Elliott Wave Forex Weekly Outlook 20-25 Aug 2018

Elliott Wave Forex Weekly Outlook 20-25 Aug 2018

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Good. Afternoon everyone welcome to this week's Elliott Wave Forex, and cryptocurrency and, melyssa's webinar, thank. You for joining me this morning, I hope you all having a wonderful Sunday, it's a beautiful, morning in. Johannesburg. This morning, it is nice and chilly weather I hope, you're all having a great trading, week as well so, August is typically. A very scrappy week but the market has been moving we've been able to trade right. So what do we have for a lineup for today so today I'm going to spend, the first five, minutes just to give you a tip like maybe that can open your eyes that. Is Elliott Wave in two minutes something that I usually start with when we do our courses, so, I'm just gonna show you what Elliot. Wave theory, is in two minutes, alright so stay glued and that, is what I'm gonna show you this. Morning. Before we start with a market, analysis, that is Elliott Wave in two minutes then, you can go and trade I'm kidding it's not that easy but that is just a tip I mean we do not have time to give you a course here so if you're interested in the course send. Me an email as, per the description of, my videos. All, right before we talk about the cost let's talk about how, you, can utilize these, webinars, if you watching on a video this, is what, you can do for yourself so what we have here is on, all, my videos beginning. Since the beginning of January. If. You, are interested, only on specific pairs, you can just go under. The description and you can you click on show more what. You'll find here under, the show more tab is. That all the, pairs, that I'm going to look at here today are. Time-stamped so what, that means is that if, you're looking for only out of years delay just go and click on audio US dollar and Audi, u.s. dollar analysis, starts so, you do not have to have a look, around trouble around and waste time looking for pairs. Or have to watch the whole video and looking for a specific, pair so that makes life very easy you, can take one, pair also and track, it five, months back seven months back if you like just, so you can see if this is accurate and I believe it is very accurate that's, why I've got it all there is all there.

Black-and-white, Inverted. Commas you can go and check it so that's what we have for you all right so maybe I could just look at some of the trades I didn't really prepare the trace that we are looking. At in the week we're still running the same trades, as we've been running last week so if you just look here I'm just, gonna go to my channel on. Slack. We use this on slack. We. Use the user who use the slack for our premium group so. This trade we took last week throws us a bounce this, was a bounce on us. Don't like it okay. This was a bounce or Union still like it. This. Was before it happened here it is so. You can see their other one played out. Okay. So. The rest of the past just the major ones that we running is this pound. Pound. JPY, that, has been going so well so fast you can see here we wanted this job I was very interested in this drop okay, I just wanted you to come back to this level around 150. MUC so there was 600, pips up and now we are about 800, peeps down okay. About. 800. Peeps 900, peeps down up to the 140, level I'm still expecting continuation. On this one to the downside you can just go and check your chance I do not put in the after, the chats that are how, it played out afterwards. But you can just go check if you're a trader you should be able to go check that out and see how it is playing out this. Was last week these are this, was how it was came out last week if I can just show you on the platform as well this, is our pound JPY, has been playing out and it's. Been cleaning out amazing. I shouldn't, do that cuz okay. That is that is pound JPY you, can see that down move up move and the down move so you see you don't with, a wave theory does advantage, you don't just trade one move you can maybe we have a couple of moves forecasted. Way. Ahead of time so you can see that is the 600 pips I was talking about to the upside and then the 900, keeps that we trading to the downside I'm still expecting continuation. Here but we're gonna update this as we start with our analysis. Alright, okay. So that. Is how that is playing out and another amazing, one Sam's I'm just gonna look at the last two now I'm not gonna look at everything else I'm gonna look at the major ones that we're looking at. Okay, this is still continuing, to the downside that is part of u.s. dollar. Some, of the amazing, ones for this year. The. CAD pairs. Specifically. Specifically. You. Euro. CAD and pound ket. All. Right so let's, just look at before. This played out how this played out before. So. This is a, this. Is euro, cats so, these are amazing this is you. Know can we sold, it right in the top okay, those would be watching the webinar to understand, why we started running the trouble can update that was start with the analysis look. How amazing this is we wanted this to come back to this level here we bought this piece okay. But, these 200 clips and then, now we are over. Over. 600. Peeps to the downside on this pen okay. So that is how amazing, this playset this was the first target initial target to. Expect I mentioned, that this is going to break this and then, I feel sure why it was gonna break, that. Level as well so you can just watch those videos just. Go and click on a euro, kid and you can go to pound. Carats or so this is still your kid having, completed, that first piece to the outside okay, and then now it is if you locate your charge can see that it has completed, that and now we're looking for these to, break this up to, the downside and so it is now retesting, that level it is not a support and resistant level, guys I don't, trade support, and resistance. This. Is now the same, pair as it was going down zero, is going down now that, moves s is going down we know that is gonna make a pullback you see these two benefit that the guys in the premium group gets they, get an update on the trades how, is going because. Now if, somebody, may say okay this is the reversing line and they want to get out of the trade even you so you've sold it to you've, sold the pair there and now it's pulling back here you don't panic because you understand, how the market moves it cannot just go in a straight line but the, challenge is knowing when it's astray or when is it a straight line what is, it any motive wave and when is it a corrective wave so, that is how that plays such as and as you can see I'm, tracking one pair here you see we, expected, that pullback, which were updated, and now it is dropping okay so this when you understand, how the market moves now, this pay is around this area, okay.

It Has already broken that level and we didn't expect that it was gonna break that level so, that is how amazing that works. Out so, I didn't show you pound cat is also pound cat that you can look at on the, videos you just go back in time and, watch. Those videos. Okay. So this is. Just. See if I can find pound cat ear okay. That's fine I don't want to waste time looking for that you can just watch the videos and see how amazing. That plays, out, okay. So. Those. Who are interested in attending, the course see a lot of people sending me messages that they're actually learning a lot from these videos so if you're learning anything. From these videos imagine. What you can get from the course on a, learning environment this is not a learning environment we're just applying the. Theory, we're, just applying the theory here so what you see here is a high, level application, of a whole lot of work in, the background, okay. So, before we get started as we are still looking at the trades recap, this is a pair, I think I've actually posted, this during, the webinar. Here, so I'm just gonna go into it. The, correlation, between. US. Dollar and. Correlation. Between years, to light and gold so, I want to mention something about correlation. Because. People apply, this incorrectly. Most, of the time all, right so have a look at this one it's on the daily I posted this on the 24th. Of June there was two, months back this. Is the correlation between year's, dollar JPY and gold so we expected, that years, to legit why it's gonna drop slightly and move back up okay, gold I've been saying you keep selling gold you don't you don't look for anything else other than yourself okay, I've got a modest I get there on gold, so, these out these place out release on trading view opposite, it last two, men two months back so that is how that played out you got them move to the upside on gold and look while I'm sorry on you still a JPY and, on. Gold as well you can imagine how many points, form about 12, on 90. All. The way drop or dropping all the way to this level so we're expecting this to end around the 1120, area. Okay so we have been selling gold from this level and I'm gonna show when we will do an analysis, why we have been selling gold from. That level so this analysis, is not in hindsight I mean they say hindsight, is the best sight but, it does not hand side does not help you in the forex market because you need, to be able to forecast ahead so. If you cannot see the market what the market is gonna do ahead of time you, cannot trade it's, always very easy to see these patterns after they've cleaned out okay, so you need the ability to be able to focus them before they happen, and you. Can lend that on your own or you can get training either, way anybody can lend this if. They if they've, got it if got the right background, okay, my background, is uh I'm. An engineer, by profession, I'm, a chemical engineer by, profession, so I've done a lot of numbers I've even done a subject. Specializing. Only in numbers called numerical, method in the first in the second year of my degree and. I, never apply that knowledge in, in. In, my practicing, in, my professional, career until, I started trading to Forex and I realized that I that can actually be amazing, so that, is why I've got interested, in the fibonacci theory, as well so, that is how that place are so something that the guys are doing because we've also had a market. Correlation. Seminar, so, the guys do something like this so correlation. Keeps, changing right. So, what, you need to keep doing so this is a table and if you can see it clearly this is a correlation table, for, different pairs there, is what we call correlation. Coefficient. Right, so, you need to have that coefficient, to understand, how the, pairs, are related. Because, sometimes, you even find that there is a strong, correlation for, example, I don't, know first is, that this is the this. Is the one so X the right one will be this one let's have a look at this one that. Will show you I mean everybody, expects, that I used to like JPY and. Euro. US dollar must, be inversely correlated. Right. But it is not always the case look. At this one this is what was done by one of our traders he, showed the in correlation. For the last 25, days and you will see that, if. There's, our invest correlation, on this pairs it. Must be negative, this negative correlation. Euro. US dollar means the, strong correlation, is 82% 80, 80 74.

69, That means it's positive, correlation. But, look at the relationship, between euro US dollar and. Euro. JPY. I'm, looking for euro JPY, here, here. It is you see not. Your JPY I'm used to like JPY, I'm looking for years to legit for a year there, is some kind of correlation. It is weak connect nation but you can see that it is direct, this time okay. It is data correlation, and not invest, correlation as we used to but that is in the last 25 days so correlation keeps, changing all the time, okay. So if you do not understand, correlation, if you do not understand. Cycles. And sequences, if you do not understand, the Fibonacci, study a Fibonacci Theory you cannot be able to trade the individual theory and I'm not saying that you cannot study this on your own you can but, if you do attend the course that will aid your, training, either ad or knowledge SOR. Alright. So let's get started I said I'm going to show you Elliot, wave theory, in two minutes let's see if I can do that quickly so. This is how the market works. So. These are the market works so check this out here. Every. Single time this is how the, market moves it moves in, waves obviously, we're just gonna spend two minutes just to show you how this works and if you learn, and understand, this maybe. You. May start, seeing the. Light and such, seeing the charts in, the right way so these are what, happens every time so what you always gonna happen is that you are going to have a parsing rules but, before I show you that so this you, need to remember that these these two cycles. To. To. Type of waves that you can find the cosine waves the, Saturn the sine wave so let me show you that quickly. But. So. I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on this one I've shown it you know under the previous videos you can go and watch so you've got something like that so this is a complete, cycle. This is a complete wave with us with a wavelength being, this size right, so that is what you call in highschool a wave, a, wave. A complete, wave okay, with your amplitude there. Your wavelength, over there, okay. So let's have a look here so you will have something, like this as well. You'll. Have this one which, you called in highschool a cosine, wave. Okay. So, this is exactly, the same thing the only difference between this and that one is that this one starts here so. What. Do you what do you need to do to be able to understand. Where you are in the cycle so this, is just a different, position in the cycle instead, of studying a wave here you start a DBA this is where you started with, the cosine so the cosine and the sine wave I exactly, the same thing you just need to understand where you are in the cycle so now how does the market work so, you get a passing means you, get a correction all, right not there's suddenly a person with a motive wave right, after getting that connection you get on you know that you are guaranteed to get another correction so.

To Know, that the current or the the move or the trend has ended you need to get an opposite, move in the day opposite direction opposite. Motive wave in the opposite direction like that, and then on a correction, so what comes after this obviously. You need to get destroyed. Obviously, you need to get another motive move to there to the downside and then. The cycle starts so you see here from here to. Here, you've, got your complete cycle, exactly. The same way as you would have here it is a complete cycle, right. So now the new cycle starts, you. Get the same thing going on again a pass a, correction. A pass. Okay. So. The, sequence, keeps, doing the same thing over and over again and what you have essentially, done here notice I, hope. This helps you I'm gonna take, this off here what, you've essentially, done here is, with. This move that I've shown here what. You have here now is a motive. Wave a, correction. And another. Motive wave and what you have here is, a one, two three, waves and. That. Is that, is your cycle and then a new cycle is starting so I, move. Similar. To what you have here you see yeah you've got a path seen up in the under opposite in the opposite direction and then you've got what you call here a disturbance, this is called a disturbance. In the wave a palace. In the disturbance, okay, a palace and the disturbance, that's, exactly the same thing that you have how, in, terms of harder price, moves, okay. All. Right so somebody saying dreamchaser, saying I must repeat so. This is this what I've done here is you can just watch the video and see what I've done so. This is one two three waves. Good. Waves alright, so obviously this is very high level this, is an introduction, to the wave theory that we do when. We start our course and then we start going down into the basics, as to how these works so, that you can understand, how these patterns work, and obviously, applying, the Fibonacci Theory into these and understanding. How these cycles, work, where, you are in the cycle so it's not as easy as 1 2 3 4 5 ok, all. Right. Great. Stuff so. That. Is how the Elliot wave theory works so that is just very high level so let's get back into our analysis. Somebody. Says there. Has just opened their eyes so I'm, glad that that is the idea I hope that works for you alright, so let's get started with our analysis, for today. Alright. So I'm looking, at the euro US dollar and the DXY. Correlation. Let's. Get you've, got the dollar, index at the bottom, let's get euro. US dollar the top. Okay. We've got a euro US dollar, this. US, dollar don't know I'd move down. Usually. Supposed to be right at the top okay. So. Don't let all these numbers, confuse, you and get. A lot of people sending me chatting around like you any, guys, sending, me chance on whatsapp, and on Facebook, cuz I've got already 260. Members that I have to look after so I cannot look at any more chests I only look at the charts from the members. In the premium group so if you wanted to impress me with your analysis. Don't impress me with that euro US dollar this a simple chart go. And go. And try to impress, me with that New Zealand cake on the CAD pass try. To label those try to do analysis on those then, if you if if, I see that you're doing great there then maybe I can. We. Can't have a discussion but this is this these are very easy chat because, it's all one two three four five and this is very rare cases, in the market so let's have a look. I'm. On the euro US dollar in the dollar index charts. Okay. So these are these display not so far I'm. Only, going to look at the last piece, so. If you remember that we've caught on euro US dollar one two and. Internally. Here you see that nothing, is for Steve got one two three four, five, sorry, but. Like that we've got one two, three. Four. Five. Okay. And this. Looks like we're getting we've got a triangle here we look at the triangle here, last. Week and that triangle does something like this you try to do it with straight lines I'm gonna, go into individual, charts guys I know it's not very clear cities now we're gonna go into dividual charts so I just wanna do this for both pairs one two, three. You've. Got a triangle a b, c d. E. And. Then. You get a move to the downside, okay. One two three four five, okay, I'm expecting, one more down, before. We go, to the upside so now let's have a look here I let, me just put up I'm not gonna do on the dollar index it's exactly the same thing alright, so the dollar index is interesting. In that you, also, have a triangle, here and this is the triangle and most people ignore and it is then they leave theory it is called the running triangle you see where your move ended it ended here and then you get it moves down but. You're a move, of the triangle, actually breaks the previous high and.

Then You can run a a b c d, e. And, then you get a move to the upside, so. This is a triangle even though it breaks the top here go, and read your Elliot wave theory you, will see that you've got what you call a running. Triangle, and that is exactly what you have in the dollar index on the, euro US dollar you've got it normal the message of the lemmings and you, know usually you've got a normal contracting. Triangle, that broke to the downside on the. DXY, you've got let's. Do this one in straight lines you've, got a running triangle, a running triangle you get your a, breaking. The previous high so, it's something that most. People ignore I don't know I don't know why okay, so I do not think that this sequence to the upside is complete I'm expecting, just one more one more up before. We start, correcting, one. More down before we start correcting okay, so this should be clear enough so, if you look at the yellow here, then I've done here one two, three. Your. Wave four is the triangle and then, a five is the five completed, we, will, see that okay, now. You've got a running triangle here the same the same thing if got this. One s your. Three. Here, and, if. Four, sorry, three here. Your. 3 is here so it is the inverse. She. Don't confuse you so your three and your four which is your whole running, triangle, these whole moves it's a running triangle, stick, it off. See. How clear. This is so nothing, forced you, see that it is clear s, textbook. As explained in the textbook okay. All. Right so this is this what you have is, what you have in this thing so what what are we looking at here we either looking forward we cannot, see it now clearly, whether this is gonna give us one more down and then enough but, we know that it's gonna give us a correction at some point it's not gonna go straight in in a straight line like that we're gonna get a correction okay, so now let's go into the individual charge I'm going to only look at a euro, US, dollar let's. Look at Euro US dollar now. You. Know you still let's go to one chat. Right. Euro US dollar so, last trickling I indicated, that this, was gonna end around the one three three one. Area. Okay. That. Is exactly where that is reversed, but I do not believe that that is the area where we want it to be. Okay. Let's just get that one down here. Okay. If you watched last week's video we did mention that he was gonna reverse in that area remember, we do not use support and resistance here if you look at this, this, player here and you look, going. Back, words, like that this, is not a major zone so do you've got a coincidence, there if this is a zone. We're. Only looking at structural, zone and. If you go further back you'll see that there are levels, that are insignificant. In, terms of debt and I keep showing if we can week out that, there are levels that are broken and there's no explanation why they are broken even, though they're supposed to be major levels so now the question is has this move to the downside this, one two three four five in red can you see the one two three four five in red let's take this one out yeah I need to go to the 4-hour chart so, you can see this one clearly. That move completed, to the downside. So. If you look on the 4:00 hour I'm, still expecting this is more this has gone up in three wave in three waves actually one two, three. So. Now the question is has this completed, this this lower degree wave four and our going to go down to. Complete. The wave five in green you. Can take a screenshot to look at this yourself so. I anticipate, that if we break this. If. We break this flag yet that is currently playing out here we, go down some more, okay. I'm slant, dissipating that we're gonna get one more done so if we. Are wrong and this has completed, the move as we indicated, this.

Is What is going to happen what's gonna happen is that you're going to get this correction, here if you get this correction here. It's. Gonna give you another way three waves moved today to the upside okay. So, if you get that three waves to the upside you may keep getting these three waves move, to the upside a, bigger. One and another. One just like that eventually. You're gonna have that correcting. That whole move from the top for, one more down so what we are having here is not a reversal, we're expecting, a correction, a deep connection, so why chart for these levels here the. Current level you do not rush this one when market opens let, it play out and then, you will see what it wants to do so if it's connecting, then you know it's gonna start, connecting to the upside and then if you're getting a passing move to the downside you start waiting for a correction here and then gonna take it down for the last move to the downside when, you get to the blue box you're gonna be taking it up and that's how you look at you know US dollar easy, like that so now let's look at the rest of the path so that's how you look at hero US dollar I can't give you any more detail than that right. Down to US dollar. Pound. US dollar as we expecting. Euro. US dollar to. Break to down for one more that's exactly the same thing we're expecting on pound you as well if you look on the daily on pound US dollar. Quickly. Show you the daily I'm looking, at this whole move, to the downside as, a passing, move like, this giving us one in the, running flat they're giving, me a two and then, we're looking for these two go to a wave three, in, fact pound. US, dollar actually I'm. Looking for it to come down so for, now the way pound US dollar is coming it. Looks like it may even break this level. Unless. The only way that this will not break this level is if you, get a deep correction, here there's a reason why I'm saying then we forget a deep correction then it won't break it, may bounce. Back up for one more but if you do not get dead-on pound if you do not get that deep correction, this. May. Be going, all the way down even lower than the previous break, sit low here and, go. All the way down so, the only way that will prevent only. Thing that will prevent that movie fees if we get a deeper move like this, because. Then you can get a move like that and then it down okay, so let me switch off here so we can dunker I don't confuse you with the numbers let me do it one more time if, you, do not get a deeper move like this on part. Ok. Forgettable give a move like this then this pound can, go back and retest that level before it comes down ok. If you don't this, will, keep going like that it will keep giving you a small correction it will keep it going small, Corrections, and you're gonna keep getting a move, like this which is a pass a correction, in a pass remember.

What I started with a pass and a correction and a. Pass, pulse connection, pass, so. 1, 2, 3 if. Don't get a deeper one here a deeper, one will tell you a different, structure like. That okay, so keep an eye on the, pan for now look for small time Corrections like only one I've shown you now on, the one hour if, this, one breaks to, the downside. You're. Taking it down that, is that will tell us the one that will give euro US dollar that one more one, more before you go down. Okay. One. More before you go down so look out for this flag all. Right if. It doesn't break you've got one, two three up, like, that it may give you one more one two three like that still. That will just be a bigger correction, taking, you down like that okay. So you need to keep an eye on this one it is correct if it is not going up just collecting, at this stage so that is a pound US dollar USD. Like it. Used. To like it that is the one hour let me show you the four hour so. I don't like these moves you can see here there's no correction, there's a pass there's a pulse, no. Correction there so, this what I think will happen here, I'm expecting, that you're gonna get a correction here on us. To like kid you're. Gonna come and retest this bottom, you're. Gonna come back up here and then, you're gonna come back for one down before. You go up so I need to show you on the for our why I'm looking at it like that okay. So let me show you that again if. This corrects here like that you're coming down here and. Then you're gonna come back and retrace the top come back down and then you go up making. This a regular flat so let's look at it on the for our quickly. For, our. Okay. So let's show. So. This is the structure that we will be looking at will. Be looking for this one this is already are okay, and I have to remove one I've got a duplicate. W. X Y so. Now there's also a challenge where people kind of run and I cannot identify the, degrees. This. Don't know the difference, between a W, X Y move in, a W X Y exact, so you find a lot of W X Y Z exists. That are incorrect so you, can find a double X Y exit or you just find a higher degree so. This one could have been a 1 2 3 4 5 w. X Y exit, but it is not this actually a going. For another degree so you've got 1 2 3 down here you've, got a correction, here. Which. Is this regular thread that we're anticipating here, if we move to the upside and then, we're going to be looking for this one we're, gonna be looking for this one to give us another, 3 wave moves before. We push higher, okay. So, we're still expecting one more up so I keep. Forgetting to sixties off you see how clear it is without the numbers and the letters so, that is the structure that you'll be looking for look at that red structure. Impulsive. Move up, down. And then up before. We get another correction then that gives you a wxy move. Okay. So, this is obviously high-level this detailed in what we. Look in the way we look at this so, that, whole thing will, be a corrective. Structure like this, this. Would be a corrective structure for, one more up so we can see that as much as this is going down, they still want more up that we expecting, so, what do you look out for you look out for this correction here, okay. If we changes and it gives you an impulse then you can indicate this one and say 1 2 3 and, then still it will give you another one like that you see these are corrective structure regardless, this. Is just a matter of how this connective structure is gonna play out it's like playing a puzzle the more pieces of the puzzle you have the more information you can you. Have to to to, complete all. Right so in a way when this correction is complete you will know which one alright. So that is used, like a deer's like chief it's a lot clearer, if, I go to the daily you'll see how clear this is. So look at the daily and on, this, look, we're looking at this as a correction, here this. Move is a flat correction, now. You got a move to the downside like this this move goes and touches the top here I'm expecting, that this will come back down for one before, it actually goes all the way up okay. So that is how this is playing out here now so why are we looking at for here now we're looking for these two possibly, break this small flag to the downside, here before, it goes up and why, would we look at it like that so. It is because of this structure, that we've been looking at for the last couple of. For. The last couple of weeks. Months. Look at this one here we've, been looking at this diagonal, for the last couple of months like this. We've. Got a diagonal day if you look at that so. That is the diagram that we're looking for and here, is what we're looking for this be to complete before we get one up and then, it down to.

The B but let's, not look up look at this now we've got enough information to tell us that this is a corrective, structure and it, will eventually go. Up for one more before we complete. To the up side okay. So that's how we look at this that. Is yes, July chief on, how. The US, dollar let's. Look at our D US dollar. Let's. Go back to the daily. Look at how the u.s. dollars very interesting. How. Do you use dollar. Let's. Each off here you've. Got a clear, passing, to the dark side remember, Elliott Wave in two minutes that I showed you you've. Got a clear pulsing move to the downside and what, you're having here is a nice a B, C moves and. Then, a B base patent and are you getting Moody's move to the downside so similar, to. Pound. US dollar if you do not get a deeper correction, here this. May even break this level and continue to the downside we, thought if we don't get this deep correction, here. This. Is gonna go all the way so let's let me just clear this up a little bit. If. I just if you do not get these news or. If you get this move you're going to get a bound you may get a pulse like this so this would be a one two three one, two three and, then we'll give you a flat, connection before, it goes but, if you don't get this this, is the only thing we don't know whether we're gonna get this move yeah if we don't then, we're going straight down we're. Gonna straight down we're gonna break this level, okay. That's not happening overnight you have to keep watching this we're, still coming down here I'm, still expecting that this would be a corrective structure here for. One more down so let's go to the 4-hour and see how this is play out playing, out. So. Really, similar to the one what. We have on euro US dollar you've got these three wave bounce to the upside, these. Three wave bounce does not mean reversal is three waves, two. Things are gonna happen you. Know that skirts couldn't be a flag and comes. Down like that or it. Can give you another one here giving. You a WX y one, two three and a one two three giving, it there as a W XY move and then. You drop in, this degree obviously, I'm not showing you all the related degrees, with that I'm just showing you you need to look out for this structure if it plays out like this then, you're getting one more down you hope in for one more down okay. So, as long as you do not get that deep correction you keep selling out of the US dollar all, right and. Some. Of the things that the guys have been doing so they're I think that is why I had this I, had, that, correlations. Open, I don't. If I can find it quickly if I can that I'm just gonna move on guys sorry about that let's, see if I can find it quickly so, what one. Of our trainer was trainers, was doing here was to I did. I skip it because I had found it. Once. To relate the metals. The. Metals the metal pest that is your our repairs, your New Zealand pairs together. With the, gold in the silvers, and the. Indices, because there is a correlation, relationship. Between this so, to verify, that correlation, they go and construct, this table which, they have learnt during the market. Correlations seem a similar so that they can understand, the, strength of the relationship so, just to show you that there is a relationship, between there, are. The US dollar and gold yeah is this, let, me bring out gold here, because. They are both metal, metal, pairs right, so let's spring gold on the side I'm not doing analysis on gold s yet I'm so gonna look at gold but I just want to show you that there is a, relationship. Between these two pairs so, on. The. Left hand side there we've got gold as put on outer US dollar on the right hand side. And. A gold on the right-hand side. Let's. See. In this up guys. Give. Me a few more minutes. Right. So that is gold, and on the left-hand side days out of years doll I need to put it up on the daily as well so, we can, compare. Apples with apples, so. If you look at this connection, that is happening on our year's, dollar this connection here it. Is exactly this correction that is happening on gold and now we are on this down move now, we are on this down move on gold so, there is a clear cut relationship between, Audi and gold and if you do the same thing with, Audi and with, New Zealand you will see that this exactly the same relationship you.

Had A 1-2-3 going, up there and same, same thing here if, I just put on here this is where this one starts so, you see whether those correction starts so where you see this line on, the left hand side you'll see where where I put the white line the vertical white line where, it is is the same dates on on both pace so that's where the connection starts, that's, where the Corrections ended you, see i rendered, and they're on the same date 31, January right, and then they coming down at the same time that is SEC there's no clear correlation, than that there's. No clear correlation than that so we know that as long as gold is still going down and you can see the gold is going down here how do you still it's gonna do the same okay, but we're gonna need to monitor gold ways to come to that level but we still gonna come to cold so how. Do you use dollar you keep selling every time you get a correction like that even. Though it looks like it's going up it is not free vessel it is not confirmed with yourself unless it. Gives you a clear corrective, structure here for, one more up side okay. Otherwise you're gonna keep selling it that. Is how d now. Let's look at New Zealand is exactly the same is also a metal pair. Re. Is coming, down that, is that connection and we are looking at. So. How D as long, as you do not get a deeper, correction, will come and break this and go straight okay. So similarly, you keep you, keep selling this so. They say clear relationship between this if you look at if, you look at let me just go back one, let. Me just go back one and you know you still use exactly, the same thing so re, euro. US dollar same. Thing you see here it is very bearish. There. Is no sign of a reversal, here any sign of a reversal it's just going to be correction, so. The same as those correct as this other pace this, will keep going common coming down as long as you don't get this deeper one correction, that we're looking at this, will keep coming down like that in a straight line so in a passing move like that so, I'm expecting that we're gonna get a corner. A dipper corrective move on all, those pests are we talking about that, I need a deeper correction if they don't give us a deeper connection they're gonna keep selling like that a deeper. Correction, will just be an advantage for those that are not saying that I have not done or not on the sell on this one as yet so, this will keep coming down all. Right so, let's, keep an eye on those on those pests, or news land is exactly the same as I've said, you keep selling this, reversal, does not mean anything, this candle, does not mean anything until it is confirmed by a, flag. Like that but. Even so it can still be bearish. All, right so let's carry on, lastly. On the year's dilip s look at, use. Doulas are, so. Used eliza is very interesting, pair and this is what this, huh. Excuse. Me guys. We're. Back on guys let's, let's continue. Back. Life right so. Now we're, still talking about two euros and, this is this very in these very interesting if you've, been following this women as we sold this is how we bought this year. We. Went it for this impulse in this collection and we bought this anticipating. That it is going to only give us a one two three wave things like that but. When it connected, here like this. Then. We started hopping on again, okay. Right. So we ended this cycle if you remember we ended this cycle up to a five year one two three four and then extend agree five and I said here we, needed to get a correct, a corrective, structure, right. So after the corrective structure you expect that you're gonna get a passing move to the upside so. You eventually, got, a passing, move to the upside, and that person move came out of the as, a result, of as. A result of news and look what happens a. PC. Move. Okay. So even, though this comes as a result of a news event this is a one two three four five move yeah is this, a single, pulsing, move, it is almost, a single can look but, it is a clear passing, move if you go into the lower degree you can't see it clearly a series so you can see that is you've got a clear three wave even though it is a news event that. Droves the. US. Dollar strength against, the US, dollar za. I, guess. These are so. This is how amazing, this is so how what do I expect here, now so here and as. They're. Used, a lhasa has reached. 1534. And it. Has made a move move. To the downside like this and now it is making what looks like a corrective move, to the upside why. Does that mean let's have a look here. So. Even though this is a passing, this is still part of the wave structure so that's the nice thing about the inlet wave theory so this, can still be a corrective, structure like this can.

Give You a structure like that a structure like that and a, structure like that it give you a flat correction like that and you still get another move to the upside so. For now you, don't rush in this has completed is three wave moves that is that a B seems that I've shown you so. You need now is a bigger corrective, move a. Bigger. Corrective, move that would drive it even further, up okay. So more. Years, delays our weakness, now, here's the question, and I'm longer I'm wasting, time but this is important, look at this year I know, you guys know these people and I see this simple, Fibonacci, theory why, is it that even with the news event, this. Spike one leagues ended exactly at a 61%. That's. Because that is a sweet spot okay. I've done, the Fibonacci tear in one of the videos, previously. You can just watch I think it is one of the June videos you can go and watch wide what, we call the sheets watch okay. It's just a matter of your, cell and the 61, and, the 61, can just be a reaction that does. This to, the upside and that will give you 1 2 3 1 2 3 a big. Flood, correction down and then it up okay, so I know I'm forecasting where I had here I don't have enough information to focus all of that but that is the possibility that you can get even though even with the spike and that is how you look at a wave theory, right, now what do you do you wait you. Stay out of the years gelasa you, wait for this structure to play out. You. Wait for this structure to play out here and see. What you get then. You can hop on for and more okay. Alright, so that's how you look at that so now let's look at the en pest. Think. I'm gonna move a bit faster from here looking. At the yen pencil a pound looking. At pound JPY, pan. JPY has been very rewarding from, this point here from, when we made these three wave down here and it, made these three waves three wave moves without we for custody one, two, let's. Show that to kill it one two three and then. That drop we've been selling that drop it, but there's 600 pips which is true analyze together I'm looking at this one two three another. Personals, one more down here okay. So I'll, be expecting here, if you look at this yellow line you can see that it is an incomplete sequence, we, need something similar to that not. Something like that something like this I should. Have drawn this one in green you'll, be looking for some likely like this. Okay. A green color like that and. Then, another move to the downside so, eventually I'm looking for a pound. JPY to come, down to that level or. Two, things can happen here because if, I show you my labeling here this, movie, I've actually adjusted. My labelings, my. Labelings have disappeared.

Here Let me switch off here I think. I had opened in two chests that's why it left so I'm going to show you the annotation, what I'm looking at here I'm. Looking at this as a diagonal. This. PC our last piece here is a diagonal you. See, why we're looking at it as a diagonal one. Okay. Everything, quickly, I've. Got. That. Like. That and you've got this one here like that that diagonal and what, you have here is a big, passing, move to the downside you, look at a a, three. Wave move which is a B and you'll. See which ends as a diagonal, so. What you essentially have is a 1 2 3 wave move and now these three wave roof is connecting, again to the downside like, that so. If that is the case and you're getting this one as a correction it means you can I get one more up maybe, another three waves like that that, becomes now a bigger. 1 2 3 w, 1. 2 3 X and. Then Y ok, well for now the information, that you have is enough to tell you that you are going to keep going down as long as you get these corrective stretches, so. You keep selling the corrective structures let's. Pound ship on the 1-hour look at the connective structures only one hour all. Right so, let's. Look at here's deny JPY. You. Still a JPY so one, of my favorite, pests if you look at the, video last, year videos last year I've been showing this structure, this. Pulse. Three will move one two three and this, three-way movie a correction, one two three and you, get this one one, two, three. So if got a zigzag, in combination, with an expanding, flat okay, after that what do we expect we, expected, that this, was gonna go. With. This move we're expecting this move yet but, it looks now like it did not go with that move it has gone now in three waves and this is how this is playing out I'm gonna do this in green I'll, show you why I'm putting, that as an in green that's because I'm expecting that there may be a structure like that and. That. Structure can go something, like that go and retest. That top what. Will this do now this. Will be a look. At the degree in red one two three like that so now what does this become if you you, see what I've done here I've did not do any labeling so I've just marked the structure that's what Elia did he, did not go and level the charts he identified. He saw some patterns happening and then he started labeling them he started identifying their, characteristics, that's what he is done it did not go and label so now what is happening here you've got it W you've got it X you've. Got it why okay. Do you have a W X Y exact, no you've got another degree you've got a W, and this, w is this whole three, wave moves okay, and this is an X okay.

If You come down here in one two three four five waves then this is what's gonna become an ABC, move but that's the story for a cause right, so, that is gonna be a wire move so right now you're little for this to be a corrective structure and you're looking for these to retest the top and that. Job because it's going collectively you don't expect it to break you can expect it to come down so you see there for, the next couple of months you, know, what's gonna happen with this pay and I'll be we've been trading this path since last, year we became this structure from here last. Year all, right so that's how you gonna look at this why do you look at in the near term let's go into for our, in. The for our is what you're gonna look at let's. See, here if my leveling did not disappear. Here as well here. Okay. It has disappeared. Unfortunately. But doesn't matter because you can see the structure one two three down, here one, more up. Possible. One here before, you go and this becomes all. Corrective. Structure to, the upside so whatever, is happening here is a correction, all, right so that's used, like JP wise look at the rest. Euro. JPY. Stitch. Off yeah now, you know JPY for, look on the daily. Now. Here's what correct, relation comes in again as well let's. Bring. Up our JPY again. We. Bring power JPY again. Power. JPY. So. I wanna show you that this structure on pounds JPY this one here. This. Euro that I wonder we're currently looking at you're looking at this structure one two three. Pine. JPY we looked at this structure already and it, has been broken you see here is broken that low you know JPY has not broken it so we expect that your JPY, will correct here and it will break that structure similar to what zero -. What pound JPY has done so, this one is just legging, this one okay, it's exactly the same thing if you bring if you bring your. Achieve as well just giving you the exact, same structure, okay. So you can see that this one is legging. Pound JPY so if you wanted to trade you can go and trade the euro US dollar anticipating. That it's gonna break this low to, follow this move here that, was done by a pound JPY easy. Alright. Let's, go back to one chat. Think. We're moving a bit too slow today so I, just wish I get more time but I don't have more time I only have an hour and a half on this Sunday to. Do this let's, look at pan achieve JPY so that structure that are we looking at that three wave structure is this, one here on the chief so, on the chief is actually only just studying just starting to go to, make them they, don't move what are we anticipating I'm. Anticipating that, we're gonna have a move down so in actually. All the, end pairs have, got this structure, they've. Made this three, wave up and then it down so if you look on the one hour time frame on all the end pace it. Looks like we're gonna have one more down so let's look at this one here you see, go. And look at all the end pairs you're gonna see something like this, so. It looks like we're gonna have one more down or down on the end piece you see here you've, got a one two three down. If, you go to. The next one that is. Which. One every went we looked at so let's just go back even if it's zero JPY, okay. Now that one it's got three wave move up and let's clear that switch, off and clear. Switch. Off and clear you've. Got this. One has made actually this one here one two three waves so. You're looking for this one to break down here, for, one more down on the, one hour right. Now if you look at our d LD, JPY. Ardi, JPY the same thing one. Two, three, waves looks, like we're gonna get one more down here. New. Zealand. Same. Thing looks, like you guys completed, those three waves yeah so let's see how this plays out on all these the end pairs if you're not gonna get one, more down like that. Okay. Right. So that we. Need to wait for that confirmation you need to get them to do one and a correction here like that, otherwise. If they all just correct and give you structures like this then, it means then you're gonna get one more to the upside so you see the market will tell you which one is coming either, way and you won't miss it all.

Right. Think. That concludes all the N personal circuit lastly sketch JPY. Get. JPY on the, one hour. If. You, get a corrective, structure like that then you're going back, down. Same. Thing if we corrects. Like this then it's gonna retest this top here I saw. Two things you wait for you wait for that correction if you get that correction you're getting this one to the upside and that will give you the structure like a structure like this one, map like, this so they give you gives you one two, three waves so. Don't, worry so much about that whole biggest, picture look worried about what happens, here because now you've got one two three move. That is completed very, likely that you're gonna come back with, a move to the downside. Okay. So even if you've got more than one alternative. You must have a strong view, or a strong bias on the one right, just saw circumstance, if circumstances changes. Then, you know when to seach alright. So that is a CAD, JPY and that concludes all the N pairs before. We do the euros let's say we'll look at silver. And gold. Alright, let's, have a look at, gold. Fest I. Think. Gold I already showed you that correlation, little gold in your, ears like JPY I want, you to look at this one here and this. Is how how we trade these are we trade it's. Easy to trade. You've. Got this long term view here that I won't show when I come to the Sunday waviness so you've got this one two. Three. Four. That ends with a five diagonal, here like that can. I'm drawing, it very, it's. Not it's not the neatest, one two, three. Four. And ends. With a diagonal like that. Just. One two, three. Four. Five. One. Two three, four. The papers of this way but I'm just gonna let this one I say. It's. An a PC, it is not an ABC, sexually, double ex-wife but I don't wanna explain why that is not so, so. From, here when. Gold made this corrective, structure here I have been saying in all the webinar skip selling, gold why. Because we have established a trend, okay. Every. Time you get small connective structures you keep selling you keep selling now. A whole, lot of how, many poins later. 2,000. Points later now. You realize that that, is the structure that it has been making you wanna know so. That's why I say if you did not if you are not able to focus this ahead, and. You only see this in hindsight then you you. Cannot trade properly, look, at this one were expecting now a B. C okay. With, a B correction, here in the middle that is what I'm anticipating I've been calling for this level. I have not been saying and the support I've been saying this is this level that will create a structure, now, what, about all these levels here that have been broken and we're, not respected even, though they were major okay. Something. Called and tested and tested, suppose, in all those things why, have, they not been respected with this because, when the market is on the moon or on a move on a pulse it does not respect any levels it's not about the levels it's about the structure the, price respects, that strand shape moves in waves okay, so this is your one two three, wave structure. That you may be looking, at so, similar. To euro, howdy New Zealand, go. Gold. Is what we're looking at now we're, looking for these to come back down to this level okay, so if it breaks and comes down to this level we will update and check which structure is making because that stretch is also possible like this and then, you can get something like this and, three will move up a three wave move down and another two it up if, we come down so that, is how you look at the structure you get that trend and every.

Time You get a corrective structure you keep selling, okay. So that is a gold. So what is happening now it looks like it's going it has made a reversal, it is not every vessel it is a corrective, structure it, has even going up in three waves which is more convincing, for, for. A corrective, move that's. All you've got here you've only got three waves it has done this so many times okay, you've seen this happen here one two, three, same thing every. Time it makes one two three. You. Keep selling it connects. Restructure you keep selling it okay, I know this is in hindsight is very easy to see this in hindsight and not when you're trading so, when you're trading and you see something like this you panic and, you think it's going up in you buy and. Then he just comes down on you one, two three okay so. Every. Singleton when it come to this with us I've been saying you don't buy, gold, even. Only was doing this I know somebody sent me a message, when, as, charge when this was happening when. This structure was happening here and he. Bought why, did he buy I'll show you now why he bought he. Bought yeah while we were looking for this correctly so he in fact we were already shot, on from, this level this way we shot it kept, so now why did he buy here this because this why he bought daily. This. Why he bought I'll show you why what he bought here. He. Bought here why because he was thinking that, this. Is. This. Is the monthly, support. He. Came and bought here. See. But. We understood. We could not have bought a structure like that and, so we wanted, this one here to, the downside, all right so. That's how the market moves silver, last week we mentioned that we needed to come down to this level look at the level that we spoke about and silver has. Been reached. We. Expected to get this level if you go watch the video last week I said we were gonna come to this level this is exactly where we are it is bouncing, up here okay, there is still possibility, for more downside, unless it makes this structure here like that which is gonna be an expanding, threat like that 1 2 3 1, 2 3 and, then more downside, okay, so what, sim I just need to see what's going on here with this structure let's. See what we have. Of you've. Got this passing. Move to the upside which I always say it does not mean anything until you, get a corrective. Structure but even this corrective structure does not mean reversal because it can come and do this and this just becomes a flag like that so keep an eye on that one if you get that flag you can buy it for. Short-term move to, the upside we. Still bearish overall, okay, so now that is weighed reversed or on the footing look look, it just touches, that level exactly that's. Not because it's, the support when. It is a structural, level it will respect it like that alright. So that is seven now let's go to the euros. Looking. At the euros let's. Start with euro, CAD. You. Don't get easy. You. Keep selling, every. Time it gives. You a structure like this you keep selling I'm. Not even gonna go to the longer timeframe you can watch my previous videos, and see why we saw the Euro CAD day why. We bought your CAD day for nine hundred pips. Okay. And why, we are over a thousand keeps down on euro ket, not. Just this thousand, peeps and why we also traded, this one here watch, the videos from only the last three months all these, peeps all this we have been focusing on you're, okay you just have to go instead so even though this is on the daily, and it looks like it is reversing, I'm not anticipating the reversal on the Euro or on, you know ket okay. So here, look forward for a correction it can still be coming down here like that for. One and then it carry us on to the downside so, that's your occurred here in New Zealand.

So. You're a New Zealand likely. That it may come back down here. It. May come back all the way down let me show you the daily you need to see the daily why wait when anticipating, that structure, so hero. Of. Euro, New Zealand overall his career we've. Got a very high target, on that, one. See. This is the target or neuro what. Is happening here is a correction, so the question is well is gonna make one two three. And then it goes so. You just need to see here so now we are on this move yeah there's, a likelihood that these can, just correct, like this and let, me go and retest the top they're either, dead or it's gonna come back for one down either way that's gonna be one two, three down, before. It goes and retest that top so, you just have to see which one is scary it's coming there so if you get a clear cell set up on this one which you don't have right now on. You. Know forgot, in the 4-hour you, don't have a clear cell setup. You. Will have a clear set up set, up if it does something like this it's got a three wave up they wave down and if it doesn't like this technique, is not selling it to the dark side like that okay. So, for now you do not have that keep. An eye and see what you get from that that. Is a euro New Zealand euro rowdy so, you're out is also very interesting. In. That. Let. Us look at the euro I leave and I go to the daily here. Yo. Ari. Look. At this here. Is that in here on there for, our. You've. Got a textbook, diagonal, day on euro Audie. Let. Me see if I've got my. Can't find it here. Okay. So I want you to look at the, trade that I posted, while we were here. I see. It is not showing, here, oh here. It is so. This was posted 12. December, 2016. Now. Check, how this one played out here. Okay. So I usually post this long-term, trade see here the. Heading of the post, was incomplete, downward, sequence so I still wanted this to go a little bit up one more down and then, we get this move this move to the upside so these are this one plays out for, over 2,000 peeps to the upside. Okay. Goes, you see it goes up as you expect it comes down here, incomplete, sequence, to the downside completes. Right. Excuse me and then we get, this one going, like that and then you'll see that we get a correction after that that's. What the correction so this is the target reached after that I didn't make a correction after the correction you know that. This sequence will need to make another move similar to this one here so, that is the move that we are currently in that has made a diagonal you see wave here and then there's a diagonal. That. Is how this one plays out now so you've got this one a B C and your C ends as a diagonal. Right. So that's how that's how that plays out so level okay. This. Is exactly how it happened, so you've got that. Move like. That, okay. So, this is over, even. Though I don't trade this in one go you don't. Trade this in one one. Go you trade it in pieces this. Is over. 2600. Cubes to the upside that you've traded and now that C wave is being corrected the reason why I wanted to show you is that we are getting this as a. Possible, corrective, structure that will do something like this okay so, now are, we gonna get it here let's go today let's. Go to this level to this area. There that piece, over there let's go to the one our, so. That is how you trade you've got the trend you don't look for anything in the opposite direction of the trend you just go with the trend. Okay. So you follow the cycle follow the cycle let's have a look here now what is this playing out yes. So. You. Know OD you've. Got these three waves move broken, here to the downside you've got one two three three. Waves you're, going to get another one here you're gonna come and replace this level yeah minimum. Okay, check, that one out, that. Is euro, ow d I don't. Know why I started with the euros in third the pound passed away, okay. But anyway let's carry on Sudan, New Zealand cared howdy.

Pound. Pound. Daily. So. The power is, trusting here see. It's, made a very clear structure, let's. See here. And. If I'm gonna assist, this off here. Not. A pound the euro euro pound guys sorry so, you've got wha a passing move to the downside you've, got this running flat ta so. What you have here is a three wave moves. Shouldn't. Show they're running said with the same move you've gotta move down here you've. Got a three wave move here like this one two. Three. Giving, you a running flat like that we. Mark that running, flat like that that's what you have and you, get another passing move to the downside clear. One, two three wave move and now, that move is something. Like this now, do. This in green. See. That connection, that. Correction it's not a triangle it's just a collective structure should, have been a channel like this so, typically. That's what it will look like right. So now you're getting this move to the upside so it's likelihood. That this will come keep going and retest, that drop it. Does not have true it can't end anyway if it does ten these the structure that you'll be looking at let me remove stills, diagnosed. On this, side if, it does that you've got one two three you've got one you, couldn't do it could be giving you another. Another. One. Two, three like that okay. Making, this a double. You move X. Move and, another, one two three wave moves making, this an overall, big correction, for upside okay. But that's all so, far ahead now you just keep looking for these ones yeah so, this is gonna be a very slow move if, you keeps doing this you're gonna keep taking. It up but I'm not interested in this as you can see it moves very slowly. Rather, wait for this move, here to end wait. For this move to end to, take it up all. Right so that's a Europe, and a you know chief. You're. A chief, I'm. Expecting. That it will correct here it is still missing the blue box still once one more move down before. Is that that. Means to the upside let's have a look here when, I have right, so it's actually a one. Two three, correction, here and, I'm expecting it to come to that level before we come back come. Back up maybe, not even go all the way up like that but just a p-wave correction, like that before it continues further down okay. So we still want each to come down even though it is showing reversal, there that's not convincing, for for. Upside that is, you know Chief I, think, that's only euros, muslin we've done kind, of done right. Concludes, all the euros now let's look at the pound face. Right. So looking at the pound pears part, ked. I'll. Get it easy. Look. For this to come down to the blue box. Okay. We're looking for it

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