Drama in the beauty community, how to deal with insecurity, etc || Q&A - Edward Avila

Drama in the beauty community, how to deal with insecurity, etc || Q&A  - Edward Avila

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What. He could be. High. It's. Gonna be this part. To, continuation. The last, Q&A cuz it's. Been a while I know, in my last one I was like oh I'm, gonna add it on an even number and I finish it question, number 25 to feel like 25, timing even ever it's not an even number but that meant even as in like you. Know 2557. Guys 100 kind of like that they're, like a quarter that's, the way I always think about anyway Alfie asks, what's, your take on all the drama in the, beauty industry um I. Think, it's, like a combination of. Things. If, I'm gonna complete - do I really feel like a lot of it started around when Jeffrey, star came onto the scene it, was around this time as well that like the PC culture PC. Culture I feel like was really being, like pushed, hard it so like the whole thing about like receipts. And exposing, and the TV, all. That like combined, to create like drama, channels, which. I feel like really pushed the, whole thing. About like the PD because they feel like it I mean like every category I guess has some sort of drama on YouTube but Beauty. Is probably one of the most probably, one of the categories like we tube that, has like the most drama and, I feel like what's. Creating, these sort of hybrid of. Thinking sorts. Of groups of people where there's, a lot of vert to signaling, it's. All about like oh I'm the most woke or whatever it's, not even about oh, you, know I don't support this person anymore fine, it's, not just that which i think is totally funny you don't wanna support someone don't support them but, like this holy do, you support, them what, you, get check your well I don't get it rose insane. Anyway, moving on. Taylor. Rose asks, where is one place in the world that you haven't been to but would really like to travel to and why again, I don't remember the questions that were asked in the last video so I apologize if I'm repeating these I really, want to visit Australia because. I, have a few friends there and it seems really nice there the, weather honestly, right now so, cool and I'm sure to warm there so I want to be there right now Jib, - asks, what do you dip. Your chicken, nuggets in if I'm in America I dip it in barbecue sauce in Korea I dip it in, sweet. And sour sweet, chili sweet, chili I think it's called beneil I ask Juneau Prince Mateen I don't wanna, sit out of some ghee on a, stogie ask girl just, where to get your clothes you slay those outfits also where the cafes you visit lol love your channel by the way we watch your videos daily my clothes I usually get from either, j+, and condensation or wonder, place or Eiland mostly ale and a lot of people, are, like what's that because I have like that a necklace I have a a that's on the back of my shirt did people always ask you what that is it stands. For add and add, is like the brand of those, clothes and that's just like the little symbol thing cafes, I'm not like a cafe exploring person if I want to go to Cafe I just go to like Starbucks or something, I'm not. Exciting when it comes like didn't you know if you're like oh I said cafe a desk but just like I just go to Starbucks. Or if I go. To like the, convenience store and get coffee there do you mean she asks. First of all I love you do, you mean she asked first of all I love you you give me oxygen hon, thank, you I'm. Curious as to why did you choose to move to Korea because I do Kay Beauty I didn't felt like it would make more sense to be here where things, as soon as they come out he just arrived access to them and it's easier to get. Asked to things that are harder to get overseas because I know in general. Even. For me it's hard to link some things sometimes because it's, just so hard cuz you have to pay for shipping and all that a lot of times a lot of products especially the really new ones are available immediately online, regionally, moved towards because my parents, were here they lived here cuz it in military and I. Wasn't. Really do I was doing kind of KP on YouTube but, I mostly came here to visit my family and.

Then One time I won, one visit I ended up finding like a part-time job so that's. What I'm doing oh that's what I was doing. And so I was like you know what I'm not really tweeting America I was going to college but I wasn't really like, into it so I just came here to work and you know get, a part-time job Michelle. MJ. Michelle OH asked for BB Creams you prefer lineage to I okay I'm not really familiar with a branch so I can't really answer that sorry Lanisha, I hope you are like the top one of the top brands I always get questions I think they're available at Target but, it's weird because I don't actually use, a little image a lot like, their base, like, I'll pay all Dinesh I don't, really try either but from, my experience, there. Why I like one or two questions I try but I always feel like the clues are too light for me so I don't really I was never anything tonight always felt like a bit before. We lost a really thin and there weren't enough coverage for me so I kind, of skipped on it and the really pink but, what I've noticed lately. Of all the ones diabetes, before I know JX. Dum asks, how have you been treating your acne scars the, makeup, face H a scaling cream at the key as to why no meet and greet in Singapore, yet I'm. Actually going to Singapore next weekend, I've caught in if I want to be completely honest with you my company doesn't want me doing mean greets that are just like oh it has nothing to do with it but I just haven't got to see if I know you, guys know I don't like traveling that much because, I'm, lazy and I like to just stay home. So, that's a lot that's pretty, much the main reason why I have it I mean, being Singapore yeah and also for. Me when I have a mean greets that I kind of make them like big kind, of big event, I really, am not that, into just like oh let's meet up at the park I want, to be like a senior, especially we're gonna come out all the way over there I want you to like you know get free stuff or something I don't want you to just like, come. There say especially because a lot of people are quite shy when they meet me so they'll come to the place but they don't actually they, kind of just stand around behind, a bunch of all the people that are talking to me and so, I want it to be like a place where you're not gonna just sitting there even. If you don't actually talk to me that much maybe if I say hi to you later take a picture with you at least you even have like the experience of, like you know maybe I had a. Q&A. Or like I was giving away stuff or playing games or something so I'm not going to off-topic but uh yeah, I don't I haven't been traveling so uh uh and. Even if I do travel having. To plan I mean V takes a few like. A while so Jeep soo I sort. Of exon your name already what. Do you smell like right now from oh my god earlier. I was. I. Met up with out uh and Friday with will and we did a escape, room Friday, when, traveling. Abroad he came back me but me yes he got, me this body spray cold.

I'll, Do why'd you get he's like because that's the work on it yeah, and. This literally smells like ass they smell like tub I mean no offense do you've used acts but I smell like I smell, like oh my, guy remember I was at the PX once and there, was this lady she was a soldier she, all money I, swear. If I have never seen anything so dead over my life she, was like I guess she didn't wash her uniform we sure you were supposed to do like regularly, but, she'd have time so she just like went to the Act section grab some acts like the chocolate one it sprayed. Her uniform, down and put. It back that was oh my. God but I smell like that I smell like Axe basically I what perfume are using but the perfume I am using lately is the Tom Ford tobacco venial, unusual. Sameen, how, did you get into mas sex my friend took me to one of their fan signs and I wasn't really into I knew of it but I wasn't going into them but, from that day on I got interested in the Middle East and I started getting to the music so, the. Username is bitch fitting. Yeah, how do we get thick please help me I need a man what the go I'm not even thick how this will give you a bus on that super. Panda ass which European, country would you like to visit lol England, the second Samantha. In US which makeup product leaves the biggest impression on you in which you can't live without it changes, all the time but the most recent one would be an empty house oil, volume, base it really, has out my skin this winter with, dealing with like dryness, and like the way foundation sits on my skin in the dry air it, just helps keep it from breaking, down too. Quickly and like giving me that dry look rosemary. Oz can you attempt at a pants. Sorry, Sammy, watts in one ask dress code for coming. Up potty I. Have. No idea, I don't go to come to parties your Selena what, did you use to want to do and did you do, your career and or what, you're doing now turn out as planned well whatever you say I you still want to be. A video game designer, but. Obviously, that's not happening, did you create what you're giving out turn out as planned, yeah I guess so I didn't. Think my YouTube we really pop off but. I was actually really surprised what I started to really get subscribers I was like quite shocked, so, yeah. I guess I'm doing what I love doing now so that's a good thing but. Yeah I originally, want to be doing beside her but I wasn't really that into trying to do because I wasn't, taking the necessary steps to do so I was being really lazy about it to be honest which is not a good thing if you really want to be something you need to work hard at it I guess I really didn't want to be one if I was working that hard on it so osm, asks when are, you planning to go back to the Philippines mahai kita I'm. Going, I, think in a few months I think suppose. Have again if just like that mean greet Cleo but they're. Being very. Dodgy. With, the planning girl. One question. Per Q&A, top, three songs you're listening to right now I'm. Listening to I've. Been listening to peekaboo a lot lately I've, been listening to Marcus and Martinez's, one flight away and also. What. I. Don't know I've been getting back into perfume a lot Maggie, or the last mermaid asked so what are your dreams in the beauty industry how long do you see yourself doing makeup my.

Dreams I don't really have dreams I kind. Of like more of like a reviewing, type of person yeah, I don't really have dreams, I guess and the makeup in the makeup industry or, beauty industry how long do you see yourself doing makeup I don't. Look that far into the future I've got ask me this sort of question many times and each time I just say how I don't even look too far ahead in the future I live in the now Michaela, ray, W I'm it's a gasps how the do you line your upper waterline without getting a line on your lower waterline, every damn time even. If I fix it one still do we make it always returns what I found I use the Pony effect a longer position liner by the way for me what I used to do was I would use one of those waterproof, eye. Shadow. Sticks, to. Kind of work, as like a primer on my upper waterline I would kind of rub rub a little bit and that, one almost acted like a waterproof. Primer. For my liner. That I used to actually line the upper waterline or you. Might probably be lying way too far into the wild line you really just need to get the eyeliner. Like right at the base of the roots you don't have to put it like right into the wet part of the line you have to make sure it's, between the roots of the lashes, jakie. Rákóczi asks. What's. Your go-to songs right now peekaboo. I shot. As Mahdi asked, what's your go-to sunscreen, or Sun cushion right, now my go-to sunscreen, is the Troy Advocate. Essence. Sun essence yeah, because it feels more the texture look at that so they said you can actually use it during the, step of your skincare that would be SN so like after your toner I still, use as the last step because, I just haven't used to that but I really, call water's ID and also the B or a 1b, or but that's only available in Japan when are you going back to Philippi. Sure. Girl, you set it at twice ran fake are tick tick. Rachel asks how did you how, did you meet your friend from Singapore love from Singapore, my, friends I'm single flora which. One is that. Dear. Selena advice, for physical insecurity, um this. Is one of the things that you can kind of, for. Me when I would someone asked me about having, an insecurity, for my, answer is usually just, it's. Not a really a popular answer, for. Me I honestly if, you want to pick something fix, it no, you don't if you're insecure, about something I think you should do something about it a lot. Of people just like the haters. What people say but to. Me I mean if you can like if you go to the mental Olympics, or gymnastics. Of like getting. Over the, way people, perceive you cuz a lot times most people don't care but. If you know if it's the way if your physical appearance is really bothering you I really think you should do. Something about it because, I think it's, better to go. Through the depending on what it is you know I'm sure it takes some kind of hard work or some, sort of worth it's, easier to go through that I feel, not easier, not to say easier but I feel like if you do that and you. Come out I feel. You come out with the results that you want hopefully. And then you'll be more confident who because it's actually because you went through the hard work you, know on your own and you, to where you wanted to be in terms of like being, out of place where you don't feel insecure. Physically. Of. Course it depends it's completely depends whether it be your weight you know if, you want to get plastic surgery you know what I mean I mean you can convince yourself to think you. Know like you know the hands well which is fine I suppose um but. For a lot of people it can be very difficult I feel like having that sort of attitude of, like what everyone thinks it, kind of makes you it. Can turn a lot of people like it's bitter people because, I think that everyone is against them or something so, then they'll end up just. Becoming like even, more almost more insecure, and so a lot of times people just turn into bitches cuz you. Know if people might, bring up dude it may become being good sir like oh you know you've, been gaining a little weight recently or maybe. Like oh you have a few spots lately all your diet okay or are taking care of your skin give it what a fad but of course in American society you can't say that do, whatever makes you okay. This is like the most I have, this long exploits about the and you'll never be too happy but.

That's Really what it should be whether it be tight. Being, able to convince yourself to change. How. You think people think of you or if. You're gonna do. Something about it like physically, whether it be going on a diet or something because. I really think that question like that tends to be has. To do with like weight but, it could be any sort of thing but it depends on the situation, yasmeen why you so cute boy girl this a Q&A but thank you uh Jenny, what is your zodiac sign, I'm other dates to see because I don't want anyone know what my birthday but if I tell you what my zodiac, sign is that it, will kind of give you idea why name is but I feel like a lot of people already know around what time of year it is so I'm Aquarius hey. Roxy, see. I want, to see you soon. Thanks. Matt's Mia, do, you watch any American, Netflix series eg, stranger things no I don't the last American, series that I saw was um Dexter. Patel years ago rosemary, I know my question was random. I figure you would get so. She had to ask the question whether, she had to send a follow-up either reasoning, to that question, it's, fine merrylegs, Stephanie what is your girl type I don't have a girl type ariana grande joy, Irene. Red if you look red velvet. Come. Out me I'll. Be we're gonna take that the wrong way miss. You ass hello I was wondering what are the most annoying question comments you get from viewers um. Where. Do you get your lenses I, mean that's of course I can easily answer but I feel you get it so often and. You, know there there. Are a lot of times where I'll make a video about a certain subject that's been asked a lot but. Then it gets annoying of people even after that video keep, asking you the already mated but I can't, expect you know they might be like you viewers or something so I can expect them to have, seen it already, and. I probably could link them blur girl. She's she's a lazy bitch awesome, ha. Ru. De mi gating um I, don't, really think that's bad annoyed because I tend to just ignore it but, yeah, oh are, you an hour dating, that's. Annoying god. Ah ha. Ha ha from. India does your hair color change me no more by the Instagram, theme not necessarily. I still try to keep the same I edit all my photos the same exact way I'll. Try to make them all more like greyish in low, saturation. But, depending on my hair color that that's craving nickimja, especially 5 pink hairs about for a while my feed, books kind of pink because of my pink hair and for a while I was a little blue because of my blue hair but, I guess, if. I get a bright color and I use to be able to afford my rent what, did you think of day six new song also I'd ship you and J real hard not, how I actually don't, listen, to the music that much and at the time of this question I don't know what song came out so I, think this this question came out was, submitted to me on the 13th of December. Johanna. Da oh. Yeah. That's yeah, we went to the concert recently and they, performed itself I liked it I liked all the times what I do listen to them I noticed, that's the case with a lot of people that I've met they'll, see like some, day sick stuff that are sign that I have around my house and the oh my god you went, today see so yeah do you like to build well I like their music I don't really know that violin music, that's what I knows about all I think it's because I don't really promote on, TV, people, would just list it will know their music and they're like oh I like the music but they don't actually know the group very well I'm Joe, boss where's a good place to stay for a visit in Korea about a month stay um.

A. Lot of people tend to stay in the home day if. That's the trans like the area of Seoul that's, where a lot of Koreans. Like that side of the map I mean, there's, a lot of like Korea there's Myung daughter's gonna be moon there's, Kong. Book cool is that what it's called. Leaving for almost five years I don't know you know I'm look that area that kind of like insides, all in a very culturally, area, because. I feel like if there's a piece of modern stuff so I feel, like that's a good area to stay. Sandy. Asks, why are you such a bad bitch hunty, oh my. God. Because. Not. Knowing speaker how the heck is your hair so fabulous even for you bleach colored it so many times is here my hair's a virgin it's still crush soon but being like a dried-up mop I think it all has to do with styling whatever I style, my hair I always use a flat iron that tends to smooth the. It's not good for your hair but, it smooths my hair cuticle out to look smoother, and shinier so. That's why a lot of people think and I make sure I do like, condition my hair very, well because my hair is the type of hair where when, I bleach it it gets like so damaged, so dry and crusty but if I, continuously, with. My regularly conditioning. News treatments, it goes kind of back to roll and comes back to like a soft state if it wasn't already compromised. Ryan, asks what is your all-time favorite pony effects product father, the cushion, maybe. Between, the cushion and the eyebrow products yeah. Potato, has numbed, itching we sell the. Media sugar-free. Panda such a rating question but if you would if, you could we'd you join the entertainment, to start as a training dope cuz. I have some training friends and that does not sound, fun yeah a, lot of people think the train being idols like so glamorous but there's a lot of that goes on behind the scenes maybe, you get bands you, get to make music, but almost, sounds like torture to be honest that's why a lot of items do go, through like depression and they go through a lot of mental problems, which. Is really sad, so. I don't think I'll go because I'm doing what I'm gonna do now is I see. If I feel if I went into a company they were probably tell me to delete my channel so whole Michelle. Er, what, happed used out of your YouTube videos are there any free apps you'd recommend this is well free, apps I'm. Not I'm not sure I use Adobe, Premiere all, the Adobe stuff I use premiere, audition. After-effects. Those, stuff I use but, free I, have. No idea brand we did you get any body piercings, 9 years of typing nope um for. Me I feel I don't look good in, body piercings, or tattoos the, only thing I have is like my errands and backs like where I want to spit on tattoos. I changed, my you usually like sent down with my hair I changed my hair all the time so if I gotta talk to you at the next API I am tired of it like get rid of it so, I don't, want to like do it to myself I think it looks cool another view but for me I don't want to like I don't wanna do anything to it marry life Stephanie what is your girl type girl she aesthetic what is these people asking them maybe it's, because of their question did you go through Victoria, Merkava, Markovic. Hi Eddie if it could become someone anyone for a day who would it be and why I love you good the best oh thank you um who would I be one, of those rich Chinese ladies, that show up on NBC, every now and then whether, they make like a whole five minute segment on oh the, life of a wealthy Chinese women, Wren any tips on the head if I can find my, own style of clothes for, me I. Honestly. Get. My inspiration from. Instagram. And a lot of like models. And stuff on there but. What happens is I have like I get, different sources, so, it's kind of like an amalgamation like mix of those it. Obviously it depends on like my mood my closet over here is divided, like upper and lower. Nutshells. But like hanger. Racks at the top is more casual, on the bottom zaboor like. Dindi. Style more like fancy. I suppose so, I like a mix a mix mix match a mate mishmash, of. Different. Styles but for me I want to get a lot of you spray and that's not like getting your own style but I think if you find, inspiration from different size that you enjoy you, can kind of like combine. Them to make your own because. I personally think that try to cup with your own style can, be a little difficult especially if you're having to ask me about, it Masha asks, what is your favorite BTS, member who. Is your favorite beauteous number it's switch. Is between. Gin Tom Luke and Jimin and rapmonster, X a, 906, s what are you afraid of, I'm afraid, of. Insects. Snigdha. Snakes. Waggery Oh Oh No, why do you think people who live in Korea like yourself prefer other brands bands, over BTS, I think, you're asking this based, on how, there's. More international, fans I guess then. Korean, fans oh there's a lot of Korean fans now than there were a few years ago it, used to be just like mostly international fans but, I think it's just because.

BTS. Isn't exactly, like from. Like the how, to explain this you, know like now what will. What's the name of that group of the two girls that it's really popular was, the one girls really is blond I'll, put a picture right here least a lot of people well. I'm sure a lot of people know that but a lot of international, fans might not know them but they're, like what, are the top, artists. In Korea but, I feel like why BAM because they kind of do a more acoustic music, but, that's the thing that's, like the Caray you the Korean taste of music because it didn't exactly like the Korean taste of music that's why a lot of people are confused as to why like like oh why is the mosfets popping about why isn't this group ABBA because they're you know not just boy, girl like girl groups as well it's because they just don't necessarily do, Korea. Like Koreans, taste, of music. Of. Course it's not every single person but in, general, like for, example it stay on I did. Super well but then why it came out I like to why more but, I didn't do a did, well or didn't do as well because, it's, more tropical, house music but I more like that acoustic, music. That a lot of roots are in - yeah it's just they have different tastes, a lot of interests fans aren't aware that willow if you got to spend a day with one home what would you do together we. Would. Do. The state huh, well. Moodle, Motel, um we, would probably just. Do cuz anything to do it all my friends let's go to eat. And. Alright, I'm gonna answer up to 80 we're at 78 right now and ask what do you do when you're stressed out but really busy so you can't take a day off to be honest if I'm busy that's better for me and I feel like being busy takes, stress off them because it takes my mind off whatever I'm stressed about so. I do try to keep busy if I'm stressed out or upset I think, that's a I guess that's my piece of advice but those that are doing a lot of like stress. It, doesn't have to be like working on that thing to fix the stress, it could be something doing something else maybe something that you like like playing video, games or something just, being busy just sitting there and like hat being occupied with like all the thoughts in your head I feel as like can be very dangerous for some people or a lot of people actually for, most people so if. You're stressed out, I wouldn't, say completely avoid. The stress especially, it's something that you can do something about maybe. Like take a step, back and take a break from it do something else but, you do need to like fix it because it's no use just, like trying to sweep it under the rug Cassie, Craig favorite, face mask technique in have you used any of the l'oreal. Mass if they sell them in korea no, I haven't user no Gloria MS and favor mask technique, I do make sure that whenever I'm using something like a clay mask a lot of people tend to just like oh I'll just smooth, it out onto my skin we, have to like really like massage. It into the pores of your skin and, you don't have staff use a ton cuz, a lot of people will get put like a ton because they want to be able to like and I'm not talking about the peel off one to talk about the ones you wash off you. Need to breathe especially the poor. You know the yeah, absorbs. Like the dirty oil and, like that you want to really like massage it into the skin you don't want to just like oh like, wipe, it lightly on the skin you need to like rub, the bitch in there then last but not least a Lana what can I do if. What. Can I do if I want to get a selfie with you but I end up crossing the, earth at, least love me while I really love you with all my heart PS. I usually take screenshots, of units of stories and usually like the mean bacon your peach, that. Was a wild, thanks. I guess if you ever see me out in the street we, can take a picture but for now you're. Gonna have to just be on the other side of the world sorry, alright anyway that, was some, of the other questions we still have.

Over. 1800. More to go so have many Q & eights to come up so, thanks. For hanging out me today and I'll see you in the next one have a good one bye bye.

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He's getting so much prettier everyday it's making my heart feel destroyed from the beauty

You seriously have the best laugh

Highkey you should come out with your own makeup brand, I’d buy the shit outta that

Okay but Eddie sweetie you’ve been saying you wanna visit England for a while why hasn’t this happened yet I’m keeping tabs

you’re an aquarius??? no wonder i love your ass so much y’all are THE BEST !!!!!

On a serious note tho.. I'll be in Seoul for like 5 months and was wondering if it's possible to be in a video of yours doing my makeup ??? .. yay for multicultural channel ???

Just got my wisdom teeth removed and I’m binge watching your videos

I love this video style, I just love hearing what’s on your mind. It’s kind of relaxing lol

Nie video, love the outro pic, but the music at the outro was a bit overwhelming ^^

Omg, you looks like a K-pop star.. That's crazy. Nice Video!

That last comment is a mood

Fcuk means French connection United Kingdom

bihh tf you already at 701k subs I’ll blink and you’ll reach a mil GET IT

HAHA "England? Does that count?" yes it does babes please come here

I though u said "ass" not axe and I was gonna say lmao u r what you eat

Wait how can I ask him a question I mean like where?

Eddy looking good in this video! Congrats on the 700K!

I was letting the video play while doing the dishes and ever time I heard the pop I stopped to read the paragraph. Lol

남자친구있어요? 비밀이에요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wasn't ready xD

"why did you get this for me?" "because it said fuck on it.

FCUK is literally so shitty in my opinion but none of the people I know agree, so that was literally my moment right there. (Because im from the UK)

nice Tips I love your videos ❤☺

Lmao I'm @SnigSwaggerYo(the bts popularity in Korea one) also the @snigdhahaha (JAEDWARD FOR LIIFE) and I'm livinggg for you dissing my username I'm blesseddd

I completely agree about the drama channels!!!

Your opinion on how to deal with insecurity made me so fucking happy you have no idea.

fucking marcus and martinus omfg i swear

I’m sorry!

What do you do about visas?

"where would you go with wonho? to the motel " oh my god XDDDD bitch your friend is wild

Edward, why do you use the word ghetto?

Why do I relate so much in going to study video game design but not really being into it

You are actually my favourite person ever☺️❤️

your type of laugh at 14:25 - 14:29 is my kink i love it so much lolol btw you have such a beautiful side profile what a random comment lol anyways i love your q&as and congrats on 700k dude your channel grows so fast everytime i check on it i'm shook



Okay so I translated the Korean question at like 17:50 and the person asked if Eddie had a boyfriend and he said it was a secret bOY (this may not be completely accurate, don't hurt me)

Im Aquarius too

His derpy laughs give me life

OMG I'm dead.... I'm shook.. u saw my question ۶⁼³₌₃(づ-̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)づ

Can you do a makeup tutorial on Suzy’s glam makeup for SObeR (the picture I saw reminded me of pony)

20:08 ... shook as Eddie uses a german phrase XD

It's so hot in Australia now ㅠㅠ but feel free to come to Perth ♥ ilysm

THIS BOI WANTS TO GO TO AUSTRALIA?! YOU ARE HELLA WELCOME HERE. altho it can get so humid at this time... hopefully it'll cool down a tad bit next month... edit (after gettin deepr into the vid): gotta say k-acoustic, k-rnb, etc is my jam. I was surprised when my friend introduced me to bolbbalgan4 (from the album pic with the text "red planet" on it) because I was used to ppl not knowing about k-music other than k-pop.


omgggg! welcome to Singapore!

"mental olympics gymnastics" lmaoo but to be honest everything you said about insecurity is VERY true.

Any recommendations as to the best skin care and makeup stores in Seoul?? Near Hongdae maybe?

ur laughs literally kill me lmaoo

Yay you are coming to Singapore! I hope you'll enjoy it! Have fun and please do a vlog :D

I'm just so glad I got into Edward vids He's the cinnabon sarcasm roll we all need Just precious but slayin lol

I wanted to be a Video Game designer

700k reached babes

Bolbbalgan4 yessss

HIII EDWARD HSSKAKAJABA Can you make a video reaction about the Holland MV. Neverland please

What was the first hair dye color you got and at what age? Or how many time have you dyed your hair?

Love your channel and love how real you are hon! All the best for 2018! - Elizabeth@yesstyle

This lighting is on point wtf. Lol

Can you react to Holland Neverland :)

You need to like rub the bitch in there

Once again I shouldn't have watched the video in one sitting... I keep seeing you in my dreams. And you keep comforting me, like stroking my hair, talking calmly to me (bitch, I know I'm weird af), it all feels too real and too good to wake up. Hope to someday see you in person to remember all we did in those dreams and be embarrassed to even look you in the eyes. And yes, I enjoyed the video very much, I like listening to you talk (obviously).

Yes!! Please visit australia! I live in sydney and i love u so much!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

I remember eddie said he's birthday was on February on one of his vlogs

watching you made me feel a lot better.... thank you! looking forward to the next Q&A =)

How long did it take for you to learn Korean? Because I'm trying to relearn Japanese.

Can someone please tell me what are those stickers he uses in funny moments you know those stickers of that white guy with long ears

Ahhh you look a lot like Sangwoo

Too much earrings, keep it simple...lol

Edward today I was at costa and the woman the served me laughed EXACTLY like you seriously I was shook lmao

Honestly I just realized I see this guy everywhere yet I never watched any of his vids until a few weeks ago.... *regrets*

볼빤간시춘기 ♡

Wants to go to Korea. It’s really cold in Korea. ITS FUCKING HOT IN AUSTRALIA KMS

when you said you smell like axe i thought you said i smell like ass :")

1. Subscribe 2. Reply done/like comment 3. I’ll subscribe back Thanks xo

Thank you so much for this video. You are the first person I have seen actually explain exactly how to do the water line. I have been doing it wrong this whole time, no wonder it was getting all over my lenses. Problem solved, lol. Much respect. :)


He is talking about Bolbbalgan4 at 21:12 of any of you guys are wondering

13:08 had me fucking floored, sweet jesus on a cracker

Gurl im in love with Bolbbalgan4 & theyre just come up with their new music. I agree Korea's music trend are different from international kpop trends. This is why some people say that if you only like BTS it doesnt mean you like kmusic or kpop


Come to Central America here it's always hot AF lol love from El Salvador ❤️❤️

React to Holland Neverland MV plz !!!!!

Hello Edward, can I ask you a question that do you have a Korean website we can trust to buy Korean cosmetic? as I am currently living in Canada

noo eddy dont ruin the ship with aoora

But Korean

Maybe he new Troy Sivan?


take the reaction to the video holland - neverland

ho homão da poha k7

This explains so much as far as why I never understand why some artists are really famous in Korea and some are not!

When he talked about the bodyspray I understood it smells like ass lol

can you do a reaction to Holland’s Neverland; i know you don’t really do reactions but i just wanted to ask because i thought you would do it because it’s a big deal.. okay love you! Bye


Fcuk is French Connection UK but I also thought that it was fuck



The dab


I fucking love your laugh!

u h m it was actually 42 degrees last week (I live in Australia lmao) and I wish I lived somewhere cold like ???

Nice video, love the outro pic, but the music at the outro was a bit overwhelming ^^ ps can someone please tell me the name of the two korean acoustic music girls, which are popular in Korea right now, he mentions ?

I love his hair cut

come to australia!!!

yaaas come visit Australia, psst Melbourne is the best

That nose job was worth it! Looking good gurl!!! Snatchhhhh!

Bitch come to Australia and beat my face !

Why was that dab so cute~~~~ Eddie !!

Yaaasss Aquarius Season!! My bday is next month!!

I live and breathe for your LAUGH!

OMG I always want to do my make up whenever I watch your videos :3

I miss the old YT beauty community from when I first discovered it... around 2008/2009. I've been watching old makeup videos lately cos I'm nostalgic for those days

It's French Connection UK.

Please react to Holland - Neverland MV!!

Can someone help me? On one of his older video titled "Super Straight Hair! Tony Moly Make HD Hair Straight Cream Review - mrpanda101". He has "wavy/curly" type hair, but now he has kinda straight hair. Does he use something on his hair for this look?

I would love it if you came for a meet & greet in London

Plz react to Holland-Neverland. It’s amazing

wait what????? just had to pause the vid for a second because you just said you listens to marcus & martinus????????? had no idea anyone outside of norway even know about them wtf

This is an excellent Q & A session because it’s made me think and has lead to more questions.

Okay i don't agree with u one the insecurities part. If you keep on worrying about getting bitter if u have the 'I don't give a f***' attitude then you will find yourself always trying to make others happy or being sweet to them while they take u for granted. That's a worse problem to deal with because then people think they have the licence to say and do anything and everything.

Can you Marry me Please ?❤


We definitely need like a what’s in my closet video lol I need some inspiration

I love your light that changes in the back but I cant find it or one like it where did you get yours? x.x

That fcuk is a brand that stands for French connection United kingdom I believe.

fcuk stands for french connection uk. Tonnes of teenagers buy stuff from there. Also, cool fact, axe is called lynx here

When something Norwegian gets mentioned, but it's Marcus and martinius.......

HEYYYYY ! I love your videos ! You are so careless of other opinion and that what I love about you ! also, i found a little baby mix of red velvet dumb dumb/ russian roulette / Rookie, it is MAGIC ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPoi6_ku1QY here the link, you need to listen to it x')

The “fcuk” spray stands for “French connection UK”

I love the music!! can I you please share where you got it from?

Your laugh is the cutest thing ever fuCk!!!

For me im just the type of person who doesnt rlly give a fuck so i dont care what ppl think of me i just do whatever.

I loooove how honest you are

You are wonderful. You look so good. I love that you are real and honest.

bolbbalgan4 ? that is the band with the blonde girl?

What remix of Wonder is in the opening?

I'll be waiting in Melbourne for you

Fcuk is a brand I've seen a lot here in the UK. It's mainly for chavs...so not surprised.

Thank God u made this video because I was talking with my friends about this topic the other day and how everyone is bitchy and if ur not bitchy than ur weak and everyone strats bullying u but they say it ain't bullying it's just that ur "sensitive"

If you do make it to Sydney, Aust would love a meet and greet! We could even show you around #creepynotcreepy

pls come to australia

heeeeeey i'm aquarius too!! :DDD

have you listened to jpop? i love namie amuro.


타투 하고 싶은데 지우고 싶을까봐 걱정이면 헤나한다음 디자인을 바꾸건 지우는거 어때요??

your laugh gives me life,it’s so cute

YESSSS COME TO ENGLAND, I’d feel blessed if a king like you came to my country

i just found your page, love you and love your makeup style. I have learned a lot. thank you.

I would so looooove to see you do a parody of the wealthy chinese woman on the news.

Just curious , whats his sexuality ?

Totally agree on the body insecurity. I have been weight yo-yoing for a while but I went from 170lbs to 130. "Fuck the haters" is hard to do but I feel way better when I put in the work and get the results I want. Plus it's healthier. I used to be borderline diabetic but now I'm not. Currently I gained some weight back and my cholesterol is starting to get flagged, so I am working on that again.

Your honesty, articulation of your ideas, up beat personality and solid sense of self is SO REFRESHING! PLEAAAASE keep it up! Never mind the haters/dramatic nay sayers, and continue to be your amazing real self! Lots of love

Why did you say "Tonggook" for jungkook

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