EASY Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners & Super PROFITABLE With The Order Blocks

EASY Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners & Super PROFITABLE With The Order Blocks

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Hi guys, this is Anne. In this video, I'm going to share with you how to trade the order block alerts, how to snipe it on the lower time frames and number three, I'm going to give you ideas how to find your trading confluence. If you are very new to the order block trading strategy I would suggest you visit our youtube channel here, StarSeedFX. I have created a complete guide, the order block trading strategy simplified. Based on my opinion, the order block trading strategy is one of the best trading strategies out there. I did not invent this strategy. I only made it simple.

A lot of people make this strategy too complicated so I hope my guide will help you understand better how the strategy works. Since you are already here, let me show you a quick overview of how I trade   the order block. Basically, what I do is I just put a swing high swing low and then I wait for the break of structure, either it breaks the swing high or breaks the swing low. In this case, it breaks the swing low. So here is the break of structure since it breaks below or the swing low, your order block is the last bullish candle before the breakout happened. On the contrary, if the price   breaks above or the swing high, your order block is the last bearish candle before the breakout happens. So that is how the order block looks like. In this example, the price respects the order block

before it continues down alright. So now let's go back here on how to trade the order blocks alert. You   maybe wondering what is the order block alert. Well, basically this is for our community website. So my husband and I have an order block traders community. If you want to join you can find the

link in the description. Basically what we do is to mark the order block on forex pairs, gold,   indices and also cryptocurrencies. In total there are about 40 assets starting from H4, daily, weekly and monthly and this is how it works. So we mark our order block on our charts manually like this one, two days ago. Today is Sunday when I made this video. So this is on Friday. We mark this swing high, swing low, break of structure, and then the price respect the order block. The moment the price   hits the order block, the robot takes a screenshot and sends it to you via email, via an app, and also post it on our website. So in this video, I'm gonna guide you on how to take advantage of our order block. Now

let's say you received this order block from us in the last two days. Let's remake this order block okay. Let's open it's Canadian Yen, this one right. It's H4. Let me take a look again okay. So this is the swing high and here is the swing low and this is the break of structure and the order block is the last bullish candle before the breakout  happened and it was respected. And obviously when  

you receive the order block from us you didn't see this red candle right because it appears like this. The moment the price hit the order block you get the alert from us. This is because it's already happened and it respects our order block and went down on our way. So what do you do when you receive this particular order block? You have two options. You can   trade it directly or you want to snipe it. If you want to trade it directly, what you have to do is you

want to be sure of the probability or the risk-reward ratio this particular order block gives you. Now the first thing you do is mark the last low. Here is the last low right. So this is your take profit target. Once you receive the order block if it is a cell or the block   you want to look left in this case this is  the left side right from here you want to   look left where is the last low so this is your  last low and this is your take profit target   let me make this big now let's say you want to  take the whole candle when the price hit the   order block and this is your entry level okay  what is the risk reward to the take profit entry   here it gives you about one to five if it  is less than one to five i always suggest   skip it you do not want to take a trade  if it gives you less than one to five   you only want to take a trade if it gives you at  least or minimum one to five in this case it gives   you one to five you can enter directly your entry  is here your stop loss is here and if you want to   get a maximum reward once you receive the order  block from us you know the moment you touch here   let me come back here the moment it hit our  other block you can put a pending order at 50   of the order block right so it gives you more  reward look instead of one to five it gives you   probably one to eleven let's say one to ten okay  but placing on fifty percent it doesn't always   work but it gives you higher reward in this case  the last two days if you put it on fifty percent   you would have made one to 11 just from this one  trade okay so this is one way how to use our order   block alert again when you receive the order block  alert from us what you have to do you want to take   a look whether you agree with the market structure  or not if you feel comfortable with it then you   can enter if you do not feel comfortable with it  you can skip it because every day you will receive   at least five oftentimes more than 10 in a day and  as you can see just one other block can give you   one to five one to ten you do not need to trade  every single order block and obviously not   every single auto block will work so far our auto  block winning rate is between 50 to 70 percent so   but you can imagine even with only 50 percent  of the winning rate if you aim just one to   five so five times five is 25 let's say  you risk one percent five times five   is 25 and you lose five five percent so 25 minus  5 you still make 20 if you risk 1 for the sake   of example now this is the first choice if you  want to trade it directly or you want to snipe it   but so many members they like to sniped it meaning  when you receive the autoblock alert from h4   you want to trade it on m15 and 5 or even lower  on m1 there are some people who even traded on   seconds here on mt4 the lowest is m1 minutes chart  but it's up to you okay let's see another example   okay this is you're a canadian you also received  it on friday let's remake it again hold unless   this one is euro canadian is it all right let's  make it again i also did not trade this one but   let's see how it works okay let me see all right  so here is our swing high and this is our swing   low and here it breaks above so our other block is  the last bearish candle before to break out happen   all right so here's our auto block you see how  amazing the order block is sometimes it's just   pouch and then going up it doesn't reach 50 hold  on a second here right look take a look the moment   it hit the auto block our robot take a screenshot  and let you know there is a new alert and then   what happened it just directly go up again only  touching this one and then directly go up again   so like i said if you for example decided to  even buy directly you may not have a chance right   and if you put 50 it didn't work well it's  okay because remember you have a lot of chances   again to be successful in trading and especially  when you use our auto block alert you do not need   to trade so many alert just trade whenever you  have time i personally just trade three pairs   maximum running at the same times and i trade  just about anything major pairs or minor pairs   it doesn't matter so if i feel comfortable  with the market structure i would just   bite it and here if i take a look at this i may  put at 50 for example but in this case the 50   it doesn't work right so once you get the alert  what you want to do you want to put your last   high the last high when this candle hit this  is the last high right this is the first   take profit target this is the second take profit  target and probably will continue but this is the   first one this is your first take profit target  and it's also directly hit by the second candle   on h4 in this case you probably will missed it if  you put it at 50 but we will see what happens when   you go to lower time frame okay and also this one  now before we continue to see a thread breakdown   on the lower time frame for this pair let's go  back here first how to snipe on lower time frame   let me change this let me make it clear so i can  explain something now here's the key for every   single order block we always put the type of order  block i mean like this is by order block meaning   when the price hit our other block you will  then one looking for buy opportunity all right   and then here on canadian yen we have a cell or  the block meaning once you receive this order   block alert you will want to looking for the  sell opportunity it depends on the order block   type here if it is sell auto block then you want  to looking for sell all right guys i'm back i'm so   sorry that i had to stop earlier there are some  people outside talking and i can't control it i   have been living in the resort since the pandemic  happened basically to avoid the pandemic but   right now it's a peak season and there are lots of  tourists here in the resort especially coming from   the europe probably they avoid the cold winter in  there so here in egypt even though it's winter but   it is not really that cold just windy so anyway  i apologize if you hear a lot of noise from the   from the background because it's a resort you  know it's like a tourist area all right so let's   continue number two how to snipe the autoblock  alert in the lower time frame now before i show   it to you the kind of patterns when you want to  snipe the other block on the lower time frame   i want to show it to you something when it comes  to market we knows that they are only what should   i call it type let's just call it type okay to  make it simple so there are only two types right   high and low if the price breaks the high there is  possibility the market to go higher if the price   breaks the low there are possibilities the markets  to go lower a lot of people often complicate so   many things not that i against them but sometimes  it's just confusing to me personally all right   so a few weeks ago quite a few people came to  me and asked me to make a video about uh what   was the term again uh change change of character  yeah i think this one right so people ask me about   this chains of character so when i ask my husband  he has been trading for over 12 years do you know   what is this in training and and he asked me like  what the hell is that and you know basically this   is just reversal but people keep finding new terms  that sometimes confuse a lot of people including   myself well people ask me to create a video let me  just show it to you what is this change character   okay let's say the market is in a downtrend like  this and then suddenly it reverse so first it   breaks below it breaks below and here suddenly it  breaks above this is the change of character so it   is reversal okay so those who wants to know about  these chains of character this is just reversal   from going a downtrend to an uptrend that's it  all right but again when it comes to the market   we only know two things here two types whatever  you want to call there is high there is low right   here this one is probably a sideway but this is  high this is high this is high low low low low   now all we need to know where the market is  heading whether the price breaks the high   or the low that's it okay so now let's continue  to this my pattern let me remove all this so   let's say you receive a buy order block for me  let's draw this a giant order block because this   is probably a daily order block or h for auto  block whatever okay so this is from higher time   frame auto block let's say this is d1 or b  and then you go to m15 or lower so the price   come to the order block of daily or the block and  here you receive an alert from us right remember   this is by or the block so the price probably come  back here and then here and in here here's the key   when you receive a buy order block from us you pay  attention at the high you want to wait the high   to be broken by the price as long as the price  breaking the low you do nothing now when the price   start breaking the high in this case let's say  this one so this is the first break of structure   once there is the break of structure like this  you can put an order block right away but there   is also possibilities it breaks above but maybe  the price can come back lower that's also possible   the idea here when you get the buy or  the block remember you wanna looking for   the highs broken by the price okay so here  ideally this is a lower low create a higher high   this is a lower high this is a lower high and  then the price is broken and create a higher high   from a lower low you can start marking your other  block or you want to wait for the second break of   structure because this is the first one maybe you  want to wait even if it is like that there this is   the second one even though it doesn't break this  one you just want to wait two break of structure   then you know the price will start to reverse all  right i'm not saying the exact thing gonna happen   because anything can happen to the market if  something happened could be like like that also   right but we are talking about high probability  trade so that's what you are looking for when   you want to snipe you want to wait the highs of  the lower time frame of your choice to be broken   by the price sometimes the price can go lower of  the odd block i highly recommend you only want to   trade within the order block itself that usually  gives you the best trade when it comes to reversal   okay so probably starting doing like that all  right here is the break above starting so the   market has a high probability to start reversing  if you want to be more careful you just want to   wait for the second break out here there are also  possibility that if you wait for the second break   out like this that you missed the train and  nothing happened so you didn't get this trade   and then the market just continued like that so  if that happened it doesn't matter remember there   are still a lot of opportunities you get a lot  of alerts from us but this is what you want to   looking for for dubai or the block okay now let's  take a look what is the buy order block look like   was it at euro canadian let's remove that now here  when the price hit the auto block you receive the   alert from us and then you mark the last high in  this case this one when the price hit here right   this is the first one the second one so you can  aim the last high this is your take profit target   and let's say you go to m15 what i usually  do guys if it is from h4 i look between m15   and m5 so it's up to you if you want to trade it  on m1 again it's too fast for me so i usually just   trade on 15 or 1 and 5. let's say what happened  if you want to trade it here on m5 look so here   like i said we want to wait until there is breaks  above you really need to practice you need a chart   time maybe you think this is the first break  above right to me this is the first break above   so this candle become our other block here is  your stop loss probably your stop loss is here   if your trade is over here let me just make  it clear okay for this one i'm not gonna use a   drawing tool so this is your order block right so  that is your order block because this is the first   break of structure if you are a high risk trader  you can put your pending order on this auto block   all right either 50 or all for example like  this the whole candle let's say you put it the   whole candle and here it reached the take profit  exactly one to ten this is the last order block   last friday if you enter it like that okay  now if you are super careful trader right so   here is the first break above remember that the  price coming here and this is first break above   and here is the second break above in this case  this is your other block right this is your second   auto block but it doesn't hit bye-bye and here is  another one over here it also doesn't hit bye-bye   but here is the first one is being hit by the auto  block first break above come back take the other   block and and goes it ways all right now let's  take a look what happened on m15 let's clean this   up first okay so we are not confused because  this is from m5 now let's take a look here i   would consider this as the first break above look  here break above let's let me make it big this one   you see it breaks above so this candle the red  candle your order block i call it something   like this as hidden all the blocks so i take it  candle by candle like this so this one is also hit   let's say you are taking on the a hold on a  second is this ah i do not want to confuse   so this is basically second take profit target  but we are taking the first take profit target   so if you are taking it from m15 so here  let's say you're taking the whole candle again   if you are taking 50 it doesn't hit you miss the  train but if you are putting it the whole candle   i always put it at the 50 guys so if i were in  this trade i would missed it because i usually   put it on the 50 like this you see it doesn't hit  so i would miss this trade and if you put it on   the whole candle like this on the other block  instead of getting one two ten like on m5 you get   about one to six well it's still it's still good  now let's see what happen if you take it from m1   okay i barely trade on m1 so this is like a  little bit too fast for me but i i will remind   you something the lower the time frame usually the  more losses you get but the higher the reward you   can get let's say we already know this is our take  profit target all right so here the price hit this   for the first time right it hit just a little  bit and then go directly up and remember when   it is a buy order block you want to see high to be  broken right so now here is the first break above   you see even though this is just a week you will  want to consider this as a break above but it's   up to you you also can just focus with the body  when it comes to break above but in this instance   this is the autoblock and it hit a stop loss you  see that this is already a stop loss the first one   and then here let me check it all right so here  that is ah it's not really clear to me hold on   a second because i want it to be perfectly correct  whether that was it's just a matter of choice guys   look something like this it's up to you whether  you want to consider this as your order block   or this one to me it is slightly above you know  for the autoblock so i would choose this one   so this is my autoblock and also if there is wick  on the right side here this is swing high swing   low break off structure because it breaks above  your order block is the last bearish candle here   but i would make it like this so this is the whole  order block i would include this week especially   this is on m1 all right now hit by this price this  candle look this is already the first breaks above   and this is the second so we knows that there is  high probability that the market could go higher   so let's say you enter from m1 let's see oh where  is it you got about 115. you can keep entering   what we call it scale in when it is possible  okay what is a scale in mean so every time there   is break above you want to mark your order block  but it is not always necessarily work but that   you can do which i always do so sometimes when the  market is very good like this and you probably can   find another order block let's say this one okay  look here you may want to consider it as an auto   block this one or even this but this one doesn't  doesn't work here maybe you want to consider this   as the other block right like this one because  this is a very small swing high swing low   and this is the auto block now if you take this  hold on a second so yeah it hit by the price   and let's see if you take this for example  you take one to 30 and this one is one two   how many is the first one the first one gives you  1 to 15 the second one gives you 1 to 30 let's say   you just take 2 okay i usually scale in maximum 3.  so this is what i usually do if i want to scale in  

and let's say i want to take this one i will make  sure the first one is already break even in this   case if i want to take it i will put the stop loss  into break even so in case this hit a stop loss it   won't double stop loss you know if the market goes  against me so if you want to take the third one   make sure the second one also already put  into break even all right so in just one   alert like this when you snipe you see how much  you can get the risk reward ratio if for example   this is not something that i recommend i usually  recommend to risk no more than half percent okay   just for easy calculation if you risk one percent  per trade this is 30 plus 15 so in just one trade   in just a few hours you get about 45 return all  right so this is how wonderful the order block is   so again i want to show it to you if you receive  the order block alert from us and it is a buy   on the block all right what you want to do where  the hell was drawing okay sorry i will just throw   it again quick so this is a higher time frame on  the block what you want to do the moment the price   hit the other block you go to a lower time frame  of your choice since this is a buy auto block   you want the high to be broken you wait the height  to be broken now if you see the first high to be   broken then you can get ready or you can mark your  autoblock and again your take profit target is the   last high of this particular odd block from higher  time frame right now if it is for sale let's just   clear this one if it is a cell or the block like  canadian yen so this is from h4 and you go to m5   for example so the price hit here now you got the  alert and this is the look from m5 for example   now since this is a cell autoblock you want  to wait the low to be broken all right so here   there if it is broken then you can start marking  your other block or you can wait the second break   below but you know sometimes if you put these  sometimes you miss the chance but again it's up   to you when you take a look at the probability  trade like how much return that it can give you   for one trade like 1 to 10 1 to 21 to 30  you can actually just risk for the first   break below over here but again it's up to you so  what my husband is always doing he usually wait   for the second break below that's why he always  missed the train you know like ah he didn't get   it but to him it's okay because there are a lot  of hours to come while me i personally i like to   trade it the first one so if this is a higher high  this is a higher high and the move creates a lower   low well i'm not going to confuse you so if it is  a cell on the block alert from us you just want to   focus to wait the low to be broken if it is buy on  the block you want to wait the high to be broken   it is that simple okay all right so now let's  continue to the next one how to find your trading   confluence you see when you are very new to  trading like finding the first break out the first   break of structure sometimes can be very confusing  this is need like chart time you know you need to   spend more and more time to be able to spot  the hidden odd block you need charge time so   you need to keep practicing but for those who are  very new sometimes they ask me i always miss what   did i miss because sometimes people are making a  lot of money like what i show it to you like this   can make 1 to 30 1 to 15 but i always miss how to  fix that all right so you already know first thing   you need to spend more time by looking at the  chart finding where is break above okay in this   case this is by auto block so you want to looking  for break above especially for beginners it can be   difficult to decide whether it is already break  above or not you know it can be very confusing   so i want to give you ideas for you to be able  to enter this is just an idea it doesn't mean   i'm leading you to another strategy because this  is not a strategy what i'm going to share with   you it's an entry strategy maybe you are still  confused to looking for the break above or the   break structure for by order block or break below  for the sell order block so if you still confuse   about that but you want to make money from our  alert all right so here's what you can do you can   use any indicator that make you feel comfortable  i'm going to give you an example so this is euro   canadian right so the price hit here you get  the alert from us you go to m5 for example now   if you do not want to be confused if the market is  already breaks above or when to buy so you simply   can use let's say one example is heiken ashi for  example so here with the haiken ashi let's take a   look when it hit the price and then there is blue  you can start buying from here now there this is   just an example this is not following the order  block because what my husband and i do we trade   based on the order block and our entry also based  on the auto block but what you also can do the   strategy the entry point around here is based  on the auto block zone but entry can be just   about anything it could be haiku ashi it could be  stochastic it could be moving average whatever you   choose i'm just giving you an example if you are  confused so the price reach our order block here   let's say you put the heiken ashi so here let me  give you an arrow so this is when the first time   price changed right become blue so here let  me remove that haikan ashi so this is your   entry point maybe you want to put your stop loss  over here because this is not really auto block   right just the last low so here is your entering  all right look it gives you one to six and then   you can scale in again if you put another if you  want you know so this is this is just suggestion   so for example there is red and this is another  blue or this is another blue so you can scale in   let's say here i want to see all right right over  here six plus one to five so it's one two eleven   so you got like 11 for example if you risk one  percent but that is not something that i suggest   in terms of money management okay so here is first  you can use the heiken ashi if you want okay and   then another thing you some people use stochastic  what you can do for example here the price is   already oversold and then it already crossed  so basically where is it is oh hold on a second   so basically if you take a look the stochastic is  crossing over here right so this is your entry so   this candle is your entry if you use stochastic  then this is your entry then you take about 1   to 11 i guess right about 1 to 11 and then here  coming back again crossing again if you want to   enter again as long as you still give you one to  five so you can you still can take it if this one   is another entry again so you with the stochastic  you can make like 17 uh reward well with the hike   and ashi you can get like 11 rewards so really  is up to you all right for the entry point   remember this is not stochastic strategy or hiking  as a strategy this is just giving you the idea   if you're still confused on how to trade  our alert once the price hits the auto block   and you receive the alert from us so you can use  just any indicator that make you feel comfortable   the idea is as long as you make money right so  you do not have to be always precise the entries   should also be other block heck you just want  to make money so whatever that makes money we   already give you the zone you receive the alert  from us that we picked up manually and you know   that our alert so far has a high probability  trade so you can pick it up and you can use   any indicator you want for you to enter as long  as you make money right this is just an easy   trading confluence this is just an easy ideas for  me for you to be able uh to enter a trade whenever   you receive an alert from us now let's take a look  for canadian yen let's say you receive here right   on friday you receive an alert from us and the  moment the price hit the order block you go let's   say to m5 directly let's see what happened and if  you use heiken ashi again for example let's see   let's just do oh hold on a second so  this is the first red right this is on m5   and this is your entry so you remove the haiken  ashi so here if you want to put exactly that   on the candle itself because it's the first candle  that becomes red from haiken ashi on m5 oh let's   see where is your take profit target okay let me  make it longer so this is your take profit target   always draw your take profit target over here okay  the last slow if you just sell auto block and then   you go back to m5 look you got one to 50 just from  one trade on m5 and it takes only a few hours just   by using haiken ashi you see if you are using the  autoblock in this case right so here is the first   break below to me so this is the order block it  doesn't hit right and then here is the second   break below and this is the other block right the  last bullish candle before the breakout happened   so this is the order block which is hit on m5 now  let's take a look if you take it the whole candle   it gives you 1 to 10 if you enter based on the  order block again but then if you use the heiken   ashi in this example you want to take it the  simple stupid one well not really stupid the   keep it simple entry so you got the alert from us  on h4 and it hit you receive the other from here   and you apply the haiken ashi right and then here  the moment it's become red so this is your entry   if you want to get a high risk reward obviously  you just want to put exactly at the top like that   or if you want to be conservative probably your  stop-loss could be at the top it doesn't matter   it's up to you so if you put it there so you take  you get about one to twelve i guess but if you put   it exactly at that you see you got exactly one to  fifty that fifty percent if you risk one percent   so i hope that you know how to use our alert right  now and take advantage of it and here let's see if   you are using stochastic here right now all right  so you can check all our alert in the past and   see if it is working for you i do not guarantee  everything will always make 1 to 51 to 30. if you   traded our alert from h4 and d1 and go to m15 or  m5 you are most likely can get this kind of trade   you know one two five one to ten one to thirty  something like that so even though our alert has a   winning rate of fifty to seventy percent i'm sure  you will end up positive by the end of the month   if you just follow the strategy like  this and again that all of our alert   are picked up manually so you can learn for  example for the past one week and just check it   all right and you can use any other indicator  you want and see how it works if it makes money   why not right so all you have to do you just wait  the alert from us so you do not over trade you   follow a clear rule once you get the alert and you  have time you sit down in front of the computer   if you want to choose haikan asi use haiken ashi  if you want to use for example moving average a   quarter of a second what is the moving average  people usually use why is this five okay let's   just put five let's say for example here you just  put five for example this is just an example okay   i'm not saying you have to make it five so you can  put it 9 12 20 whatever but here it reached the   other block from h4 and then it closed below the  moving average then maybe this is your entry right   and you can scale in and how you can scale in if  you're using the moving average probably here and   then blue blue red this is another entry and then  here blue blue red this is another entry blue blue   red this is another entry that is if you're  using moving average so it's really up to you   but again you do not want to complicate yourself  for example you are combining moving average and   stochastic and heiken ashi it has to be like this  has to be like that no don't do that it will be   confusing just make it one simple step sometimes  it works sometimes it doesn't including the   autoblock sometimes it works sometimes it  doesn't but if your aiming is always over 1 to 10   regardless how many losses that you got you will  always end up positive and you really got to make   sure that you are using the right money management  if you are using like our tool like this it could   be easy like what you have to do just click for  example pending cell over here or right now here   or sell directly you know and then put for example  the take profit is always your take profit target   here when it reach one to five move to break even  and imagine that if you scale in this one and then   this one and then this one and you collect it all  let's just see for example this is your entry okay   this is not cherry picking guys this is the alert  that you receive from us last friday and if you   trade it this way this is just an example if you  trade it this way look let's say you make it 1 to   15 you closed it at 1 to 15 okay and then here you  make it 1 2 5 1 to 4 so you already got 1 to 19   and then here this is another 1 to 10. so 1 to  almost 1 to 30. so i just want to give you the   ideas the confluence so you are not confused  because some people keep asking me what did i   miss when i get the alert from you that i always  hit a stop loss so maybe try this one so when   you see some positive into your account and maybe  you can learn more or having chart time you know   so you spend more time to understand how to break  down like what i show it to you in this video this   could be like very long video but it's okay so  you see with this buy you wait for the break above   break above but then if it is too confusing for  you heck just keep it simple use heiken ashi or   moving average it doesn't matter because it works  it makes money alright so guys i guess that is all   for now i'm so sorry if this video is too long but  i hope you learned a lot from here so you know how   to trade the autoblocks alert and if you want  to join to get our autoblock alert you just can   click the link in the description all right  guys thank you so much for watching please be   safe because right now megatron is everywhere i  mean omicron so please be safe and take care bye

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