Domino Grinn - NPC D&D - Episode 36

Domino Grinn - NPC D&D - Episode 36

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I've got some meat Oh...oh...good That looks like a human hand, you can have that Maybe, alright *nom* aaaarrghh! I told you guys I know how to use this-- HOLY SHIT! Oh my god! ...storing up there All these dead animals drop 60 feet Couple of weeks of downtime, no fights Yeah? Do you remember - how...? - what my abilities are? I don't need to prove anything to you, I hit things! Okay, I'm I'm a little bit sick of hearing you talk about the theatre and you're kinda, you've got a bit of an attitude about you now *dramatic sigh* Bodger you wouldn't understand dear friend You hear the sound of something scuffling round in the camp outside and could Hamish join us at the table please? *shock* We've got Hamish here??!! So Hamish, WHAT?! HELLO?! - Where did you come from? - How did I get here? Who are you? Welcome! How did I get here? I have powers I summoned you *BOOF!* *KKDSSHHHH!* We should have just had you in a towel Just dripping wet? I was like AAAARGH! I was in the shower! I was in the shower Are you ready to play some D&D? NO!!! NO! I WANT TO BE DRY! - I click my fingers and then just - Who are you? - cuts to you being fine - Who are you?? So your character you find yourself just like in this town for a while now Westhaven, and you've been exploring the wilderness on the outside of Westhaven for reasons that we'll get into mostly tending to stay outside of the the town proper Umm, then you find that on the path to Westhaven about err about half a day to a day's journey away there's a tent been set up and you curious curious as to what sort of people would brave the wilderness between here and and um Dougan's Shaft and whether that would mean that the path between is finally open after the blizzard that came through a couple of weeks ago so you start to explore checking out the embers and things poke your head in the little tent Is Bob just staring back at you? you see... - *gasp* - and you see an elf staring back at you you alright mate? amid three sleeping humans Just kinda like 'ello? Good evening [Rob] Would you like to... he just, he just backs off and leaves and we never see him again - and thank you Hamish! - See you guys, see you guys! *applause* would you like to describe what the elf is looking at? well, he's looking at *giggles* he's looking at me a dragonborn Alright? Yeah you...sorry, you're a dragonborn? - yeah, I'm a dragon - I starting to I'm hearing Bob talking so - I wake up a little bit - are we, are we waking up? What...what?

Guys, guys *clap clap clapclapclap* *clapclapclapclap clap clap* Anti-sleep! Yeah! Anti-sleep anti-sleep anti-sleep Ahhhhh more friends, hello What's going, what's going on? What's going on? - You all start to come to - Oh god! There's a guy poking his head through our tent just a human male's poking his head through our tent Hello sir I'm so sorry you had to see my hideous blue dragonborn face Sorry, say that- you're a what? I'm a hideous dragon-man He's still on the outside of the tent at this point, we're having a conversation - through the - He looked through? No, he just, he backed away from it Okay, no sorry, look at me now! - [Rob] Look see! It's hideous, don't look at me! - Look I'm coming, I'm coming I come into the tent I come into the tent and I'll just What're you doing? What? Who're you? Whoa whoa whoa! - Sir...sir...sir...SIR - Who invited you?! This is a small tent Get the- get out! Get out. Who are you? Who are you? Who is this? I get my trowel and I'm just like - pointing it at- what're you doing? What're you doing? - Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Er... Explain yourself sir The zip's broken I'm just a hideous dragon-man, don't scream, don't scream Wait. Did you say dragonborn? Y-you look remarkably human *scoff* thank you for trying to be kind but I'm freaking ugly I know I have little ear dragon holes Yeah, we'll get to that - later but that's weird - [Bob] What? that you keep repeating that What are you doing in our tent? What're you doing? What're you doing? Why are you in our tent? We were asleep Well it's...

so lonely out here - Ah okay - Awwwww That's nice Aww is it? Yeah usually people scream when they see me - and run away - Why? - Why? - Why would they do that? Why would they- you look very nice and normal and human Aww, that's kind of you to say, but I know I'm a hideous monster that no-one could love What? Has anyone ever told you that or that just something you've presumed? Well my family tells me it all the time Okay...your family sound horrible! Yeah well, y'know that's what dragons do y'know, they they like to get at ya Yeah, right Wait up, sorry what race are you again? I'm dragonborn - half dragon, half human - right...... all the best qualities of a dragon and all the best qualities of a human Wait wait wait, so you're a full blood dragonborn are you? Yes! one of my parents was a dragon, and the other was a human and they made love and I'm their little love baby You look remarkably, 100% human Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa...whoa whoa you believe this? Well yeah [Whispering] Who are we to tell him otherwise? What? What're...I can hear, this is a very small tent we're in a tent! Like I'm literally just above your face You're not You're not, you haven't been here long enough to talk to me like that Well, I'm sor- I have overstepped a social bounds Aye I must apologise I would leave in shame but the zipper's a little bit stuck I don't know how we're gonna get out of here Just to

you are dragonborn? I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and assume that your mother was the human half of that equation? Yeah yeah, how did you know? Is it my feminine wiles? and I'm gonna I dunno, just another unrelated question does your mother happen to have a special human male friend that hangs around? multiple men day in day out they come and go as they please, they love her so much! They give her little kisses to show how much they appreciate and respect her That makes sense, - that makes a lot of sense - ...right...right - Cool - Right, okay? Okay. Sorry, what was your name? My name of course, dragonborn they put the family name first Of course so I'm part of the prestigious Domino family - Mmm Domino - ...Domino and the second name is by what quality you have - as a child - you don't look dragonborn - Let him fin- - Pardon? Let him finish his story! Pardon? Sorry Sorry, you'll, you'll get used to that sorry, your - your family name is - bit rude, just a bit rude eh mate Your family name's Domino You came into our tent - while we were sleeping - that is, that is fair Actually, that is a fair point - Okay, so the fam - I'm an intruder! you're from the family Domino Domino Your first name? My first name, and then the second name is the descriptor of how you were as a child Right and I was a grinny child so I am Domino Grinn *laugh* Grinn? Domino Grinn Domino Grinn I like it, okay Grim? - Baradun... - Grinn, Grinnnn

Baradun, make a history check nnnnnNNNA Make a history check I've got like ppfft are you serious? 1 So it doesn't matter what I've got a positive in - err no you - He goes back to sleep the the clan name rings a bell but you're not sure why and just one other completely unrelated follow up question your dragon father, he goes travelling a lot? Does he? Never seen him too ugly! for this world it's where I get all my hiiiiiideous features from Right I might try and have a think later on about that So, everyone, this is Domino Grinn CLEARLY a dragonborn So - you like - it's weird that you say it like that, but yes you you you are usually alone and isolated? Yeah and that's the way, your preference or? No, it's the way I have to live my life and you just, you just come into a tent with four other people Well, y'know, you're all alone in the blizzard just talking to yourself all day, you kinda get a little bit stir crazy and Right I just was watching you sleep I think he's gonna kill us Yeah yeah, no offence why did you pop your head into our tent? That's a little bit forth er erm Forward forward, that's a little bit forward Eh, it's a little bit forward but to be fair, I heard him and I just stick my head out and he saw me and he ran straight at me that's when I came in and he just came in Did did you go like this? I may have Did you open, did you open your sleep sack like this and like and beckon him beckon him? You've got to stop it's a cold night! none of you joined me! - I'm naked, I was drinking! - I will join, I... - and I can't sleep! - I will join you! YOU ALL GO TO SLEEP BUT I'M AN ELF AND I CAN'T SLEEP so EVERY NIGHT I'm just sitting around by myself that's why I DRINK! Night time is boring, that's why I drink night time is boring, I wish I could sleep That's why he drinks to passing out stage every single night So you saw a random stranger and you're like hey! Come on in! Why not? Well, hello Domino Grinn Hello! Lovely to have you Alright mate - Shall we move this story along? - ...touching your face - He'd be a tough one to share body heat with - Please don't touch my face! though cos he's reptilian so he wouldn't have body heat obviously - or as a reptilian obviously - worth a shot Obviously So what's up? You wanna join us on our quest? You feel, you feel Hot hot hot hot hot!! I start touching him, he feels very warm Feels warm That's very hot, I'm sorry my cold blood must be pretty chilly for ya Okay, well, we'll ignore that for now [Baradun] We might come back to that How can we be of assistance? Damien Domino...

Domino Grinn Damien! So immediately...! Immediately wrong name Damien? Domin...D...? Domino D...Dom... Domino Domino - How, how can we help you? - Domino Well er if you could help me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe rid the evil of this town? What town? Oh...oh...oh...of Westhaven that's incredibly convenient, that's actually why we're here, continue Well, we don't know what is going on, but we've come to spread the good-- I'm sure all four of you remember the plot hook that you were coming to Westhaven to do? 100% remember it, I just wrote it down, I just wrote it down in this book here Which, which, and you look up the notes and you're like 'why are we coming to Westhaven again?' Oh yeah, because there was an evil wizard that was killing miners and needed to be brought to justice Yeah, so we, so I just looked in my, I had a little *wooop* little book we're coming to Westhaven to stop an evil wizard who's been killing miners apparently What are you doing in Westhaven? Well er definitely not trying to help him but er *suspicious laughter* Wait. What? What did you just say? What? Errr..errrr...I'd certainly like to get RID of him

What did you just say before that? Huh? - What did you just say? - WHAT? My, sorry, I've got little dragon earholes so I'm hard of hearing Oh forget it Yeah... That won't be a thing later on I find it very rude of you to come and just barge into our tent however, you did kind of invite him I did kind of invite him I'M SORRY! I'm drunk and lonely Yeah, I didn' I look I, if you'd have told me you've gone through stuff I'd have been there for you Would you have? You always make fun of me Ah well I didn't know Look if you want me to go, I'll just take my clerical powers and I'll... Whoa whoa whoa Wait wait wait! Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA whoa whoa whoa... Did you say...clerical powers?

That's one of the things I said, yes Errrrrrrrr What does that? What does that involve exactly? Just I can, I can heal people - *GASPPPPP...* - [Bob] Oh really? There's no-one to heal so I'll just jump Whoa whoa whoa WHOA WHOA WHOA! Guys guys guys guys guys - can we have a, can we have a - second little powwow, you just You just block your little dragon earholes Stay in the corner, stay in the corner My big claws...? with your big claws - Okay - Guys...guys He's clearly under some kind of delusion and he thinks he's a dragonborn when he's obviously human But if he's an actual cleric, y'know...

We could use a little bit of help Just saying There've been, I'm not saying, there have been a few times when I could have used some healing Not trying to make a personal attack on you Greg but you're very shit at healing - You, you know I'm not a healer right? - Greg... I am trying to make a personal attack on you and you're a terrible healer I agree with Baradun Well this has, this has turned out really bad for me this little huddle I don't like what's inside this huddle You know what turned out bad for me when I was paralysed instead of healing me you just pretended to be a f***ing cat I am an artificer who loves acting okay, so sue me I'm getting real sick of this I love the art of theatre, alright? Okay, but can we all come to the consensus We'll bring them back, bring him back that maybe we could do with a cleric dealing with this wizard? Yes - Even if he is a little bit weird - Aye, all those in favour - Remember... - All those in favour say aye - wait wait - Aye...aye...aye Oh okay Okay, and I think we should all agree in the spirit of unity to go along with his delusion so Domino is a dragonborn Agreed - do we care he said - Domino is a-- very briefly he wanted to help the evil wizard in the town? or just let that slide? - Is that what he said? - What did he say? I'm pretty sure I think you're hearing things Maybe I was hearing things probably hearing things I'm sure it's fine sure it's fine yeah You're SURE it's fine Oh okay, so we're all, okay we're all good Okay Okay, you can Domino you can take take it out? - Yeah yeah - Damien we have decided Dom...Dominoooo Da...Domino

Dai-D-Domino Damien, we have decided you can join our party You'll, you're saying you want to be my friend? - Come here weird stranger and join our party! - Come here! Come on! I need heals real bad, all the time - all the time - so... Bob's, Bob's horrible Welcome aboard HEYYYYYYYYYYYY! WELCOME!! Thank you! It's good to have friends I want to test your clerical abilities errr I'm, can you cut me? Alright?! *arrgggrnnom* Urgh Well how much damage does he do? What's your strength modifier? What's my strength modifier? Errrrrrrrrr... Just bleeding out! OW! Strength modifier is +1 +1, you take 2 points of damage as he bites you OW I've taken 2 points of damage Do I do I Yeah man, yep mark your 2 off case he doesn't heal you, in case he chooses not to, I dunno Yeah, if I wanted to heal him, how would I? You would, you would use the one healing spell that you took WAIT A SECOND, WHAT??! Ohhh no... which is the 3rd level mass healing word and so it would be EXCEPTIONALLY overpowered - for the 2 points of damage that he took - you just see the outside of the tent go *boopf* Yeah, would all gain, you would all gain hit points so you can choose to spend your, one of your two 3rd level spell slots for the day or I think you just leave this you can choose to just Yeah, I'm gonna, look like I am bleeding I don't need to prove, I don't need to prove anything to you Well I don't want you, I don't believe him, I don't want him part of the party unless he proves that he can heal me Oh you can't just give it a quick y'know? Heal? No, well this is going to take too much energy

like I gotta save them up Oh You can make a medicine check for free and then just bandage him up but it won't heal anything I'll do a medicine Yeah Make a medicine check, so the d20, the big one - roll, yep that one - that really hurt by the way [Bob] You told me to cut you!! I didn't think you'd, I yeah, you bit me! 15 Well what'd you expect?! 15 plus your medicine modifier - I suppose me to get my knife out and cut you - so down the left side of the page there you can see skills just my instincts took over skill box, look for medicine err medicine there medicine +4 +4 look at that! Ooh 19! 19 So you do, he does a pretty good job of like numbing the area and puts some bandages over it, he's got he's got a herbalism kit Does it feel nice? Can you kiss it better? - [Rob] Then he knows the right ones - [Bob] That sweet sweet dragonborn saliva Okay, right, right - Yep, he can join - You've still got 2 points of damage but You're not bleeding out - you're not bleeding and it doesn't hurt - Oh, so I'm still that hasn't actually healed me? Ah Medicine check to help with the-- bleeding just bandaging you - he hasn't used any magic - So we are, we're I can get you somebody's spare blood if you want? Y'know We're just taking him at his word at this point but I'm, I''s better to have somebody who - Back to sleep I guess? - pretends to be a full on healer Look, I joined your party randomly - and it's all turned out well hasn't it? So... - Bodger, can you make a perception check? Hey? [Greg] I still have nightmares about what you do - 10 + 0 I think - Yeah, fair enough 10, nah never mind I...I...I was like hang on hang on - meh - Something caught his eye and then Huh So err, you start to pack up your tent finally Ah is it still the middle of the night? - No no, it's the morning - Ah I get um for-- Oh was it the morning Shall I? I'm gonna use cure wounds on this Okay - it's one of your spell slots for the day - and be like a little Ah no, cancel that *laughter* - I thought I was doing it at night time - it's a d8 I thought we were going back to sleep No no we're not - Ok ok, it's the morning - It's the morning, you're packing up the tent Ahhh classic! I could use my healing bucket on this, but I choose not to *disgusted silence* Just you deal with it mate Well I guess I'm just, thank you, thank you Bob You did ask for it admittedly - Yeah, you asked for it so - Well, *grumbles* bite me - Be careful what you ask for - We continue...

We continue You continue, you get the sled dogs ready, you give them the food for the morning you get the, you pack your tent up onto the back of the sled and mush! away you go takes the best part of the day before you arrive in Westhaven proper you arrive at a town that is it's very large, it's one of the largest and you would know one of the oldest of the ten and a half towns Of course it is It's large enough to be self-sufficient in that it fishes, it mines, it smelts the stuff that it mines and it it exports the goods proper to the other towns but it's one of the oldest and most self-sufficient of them it's quiet flat, built into a, built on the shore of a lake Um, and the rooves betray it being built at a time before the witch queen came in that they are quite flat and therefore stacked with snow and have had to have been reinforced to not collapse under the weight of the snow since the, - since the forever winter - Ah right, ah yes Is it, this is different to the there's the witch queen is different to the person that we-- The goddess, Auril That's someone else? Or is it the same? No, same lady I'm referring to her as a goddess or a witch queen or that lady The bitch... The lady who must not be bad-mouthed in the open Yeah, that bitch That bitch So you see, you see the wooden houses each house is on short stilts with a porch out front, it's kind of frontier town you arrive in Westhaven, what's your port of call? Is there an acting community? Oh Greg There would be, - it's large enough - Domino do you, have you been in the town, do you know much about what's going on here...? Usually they er scurry me away but they've been er You, you would be aware I don't think they do!! They do! They do not like me here Describe a typical scurrying away Well they go 'ARRRGH get the hell out of my store!' and then I have to scurry away Because you're a dragonborn Because I'm a dragonborn Have you done something before this to like antagonise them? NO! I'm a nice guy! *upset whineeeeeeeeee* Guys! Can we have another huddle? Does this happen often? Yeah! to your people? yeah, cos I'm of the people Remember even Padraic who's also a blue dragonborn was saying that they get, it's like kind of a little race thing that people don't like People are a bit racist towards dragonborn You're not dragonborn though Particularly chromatic dragonborns, so those descended of the coloured dragons rather than the metallic dragons As Domino clearly is - So red blue black white and green dragonborn - He's not, you're not dragonborn Look at you! You look human. He's not dragonborn! 623 00:18:41,400 --> 00:18:41,160 Bluuuuuuue skin Blue dragonborn Bodger... with us over here Yeah So you would know, having been in this town for a while, or on the outskirts of it you'd know of the troubles with the wizard, he's a wizard named Yarris Yarris Goldhorn, and he lives to the north of the town on the outskirts as well in in a, an ice tower they call it Ooh and he, about three weeks ago, is reported to have killed five miners What's his name again sorry? - and he therefore was given - Yarris Goldhorn the death sentence and he's wanted dead or alive and there's a reward on his head so you would know all of that, you would know the general layout of the town, where the port is, where the ferry is which, when it's not frozen over, is in use it's been out of business for a few years now since the lake is predominantly frozen over there, you would know where the inns are and the brothels and whatever else, any other services, there is a casino in town as well Oooh...

well we should probably, I've realised we haven't explained this to you The reason we're going round helping the towns is to err is to promote the word of Master Padraic who is up for high sorcerer Do you know Master Padraic? - You, do you know him? - ...yeah... I know Mister Master Padraic When's he coming? Is he related to you? Yes! What? Um wasn't sure if that was going to be a really - like racist assumption - as he says that, you as he says yes, you remember that's where you know the Domino clan is that Master Padraic's - *dice roll* 20! - clan name I remember! Master Padraic's clan name is the Dominos, he is Ah, is he a brother of yours or something? He's a cousin He's a cousin, nice and when's he coming? - Ah well he's back in bloody old - oh no he's not - bloody...Goodhead - yeah, we kinda split up, he's taking other towns - yeah so he actively won't be coming here - we're taking these ones What?! He, he's gonna avoid this one Yeah... So but you can hang with us and we'll catch back up with him later on So he's not coming...?

No, he's back in Goodhead No, he's gone But don't worry, I have pictures of him! And I do a minor illusion which is like another like poster - A poster that says vote for Master Padraic! - ...and I put it up on the wall - ...He's the one! - I act like him and I go 'Hey! Hey. Hey' - 'It's real good to see' - He's Russian remember 'It's really good to see you' No, he was more a horrible accent hybrid that morphed into Jamaican by the end I think Well can you give me an example? Mister Padraic, how did he speak? Um Padraic...kinda Russian - He was er he had a little - Kind of Russian bit of- oh man - I didn't prepare Padraic for myself - He was a little bit Russian cos you're not meeting him for a long time I will just roll with this - Yeah, go - and I I rummage through my bag and I go 'Hey Domino! Great to see you' miss you a lot cuddles Are you actually trying to-- yeah, I'm making him feel better cos he misses him You actually trying to trick him? - No no no, I'm just trying - The voice is, the voice is uncanny like it sounds exactly like you remember Padraic sounding So thank god for coming, thank you for coming You're welcome and just letting you know, I do gotta go but I miss you and I love you No no no, you gotta stay - We're all standing around Greg just - and do you walk walks behind the corner, 'I'll be back in a sec!' You walk around the corner, walk back and it's you again I think I've got a great idea guys Hold on there for one second - Hrhmm - Okay? *mumble mumble* dragon...

Hey! it's me! it's Master Padraic What's going on? Grinn?! Oooh my god... Hey! It's Grinn! Oh my god! Did you actually visually become him or Yeah yeah of course yeah, so mark off a second level spell slot Sure - It sounds like you're trying - Alter self to trick him into like him thinking that you're So yeah, he looks just like, he takes on this blue dragonborn form of Master Padraic still wearing Greg's clothes still holding garlic down his side and a trowel It's great to see you - This is a big use of-- - we've just said nah Master Padraic's not coming And then he becomes Master Padraic in front of him! But I can see he was upset so I'm just like 'hey' Yeah, it's so good to see you! You got my letters! I... did... - Ah, I've been waiting so long to see you! - Yes, I did Oh no [Greg] Oh no It's getting awkward - Oh this is super awkward - [Grinn] I'm so alone! Just really quickly, I...I...this is a real short visit

I just wanted to stop-- No no no no you have to stay! I have places to go! No! We have so much to talk about! Look I've made a big mistake, I need to go, err Guys! - Greg stop...Go go away - I just wanted to stop by and say I love you - Greg, go off round the corner or something! - [Grinn] Take me with you! TAKE ME WITH YOU! I gotta go! I gotta go! NO! I NEED YOU! Oh! Catch you later You're not, you're not tricking him right? - You're like making - No, I'm just making him feel better and this is a really good use of my spell slot He looks and-- Catch you later! He looks and sounds identical to Master Padraic, but he does not act like Master Padraic as you in, in memory I think you've really confused him What happened man? You've really confused him I sorta start to see the error of my ways and I go oh ff ohhh... I gotta go...gotta... I thought this was a great idea, gotta go and I've run back to the rock and I come back out as Greg, I'm like Did you? Did you guys see that guy? Greg, you've really confused him There he goes There goes Master Padraic I'm really sorry about that okay? I thought this was gonna be a really nice moment I apologise NO! Why would you think it's a nice moment?! Little bit of cas? head to the casino? Head to cas? Head to, real quick head to cas Real quick yeah This will definitely be more than one episode of casino if you go to the casino At the casino, I'm only willing to bet 15 of my 21 gold Only 15! Putting 20 gold on black 20 gold on black, alright I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have taken Bodger to the cas! *excited panting* Why don't you be my friend and subscribe and look at these videos too you're my friend now, let's do it let's watch these together, you're my friend! subscribe my friend

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