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- Hi, Stan stans. My name is Stan, welcome to the worldofxtra. So as you guys know, I post- So as you guys know, I post my food on Instagram quite a lot. If you guys haven't followed my Instagram, you guys should. I think one of my most highly requested videos is "Stan can you please make a what I eat in Japan video". So that's exactly what I'm going to do. The other day

I posted a picture of me eating raw egg, and a lot of people were very shook. So today I'm going to eat "like a Japanese person" for 24 hours, which is basically me just eating what I eat because I'm Japanese. Why did that make me sound like one of those bitches in high school, who's like one eighth Japanese and is always like, "I'm really in touch with my Japanese side". Shut the fuck up. I'm going to show you a- I'm going to show you a free- I'm going to show you a few different kinds of- I'm going to show you a few- Fuck this. I think it's going to be pretty interesting. You guys might be grossed out and disgusted.

This is my outfit of the day today. Does my ass look fat as fuck? Yes, it does look fat. Fucking ass is thin. I'm going to be taking guys along with me throughout my errands today as well. Finally getting my vaccine. And at night they have a vogue-ing dance class. I fucking love hanging out with you guys. First of all,

let's go to the supermarket. It's currently 9:50 AM. This is Thursday. Last night I slept at about one because I uploaded a new video and you guys know, I always try to reply to as many comments as possible. And this morning I skipped gym.

Oh my God, Stan you skipped gym? Bitch, calm the fuck down. Like I said, I have a vogue-ing dance class at night and I don't want to be exercising too much because I'm not trying to be skinny, I'm trying to gain weight. If I, you know, exercise too much and use up too much calories, then I'm going to be skinny as fuck. (upbeat music) So this is what we have come to, this Japanese summer humidity, except it's gloomy as fuck. Like what is the point? If it's hot as fuck without sunlight, then what is the point of summer? Ugh, fuck! I forgot to make rice last night. So.

(crowd applause) In Japan, you can literally get anything from Seven Eleven. Rice, drink, food, toilet paper, a charger, iTunes gift cards, a boyfriend, a girlfriend. Now while that's cooking, let me prepare my food.

So Japanese breakfast is basically getting a lot of little things and eating it with rice. First, lets me prepare my shirasu. Shirasu are little fish bitches. Let me show you these. She's a little bit scary, maybe, to foreigners, but you know, I'm a bad bitch so I eat anything. Literally just take a little bit of this. I decided I'm going to name this egg, Bitch.

Usually I would cook my own little egg, but I'm saving my cooking skills for tonight. Mmm, yummy. She's ready. And then I will just take my natto. You guys might be shook, when the raw egg comes out.

I've eaten natto a lot of times in my videos. Natto is fermented soybeans. It comes with this little sauce and you literally just squirt the fuck out of it. And then there's also like karashi, which is almost like mustard and you just squeeze the shit out of that too.

Give her a little bit of a flick of the wrist moment. Just to really just get in there until it turns into a very questionable white substance. And you literally just like do this. (screaming) - Clown. - Let's pretend that didn't happen.

A lot of people ask me if natto smells bad. Oh yeah. And then we're going to take the rice and pretend like we cooked it ourselves by transferring it to this rice bowl, you guys know our bestie from my last video, umeboshi. This is crack to me. So, yes, as you ou guys see, that's what it looks like.

I'm not Gordon Ramsey. I'm Japanese. So I'm more like Gordon... (Stan speaks Japanese) Now this is when it gets crazy for you white bitches. We are going to crack this egg into a bowl. Two shots of vodka. Literally just raw egg with soy sauce.

And then we going to take this long, thick, hard, eight inches. A Japanese breakfast is never complete without soup. For my soup, okay, I can make it myself. You know,

boil some water. Fuck that. Japan- Japanese people usually use these instant miso soup. This one is shichimi and this one is asari. Asari is shell.

Shichimi is shell- Bitch, both of them are shell. Anyway, I think I'm going to go with... Let me not pretend that I know the difference. Let me just pick one.

This one. You guys might be thinking. "Oh my god, you have so many bowls."

Duh. I'm Japanese, there's a certain type of bowl for each food. This one is rice bowl. It looks like this. This shape is a rice bowl. You can't put soup in this. If you put soup, Japanese people are gonna yell at you and you're going to die. I also got some fermented radish pickles. It looks like your average...

You're not invited. Who are you? Usually Japanese people would slice this with a knife, but because I'm only half Japanese, I will only do, you know, half the effort. So I will use a scissor. Now that my hot water is done. Let me

just put some into my soup, just like this. Ooh, Ooh. I love to live dangerously. And finally for my drink, Japanese people usually use these. It's a very inefficient cup. And again, half the effort, I'm not going to make my own tea.

I'll just pour it into this glass. And that is how you prepare a Japanese breakfast. - Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same. - Okay, besties, we're ready to eat. Usually Japanese people drink a little bit of the soup first.

To you know, lubricate the throat, make it easier for people to swallow. It's always easy for me to swallow, but as you guys know, there's more hags in Japan. I shouldn't say that.

As you guys know, there's more old people in Japan than young people. So it's very important to, you know, lubricate throats cause you know, next thing you know... And now that your chopsticks are lubricated too, the rice won't stick to- (cricket sounds) the rice won't stick to your chopsticks. Anyway, a lot of guys might be thinking, "Stan, what are you going to do with the raw egg? Are you going to slurp it up?" Bitch, I slurp a lot of things, but I'm not fucking crazy.

So in Japan we have this thing called TKG. She sounds a little bit cringy as fuck. Tamago, kake, gohan. Ooh, raw eggs. Stan, don't put that in your mouth. Oh no.

We're going to put it in the rice. Just like that. A lot of you guys might be shook that Japanese people eat raw egg. But raw egg is actually a very important staple in Japanese cuisine. We usually like crack raw eggs into ramen, crack raw eggs into rice.

But the thing is I would never recommend this to people who live outside Japan. Japan has successfully eradicated salmonella in eggs, the way they make eggs in Japan. It's close to impossible to get salmonella from eggs. A lot of you guys might think, "oh my God, Stan, that's so gross".

Bitch, you have no problem sucking a dick. Let's talk about that. (slurping noise) (slurping noise) (slurping noise) (slurping noise) I'm actually really excited to get my first dose of vaccine today. I was thinking when you get your vaccine,

you're supposed to be, you know, a little bit chill for the next few days. I have a dance practice tonight. Maybe I'm going to have to skip. We'll see how I feel. (Stan speaks Japanese) Also, it's important to eat a very healthy meal before you go get your vaccine.

To make sure that your body is ready to receive those little pesky viruses. But yes, I'm just going to fill out my form and go get the vaccine. (calming music) (crowd applause) Hi, besties, so it's lunchtime. It's actually 3:00 PM. I had a little bit of a nap when I came home. So for lunch, I got a department store bento. As you guys know, convenience stores sell bento.

So it's very normal to get bento from the convenience store. And I've done that a lot of times on my channel. Come on, I have a whole video dedicated to just doing that for a whole day. So today I wanted to show you guys, what is department store bento looks like. And usually for lunch, Japanese people would get a bento like this. I'm not that hungry. So I actually got like a smaller one.

So let's un-box her. (light guitar music) So as you guys see, there's a pattern with Japanese meals. It's never just like one single thing. There's always something at least two or maybe three.

This, I literally don't know what it is, but they literally have like a special plastic container. (Stan speaking Japanese) Usually these types of bentos don't need reheating. I don't know what it is, but they actually say taste really good, even when cold.

Is this dessert? I don't think it is. This is tofu made out of edamame, I think. Cause it tastes very much like edamame.

This has some sort of crab on top. This one tastes like crabs. Not that kind of crabs, bitch. A normal bento from a convenience store could be from 300 to, I would say 600 yen. But these department store bentos could range from $20 to $100. So, you know,

it's really for the boujee people. It's honestly, usually like the old people getting these. There's always like really long lines of old grandmas trying to get these bentos. Also, isn't the boss just so cute? It's literally pink.

You guys remember how I got the vaccine? It was honestly so underwhelming. I just be like in my head because I've been anticipating for this moment for like months now. So I went in, I was like, oh my God, I'm so excited. So obviously I'm like building up this hype within me, just like inside my head.

So like I just sat down and it was so quick, they just vaccinated me and they were like, okay done. I was expecting more of a congratulations on your vaccination. You are finally vaccinated, happy birth month. You are going to slay the world. Oh my God. Thank you so much.

I would like to thank not only God, but also Jesus, but instead it was literally just like, okay done. Bye. That was it? Thank you. You know what I'm saying? Like, come on it's my birth month, like at least, hey, happy birth month. Like you asked for my birthday, like three times before you injected me. (inaudible) (Stan speaking Japanese) The other day someone messaged me about my thoughts on Japan core and just like Japanese aesthetic. It doesn't sit right with me.

If I'm being honest, like my culture isn't an aesthetic. And that's honestly all I have to say, okay you guys, it's currently 5:00 PM. And usually there's like a huge gap between lunch and dinner. So I usually like to have a little bit of a snack in the afternoon. And today I have a very, very exciting sponsor for this video.

This video is sponsored by Tokyo Treat. Oh my God. If you guys have seen my video "Japanese snack taste test" this basically the same company, but they have different snacks. The other one was traditional Japanese snacks. And if I know anyone who loves Japanese snacks more than me, it's my mother let's call my mother.

So let's call my mother. Mother! (Stan and his mother speaking Japanese) Mama, I have a surprise for you. Are you hungry? - Yes, very hungry. - Have you had lunch? - No lunch. - Why? - No lunch yet. (Stan's mother speaking Japanese) - What do you want for lunch? (Stan's mother answering in Japanese) (Stan laughing) - This and rice? If you guys didn't know, Tokyo treat is a monthly subscription box full of exclusive Japanese candies and snacks.

Such as Japanese sake flavored Kit-Kat, sakura flavored Coca-Cola delivered straight from Japan to your door. It's literally straight from Tokyo and there's a different theme every single month. This month theme is summer. They have a little pamphlet that explains everything about each snack. Okay? Since it's snack time for me and apparently lunchtime for her, we're going to start eating and show you guys some of the snacks here.

(Stan and his mother speaking Japanese) This is actually really, really famous. I am so excited to try this mango Kit-Kat. - Arigato. (Both speaking Japanese) Everything is super iconic, but I love how they tried to put as many limited edition products in each box. (Stan speaking Japanese) This is so iconic. (Stan speaking Japanese) She eats this all the time.

- I love this. Mmmm! (Stan speaking Japanese) - This is my go-to snack whenever I go to the convenience store because I don't know, it doesn't make me feel guilty when I eat it because it has so much fiber and calcium. It's a star. (Stan speaking Japanese) Banana man. What does that even mean? It looks like a banana.

This smells like what Japanese people think banana smells like, but my half Filipino ass, I don't think this smells like banana. Pocky but coconut flavor. My mom and I love this so much. (Stan's mom speaking Japanese) My mom wants it.

There's a lot of different kinds, but it's not like huge. So you don't get sick of it. You get to try out a lot of Japanese snacks, but you don't get sick of it. So you always get excited for like the following months' box. There's summer limited edition Fanta.

I love how they put drinks as well as not just sweets. There's literally so, so, so much more iconic snacks that I used to eat when I was younger. So if you guys want one for yourself, please check the link in the description box.

So like I said, we're going to be choosing five people to win the exact same box. (Both speaking Japanese) So if you guys want to try anything that I tried today please check the description box for the guidelines of the giveaway as well. And thank you so, so much to Tokyo Treat sponsoring this video and for all of these amazing snacks. (upbeat guitar music) (cricket sounds) If you guys didn't know, I actually really like cooking and for dinner, I want to show you guys my cooking skills.

Bitch, when I was in university, I was making my own meals three times a day. So don't be fucking coming for me. Look at my mom's outfit today. I love the yellow. I'm going to need to put on an apron. Mother! Help! Okay? It's time for me to cook.

A lot of guests probably think, oh my God, you can't cook. Bitch, watch me. Today we are going to make pork curry, the iconic golden curry. If you want to make Japanese curry,

just look up golden curry and you'll be set. I am actually on a call with my little brother today. - Hey, Stan stans.

- First and foremost, let me cut up all the vegetables. The meat is already cut up. Japanese curry is super common in Japan that they already sell meat for curry. Okay. As for the vegetables, we are going to have to cut it up. I don't understand why they have to put a single carrot in a plastic bag. Go off Japan. Do you guys know about Paris syndrome? Do you notice the over romanticization of Paris by Japanese people? Or like just France in general? - Yeah.

- Japanese people love France, huh? If you guys have ever been to Tokyo, you guys would know that almost every store it's named in some sort of French word, Paris syndrome is basically an intense form of culture shock wherein a Japanese person- Okay. I need to be careful with the knife. Wherein a Japanese person who loves France so much, goes to France for the first time and they experience a very severe form of disappointment. Symptoms of Paris syndrome include delusion, anxiety attacks, excessive sweating, and dizziness. And apparently this is literally medically proven. Isn't that insane? Like imagine a Japanese person saying, "oh my god, I love France so much" and they go to France and they are literally dying because they are so disappointed. And here's the craziest part apparently every year 6 million Japanese people visit France. Every year,

Japanese embassy in France has to send back around 20 people back to Japan because they experienced severe Paris syndrome. It's honestly so funny to me and apparently the Japanese embassy in France has a 24 hour help line. And it's so weird because like Paris syndrome is almost exclusively felt by Japanese people only.

Japanese people need to chill. It's time to get your pot. And we are going to cook the meat a little bit first. This is usually what Japanese people eat for dinner.

Something very like Hardy and just very, you know... Ooh, stew, Curry, ooh. You know that vibe. When your meat turns from red to white, that's when you add the vegetables. Okay. I think I could have done that better. I may have to pick up some vegetables off the floor.

This is gonna be so yummy. You dumb bitch. Alexa, play Ain't Shit by Doja Cat. (Ain't Shit by Doja Cat playing) Now, you know, you're an adult when you start simmering food, that's when you fucking know you're cooking.

I'm actually just going to do my homework while my curry is simmering. Alexa, shut up. So what I would do is put in the curry roux, it looks like this a little bit like, you know something we're very familiar with.

Mm! I'm so excited to eat it. (light piano music) (Stan speaking Japanese) - Very good. - Very good. I'm actually a really good curry cook. So don't even come for me. (Both speaking Japanese) - Ten.

- Ten, ooh! (Stan's mother speaking Japanese) - The Japanese people usually make a lot of curry and eat it for a week. The older, the curry is the more delicious it gets. Japanese curry restaurants actually make a huge batch at the start of the week.

And will use that for the entire week. (Stan's mother speaking Japanese) - Okay guys. So we're just going to finish eating dinner. So I want to know which meals do you think you would want to eat the most? Personally, my favorite meal of the day is actually this cause I made it myself from scratch. If you guys enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. Please subscribe.

And please turn on the notification bell. This week's shout out goes to Thank you so so much for always supporting everything I do. If you guys want a shout out on my next video, please leave the curry emoji. If you guys want to follow me on my daily life, please follow me on Instagram and Twitter @worldofxtra and her @worldofmama - Yes, please.

- If you have any video suggestions, please let me know in the comments down below as well. So much for hanging out with me, you guys. I love you so, so much and I appreciate you guys here every single week. I'm going to see you guys in my next video.

Thank you for watching! Bye!

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