Don't Trade Penny Stocks - 3 Reasons WHY

Don't Trade Penny Stocks - 3 Reasons WHY

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Hey. What's up guys welcome, back to, the channel I. Am. Bruce Wang and today we have a another, brand new livestream. I'm. Taking, a 45, minutes, to an hour of my time and I'm here. I'm. Here with you guys and you. Know let me know what questions you have but specifically. I want to gear this video. Towards. Just. Talking about penny stocks a little bit and just. My experience with penny. Stock investing, and I also. Want to you. Know get some content for next week. Ask. You guys a few questions let, me know what you guys need. Help with. Hey. David Burke welcome to the chat live. Welcome to the live stream Gregory Cox what's, up man. So. It is finally Saturday, and. We. Are back with, another live stream. What's. Up guys. Exactly. So. Let's. Start, off this video, real quick with, a story, of. How. I started. Investing, in really, one, of how I started investing in stocks and what not so I. Think. It was the towards. The end of. 2017. Middle. Of 2017. I'm. On YouTube you. Know board like everybody else and just, I'm starting to search, on money. Topics, and whatnot and I, come, by this guy, called, Ricky. Gutierrez. He's. Young man he's like 20. 21 at the time seems. To know what he's talking about and he's, he's. Pushing like penny stock trading really hard day trading specifically, not, specifically, penny, stocks but day trading and. He. Knows what he's talking about he. Knows all this, technical, analysis, so, he like through his charisma, through, his you. Know YouTube. Videos I just. Wanted to try it out for myself so. If. You guys don't know anything about me I like to put, my money where my mouth is I like to have skin in the game when, I'm doing stuff I don't like to just know, sit around do. Research all day long and and not really. You. Know not, and just like see. It see all this, stuff happen to other people I want to do it myself and I think a lot. Of you guys are very. Similar to me and doing that as well so. Watching. His videos I'm learning how he trades I'm learning how he does stuff and. So. I'm just trying to do it myself but in, my mind I, think. Every, investor, thinks, that they're smarter, than everybody, else so, that's how I thought in. The beginning like I thought I was a lot smarter and I thought that I could out game the system and, and beat. All these other investors, even though I was just starting and I had no idea what I was doing so. That's. Another that's, another thing that a lot of investors, have. They, have like psychological. Issues where they, think they're a lot better than other investors, and they. Think they can outsmart people, but. Like. I was saying I think I bought. Netflix. Yet at the time 2017. Netflix was like. Probably. A hundred bucks, around. There the hundred dollars range and I, was trying to trade like day trade, Netflix. And. On. Top of that I was trying to day trade a lot of other penny. Stocks and whenever. I go through my Robin Hood account and my Robin Hood history because that's where I did. All my training and. I get so mad because, if I just held on to Netflix, for. A year, two years I would. Have been up like double on my, investments, but instead. Hey. Welcome to the chat guys so. I'm going over a story about how, I started day trading and penny, stock churning. So. Exactly if I was just holding, onto Netflix I would. Have doubled my money in the, last two years like Netflix right now I think it's like 330. Bucks and. Yeah. And penny stocks is risky especially the, ones like, a technical. Penny stock it's like some thing under $10, I think it's more under $5. Probably and. If. You, if you go into the ones that's like a few bucks, you. Guys are gonna, be in for, a ride. A. Lot, of youtubers. That, do live trading penny stock trading specifically, like.

They Talk a lot of game they. Most. Of most like most of them, don't. Really. Most. Of them what young I would say that most of them like under, 30 most. Of them. Yeah. And I think when you're under 30 you don't have that much experience especially. You. Just don't have enough time in the markets unless, you've been doing it ever. Since you were 18 maybe, in the and you're like 25 I think that might be like the cutoff limit but. Yeah. I just heard about Netflix, and Disney Disney Plus they just came out with their streaming service as well and I, they undercut, Netflix. By a lot I think for, their. Monthly subscription, is about $7, and. Right. Now I think I have Netflix too and I'm paying like thirteen fourteen bucks a month, but. That's one thing that I want to do - I want, to start cutting back on a lot of expenses, so I might even. Stop. Using Netflix for. For. A while and see how it goes. But. What was I saying to. Continue, on with my story I lost. Within. That like maybe two to three months I lost 5,000. I'm not five thousand five hundred six. Seven hundred dollars and. And. What. I realized. Just years. Later is that if I held on to a lot of the stocks that I was, trading I would. Be up double yeah. I'll probably be up double to even triple the amount of money that I invested so. I've. Lost so that could have been you know 2000, issue dollars if I just kept it. So. How is everybody doing if you guys are if. You guys caught the last minutes your first time welcome, to the welcome, to the live stream if it's not your first time you, know I hope you guys are having a great weekend don't, forget to leave me a like down, below, so I can get a little bit more traction on the analytics. So. Um. Yes. Just throw throw in some comments down there in the in the chats and you. Know I'm gonna i'm reading, the chats and whatnot I don't have anybody helping. Me out or anything but, like. I was saying if you, guys are planning to do penny stock trading you. Know make sure you set. Your budget, you. Know depending, on how much money you have if. Your budget is like $500 don't go above it don't go yeah then just stick, with $500. Because. It. Penny stocks are risky, yeah. Penny stocks are very very. Risky I think, one of the riskiest stocks I have right now is probably pea sec, and. It's a monthly dividend stock but. It's. Paying me monthly dividends and the price is holding, pretty, strong for the last few months and. Yeah. And I'm getting pretty good gains even though I'm down a little bit on the on the stock overall. So. Yeah the main reason, why penny stock trading is very, risky is because these. Companies they, are there, they, have a really low market, cap and. The. Lower the market cap the, riskier, your your that stock is gonna be because. You. Know companies, like Google companies. Like Facebook, like these. Companies are well, researched. Everybody. Knows like all. The financials, on them and a lot of penny stocks a lot, of them don't even have like very proper, financials, and and whatnot, so finding. Research on penny. Stocks is a lot harder and. There. Is a lot, of pump and dumps because of the the market cap is so low and so, you guys just got to be aware of that too a lot, I think a lot of I.

Think. A lot of youtubers with a really big backing that, do. Penny. Stock trading I think they, do a lot of pumping dumps on their on their channels. Specifically. That happened to me before as well I, remember. When I was more. Into crypto I had, a few people DM, about. Literally. They, they call it a pump and dump group so. For. Whatever I, don't know why anyone would join it but these. Guys got thousands. And thousands, of people to join their, crypto. Crypto. Group that does pumping dumps and they let them know that. They'll. Give you a signal when to buy and they'll give you a signal when to sell and. I, think this is kind of what's going on in the YouTube space now, with Penny Stocks and day, training. So. So. Yeah that that. Just rubbed me off the wrong way when these, crypto guys we're trying to recruit, me into their pump and dumps because. The. The bigger your audience the. More push you can get on the stuff on these stocks and on these Kryptos so. What. What. These guys would do is they would buy a lot. Of these penny stocks or a lot of these Kryptos way, before. Way. Before there's any action, so, this. Like let's say for example if it was a stock they were just by you. Know thousands, of dollars tens of thousands, out depending, on how, much money, they have invested, and, they, would just keep buying it up and over. A long time like. They would accumulate like a decent amount of that stock and then, they would start trying to push it on to their audience and, they. Would do some live trading. They. Would say oh this is a great stock I think you, guys should buy it and I, think that during, this time it'll like it'll, be a good time to sell off whenever it goes up like three four or five percent and, whatnot, yeah. Pump and dumps are really dirty tell me about it. So. So. That's what you got to be aware of especially for, anyone, that's doing live trading if. You're just beginning and, you're. Like following these guys that's doing live trainings don't. Don't. Buy any of the stuffs that they're doing just maybe, just watch them and see how it goes and then.

Build. Up your experience, when it comes to the stock market the, more time you have in mark in the markets. The, better the. Better you realize, how. How. Crazy, the, mark is can get when, it comes to Penny Stocks. A. Lot. Of people think Penny Stocks like, um. Like. They only cost a penny like some of most of them do but, I think a lot of them you can't even get them on Robin, Hood I don't. Think Robin Hood lists a lot of penny stocks they they they mostly list stuff, that's in the dollar ranges and, I. Don't think anyone. Should be trading at that level. There's. Really no reason to. There's, another guy I did. Some research on him he's called like Scott Skiles some of that Scott. Skiles. Or Tom Skiles and. What. He likes to do is that he likes you short all these penny, stocks and. He's. Really charismatic, he seems to know when he's talking about he got a really big following, on YouTube as well. I'm. Not really vouch for him oh and whatnot but, yeah. Just be careful. So. How is everyone doing 34. People, in this. Livestream. That's, that's. A lot that's a lot of people in here, so. Um. Let's. Take some questions from some, of the guys in the livestream. Chris. Cutts is asking, so they pump and dumps lol, I used to hunt for those. Exactly. If you guys actually. Know of these, pump and dump schemes is. If, you guys didn't know it is illegal to do it so if these, guys get caught then they'll be, in a lot of trouble. While. The boys asking, is fun to invest midterm, three months to a year and you can sleep well, yeah. Midterm you. Can do a lot of swing trading when it comes to midterms because a, lot, of prices a lot, of prices don't move on these really, bigger companies, like. You. Know market, caps like mid like. That mid-level market caps to the larger, market they don't move in, that. Much within a few months. So, you might get one, move or two moves during, that time and that's, a really good time to swing trade and that's, what I've realized, is that the longer I've, been.

In The markets, the. More moves that you can see like. They're they don't come often but you, can you can find them. Gregory. Cox financial, education, is okay but you are the best hey. Hey, thanks man Gregory. Jeremy. From financial education, he actually deemed me he is a really, nice guy you. Know he offered to help me out on my channel just, try to give me some offering. Me some tips and whatnot so, he is a really genuine guy and um I actually really like him I I watch a lot of his videos too and he. He, spreads like a very similar message to me you. Know invest smartly. Invest, for the long term don't don't joke he does I don't think he does any penetrate penny, stock training and whatnot, but. You. Know his channel is a lot bigger and. He. Has like every and he has a actually. Real business, around his channel which is something that I do not have and that's, something that I've been trying to get into. I'm. Just trying to find out what you guys actually. Need, and then I just, try. To provide like a service around that and. That's. How exactly, I've been. Doing. This channel for the past few months, like. A lot of you guys are have been asking me about taxes. So, then I made a video about taxes, this, week a lot of you guys asking, me about, that that new Robin Hood gold update which, I really love that new. Robin and gold update, they. Actually gave me an extra. Like four or five thousand, dollars in margin training and I. Kind of went crazy and I used a lot of that to buy some stocks that were down, the other the, other day on Friday so. I want to do an update on that and give you guys a. Look. At some, of the stuff that I bought because I. Spent. Maybe. Four thousand dollars on mark from the margins I don't, know if it was a good idea but. We'll, see like, I bought Tesla, I. Bought. Tesla. I bought. A lot of stuff that was on sale and. Yeah. So I'm down a lot I bar I think. I'm, gonna swing trade a lot over, the next few months so I'm, gonna use all that margin, to, my advantage. Hey. James Tucker welcome to the chat man thoughts. On neo or, neo, I have, no idea what that stock is there's. Just too many stocks out there for, me to keep track I only have like 25 stocks that I keep track of and, some.

Some More of the bigger one, especially. The more popular ones but neo I. Think. I saw that on a financial, education Channel. You. You might want to jump onto his channel to find out about neo. Donte, Bruce hey you got the same name as me wondering, how you feel about options. Trading options. Trading is I've. Been doing some research on options trading and it, does seem that, that. Is the next step that I have to go towards is options. Because, there. Are a lot of ways to, use options, to your advantage. Options. Trading isn't just like a gamble, like. You can actually use it to your advantage especially. If you, have stocks that are really stable and that and, their price fluctuation, doesn't fluctuate, a lot so. There's. A few guys on my. Instagram that's, been doing at me being helping, me out with some, of these options I forgot. His name exactly, but he's. Really good guy he really knows what he's talking about so I might do. Some option trading very soon but, like, I said you know I'm still a beginner when it comes to option trading so I don't want to give you guys the wrong information here. So. Uh. Gregory. Gregory, Cox, is saying stay away. Though. And they don't have tax credits like they're I think you're talking about a Tesla, right. Yeah. Tesla is. Tesla. Is a very risky stock to jump into as well but. When. It comes to Tesla the price fluctuation, is really, crazy so I think. That if I'm holding Tesla, for you know within, a few months I might be able to swing trait that so that's the reason why I'm jumping into Tesla and I, only had enough to just buy one share so it's not it's not too bad I think one share is like around that two. Hundred three hundred dollar range so it's not too bad. Remi. Dos. Ignacio. It's a very Spanish name I believe hi which do you like dividend, or growth fun so. I if, you guys didn't know already I'm a dividend, investor, I think I have about my. Portfolio, is about 80 percent dividends, and, most. Of them are coming from like REITs, real. Estate investment, trusts and I. Have about twenty percent the, other 20% is about growth stocks and I. Think. That a perfect, portfolio, is like a balance. Between those who because. These. Dividends, like. I'm, trying to get my accounts like you know 1 million two million dollars and then I'm gonna be living off these dividends, in. The future so, I think. That's where I want to cap off my real. Estate I mean that's. What we want to cap off my stock investments. And. Right now I'm at ten thousand so I got, to 1,000, X my own portfolio, which. Is uh it's. Gonna be really difficult to do. But. Yeah dividend stocks they're, a great way to go if you're, trying to grow your portfolio as fast as you can obviously you might want to lean towards more growth stocks you, can do a 50/50, split if if. You're, more into growth, stocks and and you'll want to be investing dividend stocks as well, David. Burke hey welcome to channel man I decided, to become a beta tester, for Robin Hood in hopes of gaining early access, to new features do, you do that to Bruce I am, in. Beta, testing as well for Robin Hood on I, think you can only do that for the desktop version, so. I'm there, I'm I'm checking. My portfolio on my desktop about, the same as I'm checking out in Robin Hood but I realized, recently is that I, don't. Check my portfolio, that often anymore when, I first started. Months. Ago about seven months ago I was on my portfolio, like. 100. Today opening it up even, though there was no price action even though it was like a Sunday Saturday Sunday and there's, nothing going on I'm still opening up just to see my portfolio but real I realized, lately that that, is just a waste of time and.

So. Now I've been only checking my account maybe like a few times a day maybe like five times a day just opening it up and reading. Up on some news and just checking out some new, stocks and whatnot so. Don't. Waste your time, just, checking Robinhood, all day long guys I know it's uh I know you're always want to keep track of your money in there but. You're. Wasting a lot of time if you're doing that on a regular basis oh. Hey. Wow, fifty-two, people, in here welcome to the chat guys. Don't. Forget to leave me a like here on here on this, livestream, so. Is. This a it seems like 1:00. P.m. is a really good time for everyone to jump in right now. Not. Really sure testing other times but. If you guys didn't know already I, just. Started, membership. On my channel and it's. Slowly, growing right now when we have like a few Emirate members, in there and I, post a lot of exclusive content, I'm. Planning to post maybe like one or two extra videos, a. Week on. That. Channel, so, if you guys want to support the channel it. Is out there and I. Think. I have like one or two videos out there and, after. I think after a while I'm probably gonna switch this livestream over to other membership because it does take a lot of take, it does take a lot of my time but, right, now I'm testing out a lot of stuff on these live streams and it. Seems that you guys have been enjoying the live stream sooo so thank. You guys. Wildboyz. Saying. I think every, company should pay some, kind of dividend it's very, greedy to pay nothing. House Amazon, a gross stock went, from 2k, to. 1.8. K in six months I, think. That every. Company is gonna be different growth, stocks. Like. You. Know these CEOs they're, a lot smarter than me I think they're gonna be a lot smarter than a lot of other people. Just. A lot of other normal people out there they're the CEO for a reason they get paid the big bucks to run these companies and. You. Know all these. You. Know all these people they they they, know how to run businesses, that's what they do and for. Us to tell them to. Pay, dividends to us. That's. Probably not the the, right way to go about it. Just. Look for the companies that you like that pay dividends and that's what you invest in. Hey. Paulo welcome to the UH welcome, to the community subscribe. Just a few weeks ago I liked the content and lava lamps, anyways. Show us your best dance move. Those. Are actually, not lava lamps and. Yeah. Those aren't lava lamps those are LED lights JBL, pulse a lot of people have been asking me where, to find that I bought mine on Amazon I think. You can get them on sale right now they. Might be like 130, 150, yeah. Just buy them on Amazon if you guys want to look don't don't buy my $1.99, I know a few places sell them for $1.99, and, that. That's really, way. Too expensive. Official. Raw version - I've, heard Robin Hood isn't the. Best for dividend stocks due to not being able to reinvest, him have anything. To say about that, yeah. I think you are absolutely right about that if you if, you wanted a brokerage. That, does. Strips which. Basically. Means. They. Reinvest, dividends for you after a certain after, a certain point you want you might want to check out m1. Finance I did. I've done only a few videos about m1 finance but I'm planning, to do a few more just because, my portfolio, is starting to get a little bit bigger right now, only have like two three hundred dollars invested in that portfolio and. Yeah. You know $200, $300, not that it's. Not that impressive, so I don't really will not really wanted to show that off when. It comes to my Robin Hood I'm I, have. About four thousand dollars invested, and I'm, getting about you know $30.00. In dividends, every month so. You, know it's, give and take I just. Need to put out more content out there when I have more time. James. Tucker ii is saying not all companies can pay dividends, because they. Need to reinvest, I like mixture. Of dividends, and gross box and speculation. Yeah speculation, stocks those are really crazy but you're exactly right. A lot. Of companies they reinvest, because they they need to you know pay off some. Debts you, know to grow, off their research. And development teams. There's. A lot of different a, lot, of different ways companies. Make money and. Every. Every industry is different every company is different. But. When it comes to speculation. I've. Got really deep into speculation. You, know house you, guys might not know but I was, really deeply, invested in a cryptocurrency so, I bought a lot of I think I invested over 50,000.

In Cryptocurrency, and I. Made some money at the time I had. To pay a lot in taxes I paid, 10,000, dollars in a capital. Gains tax on my Bitcoin. Which. Is crazy because now bitcoin is worth what like five thousand and I only have a few left but. But. Yeah like hopefully crypto does rebound a little bit and just. Become. Stable, something stable and. The. Next trend right now for speculation, is uh the. Cannabis, industry I think. That if I want to get a lot more views and a lot more subs I would just make content, strictly. On cannabis, stocks and I think a lot of people would just jump onto this. Bandwagon. But. Yeah, let's move on to the next topic don't don't, invest. Strictly, for speculation if you know what you're doing and you. Have like a budget for it yeah, you should probably just stick with your budget and don't. Invest more than and. Don't. Invest over that budget. Chris. Brown are you the real Chris Brown the, one that sings all the pop songs and beatab Rihanna. They don't have drip program but, em one and stockpile do I in her stockpile, but I know m1, is a. Respected. Company. Out there respected. A brokerage out there there's a lot of other youtubers that I learned. From I think what's his name Ryan Scribner is a affiliate. Of m1, finance and I'm. Also an. Affiliate, of 1m one finance at the moment as well. But. Hey Sneed welcome, to the live stream an. Michael. Hughes. Island, Robin, Hood is forbidden, in Holland too bad I don't, think is I don't, think Robin Hood is forbidden. I don't think that's the right word I think it's just I'm not available in that country because. Every. Country has so many different laws and restrictions on, like. Stocks. And securities, so. You. Know every country has their own, financial. System so you got in Holland, you probably have another. Brokerage. That might be able to you. Might be able to use so, it's kind of weird that you're on here even though like this is a strictly, more like of American, type. Content, I know. In London I think they have this one program it's called a one broker it's called trading to. One two or one. One oh one two one two oh two or something like that and that's, a broker's you might want to check out. G. Us, cuz. They sell in your data. You. Know if someone wants to sell my data I don't, really have a problem I don't really have anything to hide you. Know all the things I search on online, is. Very. Generic actually. One thing that you guys might want to do is um check. Out this app, called Google rewards, and. If. You if you're doing a lot of traveling or. Anything. Like that. Let, me show you guys what the app looks like. So. Yeah it's called Google rewards here, and. Basically. After. You, travel, to a few places. They. Would send you surveys, on. Where. Have you've gone or whatnot and then they would ask you some questions like hey, did you pay with cash when you went here did you pay with credit card and after.

You Just answer a few questions they give you they. Pay you for it like, I've been you know they asked me they. Shoot me a notification I answer, the questions I get like a quarter, so, every, now and then I'll just check my phone and then if I have a survey oh just answer it so it's a really good time it's, a really good way to you. Know invest a few seconds of your life just to make that much money and, after. A few, after. A few surveys, they. Would just pay I think their cash limit is like 2 bucks and they'll just pay you 2 bucks to your PayPal so, that's, what that's something that I've been doing I'm not sure if you you. Got you guys ever heard of it but I recommend you guys to try it out if you if you travel, a lot. So. Um let's. Look at this comment here Rob officials, says what m1 finance be. Good for dividend, stocks then, so I can just reinvest, in for for, me and just find a different brokerage and one finance is wonderful. It is amazing, if you want to use just reinvest. All your dividends. There's. Also you. Know Vanguard. Vanguard. Is um it's, not really more. For Millennials, but you can also invest with Vanguard. Kelpius. Zano hey man I know you probably, spoke, about this before but can you go over the best dividend paying stocks. Most. Likely, the best dividend, paying stocks are gonna be, ETF. So I mean index funds so. If you want, more. Diversity, and less, risk. Go, for index funds you, know Vanguard, has a dividend. Paying stock. One. That I really like is SP HD I think. Theirs is like 3 to 4 percent and that's. And that's, decent enough you know you're not gonna get. You're. Not gonna get 4%, from like savings, in a bank account but. You know there's also risks there I'm. Not a financial adviser this. Is just for educational purposes. I think. I have to say that for legal purposes Chris. Balancing, everyone sells your data except for you except, you hello. Hey. Man I got I got nothing to hide you, guys can uh you know take my pictures take my data. It's, not there's nothing there. Beach. Beach, monkey, is asking me hey what is your thoughts on dogecoin. Is it worth investing, dogecoin. Is pure speculation. One, thing I know is that the creator of dogecoin, said. That he made dogecoin. As a meme so. There's. Really no value in dogecoin, unless you want to write that speculation train and you. Know just, make sure you um sell off and, collect. Your profits because. Yeah. That is just pure speculation there's, almost no value in it other than. If. You can trade it for a profit, young. Traders asking me I'm 16, and I have 25k. And options right now I'm. Not sure how you're able to do that but, that is pretty, amazing for 16, year old to have 25,000. Saved up I think when I was 16, I only had like a few thousand dollars saved up so you're, way ahead of me at, the time I don't know I'm not even sure how you're able to even trade I think. You. Have to be like 18 years old to have an account, but I don't. Know what you're doing maybe you're doing something illegal but. Hey, congrats man. Jeff. Kochi hey welcome back man I recognized your um your, name and, one, isn't for you if you like buying and selling its passive investing.

Platform. For a long term yeah, one thing about M 1 Finance is that they. Only do one trade per day so, it's. Not something that you can you, know go on and do a lot of active, training like. For, active trading go, on to Robin Hood if you want something you know you want, to just throw your money into an index fund, maybe. M1 finance is more for you. Hey. What time. Hello. What else do you think of cryptocurrency, you. Know cryptocurrency is is making somewhat of a comeback right now bitcoin is up like what 25 percent I think it was like down to, 4000. I was 5,000, crypto. Is um. It's. At. Before, in, 2017-2018. I was really into crypto but nowadays I, think, it's just like a one-off investment, for me, I have, my investments, in there I'm just gonna hold it and if. The price goes up the price goes up if it stays the same it's gonna stay the same I think, it's something that. I'm. Gonna be holding on for the future and I'll. Just see where it goes not, too sure if I'm, gonna be still. Investing, in it but. If. You, guys saw my photos from yesterday from the community like I still have all my quit I still have a lot of my mining equipment, it's, still unprofitable, so I really have no idea what I'm gonna do with it I think I'm just gonna leave. It on as a props in my um in my uh in. My studio here. Young, trade is asking I have my own trading I have. My own options. Trading strategy, my grandfather lets me use his brokerage, under. Account under his name hey congrats, man your, grandfather's demand Snead, did you make all that, money. How, do I make my own money well if you guys don't know already I am a real, estate investor, and that's where I make most of my money collecting. Rents, finding. Deals, yeah. That's that's how I make most of my money also. As. My day job I am a property, manager. This, building I'm managing it you. Know this is a open, space this. Is a commercial building it has about like nine to ten units this. Unit is been. Empty for a few months so I just took it over from my studio and. In. My, spare time I'm just out there, making. Sure everything's, uh. You. Know running smoothly all the tenants here are awesome have. No complaints about the tenants everyone, pays on time if, they don't pay on time this they're probably a few days late the only issue I have is right, now I have like this lobster, truck guy sitting. Outside of my, property. He's, like he, he. Sells lobsters out of the back of his truck, supposedly. He has a license, to sell I, don't. Know he's pretty annoying he's been um you know stealing customers from, from. The parking lot, don't.

Really Know what to do with him not. Really sure what to do with him so that's just like an issue that I've been dealing with other. Than that I have, one. Real estate property that. Been taken care of as well on my own and you. Know I try to find real, estate deals on my own for, my next video that I have out I'll probably try to finish editing that up after this and I'll post it to my, membership. Group and, yeah. But I have found a property, I'm gonna put an offer on it the. Offer is gonna go a lot higher than expected so I'll. Let you guys know exactly what's, going on but. But. Yeah I'll let you guys know exactly what's going on with that real estate property but that, will bring me in a lot of cash cash, flow if, I do if I'm able to you. Know get that offer in. Alright. Man how, is everyone, doing man, this. Weekend, is uh is what this, is a pretty good weekend out is uh spring. Is here winter is. Pretty much over. Exactly. My account is now four K after, seven, months of grinding. It out I, think, about 800 of it came from capital. Gains and. If. 800. If 800, of it came from capital gains that means my principal is about is around like three thousand ish. But. Yeah, that's that's that's exactly, how you make money in stock market just invests, into it slowly every. Week every month depending. On you know how much you have and. Yeah. Just invest. In some good stocks and just. Watch your thing grow. Hey. What's up guys so what time do you plan on taking, a vacation soon, I don't. Really like going on vacations, I don't really like going to the beach like swimming and stuff like that I like working out I like making videos I, like you know making money making. Money is my vacation, sneed. Congrats on 4k hey man thanks man. Thanks. Took. Me about eight months seven. Months but I got it. Yep. Robin Hood is awesome Gregory, crux is asking hey Bruce I hear. That if the stock market crashes which, it very well may in the next two years crypto. Will surge do, I think that's valid I think. That, analysis. Like, all these. Analysis. Analysis. And analyzer all these you, know stock market people. They. Always push that saying, that the stock market will crash the stock market will crash so, then. It's. A lot it's a lot of thought that goes into it but there's a stock. Market it's also like, psychology. Goes into it and the. More people that says the stock market is in a crash. All. These investors, they, stay, here this information and they, adjust for that so I don't. Think anybody can really predict a stock market crash and if, one comes one comes you know have some have, some cash saved up to, invest in, in. Crypto or in in stock markets cash. Is king have cash on hand to. Do investments, when when. People get fearful in the in the markets and that's, when you be greedy I think who says that be. Greedy when, people are fearful and fearful, of when people are greedy I think that was. Burke. Burke. Scheer what's his name Warren Buffett I think that was him who said that. Air. Force girl hey first time I haven't seen you here before hemp. Stock going, to make millionaires. I, think, that a lot of people said that about Bitcoin so. You know take that for what it is is complete, speculation but, for. The long term I think that cannabis, is a, gonna, be a okay. Investment, but. You know just. Be aware there's.

A Lot of speculation any. Tips. On how to better, diversify. In your portfolio. The. Best way to diversify your portfolio is, either to have more, stocks in different. Industries or just. Buy an index fund like. The Vanguard's, S&P, 500. Or. SP, 500 index funds that's. The, top 500, stocks. In. The market in America like, that's a rare, as that's a very diversified stock already so. That's one way to do it that's just, buying one stock. Alright. Butter. Butter. Yes, Blake. Any tips on how to better diversify, yep that's the one man, why, don't why am i reading your comment Weiss. Julien, Oh Falcon, that's cool that that's a cool last name. Look. Into Bitcoin having, thank me later you, know I know it's coming in what in what to 2020 221 it's, gonna happen and. If. It comes it comes I. Already. Have my Bitcoin so I'm good James, Tucker's asking me bears make money bulls, make money pigs get slaughtered, exactly. Jim Cramer. Gregory. Cox is asking. Gbgt. Is the best for Vanguard, ETFs just, saying yeah a lot of Vanguard a lot, of Vanguard ETFs, are. Great I have. I'm doing that lazy portfolio. Where. You buy vti, V. Sucks and. BD. N. I'll. Leave a link in the description it's. A, lazy. Man portfolio. So. You guys know exactly, what it is if you guys hate. You, know in. Doing. Research and. Hate. Doing all these. Yeah. Sometimes, I hate doing research on on stocks and. I'd. Rather just you. Know just have, money invested in, the stock market and. It's. Better just to invest, a little bit in in, these three, stocks. What's. My favorite drink right, now my favorite drink is, meager. Agra. Alright. Man how is everyone doing oh. Man. I forgot to set my timer, I was gonna set this this is a 30. Second, 30 minute sand. Hourglass. And, I, was gonna set that up with a got. To flip it over. So. I'm. Like running out of things to talk about like penny stuck what. Was the main what, was the main topic penny stocks it's, uh yeah, let's just wrap this up like going back to penny stocks. What. The, worlds on your property, what's the word on my property right now, oh yeah. Let's I'll give you a sneak peek into the, next video coming out I'm still editing it but, there. Is a property, that I've, been looking at the, asking, price is like. 192. Thousand, that's, the asking price the. Market value for that property is probably, closer, to two hundred sixty. Five thousand, two hundred fifty thousand, and. I. Think, for me to realistically, have a chance to buy, this property, I would have to invest, two hundred sixty, six thousand. This. Property is a duplex. Two, property, a two, unit duplex. About. Under. 2,000, square feet and. The. Location, of it is great I have photos that have all the videos and stuff I'm going to UM I'm. Going to upload that and. So. You guys actually can able to see it but it is a cosmetic, upgrade you, know all I have to do is just refinish, the floors all the floors hardwood some. Tile tile. Work that it needs to be done just. Some paint and you, know maybe new siding new roof, so. All. All, in, I probably have to spend three hundred fifty thousand my. Return on that would be around seven percent returns, I think, I can rent it out for like three thousand dollars for rents, total, and.

Yeah. That's that's. All I do when it comes real estate crush numbers in make, sure the numbers are right and if the numbers are right making an offer. But. I'll, be posting that maybe. Tomorrow. Well. Yeah I'll, be posting that tomorrow if you, guys really, want to, make money and you know have, a have, generational. Wealth real. Estate is something you guys really might want to get into. When. It comes to the stock market it's possible to do it with the stock market to you. Know if you have millions and millions, I think. Million or two million in stock market is good it's good already, because. Stock market go up like seven percent of a year and you're. Taking out what and. If you take out like four percent on the, year, that's. Forty forty, thousand dollars if you can live off forty thousand dollars a year a million. Dollars in the stock market is a great screen, investment to. Young. Trader do do. You recommend I buy a property complex, or a regular, house and do renovations. That. All depends yes, that's a lot of uh that's, a loaded question so let's, say you're let's. Say if your market, or where, you live is really hard to find mark it's really hard to find a multi-family, I recommend. You guys even. Look at single family single families you can also, house. Hack so. You buy single family that, needs fixing up you live in it you rent out some of the rooms, and. If you're renting out some of the rooms they're paying for your mortgage you know they're paying for you to live there for free and, that's. One way to you, know cut. Down on your housing cost that's one way to you. Know build, to your financial freedom that's, probably the easiest way to do it but, if you can buy a multi-family, go, for the multifamily live, in one unit fix. It up fix it up and rent, out the other unit and just. Keep doing it over and over and over. Contact. The real estate agent. Immunity. Zero hey welcome to the chat man all. Of all the people on YouTube talking about Robin Hood and others you are by far one. Of five, that I found, that, is calm confident. And given. With your wisdom thank, you free contributions, I am. Very appreciative that comment I just. Try to be realistic I just try to be logical, I. Try, to be rational when it comes to investments. I take. I take a lot of that from. Joe. Rogan you know he's a reasonable guy. When. It comes to real, estate and when it comes to investments. Don't. You. Know don't overestimate, your. Knowledge, of everything, don't. Underestimate your knowledge as well you, know just try to ride the middle and. Think. About think, about things down, the road don't think about you, know don't think about things that's gonna happen next week or day by day try to think about everything long-term. If. This is something that you can do long-term and you can sustain it, yeah. Just keep going for it if this is something that you know stock market is not gonna be for everyone because. Honestly, like I. Only. Do the stock market as like a hobby as a side project because. Because. Real estate is really slow but, if I could go I am in all, time in the real estate but if if. Real estate took a lot more time for me I probably, wouldn't be doing stock market at all. All. Right Bobby yak what's. Going on man I'm doing, online marketing to kill, 9:00. To 5:00 and I'm investing, heavily in stocks I won't get in real estate I watched too much Judge Judy cases, I do, not want to be the, defendant, in a tenant drama, you.

Know When you're watching Judge, Judy and like. All these stuff on, what. Is it on these like home home. Channels. They. They they glamorize real, estate and that's. One thing that I don't really like as well. Glamourizing. The the industry. Is it getting really dark or is it just me. Let, me know if that some that's. Working yeah. That's be should be working. Alright. So. So. What was I saying um. What. Was I saying we. Forgot yeah all these channels on on on, TV, they glamorize the grammar, as a out of the real estate but. It's, not that is not exactly what that is like real, estate is if, you're doing it right is really, boring but. It is exciting to collect that rent. Yeah. Julian. Falcon thinking about getting a property and turning it into a quad is that. Sound like a good investment I don't. Know anything about changing, a, property. Into a like a quad Plex or triplex, all, I do I just I try to do really simple. Investments, I try to just buy a duplex, if I can get if I can get a triplex I would. For. Plex I would as well I haven't. Really handled anything that big but, three. Three, unit two units I would do that I don't, try to you, know changed, it I don't try to change it up that much I just buy. One that's a bit rundown fix. It up and then rent, it out, you. Know changing, stuff from like commercial, to residential, and all this is just it's. Too much it's too advanced for me so, I yeah you're just setting yourself up for. Yeah. I just. Yeah. I just try to do something I'm easy as possible. Don't. Get too complicated you, only, need to get really creative and like, all that complicated stuff is when you don't have that much cash, so. Try. To build up that emergency fund try to build up cash, that, you can implement for invest, for investing. Dede. Is saying as in make, sure you, do reasonable. Background, checks. Yeah. Like um I have, my, tenants are really, good at the moment except for I. Have. One tenant that pays late like. Almost on a regular basis so when, you have that issue of tennis paying late one, thing you can do is you can charge them a late fee so, that gives them an incentive to not, be, late on your rents and that's. What I've been doing I charge a $50, late fee and. Sometimes. The tenant still pays late and that's, just something that happens. So. They pay the late fee they say they're sorry and then the next month they might pay, late, again and, then. I just collect another $50, on top of that so you. Know all these fees they add up and that just adds to your cash flow. Michael. Is asking, Wang to you you. Can start over I had. To. After, losing it all I got depressed after my ex took all, our, /. My money, but. To come back is stronger, than, to set back hey. Man Michael yo. You'll get through it man like. I I felt the same way like when I first started my business with. Some, of my friends. Who. One of them is not my friend anymore and. Or. My business partner, they. They. We. Had a business going it was going good in the beginning and.

Then, For, many. Different, reasons. I lost. $30,000. On that business and the. Business is still going strong for him. Apparently. Or apparently. Not and yeah. So I lost on that business but. Well. Yeah that took that part took a year off my life and that. Was that, was soul-crushing, I think I did a live stream on that probably, like two weeks ago and, you. Know it takes it takes a little bit of time to come back mentally physically. What. I recommend. Make. Sure you're taking. Your mental health. Seriously. Make sure you're taking your physical health seriously and. After. I realized my. Physical health wasn't, as, where. I wanted, to be and I started working out more consistently. Like. I had a lot more energy I got I've been a lot more enthusiastic. And that's where I, started getting more creative and that, helped me out a lot in the channel as well being consistent. So. Take. That for what it is maybe that might help you out. Fine. Find a good woman as well you know. Tom. Pop Ola how late is late five days ten days or more. Three. I I think, I give them like a three-day grace period so on that fourth day is when I charged him I, also, tried to renegotiate with, them like the day to, to. Move up because they were having issues with their job. They were getting paid like a random. Day that's, like I don't try to get into it with them all I just want to know is that what, day can you pay me consistently, and then I just changed the date to that day so. Three. Day grace period if they can't pay me on time after, that I tried to renegotiate, a day that they can't pay me on time and then, if they're still not paying me on time I just, charged them that late fees still. You. Know sometimes you have to give breaks to your tenants as well they, a, lot. Of things go on in everyone's life like, emergencies. Broken. Legs, some. People get laid off a lot, of stuff happens and you have to be really flexible on that as well but. At the end of the day you, know it's your property if they're, not paying you at all you victim, and you, know start the process over again. That's. One thing I love about real estate is that you have so much control over your property and.

You. Know the government's not gonna take it away from you unless. You're in like a third world country or something like that. So. Bobby yak is asking me people. Fierce talks too much because they are not long-term. Thinkers. Or investors, most, of the advice I get. Are from broke. Broke. Room advisors who, never invested. A penny. Yeah. Bobby it seems like you are, invested. In stocks it seems like you are have been around. The block a few times and, for. Anyone who was just beginning, their stock market journey. Think. About the long-term don't just think about getting rich quick cuz that's. How I started trying to get rich off penny stocks within, the first week or a month. Investing. In stock marks and take a long time and. Everyone's. Different, for myself, I realized. That I, love. Cash flow I love getting paid every month I love collecting dividends, and that's, what I strive, for try, to get a bigger dividend payment every, month. But. If you if you. Have the stomach for it and if you have like the, emotional, IQ and. You. Have. You. Know you have the talent for that, go. For it man trading in penny stocks can be very profitable, I don't I think only like maybe. One, percent of all, traders can do penny stock trading on a daily. Basis. Could. You explain, options, trading, difference between that. And regular, Rob regular, Robin. Hood options. Trading, I, have, to make a video about it I have to brush up on a lot of the terms and whatnot option, trading is very difficult. To. Understand, especially if you're a beginner so, that's why I don't recommend a lot of beginners, just going, into options. Kelvin. Wrap personal, finance videos hey. Manny I see, you always. Commenting. On the videos much, appreciated thanks. For all the support and thank. You for this $2.00 contribution. Keep, up the great work Bruce thank. You if. You guys have. Not checked out this guy's channel go check it out. Thank, you for the shout out and I'll. Give you a shout out as well. Wild. Boy if, the stock, hit. What. Are you asking bro if the stock is. $15. Don't buy them eat, $2 insurance free not, sure what you're talking about let's move on to the next comment, caloric. Ink, color. King SoCal, I had, RR TS, stock, and they reversed split the stock I sold them I was angry. Yeah. Penny stocks they do reverse splits, a lot I. Think. Most penny stocks are pumping dumps man so like. I said if you don't know what you're doing don't, do it. What. Time you're enjoying this I'm enjoying it as well, don't forget to leave me a like on that on the video. Wildboy, I posted two comments you. Read part two, hey. Man I'm a, human being I mess, up every now and then too. So. I kind of want to start to wrap this up a bit I've, been live streaming for 57. Minutes this, thing is uh this. Thing is showing me that I've been here maybe. Like 10 minutes. One. Thing you guys can do is, there's. One book that I really recommend you guys to check, out it's, called set for life I leave it in the link in the description. Let. Me post this up for you guys. Set. Full life man this. Book. This. Book literally, like changed my mindset, it, really made. Clear on you, know the goals that I wanted like I have the same goals as this guy, I. Think his name is um oh man. I forgot his name but he's. Really smart guy he's part, of the bigger pockets community and. If. You guys are not into real estate and investing and whatnot this. Book is still for you but, just. Know that real estate investment, will help you out in the long run if you decide to go down that road. Because. There are aspects of real estate and investing that I think. That you will need to know because you know everyone needs to have. Their own home at one point in time so. House. Hacking you, know and, all, that live in flips that's, something that you guys should look up on and you probably will, find. It helpful you will find helpful trust me. That's. One thing I want to do - I want to teach everyone a little bit about personal, finance. Just. So just. So they can live financially, free later on. I. Reinvest. All my dividends, I think.

Yeah I reinvest, all all my dividends. To. Buy more to, buy more dividend stocks, compound. Growth. What's. The good website to look for houses I, would, use Zillow. Redfin, I think, is redfin but. Zillow is a great. Way to start and. Also. Contact. A real estate agent, man is free they'll, take you around they'll show you at. To, ask them you know ask them a lot of questions real estate agents are really helpful. They're. Free you know they don't charge anything until you buy it you buy your house. The. First fiying is not the key to success, but, diversifying, your income is the key to success, young, trader how, are you 16 years old man I don't, believe that you're 16 years old. But. Yeah that's great tip. Bobby. Yak I'm doing a $100, are. You saying 100 stock portfolio, experiment. Yeah. Try it out 100. Stocks that's a lot of stocks to keep track of. Jeffco. She is saying I also, have, a folder of 30, stocks and funds, that have monthly dividends, that is amazing, man 30 stocks. I'm. Pretty sure most of them have to be REITs. Investment. Future finance. I, also. Have. Some. Dividend, I mean I was oh I also am invested in some. Bonds. I had. To do a update. On my Roth. IRA, account because, I've. Been doing some moves on there but I don't think I have I don't, think I've shown anybody anything, about the Roth IRA in a while I think it's been like over a month. Bobby. Yak I use, Morningstar. To keep track, yeah Morningstar, they. Just with. The new Robin Hood gold update. You. Get it, cost five dollars a month if you guys don't know and. Morningstar. Is this research. Independent. Research group they, do all these analysis. On all these popular stocks, if, you are in Robin Hood gold if you're not on, drama Hood gold yet it's free for the first 30 days you can try it out and they give you a lot of analysis, so, I hate. Like, I hate doing research on stocks that's why I don't buy a lot of new stocks and.

Morningstar. Helps out a lot, since. Everything, all the information, is in one place. While. The boys asking, sprint will pay off nicely if they merge with t-mobile, Softbank. Is banking. On it actually. I don't, know much information, about that sprint and t-mobile merger. But I'm. Wondering how that's gonna work. What. Sprint have to dissolve, itself. And, what. T-mobile just absorb, everything or would they just, hold. That market share and then hold that sprint brand, that's. Something I need to look into I always wonder about that. Bruce. Tom, Tom is asking Bruce thank you for making the Robin Hood gold update video it was very helpful a man, not a problem that, took me about like two hours to make that was one of the easier videos because it was like a listicle, all i had to do is just um you know update. Just. Like a few of them a few, of the the new the new. Advantages. Young. Trainer is asking I have to go Bruce thanks for hey man see you later, color. King social the government won't allow the merger. Yeah not sure they, probably didn't pay somebody enough you know under the table. If. You pay that's. One thing I realized is that even even, in America. Bribery. Goes a long way. Like. You can bribe a cop to. Do stuff if you're, a business you know stuff like that it's, crazy how corrupt, some. Stuff are. But. That's getting more into like conspiracy theories but you, know I've seen it firsthand some some corrupt stuff almost, anything you can. Negotiate. If, you want to say. Jeffco. She is asking can also set, up a portfolio on seeking, alpha it's free and can keep track of your dividends. Seeking. Alpha I've used seeking out for a lot they have a lot of articles. For. Stock information. Why. Does Google have two separate stocks, that. Is something that I, need, to look into as well I know that one is preferred. And I, think there's. Like different classes. Not. Sure I have to really look into that because. I because. I am invested. In Google, I want to invest in Google on my m1 Finance account. Jonathan. Is, asking. What are your thoughts on American, banks versus Canadians, in regards to investments. Banks. Are. You. Know I think banks have a decent, dividend, yield on most of them but. American. Banks follow the American economy Canadian. Bank will obviously, follow the Canadian, economy and if. You think that the Canadian. Economy would do, a little bit better you probably might want to invest. More into Canadian stocks but. Overall like bank stocks I have, some I, have an I'm investing in Santander, bank stock. And I. Think their their. Headquarters, in Madrid, Spain. Diversify. Chris. Brown's asking I remember hearing that the merger won't happen the. Merger I think will most likely happen. But. There, is still some negotiations, going so. T-mobile. Probably, needs to do a lot more lobbying. Like. Color. King color, King was saying. Alright, man I think. My. Throat can't handle any more talking I realized, that one hour of talking straight is my, limit so. Before. I kill myself and destroy. My voice I'm going to end the livestream here and I. Want to thank you guys all 56. Of you and everyone who came in and left thank. You guys for joining the chat this was a really, insightful there's.

A Lot of things I realize I need to look into and. There's. A lot of new content coming for next week so. Thank. You guys and, end. It, I don't know why you guys like these dance, moves but you, know I got I got a lot of them especially for sitting, dance moves and. Yeah. Thank you for joining in to this week's live stream I'll check you guys out in another one next week and don't. Forget to leave me a like down below on the video, to. Help get. My channel out there a bit more and, I'll. See you guys next time, see. Ya bye.

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Lol...btw Real Estate agents don't like you wasting their time. They work hard and just using them to check out properties is not cool - they have to eat too...Lol. Good video. I only watch you regularly as I like your demure and seemed honesty. Keep it up.

There’s a lot of real estate agent in any market. If one doesn’t workout for you move on to the next one. You might have to go through a few to find one that you like.

I only hold a single "penny" stock for now. (Well, as on Monday) I buy a few shares of Plug Power every time it dips.... What's your take on Bitcoin? I am holding a small amount right now (about $30) I don't know if I should hold on to that or sell off and buy into stocks that pay monthly dividends.

Bitcoin is high risk. Invest only if you can take the loss

find a good strategy and play it all on $50 is giving me $50 a day....its all good!!!

Wow, Thank you Bruce for being so sincere and honest with your life experiences. Please keep sharing them, I am old enough to me your mom and I look forward to your videos every week. I have learnt so much from you. Sub'd to your channel and started Robinhood from your affiliate link too. Keep up the good work son, us boomers are learning from you young"uns.

That’s great! YouTube does have great sources for learning about personal finance. You’re never to old to make some money

Could you make a video about the stocks you own that pay dividents, please

Sure that will be the next robinhood investment challenge video

I second that - I plan to build a portfolio of monthly dividend stocks while adding in blue chips as I can afford it.

i really appreciate your advice brother keep doing your thing

I’m surprised you only have 15k subscribers cuz I really like how you are, cool and down to earth

That’s what I’m thinking too. Totally agree

Wow I’m sorry I missed this. I have had good luck with penny stocks so far. Eyegate pharmaceuticals has been a good one.

Working on it CMNZ

How’s it looking so far?

Any stock related to golf ?? After tiger wood win

Tiger is a Nike athlete

Hey I also follow Ricky Gutierrez. I actually started options trading back when I was 24 but lost a lot of money due to lack of education. I've read a lot of books over the years and decided to put various methods into works.I started with Options Express and then tried Scottrade a year after.

I don't recommend buying a lot of Nio until the vehicle releases in 2020. So I say late November and December 2019 would be a good time to purchase. Don't make my mistake and buy 200 shares. I lost a lot of money when that happened.

+mr android sure am! Only way to do it. Wish stake let me buy ASX stocks the same way.

Using Stake to trade, mate?

+Bruce Wannng what u think of scyx

Penny stocks are not entirely bad, you just have to k know what you are doing, but no matter what whenever they go high, they are soon to fall. Never get soaked up in the presence of a pump and dump. If you are in ride it then sell as soon as you see it tip.

jerry zuniga what’s pump & dump?

Ben Glazer do what you’re good at, and want. I want for example - dividend stocks. But can’t trade have to wait to get a job and then start trading.

@mr android sure am! Only way to do it. Wish stake let me buy ASX stocks the same way.

@Bruce Wannng what u think of scyx

Nice video

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