E14 Live with the Pricing Lady - Why You're Sabotaging Your Business with Martin Altherr

E14 Live with the Pricing Lady - Why You're Sabotaging Your Business with Martin Altherr

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Hello. Everyone, it is to mean here I am the pricing lady I work with small business owners to help them know what to charge your customers and how to close more, deals, today. On the show I'm very excited to have a special, guest mr. Martin, O'Hare welcome. Martin thank. You for having me hi Janine morning. Martin. Can you tell people a little bit more than, when they're reading here about what you do yeah. I basically. Help people, for 20 years to become successful by, transforming, what, is holding them back into powerful tools to get from life what they want Wow. Excellent. Also. I want, to say hello to all of you who are watching us live and those of you who will watch us later welcome. To the show as well and. Why. Don't we just get right, into our topic, today I wanted. To talk about self. Sabotage. And the big question, that we had is are you, self sabotaging, your business, what. Can you tell us about self sabotage, Martin, yeah, that's, that's, a very good one and I was very happy that we were asking, me when. We talked the last time to. Do about that because that's one of the most important, things most. Of business owner are not considering, that much that there might be some, impersonal. Self sabotage, behind, what they are doing and as. We know although. That. The, business you have is a reflection, of your personality and. Of who you are and I. Have actually lately a very interesting discussion, in a mastermind, I did in Vienna. There. Was a one, one student. Who, asked him listen but I I know somebody. She's quite successful, but she's really, really. Damn, sorry. To say that damn a bitch. Has, hey look I'm being, somehow. Who is maybe like strict, or maybe, even kind. Of bad to people doesn't. Mean that they. Are. Not able to succeed, but. The. Point is look at her business as such how it's working what. What is going on in her company, and he, says yeah actually. We have they. Have a very, high fluctuation. On. Ha, so people come in going out coming in going out he, said yes but, she's still earning a lot is it okay but calculate. Now what it costs, her every. Time to. Bring somebody new in give. Him the education, to be good in that spot where this person, has to work and when, you calculate that and - that from her revenue stands at oh then she's pretty poor and say okay look that's the point it's something that's obvious but, is, somehow. Sabotaging. Your business rightly and of. Course, that is just a tiny example to, show how it, can be a sabotage, nobody even sees it that it is although, there. Is a lot of sabotaging. Around when I look so, many entrepreneurs. Startups. Etc, are closing, their business is so quick again and there of course are a lot, of, aspects. Making, this happen right, but one, really, major big point is self-sabotage. And so yeah. So I'm really happy talking about that and what, it means, sabotaging. Yourself, your, business and, it's, not only in the business I mean it's also in the private life right because, of, course so. Do, you see or have you seen because I know you work with quite a few interpreter entrepreneurs. Do you see the self-sabotage, pattern also show up and how they're dealing with pricing, in their business oh yes. Of course I mean, the first one is, the biggest one maybe, everybody, out there feels it somehow how. To make a price I mean to. Dare asking. The right price and then comes the next question but what is the right price I mean how, can. I estimate, or. Determine. The, right price. Specifically. When I don't dare to make a bigger price and, actually. Maybe, the the service or the, product, would. Be much. Better sold. In a higher price range but they don't there because they somehow are still connected with a lower, self-esteem, with, the lower. Perception. Of themselves, that. They say ah I mean, yes it's it's, like I, everybody. Is having, this low price I mean the best the, best picture.

For That is in in the therapy, scene. Their. Therapist. I was lately, speaking to somebody who said look we. Are charging 120. Francs the hour that I said okay how comes and you. Say because everybody is doing it and because the health insurance isn't happy, about it I said yeah it is it, might be that the health insurance is happy about it but are you are. You yeah then. Then, he's not. Really and it's okay, I mean when, I when I look, at this and I must say there should be something in the pricing, and that is by occasion than your remaining, to say hey get in touch with a lady get, a good pricing, because that's, not the way right, well, so first of all thank you for that but, ya know it's it's true and I mean I see this all the time is we're as well especially. Around this topic of fairness. People. Want so, much to be fair, and in. Their you know fair, implies, that, it's you. Know there's some equality for, both sides or some sharing, of both sides but, when I see people's interpretation. Affair, is when it comes to pricing is, that it's, fair to the customer, but, if it's not fair to them they're not so hurt by that. That's not fair anymore. Surely. They are not fair. Because. I'm. Giving it for a low price doesn't. Mean to be fair because. I have learned very quickly and very early from a mentor of mine, who. Said look people, who pay pay. Attention, and specifically. When you are in a mentoring. Business, or in a in a, personal. Growth business, as I am and that is a very important, part to understand, the, higher the, fire. Under. Your birth, the. The more you move forward because because. Then then you really want something from it right, and, and. So actually it's unfair, to say I give it very very, low, in price because, then the fire is low and much, lower it seems, outside like, oh that, is kind, that. Is fair but, actually it's not actually. It's much more forgiving the power and the push wanting. Greed to get something out of it which happens, then when the pressure is higher, also, financial, right right right, I mean I think it's it can be a real motivator, it could be a deterrent, for some people of course the. Price is too high but, it can also be a motivator, for people to really engage. In the work that needs to be done as well you. Know yeah yeah. When. You go back to sabotage, and, sabotaging. Your business, then. Yes it starts also, with pricing, of course and, there are a lot of other parts behind it and and. Often. People don't even know. About that that, there are some, happenings. Already when when you are genetically built, right. There, are already sabotage. Patterns. And sabotage. Coding. Happening, right because, we call it the epigenetic. Coding, right, and that, comes actually through generations, and there exists, a very very. Interesting research they, did in Atlanta. And. There. That, it wasn't an experiment, with rats and. They. Let. Them experience, fear, from, cherry-blossom smell, and sense okay, and that. They did it like this the the system, was the rats were on a metal platform and, this metal platform every time was, slightly, with electrical, shocks when. They put the cherry blossoms on so they. Coded. The, fear right I mean. This. Is this is known to code it like that but, then. These. Rats had. The next generation, and this nag next generation, was born already, with, fear of cherry, blossom, smell without.

Having, This electrical, shock and now comes actually the big shocker in my, eyes or the the big discovery, the next, generation. Has opened the the babies, of the. Babies who. Came up, this. Generation, was born with, the area. In the brain, dealing. With, fear, of cherry, blossom smell, and. If. You take that and if you take, this to a genetic coding, then, you can understand, whoa. Everywhere. Where traumatic, things are going to happen. Have dramatic. Results, already in the epic, genetic, coding Frank, that is something you're not aware of because, you, are born with it you, you come you come to this planet happily. Actually, and you just grow up and you grow up with it without, knowing that that, is something which, could sabotage, you, and, and, understanding, this shows, how difficult it is for somebody, who is just doing his best in his life to, UM identify. If he stopped washing or if she is sabotaging, him or herself, and. Another. One is of course then the personal experience, that is what we actually, a bit everybody, knows it okay I grew, up like this or or I had this and this experience, and. Through. This I became this person I am we, know also these sayings I'm the sum of all my experiences. Etc which, is very true it's, really happening on. The other hand what not. So many people know that the major programming. Actually happens, between zero, and seven years old. Means. Everything. You have learned there to survive, or to make a good, life ish. Right. Is. More. Time kind. Of remoting. You the, rest of your entire life yeah. So. Means. Maybe. Everybody, knows this who is listening right now you. Go. In a situation, and you realize, oh I. Should have reacted differently or, I should have done it differently I do it already so often every time the same way and I know now, this, is not a good reaction, so. I plan, it I even. Really plan it if, I come in such a situation, again, I will. React. Differently and, I even plan how right. And then when you come into a similar situation what, is happening, Bhoomi do it again the same way like before, and.

You Do it and you know you're doing it you know you shouldn't be but you can't seem, to help yourself. Yeah. Very typical one is the. Stereotype, of relationships. Right. Such. A guy I never fall in love anymore, with and boom it's again the soup. Or. Such, a lady I don't fall in love anymore and boom it's the similar thing so, how. Is this happening and this is happening actually in the brain stem because, there you have this coding, from 0 to 7, where. You saw how relationship. Functions, between those. People, you, grew up among. Them right, that, might have in your parents, if you, did not grow up with your parents it might have been your grandparents. Or. Adoptive. Parents, as adopted. These. People, who have lived in front of you the. Relationship, that, was imprinting. You the most. So. Actually, this is coded. Here and you're in your, brainstem and if, it comes to relationship. You, search like like. I'm driven, exactly. Having this what you are but you are used to see right. Is, that why people tend, to get into relationships. With people who are similar, to their parents. Has. A bit to do with yes. That. Would be sort of for many people that would be a safety, zone as, well yeah of course it is because that is what you know and everything, you know you feel safe although, often it, is not such a safe place. I. Mean I'm, not talking in general, but, we. Know that very often. Especially. In relationships. It, can be a very unsafe place yeah. Just. Just yesterday, I was talking to a client who who, gets beaten up from her husband, day by day so. It, can be very unsafe place right I mean when we were digging. A bit deeper she, realized yeah. It's. Actually my grandparents, story and I grew up with my grandparents, so it's. Very related, so but how can we translate that to business now I mean, everything. You you, do in life you do for a certain reason and a certain reason basically is to survive, in. Us as, unromantic. It, sounds, but that is. You. Try to survive, and you try your best doing, it on the best way and that you do on these patterns, and, imprints. You have learned in the time between 0 and 7. So. There. Are often. Also decisions, you have taken. Which. Are related, to how you were able to think and, as we know the. The brain structure, of a, child. Between zero and seven sometimes. Eight I mean it's not really that hard frame but I mean that range, of age, is. Not yet ready to have a structural.

Thinking, So it is more a reactional. Thinking, so, it's, just like okay then I react like that way and if it functions then I take. It and then I in, the future I'm going to keep that right, like this and I see how my parents are doing it like that okay my teacher is doing it like this that, way for. Example, there. Was a, client. I have once and he wanted to open businesses, and he ever everytime failed hard. Time I mean really big time he failed he. Was completely, bankrupt and everything that was the moment he came to me and, we. Were talking and I was searching a bit and the. The key situation. Was when, he came to school. He. Was seven, years young, and he, was super happy because his elder brother was already in school and he was super proud now also being in school, you. Know and and. He sat there the first day and was super excited, and and the teacher said okay, listen guys everybody. Who's left-handed raised, his hands, and he, was left-handed. Raised. His hands, and and. That. Was four or five others, in the class as well and, you said, well everything. Everybody, who raised his hands, right now, will never ever achieve anything in life. I. Mean. You. Know besides that what an idiot of a teacher what. Happened with my client. He. Believed, it yeah, and, because. He believed it he. Followed that much disbelief, that. He never ever succeeded. In any business ever, right, which. Is a very obvious, one although he. Didn't remember that, sequence. Actually until we started, to dig, into his story and figure it out. Yes there, are so many other stories, and so many other situations, I'm sure people out there can relate to, saying wow. If that, has an impact then. As. The. Marten if you if you're starting to you know this is obviously this. Information. You're sharing with this will get people to start thinking about what, you know what could be affecting, me in my business so. What. Do you do about it. Okay. First, story is I want. To detect is there, something that is hindering me okay, second. Step is if I figure, out there is something, then I have to do something with it right, um there are techniques and tools how to do that and then, I dissolve it okay. This, is actually the the simple thing how you do it.

The. Self transformation code I developed. Over the last twenty years is working with. More. Than 5,000, clients in one-on-one sessions. Does. That very well here. The self transformation code, is very good at that decoding. Cracking. The code decoding, these sequences. And figuring. Out is there really something. Bothering. Me or or hindering, me to be successful, on. The other hand how, can somebody who is listening right now, directly. Figure. Out is there something, hindering me and that's very simple and I. Wouldn't, write everybody who is listening right now I'm do this ask. Yourself, where. Am I now in my life, and look. Around how. You live. In. Every detail and, then. Figure, for yourself, is that what you want to live, or. Is there something you don't want. Even. Many things you don't want and if that is so then, there are things. That are holding you back having, this what you actually want, as. Simple. It sounds, but that is the beginning there, you start to see oh wow that's true actually. It's. Not what I want, I feel, quite confortable maybe in it right, it's, not what I really want right but. If that happens, when you look right now to your life but you achieved where you're in what you're doing then, there is something hindering, right, because. There, is this discrepancy between. What, you want and where you are right, and the. Self transformation code. Closes, this gap between where you are and very really what I mean. Panic again I mean once we get a lot of times when you get what you want then you know, there's a sense that you want the next thing or something more or, something different. And. How does that play into it that. Is a natural, thing. That when, we have achieved something then, we look for the next for, them next we like but, doesn't. Mean that that one I just achieved. Right now is not the, the thing I wanted right, and, it's what about what I have achieved is not what I wanted, and, then you're pretty sure that something, is holding you back right and. Then the next thing is specifically. When we talk now for businesses, if your, business doesn't budge, right. Very, simple if it doesn't budge. Sensibilities. The one possibility, is that the service, you want to provide, just. It's not wanted from anyone mm-hmm, which. Is very, very rare because. Actually. You, find. Everything. And, audience. Amazes. Me yes. Different ideas. And, and, offers, there are out there for different, products and services absolutely amazing, yeah yes, that's, true so it's very rare so, it must, be something, which. Is sabotaging. Or you sabotaging. Yourself because. Often people believe it's coming from outside sabotage, is coming from somewhere, towards, you know it's coming through to, the outside so, it's you who does it you, are responsible, for your successes, you're responsible, for what is not work as, much, we wish sometimes, to say yeah but that one didn't deliver no, you. Put yourself into the position, having somebody, in life who is not delivering, right right, so, you have to move okay. Okay. That. Is the thing how you can deflect immediately, right now self-sabotage. In you right, so. And there's still a third point which we have not yet spoken about self-sabotage. Which is also very tricky, one and I. Realize. Absolutely. From. Almost, nobody. Known. And, that. Is the family, systemic, uh-huh. Yes. If, you if you are familiar. With the big leap and which. Is a fabulous book anyway to read especially, especially. When you deal. With self-sabotage. Then, you see there is one one, limiter. In your life and that, is your family system. Means. You, are entangled, in, your family, so, everything. Which, happens in your family is, also. Related to balance, and to. Bond means. Your bond to your family, and if there is something in your past of your family, which was not, righteous. And. You try as, a. Follower. Of the family, you try to balance that one by living. It in a way it sounds very difficult. Now because it's quite, quite difficult to explain like. The story which make it make may be easier, to understand, I have once a teacher coming, to.

My, Practice, after you are asking, for my expertise, and she said um listen I have, really a problem because every time when I come to school I'm two three days there and then the troubles are starting, and normally. After one to two months I get. Fired or, if. That doesn't happen I get. Sick, so. Long and then I get fired, haha interesting. As a well there's. That, sounds, that there is an entanglement. Because but it's very typical when something like this happens it's, normally, not experiencing. And then, acting, and, it's also not so much epigenetic. Coding. That, sounds, like a family, system, thing and. I asked her how, you grew up and she said yeah I'm actually the youngest daughter of 12 and, siblings. Farmers. Interesting. Is it yes I'm the only one who, wanted to become something else than. They. Said oh okay nice so, how it happened she said yeah when, I went to apply, for the teacher seminar, my mother came with me, this. Is well I won't. Worry you she said yeah I was actually twenty as it huh your, mother came ready yes she came home hit me up, and then she, said yeah we went there and we had to talk my mother was also there and then, on the way back home my, mother said to me but, you know not that he believed that you know something, better than VR. And. That, was in the age of 20, so. It is not that imprinting. Part anyhow, right but. It's, a family systemic. Entanglement, no. To outshine, the family, not. To be better. Although. It has nothing to do with being better but. Living, off if I am now different, than I my family, then I'm not following, my tribe, Thanks. I feel, like first of all I feel I put myself aside. Myself. And. I get put aside from my tribe so. The. Body feels that it reacts to that as a. Yes. Heart, feeling, it's like I get separated, from my tribe because I, become. Differently, now right, and although. She was not aware of that of course she went to the teachers Amina became a teacher but then she, started to sabotaging, herself, not being better than her family yeah. So. Bye-bye am i solving that problem she. Got the next job and guess what she still have it so this. Thing. As though you can really dissolve these things and then the the life goes more smooth and really, successfully. As you wish it's, to go yeah. Yeah. Excellent. Martin, well, I'd like to say. Hello to all of those who are watching us live thank you for joining us Martin. We're actually out, of time certainly. Last. Words, you'd. Like to share ideas or thoughts you'd, like to share with the community, yeah. I like, to say look there is a very simple systematic. Which is called the, break blueprint that says. Crack. Your code. Untangle. Your life map and manifest. Your genius, okay. I'm touching, here and next and, next step like manifesting. Your genius what does this mean what is that we, don't have the time now to explore, that but, I just wanted, to encourage everybody, out there if, you do an own business, if you if, you are struggling, right now at the moment, understand. It's, not destiny, that throws you down right. It's, just something, you, have to take care of so. Take care of yourself, and get, somebody. Who helps you to dissolve these issues, because. Then then, you can really your, business can budge you can be successful, you can have the relationship, you want to have it's. Not something. From the outside that is hindering you I just want to encourage you, to understand, wow there, is something, there is hope and not, only hope there are systems, and techniques, don't, you really get through it and to, make what you want in your life and. Where. Can people reach you if they want to find, out more it's.

Very Simple they can get on my website, can, drop me there an email or they can go to Facebook, marketing out there they. Will find me there and. Drop me a message there can ask. A friend request I will reply for sure I make, it short note hey I was I was listening to the podcast the Jeanine then I know more. Than you have priority, because I have a lot of friend requests every day it's, about 100, the day and they cannot deal, with all of them, short. Message on it then that for sure thank you yeah yeah, so if you contact Martin be sure to let him know that you saw, him here on the show today. So or if you watched it later of course then as well so. Thank you so much Martin fruit for joining me today I think this was absolutely. Fantastic and. It's. A subject that you, know it's not as you said it's not just business related, it's very much related to many. Things in life and, we, all have these patterns, where we you, know get in our own way it's. Time to get, out of the way, it, was the super pleasure being with you I was really happy sharing, with you these thoughts and with your community, and, yeah I wish everybody the much success as you can achieve, yeah, so. Thank you everyone for joining us, today a couple, of words I'd like to let you know I have, if, you'd like to find out more about, pricing. In your business, I have a scorecard, that you can do online go, to Janine list uncom backslash, pricing. Scorecard. And you, can find that there also. Am in the run-up to enrollment. For my next online program, which, will be available, to register. And roll for in January, and you can, check that out at Janine Liston comm backslash, yes, so. That you can get, your pricing. Sorted. Out in the following, in the next year I wish. You all the best everyone, thank you for joining us today and we'll, see you next time, as always, enjoy pricing. Everyone, bye. Thank you very much.

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