Dynamics 365 for Marketing | Business Applications Spring 2018 Release

Dynamics 365 for Marketing | Business Applications Spring 2018 Release

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Every. Business wants to expand and grow their sales for. That to happen you need to increase, demand as well, as close more deals, marketing. Teams face many challenges when. They try to increase demand challenges. Such as they, don't have enough, leads even, if they do the, quality of leads is absolutely. Poor there's. No concept of lead nurturing because. All they do is, send irrelevant. Emails to their target audience, marketers. Don't have visibility, about sales, activities, or sales conversions, at the same time the sales folks don't know what, are the marketing interactions, that the lead has engaged with during the sales cycle they, struggle to track and improve marketing. ROI these. Are the challenges marketers. Face when they try to increase demand and. Businesses, need better tools to align sales and marketing because, 57%. Of b2b, purchase, decisions, are made before, prospects. Speak to the salesperson and about. 49%, of the sales representatives. Ignored, more than half of the leads delivered. By the marketing team only, 8% of, b2b organizations, feels they have a aligned, sales and marketing team these. Are the challenges that limit them from increasing demand, or closing more deals, Microsoft. Wants to enable. Every, organization, to drive digital transformation. Driving. Digital transformation, requires business, leaders to, reimagine new ways to engage with customers empower. Employees, optimize. Operations and transform. Their products sales, and marketing solutions, are key part of that to, drive, customer. Engagement, Microsoft. Dynamics, 365, is the next generation of intelligent, business application, it has purpose-built, applications, that, work seamlessly together to, manage specific, business processes across. Many functions, in an organization, we are happy to let, you know that Dynamics. 365, for marketing is available, as part of Dynamics, 365. For. Growing businesses seeking, a marketing, automation solution, to manage their. Front end of sales cycle Dynamics, 365, for marketing can help them turn their prospects, into business relationships, it. Can help marketers, notes, and more sales ready leads alene, sales and marketing make. Smarter decisions, and grow with an adaptable, platform. Let's. Know watch a quick introduction video about, dynamics, 365, for marketing. Dynamics. 365. For marketing helps. You plan automate, and monitor the full customer journey as prospects. Travel from discovery, through. Nurturing, and onward, to become marketing qualified leads you. Can run automated email, campaigns, plan. And promote sales events, create. Interactive, online forms, generate. And score leads, collaborate. Seamlessly with, sales and much more, all in one place in this. Video we'll observe the customer journey as seen by 3 personas, the. Marketer, the. Salesperson, and the customer. Let's. Start with the marketer. Marketers. Can quickly create captivating. Bulk emails, with the designer tool they. Can drag content, blocks from the toolbox, stylized, content, add text. Add graphics. Or images merge. Fields, and more. The. Designer provides a preview feature that lets marketers, see how the message, will look in different devices and orientations, the. Marketer, sets up a customer, journey by arranging tiles on the canvas to create a sequence, of customer touch points and actions, she.

Establishes, Who will receive the marketing communications. The. Content, within each contact, point and when, each message will go out the, marketer does one final check on the email before the journey goes live. Marketers. Can create lead scoring models that score each lead based, on actions, such as email opens, email. Clicks event. Registrations, website. Visits and more when. A lead reaches the sales ready score, a salesperson. Can pick it up. Now. Let's experience the journey through the eyes of the customer the customer. Receives, an email offer to join an early access xbox, live creators, program, she, opens the email and clicks the registration, link. The. Link takes her to a landing page that the marketer designed and published using Dynamics, 365, the. Customer enrolls in the program by fighting the necessary, details and then waits for the next steps. Soon. Afterwards, she receives an email confirming that she has been set up for the program the, email also has helpful links to onboarding videos and some other related pages. Now. Let's, see the marketers, viewpoint, of the customer, journey so, far. Here's. The lead that's tracking the customers, interest in the Xbox, Live creators, program, the. Marketer can see that her score has increased, because she's opened the email clicked. A link and submitted. The registration, form. We. Can also see that this customer spent time browsing our website and that increased her score to at. The top of the lead we can see that the lead is getting hot so it's time for the marketer to send it to the salesperson for acceptance. Now. Let's, flip to the salesperson and learn how he views the customer's journey. The. Customer appears on his dashboard as a qualified, lead that the salesperson, can follow up with when, the time is right. Dynamics. 365. For marketing helps, you orchestrate, interactive, customer, journeys that send the right messages, at the right time and automatically. Nurture, your best prospects, then. It closes the loop by forwarding, qualified, information. Rich leads directly to, sales hope, you liked that video, dynamics. 365, for marketing offers compelling. Capabilities, it. Can help marketers, run multi-channel, campaigns not. Just with email marketing they, could also use inbound, marketing with landing, pages and forms. Marketers. Can also connect with leads using, webinars in-person. Events or phone calls you. Can bring in and nurture. Leads from, LinkedIn into, Dynamics 65, and nurture, them with campaign setup that exists within Dynamics, 365, this. Application, offers modern, and adaptable, templates that, can be used by marketers to quickly create stunning. Emails and landing pages we, also offer a buyers journey designer that can help marketer, to create a buyers journey that, will guide their buyers based. On how buyers engage, during their campaign thereby. Making your, company more relevant during each and every step you. Could also use business process flows to. Streamline, sales, and marketing process, such, as handing. Off leads, to sales, tracking. Sales. Activities, driving, follow-ups, getting, notifications etc. The. Application, offers embedded. Intelligence, capabilities, you. Could set up rules to, create dynamic segments, to, target the right audience for, your campaigns you, could also set up multiple lead scoring models to, prioritize, leads who are ready to buy you, could also use interaction. Insights, to, understand, how, your buyers journey is performing, and improve, the experience for your buyers, we. Also offer even management, capabilities, which, helps you run. Webinars with. Our native integration, with on 24, we. Also have an even sport that can help marketer, run, in-person events and manage activities like, driving. Registrations, managing. Sessions, speakers, and many logistics, we. Also offer insightful, - booths and interaction. Insights which helps you track and improve marketing, performance, marketers. Can also run surveys, to better understand, their customers and come, out with more compelling, offers or improve the customer experience, as. I. Said before the. Application is very easy to use and configure because. We offer modern, templates and drag-and-drop design tools that are highly configurable. We. Also have dynamics 365, partners who can help customers adopt this solution and extend. The solution, for the unique needs, here. Is the unique value that Dynamics, 365, for marketing offers to our customers, number, one this.

Application Is hosted, on secure, trusted and compliant, Microsoft, Azure cloud, sales. And marketing enjoy a living relationship, dynamics. 3 search prideful marketing is built on the same customer. Engagement, platform, as dynamic. CC / 4 sales this. Helps Alaine sales and marketing with, common, information about your contacts, leads and customers and, connected. Business process to streamline, your sales and marketing operations sales. And marketing teams can, collaborate, with their colleagues and customers using, office 365, collaboration. Tools we. Also have compelling capabilities, like even, management capabilities, ability. To send surveys ability. To bring in and nurture, leads from LinkedIn. We. Have better data management because, we store and manage the. Contact, data and interactions. Data separate. As. I said before the, application is very easy to use and configure to make it work for your business and partners. Can extend it easily, to make it work for your unique needs now. That you've. Seen. High level information about, the, marketing challenges faced by many growing businesses, and received, a high-level overview about, Dynamics, 365, for marketing Morrow, will, now show us some detailed demo about, how to use this application for, some common, high value scenarios, for sales and marketing tips. Okay, great so now let's look at the product and so. The the story here is about a growing b2b, business, that is making. A launch of a new product and setting, up an event so, the. First step for us is to set, up a digital. Marketing automation so. In our system we call them customer, journeys so, let's go and create a new customer journey, so. I go here in the navigation you can see by the way on the background our, new dashboards. For Dynamics. CRM v9. So. I go here and I create a new customer, journey so. Our application. Is built for, business users and provides, out-of-the-box, the. Option to select templates. So, I don't start from scratch but I can use a ready-made, template. For my automation. So, let's go with a high-touch marketing, these are the templates they are coming out of the box but you can create your own templates, or change this one's the way you want it so, here is our automation. Editor. So here as a marketer, without, the need of any coding I'm able to setup very complex, and powerful digital. Marketing automation campaigns. So. In this particular case I'm having, a segment, of customers and I'll. Invite. Them through an email to our launch, event and then I'll be waiting for people, at the register, or not this. Is gonna be basically the setup, of the, journey we are going to build together before. I get into the details so setting up this journey let's look at all the capabilities. That the tool provides out-of-the-box so, the tool is very powerful insight, in the sense that is integrated, tightly. With the Dynamics, CRM, so. You're able to for example launch workflows, or even, create. CRM, activities like phone calls or you. Know invoke you know set a task to a to account at and so forth and more. Importantly, the set of the channels, we provide a little box which. Is email marketing marketing, pages so basically web, page is based on our portals. And. Events. And surveys, as well can. Be augmented you. Can extend the system by providing your own custom files you can build even push. Notifications, or SMS, and so, forth all you, know available, out of the box and we already have our, partners. Building extensions you can go and purchase on up source so, this also works as a platform.

It Can be a standard buy by. You and of, course our partners, as well so. Here is basically the, overview, of our customer, journey editor now. Let's. Start from a very first step which is the creation of a segment in, our new application we. Can use marketing, list which is an existing, concept, and entity. In CRM but, now we also introduce a new entity called this segment because we have built a powerful. Customer. Insights cloud where you can store not only the CRM data but also the data from. Other external systems, so, that's quite important, because every. Interaction we generate out of the system it doesn't not get, stored into the CRM database by storing this separate, cloud so, you can scale to very large volumes, and you can track a very high performance, and with a very specific and and powerful, personalization, capabilities, a wide, range of different. Scenarios at once so let's now start from creating a segment. So. I go here and. Just, go and create, a segment just to show you how easy it is to create a segment so. For example we can get started from let's call it. And. Just. To give you an idea of all the things you can do you are able for example to set. Demographic, queries so you can for example define, all the contacts, they are coming from a specific country. So. Here, is an for. Example all the contacts, there in the database they come from the USA now, we can add more. Closes we can even add the interactions, coming from the system or even external data from other external, entity because sold based on this customer insights cloud we have so Dynamics CRM data, is only a part of the bigger picture a more. Interesting than providing interactions. And demographic, data and so forth is also ability to explore, the, data you have available with. This exporter, tools so you're able basically, to see all the relationship, we have set up and you can customize, entirely. This system so, you can add a custom relationship. And you entity custom entities and fields and all of this will show up here will, show up for your segmentation, capabilities. But also for lead scoring as we see later in the demo and even, in your dynamic. Content for your limited marketing communications. So it's quite powerful in the, extensible. So. In. The for, example now from the content I can navigate to the account or the marketing list and so forth and I can add the more and more custom, relationship, and entities so it's a quite extensible.

System And it, works at very large volumes, anyway so you don't have to worry about the size of your database because, all this data is stored in our external customer insights cloud so. That concludes our brief demo about segmentation, so, now we have seen, how the customer, journey works so the main canvas how we can automate, our digital, marketing operations. We've, seen now how to set up easily. Without the need of any coding powerful. Segmentation, queries. And and, set. Of customers we're gonna count that now, it's a turn to set up the content so, let's start from creating an email we're. Going to see the, basic content here is going to be about the. Creation, of my email marketing, messages. Creation, of marketing pages and forms and then, the other channels, as well I'll, briefly touch upon so let's go and create an email so. As a marketer again, I'm shown as, we seen before a set of templates on the email marketing side, we. Have built the 54, email. Marketing templates, and this, templates are arranging. From all, sorts of wide. Reach capabilities, they are adaptive. And they've been designed by professional, agency so has been a big investment for us all, these templates are available for you out of the box if you don't like them you can delete them all you can change them there for. You to use they. Are targeting at 99. 0 different, email clients and devices so it's a big investment we've done here and it's, quite powerful in terms of the capabilities, so, let's pick one of the templates here and. So. You see now our. New, editor experience. This editor actually is now shared, across all the different channels in CRM. So not only email, marketing, or marketing forms, and marketing pages but also in knowledge base article, for example so, soon you will be able to share. Content across, all these different channels, so. This, is a the business editor, view so here as a business, user I don't need to know any coding or any special, HTML. Knowledge and I can create very sophisticated, marketing. Email Natalia. Can change the content here and and, so forth by can even enter data coming, from my CRM database for, example I want to say hello, with the name of the person I'm the recipient of my email so that's very easy because I can go here very, similarly to what we've done for our segmentation. And I can get a date out of our custom insights this, could be data coming from other sources as well and we, can traverse relationship. Custom entries in so it's quite flexible so. Now we are set up our nice email, you, see the system is already configured out-of-the-box I can drop in more objects. If I want to you, know pictures or button, a call to actions and so forth I can easily change the Styles very, easily so I the branding is a breeze and I don't need to know anything about HTML. Again if unless I need to so, the system is quite flexible it, allows to, be locked down in a very simple, way for business users by. Can be quite. Powerful for power. Users, and for, example agencies, or partners. So you can get if you have enough permissions, in Europe for, your user you can get to the HTML, and you can change this content in any way so we actually build a very powerful content. Framework, so, the editor is able to edit any possible, type of HTML, so which is quite a you know impressive, for the email marketing space. As well and this will work all also across you, know also is going to work the same concepts, for marketing pages and forms so, you paste in any HTML and then if you decorate the HTML with our special, attacks. Then you can have you know more sophisticated. Capabilities, for, the business user otherwise. You can still use it right away so there is no need to importing, no need to do special coding. Or anything you, can use any HTML and use our dynamic content on. Top of that let. Me go and show you and show you also our preview capabilities. So. You can preview your, email, the print in two ways one is the basic preview which is basically changing the size of the screen so, here is how my email will look like on a small, button a small mobile phone for example but.

Then We can have also what we call the inbox preview which, is powered by litmus. Which is a company we have been partnered, with so you are allowed to get a certain, number of credits, every month for. Free because. Of your subscription, with us and then when you finish those credits you, can basically go. And directly, login. Into litmus and provide more you know capability, so you're very you're. Able to do your testing of your marketing, emails without the need of leaving the product so it's quite powerful you, can see for example here, that the system is is, personalized, so I'm gonna see the email as for example this. User here Veronica by if I go and change the content, I can go in and see how the email will look like for Evy for example and so forth so, it's quite powerful and very flexible at the same time, so we've now touched very briefly, them. The. Design experience. Of marketing. Emails before, I move on to marketing pages I want to touch briefly here, you, know in so, we've built that our application, in kind. Of a, flexible, way so it can be used at the same time by, the business user so you can see here the UI is very simple you are able to send an email with. All the compliance, legal. Requirements, built into the platform so you are not able to let's, say send something illegal or depending on the jurisdiction our, solution, will help you meet your gdpr, requirements. But. At the same time the system is also very flexible and powerful so, if you have enough permissions, again you can go in control entirely for example in this case the day all the headers of an email so this is quite powerful as well very few other products allow such a level of flexibility, you can even control even the the, email address you are using for sending your emails so it is quite flexible, so you can have here code that basically checks if they contact. Recipient. Email add this one is empty you can use another email address and so forth so that's quite flexible and you can set up they reply to and so on these are more advanced scenarios, so, if you want as a you, know administrator, you can lock down these experiences, so that your customer, only see the very simple, drag-and-drop editor, we've seen before so, this one completes.

Our Overview, of. Marketing, emails let's, briefly touch on marketing. Pages so. Marketing pages are built on top of our portals, so. They're available out of the box and, you can see here as well the very similar interface where you can go for example and define. Your, your initial. Template and then you can go and configure it with easy drag-and-drop, marketing. Pages are of course more, powerful, than email so you can have JavaScript, code, you can embed the forms as well without, the need of any coding in a third-party, website you, can even host our tracking, code on any, other website so, you can track and store. All the interaction, to our system, so you can power lead scoring, segmentation. And so forth out, of any other website, so you're not limited in any way to, our our out-of-the-box. Marketing, pages so, let's go here for example and pick a nice. Form. We. Have created, this in advance in a as. Well as we have done before I can go here publish, this page and basically see my my marketing, page out there so I can start capturing my aids and then, I can score my leads or a nurture in them and, this will be the topic of our next demo before. We get there don't I want, to close. This first set of demos talking, about a very important, channel for us which is the event so, we are able to create physical, and web a virtual. Events so, we have a full-fledged eventing. Solution, in the system which is quite powerful actually, so, I'm gonna start from showing. You a very simple event. So. Let's start from a webinar so. The webinar as, Ananta, mentioned before we are partnering with a company called own 24, for providing out-of-the-box, who have been our capabilities, but you're not limited in any way to that provider because you can build your own extensions, and internet, with any other webinar, provider we, are on the roadmap to provide more webinar, providers as well so, here is our event you can see here at the top the business. Process flow which is very important, because this, is how you define, in your company the business process and how the event is set up so. For this very simple event. We have just set up a webinar. And. Basically. A given amount, of time and, we, have, you. Know defined very few properties. On the event so it's quite simple to set them up and use them in your customer automation, journeys. If you want to use this eventing. Solution. Stand alone you can also do so you don't need to use the our customer. Automation. Capabilities. So. This is a very simple event but let's now look at what, kind. Of events you can do it is a solution. So, let's go now to a full-fledged complex. Event this is a quite a complex event me, many, customers, will not need to go so, deep into creating. Such a sophisticated. This. Is kind of a conference on his own so as a CRM, user I set up the venues I said I pulled the start date and end date I even have the, page where the the, portal where people can. Register. To this event and we're gonna see the portal in a second, but, then I have an agenda with a set of sessions so. Many sessions we have so many sessions that we need to create tracks to, organize them all so the system is quite powerful and flexible probably. Many customers, don't need such a level of complexity, but the complexity is there if you need to use it you can use it or you can hide it entirely so the whole system is fully, customizable to, your needs so we have speakers for, example engagements, even sponsors, and so forth a very. Important, we also have a financial, aspect so you can budget your events you, can see how the return, on investment pans out at the end of the event you can send up or post, a survey events you can even have weight listing, so, you can have people waiting when, you reach the capacity, and so forth so it's quite powerful and sophisticated a. Solution. Let's have a look now at the portal, so this is how this, particular, event here, will look like to your customers, so, you go there and this is a public, buy can be configured completely, so you can be behind a sign-in page for example so, people can go here register, these are on this pond this all this data is coming from our, CRM portals, so you can reuse, this this template here for your portals, as well it will work out the box, so. You can go to the sessions, of course see, all the calendar of the sessions, registered to the sessions and so forth if, there is capacity and so this is standard out-of-the-box. Capabilities, that can be used from, a very simple, very, basic event. Like one hour event or a webinar for example, to some middle sophisticated. To something very complex like this one you can even extend it even more depending, on your needs so we've seen now how we.

Are Able to basically create. Multi-channel, campaigns without, the need of coding. Or sophisticated, skills so, we are able to touch different, channels out-of-the-box email. Marketing marketing. Pages forms. Surveys. Events. Webinars, and even. Custom channel so you can add any other channel you may want. So. Now we've seen how to generate. Leads through. Our multi-channel campaigns now let's look at how to nurture them so. Let's have a look at one of the leads in our database, again. To highlight the point that an anthem ate before these leads are living in the same database, as a sales. And service. So, now we have a single, database in a single plot for where you can nurture your leads from, the marketing efforts into sales and to close the deal and qualify them so. Let's have a look now at a, particularly, din, in. Our database, so we. Can see that it's. A pretty straightforward. Lead. But we see here the multiple, scores we set up multiple, lead. Scoring model and this, lead has been scored automatically, by our system based, on these models let's have a look for example at this email sent score so. Here by drilling into it we can go into delete model, UI where we can see how the model has been built so, this particularly got, 34, points, we, can go here for example and see the particular rules that generated these points the system is quite powerful and I can set up quite sophisticated lead, scoring rules in, this particular case if we send them an email we gonna give them these particular, points so, let's now just have a look at how to create a lead scoring model so. I create, a new model from scratch so. I go there and as. We've, seen before I can drag and drop it's very similar to what we've done for the customer journeys and define. Conditions, the, system is actually quite powerful because, it's based on our customer, insights cloud and is, able to nurture basically. And trigger, a lot, of different, entities. Into our system, and events so, we can for example score. Against the behavioural, data so, how many times and how a user has clicked on a particular, lead has been clicked, on an email or open a web site even a third party web site and so forth or we, can just do demographic, data and and. So forth it's quite powerful and very simple, to use at the same time so, for example this course then. I can go here in set, an action, which will be adding for example a score of 10 points if, the user is coming from a particular city so, it's very simple I define, this and I can even show this in a textual, way so, it's quite simple to see very sophisticated the, least quarry models and I can define multiple in scoring models so as we have seen before I can, see the different dimensions. So I can track against demographic, behavioral, and so forth so it's quite flexible and yet simple to use so. Now we've touched the creation of lead scoring models we've seen how they work let.

Us Touch, base on the, lead, 360. View so how we can see. This nurturing, of the lead across, even, sales or other type, of users in our system. So. Let's go back to our lead, and. Let's. Open the insights form so, this form is available to, anyone in our company, not just a marketing department. Creating, leads and leads coding lead. Scoring models is something that marketers, typically, do with the help of other of course stakeholders, but, now the data you capture, out of the marketing initiatives, can be shown. To everybody else sales and other, users. In the company, for, example here I see the lead insights for this lead, all. The KPIs, and more importantly, the touch point so we can see for, example on somebody in sales or service I can easily see the story of this lead by see all the touch points the email did he open when we send them and so forth so, very simple, in a quite. Powerful also, see the progression of the difference core over time and all the interaction, breakdown in interaction, points so it's quite simple yet powerful this. Way I can, have all the different silos, we used to have in a company just. You know collapse because now I have all the data on my disposal. If, I'm in sales or service or even in marketing, so this is quite powerful and it's completely flexible in, extensible. To our business, process technology. So, last, point I wanna touch is about, LinkedIn, so let's have a look at a, LinkedIn integration, here so, as an anti mention before we are able to ingest, basically. Leads out of lead, gen forms, out of LinkedIn. So, let's, go to the LinkedIn form submissions, and. Here. I'm able to see all the leads that I've been basically. Importing, out of LinkedIn and I can see basically the results and can see all the details of the scene wants the lead an important, in power system of course we can score, them we, can qualify, them and manage them as with, any other lead in the system so it's quite flexible, and powerful so. Let's have a look at one of these leads they're. Coming from LinkedIn and let's look at the details of the data coming from LinkedIn, as well. You. Can see here the business process flow which, I mentioned before is the ability we have to, provide basically, the flexibility. To nurture, the entire sales pipeline and configure, it to your needs so by, then configuring. The business process flow on top here you are able to define the. The funnel basically the sales pipeline across, sales marketing, so. Let's give a look at LinkedIn. Information. For example and. Here. We. Can see all the forms they've been submitted. By this particular lead and we, can go and see all the data is coming from LinkedIn so this is quite powerful, and at the same time flexible, because then we can reuse all the lead scoring model on the business, process we have in, place to, also use the leads coming from LinkedIn we. Have nurtured this, lead, to a cell's ready state and now, in the sales application. Salesperson. Can go and see all the, details. About this lead and be able to close the deal. So. We've seen how to create. Multi-channel. Campaigns so, generate leads then, nurture them and now, finally we can see how the whole thing looks like and this more importantly, how a marketer, can, make sense and make smarter, decision, based on our, embedded insights, so. Let's start to go let's. Get back to the full, journey. We've built so. Let's go to the customer journey and as. You remember we wanted, to create the event invitation. And, a launch for the new product so let's go and check out our final, automation. We built and. Now, we want to see basically the results so as a marketer I want, to see what happened to this automation. I set up and I launched over time so we, started from our customers, we created a segment for them then we created an email for them we, send them an invitation then. We have what, we call a trigger which is a condition so it is telling us all, the people that register for the event we, wait until the event happens, and then, we basically, have them join the event and send, a thank. You email to those that really attended, the event all, the others then. We will send them a reminder email so. That was our journey we set together now. Let's see the results of this journey so. We have our embedded, insights, where we can go and see how, this whole, automation. Worked out for our particular launch so you can see the UI is very similar but now it's a showing. Embedded, the result so analytics, so it's very easy for me as a marketer, to understand, there might be to be campaign, as. Generated, all this particulars. Segmental. Contacts, and we send them these emails, and out of the emails we had 18, invites. Sent, and, out of this invites basically. We had 18. Reminders. And so forth so it's quite simple to, go and see what happened to my journey so they can arrange. And change my course. If I need to more. Importantly, I can go and see the actual details.

On Everything every, single step in my automation, so, let's have a look now at our, email. Marketing, message. So we sent out this message and four. People familiar with email, marketing you see here all the traditional, KPIs, for email marketing so, click through rate and subscribe, opens, unique clicks, and so forth all this is available out of the box from the system and I. Can see the responses over time and. Many other kpi's, more, interesting I can also see the geographical. Results, so. I can see from where people clicked on my email open my email and so forth so it's quite simple to go and have a very, detailed overview of what, happened more, importantly, as a marketer, that is working on email I have very tight, control over the delivery of my campaigns. Because in, this case we had a very simple b2b, event, but in general you can have millions of emails sent, over time so you want to be very careful about the delivery of, your, campaign, so let's have a look at this, particular UI, here, that shows us basically. All the details about the sending of a marketing message this is very important, to our marketers, so, we can see all the messages that we've been blocked for example due to some GDP our, consent. Setup or based. On heart bounces, in this particular, case and so, forth so you have full control and you can see actually all the contacts, that have been impacted, by it so you have a full control as a marketer, of your, marketing initiatives. So. And more importantly, it's also easy to use because you don't see the results like in this you. Know abstract, report but they are embedded, into for, example the visualization, here you can see a. Heat, map about the, clicks on this particular email this is very important for marketers because they, don't need to go and. Study you know some tabular data or some. Reports. It's all embedded within the, content, and in this particular case in the the.

Clicks There. Has been performed. On on the email message, lastly. We can go into the interactions, and look at the very. Details of everything, that has happened on this particular email, so, this is kind of very powerful at the same time easy to use for, our marketing, customers. So. Let, me finish, touching. A very important point which is the ability of having, the same data in the same level of detail also available outside, of the marketing application. So. Let's look at this contact now into our system, and similarly. To what we have seen or the lead we, also have a contact 360. View so, we can go and see the details of the, contact, also, available - for example somebody in service or somebody in sales so. I can have an overview of all the interactions, that have happened to my contact, over time and, on different channels and from different initiatives. So this is quite powerful and easy, to use because it's all based on the same database, for. Example here we have all the touch points for our contacts or the email we sent to them because, she was part of our campaigns, and the. Registration. To the events and so forth and. At the same time we can also look at the interaction breakdown, of all the interactions. That have have happened there I can, even drill into the details of all the emails we've sent them the events, she joined, the forms she entered and so, forth so it's quite powerful and yet simple to use so, we have seen how dashboards. And embedded. Insights help, marketers, make smarter decisions thank. You thank. You so much morrow that was a fantastic demo, as. I said before, Dynamics. 365. For marketing is available. In select countries and languages we, now encourage, you to visit our web page to learn more about this application. And try, this application, if you, want to talk to a Microsoft, expert or a local, dynamics, 365, partner please, contact us, thank. You for your time and interest today we, want to enable every. Business to, drive customer, engagement, and achieve, their business ambitions. Dynamics. 365, for marketing can, help you turn prospects. Into business, relationships, thank, you so much.

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