Do I Want Kids?

Do I Want Kids?

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Okay. What is it Finch. Avenue. No. Do. You have any idea. Face, yeah. I'll come again early the mosaic. Urination. Victoria. Street line, could it be that this, one but. I don't. Know. Are. We gonna get there it's not that. Mississauga. Hello. Guys so. Today, we're going to visit one. Of Daisy's. Friends, this. Is with us hello, Daisy, hey how. Are you everybody made. Up a large sevilla, room. And. We, decided to take you with us so, enjoy the ride. I. Don't. Know i think, you have two chances what. Did you feel the tail test on last, time yeah, i didn't, speed, up and up getting, on the highway and, the instructor, woman was free. Yeah. Okay. I'm. Excited. It saw me forget, about you. Teach. In. The. Oh. Ouchy. Ouchy ouchy. No, no. So. Do you like being a mother yes. I do like being a mother it's changed, me a lot it changed me like for better. So before, I wasn't, very much organized, person so now I have to be very much organized, because he has to wake up give him food and he's. Like a bit like ah it. Seems, like as if independent, routine. But for me it's every day is different so I knew that routine, you find something you enjoy like. The ready speech it looks at me he, touches. Me like. Breastfeeding. I think that was one of the best things that like for me I've experienced, some people don't like something mean mamas they don't, like. I like it I love, it I think I'm very blessed that I am still, I do breastfeeding and so. You wakes up in the middle of the night is like. He. Sleeps with me so he didn't separate my bed because. I don't know I really enjoyed, my time with him so I just I'm. Very happy with my son, it's. Like independent. Watching YouTube this. Will go on YouTube. These. Kids there's, something this, generation, you know every generation, then, we feel something, on this. Technology, for sure you cannot take away technology. From them you can't I don't think you could even. You do other kids also they will talk and you. Need to you need to give them I have, like not all the I, have like limits so if I give him in the morning and I gave him the afternoon like, because. I wanted to play to Alecto social, I than anything. Let's. Go, Justin. Baby. My. Thought was exact. So. When he was born his, eyes were, wide open I, was so surprised, and then, I took this picture one day old look, at this oh yeah. OMG. It. Teaches me a lot I feel like you he's the one teaching me like. So. Incredible, I know you, so emotional also, very much alert motion, it's work he feels a lot so I'm not I feel so responsible so, I will raise it I know cuz he's special I, knew I from, the beginning I knew I knew, unless you feel it. Just. Swing, back and forth. Yeah. Oh. My. God you're. Good you're good. Very. Stylish. For. This I. Wonder. What you were like as a kid like as a baby I was. Well. As a baby I was quite diffractive. Hyperactive. Hyperactive and. When. I grew up like, let's say around three, maybe from. Two on I was. Very shy, super. Shy I mean. Around four I stopped talking, because. And. I wanted to be trans in, a transparent, and you want people to notice me much, yeah. I. Think, I was very calm, these. Are for you. I. Don't. Think those are for me. Oh. My. God no I got nothing like. That yeah. Okay. Okay. He's. Working yeah. Any. Warning. Should. Keep me. Domination. Show. Them the, dunya are you throw a show. On. The show only a. Show. Daniel. Here though I shall. Send. Y'all. Always. Send. Y'all. Boots. Show. Them which, god. Sam. Oh. Okay. Yeah, so. We're back. After. Whole. Day spent, with this. Is friend and very. Adorable. 12. Months. 13 months old. Boy. What. Did it make you feel like to be around the boy did it make you want more kids did, it make you a no, no, -, yeah. Definitely. I. Was. Reminded, of when, I was a mom and I, was comparing, him because he reminded me so much of. Artemisia. She was so full of energy like, that she's, still full of energy by the way so. So. Yeah, even the way he was crawling, on the floor it's, exactly. The way she was. Because. She. Wasn't. Like. She was walking a little but she was faster, crawling. On the floor, yeah. And. What. About you what did, you feel being. Around the baby does. It did, it make you feel like you want babies, in the future actually no the opposite, oh yeah I made me feel like wow I really really. Really don't want kids in, the, foreseeable future maybe. A dog but. It just feels like such a huge. Responsibility. I mean it really feels like having kids it's having. Kids to me means like okay. I'm done with my life now, I can dedicate my, whole existence to this new being that I'm living on to this planet yeah and I feel like that's really the only way, to.

Be A really good mother is just, to really. Prioritize this, new creature. Yeah um, and making. Them feel welcomed. In this world and stuff like that but like I don't, have, the, personality. Or energy to be able to do that for me like I think a dog would be the perfect match it just comes with me everywhere you. Know I'm I'm still the center of my own world but I just. Have a little friend, to come along you know yeah I, feel. Like Mara is, a perfect. Mom she should really go she's so enjoying it oh yeah I was. I. Was. A little bit absent, because I was like I wasn't. I wouldn't define. Myself like a perfect, mom to be honest, how would you sorry, sorry just I was a little bit like absent, maybe like. My. Mom, maybe. I've never, had that example. Because my mom was also very, she. Was there but she wasn't there really she was. Concerned. About my. Health. And my. You. Know physical, well-being you. Know that but she wasn't really present, because she was always emotionally. Not present, uh, not. In a way. Like. She was. Always worried. About things. About raising, us in, the best way but she was worried, nervous. Seems to be seems, to have that very light energy, that she actually she's. Enjoying, it oh yeah she's in love you know if he's in love with that baby I don't think I was like that, and I regret it in a way because it's. I think that kids. Benefit. So much from. That. Kind of presence like 100, percent yes presence, but you couldn't send that anyway because you were working mother right yeah, I was working exactly, I was working I was tired and I was then. I started working. On also projects, other, than having my full-time job so it was crazy. Yeah, it was a tired. Absent. Mother, in a way I mean. I'm it sounds, very bad, it. It wasn't so bad okay, but, it was a reality, I mean there's no such thing as a perfect mother right yeah, we all, like. They hope every mother does their best yeah, you, know what they have from where they're at but yeah there's single mothers who need, to work yeah, you know or or like, you where the mother is the sole wage, earner yeah. Yeah. It's not always. The perfect circumstance, I'm sure you need your best yeah but I just know personally, for me like it's something that I don't. Know I feel like I'm very aware. Of, every. Little thing and how it would affect this. Other, being, yeah, and so. If I was supposed to be a mother I would I would. Literally have to dedicate my, whole existence to. Sharing it with this new being and for that for. That to happen I would have to first feel like okay I'm good, my life is done I'm, satisfied you, know what I mean yes like I would have to get to that point where I'm like completely. Satisfied, and done with everything, and so that all of my energy and focus can, be, about. Nurturing a new life yeah and, I'm not there, at all I don't know if I'll ever be there maybe not because I don't.

Know I'm a bit selfish I like. They're. Like the. Earthly pleasures, yeah. So. Yeah. Okay. See you guys next time bye.

2019-07-28 11:03

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I have been watching the vlogs. I feel breaking engagement, not wanting a child, not committing to a serious/ close relationship - is because you are hesitant to take responsibility. You can't have the cake and eat it too.


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Humans will never reach satisfaction. existence is always a mess and no one is a perfect parent. all kids grow up broken one way or another.

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