Drafting and Making a Late Victorian Waistcoat (1895)

Drafting and Making a Late Victorian Waistcoat (1895)

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Hello good day ok so today we're not going to bother with lengthy, introductions, instead, today I shall just provide you with the obvious, knowledge that today I shall be attempting to draft and reconstruct. An 1890s, waistcoat, according to the instructions, outlined in the 1895. Keystone, guide to jacket, and dress cutting which I shall link down below if you wish to follow along at home although I must continually, remind the internet that I am NOT in the business of providing tutorials, as believe it or not there is no such thing as truth in this murky and uncertain, business of history, anyway. Okay, so for the pattern for this I am going back to my old friend mr. Keystone, I don't think that's actually his real name I am maybe a little, bit daunted by this this is slightly, more complicated than a skirt it's a lot less straight, lines and a lot more things that actually need to fit in certain places there are lots, of instructions so, hopefully, I will just be able to follow these step-by-step, draw, the appropriate lines, and get something that's sort of like a waistcoat, it's probably, easier said than done but we're gonna give it a go so these instructions, are to draft something sort of akin to this which, will translate into this, set of given measurements, the waist size is fine for me it matches my waist size which is really cool I have the sense that it's going to be a little bit short waisted because I'm, a little bit longer, waisted, I've got a 36, inch bust even. With the padding on the corset I'm not a 36, inch bust so this, is going to be an adventure these are technically. Than the ideal late 19th century measurements, so what I think I'm going to do is I'm not going to alter the pattern at all obviously, if this pattern would come out too small it, would be something that I would have to probably think, about doing alterations, for whilst I'm doing this I think I should mention that this, this drafting, system this book in the beginning he has this whole sort of series of drafting systems for essentially, a sloper for the the, upper body the waist and he goes through and sort of illustrates, the drafting system for all body types whether, you are thin whether you are larger, whether you are stooping, so all different sorts of postures, and body types so, don't be discouraged if you are not this, Victorian, measure this is just I guess the sort of standard and of course he also advises, you know for larger, figures, you put more darts, in different places so so, there are sort, of options, for different body types out there okay, so this draft is proving a little bit more complicated only because he's. Not necessary. Really giving you every. Single instruction, so I think there's going to be a little bit of conjecturing, going on here, on my part what I'm just looking at right now is I'm I'm, working on this bit here I don't know if this is gonna make any sense to you here, since you're not technically, following, along step-by-step but essentially he's not really giving me these distances. To this point so I'm not entirely sure he's telling me to round off the arms i but i don't know where it's supposed to come up to so, i guess this is something that I'm going to just make up I went, back and I had a look because in the beginning of the book there is also a, series of drafts, again like I said four other four, basic, standard, wastes so I thought maybe it's just a super basic thing that he addressed in the beginning but. No so, yeah. This is something that I'm just gonna, have to make up in theory, this distance. From, here to here should, be oh the. Outside, shoulder which maybe I can actually take, the measurement for okay, I'm getting a rough estimate, of 5 inches doing, this on myself so I'm not entirely sure how accurate that is if this is 5 inches.

That. Would put point 3 around. Here, which actually looks about right. We're gonna go ahead with that which. Means that this point should, match up round. This, way, maybe, oh, he has me do X first, which looks about halfway between so, here's this point I, mean. There will be mock-ups we shall see how this goes. Okay, so this is very nonlinear. And very confusing but now he's having me do this whole bit up here where we figure this out, which doesn't really make sense because he wanted me to draw this arms, eye thing, way, before, and I didn't know what points to connect to them too which is strange, but I guess we'll now take care of this and then go, back and see if this is correct I didn't say this earlier but some point again later on he, had me go in and then put this point 12 here so I had to move this arms eye from because I had an ending sort, of round here and then it ended up having me put point, 12 here, so I had to move it over a little bit so yeah it's a little bit out of order so if you are attempting this pattern or if you were attempting other Keystone patterns that maybe, are also written like this we will obviously see, what the overcoat has to do but this skirt was fairly straightforward none, of all this nonlinear, nonsense but yes so if you are attempting a Keystone pattern and you, are confused. Because you are wondering, how you get a point out of nowhere it's, probably, somewhere later in the instructions, okay so according, to the instructions, I did exactly. What I was supposed to do so yay for figuring, things out in unconventional, ways, but. Also yay, for instructions, okay so here is why I am so far I've got the actual waist. Part, drafted, all the darts in all the actual pieces present, what I haven't done is I have not yet put the collar bitch on that, is actually, on the diagram on the other side of this page that I was referencing and I didn't see it so. I was like where's the collar there is a whole other page in the book full of different collar lapel, options, so, I thought I would have to go back and you know look at that print that out because I hadn't done so but it turns out that the collar instructions, are just right here so I'm going to go proceed and do that I'm, running out of light so I might not film it I may do it in the wee hours this evening and then come back tomorrow morning and start cutting this out so I'm going to go draft a collar and I shall see you soon okay. So I have completed the mock-up for the waistcoat I got absolutely no, footage of the editing fitting, process for this which, I kind of severely regret because I feel like well you. Know what it's always a bit of an existential crisis, with this because I thoroughly, have no clue, what I'm doing when I'm fitting these mock-ups and. In, a way I feel like it's sort of setting a bad example for people who don't necessarily have, much experience in this to sort, of see me flailing, about not, really. Knowing what I'm doing with this but at the same time I mean I guess if you don't have any clue what you're doing maybe it's good to start somewhere I don't know the point is I have completed this mock up it was a journey, obviously. It did not fit me whatsoever. In the bust in this whole top chest area and I did leave a little bit of room because I do intend to put some padding up here just in this upper shoulder. Area because that's the historical thing to do I did fit this to my waist which I ended up having to let out just a little bit I'm also not entirely sure if this is correct I ended up adding, a little gore to the hip area to give it a little bit more spring because that's what it does on me it, just made this side area sit a little bit nicer I'm quite happy with how this fits and how it sits so. After a lot of fitting. And altering, and cutting. And refitting. And altering and refitting, and altering, we are now ready, to move forth I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and well I have to select. This all apart and get the pattern pieces and make the alterations to my actual pattern so that I can cut out this proper fitting shape so first, I need to transfer all of the alterations, I made on my mock-up to my pattern so that I can actually cut out the correct shapes this time I'm doing this by marking any changed seams then cutting the shapes apart without seam, allowance I can then lay these net muslin pieces on top of my old pattern mark the new lines then cut the pieces to shape I'm going to be making up the waistcoat out of this we'll check that you may recognize, from our garment district adventure it's also the fabric I used for the walking skirt so I'm very much looking forward to having a nice matchi Tweedy, ensemble, the pieces are laid onto the fabric warp wise I actually just came across an interesting line in Bertha banners household, sewing with home dress making where she mentioned that the warp or Salvage, length of the fabric should always be running lengthwise, in the body since it's the stronger, grain of the fabric so the selvage edge of the fabric will be running parallel, up and down the length of the waistcoat with the center front edge on the straight grain and I'm just marking everything out with some tailors chalk likewise.

The Center back is also placed on the straight grain normally, this is indeed straight, but as we are all probably well familiar with my spinal grievances, by now I had to make some minor adjustments to that center back line on the mock-up to get it to fit properly don't ask how I did this on myself there may, or may not have been witchcraft involved, I'm also cutting a facing piece for the lapel out of the wool check since, the lapel turns out words and you'll see the inside as the, outside I've gotten this pattern piece by tracing off that lapel bit from my front panel pattern and included, about the first inch of width all the way down the center front edge this will also help to strengthen the edges where the buttons and buttonholes will be and will help to finish off those front edges neatly I'm also cutting out the front panel and front facing pieces out of some tailor's canvas which will help to give the front of the waistcoat some nice structure I'm cutting out both pieces here but at this point I wasn't actually sure where and how many layers of canvas, I should be adding so, I decided, to cut it all and experiment, with it later finally, I'm also marking out the front and back pieces on this brown cotton silesia which is basically a glazed, cotton and was commonly used for waistcoat and coat linings, in the 19th century. At. Last I can now cut out all of my traced pieces. So, I have got all of my pieces cut out I have got a front, and a back of this cotton, selicia I've got a facing. And a front of this hair canvas, what, I've actually done is I've I've. Got I've gone ahead and I've cut out the full shape out of the canvas I don't need this much I really only need I mean probably just, about this facing amount, just on the front here so I will go through and trim, this off at some point I just wasn't, sure how, much I needed whilst I was cutting it so I just cut the whole thing which was probably not a very historically, accurate thing to do because they would not have wasted this much material but you know what cabbage is cool we can always use this for something else so what I will be doing is I will probably go ahead and I will trim this up to about the dart because I don't think I want to have any of this canvas adding, bulk to the waste at. This dart point so I will probably cut it to about here I don't know if I'm going to go all the way up to the dart or not I don't know yet I feel like this whole process is just me. Sort of guessing, as to what I'm doing just before I actually do it because tailoring, is a thing I have admired greatly from, a distance but have yet to actually attempt myself so I feel like a lot of these techniques are things that I know in theory or things. That I've seen done places, but have never actually implemented. Myself so this is going to be a bit of an adventure so yes definitely the beginning of a long and exciting, historical. Tailoring journey but here is where we are starting so I also have one, of every piece cut out in this will tweed, so, I've got a back I've got a facing, for the lapel and I've got the front so my first step for this is I'm going to go through and just thread mark all of these top.

Pieces Because, all of these top pieces will get inter, lined with this canvas and I will lose all of my chalk lines so what I'm going to do first is I'm just going to go through and I'm going to thread mark the outer lines as well as the darts on all of these pop pieces, and then I think we go ahead with the pad stitching, and the basting, of the interlining, into, the actual thing once, that's been done I'm starting off by getting all of the darts stitched in there obviously two on either side of the front pieces but there are also two very small darts on either side of the back so these are pinned out of both the wool layers and the lining layers been stitched. Okay. So I have just laid my canvas piece on top of the front piece which has it starts in it now just to sort of try and get a sense of vaguely, where. I want, this to go I know I cut a full piece which I don't technically. Necessarily, need and then I was hypothetically, going to chop it just right, here probably up to this first Dart however, the wall that I'm using is very, very drapey I'm not entirely sure this is going to be too light for a waistcoat, and if I should just inter line the entire thing with the canvas if that will help or, if that's just going to create too much bulk I think, it will be okay. What I think I may do is, I may chop, the canvas sort of here. And then have it come down to just the edge of this dart here, that way the front of it will be stabilized, up through you know it'll hold these darts out hopefully, a little bit and then will create less bulk over here on this waist area, so I think that is what I'm going to attempt. To do otherwise, I think this is coming together a little bit more quickly than I anticipated which, is really good so I'm gonna see how far we can get now so after pinning the Candice layer in place and then going through and basting it down doing my best to keep it held in the three-dimensional, shape it wants to live in now that the darts are in rather than forcing it to lie flat this way hopefully I don't want to sit more naturally, against the three-dimensional, shape of the body. I'm. Then. Holding these dart edges together with a herringbone, stitch or as it's referred to in ye olde 21st, century, a cross stitch. That, done I can now proceed to actually put the waistcoat together, it's only a center back seam and two side seams for both the wool and the lining layers so if this won't take a minute. I. Should. Probably have noted that when I was basting down the canvas layer earlier I did not base down the lapel area because this gets pad stitched separately, not a temporary basting, pad stitch as we've been doing thus far but a permanent, one which means that the stitches are much smaller neater, and done, in a black thread that won't be visible from the wool side of the fabric the process of pad stitching the lapel not only secures the canvas and fabric layers firmly together but allows you to carefully sculpt, the two layers into shape so that the lapel actually wants to roll back against the waistcoat instead, of flopping forward to do this I'm gently rolling the fabric around my index finger just at that brake line or at the line where the lapel edge will fold back to mold it into that turned back position, I actually had posted a picture of this on my Instagram, awhile back when I was working on it and got a couple of really interesting questions about the pad stitching process so hopefully, this answers things, a bit I actually think it's really cool how we can sort of have a bit of an interaction when I'm actually posting, the pictures in real time since it's a little bit unfortunate that with the videos you only get to respond after the project has been completed and documented.

So I guess let it be known now that I'm going to start posting some more real-time progress shots over on the Instagram and I'm going to make an effort to look at your questions or bits of intrigue in the comments so that I can properly address them in the videos because, community, and sharing, knowledge and learning stuff it's all really cool anyway. Once my lapels are all ready to go I can then go ahead and stitch together the shoulder seams as well as the little center back seam on the collar so that it becomes one continuous, piece that I can stitch down to the back neck edge of the waistcoat. And, the. Seam allowances of these little inner curves must be clipped in order for this to happen or basically, it will not cooperate I. Have. Also gone ahead and stitched the little centre back collar seam on the facing pieces so that I can now go ahead and get these attached the facing gets pinned on to the center front and the neck edges of the waistcoat with right sides together. I'm. Then. Just trimming back the seam allowances to about a quarter of an inch so that there's a bit less bulk when I turn the layers. Now. Before I put the lining in I'm just going to quickly add a bit of padding into the shoulder area so that the lining can conceal the padding and hold everything neatly into place this, is history's, great, secret, for amazing silhouettes, a bit of padding is added to that hollow bit between the shoulder and the bus to make everything sit smoothly and avoid that little crumbly spot by the shoulder if you like, most people don't naturally, have a chest shaped like this, this, is seen everywhere in the 19th century in dresses, bodice, --is coats so of course I'm really eager to experiment with this in my waistcoat endeavors, I have already roughly, determined, the shapes needed for my particular padding, requirements, in a fitting so I'm just duplicating, those shapes to put in to both sides, you'll want to use several slim layers of sheet cotton wadding and stagger, them so that the edge of the padding isn't too extreme, and noticeable from the outside this, is then pad stitched, into, place with the long stitches catching, only the canvas layer interlining, and not going through to the wool layer on the outside since, these are not temporary, stitches, and will need to be left in. With. That done I can now go ahead and get the lining in this I'm just securing, into place with lots and lots of pins to ensure that everything is positioned appropriately then, turning under the raw edges of both the lining and fabric layers on all sides the, facing pieces however fold over top of the center front edge of the lining layer.

Everything. Is then secured into place by hand with tiny felling stitches. At. This point everything is secure enough that I can go ahead and remove all of my temporary basting, stitches next, the center front and lapel edges of the waistcoat are top stitched by hand with small running stitches to ensure that the edges are held very crisp and flat and. Then. It's time for buttonholes. I seem to have forgotten to record my marking out of these but there are six buttonholes placed, an inch and a half apart here with the buttonholes worked by hand in black silk twist. The. Buttons are just these little enameled, ones that I picked up in the garment district and these get stitched on quickly in their respective positions it should be noted that I completely accidentally. Positioned, the closure in the men's fashion, that is left hand side over right hand side as opposed to vice versa but I'm not at all mad about this and in fact I think it was very much a happy, accident also, whoever needed gender norms anyway now there's just one more thing that I want to do before I call this waistcoat complete and that is to put some little stays behind the two darts at the front this was quite common practice, for bodices and even blouses, to keep a nice rigidity, to the front even on top of the corset I do plan, to actually wear this waistcoat, without a corset, so I think having the stays in front will still help to give it that subtly 19th century shape even in an everyday dressing, situation, so I have for synthetic baleen, bones leftover, from my corset project that will be perfect to use for this and I'm just pinning them on inside, some casings made from the remaining leftover, deerstalker, ribbon I must confess that the stay casings, would probably, not have been made from Petersham like I'm using here they likely would have been done with a narrow twill tape but, I couldn't be bothered to go out and buy some and thought I'd just use up what I had left in my stash which is my feeble claim to historical, attitude, if not, necessarily. Historical, practice, the, casings are fell down on both sides to secure them into place as this is how it appears to have been done on the two nineteenth-century bodices and blouse in my own collection. And. Thus. The waistcoat is complete this project has thoroughly solidified. My obsession, with historical, tailoring, although it does require lots, and lots, and lots of, skill and practice in order to get just right and beautifully, clean and I haven't quite gotten there yet but this project was still so satisfying, to work on I love the precision and technique involved, in tailoring and I do think that the waistcoat came out nice enough to wear regularly, in everyday dress I definitely, plan to continue experimenting. With making some more waistcoats, and tailoring. In general because I think it's a skill that forces you to start looking at your sewing and your skills and crafts generally with a more detailed and strategic, eye which, I think can be wholly beneficial the, main thing I wish I'd done differently, for this project is I really, wish I had put in a watch pocket I didn't think to since I put a watch pocket into the matching skirt but I sort of severely, regret this decision I mean how amazing would this look with the happy addition of a little watch chain but I suppose this is an endeavor to be explored, for next time and with that I shall thank you for joining me on this process and I wish you luck should you now be off on your own historical. Tailoring adventures.

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@Tegan Sutherland Thanks. I wish that when doing internet search it was easier to come up with these kinds of resources. It usually takes many searches, then finding individuals like folks who already make historical or study historical garments, then sifting through or hoping they post excellent resources, like here. Lately I was trying to find historical construction of coffee bean bags...the stitches used, historically. I could not find a thing. I just faked it when sewing one together. The seams are done a bit different than a general blanket style stitch, from the info I could see, but I could not see how it was accomplished. It seems weird to most folks about why I would care, but...I wanted to know.

You did very well with the tailoring especially for a first try without good directions. I have done some but I had a pattern and good instructions and a book to help me decide on alternate applications. It's a classic jacket that's still good to wear over 20 years later.

@Samantha Solveson If you google "draft bodice sloper" you'll come up with decent websites. A lot of what you'll need to adjust are seam lines and any fit issues. If you are anything other than a B-cup, you'll need either a Small Bust Adjustment, or a Full Bust Adjustment. Plenty of historical books are available online that have full drafting systems. Check Project Gutenberg, Archive.org, or Cornell University's HEARTH library, if you want historical books. Good luck! (And remember, if you're going to be wearing a corset, draft based off of THOSE measurements!)

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You're so good at sewing holy hell

No more twist! The Tailor of Gloucester

Wonderful! Fantastic design and interpretation of the pattern instructions, muddled as they were. A watch pocket is always a welcomed addition.

any one else saddened by this only being 20 min? though I thoroughly understand the work in shooting and editing longer content I love the way she explained things.

i yelled "GOD IT'S GOOD" out loud irl

I adore it!

There is something to say to well tailored clothes on women or even men that just strike awe in me. I got tears in my eye by the sheer beauty of the process to end result. Phenomenal as always!

I'm not sure if you have this somewhere else, but where do you begin to buy articles of clothing that are either historically made or similar to? I would love to one day make most of my outfits and clothes like this here, but until then I do not have the time to put in all this effort. I also do not have full access to accurate materials to make such glorious pieces. I truly admire your work. Everything I have seen you make so far has been exactly what in my dreams I wish I could do every day. I am inspired by your work. I would love to know how to begin gaining pieces to add to my wardrobe and ways to dress as accurately as I can with little budget or experience in shopping for accurate pieces. Thank you so much for your work. Even if you are too busy to answer my questions, please at least know your work has given me hope that one day I will still be able to live my dreams to make and wear historically elegant clothing


Bernadette, your channel is just so very different, and a young lady after my heart. I'm an old lady now, but years ago I was by the book and into the "correctness" of all things sewing. All things you make are nice, and would be so fun to wear. I have no place to wear them, but fun to make. I am all about the "drafting" and doing it my way. I went to UC Davis, the only remaining California university that still offers a degree in Fashion Design, and drafting techniquest put a new dimension on my things in sewing I can use

Very beautiful

Should have dipped the pipe in bubbles and blew- at the end

Beginning to understand why old fashioned tailoring required an apprenticeship. Understand why a bespoke suit costs the Earth.

I got so confused using his instructions when drafting my own waistcoat. The all over the place method made me wonder if he wrote this whilst partaking of opium lol.

That worked out very good. Thank you for giving us a look at how you did this. I have been looking at basting stitch machines by Singer recently and this helps with how they might have been used in both mass and individual Victorian and Edwardian production. Found out Singer has a button hole attachment that can make round eyelets today too, i never knew. The right threads make for a good button hole, and making a second work of it after the center is punched out of the eyelet.

Love the pipe at the end. Sherlock might have gone with a calabash, but the point was made.

Pretty cool. I love the speed of your sewing machine. Mine goes do fast.

Wow So Beautiful

Lets begin with a little random aside. Where do you get your blouses? Theyre so lovely and fit the era so well and I really want one. And to get to the compliment part of the comment it is an absolutely astounding level of precision you did end up coming to. My attempts at Keystone were far less stellar, though I assume I might have been doing something wrong with inches. As a European the whole notion of inches is daunting and confusing.

I SOOOO NEED to start tailoring!!! Thanks for this video. This is a gentle, calming introduction that makes me feel that I could actually give it a go........And not stuff it up too badly.

I seriously teared up at about 19:05. That is so freaking beautiful. All your hard work definitely paid off!

This is beautiful! !!!

That waistcoat is gorgeous

Like very old recipes. Improvise or else lol.

You're so clean with your finishes, and even the process of watching you sew is so graceful. This definitely encourages me to especially keep hand sewing. I love hand sewing, just hate that "time" becomes an enemy. I've been hand sewing a tan, camel linen kimono for on-and-off again, 6 month period (through a full time regular job) and I AM ALMOST DONE! I can't wait. That thing has literally resulted in me pricking myself too many times. I've been working on it while o watch your videos, too. Hehehe.

Stunning... I am amazed that this is your first journey into tailoring.

The waist coat is just fantastic. Yes, a watch pocket would have been the icing on top but regardless it's a beautiful piece of work.

It is simply stunning. I only wish I could draft patterns like you do!

I think your trails and errors make you human but, your outcomes propel you towards the divine. I find the waistcoat to be beautiful. Looking forward to the whole Lady Sherlock ensemble.

The fact that you managed to sneak in the red ribbon in this project made me smile

Amazing as always, Bernadette!

Such lovely work! I have a scissor saving tip for you instead of cutting stays with expensive scissors I like to use inexpensive nail clippers it gives you a rounded end and you can file any sharp bits so it shouldn't poke through your fabric later. I was gifted with an antique beaver muff. It's lining is gone, I was wondering what a historically accurate lining would consist of?

Excuse me interjecting, I may be able to answer this one. I can't tell you that this is The Correct Answer (TM), but in your position I would assume that it had had a silk lining. A fur would have been an expensive item, so it would have had a luxurious lining, and the fact that it's missing suggests that the lining might have shattered, rotted or otherwise deteriorated, and was removed - silk linings are often found shattered or deteriorating in Old Things. So if I was feeling fancy, I'd line it in a soft silk satin, or for the somewhat more affordable option, look for silk habotai lining. I hope that helps!

I would love to see the whole ensemble together! You're doing such a great job even though you are not completely sure of the exact steps to follow. What an adventure!

I LOVE your channel ❤️❤️ you are inspiring me to make the clothes that I have always loved. I also need to ware a Corset for medical reasons. I look weird Waring it with modern clothes

Ok so originally the way of the buttoning was related to energetic aspects of clothing so the right buttoning was to enhance and support the feminine energies, back in the day when ppl actually gave a shit about enhancing and living their lives to the fullest whatever bodies they were born in. They embraced it and did everything to make it function better, jewellery with the healing crystals runes to help heal or optimise and embroidered and well buttoned clothing. Now based on you saying that f the gender norms, don’t take it personally but I seriously doubt that there’s any witchy aspect in ur videos. Which is fine. Live and let live. And I acknowledge the subprime craftsmanship that goes into to these pieces, however this one in particular was quite a manly piece if I may say my opinion here. So no wonder it came out with the “wrong side buttoning”. I’m just a little bit pissed that basic practices of the arcane degraded into f the gender norms. That’s my point. And please don’t get offended I love your craft and you as person (as much as I know u from these vids) it’s just haaah tiring and annoying for a person who actually lives by these.

Why don’t you put in bound button holes on your tailored projects

This is absolutely FANTASTIC! My jaw literally dropped when I saw the final footage of you wearing it, and while I agree a watch pocket would've been the cherry on top, it's an exquisite garment nonetheless. I'm more and more excited to see the final Lady Sherlock look

I donno who else to ask this.. I recently found a vintage white dress and I can't place the era. How do you figure out what year/style a dress is? What kind of references do you use?

A brilliant project!

why do you sound so annoyed in this vid?

Such an admirer of your period clothing skills. ❤️

+bernadettebanner *I suspect that the Joint Photographic Experts Group Format 2 fiches of specific pages* from Charles Hecklinger, _The Keystone Jacket and Dress Cutter: A Treatise On Jackets, Dresses, and Other Garments for Women_ (New York, NY, USA: The Herald of Fashion Co., 1895), could be scaled in any of a number of photograph-processing softwares for reprint on the Hewlett-Packard® DesignJet® series of roll-paper inkjet printers.

Need this is my life.

What lovely work, Miss. Banner!! I'm sure that you will get immense pleasure from wearing such a beautiful garment! Enjoy!

You looked pretty unwell in your intro, I hope you are taking care of yourself. Hopefully it’s just from your travels, flying can make me feel under the weather.

I could listen to you talk all day. Your voice is so soothing.

I was away from the internet when this was posted and have been waiting so long to watch this. You do such beautiful work. It's absolutely mesmerizing.


A new video by the lovely Ms. Bernadette, must click faster than lightning to watch it! You do the most amazing and beautiful work and like everyone else, I can't wait to see the completed Lady Sherlock in all her glory.

“I have no clue what I’m doing “ Me: tries to make a simple skirt for a literal Barbie doll *fails*

It does suit you doesn't it. In fact, it's quite flattering. Lady Holmes will be a succes!

I love this! Is it sized to accomodate the corset and combinations underneath?


I am loving this outfit!!! It's so well crafted, so beautiful, and I can't wait to see the completed outfit together! Have you worn these two pieces out together yet?

Kinda cool right now because im watching your video while im also sewing

Absolutely stunning!

I do love your videos. Thank you!

My Gran was a tailor (not a seamstress, she made high quality bespoke menswear) in England. She taught me to trim back the canvas and hand stitch the canvas to the dart. In one of your other vjdeos, you mentioned Victorian telling stitch or hemming being done towards the body and that being opposite to how you were taught. My Gran taught me to be towards my body. Once you get used to it, it really is so much faster, especially when dealing with metres of hemming. I was also taught the pin-wriggle method for evening-out gathering and pinning your thread to apply tension as you work. It hadn't ever occurred to me that these were particularly historic techniques that she was passing down. I just adopted them as general sewing practices. She would have learned in the 1920s in Kent, England. I learned in the 1970s.

I was wondering, do you have any recommendations for someone interested in learning how to sew garments? Any particular resources online? I have a little basic experience using a sewing machine and handsewing, but I've mostly done embroidery like blackwork and whitework.

It came out wonderfully

Beautiful! The buttons are perfect and it looks great on you! Being frugal is always historically accurate.

You certainly look stunning in your skirt and waistcoat . I love this look and I admire your skills

If anyone is in need of a modern book to help them draft and adjust patterns like this one, I recommend "Patternmaking for Fashion Design" by Helen Joan Armstrong. I'm in school at the moment and it's our textbook.

@Bernadette Banner Hello I’ve been a viewer for quite some time and you’ve inspired me to make my own clothes once and awhile. I know it’s much to ask but please contact me anyway you can through YouTube and Instagram I would love some suggestions and advice from you.

TBH I find your videos more helpful than many tutorials because you show all the mistakes that I myself might make.

So I found your channel randomly a while ago and while I have sewn some mediocre things in my 3D design class, I am no where near your level of expertise. That being said, I am always in awe by the level of craftsmanship that goes into each of your projects and watching this waistcoat come together was absolutely mesmerizing! Keep up the amazing work!

Interestingly, the reason for men's garments having buttons on the right hand side is because men would more often dress themselves, so they would use their right hand, whereas women would more often be dressed by a servant/family member, so the buttons were put on the left hand side to make it easier for another right-handed person to close them!

This is just absurdly neat and tidy looking - the lines are so nice and crisp. I love this project! One thing that I'd like to ask though, is how did the Victorians handle the additional fabric left from the darts? Is it just pressed to one side? I would think there could be a good amount of bulk left behind in a bodice or waist when there is a large amount of fabric to be taken in, and could that potentially mess with the lines of the finished garment?

your work more than perfect dear , GOD bless you Enas from Egypt :*

This waistcoat is so beautiful

Oh, the wonders of a bespoke waistcoat. It will elevate any outfit. Thank you for sharing this entire process in one video. I am in awe of your tailoring skills. Cheers!

That's seriously gorgeous. I love the structure of waistcoats, and yours fits so well!

I like to sew and wish I had the time to do what you do!

I just love watching you sew!!

An amazing journey thus far.

I thoroughly enjoyed the background sounds you edited in. They made the video seem very cozy and serene :)

Why...if my eyes don't deceive me...is that lady sherlock??

Inspiring! Thank you, Bernadette!


Very handsome indeed

I have a field trip suggestion for you... Would love to see you visit/tou Linton Tweeds! https://www.lintondirect.co.uk/

You look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit. I love your vids and thank you for sharing them with us.

But Bernadette, you used a sewing machine! *gasp* what have you done with our Bernadette? She would never

This is a machine manufactured in 1891, and at this period historically the longer construction seams in a garment would have been done by machine--so it would be less accurate for me to do them by hand! Nevertheless, there is still plenty of handwork required here, and those most certainly aren't done by machine. :)

Bernadette: What a magnificent undertaking. It looks beautiful, and I envy you the patience and perseverance that it took to complete this lovely waistcoat. I do wonder though, about the wool fabric and its wearability in North American climate...do you find it problematic?

I love this so much!

Have you ever done a fuller woman's outfit? The same or different? Besides more material, of course.

Thanks for sharing with us. I love to sew and make clothes and I love to stay connected in our community

Oh, I honestly love the blouse underneath in final showing shot :D how did you sew that? :)

I will forever thank Youtube for recommending your channel to me, despite the fact that I don't watch anything similar to this at all lol. Happy accidents!

WOW!! Bernadette, this is SO stunning!! Made me tear up for some reason... I feel confused...it's beyond beautiful!

I want to double or triple like this video but it isn’t possible. That waistcoat looks amazing on you. Excellent job! You are so fearless. I wish I could get rid of my nervousness to cut into perfectly good fabric.

Your waistcoat has come out beautifully. For someone who says they don't know tailoring you've done a fantastic job.

On the topic of the buttons... In a venue where I work, they have their own tailoring department. They pass out uniform shirts for every shift and take them back for laundering at the end of the shift. ...and occasionally, they run out of certain sizes for...reasons...I guess. So, on occasion, I've had to wear a ladies' shirt during my shift. My question is...how do right-handed women deal? I feel like I would be so frustrated all the time if I had to button everything the other way...

Oh my dear Beredette!! How beautiful it turned out!!! You are so talented!!! Beautiful work!!!

You have resoundingly confirmed that I need a tweed waistcoat in my life. Now I just need to tackle some smaller projects to practice the skill and work on my need to regularly wash everything, and I shall be a happy camper.

Why don't you add a small patch pocket for your watch? It could be added by hand easily and no one would know the difference. ❤

Love you Lady Banner.

Excellent video! I’m just surprised that you didn’t flatline this, it would have simplified things a bit and was usually a more common technique in period. Even most of the tailored garments that I’ve gotten my hands on were flatlined

That looks amazing! !Σ(・□・ )

I am a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan as well as a total fan of your page! Patiently waiting and excited to see the total lady Sherlock project! ❤

The “gender norm for which side a garment buttons was not established until the 20th c., so you are correct whichever way you do it!

There are references in Bertha Banner (1895) to ladies' garments closing right-over-left and men's opposite, so my waistcoat *should* have done too...but who really cares. :)

“There may or may not have been witchcraft involved.” Well, it DID involve pure magic!

Padstitching is my favorite part of garment construction.

Not really on topic but I was watching a documentary of the Jack the ripper killings from the time perioid on which you are basing your designs on and i cant stop imagining him dressing like sherlock???

Looks amazing!! honestly, if i had the mind and the time, for that matter, i would tailor all my clothes.

can you please do a closet tour that would be so cool!

The result is just beautiful

I've never sewen a day in my life but now I may just make it my life mission to learn how to hand sew a waistcoat, as I'm a larger gentleman I felt especially encouraged by what you mentioned in this video! Thank you for alllll the inspiration! hugs from Bournemouth England.

You made the casings for the support from the leftover ribbon bc you’re resourceful? No. You wanted the red in there, didn’t you?

Oh, Miss Bernadette.... I am mad at you. Well, not really. You made me want to sew clothes and I have always had an aversion to sewing ever since school. But thanks to you, I have sewn myself a skirt, and a shirt, and am currently making a dress and two more shirts. Not historical sewing but still. I am obsessed with your hand stitching. So, because of that I hand stitched the first shirt I made myself. I wish my pattern making was as precise as yours, but meh.. can't be bothered.. If it looks good, stays on, and doesn't unravel while I am wearing it, then I say pattern schmattern... :D

That waistcoat is absolutely beautiful. Your hand stitching of so much of the garment always amazes me. Brava on the finished product.

This is my fear with sewing: As a man, this would be the starting level of making things which fit myself, and it looks way, way harder than the skirts

Love this vest! Beautiful hand stitching. Can you do a video on buttonholing? I have an assortment of vintage silk for buttonholes and I prefer to do them by hand instead of machine but I literally have no idea what I'm doing and just make a bunch of whip stitches.

EPIC and so wonderful....and now I HAVE to get Instagram....LOL. Hugs from Halifax

It would be nice to were something other than shorts and tshirts

Love that sound your sewing machine makes and love watching you simply take tiny hand stitches - - maybe something to send to one of those quiet meditation apps. Is it silly that it seems so relaxing to me? :0)

The shirt you are wearing with the waistcoat and the skirt in the final shots, is so pretty! Do you have any recommendations on where one can buy shirts like that?

That came out beautiful!!!

I don’t sew but I can honestly say I adore you and your videos for the peace and excitement they bring to me!

Would a patch pocket perhaps work? Im not sure if that would be quite historically accurate, but perhaps if the pattern were matched up and the top had a little top flap, perhaps it wouldnt be so noticeably an "add on"

I know this is super random I love your videos and also love guinea pigs, I’d love to see more of your guinea pig

I love your pad stitching, so neat

Ahh! Ms. Banner this is absolutely beautiful! You’re such an inspiration, and have actually motivated me to begin historical sewing/costuming (though I have always had a fascination with all things Victorian!) Thank you!! P.S. the blouse you’re wearing with the waistcoat is so perfect! Where did you find it?

I turned my ad block off to watch your video

Yo can we get like at least an hour long video of just you using your beautiful sewing machine with its satisfying sounds Also, your hand sewing is hecking nice

Wonderful results. Thank you.

"There may or may not have been witchcraft involved" I'm dead. You are too adorable.

Well done! The waistcoat looks distinguished and beautiful! Thanks so much for letting us look over your shoulder during your projects - it’s an inspiration to see what happy curiosity and genuine interest can create.

just wondering what blush and lipstick you use. You seem to always wear the same one (never change, you look amazing) and I was just wondering what it is.

I love to watch you rediscover all these lost techniques! Beautiful work!

This looks amazing on you! Well done!

I absolutely enjoyed watching this video...just lovely.


This is amazing and inspiring. It came out perfect.

A fantastic piece!! Going to look great when the entire look is finished!

I am having so much fun watching all of your videos, you have a great sense of humor! Your sewing skill is far above mine, and I am very out of practice, but seeing your hands close up sewing happily makes me miss it.

A job well done!

Random comment, however, before this video played a commercial for "lumē" played and told me that I could put their deodorant on my privates...

i am not even watching this video, i just let it play as i do other stuff, her diction is my background music

i like the red coat you wore in your sew with me where did you get it ?

I ADORE 1890 waistcoats and 1890 fashion in general!

I can't even sow on a button, but you manage to make these (fairly niche I guess lol) videos so interesting and entertaining yet calming and laid back that I always really look forward to them.

You should do a late Victorian to early 20th century Hogwarts/hogwarts house lookbook!

Bernadette! We need to talk about you, Meme Mom, and Zack Pinsent doing a video together. I'd probably die. Add in Townsends and I don't even know what I'd do with myself.

I always love your videos

I feel that you could play a college professor in that outfit.

outstanding !

Proof I was here before Safiya Nygaard collab with her for a new video

Earlier this week I was looking for reference pictures for 1920's clothing, to my surprise unless you were a suffragette, vamp, flapper, or just extremely rebellious enough to wear pants despite being a woman and living in a time that took such a notion poorly, you were not represented very much in photographs we have available today. As I was searching, I thought "This is how Bernadette must feel when trying to find evidence on the way clothing was made historically." Why did I need reference pictures? I was designing a character for a story I was writing who lived in the 1920s. The 20s are actually my favorite time period in American history, mostly due to the hiding places created in homes and buildings so people could drink their alcohol without being caught. Just think, there could be treasure hidden in them!

I'm assuming you where the stuff you make for special occasions but how would you go about washing the items you make, I'm constantly worrying when I wash the stuff I make I end up always hand washing them

I think there's something truly beautiful about taking on a passion project like lady Sherlock and being dedicated enough to use historical patterns and techniques to bring it to life. Putting in dozens upon dozens of hours into something you care about and producing something so beautiful is truly remarkable. I admire your work, and the pieces you create are priceless

Oh my goodness me, you look the spitting image of a gender bent Sherlock Holmes. ❤️❤️❤️

I freakin love how this turned out! Really interesting to see how u figure out to put the whole waist coat together!! My brain would just not compute

Hello fellow viewers, I would like to know if anyone reading this could maybe give me tips on my current project? I had found an old coat in my closet that I recalled being too big for me and I wanted to tailor it to size. Upon trying it on, though, I remembered I had accidentally washed it and now it was too small! I decided to try to save the coat by removing the sleeves and using them as extra fabric to add to the sides of the coat and just making it into a waistcoat. I have removed the sleeves and cut open one side of the fabric (excluding the lining on the inside of the coat, which I assumed I should keep intact), although as I'm preparing to add the extra fabric I can't help but feel like I'm doing something terribly wrong. I know very little about sewing so I would very much appreciate some tips and/or advice on how to do whatever the heck I am doing.

I think you look very elegant in your waistcoat

I just love to watch you. It makes me wish I was tailor

It’s lovely, and, to my eye, has an air of a well made item. Thank you for sharing the journey. May I also add that your blouse is utterly devine!

I know you won't see this, but I won't be able to live with myself if I don't thank you. For my whole life I've adored Victorian fashion, and I've always wanted to try my hand at creating my own garments but never had the confidence. For some reason, watching your videos over the past few months has inspired me to try. My designs are still off and my end products are atrocious, but I'm having so much fun with it and it's such a fun hobby to have. As a fifteen year old male, I'm not exactly the person you'd expect to see doing things like this, but I don't regret it at all. I've learned so much from your videos, mainly a very necessary reality check. It's not easy to make things like this, and it takes years of work to master. I'm nowhere near a pro, but I'm aiming to be as good as you are one day. Thank you!!! You're such an inspiration!!! I love your videos!!!!!

One of my colleagues, throughout his teenage years and into his twenties, dressed unashamedly in Victorian women's clothes. He is now perhaps the most acclaimed expert on 19th century dress. You do you. x

Hi Bernadette! I really enjoy your videos and have a suggestion for your next tailored project. I am a tailor. Taping the edge of your canvas and cutting away all the seam allowance will produce a much thinner edge. The tape stays the edge of the garment. The top stitching on the lapel and front is actually a small backstitch. I would love to talk to you about historical tailoring as I have worked in period menswear for thirty years.

stunning. simply stunning!

I believe so. Can’t wait to see what’s to come!

I literally just messaged her about this not 15 minutes ago! I don't know what the project is, but perhaps if it's historical...!

you did it! this looked impossible

*is aflutter in a most Victorian manner* I must declare! I love you and your channeeeeeeeeeel! :B

That is soooo gorgeous

ohh it’s so good to see your progress for this, i’ve been attempting to make sense of some similar cutting manuals and they can be so frustrating... love how this turned out, i can’t wait to see the completed lady sherlock outfit!

Bernadete, when you have some time, could you make a video teaching how to make button holes? Please. And thank you, your videos already explained me a lot about sewing!

I don't even make clothes yet but find your videos fascinating. I do want to learn how to make traditional men's kilts and perhaps shirts and things, however. Good work and best of luck! Ádh mór.

It looks Amazing, as do you in it.

"These are then pAd stitched" To me it sounded like she was really close to cracking up at her own pun

Wonderful video and outcome

Do you have a guide or anything about how you put in that corset boning at the end. I have a dress and the bodice is a bit droopy so I was thinking of adding some boning, but I would prefer to just make a case and attach it, instead of making boning channels in the lining.

@NS Cat ooh, I haven't watched that one, I'm going to check it out. Thank you.

Hi, she has a video! It's around the time when she made her medieval gown so about a year ago?

If they all met at Audley End house for lunch with Mrs. Crocombe... no, I'm not sure if the world would be able to contain all that awesomeness.

when you put it on i actually said "oh my GOD" out loud at my desk, and my coworkers gave me some weird looks. each lady sherlock video is making me more and more excited to see the completed look!!!

I'm totally amazed!! You, young lady, got me hooked. Did the ladies ever have a bra?? Thank you so much showing us the history of the sewing of that era. Can't wait to see more!

You continue to be one of my favorite people to listen to. I love your particular skill of interwoven snark and propriety.

I am always so inspired by your videos. So while walking around Venice I found a little shop that sold of all things scissors. I spotted a pair similar to yours that resemble a bird. Of course I had to have them. Hopefully they will bring me more inspiration. Thank you for your wonderful videos.

Looks amazing!

Ok, I checked your description box, but no mention of the shirt. Where did you get the shirt?! Ehem, sorry, Shirt waist. From where did you procure that shirt-waist madam?

This is just perfect. My favourite project from you.

I was just thinking about you today and your video showed up on my dash!! I missed you and I really love your videos

what a lovely waist coat I am so jealous !

I noticed toward the end of the video you had some regrets on not including a watch pocket. Have you considered adding a patch pocket to the coat? I would say considering the waist coat's material and pattern, a patch style pocket, versus a jetted or flap pocket, would be appropriate.

You are so cool !!!!!

this....this is so beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤❤

It must feel amazing to wear something you made by hand. To show it off whilst wearing it.. id love to know that feeling! I rly need to get serious and just jump in. Ill never learn if i dont try.

So absolutely gorgeous Bernadette!

Lovely video! It came out great!!

Lol I thought she said collar bitch not collar bit

Also, I'm desperately in love with your blouses, especially this one. Where did you get it?

Watching this with my professional tailor boyfriend. He's shaking his head hard enough that his kippa is falling off, and I'm laughing at his pain. It's been long enough since he was a raw beginner that he'd forgotten what it was like.

Very well done

Geez I LOVE the way this lady talks! She sounds so proper and hearing her speak is music to my ears!

as someone who has been trained in true bespoke, you are super super good at what you do and extremely knowledgable for someone who is self taught!

so stylish ..and I love the blouse you chose to wear it with

I love to play your videos while doing other projects. Great info!

MikhIaila here-- thanks for the lovely video. I have a question. In the final video shot, when you wearing this fine piece of work, were you wearing stays underneath? My two girls, are on the large size, while my waist is small, hence the query for the need for support. Thank you so much.

That waistcoat is to die for! I want one!!! The blouse that is shown at 19:11 is gorgeous!!!!! Do you have a video showing how you made it? I absolutely love the lace on the sleeves, cuffs, and collar! ~Janet in Canada

Holy guacamole! This is probably one of my favorite piece you have ever shared with us. I was a little hesitant to the idea at the beginning but once I saw the actual finish product any doubt in my body disappeared (slight possibility of witchcraft). Anyhow, am afraid now I need to learn how to sew/tailor and make myself a waistcoat (someday). Congratulations on your new waistcoat and good luck with Lady Sherlock!

I am so inspired by your spirit of "I don't know what's gonna come out of it, but I'll try". It makes seem that everything is possible even when you get the results through trial and error. I think I'll try to do the whole lady Sherlock first on a doll and then think about buying all the fabric and doing it for myself. I'd be using it in my school's traditional senior year valediction that's held (do people even say it that way?) before the matriculation exams. Everyone dresses up in very odd costumes and we prepare a nice lighthearted performance for the whole school. People usually dress in pairs. I will have to find my Watson...

i want to make a waistcoat because i think it would accentuate my waist and hips nicely, but at the same time I'm worried that it would make my broad shoulders look even broader...

Wow that is so awesome! I've sewed a dress myself, but I bought the pattern. I am getting interested because of your video, to create my own patterns :)

That's cool

Hello. Nice video and all. Like all your other ones. I have been binge watching. And because of that I've noticed that you use "ye olde days" (or however you spell that) a lot. "ye" has never been pronounced like /ye/. It is just a shorter way to spell the word "the" and hence it is pronounced just like the word "the". Saying just because you are so fond of historical authenticity.

Just incredible x

I have an idea what you can make with all the extra bits and pieces of fabric you have!! A scrapbook! :D you could make a really cute aesthetically pleasing Victorian seamstress's scrapbook! :D with cute little pictures of the works you made, maybe your guinea pig in there too, and little bits of writing and maybe a smaller version of drafts too!

this is so beautiful! i love your channel btw. came across it two days ago :)

What material is silesia glazed with? Especially what was it done with in the late 1600's? The info I've found only mentions sizing and glazing, but not the materials used on the cotton or linen.

@bernadettebanner - for another technique to go pigeon breast'ed, check this out (timemark 2:20) https://youtu.be/Ep16kibILa0?t=140 :)

Watching your videos makes me want to pick up my sewing machine and trying my hand at costume making. Still terrified of messing up though and wasting money.

There she is again, nice.

I can hear you smiling when you speak, it's adorable.

“Who ever needed gender norms anyways” she says as she very rebelliously sewed her waist coat opening left hand side over right. This is perhaps one of the most amusing thing I’ve heard all day.

I would love to see more fitting. I find your process very encouraging.

"...there is no such thing as truth in this murky and uncertain business of history." Love it!

There will be mockups.

Gorgeous. I can't even sew a skirt. I wish I could sew my own clothes. I love the late 19th century.

the herringbone stitch is still called herringbone in ye new 21st century embroidery!! I've seen it called that in stitch-type collections on pinterest (so take this comment as ye will)

where does one find tailor's chalk?

intro birds!! cute tweet

Is the small amounts of buckling of the final garment a result of weird tension when sewing? Not enough interfacing? Or not enough pressing? Im curious. Maybe the fabric weight is too thin? This is amazing work, i honestly wish i can do as good.

I Can't sew , so I am watching other people sewing xD Just jocking , this is so interresting to watch and I am very admirative of what you've done :D

I don't know what it is about this part of your project but i find myself watching the waistcoat video over and over again there is something so satisfying about this particular garment.... Also because of you i actually went and bought the keystone guide..i realize that it's free online but i can't do the digital copy i bed to be able to flip through ... Edit is because i can't spell

I love watching your videos. This waistcoat turned out amazing, and I especially appreciate you talking about adjusting the pattern to your own body's shape and history. I think we try to minimize our "flaws" to the point where we ignore them completely, and end up with uncomfortable and/or ill fitting clothes.

This would look so chic as a blouse itself l. Paired with some jeans and black mules omg eviscerate me

Absolutely a perfect background to my darning today.

OOOoohhhh, this is soooooo beautiful!!!

That came out so lovely!

Have you tried to do your patterns by first reading your instructions?

Lady Bernadette - The waistcoat and the walking skirt make a GORGEOUS outfit. When you tire of them I'll take them off your hands.

Just wonderful. I love your videos.

That is amazing! My great grandmother was a seamstress and my grandmother is too. I have always wanted to be one as well but have never had anyone near who would take time to teach me the basics. I subscribed to your channel and hope to learn a lot from you.

And this ALL is why I adore you.

It's so beautiful and your so beautiful, I feel so inspired!..Thank you!

Please show how to make the shirt the you wear under the waist coat at the end....

I truly adore this waistcoat. I wish I could sew so I could make one.

I am self taught in most of my sewing and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for a beginner like me. I want to do things like this but feel like I can’t since I am new and inexperienced.

I wonder where she gets her chalk

Damn that's so beautiful

I love your work! I think you're so talented, and you really inspire me to create! I was wondering, however, if you would consider doing more Victorian-era projects. I really like that era, and I thought it would be cool if you did a costume or something that was from that time period. Again, love your work, and am looking forward to more videos. :)

I'm asking this here, because you're all such a great, intelligent, helpful community. I'm looking for Youtube videos on tailoring techniques for the moderately experienced sewer. Not necessarily historically accurate, but something that would be useful as a guide/advice. This video is great, I'm looking for more like this that are tailoring-focused. All I can find by searching is guides on getting your clothes fitted, PR for Savile Row firms (sure, I'd love to get my wardrobe tailored for me in London, when I win the lottery), and interesting, online tailoring and sewing classes in Tamil and Malayalam, mostly. I don't speak either of those languages.

Bernadette do you only mark your sew lines in chalk on one piece of the fabric? I suppose you do not need them on both pieces, but I cut out a skirt this weekend and like how you cut quickly by drawing the pattern without seam allowance and then cutting quickly without trying to be so exact about the seam allowances. But then I got all insecure not having anything on the underside to show me that i had lined things up properly,

I love making waistcoats, but mine don't require boning or as many darts. I tend to use some of the fabric I weave for them as well as store bought fabric. I did get a stash of buttons made by another reenactor which was awesome. I do cheat and use iron on interfacing for stability since it isn't seen.

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius."......Sherlock Holmes Bernadette, you are quite talented and never settle for the easy solution (or mediocrity), but, rather, the historically correct one. The well-crafted Sherlock Holmes costume will endure for many, many years and will, always, be admired. The subtle colors of the fabrics strike one as being 'quite British'. P.S. Note to self: you must learn the stitches.

I have absolutely fallen in love with this channel. Much gratitude to this lady Sherlock series! It has brought me great entertainment and enlightenment while I laid in bed today. As it pours rain out, and as I menstrual cramp away. I really appreciate your content, it simply makes want to dress in and create vintage clothing!

Very cheek and business like. I do so love your blouse!

Oh, dear, 17:27, pretty sure she said the butt holes are worked by hand with black silk twist. I don't usually have that kind of a mind, but there ya go.

You talent is amazing and your hand sewing is beautiful!!

Such an amazing project to watch. Your Channel popped up into my Feed and I’ve been ‘binge-watching’ all evening.

So beautiful!!! You did an amazing job & did a fantastic job compiling a video of the project!!!

Crying cause this is so beautiful. T.T

Love your videos

as a fool who wants to endeavour into the world of men's historical sewing/tailoring/etc, linking the Keystone Guide (and whatever impulse possessed me to click on it, read the Author's introduction, go "wait a heck, WHERE are the men's tailoring guides if he said there were so many?"), and poking around archive.org and the Library of Congress' collection for literally a minute gave me so much more hope than the Google and YouTube searches I've been doing just because it pointed me in a direction I didn't think of before But also even puttering around archive.org WITHOUT direction just shows you how much STUFF and words and THINGS humans produce and wow

I think it would have been a nice accent if you would have corded the button holes with a dark brown color to compliment the main fabric.

So for everyone that don't realy understand what mr Charles Hecklinger wants you to do in the keystone. Here is the link to the first keystone that explains what he means and not trys to save words.

❤️ Thank You ❤️

That is the most beautiful outfit I've seen in my life.

Good show! In all meanings of the term!

Thank you, Bernadette for another intriguing and detailed effort shared with us. Maybe a blasphemous approach -- but for my pattern "drafting" for living history costume I start with a basic modern pattern and corrupt it via the photographic and illustrative images. Like all technical craft, tailoring and dressmaking embedded in cultural and class language that protects the guild. Never be afraid to take a more intuitive approach-- without reading the directions-- for costuming. The high energy required of a one-woman shop is astounding to me! I watch each vid in anticipation that Bernadette will energize me to my own projects.

You are so talented. I can do simple sewing due to having carpal tunnel and arterial tunnel syndrome. Anyone that does hand sewing the way you do is truly an artist.

...I tried to find a corset pattern but it turned out tiny because Idk how the f*** you make the pattern life-size, and I fiddled for more than an hour before I realized how much paper I was wasting.

logical brain: Wow, this is so intresting, she is really tallented and it is amazing to watch the result! Just stunning!!! Jelous brain: I call bullshit! There is witchcraft in this to have it look that darn good!

Do you have a video on how you made the blouse?

I love you

Dear, sweet, Bernadette, thank you for coming into my life. Although I am old enough to be your great grandmother and have been sewing most of my life, I find your videos very helpful in one thing that I have been guilty of throughout my sewing "carrier" - rushing trough the projects. Your hand sewing, the joy you have for your projects slowed me down and I am really appreciating it now. Thank you! Your waistcoat project brought back memories from 50 years ago when I went to pattern making school, and since our country was 50 years backwards I was probably learning the pattern making of your Keystone Guide. The drawing looked very familiar to me with the grid for bodice. There were formulas and fixed numbers that are used according to your own measurements to come up with the closest personal pattern. I learned it with the metric system. Coming to the US (50 years ago) I brought my notebooks with me but then I got spoiled with the abundance of patterns available here and the rest is history. Thank you for bringing the patience and the slowing down back to me. Keep on bringing joy and fun to us, your followers.

''I'm happy with how it fits and how it sits.'' heheh

Please, could you tell me where you got your shirt from? Or where I could possibly buy one from? I'm in desperate need for an elegant dress shirt for my graduation in a few months time.

I was wondering if you have ever seen the videos on the site "priorattire"? She makes outfits from several different times periods in English history and shows how they put on each layer and the final results. It's worth a quick look if you have never seen it yet.

I love your videos! I used to make some of my clothes from around 8th grade into my early twenties. I really enjoy watching you as it reminds me of the joy I had and miss. I no longer have a sewing machine so that is the reason I stopped. I should look into purchasing one and picking up sewing again. I remember making up patterns just on the fly to fit my body. I had gained a lot of weight at that time and I wasn't crazy about the options available in the stores for my size as well back then (80's) the price for large clothing wasn't proportional to regular size clothing. So making patterns for mostly pants for myself was very enjoyable. The great thing about doing it is that you can make them exactly how you want them. I still love a very tapered leg. I'm a tomboy so dresses and skirts aren't my preference but I absolutely love watching you make them. I fully agree with you about the quality and durability of hand made clothing. I hate the way they make the majority of clothing today..it's just disposable really. Have you ever done modeling or thought about it. Everything that you model for your site looks amazing on you. The way everything fits and hangs on you is stunning. Please keep up your videos. I found you via the British heritage site with Mrs.Crocumbe who I adore watching as well. I found her via Jas Townsend and sons...I love history, many different periods and countries.

Feel the sudden need to stop what I am doing to create a waistcoat! But I mustn't, deadlines lol

I love that fabric

You are my ultimate favorite channel after you its morgan donner and angela clayton

Are you going to do more dresses

I would never have guessed this was padded at all, but the silhouette is stunning! Such trickery!

I love your videos ..the way you show how much hard work went into making these old clothes ..When I was at school I learnt all the sea work,basting stitches and stitching the garments with a large running stitch before the actual sewing..,now days it’s not a neat inside clothes..I made my clothes ,my daughters ,some for friends and bits for the home for many years..I even had a machine on a treadle table I would use if I could not be bothered to get my electric one out..They sew beautifully too ..I had one like yours too but over the I sewed less as I have arthritis and cannot feel the needle in my fingers ..so sad ..but I do love to watch you work ..keep up the great work..this Waistcoat is beautiful..it’s so pretty with the skirt and blouse too

Im gonna make a bodice waistcoat

https://ia802607.us.archive.org/25/items/keystonesystemte00heck/keystonesystemte00heck.pdf The Keystone System - a Text-Book for Cutting and Designing Ladies Garments.... A text-book. details and how to do specifics and stuff.....

I loved it!!

Mr Keystone makes reference to a mysterious tool, a drafting square(?). On page 12 is one of the references. It seems like you need the tool to do the draft. I have tried many of the patterns in the book. (Many years ago) I can do the tops where he gives all the measurements but if I try to use my measurements the lines don't match up where they should when I get further into the draft. This maybe because I am an extra large curvy girl. The skirts are easier to draft.

If I had an outfit like this nothing in the world would keep me from wearing it to work

That photo you showed for the shape that was aimed for at that time, that’s me if I get my bra to high.

do you use really long needles, or do you just have delicate hands?

I ones decided to make second hand jacket to waistcoat in 4 days. ptsd kicked in hard but I love this.

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Very fantastic!!!

I love it, but so certainly fair beyond my sewing capabilities, I would total wear an outfit like this so often

If you don't have a watch pocket, maybe a pin-on watch on a bit of the red ribbon?

Bernadette, would you please consider uploading videos of you just reading short stories or something? You have such a nice pronounce for English learners, and you’re so expressive! It would be amazing. The “ranting” videos (like the Halloween one) are really helpful too Thank you so much for this channel, it’s really wonderful!

Expert level problem solving skills which is what most "millennials" lack. Brilliant and beautiful. I have always loved Victorian time clothing.

My grandmother was a Taylor in Germany. She died around 1950 and was in her early 50s. She went to trade school when she was 14. She made suits and dresses, drafted patterns and hand sewn most likely using these techniques. Enjoy watching these videos.

I love the Edwardian age because of all the beautiful dresses and just clothes from that time like the jewelry,accessories and hair do’s thank you

You do amazing work, and your hand embroidery is impressive. It would be easy enough to add a watch pocket with your beautiful hand stitching!!! If anyone can do it, you can. You were born in the wrong era, but I’m glad you were, so you can remind us how exquisite clothing was of past eras-yet how it can be incorporated into today’s look. Thank you for sharing this!!!

Came for the victorian era research, stayed for the humor.

That shirt you're wearing with that Waistcoat is very awesome; also great Waistcoat!

love that you eschew gender norms! and I love your vids! Keep sewing and talking and researching and entertaining us!

I do not sew and I only have a very basic understanding of it. Yet, I really really want to sew this. I knew some maniacs who also have no experience in a certain craft but take a lot of time and trial-and-error to sew clothes or build costumes either for cosplay, larp, reenactment or just because they want to do it. I wonder if I could sew this just with a lot of time and money and patience. Probably not but it's so tempting.

It was a super video ! I just discovered your channel, and it is great ! Waistcoats are one of my favorite clothes :)

I would sell my soul for your hand crank sewing machine. I hate how modern machines go so fast, is difficult to maneuver fabric when you've got nerve damage XD

I just realized that I've spent half of my day consuming your content. It makes time go by so fast!

this colour is much nicer on you

Did you make the white button down shirt as well?

where did you get that blouse???? it's beautiful!!!

I could never

This maybe a weird question but how do you wash this? Or any of the handsewn garments you make of varying materials??? This is all really amazing to me and i only know how to knit things and darn socks so im weirdly invested in learning more ways to maintain my clothes longer

this would be an awesome pattern made with that piece of brightly colored embroidered flowered fabric that was labeled $500.

WOW! TFS Hugs!

i wish i had this much patience

I am obsessed with victorian times and your videos make me soooo happy

Well this was a great channel to find.

I am completely invested in this Sherlock series

It's still called herringbone stitch in the UK. I am loving your tailoring, it's helping me to imagine my great great great grandparents making riding habits for queen Victoria

I love your videos as your videos are so relaxing and when I am suffering a headache (aka the bane of my life) I just binge-watch your videos and vlogs as my 'therapy' thank you and keep up the good work! :)

All the out of order pattern instructions remind me a lot of many cooking books from around that period. Printing was quite expensive, so contemporary cook books didn't have a list at the beginning of recipes with all the ingredients. It would give you the measurements as they were incorporated into the actual cooking. This made reading through the entire recipe before beginning a REQUIREMENT before you even got your cooking utensils out. I bet the odd structuring of this book's instructions was made for similar, "printing is expensive" reasons.

Bernadette: person who published this pattern didn't give all the measurements me, sat in my recliner chomping on Scottish shortbread: can't believe it, absolute sacrilege.

Great job!


I am curious as to why she just didn't scan the paper pattern, cut it into 6 equal pieces then enlarge each piece several times until it is lifesized then tape those together?

It’s not flailing...it’s intuitive problem solving.

Me: Man. I really want to make something historical now. Too bad I can't think of anything I'd be willing to spend that much time and effor- Also Me: Fem Aziraphale. Me: Well, shit.

So, I've been thinking of making my own clothes as a way to have better quality clothing. My question is this, I am in no way even close to your size. How easy is it to do for the plus size woman? I would be more interested in having designs like yours 'inspire' my work rather than going the full Victorian. Any ideas?

(May I just say, as someone who is often referred to as Draco or Malfoy or suchlike, that that was a very in-character comment and composition

I can't wait to see morr waistcoat's:D i realy love to wear them and your giving me idea'a to make one for myself:3

i NEED A CABBAGE VIDEO....I have been binge watching videos and am timidly trying to stretch my wings, but I have a trash bag full of cabbage pieces. (which my family calls garbage, but this is neither here nor there, we know better!) Looking forward to seeing that in the future!

In actual traditional tailoring work , all pieces of the garments are marked with coloured thread all around not to mention notches also made of threads, really useful for alterations .... If I may give an advice , when you press seams open,( and pressing in general would it be hems , lapels , collars or anything) be careful not to move your iron back and forth on the fabric, doing so , you might elongate and ruin your fabric !!!! neither should you put the iron straight on the fabric especially wool! instead of what , you should gently just press with a " patte- mouille"( and old dish cloth, wet and thoroughly wrung will do) and move it along the fabric as you progress . Tailors of the Victorian times didn't have steam irons ..... I was trained as a modeliste in the " Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne " and I remember we were taught of how much coud be done, just by ironing , for shaping the fabric , shrinking or extending it at will . One other thing, you may improve for buttonholes!! Your embroidery is too loose it should be absolutely regular ! If you ever had in your hand pieces with buttonholes made in the 19th century or any fine piece of tailoring made in Savil row today , you should know! For a piece like a waistcoat, and as wool fabrics fray so easily , they also should be made stronger with 1 or 2 rows of small running stitches along side the slit before embroidering them ! Also the buttons themselves are usually sewn with a little ordinary flat button on the wrong side in order to prevent the fabric from tearing with use . Shame you didn't put the pockets though ! Hope these little tips will be of use ..; ) you're nevertheless doing awesome work! and i have great fun watching your videos xxox

OMG! I’m in AWE!!!!!!! Love the Pipe btw! Great touch!

sLIgTlY more complicated than a skirt

Something about these videos awakens my productive side

Absolutely stunning!!!

Dammit, Bernadette - I am currently watching all your videos while sitting here hand-piecing a large pile of one-inch hexagons that have been glaring at me for the last 2 years. And when I say large pile, I mean there are 2087 of them that I cut and basted by hand for a queen sized quilt. Also now you have me wanting to come out of retirement and get back into tailoring and corsetry. How dare you! :P

have you spoken about the ethics of using whale (in this day and age) before??

God that’s such a beautiful waistcoat god sodhdisyskx *gay panic*

Those instructions are just like old baking recipes. you have to read it through, like twice, before starting cause sometimes they hide important stuff later on.

Great progress-- and even fun to watch. How does one forget a watch pocket or these days, a phone pocket? Very nicely smoothed out silhouette when worn-- good show.

may or may not have some witchcraft involved ? dont use the see me trick too often or the hiver will find you

Absolutely brilliant! Would you happen to know of resources such at the Keystone that contain similar knowledge of men's garments?

Ever consider doing a collab with townsends?

Goodness there is just so many steps going into this! I never had any idea how much temporary stuff goes into actually making clothing by hand (mock-ups, temporary stitching, etc). Probably owing to my complete lack of knowledge in this area, it took me until around the 13-minute mark to even get an accurate picture of what the finished product would look like (seriously, until that point you could've easily been making pants or something, I just couldn't picture what all this material would actually look like).

Okay I just have to say I love your videos, and also I know that you don't do commissions at all I can understand seeing your videos I can appreciate how much time and effort you put into it. But I was wondering if you have a web site where you put the designs that you recreate out so that others might be able to try to sew like you do?

Thank you for the link. I love dressing in Victorian clothes. I have some material that I want to make a Victorian outfit. Thanks and merry Christmas.

awesome work.

This is beautiful

Its so pretty! I think the boning really does give the perfect finish to it.

always, Always, ALWAYS read all the instructions first, and then go back and begin to work on the pattern. As a daughter of a seamstress, from a family of generations of seamstresses, I had that drilled into me as a child. Now as a custom knitter, I am so glad that that direction has become a matter of course for me.

I love this project and very much wish to duplicate the attitude of the project bringing historical dress into my everyday life more. I seem to only sew costumes and wish I sewed more for my everyday life. Thank you for the inspiration.

I sometimes feel like you talk at 1.25x speed

Very curious why the buttons are on the right. Recently I saw the same arrangement of buttons, in the suit of Rosalind Lutece from the game BioShock Infinite. I poorly know English, write through interpreter) in advance apologize for mistakes) I am delighted when I watch your videos) I am very glad that I found your channel)

Beautiful. :)

I would love to see you try some non western historical outfits as I dont feel like eastern outfits get enough appreciation in general and they can be so beautiful

Take a shot every time Bernadette says "fell stitched"!

Wowww it turned out so pretty!!

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