Einmal Dubai und zurück! : Lufthansa Business Class · Boeing 747-400 · Miles & Marcel

Einmal Dubai und zurück! : Lufthansa Business Class · Boeing 747-400 · Miles & Marcel

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Welcome to a new video here at Miles & Marcel. We start today in the Senator Lounge at Frankfurt Airport and right at the beginning it should be mentioned that this video will probably be a little different than the previous videos. This is because I was traveling with my family and not showing my wife and child on camera. So maybe some recordings are a bit limited, but I hope you can still enjoy it.

In the lounge, I was able to fortify myself for the flight with a very manageable selection of food and a large selection of drinks. As is very typical for Lufthansa, there were a few sausages with potato salad and, of course, a pretzel was a must. The lounge offers plenty of seating and little privacy. And don't rely on the time on the wall either. The clocks were wrong.

If you want to stretch your legs, you will find a few comfortable but unfortunately very visible lounge chairs. Here you can already see the type of aircraft that we are talking about today. Lufthansa 's Boeing 747-400, the Queen of the Skies. And where it goes, I'll tell you right after the intro. And with this beautiful jumbo we are going in Business Class from Frankfurt to Dubai today.

Boarding takes place in different groups. Of course, guests with Star Alliance Gold status and guests in Business Class have priority. There was no First Class on this flight. Only customers with physical disabilities or families with small children have even earlier access. And for once, as I said, I was n't traveling alone this time, but with my wife and child, so I was able to enjoy pre-boarding. And here are the seats for my family and I on this flight. Seat

81 A and C on the upper deck, at the very front. The Upper Deck offers some privacy as it only seats 22 people. The seat is quite comfortable and awaits you with a large, comfortable cushion and a blanket. The legroom is really good. At almost 1.90 m, I had enough freedom to cross my legs, stretch them out or stand upright. The size of the monitor is completely okay for a 24-year-old machine.

Unfortunately, it couldn't be adjusted and it's also not a touch-sensitive monitor. It can only be operated using the remote control in the armrest. You can also use the remote control to turn on the light or contact service. The table is also in the armrest and is a bit cumbersome to set up. But it is very stable and was very clean. There is a bottle of water at the seat, as well as the amenity kit, which disappointed me across the board. While you could definitely expect a high-quality leather bag or similar before Corona , you now get a rolled-up shopping bag. Practical: yes.

But if you know that these bags were distributed as an amenity kit in the premium economy before Corona , this is a very strong downgrade. The headrest can still be adjusted to your own height. The seat can also be moved in all possible directions and adapted to your own ideas. By the way, if you are traveling with small children, there are a few little surprises in store for you. We had already received something as a gift on the feeder flight and there was also a small, cuddly airplane on the long-haul flight, which was enthusiastically accepted. There is also a log book for children upon request. Here the pilots enter all

the data of the flight and sign for the child. A great memory. A quick welcome drink and then we can set off towards Dubai. Once in the air, I was able to take off my shoes and test the seat.

At the push of a button you get a 180° inclined lying surface. It's all okay in terms of space, even if I bump into something with my head up and my feet down. Shortly after the start there were delicious almonds. Unfortunately, these were cold and are not heated, as is the case with Qatar Airways, for example. Because then they would taste even better. The drinks service also worked great and it was constantly refilled throughout the flight and you were asked if you wanted more. Anyway, the flight attendant who was in charge of us on the upper deck was great and does a fantastic job. Once again you realize

that it is primarily up to the staff to keep a flight in good memory. Even after the start, the monitor could only be operated with the remote control. I really like the menu, I didn't have any major problems finding my way around here. One of my first stops is always the flight map. I look at them

extensively on almost all flights because I find it exciting to see where we are currently flying long-distance, at what altitude, etc. The family's selection was okay. A few more recent films and lots of classics can be found in the media library, alongside individual episodes of TV shows and podcasts and music albums. Let's take a quick look in the toilet before we eat. This was really terribly tiny, dark and without charm. Only hand soap

and hand cream were here. There was a note in the amenity kit stating that for environmental reasons, ie savings measures at the expense of customers, there were no longer any sleeping masks and earplugs in the amenity kit. But you would find them in the toilets. Unfortunately, that was not true on both the outward and return flights.

The menu card is perfectly fine for a 6 hour flight. What do you all mean? I chose the marinated Black Angus beef as a starter . A really tasty appetizer. The main course was the corn-fed chicken breast. The ratatouille side dish was very tasty, but the rest was very bland, the pearl barley practically tasteless. When asked, I was given salt and pepper, which significantly upgraded the food . The reason why the shakers are not on the table, as they used to be, is probably also due to a cost-cutting measure. For dessert there was an

almond pudding and then the drinks menu left nothing to be desired. Time to stretch your legs and go down the stairs. Here you can see how beautifully the Business Class cabin comes together at the front. In the 747-8, First Class is located at this point. But I like the light-flooded upper deck and I would choose it again and again for a day flight. Shortly before landing there were two small sandwiches.

And here's a little tip: If you're cold or you just want a great souvenir, then ask for a hot-water bottle. Lufthansa usually has these on board on long-haul routes. And if you have such a lovely flight attendant as we did on this flight, then you even get a reusable cup as a gift, which now has a place of honor on my desk. This is

really a great service from Lufthansa. Overall I was happy with the flight. The service was very good. Only the austerity measures in the amenity kit dampened my mood a bit. Normally the videos are already over here, but at this point we'll skip a few days, because I want to show you a few more impressions from the return flight and I also took a few pictures from the really fantastic hotel that we had in Dubai - the Conrad. Here we really got

a fantastic room, but see for yourself. Everything else here in the video. And of course I would like to show you our room again, which we got here at the Conrad. I had booked a Kind Deluxe Room, which is a really great room, but as a Gold Member or Diamond Member here by Hilton you have a few options, such as getting an upgrade if available. And that's what I got. And now look at what's hiding behind this door.

We actually got an upgrade to a king deluxe suite. We were so lucky when we visited a few years ago and were overwhelmed to get this beautiful suite again. In addition to a very pretty entrance area, there are several rooms here.

To your right there is a large living room that can comfortably accommodate several people. The shelf not only had enough space for our baby food products, but was also refilled daily with water bottles, which is free for status customers, by the way. There is also a coffee machine with free capsules. There is also a refrigerator. But you have to fill it yourself or call the expensive room service. Glasses, cups - nothing was left to be desired here. A large television and a BOSE sound system provide entertainment if Dubai is not enough.

A dining table is also located here. On request they brought us a high chair to the room. There is a guest toilet at the end of the hallway.

And back and to the left you come into the fantastic bedroom with a large wardrobe. Here you will also find a safe, iron, bathrobe, slippers, etc. I quickly took a picture of the bathroom on the day of arrival. You can't do it that neatly otherwise. A large rainforest shower with enough space, as well as shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. In addition, a separate toilet area, as well as a large sink and numerous amenities. Lufthansa could learn a lesson here. And look how spacious the room is. Here you can

really enjoy your stay. And for all technology fans: a number of things in the suite can be controlled from the bed via a touch panel. For example, if you ask , you can do not disturb or tidy up the room, turn off the master light, the light above the bed or, what a nice gimmick, control the curtains from the bed. Both the heavy night curtains and the light day curtains. And then you can enjoy this view from the 34th floor.

Unfortunately it was a bit hazy that day, but other days the visibility was fantastic. By the way, there is a metro station right in front of the hotel door, with which you can reach many important destinations. But this is usually very crowded. The breakfast is really world class and leaves nothing to be desired. Unfortunately, it was always so crowded there that I couldn't take any pictures without disturbing the privacy of the other guests. The restaurant offers an a la carte menu in the afternoon and evening, and a really delicious buffet in the evening. The outdoor terrace can be used at all times.

A beautiful pool area under palm trees invites you to linger for a few hours. It only gets irritating when you know that we are currently on the 6th floor. I really like the Conrad Dubai. The service and friendliness is great, only the housekeeping this time, despite a high tip, only did the bare minimum in the room. Last time there were chocolates or towel animals, the latter would certainly have been a hit with a child traveling with you. Passing the Conrad Spa we now make

a big leap for the return flight. Here it goes for you to the airport in Dubai. As an HON, Lufthansa Senator, Frequent Traveler or Business Class customer, you can use one of the two Lufthansa lounges that are located here at the airport. Both lounges are really very small and offer exactly the same selection of drinks and food. So that evening there were wraps, chicken curry, vegetables and rice, as well as a soup. It was tasty, but after a while we switched to the Ahlan Business Class Lounge next door. As an American Express Platinum credit card holder you have unlimited access to the Priority Pass lounge network, so my wife and I were able to visit this lounge for free and look how much more impressive it is.

The choice of food was really huge, there was something to eat or drink in every corner of the lounge. I can highly recommend this lounge. You can find more information about the American Express Platinum credit card on my homepage. There you can also order the American Express Platinum credit card, for example. And if you do this through my site, I get a small commission that helps me keep this channel running. Of course, the conditions remain the same for you. Here you can see the excellent selection of warm and cold dishes and desserts. Here you can really spend several hours comfortably and start a relaxed flight.

Shortly after 1 a.m. local time was boarding and we boarded the plane. This time I'm not sitting on the upper deck, but have opted for the first row below. Here, as you will see in a moment, you have a lot more privacy, which is a lot more comfortable for a night flight when you're trying to sleep.

Here you can also see the famous single seat in the 747-400, which is ideal for solo travelers. And so private you sit here in the first row. No guests come by here at night who might want to go to the toilet or the like and you can really enjoy your sleep. There used to be a warm towel to freshen up as a welcome, which I missed even on the outbound flight. Unfortunately, today you only get these unpleasant-smelling disinfectant wipes. I don't understand why Lufthansa isn't handing out warm towels like Emirates or Qatar Airways . Unless it's all about saving again. Again at the seat a bottle of water, as well as an amenity kit, unfortunately again a bag that you used to get in the premium economy. Dear Lufthansa, please change that again quickly. Unfortunately, there weren't even nuts to greet us on this night flight. But it didn't exist before Corona

either. I don't quite get it either. Shortly before take-off, the cabin was darkened , so you could enjoy a great view of the airport through the numerous windows. Let's briefly test the toilet again. This is really more spacious and brighter than the upper deck. But you don't really feel comfortable here either. The promised Amenites could not be found either.

Quickly back to your seat and take a look at what Lufthansa has come up with as a menu for this night flight. The selection was really very clear. But it also has to be said that most of the passengers fell asleep relatively quickly. Nevertheless, I would like a little more choice on a business class flight. After all, Lufthansa doesn't know

where I come from or what my time rhythm is. That would be a little more comfortable. The egg for breakfast was really okay. Only salt was missing again for my needs. What is the conclusion about this flight? Lufthansa is not doing itself any favors with its austerity measures. Especially customers who have comparisons with business or first class flights will notice the restrictions strongly and will certainly not be satisfied . On the other hand, the service on both flights was good to very good. Friendly, humorous, attentive - that's how it should be, that was really great. I hope you find this video great and that you liked it. And next time I will certainly travel alone again and can then show you everything in more detail. Feel free to leave a comment or give a thumbs up,

I would really appreciate that. Many thanks and see you next time! Your Marcel

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