was many things and affected many people in many differing ways. One of the most interesting, and curious, was the affect she had on Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain.) He was in Europe at the time. He was deeply moved and depressed by her murder and wrote a long piece entitled "The Memorable Assassination," in which he attributed abundant virtues to the late Empress. Although it exists in his papers and is available today, he never submitted it for general publication. It is clear he admired her greatly, possibly because she was a royal who, at least in his eyes, lacked faults he found in most other monarchs.

you should make a BIO on Jean Baptiste Bernadotte. This guy was born a peasant in pre-revolutionary france and somehow became king of sweden.

I can tell you it wasn’t the language that she liked in Hungary, it sounds absolutely ridiculous, hahaha.

Client: calls pizza place Pizza employee: how can I help you? Client: can I get a pizza with cheese and pineapple? Pizza employee: gross. ok anything else?

One of 7 children Princess Ludavika pumped out. Simon that's randy

@Michiel Korte Thank you !

Cheryl Abellar 8: Ludwig, Hélène, Elisabeth, Karl Theodor, Marie, Mathilde, Sophie and Maximilian

Could you cover Ludvig of Baviera Sisi’s cousin!!! The man built castles so that Wagner could play his works!!

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Mehmet the Conqueror, Suleiman the Magnificent any one of these three would be amazing!

I went to Vienna and Budapest last November. We visited both Hofburg and Schonbrunn Palace. I was particularly interested in Sisi and Maria Theresa. The Sisi exhibits in both Palaces were amazingly preserved and presented (complete with audio guides) . this includes life size accurate figures of Sisi with her 22 inch waist A definitely must visit for Sisi enthusiast The only frustrating part was you couldn't take pictures inside both palaces

Is there a bio video in the future about Franz Joseph? Also love these videos!

p u m p e d o u t

She was much prettier than Diana.

Probably right. I never thought Diana was attractive. Horrible haircuts.

I need a Biographics on Simon Whistler! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

History is friggin amazing!

Would it be possible for an autobiography on the Emperor Augustus. As he, in my opinion, is the best politician in human history. He went from a simple gentrymen to being able to manipulate the Senate to make him emperor. Thus, introducing the age of the emperors.

Wow her unbelievable life made me feel really guilty for thinking she got a pretty cool assassination. Like I think that Luigi dude could be part of the Brotherhood

The poet Carmen Sylvae was a pseudonim used by Queen Elizabeth of Romania.

Trivia: Sisi consumed Cocaine from time to time, the Sisi-Museum in Vienna still shows the syringe she used to inject.

Sisi documentaries are so rare!!! Thank you

Do Josip Broz Tito the president of Yugoslavia beacause of the mpment ehen he came to the White House and lit his cigar everybody was afraid of telling him he can't smoke in there I think it would be a cool video I mean he went from a locksmith to president and fucked off Stalin so it could be cool to cover him


A very good one. Well done.

Bismarck aaaalways had a plan!

What did Dodi say to his chauffeur? "Want to come for a ride with me and Di(e)?

Plese consider doing a video about Neil Armstrong. It is appropiate because we are coming up on the fiftyth aniversy of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. It would also be appropiate because of his severail close calls with death flying exxperimental machines, and how it can be argued he may be the best pilot in human history. It migh also be appropiate to cover how being the first person to walk on the moon affected his life.

She made it until 60... Her life was not cut short.

I recently read an interview with Neil Tennant, where he said he wanted the UK to remain in the EU because it was similar to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a positive unifying force that prevented extremist nationalism. LOL.

Thanks for this! I'd not heard this biography before.

Her heart got what it least expected. Quite literally.

Maximillian IN Bavaria...proofread and doublecheck your scripts guys, this is getting tiresome...

Finally, my call has been answered!

14:35 Did you get a notification on some device, sure I heard a ping or pop type sound

Powerless baby makers ! Many women, in many countries, still play this role today ! And they are not even queens or empresses, just common women. In some pants of the world women still live in the 19th century !

This is another favorite, I appreciate you.

Do an episode about yourself! The origins of the Whistler clan and how you became a douche

sisi is probably the most beautiful woman ever... damn.

Suggestion: Philo Farnsworth - The Father of Television.

It's just a damn shame the anarchists didn't spread and multiply, could have prevented many wars, including 2 world wars, or more.... oh well, never mind.

Have anyone here seen the "Princess Sisi" cartoon that aired on FOX-KIDS ?

Simon, my man, you have thoroughly slaughtered all the Hungarian names in this video

Too complex

"Eating cheese to keep her waist tiny"

Duke max was duke on Bavaria not duke of Bavaria, it was because duke max was a member of the lower branch of the house of wittlesbach

Fantastic, cheeky video. Sisi was an amazing and tragic woman. And I might mention here President Abraham Lincoln as well as the other sad figures you so aptly tied together in your video. Nice job.

Wow the Diana connection is remarkable. Diana’s life was a paradox the most photographed woman in the world was lonely the most loved woman was unloved by her husband her smile was sad her life was a fairy tail and tragedy .

Can we get a Biographic for the incredible creative mind Jim Henson

I’d hate being a royal. Sisi never deserved any of that.

Hey Simon, there is a channel called vidIQ that does bios about content creators and different YouTube channels. They said they want to to a video on you. They recently did a bio on the King Of Random. You should check them out and get up with them.

A magyarok királynéja.

I wouldn't say the Austro-Hungarian empire was the 2nd strongest in the world or even europe at that time. Or ever for that matter but at that point it was more like the 5th strongest. Behind the U.K, France, Prussia/Germany, Russia, than finally Austria/Austro-Hungarian Empire. JS. Loved the episode tho

Madeira caralho

She was also one of the first people to workout on a daily basis. Even had a gym in her palace.

She was yet another self obsessed narcist and a braindead cow just like the Whore of Wales. Tarrt murdered her own children

Painless? I don't agree on that

Her image is all over Vienna. She was a very memorable person from our trip to Vienna years ago. Thank you for this .

Can you do Elizabeth Hamilton

She was still very relevant to the mainstream culture of Austria up to the 1960s.. (and even noticeable in France..)

I saw the title of this video and thought it was about Empress Cixi (Xixi? Idk there are tons of transliterations.) of China. Then I saw the subtitle.

oh how im glad there isnt a prince rudolf today i cant imagine the teasing

nope nope nope - have you ever visited the museum in Vienna or talked to Sisi historians? she was an egoist if there ever was one, self centered and using her position and the unconditional love of her husband only for her own benefits - every german documentary about her tells you that + this comparison is so outdated and disproven - how outdated are your sources?

i sincerely admire you and appriciate all of your work. This was a very interesting story to tell. But why do you use so many pronouns? It's just so weird to me.

There's a wonderful series of three movies in beautiful Agfacolor made in Austria in the mid-50s on Sisi starring Romy Schneider and Karlheinz Boehm. The movies do not cover the later period of Sisi's life and are very romantic, with some comedy. Also there are episodes concerning Sisi and Franz Joseph in the 1970s TV series Fall of Eagles. The portrayal of Archduchess Sophia as The Mother-in-law from hell is outstanding. There's a fine episode on the Mayerling affair with Rachel Gurney who was about the same time playing Lady Marjorie Bellamy on Upstairs Downstairs, as Empress Elisabeth of Austria aka Sisi. FYI Queen Elisabeth of Belgium was her niece and Sisi was very close to her first cousin the Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria. Carmen Sylva was the pen name of a Queen of Romania, but not the well-known Queen Marie.

Wow, the Hapsburgs were screwed up . . . . She deserved BETTER in life.

Could y'all do a video on Joe Beyerle?

She sounds more like a 19th Century Princess Margaret: an intelligent but unhappy woman who didn't 'fit the mold' and had no outlet for her talents.

In my language her name is Tits

can you do Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

As a Canadian. I would like too see Louis Riel

could you do Max Weber?

bismarck always had a plan :)

It’s good you did a bio on her I recently read a novel about her and reviewed it on my channel.

Could you do Frida Khalo!! I feel like her life has been misconstrued by pop culture and it is important to her art to understand the full context of her life!! There needs to be far more emphasis on her politics.

The wicked mother in law Sophie of Bavaria. How horrible this story is. Sisi's husband was crazy because he had a crazy mother. A man who has a crazy mother can also become crazy and why didn't he help his wife? It is sad how her son killed his mistress and himself but it is said that he had many mistresses. Maybe this mistress threatened to expose him if he didn't marry her and divorce his wife. Who knows.

Brits and their Diane so full of themselves!! Mother Theresa died the same year also!! Poor little rich girl. I am all for all helping others but do not put yourself in the down out of luck when you have more then the normal woman in life.

Awesome episode! More please!

sisi or cerci?

Michael Collins Irish leader please

Only Romy Schneider could ever portray Sissi.

Pumped out haha

As a child I loved the movies about sisi with Romy Schneider. But they are painting a romantic kind of life.. great video

My idea for a bio vid would be about the fallen musicians of the Seattle music scene. Cobain, Staley, Hoon, Cornell, etc.

You should make a timeline documentary of the House of Plantagenet from the time of the last Plantagenet (the split of Lancaster and York and later war of the roses) who was the very bloody French originated dynasty of royalty from which the British royalty emerged. The last bloody Plantagenet was Richard III of York who supposedly murdered the 2 princes in the tower and the princes were of the Lancaster line. One of the princes was Edward V, age 12, who was king at that time but who disappeared with his younger brother Richard in the tower where their bones were later found in a box. So it is thought that Richard III of Plantagenet York murdered the princes so he could be king and he became king but was later killed by Henry VII, father of Henry VIII in revenge for the murder of the boys. Henry VII was from the house of Lancaster and his wife from the House of York and they formed the House of Tudor. All of this is confusing, of course, but if you could explain as to why and how he became the king after the 2 princes died in the tower. I am asking because they found the bones of Richard III and they say the DNA doesn't match up. So they say someone cheated or what happened? I guess we might never know and there isn't any good info on Youtube or the internet either. I guess one just does not know if someone has cheated and now the bloodline is messed up but maybe it is all messed up and one doesn't know who really cheated and when in that entire historic bloodline of royalty.

Damn anarchists...

anarchist were wild in the early 20th century

Im going to be a marine biologist one day, and I hope to be the sort of marine biologist that gets a biohrapghics video

Who remembers Fox kids's cartoon show about her?

Franz-Joseph = Franz-YO-seph.

Wow.....Just WOW

Calling Austria the second most powerful country in Europe is a bit of a stretch. You could argue wether it was even the most powerful within the 'Deutscher Bund'.

@Ulverup Still not true. Said Empire got his ass beaten by Prussia in 1866.

He did say "empire", in that case the statement might be true.

Speaking of anarchists....can we have a bio on Nestor Makhno, the one anarchist who tried to create a government with no government in the 1920s.

Ummm, Mediterranean, not Atlantic.

You all please cover Gabor Csupo he worked and helped create the most influential cartoons of the 80's and 90s like Rugrats and the Simpsons

Princess Diana was the only one of the royal family I liked she was a saint in disguise only wanted good for people unlike her mother in law

5:33 South? To the Atlantic? Really? This must have been another Vienna in a different place.

22:46 ... Now THAT is a moustache!

I love your videos because half the time, I don't know who that person is, so everything is a complete surprise. It's so fun.

But Bismarck had a plan Bismarck always has a plan

you should do one about Belle Gunness

Do one on hideki tojo

Finally I can think of Sisi in her own right without thinking of of Romy Schneider and technicolor Kaiserschmarrn.

@Susella Thanks but even so I think I'll give it a miss.

Romy Schneider portrait her again in Luchino Visconti's Ludwig - no Kaiserschmarrn here.

I wish he didn't try to draw parallels so hard between Diana and Sisi. Diana played the martyr for her own poor choices. Sisi's suffering had a lot more to do with her time.

Not a creature was stirring... EEK! GET THAT MOUSE!!

This seemed to me to be good. Andrássy - the correct pronunciation is : á is a long a - and 's' in Hungarian is pronounced 'sh'. Double 's' is just a longer 'sh'. Well, Empress Elizabeth loved the Hungarians so I'm sure she would have found this important!

I'm surprised she was able to give birth since she was anorexic.

Even her son Rudolph had a sad countenance. You did her story justice, simon. Beautifully told. Your best yet! I have been a fan for a few years now and after this, I shall love you ever more dearly.

One of your best, Simon. Thank you!

The 'strangest life' portrait had sadness in the eyes

You should do a video on Malcolm wheeler Nicholson

You are a great story teller. You had me tearing up through some of it.

I read a book about her when I was a kid, and her writings are fascinating

We’re just going to ignore the fact that her cousin was her husband?

Bismarck always had a plan! LOL

I keep seeing the Franz Kafka in your videos how about doing a video on him? Since you live in CZ you got a lot of info you can get.

Sisi gets killed by an Italian. Today's revisionists: "Meh, big deal! “ Franz Ferdinand gets killed by a Serb. Today's revisionists" ZOMG THE SERBS STARTED WW1! “.

What a wonderful woman.

Geeze how effin depressing I couldn't get to the end of it

Can you do Robert J. O'Neill?

So, she was able to get pregnant despite her anorexia?

Ssisi lived to the age of 61, she by all accounts lived a full life, longer then most in her day.

VIDEO SUGGESTION — I’ve been suggesting this for a while now and having recently seen your request that we follow up suggestions with a little explanation I decided to give it a go. Few nations on earth have ever been so consequential as the United Kingdom in the 20th century. With the stroke of a pen the UK could change the lives of millions living within its empire. Bearing this fact in mind one must consider that The Troubles created ripples that impacted not just those living in Ireland and the UK, but many living outside of these nations. Michael Collins, being perhaps the most key personality in the story of Irish/UK relations, requires close examination. He is a polarizing figure even today. Considered by some to be the George Washington of Ireland and others to be nothing more than a criminal and terrorist, there is certainly much to know about the man. I hope you consider this as a topic. Thanks for all of your content.

But Empress Elisabeth lived before Princess Diana right?

For everyone who was moved by this story, I recommend watching a recording of the musical Elisabeth. It’s a german language musical about the life of Sisi and fairly accurate. The only twist, her suicidal tendencies are portrayed as death personified being in love with her.

Where did Franz Ferdinand come in to this story?

"Bismarck always has a plan"

Could you perhaps do a video about kaiser Karl I Austria (also known as Charles iv of Hungary)? I feel like he is largely underrated in comparison to the likes of Wilhelm II and other figures in ww1. Also because he was not only the last emperor of Austria-Hungary, but was also the last Hapsburg monarch.

Full Disney villain!

About time Simon, Sisi never got the recognition she deserved for what she helped create out of a hodgepodge Europe of interlocking and discordant treaties. Well done Simon, Well done Sisi!

Do one about barack obama. Or Ronald Reagan

Do one about Mohammed atta the 9/11 rig leader

I've always been intrigued by this Empress story amd the Austrian- Hungary empire history as well. I've read books on these topics, watched series on Sisi... But your videos are so well made! I loved this one.

3:37 Chris Hansen get in here

the old reich it was an horrible beauty a compleat mess...

Been binging biographics while at work the past 2 weeks. Thank you for all the care on research and presentation guys. 2 requests, I'd love a video on Otis Redding. He's the king of soul, 'Mr Pathetic', and nobody has ever captured emotion in music like him for me. His life was unfortunately short. However his life, and the beginnings of Motown, are fascinating to contrast the social issues of the time. Another video would be cool to see the creative process behind producing one of these videos. Keep it up fam

Is it just me or is Luigi Lucheni the real hero of the story, he killed a monarchist and gave Sissi what she had wanted for years, all around a great man who will be missed.

You should cover Lauri Torni.

Corrections...anarchists...try islamists

Absolutely one of your best bios so far. I think both sexes are interested in the trove of interesting women ignored by history. I hope you mine this vein ad infinitum. I knew nothing of Sisi or her assassination. Nor did I realize that anarchists conducted more successful assassinations since 1860 than any other group, save maybe capitalist intelligence services.

An INTENSE Bio, Simon...but beautiful and well orated.

Thank you for a great video, I'd never heard of her before. You do have a female audience, despite what you may think. I enjoy the military stories, but there are many men and women in history who are not related to anything military. More stories on powerful women and artists, inventors etc.. please. Thanks, a fan.

Can you please do Thomas Garrigue Masaryk?

Please do a video on Buhnhallalilli Matabatabatambo

It is said that emperor Franz Josef said, when getting the news of his wife's assassination, commented, that he was not spared anything [bad] in this world, and whatever you hold against him, he lost his wife to an assassin, his son to suicide and his brother was executed in Mexico, and he stood through all of it with a calm, almost stoic attitude.

I loved this story the empress will live on through memories and ideas

Do Aileen Wuornos

The anarchists did nothing wrong. These royals were and are all leeches on society.

You misspelled Prussia. You spelled Prusia

Do a video about Herberts Cukurs.

Thank you. You've taught me so much more than I ever learned in any history class.

As a Hungarian, I can confirm that she is still popular here, she was very well loved within my country.

I think sissi would have been unhappy in whatever marriage she was in of it had etiquette like on Vienna. If she had married someone like her own father had been,she would have been happy.franz should have married Helene.sophia would have loved her so would have the Vienna court .but ah they would not have gotten the Hungarian kingdom to accept Vienna domination. Anyone know what became of the almost empress of Vienna,Helene?

This is a story nearly everyone my age or older grew up with 8n Germany and Austria. There is a very popular movie series starring Romy Schneider that we watched every Christmas. Calling her the Austrian Diana is a wonderful comparison - she has so much mystery, tragedy and romanticism around her story.

People in those royal families were just a bunch of psychopaths. I cant imagine how Sisi felt. I wish time travel was a thing for situations like those. I would really want to be her friend and her support system. She was plagued with mental illness.

Sisi had an anchor tattoo on her shoulder/back. The traveling to Madeira and Corfu at the beginning was to strengthen her health. She was 5 feet 7,7 inches tall and weight around 110 lbs. If you look at the models now, they are taller and weight about the same. Is it healthy? No. But this typ of woman is still idealized in the beauty industry.

How about doing Ludwig II of Bavaria, the fairytale king and Sisi's cousin next?

What is so fairy tale about that particular king?I never heard of him before

Btw she had a Tattoo on her shoulder, of an anchor.

She was not caught in a loveless marriage. She wanted to marry him. But she was very selfish and self centered. All her biographies agree on that. She hated monarchy but still gladly accepted the financial advantages of her royal status. She was a horrible mother and just loved to blame others for her wasted life. I am her biggest fan though. Fascinating. Yet weird. A total bitch. Lmao

as usual, women in history rarely have a good story

This might be your best written episodes. A great tribute

Whew Chile, the drama!!!

Oh my, so sad.

Could you do a video about Mark "Chopper" Read he was a modern day outlaw here in Australia that has alot of myth and legend and there are several dramatized versions of his story one of which launched the actor Eric Banners career.

I'm laughing, Sisi is a relitive, so thank you. Poor thing. However anemia, migranes, lung issues, incredibly difficult hair but pretty, yep, it's a family thing. "Hungarian and a royal line!" Very my fair lady!

Can u do empress cixi of china?

When I was little my mom bought me a gorgeous illustrated book about Sisi, so in a weird way I've always had a soft spot for her even tho I never really knew much about her beyond what that book said. Thanks for this video I now know, also I now feel sad as hell

I'm sorry but this is full of historical inacuracies. The Archduches Sophia was not a villian, she just didn't get along with Sissi because they both had very different characters. There are even letters she wrote to friends where she speaks very fondly of Sissi. Also The child Sophia died of Typhoid fever not food poisoning. Also Sissi was not very beloved by the Austrian people. The Hungarians liked her because she helped them politically but the common people of Austria who were starving were not happy with her spending habits and, among other things, her bathing in milk or her building a huge estate on Cofu (while the monarchy was in financial difficulty) that she then got bored with and didn't really use.

This is the lession I learned from watching all the lives of historic Queens and empressess : NEVER MARRY A ROYALTY. YOU GET ALL THE LUXURY BUT THAT IS JUST ANOTHER FORM OF GOLDEN GAGE !!!!

Bro it's so weird how these portraits turn into photos like it makes them more real

Seven Weeks War- Behold the Dreyse Needlegun!

Simon, your beard looks GREAT!

ISIS backwards :P

Wow. And I thought my ex-mother-in-law was bad...

Love the video - just a little correction - it's mAyerling not mEyerling. The story of Rudof has always been fascitnating tome - if you could do a follow-up on him and his poltical view - especially in contrast to his father- it would be highly welcomed!

Perhaps you could make a video on William Samuel Henson. He effectively invented the aeroplane way back in the 1840s. He built working models and his full scale passesnger aircraft probably would have worked had powerfull enough engines existed at the time.

Wow, it's so incredible to see a Biographics video based on Empress Sisi. I've been fixated on her story for years.

The original drama queen.

I've always been intrigued by this Empress story amd the Austrian- Hungarian empire history as well. I've read books on these topics, watched series on Sisi... But your videos are so well made! I loved this one.

@ehrldawg as far as I know, back then it was a common treatment for fatigue and burn-out. At least when one had enough money. So... nothing changed since then **ba dum tss**

It sounds like she thought it helped.

@DrunkenRobot Cant really do when they're talking about your family, no?

Then stop watching

It's astonishing how much Sisi's life was similar to Diana, Princess of Wales'. How horrible to have your children snatched away from you by a cruel mother,-in-law. What happened to Franz Josef, Gisela and Valerie after Sisi's death?

Please stop comparing. Shes not 19th century Princess Diana. Her name is Elizabeth and both of them are unique and different. Youve just chosen this title to get views. Die

Great video. But after Rudolph's death, Sisi had a palace in Corfu built, which she frequented the most

There are serious questions about that supposed murder-suicide of Rudolf and Mary. You should look into that.

That's why I made my own story about the white princess and making another story about sissi fighting back against her mother in law and her right to be happy and rule like the boss queen she truly is

Good one. Found this very interesting

3:41 - All the way down to her ankles???? Wow! Not easy to grow and not easy to take care of! She's lucky she (presumably) had lady's maids to do the job or she almost certain could never have kept it that long! 7:31 - It's a pity Sisi couldn't manage to poison the old B****. 18:38 - Didn't she learn ANYTHING???

You should do a video on The Dowager Empress of China CiXi

Absolutely loved this video, I've known about Sisi since childhood after watching the amazing trilogy operetta movies made about her, which despite not being really accurate to real life, being operettas and all, are really beautiful movies, and did make me very interested in the life of this fascinating woman, as well as of Romy Schneider, the actress who beautifully played her, and who also had kinda of a tragic life.

Epic Rap Battle between Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) vs. Princess Diana !!!!!

There was a movie made back in the day about this story. And I was recently watching it and had no idea the beginning of her story actually did start like that even though it was romanticized in the movie. What a tumultuous life and sad life and end

She was't beloved by the poor. She did NOTHING to help them. In fact in her whole live she never helped anyone in need.

Is Simon on a feminist tour? Praising strong women?

Thank you for this!

Same here

Those very famous portraits of her with her white gown and long hair with stars in it remind me a lot of Christine's first performance dress in Phantom of The Opera. Inspired by Sisi perhaps?


Her friend Carmen Sylva was actually Elizabeth, Queen of Romania.

Damn what a tragic story.

She seems more like Marie Antoinette than Diana *Oops I spoke too soon. I get it now.

Very interesting. My only dislike is the red band across the pictures at topic change.

The story was Franc Joseph gave Sisi a venereal disease, did not support her right to be a mother, so no more babies & more traveling around. I doubt very much she had an affair with any one.

I was so focused on the facts that I didn’t notice he has a British accent

one wonders if Diana was Sisi reincarnated.

Please do Elizabeth Feodorovana of Russia the sister of the Tsarina. Her life is a Shakespearean tragedy Thank you

And also a first class neurotic just like lady D

The german "Sch" you pronounce as the english "sh", as in English : >

I thought it was Sissy^^ weird

There's a very good (and mostly accurate, though it ignores some details) German musical about her called Elisabeth das musical. The songs are fantastic and you can find the show with English subtitles on youtube.

Much like Anna Karenina, Sisi lived her life, loved passionately and died quickly. Sure, she had everything: the beauty, the heart – but to quote Leo Tolstoy, _"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow."_


ew i had to stop after six minutes. when you were saying how great it must to be some guy in his mid-20s getting together with a 15 year old i gagged and then when you called her a young tramp for no reason im like, ok thats enough. i think you can do better.

She is beautiful

Please get the facts correctly. She might have been beautiful, happy or unhappy, but what she never was was "co-regent", she was consort


oh and BTW they didn't pick her elder sister, it's also a complete myth. They purposely introduced BOTH sisters as suitable candidates for marriage and Franz could choose either of them.

she was the opposite of Diana. Diana was loved by the people, in *and* after life. Sissi was absolutely hated and only made popular after the movies in the 50's. That's when the "legend" started. She was mocked and there where a lot of satires out there (and not without a reason either)

There are so many details wrong, and the geography errors are only the least of them. You must be US-American...

Please provide links to the truth you speak of

this is like the 'sun' version of the real story :D. Sisi was extremely happy when she was first married. They were deeply in love. Even after Rudolfs death when Sisi travelled the world Franz Josef sent her countless adoring love letters ….The story with Rudolf is also much more complex. He had not intended to kill Mary but she threw herself in his arms and had meetings arranged with him via Marie Larisch who was the daughter of one of Sisi's brothers. Mary was not the love of his life and he did not commit suicide for love. He was a deeply troubled young man. Marie Larisch wrote a book later. Her life was also pretty miserable, from being the close companion of the empress to dying destitute in a nursing home.

I've read so much about her and other royals. She was so beautiful. Her life was tragic...especially with her son.

In austria too she is quite beloved. I have some austrian friends and they all adore her. I think she figures heavily in the culture there.

Sisi! They still show the movies about her life every year around Christmas here in Germany.

Carmen Silva aka Queen Elizabeth of Romania

Lovely video Simon! I must admit that the English pronunciation of foreign names always gets me giggling... like when Americans pronounce the Japanese Harakiri as Harry Kerry.

Are you really too stupid to pronounce german names?

Slow down! Are you in a race?!

please make a video about zita of bourbon-parma, the last empress of austria!

Lovely. Everything old is new again, eh? Thanks again, Simon.

I have an interesting idea for a Biographic: HOW ABOUT Lucifer? or more specifically the evolution of the character over time?

Oh the poor woman. This woman's life will stay with me I feel so bad for her :'(

You know its funny since it's the father's genetics that determines the sex of the child. No one has control over it but blaming the mother is even more pointless than it actually is.

Do Jay-Z or Nipsey Hussle please

The actress, Romy Schneider, who portrait her in the movies also had a very tragic live story, i would love to see a video about her life!

Thank you for this video and greetings from her birthplace! Ive always been fascinated by Sissi Just one thing.. i cannot stand how you pronounce her name, the 's' should be harder

Sissi and her siblings were NOT in line to the Austrian throne. Both Princess Ludovika and Archduchess Sophie were born princess of Bavaria of the House of Wittelsbach. Franz Joseph (Sophie's son) became Emperor of Austria due to his father, Archduke Franz Karl who was the son of Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor and Emperor of Austria (starting in 1804). Francis II's son Ferdinand I then ruled until his abdication in 1848 (he was mentally incapacitated so he was emperor in name only). After his abdication, Franz Joseph became Emperor as the grandson of Francis II and nephew of Ferdinand I. His inheritance of the throne of Austria had NOTHING to do with his mother.

I couldn't help but notice similarities between Empress Sisi and the Korean Empress Myeongseong except Myeongseong was brutally assassinated.

So was Sisi.

Do a video on Ludwig Wittgenstein!

I love that scene. So beautiful.

She was't beloved by the poor. She did NOTHING to help them. In fact in her whole live she never helped anyone in need. This wrote one of her companion ladies in her diary. Even her daughter said so.

Germany as well.

According to wikipedia, Helene ended up marrying Prince of Thurn and Taxis and had the only happy marriage out of all her sisters.

I second that. Emperor Karl was a humane man who died tragically early from pneumonia in exile on the Canary Islands.

Why talk so fast? It’s stressful to process so much information so quickly!

What a great video - really well told story. My only suggestion is to just slow down the delivery slightly - if we're watching it's because we are already interested in the subject matter and the story is interesting enough that you don't need to rush in order to keep our attention. Sometimes you want just a beat to let a particular idea or thought sink in before the next one starts. Otherwise - fab!

That is soooo much more depressing than Diana

Thank you for this documentary. Fantastic story!

Please do one on Amanda Knox

it’s game of thrones

I just found out about her story. She was soooo beautiful. And I think she was intelligent. No wonder lots of people still loves her

Love your video but there is one big mistake - Budapest didn’t unite and become a single city until 1873 so when Sisi and Franz Joseph visited in 1857 it still would have been Buda and Pest.

Please do one on hephaestion?

Thank you for this video it was spot on!

You should also do an episode about the famous American anarchist Emma Goldman. What’s interesting is that she usually supported assassinations of royalty and presidents, but condemned Lucheni’s murder of Elisabeth and essentially kicked him out of the anarchist “society.” Red Emma, as she was called, considered all women to be innocent victims of oppression, even empresses.


She’s captivating. I had to do some further research on her and she has many living descendants.

Don't compare Sissi to that emptyheaded spoilt immature phoney Diana was.

I life of heartbreak ended with a literal broken heart

I like this channel, thank you.

Lucy Hartnett There’s a great biography about her that you should check out, “The Reluctant Empress” by. Brigitte Hamann, though it does cover some of the darker aspects of Sisi’s life. She wasn’t exactly a martyr and had her own flaws and demons.

@Sylvia Tock Yes, i know. But i like this guys videos, so why not just make a recommendation?^^

On youtube there are good videos of her tragic life....

It was intentional.

Tracy Rowe If it was, she learned nothing from her past life and made all the same mistakes.

A B I love Sisi, but she wasn’t as saintly as this bio presents her. She was a flawed human being, just like all of us, and had many personal demons she fought with her entire life.

Asterismos It’s basically if “Evita” had a baby with “The Phantom of the Opera” and the baby was raised by “Les Miserables.”

Sue Johnson Just read her Wikipedia. There’s also many biographies written about her, I recommend you check out “The Reluctant Empress” by Brigitte Hamann. It’s probably the most in-depth biography of Elisabeth out there.

@Evgueni Mlodik    True, she did eventually lose interest in the palace. Considering though that the palace was finished in 1891, she lost interest in the spring of 1896

She actually got bored with it fairly quickly and hardly ever visited there after 1891.

Clare Kuehn Not anymore. Mary’s letters to her mother have been uncovered in 2015 where she states that she and Rudolf were planning to commit suicide.

She did do her share of charity work, perhaps not as much as Diana, but she did help the poor and the needy, but she never really drew attention to it either.

Sylvia Tock Thank you for pointing that out. She might have found a little happiness in life if she had helped alleve other’s misery.

TK UA She was strong, but also very much broken.

I think she had several undiagnosed mental disorders that were at least partially responsible for her strange behavior.

Same! It was just a tad inaccurate and omitted her equestrian hobby and some other interesting aspects of her personality, but otherwise this was a very good entry.

She was just a child.

Sisi's beauty was a favorite subject of the European press, who had given her the name "The Queen Of Hearts". After Rudolf and Sisi's deaths, it was said that Franz-Josef was never, even for a moment, a happy man again. His sole remaining heir to the throne was his nephew, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose name you should know.

The first time I knew sisi is when I saw her painting in Corfu. She have a Villa their dedicated for Achilles because he is her hero from Greek mythology

Cover louis the xiv and maria theresa pleasee?

Okay, so this biographic may have its flaws, but on the other hand I love reading all the comments from people who just discovered Elisabeth’s life story and taken under its spell. Now they will go on to look up more literature and sources on this fascinating woman, creating a whole new generation of fans. That’s what truly matters.

Toss the cleverness and just present the story.

will this channel be doing a video on her son?

I really like Sisi

Noooooooooooooo, her father was Duke Maximilian "IN" Bavaria. A Duke *of* Bavaria and Duke *in* Bavaria are/were totallyyyyyyyyyy different things fyi. P.s. SAimon I love you haha.

What’s interesting is Elisabeth’s assassination was condemned by most mainstream anarchists. Emma Goldman, a major anarchist figure that she usually supported assassinations of royalty and presidents, condemned Lucheni’s murder of Elisabeth and essentially kicked him out of the anarchist “society.” Red Emma, as she was called, considered all women to be innocent victims of oppression, even empresses.

“All of us have danced with death, but no one like Elisabeth!”

Donna Cianciosi And baby Sophie died in Debrezin.

@euroblazer there are several parts of it... it's in German, but maybe there are subtitles. It's heavily romanticized. 1. Sissi 2. Sissi - die junge Kaiserin 3. Sissi- Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin

Hi, could you tell me what the title of this movie is? Thank you.

Pauline E. She was kind of a dull and unremarkable woman, especially compared to Sisi.

mateus oliveira *Wittelsbach

Kohlenstoffisotop12 “Sisi” was the original spelling, but it became “Sissi” in the fictional portrayals and sometimes it’s misspelled as “Sissy.”

Leah Fugere Jeez, he was being facetious. Also, Elisabeth was 16 when they got married and Franz Joseph was 23. That was a typical age for married couples back then, especially amongst royalty. People back then didn’t have the same life span as they do now and women’s child bearing years were a lot shorter.

@Evgueni Mlodik happens to the best of us

Elgreco21 Whoops. That’s what I get for writing a comment at 2:30 am.

Evgueni Mlodik thanks sounds truer to form

Lauren Bee My favorite dramatization of her story is the Austrian/German musical “Elisabeth.” It treats her entire life as a love affair with Death, which is presented as a handsome young man who resembles Heinrich Heine, Sisi’s favorite poet and writer.

Oh I’ll have to look them up. Thank you. It was a very happy go lucky story in the movie I saw and it looked dubbed in English. Not at all like the real story

Lauren Bee There were actually many films and plays made about her, most of them are sadly unknown in America.

italoluder Gisela and Marie Valerie must’ve played one hell of a banjo.

@Evgueni Mlodik they were all related. Her parents were first cousins. So were the emperor and her. Therefore its not surprising she was excentric and weird

As a hungarian Sissi was my favorit princess when I was little

Could you please do an Elizabeth of York story please man

Title draws in people that don't know who she was. Great video and smart labeling.

Doc's Channel It’s a great checking, but they need better fact checking in some of their videos.

@Evgueni Mlodik I love the channel and wish the more interesting videos got the same views as the famous people

Doc's Channel And it was smart to use her nickname so not to confuse her with all the other famous queens/empresses named Elisabeth/Elizabeth.

It's always tragic when people think they are sticking it to the man, but the target of their aggression is actually just another victim.

John Dee Many anarchists condemned Lucheni’s murder. Emma Goldman proclaimed he wasn’t a “true” anarchist and that he had no right to kill Elisabeth. She considered all women to be oppressed, even empresses. And the law in Geneva knew just how to punish Lucheni. He wasn’t tried as a political assassin, only as a common murderer and he was not given a death sentence to avoid martyring him with other anarchists or socialists. He was denied to make the statement he wanted to make by killing Elisabeth and was instead turned into a pathetic joke.

"Female suffering was practically a spectator sport"...great way to undermine your legitimacy as a source of history.

She was just a child...my mom is a descendant from this family she told me the real History of the royals..she was also raised by her grandmother . They are only human...tough family.

@Pauline E. Okay, I see your point.

@Evgueni Mlodik unremarkable? she became a refugee. she wasn't allowed back to austria until much much later. she helped raise funds of austria and hungary after the WW2. THEY RESISTED NAZIS IN AUSTRIA. what's unremarkable about that??


@grace246 so she was a princess but not a queen?Oh well at least she was happy

very disrespectful of you guys to call her the 19th century Diana when she came before her and did none of Diana's charitable works...ijs.

I want the information, but the way you talk makes me tired.

Where was this video when I went to vienna last year

They hadn’t a loveless marriage. He loved her so much choosing her over her sister even tho he knew that her sister was the better option for the role as empress. She didn’t hated her position and used it for herself (traveling and perforce riding in England and Hungary) and her son was more into democratic ideas than she was but she hated the people and the etiquette. She lost er freedom but was kind of a narcissist person. You can’t quite say that she was anorexic. She did huge workouts (-a shame for that time more for an empress) and walks riding and traveling without passing out. She did love her children but could only enjoy her motherhood with her last child and even than she wasn’t into it because all were taken from her. She would never give up on herself for her children.

Her life story was exquisite . May she rip.☯️

Her mission.

I remember watching a cartoon based on this when I was little.

I had no idea that there were so many anarchists running amuck killing so many heads of state/royals!

Laughed so hard at the 19th century joke. Yeah, the 1800s are the worst for women, rest of history not so much and it depends on where.

Sissi is pronounced with a short first i, like if u call someone who is a scardy cat a siddy

"heirs and spares"

Awesome video...Greetings from Austria

Sisi's summer palace in Corfu was part of the war reparations Greece received from Austria at the end of WWI. Also the palace was used in a James Bond movie.

I loved the video but it's eliSabeth not eliZabeth

@Evgueni Mlodik ohh yes actually!! Lol stupid me! And if you wanna pronounce it perfect you pronounce it like "Eliiisabet" people always ignore the iii part

It's pronounced "Elisabet," the "h" is essentially ignored.

@Evgueni Mlodik sorry I don't get it

And it's "set," not "seth."

She started out as a spoiled, super-indulged child of privilege and she should have known better than to disagree with Sophia. She set up her own misery and she was a brat. Thank goodness she finally grew up.

She was spoiled, but she was still just a child. She barely even knew basic biology. It took Franz Joseph three days to "consummate" the marriage, and he essentially had to take her by force.

Per chance... is this the same Sisi that fox kids had a crappy cartoon of in early 2000?

Both cartoons were just thinly veiled commercials for Sissi fashion dolls.


Yes. There was also a reboot several years ago, it was even worse.

She is one of my faves...

Whaaaat but the Emperor loves her madly! How could you said it's a loveless marriage?!

Empress Sisi reminded me a Princess "Liselotte"Elizabeth-Charlotte,Duchess d'Orleans(1652-1722)even She wasn't beauty but by spirit and intellectual energy they were alike. Women were just pawns in the name of politics, and brood mares. Life in a gilded cage was to be prisoner!!!

as sad as it is to say. finally found a woman who's life and death was even worse then Diana's. WTF is wrong with this world?!

Thank you

Next time could you please use reliable sources instead of websites which love to romanticise Sisi's life? I mean it is true tho, some incidents were tragic, but I am currently writing about her for University and your documentary sounds more than a drama than her life. You would be shocked how she really was and what reliable sources tell you about her.

one could think you took your information from the "Sissi" trilogy...

Susanna Maier Actually, it seems more as if he looked up the Michael Kunze/Sylvester Levay musical or the 2004 TV movie with Arielle Dombasle, since the Sissi movies don’t mention anything overtly tragic about Elisabeth’s life.

Funny with that story. I knew some of the people, but for example never knew that Sissi's mother and empress Sophia were sisters. I do wonder though, what about Arkas? or the siblings of Sissi, from the series. Were they all made up? the name of Von Grossberg, where does that come from? Or Franz' apparent brother, Karl...?

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