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Empires. Are the only thing that can withstand. Major. Hit. Hi. This. Is Nancy melayu this is the show it, can't get better leaders. And mentors and. Today. I have the privilege and, the joy and the honor to, have with me one. Fantastic. Woman and the reason is just fantastic -, because, she is a, Empire. Builder, Oh, fire. Builder, and I don't thank you so much for having, me oh yeah, in, my country but oh. Thank. You for coming it's fantastic, let me give you a resume, a little bit don't know like that part oh yes, so, I'm I've like mix it up a little so Elena. Is the copilot, of the Cardone. Real estate empire, right. Yes yes, massive. Social-media influencer. Actress. Author. We're. Gonna talk about that okay, actress. Author public, speaker visionary, I know. That you like to shoot guns has. A sports right, uh-huh and you, host a couple of shows like women, and women, in power DNA, show yeah great. And you. Also I love that I'm going to steal that from you chief, family, officer, I know that. Chief officer. For, grant you has many beautiful daughters, which I met before absolutely. Adorable so well-mannered thank you so, good such, good kids we had a blast together yeah I don't know if you know but I always finish my podcast, with what you have as a title, as a subtitle on your book mm-hmm, which is amazing yes is it so I was finished every podcast saying, you can have it all mmm, you have the right to eat all and your, book says, build an empire, how do you have it all so. I suppose, you, mean that you can't have it all you have the right. That's. Fantastic, it comes with sacrifice but you can't have it all that's awesome yeah before, we go I mean I'll come back to that with I love it you grew up in a loving family yes. No drama there I like, that because there's. So many people that you know you have to here store and you expect a big drama mm-hmm, it doesn't have to be like that mm-hmm, it's nice to also have people with loving family I know do. You wanna tell me a bit about your role in business in, business achieved grunts you. Know I I call myself more the visionary, on this because he has he, has he has all the negotiating, skills he has all the business skills I was an actress I don't know anything, about that so he, runs that department, the thing the the the benefit, that I have is that I'm I'm so not immersed, in sin in that world that when, he runs ideas, by me I actually, can look at it from an outside perspective because, I'm not in it so, I have a lot of ideas. Like you know the the, Cardone capital, of having the non-accredited, and the accredited, investors, and how we can scale I wanted, to go scale, I wanted to go really big that, was that was an idea that I had that that, he then knew how to implement great, um, the card owned enterprises. The licensee, program, that we have around the world I was, trying to think how can I get him everywhere, he had a goal to meet or, to have 7 billion people of the planet know who he was so, then I started thinking about how is that well we have to drop people and him all around the globe it can't just be him so then now that's implemented, so, there's there's the things, like that on a that, I come up with a lot of ideas that would just be ideas, mm-hmm, unless, I had someone like grant who is the hammer and his role is he can implement it and find, out how to have, the idea materialized.

Into What it is that's, great so I mean that's just some of what I do you know there's so many background, operations, I'm, willing $30 on, PR right be very good at that you can I mean yeah I try to handle the p.r and like you know I'm constantly running, behind the scenes organizing. Introducing. Meeting, putting. Out fires and putting out fires and putting out fires but mostly I'm trying to put, him in situations, on who he's gonna meet and who we, can potentially do business with the, rest of it he's pretty sheltered from the world because he's so busy doing other things so. I go, on the outside and say neigh yay yay, nay and and. And I really do act as a filter, to who gets in a lot of the people who do business with him now are in. Because. Of me that's great you know yeah and I don't want to make it seem like it's all me we have a team and we have people, back. Do the same thing you, like what 6-2 people no yeah it's a B yeah that's I don't know yeah it's a lot of things a lot of people just in that office Sowers, universe, but yeah you know my role like you said the trophy wife I'm willing to be a trophy wife I'm willing to be the down-home girl that's, playing baseball. Fun, girls my girl yeah I'm willing to do whatever I have a chapter in my book called, be, a gold digger yes like, yeah. Because, of, the thing because of this stigmatism. Of the I agree and the trophy wife and for. So long before I wrote this book and people do look and dismiss, me and and, the role that I play and I looked at it I thought God how many other powerful, extremely. Powerful. Women are out there that get dismissed, which which part of me likes in a certain way because it allows, me to be stealth of my operations. But, part of it is like gosh you know it's so undervalued. And so underestimated, because I'm not the the spotlight which, I'm okay with but, I wrote this book for any other women, men, out there who want to be on the same page or for, the, woman, that wants to know what it takes to, be beside behind whatever you want to call it I don't care I have nothing on that the wordage, of it all but. What it takes and it really, isn't you can't survive, in this world building, an empire on the level that we are being. Doing. Nothing I how do you force yourself I I just do, I just take an action like I learned that even from being an actress, okay there were times when I would go into an audition and I was terrified knees shaking and, you just, as an actor you have, to just deliver and you can't apologize like.

You Can't say oh I'm sorry I messed up a line you just have to figure out a way out of it you know and so, you just so. I learned, that people, don't know what you're feeling so it doesn't really matter what you're feeling it just matters what you do in action, so even. Though I have, to speak in third in front of 34,000. People for. The 10x growth con and my knees are shaking I just. Do it anyway and are you there shaking my knees were shaking. I couldn't, tell they live scene I was in the area I know you couldn't no no, you could major cottonmouth. And, my. Knees were shaking and, I figure you know what the show must go on. That's saying the show must go on so I learned, then it doesn't matter how you feel just. Function, in spite of that like just, get the job done you have to hit the target it doesn't matter like who's, gonna care or who's gonna know how I feel, no no one Grant has a dream to meet or have 7 billion of the people know who he is yes and I think the greatest love you can give somebody is helping them achieve their goals truth do you know why he wants that I. Think. Because if you can reach some and this is what I took it to be a I love how big eating's I've never met a man who could think that big before the. Last guy dated before him I told him I want to change the world and he was like why do you even say stupid stuff like that you, know that's. So ridiculous, like, you're gonna change the world like why do you say things like that I was like like. Why do you have to take me so literally, like give him a give him a diamond oh oh I'll call him, hi. Like, remember, me I was like no. What. About when Grant, drives you mad no. You. Get me stuff at him all. The time they, might ask you me like I wouldn't. Say she. Gets me stuff like, she. She I haven't been acknowledging, you know lately, and like back and get a girl pissed off. Like. So. I really, wanted to ask you yeah I bet, yeah, I mean I mean you know you, live with your loving mother at one point she pisses you off come on I know I mean look I've been married this fourth of July will be 15 years I don't I don't pretend to live in a fairy tale no you know but we have a very good thing we trust each other we, get along we I mean every time it there's like little but, you know we're constantly going up and in then going up there's the gardens and it's I mean yes he makes me angry he's. You. Know like the, the thing that I complain. About the most in my head mm-hmm, is. That he does not understand, me as a woman mm-hmm, your girls in my head is the key word here, that's. Right the girls listen in my head because if. You like that all the time, forget it. No. You have to pick and choose your moments and sometimes I have like the little like once. Every six nine, months, ish, is when, I have like one little F like explosion. And then I think oh god I can't I can't deal with this anymore you, know and then and then we like have a little talk about it and even in the moment if he's like. Doesn't. Seem like like, receptive. And we seem combative, but then we go away I see, a difference, yes after it's like it's sunk in or he agreed or something but it does change even just getting. It out but, yeah the thing is you know just the woman things like you. Know just that, mean. You, know you know talking, about it's a little thing I know I know, it's. You. Know and and and then I look at the big picture which, is what I always go back to I always go back to them then you're like that's where addition that's, right and I'm like that is such a small sacrifice to pay for that and for what. We're doing and the impact then I constantly, have to go let it go like. If. I want that I've had that I've had the guy who was completely, the romantic.

But Dirt. Broke and couldn't make a difference, or an impact, and like. That's, not sexy to me that, might be sexy to somebody else and I love that romance, and whatever for like the weekend, and then I'm ready like oh my god. Can. We do where the product, I need a mission, I need goals, I need targets, to. Shoot things. I. Never, thought I hated guns I always hated guns but then I saw you I'm like that. Looks like you're getting something out you, know I. Never, tried, it you have to go with me and girls are initially. Women are really, good really tell me because everybody sees you as a couple everybody goes like oh how did you get her and then all the Wonder Girl how did he get him did she get him and there's, always this thing like. You. Know how do you get a guy like grunt, mhm and how do you keep him by the way I seem the same the same questions so you'll, know the answer what do you say I can't tell you no I will tell you I mean you'll see the video but tell. Me before you fluency. And yes but will you tell me after I answer yeah, okay Corsica, so how'd you get him well, I was not interested in him I know if he wasn't into all that well, I wrote in the book - I wrote a list mm-hmm. Of like everything that I wanted, in a man and then it, made it led me to the cognition, of well what if that guy wrote a list of everything, that he wanted in a woman so I did that list and then I realized I was like, this guy was never showing up but, you want to know the biggest. Thing that I changed in my thinking to get a guy like grant, is, one. Day I had a realization, I, what, are you you're gonna die when you hear those yes I had, a realization, that. I. Had in my thinking. That was so wired, into. Me that, I thought it was me and that. Computation. Was. All. Men. Hold, me back. Yeah. So I dated, all the guys, that, held, me, back, yeah of course and then it just kept making me write about, all men hold me back and like like, if I wanted a career I could not be with a man right if I wanted to have a life I could not be with a man cuz all men would hold me back and darn it all men held me back surprised. Just filled like garlic I just passed them perfectly, in the story of my life, so and you mix grunt right he's grant and he's not my type you know he's like you know short which, didn't bother me except for I've had guys in the past tell me not to wear heels I personally. Have never had a problem with short men the only problem, I've ever had with is when they tell me not to wear you exactly, so I've had guys in the past make me feel like I'm the big one I don't ya know big I was of course like a woman like me personally girly dainty. And like a woman, you know I don't want to feel like oh. So. Grants. Never done it anyway so he was short her he, was a like a businessman he wasn't Kalibak. Sexier. Hotrod. Guy you know yeah you know the mock-up and. And. So, I never gave him a second thought I was like like, no like. Like it just didn't even register on the radar it wasn't even like something I had to like yeah, like fight it was just like he, was like, not there, to me and so. He just kept calling then he came around and then he was with the you. Know my girlfriend or whatever so, he just started showing up in my life and and then, I knew that he liked me but, he was like totally. Chill, about it like cool, but then he won he won the girl and, how can you keep a guy like grandpa, I mean he's all over the place. You. Lover the place right do you have to be crazier, didn't, they didn't the guy that's that's a good advice right that. Also pick your battles. No. One's very smart very wise you mean, there's so much that, I, have to I mean he's, smarter, in business, no, doubt and and you know I. Think I'm smarter, in so, many other ways like just who's around like there's yeah I think you're more empathetic I think you have a lot more emotional intelligence thank, you.

No. I, mean, it's kind of I don't know you guys I just met you but I you, know you're kind of out there so you. Know it's free to make a judgment for anybody so this, is what I feel you have, to be really. I get that so I get I mean he's very, very. Tough on, on. Himself. Yeah when somebody is that tough on themselves, I feel they have the right to be tough on everybody else course because, they're constantly pushing for greatness in themselves, and they're constantly, pushing greatness on everyone, else so I mean unless, you are extremely. Tough, I mean I am I am I'm I'm, like nails on the inside and I, don't regret that I'm like that because of him do, you know what I mean I know yeah, I know it's tough, as nails and so when I break down like I rarely. Rarely. Cried. To that man I will, cry in an interview with you more, than I will cry with him you, know but what it was he knew if you cry, he. Softens, up. Is. Not really amazing, he. Really. Is I, wanted to UM go. Through three things but, I are, either myths or, truths about marriage okay because we hear everything out there and, you, know everybody. Has an opinion why not us okay okay. First, one never. Depend on anyone don't depend on your husband mmm. That's. Not me okay. An expert but no is it the myth or is it truth oh it's a man all right oh it's a mess I depend, on him great for, everything, mm-hmm, you know not everything but. Depend on him do, you depend on him completely financially. Like if tomorrow he's gone like, off, I, mean, I have my own money right okay, that's something that, he has been, so, brilliant with, me about like, he, shares, everything, that he has 5050. With me oh my god. Yeah and and. Then. He like from a I hate to use the word allows but like he, allowed, me from day one to have my own thing, he. Has doesn't. I mean he knows that he knows about it but like he doesn't but, yeah so I have my own thing and then we have our thing, which is 5050, so I know it sounds crazy but. In. My own thing and I'm a I'm, a, sometimes. I make, my own money which is a lot of money more than most people you. Know because I'm fundraise, and do other activities anyway. I. Wanted. To invest money in Cardone capital I'm like four years I was like I want my own money took because I have stocks uh-huh. And. He was like that's ridiculous, you're my white here and I said and I had to like for two or three years he told me no this is before we had the non-accredited, available. It's just a credit and, he, was like no that's ridiculous, and I was like no grant I'm I need, to, put my own money in because I have it in stocks I want to put it in this I need my own dividends, to pay my own bank account I don't know why it's just something I need for me mentally, and, then. He let me in and so now I'm in and I have my own things and my mom is in my sister's day let's go no yeah. That's, awesome yeah all right so that was a myth. Ii. Never, work with you man Oh complete. Mess for me we. Yeah. We work very, well together yeah because you know where. You start and where he stops and vice, versa right very, well together because, we understand, like I said each other's assets, and liabilities. Or weaknesses, and strengths and we have our roles completely, like. Carved, out number, three women. Can't have it all like family, and. Aspirations. About great things in the career when, can't have it all that's, a total. Net. I think, women can have it all as we're here I think we're stronger I think and a, lot of ways not that there's a superior, species, because, men, are fantastic. I'm not. A man hater I love men I love the guys that served on military, I admire. What men can do like just just, in sheer physical strength, of a man you know it's like wow like I wish I could do that you know so. I don't want to bash them but I think there's something. Internal. About a woman that, makes her so extremely, powerful, and creative, and, full of life and. And. I. Just think. We. Just we. When. There's especially, when there's a child involved, like there's, anything, we can't figure out I agree. I agree with that so, I'm with you on all three things I think all. Three of them are myths now. In in the book okay I'll go back to that I. Know. The whole thing anyway, so um but, I do have a question you, talked I mean already you talked about an empire, and there is um Royal Courts and there is right, and, there is Queens.

And, And and, the wording is big right. And and. It. Is. It really is, really arrogance, or is it a mechanism, to. Drive. People to go for the greatness. Why. Do you choose these words why, is it he killed an empire not a home or a business. Because. I don't like to fool people mm-hmm I like to be very transparent and. If you're not gonna go big enough and. Think in terms in that big you're, susceptible, to damage and, you're susceptible for, it to be, destroyed easily, why. I don't say go for a home because, I'm. Just teetering, on, yes it can be destroyed it's got to be above and beyond normal it has to be extraordinary. You know castle. Walls house walls. And fortresses and, all this for a specific reason, because it's guarding greatness. You know homes have a little bit wicked a white picket there then a hurricane can come and just take away in a second, you know what I'm saying so what is it that you want like what do you want that's it's your life go for greatness go. For something that can be sustainable. And can and came with a sound loaded, yeah that's that's, that's, interested, in expansion, why, because, I think we, all have it in us I think we all have greatness in us I agree and we've been conditioned, to think that we don't and conditioned to think that something, small and, and. Why, not why, not just go for who you really are and make that contribution, to the world and and, give that yes if we all did that how. Could we we could really make a difference so, I'm thinking having. This. Woman, like, like. Unlock, this big vision how do you do it like you see in front of somebody and they. Pay you the humble amount Oh twenty. Five thousand right. Yeah fair. Enough and you, sit there and how. Does it go well usually, they come to me with their their, concerns. And their questions, of their life and then I just kind of listen. And then I usually, get the vision of, like what I see and you know and then talk, about how to figure. Out who, does what like, all the different people in their, lives how did, they fit in and what do they do and. Then try, to get their lives, mainstream. So, that. They're cutting out all this stuff that doesn't flow towards, with, who they are or. Who they are as a couple and so, eliminate, all the access, stuff that's not going to flow to that and how they can add fuel to the more fire and just get them on the same page and really focused, on what, they want to do you.

Know And, then and then and then set up the little mini sub targets, that. They can obtain while, they're going for the bigger target that's great so heal so map out the strategy, yeah right, that's great that's great yeah you know on the coach right of. Course is that what you do do that's not my job, that's, not your job no but, you do that I do that is that what you do you get structure yes yes, and so everyone's, different some people that's like uncle, mapping, yeah you know I like what you're saying because people think there's. A lot of. You know there's a lot of. Coaching. Coaches, whatever, bah-bah-bah, and people, think like oh we're, gonna get together and, we're gonna talk about our feelings and, it's a now my god like so I need for, me when I coach is like where are you where. Do you wanna get maybe. You want to get they're not there like maybe further, beat. Higher right, right how do you get there what's stopping you what's you, know what's there to help you and I love what you're saying because this resonates, with me because it, brings results I don't, think there's any point in. Coaching. In this or the other if there's not a result right, that's why some people tell me are you very expensive and I think yeah do. You want to get your life on track mm-hmm. How much what is the price that you put on your life success resolution, and everything so I'm with you yeah for, it for the 25,000. Yeah yes and when you can get someone's starting to think big enough yes then, they can pull in bigger amount of course you know it's. Just a thinking issue do, you think you can, change. A mindset in, any session or how do you change somebody's mind set because I think it's all about mindset you know here like it. Is about myself. It is about mindset. You. Know it's it's they usually. They can. Have the Epiphany I try not to give them the, the. Answer. Mm-hmm I tried to maybe structure. It to where they'll have the. Cognition, or the Epiphany with, when I ask them rather, than telling them everything that I know, great no that makes no no because if they have it for themselves they never lose it true there's really wait what did she say you know they, can replicate it right it's like that moment I have when I realize, all men hold me back, that changed my life that, one thing changed me like my, life and what for, that one piece of data would. I have paid 25,000. Oh yeah but that one yes you. Are out I. Could, not have had that had I not discovered. That one piece of information that, where. I could then change my life to where I could actually see this, is not the candidate this is the candidate of the guy who's gonna always hold me back when. I saw grant I realized, this, is a guy who could actually lift me up that's great you know yeah as, I said I met, your daughter's before, and. I want to ask you are you tough. Like are you strict you, like discipline, I mean, I don't, hit my children, no I'm not talking about that but I mean like get, off the phone, no, no, I mean you know sometimes, I make um I like stop it but no I give them like, so. Big. Of a parameter okay because. I want them to be free I want them to explore I put. Myself in their shoes all, the time I can you imagine someone telling you every, single thing like, you can't do this you got to do this like I would drive me crazy so. I try to put myself in that position. But, so I feel, like I paint a huge, parameter. Where they can run free but there is a line right, and they understand, that if they cross that line there's gonna be ramifications, you know which are you know whatever's the phone gets taken away this that but I've never hit my child never degrade a child like that I I just no, no no heating is not gonna make any we're not on the menu no no no can you recall, what are the two most common things that you tell them like as advices, or is.

There Something that you. Know you. Hear yourself saying again again well. I do, tell him this one thing I said it again today I. Told, them. Adults. Don't know, everything, okay. That's. Great but, you do have to respect them. But. I said but but. Sometimes, you. Might actually know more than an adult because when I was a child I felt like all adults, knew everything, and it was just like what they said was the Golden Rule and I find that a lot of adults give my children misinformation, truth they don't think the way that Grant and I think so, I told them a lot of times I'll ask me is this true or is this not nice and I think of course it's not and. I'll just say look adults don't know everything what do you think what is your opinion on that you, know and then you'll figure it out, you know I think is very powerful when, you put, the kid in the position to pick, and choose and, mm-hmm. Give arguments and yeah. Make. Other people, just, because they're older that's why I say you must respect that truth must respect it but, I don't want to give their power away to someone just because they're just. Because they have an age advantage, is it true that you're. Taking mean I've seen the girls traveling around with you are you homeschooling, them how's. That working out well, so, far so good I mean we happen, to be at the end of the school year anyway, so they were already ahead and we're gonna end so. Right now they're, they're kind of on summer break even, though I want, them to wrap up so we can restart, like when we go home on June 9th we're, gonna get the curriculum, for the next year and then they'll they, they're not going to be off all summer when we go back they'll start again okay for the next, month or so and then we'll take their books and we travel on the road and then they can do all their projects, and whatnot, tell me tell me about thinking about a thing about Instagram and the social media and the kids being there. They. Were there, for a little bit they need to be more consistent about it but. Then do you want them to be there, do you like I don't be buying the me there but I it does, I. Have, to put an extreme, amount of, control. In because they have to look at all the DMS and then I don't want them to see stuff before I see stuff of course and then they, might not understand, why, and, so then it seems like I'm more, controlling, and you know what I'm saying I know it puts. A little bit of a challenge there for me true but, you also, in your incentive stories in whatever. They're there yeah yeah yeah they're there and I know a lot of parents are totally against that yeah, why. Are they against it security. Yeah security, I mean is the world really that unsafe, I mean do you know people that have had their kids kidnapped, or I mean I don't know anyone personally they try their kids kidnapped I know. But it wasn't because I mean it was before the social media so you, want to kidnap somebody I think you can get many with you yeah I mean I mean that's what I look at him like, you. Know if. My kids want to go off and branch out they want to be an actor or have sales. Or be into whatever they're gonna have to be known so why not give them a platform to be known it's just gonna make them easy it's gonna make it easier for them later on in life and we do have security mm-hmm. Course all the time course oh no, what about friends. Do. You make friends easily. Like. What kind of friends friends. Friends. I'm Lee I'm a I'm very social I love people I make acquaintances. But I don't never like friends, you know I like snow talk to you dumping your heart to you would trust, things. In them like, they. Can do that for me I won't do that for them you, won't say. No I don't open my heart okay, there's, three people that I can count on my fingers that I would do that to mm-hmm, one sitting right there I learned, how to become a friend to myself mm-hmm. And when you are your own best friend you don't need to, get advice from somebody else because somebody else is not living your life they're, gonna give you their. Information based, on what they perceive, or what they've been through angry, and so, you, know if you do something different then they're gonna be like you didn't listen to me if you do what they did and it didn't worked out then you get to blame them and not be responsible for your own life I'm, saying I would, rather just be responsible for my own life make, my own mistakes, figure. It out for myself and, you. Know not burden, everybody, else with my problems, my, problems are my problems to, be sorted out by me I don't, want to give somebody else a friend my, problems, that they're then stuck with it I then, go on and fix and then they're still stuck with my problems only to remind me later that I had those problems that mean we have the problems again or they're.

Stuck With them and tainted, who. I had the problem with whether, it's a girlfriend, a husband a child, whatever. Do you know and say that's our mother or whoever that's, my burden other people with my problems when I can figure them out myself that's, great that's great and what, kind of feel do you like, to hang out with real. People I like. To hang out with people who are fun who. Have, who, are ethical, who. Stand. For something who. Are. Committed. And go-getters, and-and-and. Who think big and more. Importantly, want to make a difference and want to help people you know those are the people I want to be around that's, great have you been betrayed. Totally. Any. Time how do you handle that. As. As. I said earlier I'm tough as nails but I'm I get, gutted I mean, I am very sensitive, but. I refuse, to let them win there's been multiple times when I said that's it I'm going hard. Not. Letting anybody in. Shutting everybody off nobody gets to see in I'm done, I don't need this and then, I think if I do all of that they. Win me. And all my people lose out because I it's, just I can't, I can't lose so no, matter what I have to be me okay, and so now how do I handle being betrayed I I do this I look at where again, take responsibility. Where. Did, I ignore the red flag because, I thought there, was greener, pasture, or I thought I was going to get ahead I look, at what I did and. There's. Always been, multiple, red flags that I ignored because I thought, I was going to get rich quick or, without. Without, saying get rich quick no no I understand that that idea I understand. I understand yeah and then, but. When you get hurt like deeply, hurt do you have it process like a healing, process how do you heal because. I think you need to heal mm-hmm, or. Do you just move on, I just move on I get busy doing other things yeah I'll create that's when I sit, and think of what, I can do to, to. Get so busy and fill up my pipeline that I no longer can focus on that and then I just get so busy and. Immersing. Myself into, something else that I no longer care, about the other thing it literally goes away and it's the only thing I can do to get over because if I don't jump into action like it it like eats me up I get angry, I want. Revenge. I'm. Like I've, become not a nice person and I am a nice person yeah I know but when I you the guns I become, evil hello yeah and I can't. Entertain those thoughts so I go into here and go let, me be me which is actually life, and, positive. And creativity, and and find. Myself again that's, great do, you think we can have it all and do, you think is it okay to try, million. Percent and I think not, only can you have it all you deserve to have it all you. Should. Have it all and to, not try is such, a sell out to this planet, and so selfish, to. Not give who you are and and let and deprive other people of you and your greatness it's completely. Selfish that's, fantastic. Thank, you so much for having me. The Sun is almost going down here, chatting yeah you're on thank, you - you're doing huh wait to see you when you're backing up and then take you shopping, yeah. And. For everybody who's watching this is Elena, Cardone and I, do that with a lot of people that prescribe things I prescribe videos. I prescribed I'm like prescribing pills.

I Can't I'm not a shrink I love it but I like, your knowledge. Is out there it's beers is out there so if I can prescribe some, somebody. Else to look up to or find some solutions, or not some ideas then. I'm doing my job right so. Follow. Elena, for Elena Cardone go, to 10x, girls. Conference, yeah check. It out I mean you know just follow her see who she is see, how it resonates with you and I. Believe, that, you, can all be Empire, builders and I, want to close your book because. There. We go, Empire. If. You have no idea I am. Nancy - I believe, that you can have it all you have the right to it all I believe that you have the right to go claim it will you to help you and help. You get it help you get. There and enjoy, the ride and enjoy getting, there and, this. Is one of the ways on, how to get there and enjoy it all mmm, and then I think you so so yeah a blast, oh it's been a blast, thank you so much all. Its own things.

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μια χαρα και τα αγγλικα καταλάβαμε και τους υπότιτλους προλαβαίναμε! σε ευχαριστούμε για την ομορφη συνέντευξη και τοσο επικοδομητική συζήτηση ... we can always have it all! love your spirit!

Κυρια ΜΑΛΛΕΡΟΥ δεν ξερουμε ολοι αγγλικα.... και δεν προλαβαινουμε να διαβαζουμε τους υποτιτλους.. Μαλλον απευθυνεστε σε περιορισμενο κοινο...

Δεν πειραζει.Ενα σημαντικο πραγμα για την βελτιωση της ζωης ειναι η μαθηση των αγγλικων.Ανοιγει νεους οριζοντες γνωσεις.

Πηγαινετε στην ταχυτητα παραγωγης και καντε το βιντεο να πηγαινει πιο αργα ωστε να εχετε τους υποτιτλους σε πιο αργο ρυθμο.

Απλά υπέροχες!!!!

Powerful video! Dynamic discussion! Thank you

Lovely ladies!!

Καλή συνέντευξη.. αλλά πολύ lifestyle. Δεν νομίζω ότι εάν ακούσεις μία τέτοια συνέντευξη, έχεις να «κερδίσεις» πολλά ως άνθρωπος..

Τι είναι το lifestyle αν όχι " ο τρόπος να ζεις τη ζωή σου";

I'm a man & I think women in general are better leaders than men. Very few men realize that how much they themselves will be benefitted under the leadership of women. Women being leaders just feels natural & right, it is as women are made that way by nature. When a woman is empowered then everyone is empowered & when a man is empowered then only he remains empowered. World will really be a good place if women are leaders, key decision makers & hold positions of power where men are subordinates to women in all areas with no exception to defeat patriarchy. If you're a woman & agree with my thoughts then hit like &do share ur opinion on this.

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