EDELWEISS Business Class A330-300 Flug | Europas bester Ferienflieger?

EDELWEISS Business Class A330-300 Flug | Europas bester Ferienflieger?

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Good morning from Zurich Airport. If that's not full, I don't know 100 87,000 people want to fly today, apparently and it's not that empty at all, because if you look at the display board, it's packed. I'll show you where it can go, and where it goes for people, crazy just crazy. now I have to look where I have to go because my plane is leaving. To Larnaca.

Gate E35. So for me it goes down to the cellar vault. I have to go to Gate E53. I'm somehow at A I have to look at E53 to see if I can get there somehow. Let's see if I have to go somewhere.

Oh yes, it's non-Schengen - so I'm leaving. Well, let's see what happens then. okay, officially left Switzerland. Now it goes down to the train, because it is a cross connection, it says not directly in Zurich Airport, but a different part of the airport. A bit older part.

Let's see if that still fits. It's getting a bit tight in terms of time, but it's going to be kind of like. This train takes you to Gates E. A first. Cavalier. The Train is arriving at the Final Station, please disembarg What a cool train ride was that please? The view to the front reminds me a bit of Düsseldorf and that really cool optical thing that you watch on film. Funny. And there was also such a background noise.

You heard cows all along. Someone said that people are sorry that you are leaving Switzerland now. It's really nice here, that's the older part of Zurich Airport and now it's time to find fifty-three and then it's almost boarding. Okay, if there's one thing that I find totally crazy, it's empty airports. It's really early in the morning. It's also super empty here, everything inland and such.

Oh, I saw her. I discovered them. The beauty of the sky. I hope you can see that. There it is, the Edelweiss A340-300 with the new business class. Oh, isn't it beautiful? Well, I'm probably the only one who's really happy about an airplane like this.

Everyone else like: "What's wrong with the guy, why is he so happy?", I'm happy because it's a beautiful plane. Now I'm curious. The queue is already full.

Let's push our way forward because we can. People are waiting for a good coffee. I am curious if this is really that good now. We'll see ..

thank you! Merci! So, let's go, the journey begins 14A has stayed. So I assume that 14A will remain. That means the Throne could be mine. It's funny when you do a VLog and then in that direction. Somehow strange. I also did not think that such a large plane would one day fly to Cyprus.

But well, it works like that, we have to choose. Business or First. I assume that I was right here. Will we see later if we are right, have a look! Good Morning. Thank you very much. Tomorrow, 14A I'm looking, I'm almost right.

Then you are right here. Marvelous. Arrived at my seat for the next three and a half hours. Here you can feel like a king, because there is enough space left and right to spread out. Behind it we find more business class seats in a 2/2 configuration for couples, business travelers or those traveling together.Ideally , the seat with the window was not quite the perfect choice at this point, because you had no view of the outside, which all the other seats in turn Offer.

The seat itself has the option of converting into a flat bed and you can make your legs really long , which you can also do here in the 2/2 configuration. Otherwise, personally , I think The Throne is of course the highlight of this flight, but the other seats, as you can see here, don't have a disadvantage either, because you have a little bit of privacy and you can really relax. The light is currently still bright and later it will even be dimmed a bit. But we also see a 2/2 to two configuration or a 1/2 to 1 configuration, depending on the situation. Welcome to the Premium Economy or Economy, max.As you can see, all seats offer a multi entertainment system and even here you can see the backrest on the first seat can be adjusted quite far back.

The seats look very, very comfortable and the head department is very comfortable. I personally find these seats a very, very good alternative to the normal economy. Incidentally, the surcharge for this flight was only 29 euros.

Drinks are also included. That means, non-alcoholic drinks and a small snack are included, which for the price is a very, very good alternative to higher-quality business class. Because the business class, as we see it here, is 199 euros for the surcharge on this flight, which is already sporty. Welcome to my seat.

Yes, I can find several departments here and the first department that I discovered is ideal for travel documents such as passports, plane tickets or, like here, my iPad. So just stuff the iPad in, then it is out of the way or can fall down. Here we can put our water or drink in.

And by the way , I got this water squeezed into my hand when I arrived for a second water. And here we can hang our clothes on the hanger and hand them over and then get them back when we land. I don't even know why so few people do that.

Because it saves so much space not to have to stuff your stuff upstairs . Speaking of above. Here we see that we have no way of adjusting any air supply. But that's not so bad.

Incidentally, these are the headphones from Edelweiss and Sennheiser, and I'll show them to you later. But first of all, by the way, I think my place is very, very good. I have a 3 PIN connection for power, a USB connection and a 3 PIN connection for my headphones and a cool reading lamp with 3 setting options. Craziness! Somehow everything is adjustable in three ways. Perfect.

And the view is awesome. Right on the engines and even three windows. By the way, this is the remote control system to control the monitor. It is a touchscreen monitor, but at the same time offers the possibility of being controlled via it. By the way, we have the front here, if we stow it, we also have the option to control our seat and our table.

We come to toys for the adults, for the big ones, for the little ones, for everyone. Because that's always the highlight for me, because I don't know how it works. Every time it is rediscovered. We have a wide variety of functions from the lounge position to the start and position of the lief-flat position as well as that we can also adjust a lot for our back . How hard and how soft you want for the seat. And here is the take-off and landing position, there is the lie-flat position. Here we have a massage function and yes the mood light. By the way, that turns the lights on and off down there.

Who likes it. A little gimmick. Here we have something for the legs and I personally think that's very, very cool. Because you can. Adjust yourself in flight. How would you like to have the legs in a position, would you like to have them a little longer or just straight down? I think it's a very, very cool function.

So, let's go to the entertainment system. We have films and TV, we go to films and see what's in there. Celebrate George Clooney Oh, I like those things. Then we just have more films here. We see the selection is not that bad.

We have a wide variety of languages: German, English, Chinese. Incidentally, here again in Chinese , we have a few Chinese titles with us, which I think is very cool for many guests. An international selection. We have brand new movies with us and the selection is very, very large. What you have, there is something for every taste. Incidentally, we also have films from Switzerland with us.

Take a look at Swiss films and then, when we work our way through the menu, we have audio books, podcasts and audio broadcasts. By the way, the touchscreen is touch-sensitive. Sometimes it reacts a little slowly, but usually it is very, very simple and intuitive to use. Here are games oh Sesame Street, hmmmmm, Sesame Street, let's play. Ok, enough played, back to the whole thing. We have the air show here and here we can see where we took off.

An interactive map that accompanies you all the time. From Zurich it went over Feldkirch, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and then on to Cyprus and the map shows a flight distance of 2400 kilometers. So, I promised you, I want to show you the headphones, that's them, the Sennheiser headphones at Edelweiss in business class.

Unfortunately. By the way, only one of the headphones worked for me, but well, anyway, this button is not for a lounge position, it is for the following. Zack, the table and the table , I somehow always had a bit of a problem here at Edelweiss to get it out. I don't think it's the airline, but that I did too smoothly. If you open it, you can pull it up again.

But then you can no longer get out where it says it is. Good to know before you get something to eat. To collapse, simply fold it up and lift it up with a slight jerk. So lift it up slightly and then push it in. As you can see. I'm a bit sluggish.

But it works with a little practice. Let's go to the lounge position together. The lounge position is a mixture of sitting and half lying down. I call it the slouch position because you can stretch your legs. Has the leg down. Départements lifts your legs a little bit up and up, if you slide down a bit, you can lounge around and watch TV and the TV is right in front of your eyes.

But I'll show you another feature that was much, much more ingenious for us. This is the lie-flat-bed position. That means, we turn the seat into a real bed over a length of 1.90 m.

And you see from above, from the headrest to the bottom, the entire bed and the legs disappear into the footwell. At the top you can then set whether you want to go up or down again. But also the hardness and the softness of the bed. And I'll crawl in there for you now.

I'm almost at the top with a height of 1.86 m. So you have a seat length of 1.90 m and if your feet are not too big, then you have a very comfortable space here.

It's very comfortable and I personally think the seat is very, very, very soft. And here, if you press the button, you can start up again. Bürcher Muesli Would you like bread to go with it? Willingly. Would you like two pieces? With butter and jam? yes very much can. We have either raspberry or apricot.

So now there is something to eat and drink. A coffee and a champagne, please. So now there is delicious food and we have something to drink here, we have cold cuts, we have Bircher muesli, we have fruit salad and the whole thing here again a braid and Russian braid, so braid and that will be delicious. By the way, what I have just learned is that on the short haul, this is still part of the short haul. Long-haul or medium-haul routes are not yet available, there is no amenity kit, but there are no pajamas either.

But I don't think that's too bad, because people don't use it anyway or throw it away and then it would be a waste. And I don't think it's so bad that this doesn't exist on the short route , because it's still quite early. So right now we have it. I think 10 o'clock or so.

10 o'clock you don't need that and accordingly you don't need to go wild. I think the Edelweiss does that very, very well. A great crew on the flight, super friendly and the food looks good and I feel very, very comfortable here on board. Just let me know, would you prefer to fly Economy, Premium Economy or rather Business Class? Just write the comments and like to subscribe to my channel and leave a subscription. Arrived in Larnaca, what a great flight, what a very, very awesome, a really great crew. Super friendly. There she stands The Beauty.

Really a fascinating aircraft, from the incredibly comfortable seat to the very, very brilliant crew. They were so personable. I just have to make sure I don't run past here. They were so personable. They were helpful. We also exchanged ideas well.

We talked a little bit about what I'm doing. They were curious- And when you see that, there was a very loving flight attendant. I talked to her a little longer. Wherever it was about how I came up with the idea to make this video. And she asked me when it would be online. Now if you are like that.

When I arrived now, the question was vaccinated passengers go straight there, test everyone else with a dose or no dose first. But I can go straight through it, so I'm very happy about it. It was of course easier to get into the country. And now it's time to pick up my luggage and then my driver will come and pick me up. Welcome back.

It's gotten a bit evening now and that's simply because I arrived in Larnaca , picked up my luggage and entered the country and then met the driver who picked me up in a Mercedes Vito and drove me over to Paphos . That was an hour and a half drive. During that time, I used the time not to stick the camera in the driver's face, but to talk to him and learn a little more about him and his life. I've been trying to find out as much as possible about other people lately when I talk to them and give less of myself, but to find out a little more about what they do and how they live and how they work and what they like like. And I find that very difficult and complicated.

If you talk to someone and you talk to someone about what their life is like or what they do or what they like and then you better not just stick that stupid camera in their face. I find that really uncomfortable and I can't handle it yet. I am glad that you saw this this video.

I hope it was exciting for you. I hope you were able to get an impression of what a trip can be like if you liked this V-Log and you say so. You're not that bad for the first thing, feel free to write it in the comments below.

If you say I have an improvement, I have an idea, please write it in the comments, subscribe to the channel and activate the bell so you don't miss any more video. And I would also be happy about a thumbs up. Or if you share this video. Maybe there is one or the other.

It's cool, cool. Great trip report from Olli, if he is about to be run over. And we'll see each other in the next video, a trip report, a hotel report, whatever, and in this sense a wonderful good evening! Kali Nichta, from Cyprus. For me, go back to the hotel, so until then.

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