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Hello. Everybody is me chasey Poole, and today, is an, exciting, video all right I feel like a lot of my videos lately have been like reviews, or unboxings. And kind. Of serious topics which is absolutely, fine and I love doing, that and doing reviews, and all that stuff and talking about sex and whatever is fun but lately, I really haven't, been feeling okay I know that I look great I'm all like ah look at me but. In. My head right now I am just not. Feeling okay. A lot of things are going on in my life I would love to do a mental health update to kind of update you on a couple of things but yeah. Today I decided, to do a video that I did I take six months ago because, I had such a good time and I, went on Twitter and I asked hey do, you want me to do this again and there was an overwhelming, yes. So. This videos features my beautiful long hair that is growing out and is kind of like in that weird phase where you should be wearing a hat but and I don't really feel like it right now there's beautiful like Christmas, wall and of, course this beautiful shirt that says not sis I'll put the description that, link in the description, below there you go so here's what I did I went on Twitter and I said hey I'll, be doing another drawing, my followers, video submit, your pictures here now here's the thing the. Goofy or the picture, of you and your cat or just a cat or just a view the, more likely it's gonna end up being in this video so, I want to thank everybody who has submitted because oh my lord there are so many I like skiing through it this morning and I was like okay I have to film this video this morning cuz I'm video like this is fun and easy as in like like I get to have fun I get to like to. Like talk, to you through pictures, and I get to just let's just go draw because, I am a little, bit up alright so here's the post okay. I'll be, doing another drawing my followers, video submit your pictures here pictures of you and your calf blah blah so what, I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go through these, and just pick. The most random ones and then you're gonna see like wow chase you're, such an artist so, this is this is really exciting how is this a cat ah. I said, people and cats oh my god, yes all right so you're the first one hunty oh my. Yes, please, okay so I haven't done this in like six months so let's there. You go and remember all of my cats have like a. Distinguish. They. Like a pattern you know all artists they have their thing they have, their thing I have, my thing that I. Mmm. That doesn't even this. Is the hair oh my, god oh. My. God, you, know I I debated, restarting. This because it just it just it, looks so. Bad. And, I'm so, sorry. Let, me. Making. It look you know what this cat it's just a face it's just a face let, me just sign it for you and I'm so sorry. Okay. So clearly. We are not off to a great start so I'm, so sorry about, that oh my lord, oh yes you know I like I like when people put their fingers in there it makes me excited only. Listen. Cuts okay so I'm actually gonna try with this one there's. A hat. And. They're like, this a little bit it, has a little curve that's okay we, can do that and then there is a. No. That's too long that's too long I want it to look nicer, and then you have the person's. Hands. So. I. Love. The, hands, cuz it's like. Oh. No oh no come back redo, redo. See. That's better. Where, you're missing a finger. Note 1 2 3 4 5 oh no no they're all there they're all there then you you're also the, sweater is that way too and then this way and. Then I literally can't see your. Face so I'm gonna draw eyes because. You know this is how I do eyes and just like that, you. Know you look like like like a vampire like you're like doing this thing. This, is spooky, spooky season and I, will sign. It there you go couldn't choose one because. They both got a certain quality of them oh you. Know what I'm a banana boy, I got you I got you banana, okay. So leggy. Open. And. Then, you got this oh. My. Gosh. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Like. This when, you have a banana so let me. Let. Me and then you have a peel, you know for, me not really paying attention to how a banana supposed to look like oh. Wait. You have some bracelets can't. Forget those. Okay. I'm always bad at next, yeah, that's the only thing I'm bad at was drawing. So. You looked great in the you know it was going well for us and then something happened, I happened. You. Look smiley though that's, at this ear is just let me put some hair there so it's not there.

You Go. Look. Everyone, wears glasses also you have no feet so let me give you some feet, there. You go hey. You. Know what Matt. Oh hold on hold on hold on oh my goodness, hunty. I almost forgot. Yeah. There. You go oh and, you have a bellybutton now. Look like a face no I'm kidding oh my, god that's so cute. Some of these are just so ridiculously. Cute is that a pillow or a cat I don't know ah do I draw the cat first, yeah, okay, I'll draw the cat like in a brownish, color though just, so that we can differentiate, what's, going on okay so Meenu, is like this. Thick. Meenu huh it's a thick boy. So. There's you mean ooh you got to do the eyes. Trademark. And then your. Face where's your face your face is like, here. Yeah. It's a little bit of an exaggeration let's go back to that la like, this and then you've got your glasses because, apparently. Everyone, wears glasses, got. To do your eyes. You. Look like Patrick from, SpongeBob, I'm sorry. No. I'm. Gonna give you some some color on your lips though. You. Know I always forget to do people's eyebrows so they. Let. Me get a bigger brush so, when I do your see when I do your hair it, looks better and you look, like you have a beret on like you're from France okay let me do it you got like some curls, cuz you got some hairs that are kind of like frizzy. A little bit all over the place like. You you I'm, not saying like you don't brush your hair for like I have that because my hair's like, ridiculous, right now you know it's good you just don't have any teeth maybe. I should play give you some teeth I love, that I could just zoom in with this it's so cool. It. Looks like, you are literally, about, to you're like hey, Katie you're literally about to eat your cat you know what I'm down, for it okay so I just realized that it actually says fake cat so obviously. That was not a real cat so I'll just name this file fake cat and of course it didn't even save properly, because I my, writing is so sloppy you, know this is one of my favorite ones you kind of look like a clown but like a hot clown you know what I'm saying oh somebody, oh that's cute look at this this, person put this draw, me or my curse cat and then someone actually drew that that's so, I'm gonna, like this oh I'm not even signed in oh my god.

I'm. Always like because it's like an orange cat do I do it in orange okay not bad so far we. Got to get the leggy and, then. The, other leg II don't know how that other leg E is connected, so, you know we don't need to worry about that right now like that and then you have you have like your hand is on the cat so like. Little poking. The cat there. Like that yeah that makes sense right. Right. And. Then there's like no ear. This. Cat has like like. The slanted, like because, you're pulling the cat's face. So, the eyes are like this. And then oh my god it's little mouth is so cute, and then the little tongue oh my, god the tongue. If. You watch part one of this okay, that I did like six months ago you're you're gonna be like chase what happened okay you were so much better, six, months ago did something happen are, you not trying because you know I am I feel like I'm trying even more than I did before honestly I find being completely honest, so my, god I appreciate, everybody, oh. My. God I have everyone, who said this but oh my god this is not this person's cat's butt. Are. Those real there's, no way those are real all the eyes are open okay, so there's 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and then 1300. I. See what you did there spooky season. Hmm. So this cat has like a strange, shape. As, always, the the cats going to have these eyes that really, they look into your soul you know okay. So first, that we eat not bad not bad fur furfrou, fur first we're good so now we got a draw like a pumpkin. Too. Big too big because. The cats are so little a pumpkin. Like this, because. That's what a pumpkin looks like kids come, back next week when I teach you how to my god I am so sorry, okay so there's 12 little little little. But. Like they're all blended, so that's it that's something I need to make their heads bigger or something, that's. Too big that's too big. 12. Okay, so. We're. Getting there, and then of course. Which. I know it's like the opposite, of what the cat's in there look like cuz their block with yellow eyes but, listen to its this, is my style I do the eyes like like the gang, from. Saw and that was the creepiest, thing ever because my camera turned off right as I said dang gang hanging yeah from saw that.

Like You want to play a game you, know with the cheeks like, let, me draw it for you like this guy he has like the the red cheeks or something the, the, the, jig master the saw master the. Jig saw yeah. I'm. Sorry but all I'm imagining is, this. Is a saw and, then. A master, so. It has like like whips and it's whipping, somebody. Who, likes, to be a Dom. Sub. Sorry so it's a master that's a saw mast. There. Are children who watch your videos chase, there are children you know I'm trying so hard to make my videos like not age-restricted. Because. I can't, tell you how many times or how many videos, right now I just there's, there's nothing coming in okay, nothing that's why do you know I need something light light-hearted. Something fun something that I can like just have fun with and not worry about anything because, if this video gets D monetized then you know YouTube. Don't like cats and then what we gonna do you. Know what we do I. Don't. Know what we do good, cushion. You know what makes sense this, cat right here. Only. A head on top half of the cushion yeah that makes sense chase I like this paint brush look how cool that looks I am I am like I'm super, still like watch out Aaron, no I'm kidding, um Aaron, does a lot of he, has in the past he's done a lot of art videos and. He's actually good, so I would recommend if you want to see somebody who's like actually. Good at art go, see Aaron, Aaron, and I do a podcast together, called, you're so brave he's my best friend and. We. Talk about trans things and stuff like that but he's done this series on his channel, where he like paints the back of his, the back of the his, girlfriend's, back and, and. And, with like stars and stuff and it looks honestly. It looks amazing so if you're down for like real art there you go I'm Pro mowing him because he's actually good and I'm just a joke but this is you know this is my whole life my life, is a joke and I'm okay with that because, if, you can't laugh you, cry. You. See how in the actual drawing you. Can't see the orange of the pot of the pumpkin with a pineapple I'm, gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna homina. Homina homina. You. Know what I miss and I know it's gonna be so random I just you know I feel like talking right now because I need therapy um I miss Germany. Germany. Was so fun I met so many amazing people, in Germany and I, want to go back so badly I'm just so exhausted from traveling so much this year so shout out to all my German. People, who. I've met, or. Whom, who, talked, to me online or who watch me I see. You I love, you I want to come back to you hit me up if you want to go to Germany or something we can do like a whole trend trip like, you know I really wanted to do I would, really love to do a, like. A what's, it called like a cruise, but a trans cruise okay, you know how they had Olivia, cruises for like lesbians, which, was great but can we have a tran one like, that would be awesome like of course non-binary, people are like absolutely, if, you identify as trans and you get on the boat I think it would just be so much fun you know I don't know. Ok so you know I've been spending like way, too much time on this one but I'm pretty sure that that's it I'm done I have no idea what's going on here but I'm living for it so leggy and then. Leggy. Again, oh my. God, just. Laying I'm, just gonna make you have a body suit you're just gonna be one connected, ok that's, what you're gonna be that's what you are right now there, you go, this is my and. That's your hair, that's. Your ear, and. It's. Not. Bad, Oh hunty. This is, art like this actually like like, this, looks good, no. Idea what the f misses, but that's. A. Wiener coming, out of your armpit now let's give you a little detail should I just leave it like that like here's the chase Ross original, no I'll save it just cuz I actually like it look at me an art now we got to give you some details um.

Your Pants are like way up so I'm gonna be really dramatic and say that they're up here even though they're not but that's. Not for here let's. Give you those eyes eye glasses. Again okay, I'm gonna give you the eyes first and then thinner, for glasses cuz I'll be nice. You, know if only I I, was, good, I'll. Do you green good good wording there chase cuz. Right this is your hair see I'm so good I already knew where I was gonna go with that so I'll mix you in though with sunblock because no. Would sunblock because it looks like your hair's black and green, which is so edgy, I remember, that that was the like the cool color I think when I was in grade 9, in grade. Grade, 7 it was pink and black and in grade 8 it was black, and red and then after it was green and black and then after that I didn't really care and didn't paying attention so you have a nose Oh, eyebrows, let me I bro. You. Look worried, but, that's okay we've all been there and then you're doing like a like it you're giving your tongue to me which is like. Wow. So, I'm gonna do some lips and then just a tongue. No. That's no I'm, not gonna do that for you I'm gonna I'm gonna do you one better there's your lips like this but. Then you don't really have any bottom lip because your tongue is legit, out so it. Makes it seem like your tongue is like this big I don't know how you feel about that I don't know we'll. Have to wait and see how you feel about that okay so this is your hand we've, talked about this and this. Is your. Your. Your your hand like. This did. I do that or, is that your shoulder, see I'm really bad with shoulders, I never know what yeah. So. Bad. There. You go I. Feel. Like you're gonna be mad at me. Man. That's, an yeah, that's an EM it's. A W, what's up, WV. Yes Volkswagen, no that's the opposite oh my god I'm Dyslexic today, is the day today is the day you know when you don't realize how long you've been filming for and you're like oh my god I've already yet 35 minutes how did this happen, oh well. I hope you enjoyed this drawing of you you know I am pretty good, I'm. Gonna draw you because. I know you we've, met before I think, in Toronto I'm pretty. Sure it was Toronto and if it wasn't oh my god I'm so sorry but I'm like 98%. Sure that we've met before and it was in Toronto and you're giving me attitude so I'm gonna draw a cap on you anyway your hair looks blue I approve. This and. Then you have your finger. Up which, is. Inappropriate. Where's your thumb go like here okay. That's fine we'll do that. Then. You've got hair like, this. Oh yeah I like that hair I want to go back to Toronto do another meetup I'm gonna text stuff I mean she's super busy this week though cause it's buffer fest but you're, so serious why, you're so serious, oh well, no, you gotta be I'm. Sad, I. Don't know how you do sad lips, no again you're smiling, okay. There you go. And. Then. You're wearing a suit so that you look hot, as hell there you go because. That's a tie from like the 80s that you need to have, and. You. Have a very. Very, skinny, arm for some reason, pretty much this is what you look like but because, you add a cat to the picture I'm gonna draw one on you. Because. I'm sure that you would appreciate, a cat that's sitting on you while, you're at like a wedding or something right, there you go and then, of course the. Chaise rock chaise. Rock. That's. You that's, you that is oh I don't want my signature and block who said that no thank you, give. Me a like a cool color you know this. Will match your hair. There. You go okay so this one's really quick because I feel like I'm taking way too much time to.

Do Any of these so. There. You go. My. Cat buddy is my best boy, absolutely. Absolutely. I see this look. How cute. You. Know the, day somebody, gets one of these it looks like like, geez the. Day when somebody, gets one of these tattoos I swear to God is, gonna be such, oh my I think I should do I think I should do that like I've seen people do that online where they do like a dollar and I'll, draw you a cat, like I'll actually try though but like it'll be ugly trying, like this um so. That people could have it and then I get like a dollar for doing it because then I can I can. Make a living I'm kidding. But I could, get. Something out of the work that I do I guess I don't know what do you think of that is that bad should I do that because, I would love to just keep drawing people's cats especially their cats you know but, like I'm down to like draw anything else because like I like my favorite, thing to do honestly is, to draw cats in like one. One. Go. Like. That's the tail leggy leggy, then there's like a big thing here leggy. Leggy. And then we're back and. You're like is this cat pregnant, is this, a cow I'll never. Know that there's like writing on here so I'm even gonna put writing on here because that's, cute see this is cute this is art this, is art. I'm. Living for these cats honestly, I'm, gonna do two more because I'm tired. But also I, just I want to do all of them because, there's so many amazing. Amazing. And funny and good ones but I just I don't know how. To live without, doing. Them all this, cat has like a couple teeth this cat guy looks like beauty when she screams, when. You ask for cats and a bunch of people send you dogs huntys, I. Mean. I'll happily draw dogs see. Okay fine just for you I'll draw a dog this dog is eyes are very ghost. Okay. So doggy, has like doggy. Has an ear. And. Another ear, and then doggy, kind, of thick boy so that's what the dog looks like Oh. Baby. And. You know just because it's a dog doesn't mean it's not gonna get the the full, the full eyes man, this mouth, hunty. This, is a chompers. Dogs. Are scary. Hanging. Hanging hanging yeah and then. The tongue. Okay. So I saw one before, that was somebody, at a cemetery and, there. Is like a candid, picture of me looking at a spider, and they look terrified. And that's the picture that I'm looking for cuz I was one of the first ones that I had seen and that one I just I died and I need that one Oh. Baby. If. You see me posting I'm gonna do a video like this again please post some of the pictures that you've already posted, because some of these are really good especially, if it's cats so I unfortunately cannot, find a picture that I'm looking for of the candid, so. I decided to do this one because I really like this person's glasses because they're like pink, so well, we'll get to use the opacity so. We're gonna give you those eyes though. You're. Smiling, like you're. Smiling nicely, you. Are, lips. Lips. And. Then, you've got the teeth like that and. Then you've got your hair let me let me do this brush, here, you've, got some hair here are you wearing a bow you're. Kind of looking like you're wearing like a SIA bow, but I can't see ah. Yes. I'm. Not oh, yeah. How. Cool is that and then it's like silvery, like, that oh look look, what happens when chase tries it actually looks good I, am so sorry if you think this doesn't look good this is like a work of art for me and you have a neck because, that that usually is what people have. Yeah. You know not bad not, bad I want to give you a bow or something because you have something on your head but I don't know what it is so for right now you're, going to have Mickey, Mouse ears, so, not, bad not bad at all moonbeam I know you I. Know. You I, follow, you on Instagram I'm. Sorry. My memory right now is like well, which is why I'm doing a video like this I don't really have to think much, I'm. Pretty sure I follow you I can't find it so person, who, has the beautiful picture of you in a cemetery, looking scared because there was a spider, and it was a candid, picture I'm, so sorry that I can't find the picture right now maybe it's in a different thread by accident, maybe I'm not looking in the right place I'm so sorry but please dear, God, like. Send me that next time I make a video like this please, you, need to send it to me because it is a hilarious. Hilarious hilarious, picture. And it would make my life if I could find it right now okay so I'm pretty sure that this is the lot the cat that I drew last time I was my last tax so I'm gonna do the same but. I'm gonna like you know of course I'm gonna make it like look. A little a little good you know do a little trance colors you got to do what you got to do so we're gonna do the transgenders, colors you, know the transgenders.

They're Everywhere, he can't get away okay, me new bleep though let's go do this. Are, me out a, little, leggy, out. And. Your lady here. And. Then this, goes up, and. Then you have another leggy, here, and then your buttholes right there you have this circle, thing and then, you're in this circle, because, you're, a cutie. But. You look distressed. Because, we, all have, no idea what this is you you look more curious, than distressed. Honestly, but like I'm not gonna give you like I'm gonna give you like a like a. No. I'll give you like an actual cat face how about that still oh staring, into your soul little. Toe beans. Little. Toby this looks like a wiener so, I don't know how to fix that like, that yeah. And then this could yeah, like, that, because. Cuz and then this. This. Is a leg, I messed this up I'm so psyched ride, you can see that I tried, I, really tried. I'm. Sorry. Try to see. Goodbye, and not choke I try. To walk away and, not stumble. When you ruin something nice bike. Chase Ross. Alright. So I'm sorry that last time the picture was better but at least you got a trans background, right right, anyways, thank you so much for joining me I really, enjoyed um like. Drawing. These and again please, to that person, who had a candid, in a cemetery when there was a spider and you look terrified it was hilarious, I need, this picture I'm gonna like frame it it's hilarious, it's such a good picture like, it's in, the moment, if. You like these types of videos let me know they're really fun to do a little hard, to edit but that's okay I don't mind cuz I like doing this and I, would love to do more videos that you guys and, that you folks and that everyone here would absolutely love to watch so let me know in the comments below what you think and what you would want to watch if you have more fun video, ideas that are maybe not translator, at all for me to do I would absolutely love to do those so, because I'm having a hard time honestly. With my emotions and stuff like that so it wouldn't look kind of a nice little break alright, thank you so much let's see how long I've. Been recording for okay, so 56, minutes, alright alright have a great week I love you thank you so much for watching bye.

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Maybe a...trans-Atlantic cruise?


You should make a merch with that cat on trans flag

Thankyou for the laugh hunni.its 11.30pm in Australia and i was lying in bed crying with pain as i injured myself today and cannot find a position where im pain free.i hop on you tube for a distraction and oh my i laughed so hard.thankyou for getting me out of my self pity funk big hugs

OH HI I'm so glad!!

When there's an ad (yay!) but the ad starts with "I hate feminism" (boo!).

The Leggy©

Your laugh is so contagious, I was giggling like a maniac the whole way through

That says opps instead of oops

If you identify as trans then u get on the boat ✌

I see my boy Buddy! Twice !! My absolute sweet boy, thanks xD

This is so stupid.

Yip good job me buddy Yanni is proud of you

theres an ad!!

Okay, but I'm LIVING for this hair

Love your hair

I love your hair!

I would LOVE a trans cruise.

Omg chase’s laugh and voice is so adorable I’m soft uwu


LMFAOOOO!! 24:34

Have you done a video recommenting queer books/movies/shows yet?

why not a tran train?

You should do a draw my life and/or draw my transition!! (do both P L E A S E)

Was drawing along with you! I love your drawings Chase! #DrawingwithChaseRoss #femaletoartiste #femaletoart Also this is so ~ p u r e ~

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