Dynamics 365 for Sales | Business Applications Spring 2018 Release

Dynamics 365 for Sales | Business Applications Spring 2018 Release

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Most. Sales leaders are interested in one business, goal hitting. Their number if. You talk to the more tactical, sales leader they're gonna point to a few underlying, challenges, that, they face in attaining that goal such. As really, giving better engagement with the customer but. That one means very elusive and even harder to define, delivering. That right message to the right person but. Most organizations still. Cannot do this and that divide, between sales and marketing continues. The. Ever elusive, 360-degree. View it's. Becoming harder, than ever before we have more data and more channels, that our customers are interacting with it. Finally rep productivity. Sales. Leaders have invested, heavily in productivity, apps for decades but. Has it helped the. Problem is that sales leaders will write about the solutions, but the technology, hasn't, enabled, sales to, address the challenges, so. A new paradigm, is, needed one. Based on intelligent, customer engagement, that is delivered, to event-driven processes. This. New model will empower reps and sales, leaders to do more than, ever before so where source force automation today is a sales, rep centric management, tool tomorrow. It will be customer, centric where, Salesforce automation today is sales, and marketing focused tomorrow. It extends, across the, customer lifecycle and where, sales force automation today, is a system, of fragmented api's. Isolated. Data and disconnected. Enterprise activities, tomorrow it, will be dominated, by a few major, players that, own an engagement platform one, that is built on data insights. And orchestrated. Actions across. Applications. This. New model when power reps and sales, leaders to. Do more than, ever before in the age of the customer buyers, have the upper hand in the relationship with sellers with, nearly limitless access, to information they, can dictate their own customer journeys rather, than follow the predefined, funnel businesses, that want to connect with these customers, and these, prospects, must be prepared to quickly understand, and respond. To their needs better than the competition can we. Must move from being processed driven, to. Infant driven with, insights, and guidance engines that can suggest best, actions, surface. Relevant, presentation, materials. Even inform sellers on ideal, times and methods to engage with their buyers, these. Intelligent, capabilities, must permeate, through and be core to the sales technology, strategy, so. To, go into detail, here how we at Microsoft are doing this and specific. To the spring release will, be a number of program managers, joining me from the engineering team of Dynamics. 365. A key. Theme in the spring release for Dynamics 365 for sales is intelligence. In sales productivity. Before. I turn it over to Jason to talk about some additional new features coming with. Our embedded intelligence I want to touch on what, was formerly known as relationship, insights three. Of the features relationship. Assistant Auto, capture, and email, engagement, are now part of the core, Phil's application, giing. This spring as embedded, intelligence the. Fourth feature relationship, analytics will, be moving into a public preview and more, information will be available on.

That Around our sales insights so. With that I want to turn it over to Jason talk, about some new embedded intelligence functionality. That's coming with release, thanks. David today, I like to share two very exciting new features, and Dynamics 365. Embedded, intelligence. Icebreakers. And enhancements. On the relationship, assistant. Let's. Start with icebreakers, each one of us interact, with with countless, stakeholders. Each day it's. Hard to remember every, detail about each one especially, if we haven't spoken recently or, whom I've never met face-to-face. Icebreakers. Identifies, key, conversational. Starters from your emails and reminds. You of them when you need them most for. Example, if someone sent you an email yes. I'll be attending the Northmen printers meetup in Seattle while, I'm there I'll watch the Seahawks football, game to see what is all the fuss is about. Through. The use of machine, learning icebreakers. Will zero in on the sentence, icebreakers. Identifies, conversational. Topics relating, to sports, health. Family. And entertainment. To remind you of conversational, starters, let's. See a demo here. On my screen and looking at a contact, and a, ligament on the, upper right I see the icebreakers while. I'm in town I watch a Seahawks football, game to see what all the fuss is about this. Was sent to me two hours ago and it's probably something I want to discuss with Anna the next time I speak with her if I need more context, I can drill down into this email and I, can see the remainder of the email I'll be attending the Northwind printers event in Seattle next week I'm looking, forward to meeting your team the, key points are willing to discuss is volume discounts, and time to delivery good, things to know in addition, context, she's gonna see a Seahawks game I also, has see two additional icebreakers. We. Are dealing with a medical emergency in the family and this was five days ago, and. Previous to that I am, on a vacation spending, time with my family in Cancun. Hopefully. Nothing bad happened in Cancun with. Icebreakers. Never, forget, key details, about each of your contacts, next. I like to talk about the relationship assistant. Enhancements, dynamics. 365. Allows quick, entry of notes on the timeline, sometimes, the ease of taking, notes results, in notes in place of what should be activities, such.

As Meetings, phone. Calls or, contacts. With. The update, of the relationship, assistant, dynamics. 365. Monitors, the timeline and gives intelligent suggestions, for creating activities tasks, and contacts, among other. Smart suggestions such, as content requests, issue, detection. Or, meeting, requests, for. Example, she, introduced me to Smith from their purchasing, department. Dynamics. Will prompt, to create a new contact, with Smith. Let's. Take a look here, on the timeline I see, there's three, key activities, the, second and third also have highlighted, underlined, text, I met, with Ana yesterday, to discuss q2 product requirements, and on. The four third she, introduced me to Smith from their purchasing, departments. Both. Of these sentence, allows for actionable, insights, and, I can take action on these very easily she. Introduced me to Smith from their purchasing, department, and I can click on it, edit. And create a contact. And. I can fill in the details that I'm missing so, the first name here is John. And. As. A job, title here is purchasing. And. I can save the contact, it'll. Get saved and created and now it's in your system. Not. Only does a relationship, with sistent offer timely, and actionable insights. By generating collection, of mixed best actions and now, also monitors, your notes to easily suggest activities. Tasks, and contacts. Continuing. With our theme around intelligence. And sales productivity I want to talk about the additional investments, that Microsoft, is making into. The sales insights, add-on, that, will be available with the spring release this. Includes the relationship, analytics that used to be part of relationship insights, as, well as predictive lead scoring and to, show that you know in the demo today is ash thanks. David alright let's, look at how Dynamics. 365. Predictive, lead scoring can, help sales rep Veronica, prioritize. Her leads veronica. Is going to look at her lead, pipeline her open leads and wants, to exceed, her quota attainment, for this, she must focus our efforts on high quality leads she. Has struggled with identifying. Quality leads in the past but. Now alongside, her, leads, is a lead score along, with grades, and, the lead score trend the. Lead score will help her prioritize. On quality. Leads the, trend will signal her whenever there is a good lead losing, traction Veronica. Can immediately take. Qualification. Action for the ones that are in grade a or high, score there. Can also be business, process, flow built on these grades and scores for. The ones that do not have a great score and needs, more clarity, she, can drill deeper into, the insights let's, say Veronica opens this, grade, B lead which has a score of 61, as you. Might be familiar with it with this it opens up the lead form but now there is this new lead prediction, widget it has. The lead score grade, and the. Trend alongside, with it it has reasons. It has, ten reasons that are influencing, the score the, reasons include information not, only from the lead entity but, from related entities such as account, and contact here, you can see information, such as budget amount is coming from lead and. Information, such as the, relationship type is coming from contact, the, score with the reasons can enable, Veronica to make an informed decision of qualifying. Or disqualifying, a lead or it, can also trigger her to set up a follow up with the lead she. Can also provide, feedback on, the scores based on her domain knowledge by, clicking on the feedback icon right, up here so once she clicks on feedback icon she, can provide a guesstimate, of the score based, on her domain knowledge and by clicking on syn this.

Information. Comes to us which, we can use to further enhance the scoring in future you might be wondering how difficult. It was to set up the machine learning model well. There, is a one click model creation experience, that enables, sales, ops and admins, to create predictive, models without, the need of any data science expertise, the. Model will not only consider attributes. Including, custom, attributes, on the standard lead entity but, also attributes. From the related entities, such, as account and contact all, the. Predictive, goodness will, show up directly in the out of box forms, and views that sales, reps are familiar, with so. In summary with, this new predictive, scoring offering we hope to make sales reps such as Veronica achieve more by focusing. On less thank, you. All, right to finish up the theme on intelligence. And sales productivity I want, to talk about how we continue to make investments between Dynamics, 365 and the rest of Microsoft, today. I want to have a lot talk about our investments. In Microsoft teams the newest collaboration, functionality, from Microsoft thank, you David, today. The sales process is fast involved. Many people from different areas, in the company and, the communication. And collaboration of. Sales, team take, place across many different. Channels, specifically. When it comes to productivity. There are many software that sales persons, need to use in. Order to collaborate and communicate efficiently, this. Includes for example emails. Meetings, file, sharing messages. And calls each, one has its own business, software to. Stay on top of thing, salesperson. Want, to be able to switch quickly between these. Software, display. Relevant information. So they can easily get the context, for the discussion, and most, important, they don't want to bother with the question of what, software, I should use we. Want to bring the right information to, the software, salesperson. Prefer. To work with not. The other way around. Microsoft. Team is a collaboration, tool which, was released last Hill and in, dynamic, 365. We want to help our users collaborate. With teams with, the right context, from Dynamics, 365. Users. Will be able to learn to link team, to record and use, channels, to collaborate, on these, records, as you, can see here. Salesperson. Will see the group conversation. In Dynamics, 365. In the. Same conversation within. Microsoft, teams think. Of the scenario, where well a salesperson. Look, at opportunity, in Dynamics, 365. And has a question about it well. He starts a conversation in, Dynamics 365, where, he can see the details, of the opportunity, and, ask Suzanne a question about it well. He needs to leave the office for meeting so. We can continue the conversation in, Microsoft, teams Oh, in. The, mobile app for, my of Thieves also. In teams we, are going to bring dynamics, 365, information. Users. Can set their own personal. Tabs and. Communicate. In a channel, tab. Additionally. Users, will, be able to log a group conversation on, the opportunity, timeline with just few clicks finally. We introduce dynamics 365, bot let's. Say that I want to know how, my top opportunities. Are doing instead. Of navigating, to Dynamics with 65, I can, simply ask the bot to display, the list of these opportunities.

From. Here I can, select an opportunity. And. Even. Update it without, leaving Microsoft teams. We. Are planning to release this new and exciting integration. During, the coming year and we will start with the boat as a preview in the next coming month thank. You. The. Spring really is have dynamics 365, for sales introduces. Three core. Themes, first. Being user experience, intelligence. And sales productivity and the, third being relationship, selling but, before we dive in deep, with those I wanted to kind of highlight an additional, item and that is the Dynamics, 365, marketing application, that will be hitting the market built. On the same platform as sales it, is critical, to a sales strategy well. I won't be going deep into it I'd wanted to make sure I called it out and make sure you go and spend the time on that dedicated. Session so. Let's come back to the themes I want to start off by talking about user experience and Daniel. Here is joining me to, go into detail on that awesome thank you David in, this release one of our main focus, is to ensure that your sales team can benefit, from the new unified. Interface, from day one the, experience, that they already see on the phone is now available, directly, from a web browser so, no need to learn a new paradigm, let. Me walk you through a few sale scenarios, to showcase the unified client in action and highlight. Some extra, new features. But. Before we jump into that let's, configure our sales organization the, first thing that any mature sales, organization. Wants to do is set up a territory, structure, in this, scenario I'm gonna create a sales territory, for our EMEA, region, so. Let me go here to our territories, and create. A brand new region, and. Assign. This to, our manager. Nancy. Another. Thing we want to ensure is that our sales team is performing against, their quotas, we, can use goals to do that in. The. New experience, I can set up a goal for Nancy I select, the goal metric, and the goal owner. I'm. Going, to choose a revenue, here. The. Owner, is Nancy. I want. To set up this bowl for a fiscal period, q1, it's. Already set up and finally I want to set her, a quota of a hundred and fifty thousand, dollars per. Peer in and now. I can save it the. Next thing we're going to do is configure a product, catalog to help our sales teams sell our products, we. Can even organize products. Into families I've already created two product, families household. Appliances, and electronics each. One with their own properties. Now, I want to show you something, new I intentionally. Created, this surface of product under the wrong family it, inherited, the household, appliance, property, now, if I correct it to the electronics. Category. Let. Me just save. The. Right property, is inherited as, a. Bonus, I can also add new properties right here at the product level we. Are now done configuring this product let's, publish this. Now. Let's walk through a salesperson, scenario in our, case the sales process starts, with a lead we, can easily, create that lead from anywhere, on the app I click, here on the global action set and enter.

The Required information. Interest. In our surface hub with, a budget amount of, $200,000. And my. Potential customer, is John, Anderson, and I. Saved this. Once. I've qualify my lead I am now my opportunity, all the important, information, is available, I can, see the estimated, closed date the, estimated, revenue, and other important, details for this opportunity like, the sales team and the competitors, I just. Remembered that there's a new competitor, on the scene let's, see how to add it I. Click. Here on add new competitor. Here. In the lookup I see a new button I click, on it. The. New competitor, is coho, Venture, Inc I. And the competitor, is automatically, added the, business process flow allows my organization. To standardize, our sales process it provides, me help on the steps to do next it. Is always, accessible by clicking on the target right here I. Can. Also dock it to keep it in context, while I work, let's do that. In. The. Middle is the timeline control it allows me to see a historical. Of all the activities, that I have occurred on this, account and it's, super easy to add a note or even create a new meeting. Or. I can click right here and I have multiple, options. The. Relationship, assistant, is always in context, helping, me with relevant, information seems. Like this opportunity is closing soon I better, hurry up let me add products with the opportunity, then if. I click here on product, line items I can select. Add new opportunity. Product, and. Choose. From the surface hub I had just created I. Select. A quantity of 10 and, I. Can save and create new if I need it to but in this case I'll only save this. We. Are now ready to move on to the next stage and create a quote, let's. Click on the quote tab. Here. I add a new quote. Now. On my quote I have all the relevant information from my proposal, ready to be sent to my customer, let's, activate the quote and wait for a response. My. Customer has agreed to our proposal we can now create an order for a back-office and close the opportunity as one. These. Are just some examples of, how the new user. Experience, will help your sales team and your salespeople, be, more productive and efficient. The. Third theme in the, spring 2018. Released. Of Dynamics 365 for sales is relationship. Selling. Microsoft. And LinkedIn have. Combined, to provide a, Alpha in the market called relationship, sales which really brings, together the, best of Dynamics, 265, for sales and LinkedIn, sales navigator to. Showcase some of the current functionality as. Well as what's coming in the spring release is, Carlos thank, you David both. Linkedin and microsoft endeavor to empower people and organizations. Linkedin. Continues to focus on connecting the world's professionals to. Make them more productive and successful and. We see a great opportunity to help ensure that everyone, can benefit from digital, technology, and the new opportunities, created by the digital economy together. LinkedIn. And Microsoft, bring even greater value to our members as well, as our customers and their businesses. When. We talk about digital transformation, we're. Really talking about digital transformation outcomes. Our, opportunities. To help every customer build their digital capability, into every aspect of their business to, drive these outcomes.

Empowering. Employees is about, providing tools that fuel collaboration, and productivity, engaging. Customers is about building better stronger, engagements, by harnessing data representing, a complete, view of the customer space. Operation. Optimization, is about reshaping customer, relationships, and service, models by gathering data across a wide dispersed. Set of endpoints which. Includes the social graph, finally. Product. Transformation, is about ring veining products, services. And business models. Using digital content, to capitalise on emerging, revenue opportunities, these. Are the digital transformation outcomes. That we seek today, we, will see new integrations, between Microsoft, graph and LinkedIn that bring together economic, opportunity, and productivity, at massive scale but. First let's do a quick recap of the capabilities, available today. First. Widgets. On the web client providing, context, and embedded, insights, about, linking members and companies, inside that is 365. Next. CRM. Sync allows sales navigator to, operate in full context, of existing leads, and accounts already, captured inside. Of the Dynamics organization. And finally. See, right back allows, dynamics users, to capture the interaction, that happens inside sales, navigator today. We're also taking the sales navigator widgets, to the next level by introducing the sales navigator controls. For unified, client on desktop, these. Controls, are fully customizable and, modular, they are powered by the control framework in the, unified client giving. The system administrator, or customizer, full, control of when and where to show the linking insights on any form according, to each organization's, unique sales processes. There. Is a total of eight controls, to. Top cards one, for account information and another for lead information and six. Other modular, insights that can be placed on different sections, of the form where they add more value, to the various phases of the sales process, let's. Dive into a live environment to, see how the controls work this. Is the lead form on unified time running, on the desktop the form factor, notice. How I added, the top card control front and center so the first thing my users will see is the information from the linking member profile. The. Lead form has, a section, called stakeholders. This. Is where it can capture the most important, people from the customer side they, need to be involved in this deal it, would be great if I could know who works around Daniel to fill out this list and linking, knows that information, what. I will do is customize, this form to include the related leads control, in. Order to customize the form I'm going to open my form editor, so. Here I have all the fields that are available on the lead form and to, add a new field what I'm going to do is look for the first name which, is the field that is used to create. And map the, linked team member, profile control. I'm. Going to drop the first name field right, below the stakeholders, list and then. What I'm going to do is change, the properties, of that field.

So. The first thing that I can do is hide the display label from, the form this is going to give me the full width of the column so that the control can expand and occupy, the entire available. Space on the screen. Now. Here on the controls tab what I'm going to do is add a new control and this. Is going to present the list of controls that are available on my organization, so, just going to go ahead and pick the LinkedIn sales navigator lead, control. After. A click ad the last thing that I have to do is just map the all the different fields that this control takes to, the fields available on this, lead. Entity. Last. Name gets mapped to last name field I, don't. Happen to capture. Email and job title so I'm just going to go ahead and skip those two fields but. Company. Name happens, to be available in this form. The. Last thing I'm going to do is change the format, of this control make sure that I'm using the right module, so, I want to make sure that I'm going, to be displaying the recommended, leads control. Which is the one that gives me information about the people around Daniel. So. Next I just click Save and publish. And. I could just go ahead and refresh the form I'm going. To see the new control available below. The stakeholders, list and this is the one that is going to bring me linking insights so, that I can better fill out the list of stakeholders that will be participating on this deal what. A great wealth of information that was shared on the new features and functionality coming, to the Dynamics 365, for sales application this spring. Recapping. Quickly, we talked about the new user experience that's coming with the interface with, this spring release we. Went into our embedded intelligence functionality. These, sales insights, add-on and the, continued investment with, Microsoft collaboration, tools this time with Microsoft teams and. We finished with the relationship, selling. Scenario. Really, focused on the deep relationship, that we have with LinkedIn, and our features and functionality. That we are building out with their sales navigator solution. So, as we finish up if, you want to reach out and learn more information about these, features, and functionalities, as well as the wealth of information on, the entire application go. To our website or reach. Out to your local. Microsoft, seller or, local partner, again. I want to thank you and have. A great day.

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