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Embrace Cycles of Business

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Hey. Everyone, and welcome back to the wedding boss life podcast. I'm your host Lauren, dragon cook I'm, an educator, creative, innovator, and a major target fan like it's, almost a borderline problem, this. Podcast, is all about equipping, wedding pros with the tools needed to stop spinning your wheels and, start, streamlining, the behind-the-scenes of your business I hope, each episode, leaves you feeling more empowered because. Quite frankly you. Deserve it. Today. We, are, talking about. The. The. Cycles of business, and embracing. Those cycles, um so. What I mean by that is. We. Aren't always on all. The time right, like it's very, hard. To do that I don't know anybody, that can, do it well. So. It's. Not something that you should be doing anyway and, I'll dive into what I'm talking about in a second yeah, oh, good morning Rochelle, hi I'm so happy to see you coming back every week I'm happy I didn't scare you away, okay. So, good. Morning Kristin oh my gosh how many people do we have on today already. Up to ten ah that makes me so happy I know ten people like whoo but that makes me happy, awesome, okay so I, won't, i won't digress, too much okay so. Just. Like with life and like with anything else you, know there. Are cycles, to everything. Um, good morning Mimi hi um and. It's. Very difficult like I was saying to be on all, the time nobody, is able to do that even myself. Who, has ADHD nothing. Has. Plenty. Of energy to go around I can't always be on right, um and, I. Don't know about you but especially if you still work a full-time job and maybe you you know this is your side hustle you know doing something in, the industry, then, you know when you come home like, that's your. Your. Safe, zone right, like if you've had a rough day you, know that you can just decompress. And you. Know if you have a partner. You know furry friends, like we've talked about this before you know whoever your people are you. Know that they're safe and you can kind of like just, let it go right well, what. I have, found in speaking. To so many. Creatives. Is the fact that we. Don't honor. The. Same, kind. Of rest. Within. Our businesses, and so, I'm going to I'm. Going to talk a little bit and compare a little bit to just. The. Seasons, and and, what, they you, know what their purposes, are I'm, not going to get all kinds of woowoo, today but, everything's kind of connected. And you guys will see what I'm talking about so anyway, all right so with. All of that being said for, a good majority of my own life, I've. Struggled personally. With cycling through energetic, highs and, energetic. Lows the. Highs are, always, great right like who doesn't, love, feeling, energized, and getting. Things done and crossing, it off your to-do list and you know creating, these, massive. Amazing, results, and hitting your goals you, know so for me the, highs have never been the problem I, don't know about you guys but. The. Lows are, what. Totally, derail, me like, I have a much, harder, time sitting. With myself when. You. Know all my creativity, dries, up and I feel like, just. Exhausted. From thinking. And you, know. Working. Towards the goals I have you know for my business and my life and you, know it's during those times.

Milo. Times, when, I stress. Out the most and, I. Don't, know about you guys and, you know feel, free to drop a one, in the comments, if this applies to you I just, want to you know see if we're all on the same page here but, it's the, time the low the periods of low, that. The. Self-criticism, and the, judgment, and, the. The self like. Sabotage. Live. In every, corner of my brain what, I mean is it's it's, when my results, start to slow down when I feel like I'll never get my energy back are my clients. Coming in you know what. Why, aren't they coming in, you know um am, I, going to be able to pay my bills this, month like. You, know what I mean like does that kind of resonate with you guys as that makes sense it's you. Know it's when you start to have those. Okay, Stacey thank you for you know putting it putting. That out there like I just got the goose bumps when I said that we're. Gonna clear some of that ish. Today, so I'm gonna help you a little bit with that okay yeah, okay I don't want to be like oh yeah I see, wines and absol like it. That, makes me happy that you guys are you know obviously on on the same page and it is it's freaking, hard right. Because, especially. When you have if you have a partner, that. You. Know maybe isn't in, the the creative, space. And you, know maybe they work a nine-to-five you, know it's really hard to. You. Know even if they are like your soul mate and they know you, better than anybody sometimes. It's really difficult to. Express. What you're going, through right like it's it's, it's. Difficult because they. They. Themselves experience, it but it also doesn't, probably, apply so much to having. To motivate. Yourself you, know motivate, themselves in their business because you know maybe they're working corporate or something like that so. Okay. Okay, Tracy okay good and this is kind of like, cheesy. As it sounds I. Personally. Every single month I like. To dig and I. Try. To, figure. Out what topics are needed. Most to be talked about for, the month and so this was one that was like boom. So. In. Talking about this I'm if you guys are you, know thinking, to yourself oh my god like she's, speaking. About my life like as we speak you, want to make a point, to, come on next, week's coffee chat okay if you've never put it in your calendar if you have you never set a reminder for yourself have you've never done anything like that promise. You set a reminder for next week 10 a.m. Eastern because two, of my very good friends, Dov, and Nicole. They. Are going to be working, some serious. Magic. With, you guys I'll, leave it at that for now and then I'll talk about it more at the end ok so, just saying, alright so.

Going Back to the low you know I've done. Enough, of my own you, know inner work, to. Know that, when I fall into like this this. Pitfall. I guess for lack of better words like this just energetically. Less, low, you, know it really. Means, for me personally, to. Pull. Back, to. Reflect. To, rest -. You, know receive, -. To, do, less. At least. Until. My creativity, returns, and I, can start you, know making stuff happen in, my business, um, you. Know in many ways I think. That we all feel, that. This. Period, like the energetic. Low, the, you know the feeling. Is less, valuable, than, a high then, you know being on top of the world like getting it done like crossing on through to do is you know right but. It's. An. Energetic. Flow should, be something, that we all kind, of begin, to look at as something, that we should have. To navigate right. Something, that you. Know we. Something. That shouldn't be viewed as like, darkness, and like something, that you need to cope with and deal with and, you know whatever you, know something, that is bad, instead. You know you should be asking, yourself like. How can I be more intentional, with. You. Know honoring, the way your. Business cycles. And instead. Of seeing the low period, of your business like when are my clients gonna come into me even going to get any clients am i doing it right am i charging enough you know is very pricing, off you. Know or my photo is good enough you, know, you, know all. Of those things you know instead, of seeing that as as the, the low period, is something that you need to like watch out for it and deal, with how. Can you embrace that and incorporate. It more into. Your life and into your business you know because. After. All if, we, really. Truly. Embrace. The, cycle, of, our business, then we, would embrace, it all, instead. Of trying to fix the low instead, of trying to fix that right so. What. I'm trying to say is that. Energy. Directly. Correlates, and it's. Influenced. By, the. Cycles that are very much found in nature right, this is where I was talking about the Four Seasons so.

You. Know whether it's the, Four Seasons the, lunar, phases you know there's, a reason why, all, of that happens, in nature. We're. Not designed, to be on all the time just how you know nature, and you, know have seasons, and moon, the, moon has phases, we. Have highs and lows in our own you, know businesses. So, we're most productive. When, we. Can, embrace both, so. What am I talking about I'm gonna I'm gonna die that in but does that make sense with you guys like I just want to pause for a second because I'm. Trying. To you, know really show. You guys that. It's. Okay. It's, okay. To. Feel, like. You just. Can't. Do it anymore it's. Okay. To, feel like, you. Know am I even gonna get any more clients it's, okay. Because what that's, telling. You what that that message, is is basically, that pops up for you you know inside that's, basically saying all right all, right you know Beverly, all right Brandon all right Tracey you know all right Mimi all right Chris and slow, down. It's. Time to slow down and just. Rest. For a little bit that's. What it's saying to you like, does that make sense like. Yeah, no I don't know I know there's a delay with with our lives so I'm just gonna hold, on you know for it for a second here. So, Oh Tracy, yeah it's now on your calendar yay yeah that makes me so happy. Beverly, I got really lucky when I married my husband, good. Tell. Him I love him Beverly, because. What. You experienced. A couple weeks ago is part. Of the, journey it's part of the process it's part of the, business that, nobody. Talks about right. Like nobody. Frickin talks about it because, it's like almost, like taboo like, it's like no, you're. Supposed to be successful, all the time like you're supposed to be on all the time you're supposed to be nailing your goals and and you, know being, what successful, all the time no and. Anybody. Let me tell you this anybody. That. Can't. Be honest, and. And. Acknowledge. The fact that they. Have low periods, to. Poser. Move. On fake. Facade, they, got a mask on like no you don't want to be associated with that ish because seriously. It's not. That's. Not real that's not reality, um, that's not how. Life, goes that's not how business goes right um. Rachelle. Definitely you are not, alone, at all and so I'm gonna talk about you, know the how, you, know the seasons, you can, use the seasons as an example and so um you, know Oh Brianne. Honestly. Here. Comes the woowoo anybody. That's watching and they're like what you're, talking about. Right. Now. The. New moon is a, period, for rest. Anyway, we just had a new moon when. Was the last week here, there's a stinkbug. How. Are stink bugs alive right now in New Hampshire okay, sorry, I'm like oh. Gosh. You're so creepy I thought it was a spider at first and I was trying real hard not to like scream there's, a it's, on my desk right now anyway we're just gonna pretend like I didn't see it uh-huh. Um. Yes. Oh you're so welcome Karen, yes oh good good good good yes, Kristen you are not a failure that just means that you're in a period of a time, of rest, and, it's you, need to take that time because. That. That's. The cycle, that you're currently in in your business, right um. It. Is Stacey oh my gosh that's why I don't know if you saw the you, know Coffey chat a couple weeks ago with you know just stopping the comparison, game but man. When, I ever you, know stopped following. Everybody. You, know Kristin, just kill it I can't, I, can't, if you wear a spider girlfriend I would be killing, that thing and I would have no qualms about it actually. I don't even know where it went I'm. Not even kidding well there you are okay good okay good whatever we're no we're not looking at it um, it's. It's a killer it really it takes, it. Almost takes a part of you because then what, is being portrayed though on social media isn't.

Reality No. It's, the best version, of their, hi it's. Their successes. It's their you know like uh, it's. You know it oh good. Good, good good oh that makes me so happy I can't believe I'm saying that yeah I'm so happy when followed so many people oh, my. Gosh but seriously. Kristin. Don't do that to me don't, you do that to me oh hell, no no no uh-uh nope. Um. Yeah. But it really it's it's an it's important, you know to to. Do that for your own sanity, hi, Fran hard to do that in my business yes, good. Fran. That makes me so happy and you're right and in, your, business, you, know so free those guys that, don't know Fran. Fran is a, venue owner for, a beautiful, venue over where I am, just. Like 10 minutes down the road and they. Pump, out what, is it Fran how many do you have coming, up for this season normally, on average for them they pump out 50 weddings a year so. For her it's a little bit harder you know to set. The limits and whatnot but, I'm glad that you are definitely working. Then even, with that kind of volume you can still find the times to, rest. You know um. Yeah. I own followed groups that made me feel inadequate or upset me yes, yes. Yes yes yes yes you have to choose you know you have to choose where, to. Spend your time you, have to choose places. Or you know people, groups. That, that, fuel. You. That. That literally, give. You. Know are. Going to build you up versus. Like, taking. You, know or making you feel less than because if, that's the case if you've ever felt that way about you, know somebody on social media or a group get, the hell out of there you're not supposed to be in there okay I'm giving you permission I'm. Giving, you permission um. Groups, are hard, they really are and that's why like, I know I've said it before and I know I'm off topic and I will get back on I promise for all of you who are like two-digit. ADHD. But. It's, you. Know it really is one of those things where I want, this group to be fun and I want it to be a place where you can come and it's. You. Can put it all out on the table there's, no judgment you know and this is a place where you can come to fuel. Your. Your yourself, your business um. You know and if, ever ever. Ever ever you get the feeling otherwise you. Know for in this group I want, you to leave not. Because obviously I don't want to see you go but I don't want to ever create, that kind of environment for, you does that make sense um. Yes. Fran, you would love Tracy oh I love that I just networks, over, alive okay anyway, okay. So okay. Alright. So let me ask you this let's get back to this a little bit um but, what. Are the consequences for, you, know when you feel like you're always on right. Like when you are you're. Supposed to be you. Know this master. Business. You. Know boss all the time well, I'll, tell you what happens and this. Will resonate I think when most of you I just want to check on that sink there it is okay you just saw Kristen's comment again what if it climbs up you're like I'm like oh hell no okay, um, so, the, consequence, of when you are always on doing, that to yourself and you know pushing through we should be resting, is a loss, of motivation and.

Most. Commonly, burnout. At the end of the season, that's, why, we experienced. Wedding. Burnout, you know wedding season burnout, that's why come. You know November, mostly. It depending on where you are in the country. We're. All like. Zombies. Like. We are all zombies we're, all zombie vendors you know as I've termed, it before like we literally we, we, don't know if we're coming or going we, can't do our best work we're, exhausted. You. Know poor photographers, they're still editing you know through Christmas like they don't see the end until. Like the. New year you know so, that's. What happens, when you're always on but, what, I want to ask you guys is you know how do we. Incorporate. The, natural, cycles, into your business. Well. Honestly. The most simple way of saying. It is the, plan. Our productivity. Around. Those. Different, phases so. Let, me let, me explain the. The first phase I want to talk a bit about correlates. To like. Winter. Or, the. New moon um you. Know it's it's offseason. For, us like, right now this would be a perfect example of this phase that's. Climbing. Up okay, I'm sorry I have to you're, not going away dude you need to come down though like this this isn't okay how are you alive, right now okay. No I'm sorry, I'm sorry for. Okay. Get, on the paper I promise. Like I wasn't lying. Okay. It's on the floor II now that. Probably was a bad idea but anyway okay, so the, first phase correlates, to you. Know think. Of it as like winter time or the new moon or you know offseason. Energy's. Low you. Know right now for, most of us, no it's not about taking. Action necessarily. But rather. It should be, about planning, what action, to take. Right. So you know January, it was like let's set all these goals blah, blah blah well, you. Know there kind of is a reason for that because we've, all you know we're, supposed to be relaxing.

Right, Now you know in. Quotations. Relaxing, like is that really even if they went going your own business, not, really your brain is always on but. You. Should at least be you know asking. Yourself like what do I want to be working on you, know during. You, know when, I do have like I'm, on again you know what projects, do I want to work on what goals would I you, know do I want to accomplish um. You. Know things like that it's. You, know a really, good time to, check in with, you, know the bigger picture, for your business, and make. Sure that, you know you're making adjustments. If needed it's anything's. Out of alignment meaning like you know if you. Okay. I'm sorry. To do this and I really, am but I I have to kill you I can't take it anymore, okay. Oh oh. You, just crunched, okay done um. The. Crap that happens on coffee chats oh my god if this is an entertainment and, education. All wrapped up in one I don't know what is like honestly chickens. Roaming. By my window cats, meow like I've got, it all um. So. You. Know making. Time to check in with your larger vision and making adjustments you, know if things feel out of alignment like. The primary, objective. The primary, focus, for you during, this time of rest should. Be to, really, think about meditate. On what you want, engage. In self-care, like really, really. Like. Go, make a massage appointment if you haven't in a long time go to, the spa you know go get your nails done um you. Know do. Those creative projects, that you know you never have time for during, the season. But, you know maybe, you really wanted to write an article about. X. And, now. Would be that time because. It's not something that has. To be on your to do right it should be like something that feels good to you you, know and that. You want to do you. Know maybe, you. You, you, know start to network. With people you know and make more friends you know within the industry if that's something that feels good to you um you, know this is the time to, really. Take. The, time to, chill, okay, so. If. You. Are currently feeling. What you, know I'm talking about like the just the energetic, low and. Feeling. Really. Truly, don't. Be so hard on yourself, because, right now you're, supposed to be knit, there's a reason why you're feeling that way and especially, too sorry, for any guys on here I don't know if there are any or not sorry, dudes, um, but, especially you know our menstrual. Cycles to you, girls know what I'm talking about you ladies know like, it's, just one of those things if you're watching the replay you're probably like yeah. It. Happens. Then too but. Here we're focusing more on like you know the business aspect, so the. Second phase that I want to talk about you know relates. More to like springtime. And you. Know the the waxing, moon if you will so during this period, energy. Is starting, to build you, know you're, starting to feel like oh okay. Alright you, know it's time to you. Know plant, those seeds you. Know the primary focus. Of this, phase which, comes after I, want you guys to make a note of this I want to see how many notice. Them. Coming, out of this phase that, they're in right now if you're in the low it.

Builds. Right, I want you to I want you to make note because you don't go from 0 to 60, it doesn't quite happen that way maybe it does you, know if you have a sudden, burst of energy but. Nine times out of ten I would have to say that you know it's a gradual, like getting. Out of it right is that right for anyone else like that's how it is for me. So. You know the. The. The focus, during, this time is you know just start doing the things that, you put on you, know your your action, plan when, you were at a low you. Know it, will, help to bring about those things that you were you know setting up for yourself for goals and whatnot um this. Is a great time to initiate, a project, or, style. Shoot, or you, know launch a new offer in your business, um you, know this is that time so, that's why you kind of see like I see. A lot of you know wedding pros go, into hibernation from. January, until about, March then. Right. Around like. Milla March and to March beginning of April you, start to see all these styled, shoots happen. And it's, because like, people are getting back into their. Groove you, know they're, getting back into. Building. Up towards. You. Know amping, up the things, the elements, in their business so, you'll. You'll start to see that a little bit more - I just want I'm. Just curious because I want you guys to pay, attention and see if you see it - I see it all the time but. You know um, yeah. Oh that's, good though Traci okay good so you're looking in the second phase you're starting, to build back up good good this is good and it's perfect timing for it okay, so, the third phase I want to talk about obviously next, what comes after spring/summer, um and, you, know if we're talking about lunar stuff it's also the full moon so, during. This, thing is the third phase you know energy is it al all-time, high you, know it's the, primary focus. Objective, of this phase is, to you know take the action, you know like do, it get it done um, you. Know obviously. Being thankful for you know anything that you're. Able to accomplish and all that but like this is the time to push yourself this, is the time to act upon, you, know all of that inspiration. You, had written down you know during, phase one during your low period you, know doing. I, don't, know you, know booking. Grand. Openings for venues you doing, a. Big, photo. Session. For clients, you know or maybe you're throwing a client, thank. You, you know gathering, something like that. Of which you can always then ask for video, reviews, which is something we've talked about in the past and, mm-hmm. Yeah. Anyway. Speaking. Engagements. You know networking, events. You. Know really, like, you. Know what is it called like pushing. The pavement is that what the saying is I know that involves, statement but is a pushing payment stomp in the theme I don't know someone help me here. But. You know what I'm saying like it's a time to do it's time for action it's it's time to get done um so. You know that is that face the the last, phase. The fourth phase you, know is obviously. What, comes after summer fall, and, it's also after, the full moon comes the, waning moon. So. You, know during this period. Your. Energy, unfortunately. He starts to slow down a little bit but, it's not a bad thing so, you know this. Is a period to wrap up your, stuff it's it's a period to you, know wrap up those last projects. Wrap up those last sessions, you had you. Know wrap up you. Know anything. Having. To do with projects, or launches, or you know anything like that um this, is a perfect, time to I hate, doing this myself but.

This Is when I do it to clean up my office, this, is like you know just tidying up like, getting things finished. You, know to, to get things just. Completed. And. This is also a great time. To, you, know take take, the time to. Reflect on what. Went well for, the season like what, worked. What. Didn't, work what. Did you think was gonna work but maybe was an epic failure um. You. Know things like that and, you. Know whatever. It, is that's, not, working for you anymore you. Know no, longer serving, you then. You. Obviously, have, to let. That ish go you, know um it. It's the time to make. Those small changes. So. Depending. On you, know how, you. Know either in tune with your business you are or, to, nature. Or you know just, just your own self like you, might. See. A correlation, to how. Your. Energy is you. Know and how it is, relating, to like the moon or the seasons, or you, know your. Menstrual cycle you know things like that look. For similarities, look, for, commonalities. Like, it's, it's kind of crazy like once you're, you've, opened your, eyes to it you're. Gonna see that. It happens more often than you think but then at the same time you kind of know what to expect afterwards, right so if you're in that little period know it's not gonna last forever there's, a reason why it's happening, because if we. Were. You. Know always-on. Then. We would crash, and burn and be, out of business right there's, a reason, why you. Need to take those breaks and so when you're feeling low just. Know that you know it's your you. Should be allowing yourself that period to just chill. Um. So. You know during. The, first, seat the, first phase you know and the, last day so, what. Is that spring and fall, you. Know figure, out you, know the bare-bones minimum that, you need to do if you. Can't just stop working you know when we own a business we, don't have that luxury to, just stop right, the money's got to keep coming in somewhere, you. Know so what, I do. During these you, know periods. Of low, is figure. Out the bare-bones like what is the. Bare-bones. Minimum, requirement. That you know I need to do or I need to get done to. Keep the money flowing, you, know could, you combine. Certain. Tasks. Or things, that you have in your business you know to get them done in less time during. Those periods, of low. Energy. You. Know and you. Know, maybe. You. Schedule a coffee. Date with somebody. You, know that you needed to finish. A project up, with while you're like. Out at, the park you know what I'm saying like just combine things to kind of, get. It all done but like make. It fun at the same time and be kind to yourself um. But, the most important, thing that I want to you, know really, have you guys take away from this chat is. That you. Don't. Have to wait until you, lose all. Of your motivation, or. Until, you burn out completely. Before. You, decide to truly. Honor the. Low, periods, of your. Business, the you know the low periods, of energy. So, you know, if you can start to be more. You. Know observant. And, intentional. About that then, you can actually plan.

For You're, slowing, down periods. Into. Your regular. You know, business. Schedule you can maybe. You. Know set yourself, up to accomplish. More with. Less. Effort, if that. Makes sense you know set yourself, up to just. Be. Does. That make sense like I told you I wasn't gonna try and get very woowoo with, you all but, like does. That make sense what I kind of just talked about like drop. A heart drop a like you know drop the face. If you're like what is this chick talking about, you, know I just. Want to make sure that it kind of, didn't. Just make sense to me in my head. Cuz that happens, more often than I like, and that's okay so, yeah so. Okay, good awesome, Thank You Tracy at. Least one person, at least one person is like okay um. So. Yeah so that is basically all I, wanted to really. You. Know talk about so, now let's open it up now let's. Let's, have that conversation that we always normally, have like what. Questions. Do you guys have maybe for me or maybe for others that are on watching, this live you. Know oftentimes. Sometimes, we just need to know again, that we're not alone and experiencing, something and I can guarantee you of the how many we have 112, people that are currently on here right now, I'm sure someone else is experiencing. It too or you know has gone through the same thing that you may have a question about. Um. Good. Good, good good good. Thank You Stacey good good good um. So. I, was, just wondering what cup I actually had today clearly. I woke, up like this guys, for, reals, like 100%. Beyonce. All the way um. Yeah. So, you. Know if you don't have any questions or you know maybe you don't want to stick around for the. Conversation. That happens afterward, you, know my. Chat. Portion, is is done but um, you know if this is your first coffee chat then I would strongly, recommend sticking, around because a lot of times the. Aha. Moments, the, epiphanies. Come, during. This period I'm just waiting for people to kind of warm. Up um but. You, know how many people truly, are, experiencing. You. Know a low right, now how, many people are like. Feeling. Like huh you, know am I am I supposed to be doing this am i you know going. To make the money I. You. Know our clients, even going to book me, you. Know am I going to make my goals this year am. I going to be able to feed my family you know our is anyone, I know. Some people you know in the beginning you. Know had had mentioned that they were feeling that way but I just, want to hear from you know if anyone else has hopped on um. Okay. Karen that makes me so happy though like not the truth obviously. You. Know what I'm saying um it's. It's. Something. You, know it's one of those things that really is, taboo, you know to kind of talk about it's uh. We're. Supposed to be on all, the time in this business like we're always supposed to be you. Know we're always supposed to be like ah you. Know kicking our ass takin names like, and it's it's not reality, you, know it's not reality so, I'm I'm happy, that this you know is able to help you and you know maybe maybe. Have your business partner you know hop, on and, or, don't, because, you know you say you know it's not something you talk, about with her but, you know maybe this would help her you never know especially, if it's not something you would probably chat, about with her Karen maybe, she needs to hear it you know um.

Okay. And Stephanie just got over a period yeah, um. Brianne I'm slowly getting out of below but, you're starting getting more clarity good. Girlfriend. Good I'm really, really really stoked and happy to hear that um. Yes. Stacey yes and I barely do anything for yourself anymore you don't give yourself enough time to relax, this month's going to book my first massage oh my god. Yay. Oh my. Gosh so, stoked for you ah it's. Something, that um. Is. So, needed it, really is and it's like it's. It's, so um as, women. Because I don't think any guys are on here watching and if you are guys watching. The replay it's totally fine I'm just gonna speak to the ladies for a little bit here you know as. Females. As. Women. As. Mama, you, know as mamas we. Are. The. Givers. Right. Like, that is just how we are, that, is our energy like that is that. Is it like we just. Give. But. There we all I don't, know about anyone and. Correct. Me if I'm wrong ladies. Better on here we're watching the replay correct. Me if I'm wrong but. We have a really hard time. Receiving. Right. It's, almost like we have to have permission like Karen is saying and I have to do it to myself to like, I have. To stop and be like no no it's. Okay like it's okay for me to take time and I. Won't, like the one way I like. Relaxed. And like get going again is to. Literally, not get out of my Jam jams for, the entire day I stay in my bed and catch up on Netflix, if. An email comes in tough, I'm not. Available if calls, come in I'm not available I'll get, to it tomorrow you have to take that time for you, otherwise. It. Ends in burnout and I like it it does and you know Justin. Speaking with you ladies. You. Know today it's a parent we're all we're. All in the same boat so that's why I'm stoked for next week's coffee chat because I really, think I. Really. Think Devon Nicole are going, to. Really. Really, really really make. Some, serious. Shifts, and, clear. Some blocks for you guys so um. Yeah. One. Way on my way up from the low good Tracy good good good so you're in like the second phase good good good it's a dream but it's the constant rollercoaster of owning your own business so, true, so, true Tiffany, and it's like but. Tiffany perfect example like have, you, ever in the ten years you've been in the industry really. Had this. Conversation. Or. Heard, someone, had this kind of conversation that. It's like. To. Accept, it for what it is like the cycles, you know like, or Tracy, Tracy you've been in a while um I don't know Fran still on she's been in a long time - um. Natalie. I'm an officiant and they, have Coordinator and always sitting as a hobby and just in the past three months decided, to take it as a real business yeah, and. You're feeling like you're so behind don't feel that way and I'm going to book any clients and I'm very low as I need the money and not working okay, so Natalie what I would say to that and um. Oh. Girl. Okay, I'm. Actually getting. I'm. Actually getting really teary so for. Those guys that are new. On. The coffee chat. Um. I'm. Intuitive. A little. Bit so. For. You Natalie right now like I literally am like. Tearing, up like there's a lot of emotion attached to that and so um. So. What I would say. That is to. Accept. This period, for what it is be. Kind to yourself I know that you're just like getting, going you, know and you try and get the wheels turning and whatnot, but, that, doesn't, mean. That you can't, be kind, to yourself too, if that makes sense, so. Does. That make sense Natalie, at all. I'm sorry. To like pull, you out what. Of the crowd but I just I just, want. To give you that message um. It. Will come it. Would like. Being. Told it will come and. So you just need to be. Kind to yourself you. Know, you. Know does that make sense Natalie, um okay. Sorry if, that was like mm. Okay. So Tracy is saying I attended, a retreat over the weekend and that's part of the education and, learning and being around other planners new, and old that, I felt energized, you, were technology, free for five days and that's so needed, right like, it's so, so, so needed so, um. I'm. Yeah. I'm I'm so. Stoked, that you did that for yourself and it was so like spur the moment off-the-cuff, right right Tracy like I remember you saying I'm going to a conference and I was like oh okay. Cool, like that's awesome, but it was like so out of the blue um. And Tiffany is saying, like, yeah. Okay, it's very hard thing that balance being on all the time and you, know it is it's a dance it really is it's a dance and it's like you know a little bit of this a little bit of that and you know there's. So many Stacey saying there's so many things going on over here I just need some time to chill out and girl and that's okay like.

Obviously. You know you need, that time so, take that time right, like even if it's only a day take. The time put it in your schedule block. It out if you have to you know like block. It like that. Is, the. Work for that day is to just be and just chill right. Tracy's, saying yeah. So. Tracy speaking and Natalie and saying you know it takes, time to build further so don't feel like you're behind you, want to take the time to develop it and develop it right, so. You know if you're trying to develop or just, think of any new project, you know think of think of anything. Think. Of you know renovating, your bathroom. I don't know this just popped in my head think of renovating, your bathroom and you only have half the supplies to. You. Know finish the renovation, are, you gonna be able to do a good job and, see, it through, you. Know and this is with anything this isn't even directly towards you Natalie I'm just giving you an example of, like it's. What we do as, women and, it's what we do as business owners and, so, you, know it's really hard to to. See. Something, through and do it well if, you. Aren't. Fully. Energized. Yourself. If you don't if you're not fully yourself, does that make sense to. You guys um. So. Tiffany's saying yes, yes exactly no. One ever talks about this like it's a hidden you know subject. And that's one one, thing that I do want to kind of do. More of in, this group is. Talk. About the unspoken, topics. Because, they are just as important, as the. Stuff, you, hear all the time from the educators, and you know people in the industry if not. More important, I feel because they are. Their, lessons that still need to be learned right um. So. Beverly is saying this is totally me I feel I need to justify, it if you do anything for yourself and we. Probably, all, do really I'm I'm, guilty I know I'm guilty um. So, yeah you're not alone babe um. Tracy, had a day on the beach with me a few years ago uh-huh. Yeah, I remember. This I remember bits and pieces of this Tracy and Tiffany um yeah. Now. You feel more open about it yes yes, exactly and, I love, it yes and again it's your story to tell but I remember, bits and pieces and. Karen saying not to bring politics, into it which is totally okay because we don't really do it normally but it I feel like it's an okay topic area, but, even state of the country has not me down a few notches lately, yeah, yeah, and it makes total sense, yeah, um, yeah. Oh and Natalie is saying it does make sense good okay good um. Who. Literally told the story this past weekend Tracy's saying okay. I'm, just trying to start my event-planning, business but, a bit bogged down also, being a caregiver for my father and try and get my son off to college whoa. Girlfriend, you have a full, plate plus some holy crap, holy. Moly what I would say to that is you. Know take. The time to eat the dessert even. Though you have a full plate um. There's. Always room for dessert right, I feel. Like that's such a whack-job analogy. But it really kind of makes sense even, when our plates are totally, full you, always have room for dessert right, like I don't care if you have a sweet tooth or not like there's. Always room there's always room I don't care um. Yeah. So just be kind to yourself babe, that's all I would say to that just, really be kind to yourself Stacey. Sings then, it's an inner battle of wine and relax and, worrying about the work that's not getting done exactly. I'm. Going to work harder on that yes. And it really is because, what, I had to also teach myself and what I had to kind of like. Learn. And you. Know. Change. The programming, that kind of you know like society, is almost programmed, in us like to go go go all the time like that's just our society, in general um, is. The. Work will still be there tomorrow right. If you are having a bad day, don't, try to get, done like. If, you recognize, that you are just having an off day for me when I know that my creativity, isn't there I'm. Not going to continue to try to create you know um new. A, new blog post I'm not going to continue to try and create new graphics, you, know or design elements, by them I'm not going to do that I'm not going to try to, you.

Know Think of new. Topics to talk about with you guys it's not going to come to me you, know when you try to force think. Of like a key in a door, you know when you try to force that key in there if it's not the right key, it's not gonna fit it's not gonna work so, don't keep trying to force it cuz no matter how hard you keep trying to go at it that day it's, not gonna happen so, just you know acknowledge. That and and you know sometimes. You. Are going to be not sometimes all the time you will be more productive the, next day if you've. Had, the time to actually, like rejuvenate, does, that make sense Stacy like and this is something I have to remind myself to all the, time like, just because I'm talking about this doesn't mean I'm an expert on this or you don't immune to this or anything like that hell no I'm, a person too like mm-hmm. So you. Know just I just have learned enough, now from, my own self that you know if I'm having one of those days, game. Over I'm gonna go do something that I want to do you, know I'm gonna do something that's going to feel me instead, of me trying to fuel a project. When I've got nothing left you know does that make sense um, yeah. Exactly Tiffany, Tiffany's saying you know we've all been trained that to talk about your lows is showing weakness and. That. Can't be further from the truth, like it really can't be further from the truth because I feel like. You. Literally, are. A. Stronger. Person. Because. You actually see. Acknowledge. And recognize, that we. All have natural cycles, you know and our business is going to have a natural cycle too so. You know the people that are like oh no I've got this all the time they're. Lying. Like, they're, just not being true to themselves you know not necessarily that, they're lying I don't want to say that but they're just not. They're. Not fully embracing, their businesses, and they're not fully embracing, who they are you. Know in alignment with their business, you know so. Tracy's, saying okay, so Tracy I think is telling your story a little bit Tracy's, saying six to seven years ago on a hot July day I said I love, this like I feel like this is like the, start of like a romance, novel, um i sat, on a beach with Tiffany, pretty much telling her that I was done with being in the business and didn't know what to do, been. There done that not this but been there to her, worse to me were what. Can I to help you stay in this industry and, those, words and her support, helped me move. Past it, Here I am working, my business full-time you. Went full time with it last year and I will speak to Tracy Tracy. Has since added on, another another. Planner. Who's. Focusing, on you know corporate events, and whatnot and is growing her team by leaps and bounds so. What. Would it look like for her she had stopped if she had taken that low period, that you know first phase the winter the the new, moon if she had taken that and just been like you know done. I'm done you know what, would that have looked like for her she, would have never ever gotten to summer you. Know we appreciate summer. So much because the winter, you. Know um. Yeah. And Tiffany's saying and technically, were direct competition for. Those who don't know Tracy my own businesses about 20 miles away from each other and she's. Neither of you guys are the competitive, type at all um no one's got time for that you, know and it's the people that are secure, with. Their. Secure. And knowing, that their businesses, aren't. You. Know. Shakable. You. Know if you've built a solid foundation, and there's no reason for you to feel like there should be you know any competent competitive, feelings, Staci, Singh makes total sense about the the key and taking the time yeah I always, try to work through it because stuff needs to get done but I'll try to remind myself that it can wait good girl I have to do the same thing um. We've. Never seen each other as that and I don't see any other cleaner that one way Oh exactly, and, I love this I love. This I love this so much I love love-love-love. Like. Ah I love, and, look at that it's 10:56, I haven't even gone over oh yay.

All The winds today right, and I'll be totally honest with you I'm, having a lo I'm, having a lope hearing myself I'm the I'm experiencing, winter I'm you, know um, I, was. Experiencing. Spring. Of starting to come back into it a little bit more. But. Life. Happened. So now I'm like no, I wasn't quite right I'm like the groundhog wasn't. Quite, ready to come out yet wasn't. Wasn't, quite, ready for spring I'm going back in that's. What I'm doing and I'm okay with that because, I know I, know. It's what I should be doing and. The. More you practice that, the. More comfortable you'll get with it. And. The. The level, of stress I I'm so, I feel like this is so freakin cheesy but the, level of stress that, we all feel you, know on the daily with our businesses, starts. To become just a little bit less when. When, you start to actually. Listen. To the, cycles of where you're at personally. And where you're at with your business. Well. Thank you Tiffany thank, you and it's. It's. Just one of those things you know like, it's. Just it's just one of those things sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else you know um we. All have those moments of doubt we, all have those moments oh my gosh am I gonna get any more clients ah you. Know um. Sorry. Um I actually, I just I, just, tuned in for a hot second, and. So. One, new, offering. That I'm going to be putting on my website when I redo my. My. Services, page is that, and. This isn't something I actually want to talk about right now but, I'm being. Pushed, to talk about it right now so I'm just gonna get it out there and move on. One. New service that I'm gonna be putting on my my services, page is that I'm actually going to be offering, readings. For people, so. If you want to have you know. 25-minute. Half-hour reading. You. Know just to get some clarity on your life clarity, on your business, then. That. Is something that I'm gonna be offering 25, bucks I mean, I think that's there but, anyway there it is I put it out there so now I can be done and stop. Listening um and. Rochelle saying this topic needs to be yes it's, real talk but that's that's like what I want, this group to be about is the real. The real talk, the real, the. Real side. To business, right. Like. Ha. I can't it, oh I, I have, a couple pet peeves I won't lie but one of my biggest pet, peeves is to. Sit. And watch. People, that are you know other educators. In, the, business and the industry and, it's. Like I. Like. There's no substance, there. Does. That make ii by, no means. Am, i trying to knock anybody. That's, not what i'm doing but. There's just like no realness. There you know and so like that's what i want you guys to have, here. I want, you to be able to experience, that, here. So, if nothing else I hope that this talk helps with that um. So. Okay what are you guys saying, yes. You are I can't even tell you how much you've held me Oh Theresa thank you so much like, that makes me teary, and. Silly. Fans. Thanks. TIFF having, best friends in the same industry has kept me motivated during, the hotter seasons and negative time Stacy saying so thankful for them absolutely, sign. Me up I want one I knew that. You. Guys crack, me right. Up oh my gosh oh my gosh, you are so funny, okay well, um okay, so. Apparently. All, right um. Well. What, I can try to do is um. I'll. Try and get that set up I. Won't. Do it this week cuz I'm in a low, I'll. Do it soon but if you do if that is something that you want to do if you, know if you want to you. Know grab a reading, for yourself then you. Know shoot me an e-mail or. Uh-huh. Yeah, it's probably your best bet, but. I will be putting it on there soon so if it's something that you regularly want, to do then, you'll be able to have easier, access to it um oh. My. Gosh you guys crack, um, so. Okay so it's 11 o'clock. Thank, you guys so much for. For. Today and for your support and I, hope, that I was able to shed some light on a topic, again that you know a little bit taboo a little bit not talked about, next. Week like I said so. I don't. Know if I even mentioned it but dub and Nicole. Are actually, energy healers but they are energy, healers for creative. Business owners, and. I met them about. A year ago and they. Literally. Have transformed. And changed my life so, I'm, really, stoked if they're gonna be here I'll, drop their info, in the comments, so, next Tuesday 10:00, a.m. Eastern catch. The replay if you're not if. You're not able to catch it live but trust. Me when I say. The. Power and, what they have to. Give. You guys the pack their.

Words They're, everything. You. Want to catch it live like, it's one of those like if you've got a move ish around to make it happen make, it happen because, it's, it's. Worth it I promise you yeah. I care, and you're in awesome, okay so I'll. Drop that info in the in the comments. Thank, you guys so much as always, if you have questions you know reach out I'm, always here much, love to all and we'll see you next Tuesday, I. You.

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